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                           UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan                                                                            September 2012, Vol. 8, No. 9
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UN Photo/Helena Mulkerns

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September 2012                                                                                             UNews


The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded
                         By Ban Ki-            proven so difficult to achieve, and how         priorities still tend to reflect the old
                         moon                  the world community can get back on             paradigms. Massive military spending
                                               track towards these vitally important           and new investments in modernizing
                        In July,
                                               goals.                                          nuclear weapons have left the world
                        interests                                                              over-armed – and peace under-funded.
                                               Many defence establishments now
                        prevented              recognize that security means far more          Last year, global military spending
                        agreement on a         than protecting borders. Grave security         reportedly exceeded $1.7 trillion – more
much-needed treaty that would have             concerns can arise as a result of               than $4.6 billion a day, which alone is
reduced the appalling human cost of the
                                               demographic trends, chronic poverty,            almost twice the UN’s budget for an
poorly regulated international arms
                                               economic inequality, environmental              entire year. This largesse includes
trade. Meanwhile, nuclear disarmament
                                               degradation, pandemic diseases,                 billions more for modernizing nuclear
efforts remain stalled, despite strong
                                               organized crime, repressive governance          arsenals decades into the future.
and growing global popular sentiment
                                               and other developments no state can
in support of this cause.
                                               control alone. Arms can’t address such          This level of military spending is hard
The failure of these negotiations and          concerns.                                       to explain in a post-Cold War world and
last month’s anniversaries of the                                                              amidst a global financial crisis.
atomic bombings at Hiroshima and               Yet there has been a troubling lag              Economists would call this an
Nagasaki provide a good opportunity to         between recognizing these new security          “opportunity cost”. I call it human
explore what has gone wrong, why               challenges, and launching new policies          opportunities lost. Nuclear weapons
disarmament and arms control have              to address them. National budget                budgets are especially ripe for deep cuts.

                                                                                                                                            UN Photo/Martine Perret

File photo of peacekeepers serving in the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) participating in International Day of
Peace celebrations on 21 September 2008.

            UNews              Monthly Newsletter of the UN Information Centre, New Delhi


                                                                                                                                        UN Photo/Rick Bajornas
Such weapons are useless against
today’s threats to international peace
and security. Their very existence is
de-stabilizing: the more they are touted
as indispensable, the greater is the
incentive for their proliferation.
Additional risks arise from accidents
and the health and environmental
effects of maintaining and developing
such weapons.

The time has come to re-affirm
commitments to nuclear disarmament,
and to ensure that this common end is
reflected in national budgets, plans and

Four years ago, I outlined a five-point
disarmament proposal highlighting the
                                           The “Non-Violence” (or “Knotted Gun”) sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd
need for a nuclear weapon convention       on display at the UN Visitors’ Plaza in New York.
or a framework of instruments to
achieve this goal.                         Stop deploying nuclear weapons on             peace and security in a world without
                                           foreign soil, and retire such weapons.        nuclear weapons, including new efforts
Yet the disarmament stalemate
                                                                                         to resolve regional disputes.
continues. The solution clearly lies in    Ensure that nuclear-weapon states
greater efforts by States to harmonize     report to a public UN repository on           And perhaps above all, we must
their actions to achieve common ends.      nuclear disarmament, including details        address basic human needs and
Here are some specific actions that all    on arsenal size, fissile material,            achieve the Millennium Development
States and civil society should pursue     delivery systems, and progress in             Goals. Chronic poverty erodes security.
to break this impasse.                     achieving disarmament goals.                  Let us dramatically cut spending on
                                                                                         nuclear weapons, and invest instead in
Support efforts by the Russian             Establish a Middle East zone free of
                                                                                         social and economic development,
Federation and the United States to        nuclear weapons and other weapons of
                                                                                         which serves the interests of all by
negotiate deep, verified cuts in their     mass destruction.
                                                                                         expanding markets, reducing
nuclear arsenals, both deployed and                                                      motivations for armed conflicts, and in
                                           Secure universal membership in
un-deployed.                                                                             giving citizens a stake in their common
                                           treaties outlawing chemical and
Obtain commitments by others               biological weapons.                           futures. Like nuclear disarmament and
possessing such weapons to join the                                                      non-proliferation, such goals are
                                           Pursue parallel efforts on conventional       essential for ensuring human security
disarmament process.
                                           arms control, including an arms trade         and a peaceful world for future
Establish a moratorium on developing       treaty, strengthened controls over the        generations.
or producing nuclear weapons or new        illicit trade in small arms and light
delivery systems.                          weapons, universal membership in the          No development, no peace. No
                                           Mine Ban, Cluster Munitions, and              disarmament, no security. Yet when
Negotiate a multilateral treaty            Inhumane Weapons Conventions, and             both advance, the world advances, with
outlawing fissile materials that can be    expanded participation in the UN              increased security and prosperity for
used in nuclear weapons.                   Report on Military Expenditures and           all. These are common ends that
                                           the UN Register of Conventional Arms.         deserve the support of all nations.
End nuclear explosions and bring into
force the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-      Undertake diplomatic and military             Ban Ki-moon is Secretary-General
Ban Treaty.                                initiatives to maintain international         of the United Nations

                           September 2012                                                                                    UNews

                           IN THE NEWS

                           Syria: UN human rights chief voices grave concern,
                           calls for action
UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

                                                                                                                  religious intolerance, arbitrary
                                                                                                                  executions, and the impact of the
                                                                                                                  pervasive economic and financial

                                                                                                                  She voiced grave concern about the
                                                                                                                  ongoing conflict in Syria, where more
                                                                                                                  than 18,000 people, mostly civilians,
                                                                                                                  have died since the uprising against
                                                                                                                  Syria's President Bashar al-Assad
                                                                                                                  began some 18 months ago, citing the
                                                                                                                  continuing “devastating” consequences
                                                                                                                  on civilians.

                                                                                                                  Also addressing the Council’s opening
                                                                                                                  session today was Secretary-General

                                     s the Human Rights Council       working on with partners and                Ban Ki-moon, who commended the
                                     began its latest session on 10   stakeholders,” the UN High                  body for its quick response to the crisis
                                     September, United Nations        Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi         in Syria.
                           officials highlighted the many             Pillay, said at the opening of the
                                                                                                                  “While the Security Council has been
                           challenges that continue to concern the    Council’s 21st session in Geneva.
                                                                                                                  divided on the situation, the General
                           world body, from the ongoing conflict in
                                                                      She highlighted numerous human              Assembly and this Council have acted.
                           Syria and its impact on civilians to
                                                                      rights challenges that continue to          I welcome this stepped-up
                           broader issues such as discrimination
                                                                      persist and preoccupy the Office of the     engagement,” he said. “I regret that
                           and impunity.
                                                                      High Commissioner for Human Rights          your recommendations were not
                           “There is clearly no shortage of human     (OHCHR): poverty, impunity, armed           followed up by other relevant United
                           rights challenges which my Office is       conflicts, refugee flows, discrimination,   Nations organs.”

                           Ban: NAM must respond to its people’s aspirations

                                    N Secretary General Ban Ki-       rising to this challenge: prevention to     seriously and sincerely. Listen to the
                                    moon highlighted the strong       help deal with a society’s political        appeals of people – for justice, for
                                    partnership between the           grievances; and sustainability to help      human rights, for dignity.”
                           United Nations and the international       address society’s developmental
                           grouping of over 100 countries known       challenges.”                                In his remarks, the UN chief noted that
                           as the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM),                                                     the crisis in Syria started with peaceful
                                                                      He highlighted the “powerful yearning       demonstrations that were met by
                           while also stressing the need for both
                                                                      for freedom” within nations – the           ruthless force, and urged all parties to
                           bodies to rise to the challenge of
                           responding to the needs of those they      freedom to participate, to make one’s       stop the violence now.
                           represent.                                 voice heard and to choose one’s
                                                                      government.                                 “Now, we face the grim risk of long-
                           “Today the United Nations and the                                                      term civil war destroying Syria’s rich
                           NAM face the supreme challenge of          “In some places this has brought            tapestry of communities,” he said.
                           answering people’s aspirations,” Mr.       transformation and new beginnings,          “Those who provide arms to either side
                           Ban said on 30 August 2012 in his          but in others, we see suppression and       in Syria are contributing to the misery.
                           remarks to the group’s 16th summit,        frustration,” he said. “That is why I       Further militarization is not the
                           held in Tehran. “I see two paths for       have urged world leaders to listen          answer. The situation cannot be

                                        UNews               Monthly Newsletter of the UN Information Centre, New Delhi

                           IN THE NEWS

                                                                                                                                                                  Photo: UN
                           resolved with the blood and the bodies         well to promote and protect the values
                           of more than 18,000 people and                 embedded in the United Nations
                           counting. There should be no more              Charter and the Universal Declaration
                           bullets and bombs.”                            of Human Rights, including freedom of
                                                                          expression and freedom of association.
                           “I urge all NAM members to work
                           within the principles of the UN Charter        “For much of your membership, this
                           to resolve disputes peacefully,” Mr. Ban       internal effort should be the next
                           said. “But it is not sufficient to focus on    frontier of action for your people,” said
                           lowering tensions between NAM                  the Secretary-General. “Our
                           countries, as important as that is. We         organizations must keep pace in
                           must prevent conflict between all UN           changing times. Long-held assumptions
                           Member States.”                                may need to change.”
                           Mr. Ban said that, in this period of
                           “profound transition,” NAM – which
                           represents nearly two-thirds of the
                           UN’s 193 members – continues to
                           define its evolving identity and address                   UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-
                                                                                   moon (second from right, on dais)
                           changing notions of sovereignty in an                    addresses the 16th Summit of the
                           age of interconnectedness.                              Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). At
                                                                                                  right is Mahmoud
                           “You represent diverse societies joined                   Ahmadinejad, President of the
                           by common goals. I urge you to unite as                          Islamic Republic of Iran.

                           UN launches International Small Arms Control Standards

                           M         ore than a decade after
                                     Member States agreed on a
                                     comprehensive programme of
                           action aimed at eradicating the illicit
                                                                          trade in small arms and light weapons,
                                                                          the United Nations launched
                                                                          international standards to provide
                                                                          further impetus to that work.
                                                                                                                        The International Small Arms Control
                                                                                                                        Standards (ISACS) were launched
                                                                                                                        during a global meeting in New York
                                                                                                                        that is examining how well States are
                                                                                                                        implementing the action programme
                                                                                                                        they agreed in 2001, formally known as
UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein

                                                                                                                        the Programme of Action to Prevent,
                                                                                                                        Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade
                                                                                                                        in Small Arms and Light Weapons in
                                                                                                                        All Its Aspects.

                                                                                                                        About 526,000 people lose their lives
                                                                                                                        every year due to armed violence,
                                                                                                                        which is commonly fuelled by illicit
                                                                                                                        weapons. That is the equivalent of one
                                                                                                                        person dying violently every minute.

                                                                                                                        At the launch, Hannelore Hoppe,
                                                                                                                        Director and Deputy to the High
                                                                                                                        Representative for Disarmament
                                                                                                                        Affairs, noted that “UN entities that
                                                                                                                        provide advice and support to Member
                                                                                                                        States on effectively controlling small
                                                                                                                        arms and light weapons, as well as
                                                                                                                        those entities whose work has been
                                                                                                                        directly impeded by the illicit trade,
                           Weapons for sale in Kabul’s central market in 2009.

September 2012                                                                                           UNews


proliferation and misuse of such            The main purpose of the standards is to         and practitioners outside the United
weapons, came together under the            enable all agencies of the United               Nations system, for example in
Coordinating Action on Small Arms           Nations to work together to support             Governments, regional organizations,
(CASA) with the goal of strengthening       States in putting effective controls in         civil society and even the private sector.
the UN’s collective response to these       place over the full life cycle of small
challenges”. She added that “ISACS is       arms and light weapons under their              The standards provide guidance in
a product of collaboration between          jurisdiction. They will be used by              such areas as managing weapons
CASA and a diverse range of                 agencies working on issues as diverse           stockpiles, marking and keeping
international partners, including           as child protection, crime, development,        records of them, tracing illegal
Government experts, international and       public health, counter-terrorism and            weapons back to their last legal owner,
regional organizations, civil society and   humanitarian relief. It is also hoped           and collecting and destroying illicit and
the private sector”.                        that they will be of use to policymakers        unwanted arms.

Food agencies: Action needed to prevent repeat of crisis

                                                                                                                                         UN Photo/Mark Garten
         oordinated international
         action is urgently needed to
         prevent rising food prices from
hurting millions of people over the
coming months, the heads of the three
United Nations food and agricultural
agencies said in a joint statement on 4
September 2012.

“The current situation in world food
markets, characterized by sharp
increases in maize, wheat and soybean
prices, has raised fears of a repeat of
the 2007-2008 world food crisis. But
swift, coordinated international action
can stop that from happening,” the UN
Food and Agriculture Organization's
(FAO) Director-General, José Graziano
da Silva, the UN World Food
                                            A mother and her newborn child rest in bed at a local health centre in Bali, Indonesia.
Programme’s (WFP) Executive
Director, Ertharin Cousins, and the
President of the International Fund for     restrictions which, while temporarily           the increasing global population and
Agricultural Development (IFAD),            helping some consumers at home, are             climate change, which has led to
Kanayo F. Nwanze, said in the release.      generally inefficient and make life             droughts and floods in many countries,
                                            difficult for everyone else,” the officials     affecting food production.
The UN officials stressed that to
prevent a food crisis it is necessary to    stated. “Above all, however, we must
                                            understand that high food prices are a          In the statement, they also highlighted
address immediate and long-term
                                            symptom, and not the disease. So while          the role that smallholder farmers play
issues. In the short-term, they stated
                                            the international community must take           in ensuring food security, and called on
that there must be a coordinated
                                            early action to prevent excessive price         countries to support smallholder
response by food producers to deal with
                                            increases, it should also move to act on        agriculture and provide citizens with
spikes in prices, and an improvement
                                            the root causes behind such surges.”            social protection systems to ensure
in the transparency of global markets.
                                                                                            vulnerable populations have enough to
“Countries must avoid panic buying          In the long-term, the trio noted that           eat.
and refrain from imposing export            policies should focus on issues such as

            UNews               Monthly Newsletter of the UN Information Centre, New Delhi

                                             UN and Education

                                                                                                                              Lingaraj Panda/UNDP India
         UNDP: The
language of empowerment
Thirty-year-old Rita Devi from Rampur
village in Jaunpur district of eastern
Uttar Pradesh is the mother of five
young children. In 2009 she
participated in a pilot financial literacy
programme supported by UNDP. She
learnt how to open and operate a bank
account. Her husband who works in a
printing press in Mumbai now easily
sends money home every month to
support the family. She bought an
insurance policy some time ago and
recently secured a loan from her local       Since 2009, UNDP in partnership with          The success of UNDP initiatives has
                                             the National Bank for Agriculture and         revealed that effectively designed
self-help group to start a livestock
                                             Rural Development (NABARD) and the            financial literacy training programmes
based livelihoods unit.
                                             Indian School of Microfinance for             can facilitate effective integration of
Over 800 kilometres away, Duku Majhi         Women has equipped thousands of               socially disadvantaged groups into the
from Bhejiguda village in Orissa’s           women like Rita Devi with financial           formal financial sector. UNDP’s
Kalahandi district filed an application      literacy skills critical to meeting the       engagement with the Rashtriya
under the Right to Information Act           objectives of financial inclusion in India.   Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) in 15 of
(RTI) with the District Rural                Less than 60 percent of the adult             the most disadvantaged districts of
Development Agency requesting                population in rural areas has access to       India has resulted in more than
information on why his house did not         basic banking services. Much of the           700,000 households from tribal and
                                             success of efforts to deepen financial        other marginalized social groups
have an electricity connection. Within
                                             inclusion will depend on the                  enrolled into the insurance scheme and
days of his application, electricity was
                                             effectiveness of business correspondents      empowered to improve their health
provided through solar panels installed
                                             to take the message of financial              outcomes at the household level.
in his house and in all the other non-
                                             inclusion to far flung areas. UNDP with
electrified houses in the village. He                                                      The UNDP-Department of Justice
                                             NABARD has strengthened the
learnt about the Act and his right to                                                      partnership to enable poor and
                                             technical capacities of business
information through the Land and RTI                                                       marginalized communities access to
                                             correspondents in four states –
clinic set up as part of a joint UNDP-       Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh,                    justice has reached out to over two
Department of Justice partnership that       Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. As part          million people across 62 districts in
aims to empower marginalized                 of its policy advocacy efforts, UNDP has      seven states since 2008. Using a two-
communities to secure justice.               convened stakeholders across seven UN         pronged approach the programme has
                                             focus states – Bihar, Chhattisgarh,           focused on improving institutional
Both Rita Devi and Duku Majhi
                                             Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh,                    capacity of key justice service providers
represent the importance of literacy in                                                    to enable them to effectively serve
                                             Rajasthan, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh –
different ways. Rita Devi has used                                                         marginalized communities. It also seeks
                                             in charting out the strategy for
financial literacy to secure her family’s                                                  to directly empower these communities
                                             achieving financial literacy.
future and access the world of financial                                                   to seek and demand quality justice
services, and Duku used legal literacy       The lessons from the field tested             services. The programme has supported
to demand the right to secure                models to train trainers and build the        and partnered with national, state and
information crucial to improving the         capabilities of banking correspondents        local justice institutions including the
quality of life. UNDP invests in             to effectively meet the needs of rural        judiciary, national legal services
functional literacy as a way of              customers are now being upscaled              authorities (NALSA), civil society
expanding the capabilities and choices       nationally using resources from the           organizations, professional bodies and
of people.                                   Financial Inclusion Fund of NABARD.           academic institutions.

September 2012                                                                                   UNews

                                              (NLMA) and its collaboration with        is on women. The programme aims to
          UNESCO:                             partners that include UNESCO. One of     achieve EFA Goal-4 by 2015 – reducing
Working to achieve                            the NLMA programmes – Saakshar           by half the number of adult non-
                                              Bharat – has been declared a flagship    literates as recorded in 2000. The
literacy for all                              programme of the Government of India     programme also aims to achieve the
The United Nations Literacy Decade            and was launched by the Prime            National Literacy Goal – raising the
(UNLD 2003-2012) proposed a new               Minister of India on International       literacy level to 80%, reducing the
vision of literacy by placing ‘Literacy for   Literacy Day, 8 September 2009.          gender gap to 10% and minimizing
All’ at the heart of Education for All        Saakshar Bharat covers all persons       social and regional disparities in
(EFA). The UN General Assembly                aged 15 and beyond, although its focus   literacy levels.
proclaimed the Decade in December
2001, reaffirming the central role of
literacy in development. The Decade was
                                               Saakshar Bharat Mahotsav
officially launched in February 2003.          The Department of School Education and Literacy (DSEL), Ministry of Human
                                               Resource Development (MHRD) successfully concluded the ‘Saakshar Bharat
Literacy in India has made remarkable          Mahotsav’, a three-day event in September 2012 that was aimed at building
strides within the UNLD framework.             awareness of the Adult Education Programme in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The
The latest Census 2011 confirmed               event was launched in Delhi on 4 September 2012. Uttar Pradesh Governor B.
India's significant achievement – the          L. Joshi inaugurated the event, which was attended by a host of dignitaries,
literacy rate has increased from 64.8%         including Vice-President Mohammad
in 2001 to 74.04% in 2011. The male            Hamid Ansari, Human Resource and
literacy rate has increased to 82.14%,         Development Minister Kapil Sibal,
which shows an increase of 6.88% since         Minister for Women and Child Development
2001. Female literacy of 65.46% has            Krishna Tirath, Chief Minister of Uttar
increased at a faster rate, at 11.79%          Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav, State Minister
(53.67% in Census 2001).                       for MHRD D. Purandeswari and Director
                                               and UNESCO Representative Shigeru
These achievements are result of the
National Literacy Mission Authority

                       UNHCR: Education for all
Photo: UNHCR/N. Bose

                                                                                             Children of refugees and asylum
                                                                                             seekers can go to school in India –
                                                                                             the government is generous with
                                                                                             admitting refugee children in
                                                                                             schools. The UN Refugee Agency
                                                                                             (UNHCR)’s priority is to ensure
                                                                                             that all refugee and asylum seeker
                                                                                             children, of school going age, are
                                                                                             admitted in schools. There are
                                                                                             5,750 refugees and asylum seeker
                                                                                             children between the ages of five
                                                                                             and 17 years registered with

                   UNews                        Monthly Newsletter of the UN Information Centre, New Delhi

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lpuk vf/kdkj dkuu ds vUrxr ftyk xkzeh.k
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edku eas fctyh dk duD'ku D;kas ugha gA vkonu          S     s                                                                                       QyLo:Ik 2008 ls lkr jkT;ksa ds 62 ftyksa esa
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thrs lenk; U;k; ikus eas l{ke gks ldA              as
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jhrk nsoh vkSj Mqdq ek>h nksuksa ds mnkgj.kksa ls                                                                                                   pkgrk gSA dk;ZØe ds vUrxZr jk"Vªh;] jkT;
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laokjus vkSj foŸkh; lsokvksa dk ykHk mBkus ds                     cSafdax laoknnkrkvksa esa {kerk iSnk djus ds QhYM                                 gSA muesa U;k;ikfydk] jk"Vªh; U;kf;d lsok
fy, foŸkh; lk{kjrk dk lgkjk fy;k] tcfd                            esa tkaps ij[ks ekWM~;wYl ds lcd vc ns'k Hkj esa                                  izkf/kdj.k ¼,u,,y,l,½ lkekftd laxBu]
Mqdq ek>h us viuk thou Lrj lq/kkjus ds fy,                        viuk, tk jgs gSaA blds fy, /ku ukckMZ dh                                          is'ksoj laLFkk,a vkSj 'kSf{kd laLFkku 'kkfey gSaA
t:jh lwpuk ikus dk vf/kdkj ekaxus ds fy,                          foŸkh; lekos'ku fuf/k ls fey jgk gSA ;w,uMhih
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dkuwuh lk{kjrk dk mi;ksx fd;kA ;w,uMhih
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dkepykÅ lk{kjrk esa fuos'k djrk gS rkfd
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yksxksa dh {kerkvksa vkSj muds lkeus ekStwn
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fodYiksa dk foLrkj gks ldsA
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;,uMhih us 2009 ls ukckMZ vkj bfaM;u Ldy
 w                          S          w                          jk"Vªh; LokLF; chek ;kstuk ls ;w,uMhih ds                                         cqfu;knh vf/kdkjksa vkSj gdksa dh tkudkjh ns
vkQ ekbØks Qkbul Qkj oeu ds lkFk feydj
   W            as   W w                                          tqM+ko ds ifj.kkeLo:Ik vkfnokfl;ksa vkSj gkf'k;s                                  ldsaxsA

September 2012                                                                                                        UNews

        ;qusLdks% lcds                             ;s lkjh miyfC/k;ka jk"Vªh; lk{kjrk fe'ku
                                                   vFkkZfjVh ds iz;klksa vkSj ;qusLdks lfgr vius
                                                                                                       gkfly djuk Hkh gS ftlesa lk{kjrk dk Lrj
                                                                                                       c<kdj 80 izfr'kr djuk] L=h&iq:"k vUrj
fy, lk{kjrk                                        lk>hnkjksa ds lkFk fudV lg;ksx dh nsu gSA
                                                   jk"Vªh; lk{kjrk fe'ku vFkkWfjVh ds ,d dk;ZØe
                                                                                                       ?kVdj 10 izfr'kr ds Lrj ij ykuk vkSj
                                                                                                       lk{kjrk ds Lrj esa lkekftd vkSj {ks=h;
Lka;qDr jk"Vª lk{kjrk n'kd ¼2003&2012½ esa         lk{kj Hkkjr dks Hkkjr ljdkj us viuk izeq[k          fo"kerkvksa dks de ls de djuk 'kkfey gSA
lcds fy, f'k{kk ds vUrxZr lcds fy, lk{kjrk         dk;ZØe ?kksf"kr fd;k gSA Hkkjr ds iz/kkuea=h us
                                                   8 flrEcj] 2009 dks vUrjkZ"Vªh; lk{kjrk fnol         ;qusLdks vkSj jk"Vªh; lk{kjrk fe'ku vFkkWfjVh
dks dsUnzh; LFkku fnykdj lk{kjrk dk u;k                                                                lk{kj Hkkjr dk;ZØe dks leFkZu nsus ds fy, ,d
fl)kUr izLrkfor fd;k x;kA la;qDr jk"Vª             ij bldh 'kq:vkr dh FkhA lk{kj Hkkjr dk;ZØe
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egklHkk us fnlEcj 2001 esa bl n'kd dh                                                                  ;qusLdks ds egkfuns'kd dh Hkkjr ;k=k ds nkSjku
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?kks"k.kk djds fodkl esa lk{kjrk dh dsUnzh;                                                            gLrk{kj fd, tk,axsA blesa jk"Vªh; lk{kjrk
                                                   efgykvksa ij dsfUnzr gSA bl dk;ZØe dk mís';
Hkwfedk nksgjk;hA bl n'kd dh vkSipkfjd                                                                 fe'ku vFkkWfjVh ds dk;ZØeksa ds csgrjhu rjhds
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'kq:vkr Qjojh] 2003 esa gqbZA                                                                          ;qusLdks ds vU; lnL; ns'kksa esa viuk, tk,axs
                                                   gkfly djuk gSA ;g y{; 2000 esa xSj&lk{kj
la;qDr jk"Vª lk{kjrk n'kd ds nk;js esa Hkkjr esa   o;Ldksa dh la[;k ?kVkdj vk/kh djus dk gSA           vkSj lk{kjrk rFkk izkS<+ f'k{kk ds eqíksa ij mPp
lk{kjrk dh fn'kk esa mYys[kuh; izxfr gqbZ gSA      dk;ZØe dk ,d mís'; jk"Vªh; lk{kjrk y{;              f'k{kk esa 'kks/k esa lg;ksx fd;k tk,xkA
2011 dh rktk tux.kuk ls bl fn'kk esa Hkkjr
dh mYys[kuh; miyfC/k dh i`f"V gksrh gSA
lk{kjrk dh tks nj 2001 esa 64-8 izfr'kr Fkh]
                                                    Yk[kuÅ esa lk{kj Hkkjr egksRlo dk lekiu
c<+dj 2011 esa 74-04 izfr'kr gks xbZA iq:"k         Ekkuo lalk/ku fodkl ea=ky; ds Ldwyh f'k{kk vkSj lk{kjrk foHkkx us flrEcj] 2012 esa rhu fnu
lk{kjrk esa 2001 ds ckn ls 6-88 izfr'kr dh          ds lk{kj Hkkjr egksRlo dk lQy vk;kstu fd;kA bldk mís'; mŸkj izns'k dh jkt/kkuh
c<+ksrjh gqbZ vkSj ;g nj 82-14 izfr'kr gks xbZA     y[kuÅ esa izkS<+ f'k{kk dk;ZØe ds ckjs esa tkx:drk iSnk djuk FkkA bl egksRlo dh 'kq:vkr 4
nwljh rjQ efgyk lk{kjrk 11-79 izfr'kr dh            flrEcj] 2012 dks fnYyh esa gqbZ FkhA mŸkj izns'k ds jkT;iky ch ,y tks'kh
T;knk rst+ j¶rkj ls c<+h gS] D;ksafd 2001 dh        us bldk mn~?kkVu fd;kA bl dk;ZØe esa mijk"Vªifr eksgEen gkfen
tux.kuk esa ;g 53-67 izfr'kr Fkh vkSj 2011 esa      valkjh] ekuo lalk/ku fodkl ea=h dfiy flCcy] efgyk ,oa cky dY;k.k
65- 46 izfr'kr gks xbZA iq:"k&efgyk lk{kjrk         jkT;ea=h d`".kk rhjFk] ekul allk/ku fodkl jkT;ea=h Mh iqjuns'ojh]
dk tks vUrj 2001 esa 21-59 izfr'kr Fkk] ?kVdj       mŸkj izns'k ds eq[;ea=h vf[kys'k ;kno vkSj ;qfuLdks ds funs'kd izfrfuf/k
2011 esa 16-68 izfr'kr jg x;kA                      f'kxs: vkvks;kxh lfgr vusd x.kekU; vfrfFk;ksa us fgLlk fy;kA

                              ;w,u,plhvkj% f'k{kk lcds fy,
QksVks% ;w,u,plhvkj@,u-ckst

                                                                                                     'kj.kkfFkZ;ksa vkSj 'kj.k pkgus okyksa ds cPps Hkkjr
                                                                                                     esa Ldwyksa esa i<+ ldrs gSaA ljdkj mnkjrkiwoZd
                                                                                                     'kj.kkFkhZ cPpksa dks vius Ldwyksa esa nkf[kyk ns
                                                                                                     jgh gSA la;qDr jk"Vª 'kj.kkFkhZ ,tsalh
                                                                                                     ;w,u,plhvkj dh izkFkfedrk gS fd 'kj.kkFkhZ
                                                                                                     vkSj 'kj.k pkgus okys Ldwy vk;q ds lHkh cPpksa
                                                                                                     dks Ldwy esa nkf[kyk feyk tk,A 5 ls 17 o"kZ
                                                                                                     dh vk;q ds chp 5]750 'kj.kkFkhZ vkSj 'kj.k
                                                                                                     pkgus okys cPps gSa tks ;w,u,plhvkj ds lkFk
                                                                                                     iathd`r gSaA

                                                     UNews                Monthly Newsletter of the UN Information Centre, New Delhi


New UN Resident Coordinator
arrives in India

      ise Grande presented her                                                           comprehensive engagement between
      credentials to Minister of State                                                   India and the United Nations and the
      for External Affairs Preneet                                                       mutually beneficial cooperation with
Kaur on 17 August 2012 and assumed                                                       UNDP. The minister expressed
charge as the UN Resident Coordinator                                                    confidence that Ms. Grande’s rich
and UNDP Resident Representative                                                         international experience would help
and leader of the United Nations                                                         India and the UN come even closer.
Country Team in India.
                                                                                         Thanking the minister, Ms. Grande
Ms. Kaur welcomed Ms. Grande to                                                          said, “I am honoured and privileged to
India and recalled the close and                                                         have the opportunity to serve in this
Photo: UN Resident Coordinator's Office

                                                                                                                                  great country at this critical juncture.
                                                                                                                                  India is playing an essential role in the
                                                                                                                                  global effort to achieve the Millennium
                                                                                                                                  Development Goals and can share so
                                                                                                                                  much about human development with
                                                                                                                                  other countries.”

                                                                                                                                  Ms. Grande has worked for the United
                                                                                                                                  Nations since 1994, serving in
                                                                                                                                  Armenia, Angola, Democratic Republic
                                                                                                                                  of Congo, East Timor, Occupied
                                                                                                                                  Palestine, Sudan and Tajikistan. She
                                                                                                                                  worked for the Office for the
                                                                                                                                  Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
                                                                                                                                  for seven years and was involved in
                                                                                                                                  some of the United Nations’ largest
                                                                                                                                  humanitarian operations.

                                                                                                                                  More recently, Ms. Grande has worked
                                                                                                                                  in UN peacekeeping operations. Prior
                                                                                                                                  to this appointment, Ms. Grande
                                                                                                                                  served as the Deputy Special
                                                                                                                                  Representative of the Secretary
                                                                                                                                  General, Resident and Humanitarian
                                                                                                                                  Coordinator and UNDP Resident
                                                                                                                                  Representative in South Sudan.

                                          Lise Grande, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative (left),
                                          presenting her credentials to the Honourable Minister of State for External Affairs,
                                          Preneet Kaur.

September 2012                                                                                                              UNews

ROVING REPORTER                                                                    Every    month,    ROVING     REPORTER      highlights   salient   activities

ILO signs new agreement on child rights in South Asia


                                                                                                                                                             Photo: ILO
          momentous partnership                                 The agreement was signed
         agreement to promote                                   by Dr. Rinchen Chophel,
         children’s rights and child                            Director General of the
protection in South Asia has been                               SAIEVAC Regional
signed by the Regional Secretariat of                           Secretariat and Tine
the South Asia Initiative to End                                Staermose, Director of
Violence against Children (SAIEVAC)                             ILO Decent Work Support
and the International Labour                                    Team (DWT) for South
Organization (ILO).                                             Asia, at the ILO Country
                                                                Office in Kathmandu, on
The new Memorandum of                                           28 August 2012.
Understanding (MOU) aims to
                                                                Welcoming the
reinforce the two organizations’ work
                                                                partnership, Dr. Chophel,
on child rights and child protection by
                                                                said, “This cooperation                        mechanisms. Given the huge numbers
improving cooperation between them.
                                                                framework will strengthen SAIEVAC’s            of children and working children in
It will focus on exchanging information
                                                                efforts to improve child rights in
and good practices, providing technical                                                                        South Asia, this is a battle that we
                                                                general and end violence against
advice, organizing consultations,                                                                              must win. Addressing child labour is a
                                                                children in particular, by helping us to
meetings and workshops.                                                                                        fundamental element of the Decent
                                                                influence policies, plans and
                                                                                                               Work Country Programmes that South
The MOU will also support the                                                                                  Asian countries are currently
implementation of SAIEVAC’s five-                               Ms. Staermose said, “This momentous            implementing. The ILO is delighted to
year workplan and will use the                                  partnership with SAIEVAC is an                 be able to support this work”.
mechanisms and processes of the South                           excellent opportunity to address the
Asia Association for Regional                                   scourge of child labour at the regional
Cooperation (SAARC).                                            level using SAARC’s processes and

                    ESCAP: Enhancing policy dialogue on Afghanistan’s
                    accession to WTO

                    The newly established ESCAP South and South-West Asia Office (ESCAP-SSWA), based in New Delhi, joined hands with the
                    International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva to organize a unique programme for public and private sector representatives involved in
                    Afghanistan’s WTO membership accession. The programme, held from 22 to 24 August 2012 in New Delhi, was aimed at initiating and
                    nurturing a well-informed and structured policy dialogue between key players of Afghanistan's WTO accession, by addressing knowledge-
                    gaps and related trade policy and development issues.

                          UNews               Monthly Newsletter of the UN Information Centre, New Delhi

of              various   UN    agencies    and    programmes    in   India.                                     ROVING REPORTER

              UNDP launches Human Development Centre
Photo: UNDP

                                                                                                      human development concerns become
                                                                                                      integral to planning processes and
                                                                                                      policy making.

                                                                                                      According to Ajay Chhibber, “India has
                                                                                                      embraced the concept of human
                                                                                                      development originated by one of its
                                                                                                      greatest economists and Nobel Prize
                                                                                                      Laureate Amartya Sen, and we hope
                                                                                                      the Centre will help disseminate the
                                                                                                      policy and practice of human
                                                                                                      development across the developing

                                                                                                      In India, UNDP partners with the
                                                                                                      Planning Commission and several state
                                                                                                      governments on issues related to
                                                                                                      Human Development. Lise Grande,
                                                                                                      United Nations Resident Coordinator

                       n International Centre for          The Agreement was signed in the            and UNDP Resident Representative,
                       Human Development to be set         presence of Kapil Sibal, Minister of       India, said “Given that India has
                       up in India will support efforts    Human Resource Development and             produced the largest number of
              by governments of the South to               Minister of Communications and             decentralized human development
              integrate human development                  Information Technology;                    reports anywhere in the world, and has
              approaches and ensure improved               Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Chairman,             a wealth of experience to share with
              development outcomes for poor and            IIAS and Ajay Chhibber, UN                 the world in developing policy
              marginalized people. As governments          Assistant Secretary General and            frameworks that put people at the
              of the South are increasingly dealing        UNDP Assistant Administrator.              centre of development, it is only
              with multiple challenges of changing                                                    natural that the Centre be hosted in
              aspirations of citizens, rapidly             “We are delighted to be partnering with
              globalizing economies, environmental         UNDP in launching the International
              sustainability, and rising inequality,       Centre for Human Development which         “The Centre will provide a range of
              this Centre is designed to provide new       will provide valuable support to efforts   services to national governments and
              approaches and solutions.                    of national governments in the South       will be guided by the objective of
                                                           to collectively share, learn and realize   translating the analysis of human
              An Agreement to this effect was signed       the objectives of human development”       development reporting to policy inputs
              by Lise Grande, United Nations               said Mr. Sibal.                            and practices that can help advance
              Resident Coordinator and UNDP                                                           human development” said Peter R
              Resident Representative, India and           The Centre will provide policy advisory
              Peter R deSouza, Director, Indian            services based on national and
              Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS).          international evidence to ensure that

              UNODC: Awareness campaign on organized crime

                         n 16 July 2012, UNODC             Organized crime is estimated to            With an estimated value of $ 320
                         launched a global campaign        generate a turnover of $ 870 billion       billion a year, drug trafficking is the
                         on the impact of                  annually. These illicit funds are          most lucrative form of business for
              transnational organized crime. The           equivalent to approximately 1.5 per        criminals. Human trafficking brings in
              campaign reveals key financial and           cent of the global GDP or 7 per cent of    about $ 32 billion annually, while
              social costs of this international threat.   the world’s exports.                       estimates place the global value of the

              September 2012                                                                                  UNews

              ROVING REPORTER Every month, ROVING REPORTER highlights salient activities of various UN agencies and programmes in India.

              smuggling of migrants at $ 7 billion per                                             threat, the effects of transnational
              year.                                                                                organized crime are felt locally.
                                                                                                   Criminal groups can destabilize
              Apart from the monetary concerns, the
                                                                                                   countries, increase domestic
              human cost associated with
                                                                                                   corruption, extortion and violence. The
              transnational organized crime is also a
                                                                                                   campaign includes a public service
              cause for worry. Millions of lives are
                                                                                                   announcement video, fact sheets and
              lost due to drug-related health
                                                                                                   reports on this global menace and can
              problems, violence and firearm deaths.
                                                                                                   be viewed at
              The UNODC-led campaign illustrates
              the fact that despite being a global

              UNDP: Torchlight Morse helps show the way

              H         eavy rainfall and cyclonic
                        storms in Mizoram in the year
                        2010-2011 affected 863
              villages causing damage to more than
                                                         This year, for Vanlalruta, member of
                                                         Disaster Management Team, Kulikawn,
                                                         Aizawal, extreme weather conditions
                                                         did not become an impediment in the
                                                                                                   stationed in 98 locations across the
                                                                                                   state. A training manual has been
                                                                                                   developed in the local Mizo language
                                                                                                   with technical support provided by
              15,000 houses. Eleven people lost their    way of establishing contact with his      UNDP. “The training manual is handy
              lives while more than 100 were injured.    family members. He now uses an            and a great tool that I refer while using
              The roads were blocked, transport was      innovative way to communicate by          Morse code to communicate. I have
              halted and there was no way to reach       creating various codes in the night sky   been using this to train my family
              out to affected communities. Electronic    with torch light. He is one of the 60     members and neighbours as well”, says
              communication failed as the state has a    volunteers trained in the Morse Code      Vanlalruta.
              hilly landscape, making it difficult to    Communication System with support
              disseminate critical information. With     provided under the Government of India    The difficulties encountered by the
              89% of the population using cell phones    – United Nations Development              state administration in establishing
              in the state, network failure made the     Programme Disaster Risk Reduction         contact with at-risk communities made
              situation even more difficult.             (DRR) Programme (2009-2012).              way for the revival of the Morse Code
                                                                                                   Communication System. In order to
Photo: UNDP

                                                                     UNDP has been providing
                                                                                                   strengthen the Early Warning System,
                                                                    support to the
                                                                                                   the Torch Morse Code was
                                                                    Administrative Training
                                                                                                   reintroduced by the State Government
                                                                   Institutes to train members
                                                                                                   in the year 2010. This also includes
                                                                   of Youth Adventure Clubs
                                                                                                   construction of watch towers in
                                                                   and various non-
                                                                                                   selected villages under the Mahatma
                                                                   governmental organizations
                                                                                                   Gandhi National Rural Employment
                                                                   across the state in the
                                                                                                   Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS).
                                                                   Torchlight Morse
                                                                      Communication System.        UNDP India has provided much
                                                                        The Mizoram Police         needed support to the State
                                                                          Radio Organization       Government to revive the Morse Code
                                                                           has also joined         Communication System through
                                                                             hands with UNDP       trainings conducted under the DRR
                                                                                to train more      Programme. This has made
                                                                                  than 500         communities more resilient and better
                                                                                   operators       equipped to face the threat of disasters.

            UNews             Monthly Newsletter of the UN Information Centre, New Delhi


UNIC joins philosophers in highlighting Gandhi’s values
                                                              Laboratory’. The       Future We Want, which set out a
                                                              UN’s work is           common vision for the future. Through
                                                              constantly guided      this document, Heads of State
                                                              by Mahatma             reaffirmed their commitment to
                                                              Gandhi’s critical      achieving not merely economic growth
                                                              understanding of       but also social development,
                                                              the relationship       environmental protection and the
                                                              between peace,         eradication of poverty and hunger.
                                                              development and        They also re-emphasized their resolve
                                                              human rights.”         to promote social equity, enhance
                                                                                     gender equality, women’s
                                                               That is why the
                                                                                     empowerment and equal opportunities
                                                               United Nations
                                                               declared 2nd          for all,” she added.
                                                               October – which is    GANDHIRAMA-2012 brought together
                                                               the birth             over 400 academics from India and

          ANDHIRAMA-2012 was               anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi – as        abroad, and various facets of Gandhi's
          organized in New Delhi by the    the International Day of Non-Violence.    ideas were discussed over five days of
          Indian Council of                The resolution passed by the UN           academic sessions.
Philosophical Research. UNIC New           General Assembly “reaffirmed the
Delhi was invited to be an organizing      universal relevance of the principle of

                                                                                                                                Photos: UNIC/S. Dhillon
partner, and had contributed to the        non-violence”, and sought to secure a
crafting of this five-day feast of ideas   culture of peace, tolerance,
and festival of arts celebrating           understanding and non-violence.
Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas and values.
                                           ‘‘Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas on the
At the inauguration of this conference,    optimum use of resources with special
UNIC Director Kiran Mehra-                 regard to the needs of the poorest, are
Kerpelman said: “Indeed, it is             echoed in the framework that we now
impossible to think of the aims and        call ‘Sustainable Development’,’’ Ms.
purpose of the United Nations and not      Mehra-Kerpelman said. ‘‘The recent
think of Mahatma Gandhi. I'd like to       UN Conference on Sustainable
think that the UN is the de facto          Development, or Rio+20, concluded
operationalization of the ‘Gandhi Ideas    with an outcome document called The

UNIC continues to catalyse learning about the UN

         s part of UNIC New Delhi's on     prepare for Model UN Conferences and      documentation, and invited the
         going UN4U campaign which         to carry out school projects.             students to consult the material
         seeks to promote learning                                                   available in the UNIC Library.
about the UN, students from two Delhi      UNIC Librarian Dr. R.K. Sharma            Assistant Information Officer Rineeta
schools visited the UN Information         provided an overview of UN                Naik spoke about the main features of
Centre for a learning session on the                                                 the UN system, and also addressed a
United Nations, its functions and                                                    number of animated queries on
objectives. Around 70 students from St.                                              Security Council reform, the UN’s
Mark’s School and Kulachi Hansraj                                                    peacekeeping functions and the role of
School also learnt about accessing and                                               youth in furthering the UN’s objectives.
using the information contained in the      
UN’s databases and archives to

September 2012                                                                                   Regd. No. DELBIL/2005/15087


Lessons in ‘green’ education

T       he 2012 Rio+20’ Summit placed
        sustainable development firmly
        on the global agenda. UNIC has
been working to highlight not just the
                                                    Asia, Intel; Sudhir Kumar Sinha,
                                                    CSR Head, ArcelorMittal India
                                                    Limited; Pramod Sharma,
                                                    Programme Coordinator, Paryavaran
                                                                                                          development, human rights, climate
                                                                                                          change, and sustainability, and used
                                                                                                          platforms such as Model UN
                                                                                                          Conferences and social media to
success of the Summit but also the way              Mitra, CEE; and Prabhjyot Sodhi,                      highlight UN messages.
forward, which involves the                         National Coordinator, GEF/UNDP
establishment of universal Sustainable              Small Grants Programme, CEE.                          The panelists also released a Teacher’s
Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs                                                                        Handbook on environment education
                                                    Speaking on behalf of UNIC, Assistant                 prepared by CEE. The Handbook can
will seek to broaden the aims of the
                                                    Information Officer Rineeta Naik said                 be used to motivate students to learn
Millennium Campaign and lay the
                                                    students and young people were an                     more about the environment and
foundation of a global green economy.
                                                    important audience for the UN and key                 become Paryavaran Mitras, or Friends
As part of this campaign, the United                to the success of UN campaigns. To this               of the Environment.
Nations Information Centre for India                end, she added, UNIC collaborated
and Bhutan (UNIC) and Paryavaran                    with a number of schools and                
Mitra-Centre for Environment                        universities on themes such as peace,       
Education (CEE) organized a Teachers
                                                                                                                                                                Photos: UNIC/S. Dhillon
Training Workshop on 1 September
2012 at the UN Conference Hall in
New Delhi. The workshop sought to
raise awareness among teachers on the
need to protect and preserve the
environment and also sensitise
students in this regard.

The speakers in the inaugural session
included Dr. B.M.S. Rathore, Joint
Secretary, Ministry of Environment
                                     Your World. Your UN!
and Forests, Government of India;
Sonia Shrivastava, CSR Head-South

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