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White label application, White Labeling, White Labeled Solution, White Label Software


Internet has revolutionized the way that we buy travel services like flights hotels and holidays. Research shows that 70% of the travel reservations are still done through travel agents. Bookings through travel agents saves 80% of their time as they expect their travel agent to take care of your customized requirement and manage your travel from start till end, starting from car hire to air tickets, hotel bookings, transfers etc. The role of the travel agent is to save time and provide error free travel service to in reduced cost to its clients. To provide the best services and ease the bookings/save time to their own customers and subagents, travel agents have started demanding their own White Label Software / White label application from the hotel suppliers and gds provider to sell the hotel rooms and airline tickets with their own brands. With this reason hotel suppliers and GDS providers have started selling their inventories through the mode of XMLs /APIs, complete White Label Software. This has helped the hotel suppliers and GDS provider to reach maximum local customers (end customer) and have started associating with travel agents and tour operators from each destination to sell their hotel inventories hence facilitate the distribution process. The reseller programme through White Labelled Solution has been tailored to maximise the business in three key areas: • Improve performance Through white labeling you can offer another service to your customers enabling you to maximize your customer base. • Increase revenue. For very little effort on your behalf you can add more products and services for your customers to choose which will have a direct impact on your bottom line. • Branding Now you can provide the complete travel services to your customer with your own brand. Being a leading travel technology company, PROVAB TECHNOSOFT provides cost effective and innovative White Labeled Solutions/ White label application like a complete travel portal developmen

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