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google-adsense-approval-trick by mukarram4all



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									Google Adsense NiB Approval Trick

Hi friends, today I am posting about a most requested topic. That is " Adsense Approval Trick ".
Many of my friends had requested to reveal my trick to them via chat and commented on my blog.
Anyway, today I am revealing the hot trick. This trick involves many things and you have to wait just
5 days for getting the adsense approved genuine account.

The main things involved in this trick are :

·    A new email id.
·    Google Adsense approval via 3rd parties.
·    Google Adsense NiB hack.

You can get genuine Google Adsense account approved with many 3rd party accounts like :

·     Fixya
·     Indyarocks
·     Webanswers
·     Docstoc
·     Hubpages

For my trick, I used

    Getting Google Adsense Approval With Docstoc

                          This video has been owned by :

View the video for viewing the trick. If not follow these steps :

·     Go to
·     Create an account with the new gmail id.
·     After creating an account with docstoc, create an adsense account with docstoc [ view the video]
·     In the meantime [ when your adsense account is being reviewed ], upload some unique pdf
      articles to Docstoc [ view the video ].
·     Then you will get a message that your adsense account has been approved.
·     Serve the ads via docstoc on your website for about 5 days. It will not give any income to you.
      But you have to add the ads via docstoc on your blog a few days.


·     If you are not uploading 10 pdf articles, your adsense account will get disapproved with the
      reason " Insufficient content "
·     Don't click on your own ads.
·     Don't try to do any invalid activity.
·     Make your account secure.


·     You will not get earnings from per visit to your blog.
·     You will get only 50% earnings from docstoc of your adsense earnings.
·     Your adsense account via docstoc will get easily disapproved.
·     Your earnings will be too slow as a tortoise. You will think that the tortoise wins the game. But in
      this tech world, hare wins the game.


·     After 5 days, go to adsense sandbox and check the preview of ads.
·     If ads are available, leave the site.
·     Now come to your Google Adsense account.
·     Go to blogger.
·     Go to the layout tab.
·     Remove the docstoc Ads from your site.
·     Leave blogger.
·     Now apply for adsense genuinely.
·     Visit
·     Apply for adsense.
·    During the review time, check the adsense sandbox if the ads are available.
·    After partial review, add the ad codes on your website.
·    Wait 2 days.
·    See the Google ads dancing on your website.


I don't know how it works. But I can give you a simple explanation with my experience. That is once
your blog had showed ads with an approved adsense account, that blog will get more consideration
in getting approved. The reason is that once Google's adsense bot crawled your site, they can know
whether ads have been served for your site. The same thing works in my trick. In my trick, it creates
an ad feed or something into your template for some days. This can be read only by Google bots.
When Google bots are cra


I got my adsense approved genuine with this trick. You all do this trick and if it not works, please
contact me. Adsense account that you get with this trick is completely genuine and you will earn per
visit to your blog and it is a sustainable account.

Are facing trouble with any step or you need more explanation, please use the comment box.

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