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					Pack Your Camera.
Make it sure that your battery is fully charged.
Take an extra pair of battery and memory card.

           Some countries like Australia celebrate Christmas in outdoor
           area, but maximum of people like to celebrate it inside. Pay
           attention that what type of digital camera you have if it shoots in
           RAW you can set your white balance later.
Set a portrait zone and welcome your every guest
there to click a photograph. Put some Santa hats
there so that they can decorate themselves.

             Take some shoot on preparation stage. Click the items like:-
                 Putting Decoration.
                 Packing Gifts.
                 Preparing Food.
                 Table Setting.
Take some shots before the party start and after the
end of the party click the same shot from the same
position. Compare both of the pictures .

                        Shooting at Christmas lights is the most difficult and
                        tricky to do. Follow these tips:-
                             Arrive Early.
                             Set your camera.
                             Use tripod.
Group Photo is the most common type of shot. It's
usually taken on the arrival or at the end of the
party. Also choose a place where you can take that

                      One of the most important moments in which you get
                      most of the facial expressions and excitement is
                      when everyone opening their gifts especially if you’ve
                      got Kids around. Put your camera on continuous
                      shooting mode (burst mode).
Most common mistakes that found in most of the
photography is that people often set up with their
subjects and left the rest of the place. Fill your
frame either by getting closer to the subject or by
using the zoom.

                           There are already lots of lights in the area where
                           the party is going trough. So turn off your flash if it
                           is external or put your digital camera on night
                           mode so that the shutter speed of the camera get
Aperture hold the important impact while taking a
shot. On the occasion like Christmas use the
Aperture priority mode and change them
constantly according to the subject you going to

                          There are ultimate number of opportunities for you
                          to shot in your neighborhood. Christmas carols,
                          houses covered in Christmas, decoration etc. Get
                          there and start clicking. Have Fun!
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