Increasing Productivity with The Right ALM Solution

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					Increasing Productivity with the Right ALM Solution

There is a major change in the software design, development and delivery, primarily due to the focus on business
agility. Putting together a consistent ecosystem while managing larger diversity in teams, many organizations are
trying to balance various competing requirements like delivering projects on schedule while standardizing processes.
With the implementation of agile methodology, there is a drop in the total cost of ownership in addition to a boost
in the quality with a reduction in time to market.

Allowing the teams in the organization to share the best practices for development and deployment, the adopting
Application Lifecycle Management solutions also help increase productivity. Sound ALM solutions permit developers
to concentrate on business requirements and maintain unfailing quality, and makes certain that the needs and the
expectations created for all end-users are successfully met. Even as ALM reorganizes development, It brings about
tremendous pace to the whole process, while also decreasing the time taken to develop the software and bring it to
market. It also gets the most out of your investment in labor and technology as it ensures that each step in the
development process and is accomplished as efficiently as possible.

The most important benefit of an ALM solution is coordinating the people, processes, information, and tools
involved in a project to deliver innovation to your stakeholders. It brings about better team collaboration and
communication. With a shared, single, web-based, and global collaborative platform, errors can be prevented as
distributed teams work with the same specifications. Anyone with the appropriate permission can make changes
with automatic notifications sent out to other team members. It also helps manage regulatory compliance
automatically with complete backwards and forwards traceability.
By adopting a suitable integrated Application Lifecycle Management solution, an organization can experience a
considerable increase in savings in a project cost. It has been estimated that a six month advantage in a product
release can result in an eighteen month advantage in revenue generation. An efficient ALM solution must allow
integrations with third party tools used on premise by the users.

Invest in a solution that provides the business benefits of the cloud such as elasticity, quick time to value and
subscription-based licensing. The Software as a Service SaaS model, with its flexibility and built-in scalability, will be
able to tackle any challenges that may arise in software development. Eliminate the need for complex and costly tool
integrations with a cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly ALM integration.

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Description: There is a major change in the software design, development and delivery, primarily due to the focus on business agility.