Minutes of March 07 Meeting

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					                                     Minutes of the Education Council Meeting
                                        Held March 21 in the Board Room
                                         Cranbrook Campus at 4:00 p.m.

Present:       Louise Abbott, Jim Bailey, Robyn Beattie-Laine, Gina Bennett, Jason Colombo,
               Danielle Courcelles, Dale Floer, Charlotte Heppner, Barb Janzen, Velma McKay,
               Doug McLachlan, Marla Riehl, Nick Rubidge, DJ Silva, Ardy Smith Miller,
               Pearci Walkley

Absent:        Leah Bradish (Failed to contact by phone at our end), Charlotte Heppner,
               Heather Hepworth, Doug McLachlan, Lindsay Pelton, Ryan Rice

Guest:         Jonathan Butt, Manager of IT Services

1. Agenda

   1.1     Amendments – No amendments.

   1.2     Approval - The agenda was approved as presented.

2. Confirmation of the Minutes – In 4.2, delete line five. It is not a preceptorship; it is a
   practicum. In 4.3, change the word “paternity” to “parental”. The minutes were approved as

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes

   3.1     Students’ Email Space – This topic was discussed at the Classroom and Information
           Technology committee meeting and with the SIO.

           Out of 2,200 student accounts, 908 had never been looked at and the accounts were
           full. Many e-mails have nice pictures attached which take up a lot of space. The
           Manager of IT Services stated he feels we have to change the culture at the College; it
           is internal spam that is causing the problem. Many emails are addressed to all
           students and their accounts fill up quickly. Most students have web mail at home and
           are not reading their college email. Jason pointed out it is junk mail to some students
           but other students want to receive it.

           Jonathan stated we need to change the way we send things to students. We should be
           sending a short message with a link to the information we are providing. This way the
           accounts do not fill up quickly.

           There are two issues. One is the size of the messages we send students and the other
           is students who do not open their email. DJ stated we need to develop a way to
           communicate with students that works for them. Perhaps a Task Force should look at
           all of the issues surrounding this topic. She stated she would like to see an email
           account set up for students when they apply. Jonathan pointed out the accounts would
           be full before the students even get here. Doris said other colleges have found a way
           to do it.

           Jonathan stated we do not have the resources to go through each student account to
           see if the student is here or not. If their COTR email account gets full, they will stop
           using it and use their hot mail address. Some instructors are using students’ hot mail
           addresses to communicate with them.

         The Registrar advised we need to communicate better with students on how to use
         email. It could be included in the orientation. Jonathan stated we do that. Barb said
         she did not do as many sessions this year as students are better informed. Robyn
         pointed out not all students attend orientation so they would not get the information.
         Gina stated we cannot force students to use an email system that is not working.

         Ardy stated we need to communicate to faculty that they only use COTR email to
         contact students. We need to come up with guidelines; perhaps a working group could
         be established to prepare guidelines. We need some way to contact student applicants
         and we need to clean out mailboxes.

         DJ stated if we do not have a user friendly system, we cannot force students to use it.
         She said she would like to keep it simple. We need to work on it; other institutions
         have systems that work.

         The Chair recapped the issues.

         1. There are emails with attachments that are too large. Graphics, pictures and PDF
            files are filling the mailboxes up. We need a workshop for faculty and staff (PD
            session); possibly four workshops in May. Barb and Gina could put on workshops
            with the support of IT.
         2. There are emails that students are not interested in – could we tighten up the
            guidelines for sending things to students via the distribution list? Jonathan asked
            what do you do to staff that continue to send everything to all students. The
            student and staff portals should be used more. Dale stated a portion of the media
            releases could be sent with a link, and if the student is interested in more
            information, s/he could go to the link.

         DJ stated some institutions have emails for life; she would like to pursue that. It was
         suggested she join the Classroom & Information Technology Committee for a couple of
         meetings. They will look at having summer emails to see if it is feasible. Dale is on this
         committee and DJ stated she would like to see another student participate. Danielle
         will check to see if someone is interested.

         Jonathan stated we can keep accounts of students who are anticipated to come back;
         but if they don’t come back, we have to find their account and this is time consuming. If
         students do not have access to email over the summer, their mailboxes will fill up. That
         is why we have not kept their email accounts in the past. They are purged.

         The Chair asked Gina if the Essential Skills Workshops could include something on
         student email and Gina replied yes. Dale suggested providing an incentive for students
         to attend such a workshop.

   3.2   Replacement for James Wishart – The Chair welcomed Pearci Walkley as the
         replacement for James.

4. New Business

   4.1   Audit – What It Means to the Instructor and the Student – The prerequisites for audit
         and the responsibilities of students and instructors need to be looked at. University
         Studies are discussing this at the retreat and it is on the agenda for the US
         departmental meeting. The Chair will ask the Department Heads to put it on the
         agenda for departmental meetings of other areas.

     4.2   CASC Recommendations – CASC met twice since the last EdCo meeting.

           MOVED by JANZEN THAT the Program Outline for the Hairdressing Program being
           offered in Invermere be approved with minor changes. CARRIED.

           MOVED by JANZEN THAT the course outline for Business Ethics (BUAD 204) be
           approved with minor changes. CARRIED.

           MOVED by JANZEN THAT the course outline for Experiential Leadership 1
           (TOMA 200) be approved with minor changes. CARRIED.

           MOVED by JANZEN THAT the course outline for Experiential Leadership 2
           (TOMA 210) be approved with minor changes. CARRIED.

5. Reports

     5.1   Chair’s Report – No report.

     5.2   SIO Report – The SIO report was previously distributed. Nick advised the Expression
           of Interest which was submitted to Advanced Education to be considered for funds to
           develop an Aboriginal Service Plan was not successful.

     5.3   Committee Reports:

           Awards Committee – The application deadline for 2006-2007 Bursaries and
           Scholarships was last Friday and 131 applications were received.

           CASC – Already covered.

           EdCo Rep Reports:

           Classroom & Information Technology Committee – This committee is meeting

           PPC – No meeting was held since the last EdCo meeting.

6. Correspondence – None

7. Information – Kim Buchan has resigned from EdCo and Jim will speak to the Faculty
   President regarding a replacement. Jason wished Nick a Happy Birthday.

8. Next Meeting – Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.

Jim Bailey, Chair


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