EdS by zhouwenjuan


									                              Education Specialist (EDS)
                                Application Checklist
                                    Curriculum and Instruction

Name:                                                            ID #

Degree Received:                                                 GPA          Date

Degree Received:                                                 GPA          Date

Program Applying for:

Accepted for: Fall                        Spring                     Summer

Following must be completed for acceptance:
Please initial and date all areas that have been completed!

               Completed Application

               Self Assessment Disposition

               Criminal Background Consent Form with Signature

               Lawful Presence

               Complete Immunization Record

               Required Support Documents (4 pgs)

               Required Liability Insurance – (2 year minimum)

               Certification Held

               Fee Waiver Form for Bordering SC Counties

               Non Refundable Application Fee $25.00 (check or money order to ASU)

               Official transcripts received from:


GPA must be an overall of 2.5 or higher on all undergraduate work.
GPA must be an overall of 3.0 or higher on all graduate work.

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