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									   “ Another language is a different
vision of life” ( Fellini – Film Director)
          So why study languages??
-   Open doors to better universities
-   Boosts your CV
-   You are more employable
-   You get paid more
-   You are more likely to learn other
    languages once you have learnt
-   You get highly regarded job
    prospects including travelling
-   You get opportunities to lead
    projects abroad
-   You understand what’s going on
    around you
-   Open your mind to other cultures
-   It makes you look clever!!
-   It’s fun!!
                          Courses available:
• French/ Spanish : GCSE                            • French IGCSE (Cambridge
  (AQA)                                               International Education)
4 topics: family and lifestyle, sports and            (pathway2)
holidays, education and work, home and              6 topics: same as GCSE + world issues and
environment                                         multicultural festivals

Year 10: 2 topics (Lifestyle and sports/holidays)   Year 10 : 3 topics ( lifestyle and multicultural
                                                    festivals + sports and holidays)
With 1 speaking and 1 writing
                                                    Preparation speaking examwith role plays and
                                                    conversation questions.
Year 11 : 2 topics ( education and work/ home
and environment)
                                                    Year 11 3 topics ( education and work + home and
                                                    environment + world issues)
2 speaking
2 writing
                                                    Linear preparation
                                                    For the final exams
We submit the best 2 speaking and writing to the
board.                                              With mock speaking
AQA manuals
A Plus and Expo4
Mira 3 GCSE
Kerboodle and It’s Learningfor online access to audio
files on demand.

GCSE conference in February
French and Spanish TV/ songs
           Top tip - top tip woo!!
Booster sessions every day of the week with 4 different
teachers to get one to one help or help with a small

Special time with the French asssistante or Senorita
Mallol for Spanish.

Flexibility in retakes for GCSE.
GCSE French and Spanish       • IGCSE French ( only)

Listening and reading 40%     No controlled assessment.
(final exams)                 All final exams

Speaking: 30% controlled      Listening 25%
assessments                   Reading 25%
2X 4-6minutes                 Speaking: 25%
                              Writing: 25%
Writing :30% controlled
2 essays on prepared topics
                   After GCSE??
A Level French and Spanish are both on offer at Hollyfield
With language enrichment programmes
( teaching in local primary, leading clubs,
Joining trips, creating podcasts on Itunes…)

Teaching staff at A Level : Miss Claro
                            Miss Jimenez
                            Miss Mallol

IGCSE is an excellent preparation to A Level with greater
independent learning techniques.
Career options: what can I do with my
      GCSE French/ Spanish???
Teaching and translating
Travel and tourism

Your best option is to combine your language with another skill!!
Eg: Language + Law  International Law
    Language + science  international research, medicine, charity
    Language + business  banking, stock exchange, import/export – trader-
multilingual secretary , trader…
    Language + English Language/ Literature  journalism
     Language + skill  sell your skill abroad!!

We live in a globalised world – monolingualism is no more an option!!
Students who did GCSE and/ or A Level
        languages are now….
Catrin richards: GCSE and A Level French  Liverpool university (
French and English Language)

Caihna Khalil : GCSE and A Level French  St Mary’s university (
English language and liguistics)

David Swan : GCSE and A Level French  Universite of Aix en
Provence in Marseilles ( Economics)

Alice Selwyn Brace : GCSE and A Level French  Full time work in
Paris ( retail)

Charlotte Whiting : GCSE and A Level French  Nottingham
Univeristy ( French and International Law) currently works in Brussels
for the European Union Fair Trade
Successful linguists:
Ok….more interestingly…
 Oh la la!!!
Bebe , bebe,

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