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                                                  with Pack 690
                                           PACK 690     -      P.O. Box 1914   -   Valrico FL 33595

         APRIL 2011                                         Cubmaster: David Stewart
This month we talked about the core value of FAITH. Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, believed that reverence and duty to God should
be an important part of the Scouting movement, and for every Scout and Scouter. With family guidance, Cub Scouts will develop their own

                 DATES TO REMEMBER                                                         SPRING RECRUITING

04/18:         Battery Orders & Money Due                                                    Spring Recruiting Drive!!!
05/07:         BALOO Training
                                                                           Bring a friend to the May pack meeting who is in K5 - 4th
05/07 - 08:     OLSWL Training                                             grade. If they join the pack, the recruiting scout will get the
05/13 - 15:     Ft Wilderness Campout                                      honor of wearing the Recruiter Strip on their uniform.
05/23:          May Pack Meeting
05/28:          Spring Scouting Experience
06/04:          Pack Picnic (Den 4 SA)
06/10 - 12:     Ft Desoto Campout (Den 9 SA)
06/12:          Day Camp Open House from 3-5
06/13 - 17:     Cub Scout Day Camp
06/25:          Pack Planning Meeting for 2011-2012 (2-5 @
                Cagnina s)
                                                                                            SUMMER DAY CAMP

                          SIGN-UPS                                         Cub Scout Day Camp is right around the corner!

                                                                           Where: Medard Park
Be sure to sign up for the following at tonight s meeting.
    ¨   Ft Wilderness Camping                                              When:    06/13 - 06/17
         » 05/13 - 05/15
         » $24/person for camping for 2 nights                             If you want to volunteer for the entire week or one day
         » Swimming                                                        please reach out to Michelle Rudacille @ mnjru-
         » Chip N Dales Campfire Sing-A Long                     
         » Classic Disney Movie Under the Stars
         » Fishing                                                         We need YOU to make this a successful event! 1 parent
         » Biking (rent or bring own, need helmet)                         volunteer is needed for every 4 scouts we send to day
                                                                           camp. Let Michelle know if you are available to volunteer!
Fort Wilderness is our premier camp-out of the year. We are
on Disney Resort Land. You will get a Disney Resort Card.
You will be able to use all the Disney transportation. There is                         SUMMERTIME ACTIVITES
a boat from Bay Lake Beach to the Magic Kingdom. You can
catch the monorail from there and visit the other resorts.
                                                                           It is time to start booking our summertime activities. Each
    ¨   Spring Scouting Experience                                         den must sponsor a summertime activity. It should be
         » 05/28 from 9-1                                                  scheduled on a summer Saturday.
         » Fishing, Archery, & Many More Activities!
         » $7/scout, $5/siblings 7 and over                                Contact Felicia Crawford @
                                                                           to see what Saturdays are still available.
    ¨   » Pack Picnic
         » 06/04                                                           Each activity needs to be on the pack calendar by the May
         » Brentwood Hills Pool from 4-8                                   Pack Meeting.
         » Pack will provied meat - particpants will provide
            pot luck sides and desserts                                    Below are the Saturday s   still available:
    ¨   Ft Desoto Camping                                                          06/18               07/23
         » 06/10 - 06/12                                                           06/25               07/30
         » Guided tour of the fort on Saturday                                     07/09               08/06
         » Only cost are the tolls to get there!                                   07/16               08/13
                                                 APRIL 2011

              Den 1                   Nathan Hilbrands - Craftsman Ac-                     Den 9
                                      tivity Badge
Zachary Criden - Hiking Loop, Mar-                                          David Allen - Gold Arrow Point
bles Loop                             Landon Moody - Craftsman Activ-
                                                                            Kyle Barry - Gold Arrow Point
                                      ity Badge, Handyman Activity Badge
Luke Etlinger - Hiking Loop, Mar-                                           Alexander Crawford - Gold Arrow
                                      Alexander Richmond - Craftsman
bles Loop, Skateboarding Loop,                                              Point
                                      Activity Badge, Handyman Activity
Swimming Loop
                                      Badge, Traveler Activity Badge,       Dylan Curtin - Gold Arrow Point
Samuel Justice - Marbles Loop,        Compass Point
Skateboarding Loop, Swimming Loop                                           Jacob Genung - Gold Arrow Point
                                                     Den 5
                                                                            Jonathan Holt - Gold Arrow Point
Josiah Miles - Hiking Loop, Marbles
                                      Nicolas Fraraccio - Basketball
Loop, Skateboarding Loop, Swim-                                             Carter Little - Gold Arrow Point
                                      Loop, Flag Football Loop
ming Loop
                                      Braden Hansen - Basketball Loop,      Timothy Romig - Gold Arrow Point
Logan Mohammed - Hiking Loop,
                                      Skateboarding Loop                          Den 10 - Pirate Patrol
Marbles Loop, Skateboarding Loop,
Swimming Loop                         Joel Hilbrands - Basketball Loop,     Jacob Barker - Communicator Ac-
                                      Skateboarding Loop                    tivity Badge, Religious Emblem
David Stewart - Hiking Loop, Mar-
bles Loop, Skateboarding Loop,        Mikey Miller - Silver Arrow Point,    Nathan Buchanan - Communicator
Swimming Loop                         Basketball Loop, Skateboarding        Activity Badge
              Den 2                                                         Kyle Costa - Communicator Activity
                                      Peyton Schmit - Basketball Loop,      Badge
Jeffrey Hernandez - Bicycling
                                      Skateboarding Loop
Loop, Good Manners Loop, Video                                              Alexander Hernandez - Communi-
Games Loop                            Stosh Zattosky - Basketball Loop,     cator Activity Badge
                                      Skateboarding Loop
Nathaniel Hinnrichs    Good Man-                                            Colby Mihulka - Communicator Ac-
                                                     Den 8                  tivity Badge
Drake Latham - Bicycling Loop         Brandon Garrett - Music Loop, Pet     Noah Rouse - Communicator Activ-
                                      Care Loop                             ity Badge
Nicholas McElroy - Bicycling Loop,
Good Manners Loop, Video Games        Sidhant Marakumbi - Music Loop,                     Den 14
Loop                                  Pet Care Loop
                                                                            Ethan Hudson - 3 Silver Arrow
Scott Morse - Good Manners Loop,      Isaac Markham - Music Loop, Pet       Points, Archery Loop, BB Shooting
                                      Care Loop                             Loop, Bowling Loop, Ultimate Loop
Edwin Rudacille - Bicycling Loop,     Nicholas Oliverio - Music Loop, Pet
Good Manners Loop, Video Games        Care Loop
                                      Luciano Pergola - Music Loop, Pet
Matthew Slowey - Bicycling Loop       Care Loop
David Walden - Bicycling Loop         Cole Wloczewski - Music Loop, Pet
                                      Care Loop
     Den 4 - Phoenix Patrol
Sebastian Buffington - Craftsman
Activity Badge, Traveler Activity
Jonathan Cagnina - Craftsman Ac-
tivity Badge, Handyman Activity
Badge, Traveler Activity Badge,
Compass Point
Kenny Cartwright - Craftsman Ac-
tivity Badge, Handyman Activity
Badge, Traveler Activity Badge,
Compass Point


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