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									           Save Energy and Money by Keeping Heating and AC Units up to Date

Air Conditioner Dallas understands the importance of clean and maintained central heat and air
units. They not only save money, they save energy, and that will improve the health of your home

October 17, 2012 – Dallas, TX – It is that time of year again when the seasons change and so
must the function of the central heating and air conditioning units in most houses. Keeping both
the inside components and outside components clean and free of debris that will block airflow is
of utmost importance. Air Conditioner Dallas is currently offering specials on their maintenance
plans that encompass all of these areas. They perform this maintenance bi-annually through
inspections and testing of the efficiency of the unit. An efficiently working heater or air
conditioning unit saves money and energy, so upkeep and regular attention is necessary.

Homeowners can help themselves by doing preventative maintenance throughout the entire year.
Changing filters both inside and outside your home on a monthly basis is required, along with
keeping coils and condensers that are exposed to outdoor elements washed and free of buildup.
Air Conditioner Dallas will service and inspect twice a year under a service contract, but keeping
things clean monthly will reduce stress on the unit and preserve its efficiency between
inspections. Having a trained technician inspect ductwork, attic insulation, crawl spaces, and the
efficiency of the unit twice a year is also highly recommended. These technicians are also aware
of any changes made by the U.S. Department of Energy efficiency regulations for residential
heating and air units.

Installing a programmable thermostat is another way to improve the efficiency of your heating or
cooling unit. Homeowners can decrease the energy use in their home by purchasing and
installing a programmable thermostat. Thermostats are inexpensive and easily installed to
regulate the temperature of your home, even when you are away. According to manufacturers, a
programmable thermostat that is correctly installed and programmed can save the average
consumer as much as one third of their energy bill. Air Conditioner Dallas can inform you of
brands and installation techniques to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible.

Outside units need to be turned off while any type of lawn work is performed so that grass
clippings and yard debris are not circulated through the equipment. Using caution to keep all
fragments of anything small enough to be circulated through the unit is the best choice in order
to protect the investment you have in your home heating and cooling unit. Repairs are costly and
debris in the vents, filters, and condensing unit diminishes efficiency. Should you need them, Air
Conditioner Dallas can repair and service all the top brands of central units, will offer financing
options, and will install the best rated unit according to residential codes and SEER rating
requirements. Visit their website, which was designed by Click4Corp, for a more in-depth
explanation of financing and SEER ratings.

About Air Conditioner Dallas: Air Conditioner Dallas is a family owned heating and cooling
company. Residential service is their specialty, and they are insured and licensed accordingly.
Specializing in repair and installation of heating and cooling units, Air Conditioner Dallas also
offers bi-annual checkups for all units and customer rewards for referrals. Their technicians are
certified and trained in the top brands including Rheem, Carrier, and Amana and are available


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