DRAFT - Criminal Justice Advisory Council - Salt Lake County by zhouwenjuan


                                 CRIMINAL JUSTICE ADVISORY COUNCIL
                                           STRATEGIC PLAN
                                        JULY 2006 – JUNE 2007

 Provide planning and collaboration opportunities to make the Salt Lake County criminal justice system
more efficient and cost effective by bringing together key criminal justice professionals with state and local
      policy makers to design, implement and coordinate the system functions and responsibilities.

                 *All ’07 Budget Numbers are Tentative Pending Final Revenue Estimates

                                                 July 1, 2006
                                               (10/20/07 Version)

GOAL A:      Reduce recidivism among Salt Lake County’s offender population.

     1.    Reduce criminal behavior that results in re-arrest.

      2.     Conduct a risk and needs assessment on every offender.

      3.     Strengthen and refine current alternative-to-incarceration programs.

      4.     Implement the half-way-back program to identify and provide sanctions for offenders who fail alternative programs.

      5.     Refine existing and implement new in-jail programming.

      6.     Provide the most appropriate and least restrictive jail discharge plan for every offender.

      7.     Provide appropriate post-incarceration programming for every offender including housing, employment and treatment.

      8.     Increase coordination among agencies to track clients.

      9.     Strengthen jail diversion efforts for mentally ill offenders.

      10.    Continue Alternative to Incarceration Programs.


             OBJ.                                                                PERSON              DUE      RESOURCES    RELATION TO
                                                                               ACCOUNTABLE           DATE      NEEDED*     ILPP REPORT

I.          A1                                                                                                            Alternatives to
                                                                              Gary Dalton                                 (7.23)[1]
                                                                              Pat Fleming                                 Pre-Trial/
                    Implement the use of nationally recognized risk           Brian Miller                                Probation
                    assessment tools to assess recidivism risk and maximize   Rollin Cook                                 (7.4)[2],
                    appropriate program placement for offenders.              Camille Anthony      06/30/07               (7.17)[2]
II.         A2                                                                Gary Dalton                                 Alternatives to
                    Gather Proxy Assessment data -- age at first arrest,      Pat Fleming                                 Incarceration
                    number of arrests and current age -- for every offender   Brian Miller         Ongoing                (7.23)[1]

                                                                           Rollin Cook

III.      A2   Make Proxy Assessment results available to appropriate                                                 Alternatives to
               criminal justice professionals for use in determining       All Assessment                             Incarceration
               necessary programming.                                      Staff            Ongoing                   (7.23)[1]
IV.       A3                                                               Pat Fleming
               Increase retention of CORA clients.                         Tim Whalen       12/31/06
V.        A3   Use DUI restricted account funds to expand substance
               abuse treatment by using the Prime for Life curriculum at                               $ 100,000
               the Salt Lake County Adult Detention Center. This 16        Pat Fleming                 (’07 Budget)
               hour course will serve 1440 additional inmates annually.    Rollin Cook      12/31/06
VI.       A3   Support interim group services to provide immediate
               intervention for substance abuse clients while they wait    Pat Fleming                 $ 200,000
               for a treatment placement                                   Tim Whalen       01/01/07   (’07 Budget)
VII.      A3                                                               Aaron Kennard               $ 75,468
               Add a Drug Court Deputy to assist with caseload.                             01/01/07   (’07 Budget)
VIII.     A4                                                                                           Use Existing
                                                                                                       Funds in
               Include offenders who fail alternative programs as a                                    Sheriff’s
               priority for confinement in the CAP Management Plan.        Rollin Cook      Ongoing    Budget
   IX.    A5                                                                                                          Alternatives to
               Implement additional programming at the Salt Lake           Pam Lofgreen                               Incarceration
               County Adult Detention Center including Jail Industries,    Kevin Harris                $ 51,636       (6.20)[1], (8.3)
               Horticulture and Culinary Arts.                             Rollin Cook      01/01/07   (’07 Budget)   [1]
     X.   A5                                                                                           Use Existing
                                                                           Pam Lofgreen                Funds in
                                                                           Kevin Harris                Sheriff’s
               Expand education, re-entry and treatment programs at the    Rollin Cook                 Budget
               Salt Lake County Adult Detention Center.                                     01/01/07
   XI.    A5                                                               Pat Fleming
               Expand CATS program to include evidence based Out           Tim Whalen
               Patient and Intensive Out Patient group services. This      Pam Lofgreen
               expansion will serve an additional 1026 inmates annually    Kevin Harris                $ 80,000
               and lasts 30 days.                                          Rollin Cook      01/01/07   (’07 Budget)
XII.      A6                                                                                                          Alternatives to
                                                                           Pam Lofgreen                               Incarceration
               Conduct an electronic monitoring pilot project using        Kevin Harris                $ 200,000      (7.4)[1],
               equipment with GPS and cell phone technology                Rollin Cook      01/01/07   (’07 Budget)   (7.27)[2]

XIII.    A6                                                                Pat Fleming
                                                                           Kerry Steadman
                                                                           Ron Oldroyd
               Continue meetings of the Triage Track I (Receiving          Tim Whalen
               Center) team to fully develop discharge planning and        Camille Anthony
               process.                                                    Kelly Colopy      12/31/06
XIV.     A6                                                                Pat Fleming
                                                                           Kerry Steadman
                                                                           Ron Oldroyd
                                                                           Tim Whalen
                                                                           Camille Anthony
               Conduct a Triage Track I (Receiving Center) pilot project   Kelly Colopy      12/31/06
XV.      A7
                                                                                                        $ 150,000
               Increase capacity of HARP Program by 20 slots               Kerry Steadman    01/01/07   (’07 Budget)
XVI.     A9                                                                                             $ 250,000
                                                                                                        Federal         Alternatives to
               Implement BJA Mental Health grant proposal – Project                          11/06-     Funds over      Incarceration
               RIO (Right People In, Right People Out).                    Brian Miller      02/09      30 months       (7.24)[1]
XVII.    A10                                                                                            $700,000 in
                                                                                                        Existing CJS
               Continue providing Day Reporting Center Services            Gary Dalton       Ongoing    Funds
XVIII.   A10                                                                                            $100,000 in
                                                                                                        Existing CRD
                                                                                                        $300,000 in
               Continue providing HARP program Services                    Kerry Steadman    Ongoing    HOME Grant
XIX.     A10                                                                                            $1,100,000 in
                                                                                                        Existing SAS
               Continue providing CORA program Services                    Patrick Fleming   Ongoing    Funds
XX.      A10                                                                                            $400,000 in
               Continue providing alternatives to confinement for                                       Existing
               mentally ill offenders including: CIT officer program –                                  Mental Health
               $27,500, Transitional Medication - $100,000, Crisis                                      Services
               Response Team - $272,500                                    Brian Miller      Ongoing    Funds




GOAL B:          Improve the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information available to criminal justice professionals and
                 policy makers.

     1.    Acquire a new jail management system.

       2.        Create interim solutions for jail data while new jail management system is being acquired.

       3.        Justice Court automation project (CCJJ Grant).


            GOAL/                                                                                                                   RELATION
                                                                                     PERSON                 DUE
             OBJ.                              ACTION                                                                RESOURCES       TO ILPP
                                                                                   ACCOUNTABLE              DATE
                                                                                                                      NEEDED*        REPORT
I.          B1        Work with Contracts and Procurement on an RFP to           Sharon Pierce                                    Data/IT
                      acquire Jail Management System Consulting Services.        Richard Church                      $ 110,000    (4.14)[1],
                                                                                 Darren Franchow                     Approved by  (4.14)[2],
                                                                                 Camille Anthony                     SLCO Council (4.15) [2]
                                                                                 Scott Jurges                        on 10/17/06  Sheriff/Law
                                                                                 Katie McCarthy                      for Phase I  Enforcement
                                                                                 Jennifer Hemenway        10/01/06                48 (7.11) [2]
II.         B1        Work with Jail Management Consultant to design and         Sharon Pierce                       $ 1,500,000  Data/IT
                      procure new Jail Management System.                        Richard Church                      Set Aside by (4.14)[1],
                                                                                 Darren Franchow                     SLCO Council (4.14)[2],
                                                                                 Camille Anthony                                  (4.15) [2]
                                                                                 Scott Jurges                                     Sheriff/Law
                                                                                 Katie McCarthy                                   Enforcement
                                                                                 Jennifer Hemenway        01/01/08                48 (7.11) [2]
III.        B1,2                                                                 Gary Dalton, Pam                    $ 45,000 in
                                                                                 Roberts, David Nicoll,              Federal
                      Complete Pretrial, Drug Court and Day Reporting Center     Becky Barnett, David                Funds and
                      modules on C-Track and UWITS for Treatment Services        Marhall, Patty Fox,                 Existing CJS
                      at CJS.                                                    Staff                    12/31/07   Funds
IV.         B2                                                                   Camille Anthony          09/06 -
                      Utilize intern services to conduct research in JEMS.       Jennifer Hemenway        05/07
V.          B3                                                                                                       $ 247,000
                      Expand Utah’s victim notification system to the justice    Jennifer Hemenway                   Federal
                      courts within Salt Lake County.                            Rick Schwermer           12/31/07   Funds
VI.     B3   Leverage victim notification data to provide justice court
             data into UCJIS                                              Jennifer Hemenway   12/31/07





GOAL C: Create a shared vision, mission and goals for CJAC

     1.    Change CJAC from a reactive organization into a proactive organization.

        2.        Organize meeting schedules and membership to maximize participation.

        3.        Activate CJAC Subcommittees.

        4.        Acquire research and technology expertise to advise CJAC Coordinator.

        5.        Increase coordination among agencies.


             GOAL/                                                                                                           RELATION
                                                                                      PERSON            DUE
              OBJ.                             ACTION                                                            RESOURCES     TO ILPP
                                                                                    ACCOUNTABLE         DATE
                                                                                                                  NEEDED*      REPORT
  I.         C1        “Restructure CJAC so that it becomes an engine of                                                   CJAC (3.12)
                       coordination and change.”                                  CJAC Membership     01/01/07             [1]
 II.         C1        Incorporate and prioritize recommendations from ILPP,                                               CJAC (3.12)
                       NIC and 90-Day Plan into the CJAC Strategic Plan.          Camille Anthony     10/12/06             [1]
III.         C2        Re-draft CJAC Bylaws to reflect meeting schedule
                       suggested by the Executive Policy Board and distribute                                                    CJAC (3.12)
                       for comment.                                               Camille Anthony     09/14/06                   [1]
 IV.         C2        Gather and analyze CJAC member comments on
                       amendments to bylaws prior to vote at 09/28/06 CJAC                                                       CJAC (3.12)
                       meeting.                                                   Camille Anthony     09/27/06                   [1]
V.           C3        Incorporate predictability and equity in misdemeanor       Smart Sentencing
                       sentencing throughout Salt Lake County.                    Team                06/30/07                   CJAC (3.8)[2]
 VI.         C3
                       Appoint SPAN Committee members for Project RIO             CJAC                10/12/06
VII.         C3        Launch Project RIO Span Committee and schedule             Brian Miller
                       meetings.                                                  Camille Anthony     11/01/06
VIII.        C4                                                                                                  Approximately
                                                                                  Camille Anthony                $44,000 in
                       Use intern, CCJJ and UCJC for research projects, data      Jennifer Hemenway   09/06 –    Existing CJS
                       analysis and technology tasks.                             Russ Van Vleet      05/07      Funds

IX.     C5   Participate in October 2006 Justice Court Judges’       Camille Anthony
             Conference                                              Judge McCullagh   10/27/06





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