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     Ar^T   T    v..

                                                                                                                       Sinicle       Copy,
                                                                                                                       One Year, One Dollar.
                                                                                                                                             1   O Cts.


                                                        FEBRUARY, 1906


                M                        THE HOME OF THE RUSSELL


                                                               "                                                  "
                                   a view o£ the home ot' the
                                    is                           Ru&sell as it stood in
                             October, 1905. Since that time we have added two large
                THIS         three story buildings because the home wasn't nearly big
                enough             to    accommodate                   us.
                                    "                    "                                             "               "
                           The           Russell             is   the Canadian car that                    made goodin 1905
                                                                                              "             "
                because            it    was made   right.  The                    1906           Ru.ssell   going to be the

                 Automobile                surprise  of 1906.                    We know             that, because we have
                tried the               new
                                                  under severe conditions and                                          we know
                 what         every other car made in America can do.

                    Two (Minder Modd                              \i   Sl.oOO         Four Cylinder Modo\ C                S-J^^OO

                                    AGENTS WANTED                               IN   GOOD LOCALITIES

                                           JGANADA CYCLE                          & MOTOR                    CO.,
                                                                  General Otticc and \Vork».
                                                                  TORONTO .irXCTIOX

                                              5":   '
                                                        -..m' j ysiS^BT'^^'^

 PuBLiSHEP Hv   THE VEHICLE PUBLISHERS                                         Limited,   1       WELLINGTON ST. WEST TORONTO                    Cl

STYLE                                          SPEED                              STABILITY
                             .Alodcl "S"      Four Cylinder      ><> to is h.p.

                             Trice S2,40;), toinpletely equipped for touring;.

    You have       it in     Model          S," the latest   and newest approved European theories and
    designs, thoroughly adapted to Canadian requirements.
                                                              The front door, in-
    troduced by us, keeps out cold and dust and adds to the finished appearance of the

                                       "                                                                           and
    You have       it   in   Model         S," surplus    power       for hill climbing anddifficult roads,
    all   the "legs"     you can possibly          use.

    You have       it   in     high grade material, careful workmanship, and every
                             Model             S,"

    part thoroughly inspected and tested to do its work and do it right.

OUR OTHER           1906       MODELS
    Two-cylinder, two-cycle Touring Car. Model     L," 20 to 24 h.p. price  400.                ;       ..'if!!,

    Light Tonneau, Model T," 10 to 12 h.p. price $1,000.  The Standard Runabout

    Model        B," 7 to 9 h.p.       :
                                            price $775.      Delivery Cars and Passenger Wagonettes.

                        Send   for Tllu.strated Booklet, givinir full Descriptions.

                             Olds Motor Works
                                   Lansing, MicHigan, U.S.A.
                                               Sole Canadi&n Manufacturers
                  St.   CatHariv&es,                 -       0(\tario,                Canada.
                           THE CANADl,U\ MOTOR.

The Incomparable
           WHITE         Cs^r for                                Service

    On   land and on sea, steam power is recognized as the most reliable, the
simplest and the safest.  No power other than steam is ever seriously con-
sidered by engineers for important work.    The tremendous development of
electrical machinery has served only to increase the importance of the steam
engine which    is,   in almost every electrical mstallation, the                  prime mover/^
    In adapting    steam power for use in the automobile, it was early found
that some  radical  changes would be necessary in the conventional designs
of steam machinery. The White System, introduced in 1901, has from the
firstT furnished a complete solution of the problem, as has been abundantly

demonstrated by five years of continuous White success.
    The achievement      of White cars in all endurance and reliability con-

tests and the notable tours made each year by White owners are the most
inspiring and convincing chapters in the history of American automobiling.

      White                           Company
                            cle:veland. ohio.
             IFke/i   wHliiig aJvirtisers kindly mention   tlu   CANADIAN MOTOR.

IVhen wiifim: advertisers kindly men I ion the   CANADIAN MOTOR.
                                        THE VAAADIAX                             MOTOII.

                                See that the
engine's lung's
       are g'ood lung's                                                                                  —
they are in every
Gasolene Engine
        I'.ke it as absolute truth that ihe                   simpler the eloign
of a bi>Ht engine the le^s trouble you'll ever have with                         it.

Get   t'lat   settled in your          mind   fir->t,    and then conipare a
Lozier with anv marine motor made.

        Compare the Lozier cylinder design, and specially
compare the  tiring chamber
                            — the lungs of the machine.
        Ask the salesman, and ask y                      'urself    these pointed

motor queries       :
        Can there be burnt gases and                fresh gases in the firing

chamber   at the same time ?

                   (There can't be in a Lozier Engine, so there
                                           " back            "
                   can't ever be a                  fire         in a Lozier cylin-

        Is there        any chance that the      firing plug        can overheat   ?

                   (In the Lozier the plug              is   surrounded by cool
                   water in motion        — simply can't get hot).
        What governs            the   amount   of gas that shall enter at

each stroke    ?

                   In       the Lozier the piston controls both inlet
                   and exhaust        — no reliance     is   put on valves).

      Don't go l>y printed descriptions or written claims. See the engine.
      See theiii all, and match them up with the Lozier. See it.

                        WRITE FOR A COPY OF THE NEW NICHOLLS

                                                                                         51 I^ake St..
Nicholls Brothers,
                                                                                       Toronto,   Canada
                   Limited                                                     Formerly R.C.Y.C. City Club

                             ^Vhen ivnliu,^ advcrtisti i kniaiy 'ncnnoit ilu       CAXADJAX   Mo'l uK.
                                            THE CANADIAN MOTOR.

m                  v////////////////mm!y/////m


            The                                                                                          Model
         Latest                                                                                                  14
«                                '^JgK^OC'
                       modem features refined to Rambler simplicity.
                 All the
                 Motor—Four cylinder vertical, 20 — 25 horse power, A
         triumph ofaccessibility and structural design.  Valves opening
         intocenter of explosion chamber, ensuring quick clearance.
         Rambler throttle control, automatic lubrication, sOent muffler
         without back pressure.
                 Safety Cranking 'Device by which motor                                          is   started with-
         out possibility of back-firing.
                            —Sliding gear, three speeds forward and
         reverse, with large wide gears running       Bevel gear                 in    oil.                      drive.
              Wheel Base— 106 inches.
              Frame and cross members, pressed                                        steel.
              Brakes —Two         one on driving   sets, the other on                   shaft,
         rear wheels.
              Body — Highest possible grade with ample
                 Price, including                full   equipment     of tools,
                                                                              lamps, horn,               etc.,   $1,750.
         Advance sheets giving                    full   information at your service.

                                        TKos. B. Jeffery (Si Co.,
         Main         Office           and Factory      KenosHa,                                  '>Vis.    U. S. A.
                                                             BrancHes        :

                Boston, 145 Columbus Ave.                                        Chicaeo, 302-304 V/abash Ave.
                Philadelphia 242 N. Broad St.               San Francisco.       New  York Agency, 134 'W. 38th.
                Mil>vaukec:, 457-459       Broadway.                             Agencies in other leading cities.


                                 Canadian Representatives,
            TKe              Automobile CSL Supply Co.»                                           Toronto
                            When      luriling advertisers kindly mention the    CANADIAN MOTOR.
Now Foalures in Cars, By ChaufTeur                                     9
A Modern Cruising Motor Boat                                    'A'H
Coming Events                                                      i^
The Care of Tires                                               18-19
The 1906 Standard Car                                              19
The Doctor and The Automobile, by                 P.   E.
    Dooliltle,     M.   D                                          20
Motor Club of Nova Scotia                                          20
Oiling a Marine Engine ....                                        j   1

The Olds Model L                                                   22
A Winter Trip In Ontario                                           23
The Bell Marine Engines.        ,

Troubles    in   the Rain                                          2-
Measuring         Horse     Power   for   Motor   Boat
    Racers                                                         ->-

Editorial                                                          ,5
The Coming' Motor Show                                             2-
The Making of a Motor Car
The Trade End                                                   36-38
Motor Fund                                                      39-40
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                                                                  i.i;Kr\m. n^,.   No.


                                New       Features in Cars
                         Impressions           a^t   tHe New York SHows
                                                 By Chauffeur.

            motor world        is aware now of    tht

THH      1906 models,
         of the      New
                            as even before the advent
                           York shows several makers
had announced         their   new designs and some   for-
tunate customers were in possession of next
season's machines.
To the great mass of
motor owners,          how-
      the opening of
     doors   of  the
Madison vSquare Gar-
dens and the 69th
Regiment Armory            in
New          on Jan-
uary 13th, was the
first opportunity to
get a glimpse of the
season's product, and
although        styles     of
construction    have
been boiled down to
a fairly stable basis
and startling novel-
ties were not looked
for,  or if so were
looked for in vain,
vet the importance
of   manv   details   which
have  hitherto been
crude and unsatisfac-
tory made the shows
of  no less interest
than formerlv. That
the      public      interest
was  manifested was
evidenced from the
fact,    that     where as
last   vear all the American made machines
were exhibited in the Gardens and the crowds
filled  the place to overflowing during the
week, this vear the Sheldon licensees con-
troPed the Gardens      and the unlicensed
       lo                                     THE CANADIAN MOTOR.
magnetic presence was lacking to sel llic fun               from the ceiling, lent an additional attraction
going and there was no President to put to                  to the main auditorium, while in the annex,
bed as on a former occasion.                                a very large exhibit of this Club was the
  That thev were expected in New York was                   object of much curiositv.
evidenced when on arriving at the Grand                       Of further interest was the small theatre
Central station next morning a number of                    attached to the annex in which were hourly
automobiles were waiting to take them to their              displayed moving pictures, showing the Gor-
various hotels, and dining the week's stay                  don-Rennett race in Ireland, the last Gordon-
the local agents and the firms they represent               Bennett in France, the Vanderbilt race on
vied with each other in doing the honors to                 Long Island, the Aero Club's baloons in full
the Canadian visitors; such attention evidently             night and other timely and suggestive views.
not being wasted from the reports of sales                    The visitor looking for starthng novelties
made while they were there.                                 was, no doubt, greatly disappointed, and yet,
                                                            a careful look over the cars staged, (and
                      Artistic Decorations.
                                                            nearly every firm had a chassis which allowed
      Up                                                    of a careful inspection of all the details of
               year no effort had been made to
            till   this
give an artistic setting to the Motor Shows or              mechanism), show'ed that great strides had been
to have any artistic scheme of decoration                   made in the last year in perfecting, simplifying
carried out, the result being a hodge podge,                and making the motor vehicle of the present
in which one maker's exhibit with his enor-                 season a far more trust w'orthy carriage than
mous and                                                    it has ever been before.
            glaring and frequently ugly signs
would quite eclipse his neighbors, and to find
                                                                             Two   Striking Features,
any one stand without a catalogue or con-
spicuous sign was a difficult task. This year,                 The most radical departure from previous
taking a pointer from the Paris Salon, which                show^s was the advent of the six-cylinder
has been noted from its inception for its                   car, shown by three or four American firms
artistic and harmonious settings, both shows                as well as by the English- Napier Co., the
made a very           successful effort in the decorative   original builders of this type.  This and the
line,       with the        result     must have been
                                      that                  low four-cylinder     runabout, of the Ford
gratif}"ing to            the management and was cer-       Motor Company, exhibited at the            low
tainly ver\' pleasing                to the   visitor.      price of $500, were the talk of the show, and
      Madison Square Gardens was transformed,               were constantly surrounded by crowds, which
the entire ceiling with its bare iron work being            made it difficult to look over them. The six-
covered with an artistic star-spangled drape                cylinder car with its even torque is certainly
in delicate shades of blue.    The galleries were           an ideal touring vehicle and its ability to be
decorated also and completely covered, while                driven from a creeping pace to its highest
allexhibit signs w^ere uniform in size, in de-              speed without changing gears, makes it a
sign and color. The lighting effects for each               very desirable type for the gentleman whose
stand were so arranged that no electric bulbs               purse is long enough to put up the very in-
were  visible.  Instead, from protected cor-                creased price of such a car over the standard
nices the light was shed on the exhibits and                four-cylinder.
the signs greatly enhancing the beauty of                     In the    way    of a genuine novelty the Reo
the setting and relieving the eyes entirely                 Motor Car Company showed a tiny         facsimile
from the strain of constantly gazing on un-                 of their regular touring car just large enough
covered lamps.                                              to seat tw^o or three little children, but perfect
  Owing to the lessened number of exhibits                  in its detail and capable of being operated.
at Madison Square Gardens there was much                      The   light limousine  and station car equip-
more floor space available than in former                   ped for    all   sorts  weather was much in
years for sightseers, the stands being arranged             evidence.   Nearly every large firm had one
allaround the circle with a double row up and               such body on exhibition. The runabout car
down the centre, leaving a very broad space                 seems to have been given less attention than
for promenading and permitting quite half as                these large types of cars, and with the ex-
many more to comfortably visit the Show at                  ception of the Ford already mentioned, there
one time as on l(^nner occasions.                           was little new in that line.
  The 69th Regiment Amiory also was hand-                     In minor detail a few things were noted,
somely decorated, though not on such an                     which we think are well worthy of mention.
expensive scale.  A novel feature there was                   One was a starting device shown on the
an exhibition of baloons and other aeroautic                Duquesne car, w-hich simply consisted of an
cars loaned by the Aero Club.    There mon-                 extra pedal to the right of the ordinary opera-
sters, three or four of which were suspended                ting pedals and having a longer throw than
                               77//: r.LV.l/>/.i,\                        Moion.                                         1   1

                         MADISON      S«.H   .\i;i-;   (..AKHKN A T l\).MOHI            LI".   SHOW.

the others, which turned over the engine by a                 Diamond Companies each showed a readily
pressure of the foot instead of the driver                    removable side flange for quickly attaching
having to get out in front of his car and                     the    I   ires.
crank it. It was simple in construction, and                       Other         than      the   attaching        departure      in
looked like a possible feature that might with                tires therewas little novelty, excepting that
advantage be adopted by all cars that are                    one firm showed a pneumatic tire in which
being used for run-about or other purposes                   the air tube was carried down into the rim and
where the enguie is frequently stopped and                   between it and the tread were interposed,
started.                                                     first a rubber cushion, then a tread section,
  Another device was shown for the same                      the idea being to keep the inner tube away
purpose, which consisted of a spring arrange-                from the possibilities of a puncture. This was
ment, the spring being wound up by the                       shown in rather a crude state, but might be
engine when in motion. To start the engine                   capable of vast improvements. It may have
it was only necessary to remove the catch                    possibilities, but as shown the tire would be
upon which the engine would be turned several                very dead, and would be more satisfactorv for
times over; of course if the engine failed to                truck and heavy purposes than for light
explode on its initial turn the nm down                       pleasure cars.
spring would have to be wound up by hand.
This was more complicated than the Uuquesne                                       Various        \ew   Features.
device, but both of them were along the line                       In clutch levers, a            number     of   makers have
of simplifying that    feature  of  the   gas                 advanced      from the              lever
                                                                                           passing through
engine.                                                       different gears for different speeds to the
                                                              selective type, in which the
              Changes     in Tires.                                                           gear lever is
                                                              carried from neutral to any desired
  In tires there was little new, excepting that               forward or reverse without going
the different makers are realizing the impor-                 any other gear and being in neutral when out
tance of simplifying the attachment and                       of  any gear.
detachment          and besides the Dunlop
             of tires,                                           The air cooled engine can just about holds
bands, the Goodyear, the Goodrich and the                     its own.   Several firms showed cars
                                                                                                   using it^
   12                                 THE CANADIAN MOTOR.
but most niaiiuiaciuiiTs .slick to the water                 successful.  Its great advantage is that it

cooling, and one or two linns lonnerly showing               changes the ratio of speeds of the two shafts
air cooled cars have abandoned this method                   from zero to a maximum by infinite gradia-
for the former.                                              tions, so that to obtain any gear from zero to
   In bodv desitrns there seems to be a ten-                 the highest only requires that the friction
dency for individual designs to render certain               wheel be carried from the centre oi the dri\ ing
makes of cars distinctive. The King of the                   disc to its periphery.
Belgians, the Tulip and the ^ictoria were                       That this form of drive like the old Benz
largely standard.                                            belt driven car would ])rove unsatisfactory on
   In carburetters,         the   float       is almost
                                           feed              hills or where there was heavy traction has
universally      used    and on      all but the very
                                                             always been claimed and yet we remember at
cheap   tv]>es    of    cars   the   automatic type is       the crystal palace show four years ago seeing
imiclicaily the rule.                                        a runabout car fitted up with this drive with
   Another feature that in our judgment                      six people crowded on to it climbing the steep
promises more for the satisfactory operation                 hills near the palace with perfect ease and
of the car and for lessening the wear and tear
                                                             surety, and we are frank to confess that our
heretofore  exi)erienced is the more general                 strong objections to this form of drive have
adoption   of   piston  forced  feed lubrica-                been considerably modified. It forms the
tions to the essential working parts of the                  ideal gear to manipulate, as there are no
                                                             clacking of gear wheels and instead of being
   A year ago not one in ten of the cars, even               limited to two, three or even four forward
the high priced had forced feed lubrication,                 speeds, the work the engine is doing is regu-
most of them depending on gravity or slight                  lated and its best working speed can at all
pressure on the oil feeding, through regulatable             times be maintained, while the adoption of
openings, but as the oil varied in density with              vulcanite fibre discs in thin ring section renders
changes of temperature they needed constant                  the slipping and wearing surface of the driven
watching and regulating. We ran a car all                    friction   wheel   readily   and    cheaply   renew-
last season fitted with forced feed oilers, which            able.
after once adjusting were never again looked                    ^Ve are satisfied it will make good on the
at, and on taking down the engine in Decem-                         run-about and we shall watch with
ber there was no trace of wear in any of the                 much interest its behaviour on the heavy

bearings, the oil used being the ordinary                                    Of the designs shown at the
                                                             touring car.
standard gas engine cylinder oil. This lubri-
                                                             show, one simply consisted of a driving disc
cating system in our judgment makes the                      attached to the main engine shaft, while
greatest advance in automobile construction
                                                             slidibly mounted on a cross shaft was the
for the year.
                                                             driven friction wheel with its shaft so mounted
                                                             that it could be forcibly compressed or entirely
             Friction Drivers Adopted.                       released from contact with the driving disc at
  At every English show since the motor car                  the will of the operator in such a way that
became a fact there has been shown one or                    when the     traction   increased    any tendency
two friction drives. America seems to have                   to  slipping could immediately be overcome
fought shy of this idea until the present show,              by increasing the pressure between the two
and here we see no less than three exhibits                  surfaces.  The reverse was obtained by swing-
showing the device. One, the Waltham Manu-                   ing the driven wheel past the centre and
facturing Company, had a friction disc drive                 again contacting it, thus reversing its motion.
on their buckboard       runabout, while the                 In the device applied to the touring car two
Windsor Automobile Company shows                  it   at-   wheels were mounted on a driven shaft, one at
tached to a large touring car.     Another con-              either side of the centre of the driving disc, so
cern exploiting the drive, showed it not                     arranged that one only contacted with the
attached to any car.                                         driving disc, while its mate revolved just out
  The objections claimed against the friction                of contact with the driving disc, but in contact
drive where a friction lace wheel drives another             on its opposite side with a revolving disc
at right angles is the fact, that of the friction            similar to the driving one.     This latter disc
contacting surface only a line is in true fric-              was arranged to forcibly compress the wheel
tional rolling contact, the rest of the face of              running between to give any desired friction
the driven wheel, sliding faster or slower than              pressure, while to reverse the car the driven
the true rolling surface. This system of trans-              shaft was rocked slightly throwing the wheels
mitting power has been adopted on drill presses              into opposite contact.    If this proves satis-
and  light machiner>' for a great many years,                factory on touring cars it will greatly simplify
and for that class of work has been eminentlv                construction and operation.
                                              THE CAyAJJiAy MOTOR.                                                       13

                             Shock AbsorluTS.                    similar     to   the   licpiid   in    the   previous    one
      Shock absorbers catnc in lor a gooci deal of               mentioned.
    attention and were shown in several varieties,                 All of these devices       seem to be only approxi-
    the best know being the Hartford, which has                  mate     in their residts,   and the field looks open
    been marketed for two or three years. Among                  yet for a spee<lometer that will absolutely
    new devices were an air cnshion arrangemc iii                register in all conditions of weather and tem-
                                                                 pc nit lire the exact speed at which a car
    consisting of a closed cylinder with a piston
    nomally in llie middle position, its piston rod              tnivelling and record the same, so that the
    being attached to the bodv of the car and the                instrununl can be used in evidence where the
    cylinder to the axle.   It'had little retarding              cjuestion of speed was the subject of investi-
    effect   on   light spring    movements, but prevented       gation.
    either a violent contraction of the                             Altogether the shows possessed much of
                                        spring or a
    severe rebound.                                              interest both to the casual sightseer and to the
                        Another ingenious device
    consisted of an expanding friction drive in a                earnest student of the newer locomotion, and
                                                                 if the interest shown
    cylinder which allowed a perfectly free move-                                       by the crowds in atten-
    ment of the spring in the one direction, but                 dance can be taken as a guide, this year pro-
                                                                 mises a greater expansion than ever before in
    prevented rebound by expanding the inner
    drive on a reverse movement.                                 the   industry.

                   Speed jludicat lug Devices.                   Montreal     .Alotorists   at    the   Xew York Shows.
       In speed devices, several speedometers were                 Those who attended the New York auto-
    shown, among them being the well-known                       mobile shows from Montreal included vSir
    Jones speedometer and the Centrifugal Elec-                  Montague and Lady Allan, J. R. Meeker, W.
    tric brake register that ha\-e been seen in                  Carruthers, Geo. T. Hartt, Clarence F. Smith,
    Canada during the last season. Of the newer                  Mr. and Mrs. George \V. Fairbanks, Mr. and
    ones, two are interesting enough to deserve                  Mrs. F. H. Anson, C. D. Deakin, J. H. Hunter,
    special attention.   On one a centrifugal pump               and Bert Fogarty.     The local trade was re-
    forces a colored liquid up through a glass tube              presented by L. D. Robertson and T. H.
    with a scale attached. The greater the speed                 Warrington, Eastern Automobile Company;
    the higher the liquid mounts, and this claims                N. P. Bryant, and F. B. Stockwell, Dominion
    to give very steady registering, even on rough               Motor Car Company; \V. P. Kearney, The
    roads.   In another, the general idea was verv               Rubber Tire  Wheel Agency Companv; J.
    smiliar, but in the place of the liquid is a small           Ernest        John Millen ^& Sons; F. R.
    air pump dri\en from one of the driving wheels,             Crombie and J. K. h. Ross, The Automobile
    the air forcing a small index up a closed tube              Import Company, et al.

                                                   TENDENCIES BY STATISTICS
                                            At        At
         THE CAR EXHIBITS                 Garden

     Machines displayed                     142
     Gasoline cars                           83
     Electric cars                           26
     Steam cars
     Electric commercial cars.               ig
     Gasoline conimercial cars               14
     Mot ir cycles

     Pressed stee! frames             I
     Structural iron frame.--                 9
     .\rmored wood and other frames         20
     Tubular front axles                    42
    *Fore;e<l front axleS             ,
     Full-elliptic springs                  28
     Semi-elliptic springs                 no
     Both                                     :i
     14                        THE CANADIAN MOTOR.

                 A    Modern Cruising Motor Boat
                and popularity of the motor
             vogue                                       The space under the after deck entered
               amply proven by the increase           through the bulkhead at the end of the cock-
THE       boat   is
      in size and the mnnbers of the type             pit, is left open for storage of the dufiHe, which
which are coming into use. This is true of            sooner or later accumulates aboard ship. A
all countries, but more especially in the             water tank is also supplied, being carried in
United States. The type that is most popular          the fore peak, and furnishing the Vjowl in the
and which offers the best facilities for cruising,    toilet room, with running water, and also water
is that known as the Trunk Cabin.     With a          for cooking purposes through a tap low down
boat of this type of moderate size, it is pos-        in the bulkhead.
sible for a small party to live aboard for a            The boat       will   be     equipped      with anchor,
long period quite as comfortably as they              cable, lights,   and    all fittings     necessary to make
could ashore. The type, it must be confessed,         her complete in ever>' respect, and" will also
has none of the lines of beauty associated            have an awning extending over the cabin
with the old fashioned sailing yacht, or with         house and cockpit, for use in pleasant weather.
some of the older motor boats, but in these           This will be so arranged that the fonvard half
davs, utility is more considered than looks,          can be removed in heavy weather, and by
and it is a case of "Handsome is that hand-           attaching spray cloths to the for^vard end of
some does."                                           the cockpit, the helmsman will be protected
  The design which we      publish,   is   by M. M.   from the flying spray.
Whitaker, formerly president of the Canada              The boat will also be equipped with dinghy
Launch Works, and is for a prominent Toronto          and side ladder. The motor will be a 15
vachtsman, who has forsaken the sails for the         h.p., 3-cylinder one,which is expected to give
motor. The dimensions of the boat are,                a speed of about eleven miles per hour.
length over all, 42 feet; length on the water           When complete the boat will be well fur-
line, 38 feet; breadth, eight feet; draft, three      nished in ever\' respect, and should form an
feet.  The hull shows ample freeboard with a          ideal summer home, as it is large enough to
fair amount of sheer, and is of a type which          go anywhere about the lake, and of light
is seaworthy enough for any storms that may           enough draft to enter any of the harbors.
be encountered on Lake Ontario.                          It is similar in type to the "Klein" and
   The hull is to be strongly constructed with        "Winona," already familiar to Toronto motor
white oak keel and framing, and British               yachtsmen, and will be a notable addition to
Columbia cedar flooring. The deck house is            Toronto's fleet of motor boats.
low,   but full head room is furnished.
   Entering the cabin, one goes through a
short passageway, having full length rockers
                                                                Coming E-vents.
on one side, and enters the galley, which is             February' 12-17
                                                                         — Detroit Automobile Show.
fitted with ice box, stove, shelf, dish racks,
                                                                      19-24 Cleveland     Automobile
and all conveniences for cooking. On the              Show.
opposite side, the boat is partitioned for the           February 24-March
                                                                                — Philadelphia Auto-
toilet room.                                          mobi'e Show.
   Passing through a door with glass panel, one          March 5-10— Buflalo' Fourth' Annual Auto-
enters the main cabin, which is twelve feet           mobile Show.
long, and is fitted with seats on each side,             March 10-17 — Boston Auto} Show.
which can be used as berths and furnishes                March 24-31 — Automobile^ Show, Agricul-
accommodations for four to six people.                tural        London, England.
  The engine room is entirely separated from             March 31 to April        —Toronto. Out. —
the cabin by bulkheads and all noise and              International Motor Exhibition, Granite Rink.
smell is confined.   In the engine room is also
                                                      E. M. Wilcox, Manager.
a berth for the engineer, with lockers for tools,
                                                        April 21 to 28
                                                                          International Automobile
                                                      Show, Montreal.
  The cockpit is large and roomy, having
removable seats on each side, and at stem,              Tun EiGHT-C\xiNDER     300 h.p. French motor
under which are stored the gasoline tanks,            boat Antoinette        has established a new
care being taken in placing the gasoline piping       world's record at a recent motor boat race in
so that any leak would run directly over-
                                                      Italy, covering a distance of 94.6 miles at an
board                                                 average speed of 31 miles per hour.

i6                            THE CANADIAN MOTOR.

                                 T    f

       r   y   —   .^,   ,—

     Plans of 39-foot Trunk Cabin Cruiser.   Designed by M.   31.   AMiittalver.
   i8                                rilE     CANADIAN MOTOR

                                    The Care                 of Tires
  [The     lollowiiig   letter   with  accompanying     in  the car, also either a rawhide sleeve or
article    has been     received.    The article con-   repair bandage.    Cost of the tube is $8.36,
tains some usefnl information on the subject            sleeve or bandage, $2.50 to $3.50.       To the
of tire cost, discussing the question from ilie         car owner whose touring limits are not more
manufacturers' standpoint.]                             than fifty miles from home, these are all the
                                                        tire extras he needs.
Editor The Canadian Motor:                                 For a simple nail puncture all he has to do is
  A copy of your January issue came into                to take out the damaged tulK% insert the spare
the writer's possession and has been closely            one and go on his way rejoicing. If he is
scanned from "kix-A-er to kiwer." You de-               unfortunate enough to run over a broken glass
serve conunendation from whatever stand-                bottle or splinter so as to cut a hole in both
point your magazine is judged, especially in            casing and tube, he will find in the tire repair
view of the fact as I understand it that this           outfit furnished with the car, a canvas patch
is your second number.  Not as bulky as some,
                                                        technically called frictional fabric. The book-
but meaty nevertheless.                                 let of instructions included in the same kit will
  After reading "Chauffieur's" dissertation on                                          He places this on
          —                                             explain how it is to be used.
theme, "Upkeep of a Motor Car," I could                 the inside of his casing, inserts the spare tube,
not refrain from    butting in." Before con-            laces the sleeve or wraps the bandage over the
        to the Editor's "Potter's Field," I
signing                                                 outside, inflates the tire and proceeds on his
trust you will have the patience to wade                           Once home he can repair the punc-
through and if there be any usable ideas dis-           tured tube at his leisure. In the case of a cut
covered, you are welcome.                               in the outer casing such as those just mentioned
                         Yours   cordially,             it will necessitate sending liis casing to the
                                              Tires.    makers or to a repair concern whom he knows
  The     article follows:   —                          to bz abwhU^ly relii'olz.     Casas innumsrabl
  The discussion by "Chauffeur" in your                 have come to the writer's notice where outer
January issue has impressed the writer as well          casings have been irretrievably ruined by
timed and in most points carefully calculated,          concerns pretending to have facilities for all
but I do most decidedly disagree with him on            classes of repairs, whereas had they been sent
at least two items of cost,      —
                              Tires and gasoline        to the maker in the first instance they could
in tables Xos.    and 2. They are altogether
                                                        have been durably repaired at uK^deratc cost.
too high in the light of present day experience.           All summed up, an ample allowance for
  He                                                    tire cost for the first season would be:
          qualifies his statement of tire cost as
to the    first year in table No. i, but leaves table   One extra inner tube                        $8 36
No.   2without any explanatory note whatever,           One rawhide sleeve or bandage                3 00
so that a novice "studying up" on motor                 One repair executed at factory       (in-
cars in general would carry away the impres-                 cluding expressage both ways)           7   50
sion that a light touring car such as the Ford
model F. Rambler Surrey Type One, or                                                            S18 86
Oldsmobile Model T, Light Tonneau, will                      (He           punctures no doubt, but his
                                                                   will receive
average him Si 75 per season for tires alone.           cost for repairs on these, if he is of an eco-
   The cars enumerated above as well as those           nomical turn, will be for all practical con-
of practically every manufacturer of note,              sideration, nil.  His tire repair outfit will
coming under the designation of light touring           contain all necessary material to mend a
cars are equijjped with 30x3^ inch detachable           dozen punctures).
or clincher type of tires.                                 After 2,300 to 3,000 miles of service (ac-
   In my connection with one of the largest             cording to locality and road conditions), his
manufacturers of tires in the United States,            casings will need retreading ov recovering.
and dealing with both classes of tire users,            The present cost of this work in the United
the satisfied and the dissatisfied, my con-             States is Si i to Si 2 net per casing.  With this
clusion is that the average user runs from              outlav, which puts his casings in practically
1,800 to 2,000 miles before he is called on to          as good condition as when new, he is ready to
make any outlay wortli mentioning on his                start his second season.    We will allow a much
                                                        larger latitude for trouble the second
tires.                                                                                            season.
  My advice to the ordinary user would be to            His tires have aged somewhat, he drives
purchase an extra inner tube when he invests            faster and is less careful of road conditions.
                                  THE CANADIAN MO TOR.                                                         19

-Making these allcjwances, the average                    will   Two    mw    casings at $37.61 each    $75 22
work out something as follows:                                   Two     casings retreaded at $12 each,
Four casings rctrcaded, $12 each                                        and expressage                         2700
                                        .   .
                                                S48 00
Expressage on same                                    3 00
One new                                                                                                   $102 22
          casing to replace one rMincfl
                                                                   This outlay with the      salvage  of his old injury                                   ;,7       61
One new inner tube to replace one                                ones should carry him      through this season
\ I  ruined by injury                                 S          without a further outlay   of one cent.
                                                                   The deductions above      give the tire cost in
Repairs to one casing and expressage        .     1
                                                      5    00
                                                                 table No. 2, as follows:
                                                                 First Year                                $18 86
                                                .III       97
                                                                 Second year                               11

  At the opening of the third season wc lind                     Tliird year.  .
                                                                                                           142 83
him with three casings more or less worn out                     h'ourth vear.     .                       102 22
and untrustworthy and he invests in three
new    tires complete. Tlie new casing pur-                                                               $375 88
chased   lastseason will probably need retread-                    An   average cost of $93.97 per season.
ing this summer.       One of the discarded                         The motoring season in Eastern Canada
casings and a couple of the old patched tubes                    will approximate eight months each and my
he can carry as extras. His third season tire
                                                                 figures are formed on this basis.    Let us dis-
bill will stand about as follows:                                sect "Chauffeur's" estimate of mileage (5,000
                                                                 miles).   It means that for 240 days the car
Three new 30x3 >^ inch    tires   complete,                      must be driven an average of nearly twenty-
      at $37.61 each.  (Figured at pre-                          one miles per day, a wholly impossible figure
      sent United States retail prices of
                                                                 for the class of people who are likely to invest
    $39.59 each, less 5 per cent, cash                           in this type of car.   This amount of mileage
    discount                           $112 83
                                                                 can be well cut in half, therefore, the gasoline
Retreading one casing, and expressage.   15 00
                                                                 cost can be cut likewise and using this basis
Allowance for emergencies                1
                                           5 00
                                                                 we arrive at a cost of upkeep per season of
                                                                 $466.47, instead of S590.
                                                $142 83
                                                                   Along the same lines (based on using
  Starting with the fourth season he                  pur-       23x3 inch tires) table No. i will give an average
chases two complete new tires which                   give       of about $70 per season for the tire cost and a
indications of being in poor condition:                          corresponding reduction in the gasoline figures.

                        The 1906 Standard Car
           standard car at the opening of the                    clutch,  and as the disks run continuallv in oil,
                    is a four-cylinder touring                   there is a certain amount of slip when the disks
THE    year     1906,
      car of 24 to 28 horse power, weighing                      are first compressed, so that the clutch takes
from 2,000 to 2,200 pounds, or a 30 to 35                        hold without jar or jerk. This renders it
horse power machine, weighing from 2,200 to                      possible to start a car on the high speed from a
2,400 pounds. The four-cylinder motor is                         standstill.
housed in a bonnet at the front, and the power                     The  typical car is fitted with spring-separated
is transmitted through a three-speed, sliding-                   ball  bearings in the transmission and the
gear transmission by shaft-drive and bevel                       wheels, with the choice of roller bearings for
gears to a live rear axle. The wheels are                        the rear axle, wheels, and countershaft.      Ball
distinctly larger, being 32 to 34 inches in                      bearings have been in use now for tw^o seasons,
diameter, with large tires 4 or 4.}^ inches in                   and may be considered as standard practice.
diameter.                                                        We note that one car shows roller bearings on
  The standard car shows marked improve-                         the ends of the engine crankshaft. The
ment in the arrangements for lubrication of                      greater ease and smoothness of running are
the engines, a continuous circulation being                      attributed to shock-absorbers, rebound-check-
secured bv some form of mechanical forced-                       ing devices, and pneumatic tires of large diam-
feed oiler,' the oil passing through sight-feed                  eter.   Although the type car does not carry
                        front of the machine on                  them, inventors have been busy endeavoring
glasses carried at the
the dashboard. The famiUar leather-lined                         to find some device which will permit of the use
cone-clutch has given place to a multiple-disk                   of solid tires on the road wheels, without
    20                                 THE CAN AD I AS MOTOR.
 the  shock-absorbing and high             tractive     cfii-    outside of a    drum on   the rear wheel.   The band
 ciency of the pneumatic tire.                                  brake, worked by a pedal, is for ordinary use,
   The slaiulard car depends for iRniiioii upon                 and the expanding ring brake, which is a])plied
 thejump spark, uiili high-tension magneto or                   by the hand, is used f<jr emergency. Finally,
 storage battery.     Tl:e valves are mechanically              the engine is controlled by separate spark and
 operated and are interchangeable, two         sets             throttle levers, mounted on stationary sectors
being used, one on each side of the motor. The                  in the steering wheel.
                                                                   It is a matter of congratulation that the
tvpe car may carry either cellular radiators or
those of the fumed tube pattern, while some of                  industry has now grown to such proportions
the cars use llattened tubes provided with                      that the manufacturers are enabled to turn
radiating fins.  The car carries two separate                   out a standard car which is at once superior in
brakes, one of the expanding ring type, the                     construction and lower in price.             —
other a band brake, acting within and on the                    American.

            The Doctor and                                       the Automobile
                                            By    P. E. Doolittio, 3I.D.

              the automobile was not merely                     restiveness    and the antipathy which some
         a toy for the rich, but had great loco-                farmers     have against motors will quickly
   motive         possibilities    was    early       recog-    disappear.
nized    by the   doctor,with whom the trans-                     The motor car that takes the doctor to the
portation   problem has always been a live                      bedside of the farmer's wife in half the time
issue, and almost before the general public                     a horse would and by promptness enables him
believed it was more than a passing craze the                   to save her life can no longer be considered a
doctors were buying cars and proving that                       thing of evil.
even in its early, crude state it was of immense                   In Ontario the deep snows of the northern
advantage to them           in   the   pursuit   of    their    section would render the use of the car im-
professional duties.                                            possible for several months out of the year,
   In Toronto among the first physicians to                     but there is no more reason why a doctor in
adopt automobiles for professional services                     such sections should forego its use during its
were Dr. A. McDonald, and myself. Since                         season, than that steamboat men should give
then Drs. Scadding, Gullen, and Jennie Gray,                    up their form of transportation because the
Greig, Alexander, Davidson, Howitt, Sylvester,                  rivers are frozen    in January.       With the
Emor>% I. Noble, H. W. Aikins, Hay, Per-                        addition to the present light car of a still lower
fect, Cuthbertson  and Young have joined                        gear and the attachment to the wheels of suit-
the motoring ranks.                                             able gripping devices there is no reason why the
   With the present perfected state of the                      future doctor's car cannot wade through snow
automobile, its advantages to the country-                      drifts  quite as deep as his horse could
physician are so manifest that we look forward                  haul him and in better time. We believe
during the coming season to a very large in-                    that within the next two years the doc-
crease in the motor ranks by members of the                     tors will demand such an all-the-year-around
profession throughout the Province.      A satis-               vehicle, and there are no obstacles in the
factory   doctor's car can be bought for much                   way of the manufacturers meeting such de-
less than a thousand dollars, capable of man-                   mand.
taining an average speed of fifteen miles an                      The exhaust from the engine can be made
hour over all but the very worst roads and                      to thoroughly heat the car which can readilv
powerful enough to climb any hill without                       be made enclosed, and in zero weather the
difficulty.   One such car will easily do the                   doctor can go to the bedside as warmly as he
work of three horses for the busy country                       can   sit   in   his surgen,', instead of getting
doctor, will double his leisure hours and greatly               thawed out       at the stove before approaching
increase his profits, while during favorable                    the sick one.  He is ready immediately to give
weather the long, tiresome drives behind jaded                  attention to his patients.
horses will be delightfully replaced by the                        The essential requirements for an all-the-
rapid motor doing the distances in a fraction                   year-around-car are fight weight, ample power,
of the time, without thought of pity for the                    traction devices for the wheels for mud or
motor power or       serious loss of time.            With      snow and an enclosed body properly heated,
the advent of the motor in a country village                    and we confidently expect that the next
and its constant appearance on its highways                     annual shows will have any number of cars
and by ways, the horses will get over their                     of such a type on exhibition.
                                  Till':   cAXADiAX Moron.                                                   21

                      Oiling a Marine Engine
             ilie man who uses a launch       for      of bttuicii         \(x>    tu 4(x> for the   same   size of

WITH     pleasure only, iIr- small number of
         hours thai llie enj;ine is kept aeli\ely

                                                                           only modiliealion necessary
at work —  as a rule—   during the season, makes       to
                                                            make          types of marine enj(ines suit-
tlie question (»f lirst cost of the engine of far      ahk- for these increased speeds is to provide:
more account than its economw                          lirst, an oil wav in the crank that leads the oil
   XexL in importance to this is simplicity of         from the main bearings to the connecting rod or
construction and operation.                            crank end bearings. An oil duct through the
  With these two last features sought as the           connecting nxl and a ring for holding oil into
main essential, the plain old relial)le two c\cle      which the bottom end of the piston dips at each
engine has never been equalled, and in nearly          strcjkc and thus carries a small amount      and     —
seventy-five places out of one hundred, the two-                                       —
                                                       only a small amount of oil up the cylinder
cycle engine will, as an "all round thing," be         sides at each stroke.
found the most suitable if the launch is used               The   vital    point about piston oiling is the
but a couj)le of days a week and the owner does        small      amount     of oil each stroke and not a
not wish to bother with the care of more deli          cjuantity of oil occasionally with nearly dry
cate machinery.     For an engine that will stand      periods in between.
the utmost abuse and still be ready to plug               The simplest way of carrying the oil to the
along in a good old fashioned "dog trot" sort          connecting rod bearing is to have a cup or
of way there is nothing like the two-cycle, with       rather a sort of saucer with turned over rim on
its simple needle valve vaporizer.                     the crank and revolving with it.    This cup is so
   Most of these two-cycle engines are, however,       placed that the oil spun out of the main bearing
more or less defective in one particular. They         of the crank shaft is caught in the cup and
depend on arrangements for oiling that are too         flows out through a duct near the cup's rim to
crude; that are in fad defective when we at-           the centre of the crank pin bearing,
tempt to get anything like the power from the            The oil splashed or wrung out of the crank
engine that it should give for its size.               pin bearing which happens to strike the inside
   The bearing which is subject to the most            of the piston or the cylinder wall will tend to
severe service, is at the crank end of the con-        drain down into the ring-like cup into which the
necting rod.     In nine engines out of ten this       piston drops.
bearing runs dry in an hour's time, because the          These two improvements add but an exceed-
designer of the engine has depended upon the           ingly small amount to the cost of an engine, but
end of the rod splashing about in the oil sup-         they add at least       lOO per cent, to the
posed to settle in the bottom of the crank case,       powder which the engine can be safely depended
   When the oil is of sufficient depth in the          on to give with the same amount of wear at the
crank case to keep the connecting rod bearing          higher speed.
well oiled, so much of the oil is splashed upon          Where an engine        is put to heavy continuous

the piston that it is carried over with the charge     service, its     extreme simplicity is often a second-
and prevents the spark from forming in the cyl-        a.ry consideration, if that simplicity entails a
inder head.     In splash lubrication nearly ten       greater cost of running.
times as much oil is wasted as would be neces-            There can be no question but what with equal
sar\^ to use could each drop be carried to exactly     care in the making, the four-cycle engine burns
the right spot.                                        much less gasoline and uses much less oil than
  The pounding and      loss of   power    of a two-   the two-cycle of equal power, and, also an im-
cvcle engine after being run an hour or so at          portant fact, the four-cycle engine weighs less
full speed is often found to be due to the fact        for the same power.            —
                                                                                W. M. Herring, in Gas
that both the piston rings and connecting rod          Power.
bearings are not well enough oiled to keep
them from healing.                                            3I0T0R CLUB OF XOVA SCOTIA.
  As a well oiled and well cooled engine will not           At an enthusiastic meeting of motorists               in
only work with higher economy of fuel but will         Halifax on January 17th, it was decided to
give from double to treble the power by increas-       organize the Motor Club of Xova Scotia,
ing the speed of rotation, consequently, com-          Mr. Charles Darlington was appointed secre-
petition is going to bring out a type of two-cycle     tary and a committee of eight, with      to.power
engine with high rotative speed, making in             add to     its    numbers was appointed to prepare
small sizes something between 1,000 and 1,500          details of       organization and report at a subse-
revolutions a minute against former speeds             quent meeting.
      22                                   THE CANADIAN MOTOR.

                                     The Model L Olds
              1906    Oklsmobilc,  Model L, has a          splash lubricated from case through pockets
           marked                                          packed with waste and screens. This pre-
THE         proaches in
                                     though it ap-
                           general  appearance the         caution is taken to prevent steel chips getting
lines      of several foreign machines very popular        in bearings.  The transmission drive is through
in  America. The front axle is brouglit well               i>4 inch shaft and Spicer dustproof universal
forward, and the rear wheels back, giving a                joints to the rear axle.
long wheel base and adding to the easy riding                 The front axles are of special desingn, 2-
qualities of the car.       The tonneau is so              inch tubing,  ^  inch wall. Steering connec-
constructed that it is easily removable, and               tions have especially large bearings, all of
the "Beetle back" language compartment is                  which are equipped with "T" handled dope
built for utility as well as for appearance.               cups   and protected by leather dust caps.
     The motor       is    two-cylinder, two-cycle, ver-   The steering cross connections and steering
tical      water cooled, placed under bonnet at            link are adjustable, and the wheels may thus
front; cylinders five inch bore, line inch stroke          be lined up at any time. The axle is dropped
rating, twenty horse power or better, giving               in the centre to protect the fly wheel and other
ample road efficiency. The cranks set at 180               parts beneath the car.   The rear axle is equip-
degrees are counterweighted, reducing vibra-               ped with Timken roller bearings throughout.
tion to the minimum.      Lubrication is by the              The car has bevel gear     drive, the ratio of
Hill Precision oiler, bolted to brackets upon              the  gear being three to one for standard
cylinders, and driven by eccentric pistons                 equipment.
lubricated on both sides.   Crank pins are oiled             The brakes are of the internal expanding
through middle main bearings.                This system   type, with toggle set-up, either camel's hair
prevents smoky exhaust.                                    or metal lining being used, depending upon the
  The cylinders are of the best gray iron.                 section of the country to which car is shipped.
The crank case is of aluminum, the lower half              The brake drum is of pressed steel, twelve
being removable without disturbing the bear-               inches in diameter, 2 -inch face. The brake
ings.  The crank shaft is drop-forged and                  on the cardan shaft at rear of transmission is
subjected to a special heat treatment, finished            operated by foot pedal, while the emergency
all-over and perfectly balanced.  The bearings             brake upon the rear wheels is operated by a
are    generous proportions and consist of
        of                                                 hand    lever.  The application of emergency
bronze one-half shells with babbitt lining.                brake throws out clutch, disconnecting trans-
Thus any bearing may be replaced without                   mission from motor.
trouble or rebabbitting.                                      The frames are of pressed steel channel
   Cooling is by water circulated by gear                  section.    A sheet steel plate rivetted between
pump.     Radiator of flat tube construction.
                                                           side and sub-frame gives a pronounced bracing
Ignition, one storage cell, one set dry batter-            effect.   The dust pan attached to the sub-
ies  —six cells. Spark coil on dash. Com-                  member and extending from the front across
mutator bevel gear driven. The spark plugs                 member to the rear of transmission is remov-
are set at an angle to prevent fouling with oil.           able.    Both the engine and transmission are
   The transmission is the sliding gear, three             aligned upon a sub-frame and all working parts
speeds forward and one reverse. The gears                  may be removed without disturbing the
are of special high carbon stock tempered and              hanging of the crank transmission cases.
hardened. The control is of the selective                     The steering is accomplished through a
type operated by a single lever which cannot               worm and nut mechanism. The nut is long
be thrown into reverse until prawl has been                and has a wearing surface babitted so that
lifted, a precaution against accidental jam-               same may be replaced at any time. The
ming of gears. The clutch cone sets into fly               steering gear case is securely bolted between
wheel.   The clutch is thrown out by a foot                sub-frame and side member. The spark and
lever and also by emergency brake lever.   The             throttle levers are placed upon the steering
transmission case is of aluminum, the lower                post just beneath and at the right of 16-inch
half being removable at top.    Transmission is            oval rim steering wheel.
                                   tiil:   CANADiAy Moron.                                        23

                      A      Winter Tour in Ontario
         following automobile jaunt was taken            home, getting a supjier for us after hours.
      about three weeks ago from Detroit to
THE   Hamilton and BulTalo by a i>artv of
                                                         The cook had gone to bed, but did not grumble
                                                         at  being turned out.
Americans in a single ear. One of them relates              "It was II o'clock the next morning before
their trip in Motor Way as follows:        —             we got all the necessary sujjplies together
   "Sunday morning, after a long wail, ue                and had put the mud of Ridgetown behind us.
passed the customs house at W'indscjr, antl              With the assurance that we had been travel-
started for St. Thomas.    We were told to take          ling over the wrong road and that the Back
the Talbot road but as there was not a guide-
                  ;                                      street was the best, we fully expected to reach
post to be found, we missed our way and had              Woodstock that night. The roads were better,
to do at least twenty miles extra.  \Ve reached          but the horses were not so tame. We started
Leamington about 4 p.m. and, after talking               several runaways in the first hour.     None of
it over with a man who said he knew, we                  these were serious, however, and all was going
decided to try for Ridgetown by what he said             well when one oi the wildest eciuine specimens
was a good gravel road. It really seemed as              I ever saw hove in sight.     lie was loose and
if he did know, the roads were so                        would not run or scare, but. instead, insisted
                                      very good
for the first few miles; but then we came to a           in crowding us off the road, which he finally
wet clay stretch over three miles long. It was           did.   It was a new one to us.
very heavy and hard pulling and took us                     "Soon after this the engine began to give
nearly an hour to do.           Darkness came            forth very unusual sounds, which we knew
before   we had       finished.   When we   tried   to   must be due      to something loose.
start  the acetylene generator it was frozen.                 "The next day it rained all day, with the

Finally, getting it going, it did very well for          variation of a thunder shower at night.       We
a while and then the only way to keep the                started on again Wednesday at 1.30 p.m., in
lights burning was to keep kicking the water             the hope that the high wind had dried the
tank.   This I did for three long weary hours.           roads.  Travelling was very good for the first
The road became much better and we made                  few miles and we were congratulating our-
very good time considering the darkness.                 selves on our good luck when we came to a
We lost the way some fifteen miles out of                stretch of real nmd.     There was over ten
Ridgetown, and had to traverse a half-mile               miles of it. Before we had gone two miles it
stretch, where there were loads of clay dumped           commenced to freeze and we found that we
all over the road and frozen stiff.  Some heaps          must keep going on or be stuck in the hardening
were two feet or more high. We ran into                  mud.
this at twenty miles an hour, and thought that             "At 5.30     commenced to snow and by

our time had come. The lights went out                   5    o'clock   snowing was a blizzard. At
and for a time we were in a sorrv plight. We             lamp-lighting time we found the generator
had to go over that road, and so over it we went,        frozen again.  Happily I had some wood
but it was worse than the trestle. Then we               alcohol on hand, and we soon fixed this.
came to a church, to which all of the good               Without other trouble we rolled into Wood-
people and some of the bad ones, as we soon              stock at 8.45.
found out, had come by horse power and had                  "We left at 9 o'clock the next morning and
gone inside without shutting down the motors.            had the best run of the entire trip, reaching
The road was lined with horses on both sides,            Hamilton at    p.m.

and the fun began before we were within a                   "The run down the mountain into Hainilton
quarter of a mile. The worshippers must have             was fine. The road was good, the air was brisk
heard something, for by the time we had                  and bright and it was down hill 300 feet in
stopped they were all outside. Some did not              six miles.  We went as fast as fifty miles an
hesitate to say what they thought of us in               hour at times.
language not scriptural. We were probably                  "Just before reaching Niagara Falls we
saved from bodily injury by the fact that the            struck a piece of road that was so bad that we
horses took up their attention, and that some            stopped to photograph it. It was frozen hard
of the owners whose horses were not frightened           and was worse than a badly plowed field.
saw the funny side.                                      Some of the ruts were a foot deep with no
   "We made Ridgetown at 8 o'clock, tired                chance of getting out of them should the car
and hungry. Our reception here was a sur-                get in there.   Neither was there any chance
prise. The hotel people were glad to see us              of running on one side of the road.     It was
and did all in their power to make us feel at            more than two miles long and being a much
      24                           THE CANADIAN MOTOR.
travelled road, it was full of nervous horses,         was short and expensive, it was pleasant.
It was the hardest stretch of driving that either      The next day we made Buffalo at i p.m., and
of us had ever cxiiericnced.                           on Icaniinj,' that there was considerable snow
   "The Wclland House is the finest hostelry in        ahead wc decided to shi]) the car to Boston by
that part of Canada, and while our stay there          rail."

                         The       Bell Marine Engines
              marine engines made by The Albert
           Bell  Engine Works, Dunnville, Ont.,
    are    of the two-stroke cycle type.  That
is, the piston is driven forward on the initial
stroke by the explosion of gas at each revolu-
tion of the engine.    In general principle the
engines are quite similar to a great many more
of the higher class engines now on the market.
  The aim of the manufacturers is to pro-
duce engines which will drive the full horse-
power of their rating and have a margin of
reserve,     and which   will be capable of enduring
the    hardest    service   with the least possible
  The company's standard engine is so con-
structed that it may be equipped as a two-
port engine or a three-port engine as the cus-
tomer may see fit. The crank shaft is of
drop forged steel, with flywheel overhanging
the forward end of frame, as is usual.      The
engine is built with one, two, three, or four
cylinders, developing three and one-half, seven,
ten and one-half, and fourteen horsepower.
   Their special engine differs from the stan-
dard in the following respect. The fiy wheels
are within the crank case, and they form the
                                                       less prone to vibration than is usually the
crank.   The object of this arrangement of             case at high speeds.  The special is also built
parts is to oppose the shock of the explosion          with one, two, three and four cylinders, de-
directly by the weight of the fly wheels, in-
                                                       veloping six, eight, twelve, sixteen, eighteen
stead of by the frame.   As a result we find           and twenty-four horsepower.          The   ignition in
that the shock usually sustained by the bed
                                                       all_of these engines is   jump   spark.
logs is absorbed to a great extent by the fly
wheels, and consequently the engine is much                               OILING SYSTEM.
                                                         The          system is worthy of considerable
                                                       notice.   In many two-stroke cycle engines,
                                                       lubrication is grossly neglected.      If any part
                                                       of the engine requires lubrication more than
                                                       another it is the crank pin. Still it is a fact
                                                       that in some engines the crank pin gets none.
                                                       In   the    Bell   engines   the   cylinder,   the
                                                       upper wrist, and the crank pin, receive an
                                                       abundance of oil from the cylinder lubricator.
                                                       The method is as follows: The lubricator
                                                       feeds the oil to the cylinder in the usual man-
                                                       ner.   This oil is distributed around the
                                                       cylinder by the rings, one of which is so located
                                                       that its upper edge coincides with the centre
                                                       of the hollow wrist or cross-head pin.        This
                                                       ring gathers a portion of oil into the end of the
                                                       wrist, filling the hole in its centre.   The oil is
                                             THE CANADIAX                  MOTOIi.                            25

 next coiKliictcd by hok-s ihrou^^li tlic urisl to                                                       lie came
                                                                  ir\ing to gi-t to shore by paddling,
 itssurface, Uiereby luhricaliii;; llic U]jper bear               over, pnjved to be an ac(|uainlance of mine and
 ing.           A   hole drilled   down     llin^ugh the entire   olTered us a line.   The tide was running out
 leiig.h of the
             connecting rod carries an abun-                      strongly and to reach Yonkers we had to go
dant supply of oil down to the crank pin.                         live Miilts against it.  The little 3 h.p. launch
Experience has shown this system to be                            just cruwK-d along tugging its big and heljjless
eminently satisfactory.                                           friend behind.    Wc    hugged the shore where
                        REVERSIBLE PROPELLER.                     the current was least, and by sticking at it
         The     reversil)le pr()j)eller is a later               finally reached Yonkers at 7.30 p.m. in the
 nient.           It is made in various sizes; in con-            ram.
 struction it is simple.  The jjiich is a true                       "I was wet from head to waist under an
                                                                  (jilskin l)y pcrs])iration, and from waist to feet
screw, and that of both blades is the same.
The blades are perfectly balanced ui)on their                     by rain. .More miserable weather could not
shanks, and may be reversed with ease while                       have been contrived, but we had a jolly time,
driving full load.  In operation it is pf)werful,                 plenty to eat and i)lenty to do. The girls were
and the blades may be easily replaced in case                     mighty glad to get home, though no more so
of accident.                                                      than i. They were, of course, in the cabin all
                                                                  the time and quite dr}\
                                                                     "The rain continued all that night, through
               Troubles in tKe                  R.aiiii.
                                                                  Sunday, and well into Monday. Then the
          boating, like yachting is not always,                   sun appeared and brought the first ray of com-
 to borrow a phrase from the latter pastime,                      fort for three days to this part of the world."
plain sailing.  Perhaps if it were so, it would
not be so interesting. In any case motor boat
enthusiasts are usually ready to recognize the
humor            of their adventures with cranky engines,
                                                                  Measuring Horse Power                          of
and            certainly they delight to tell about them
                                                                      Motor Boat Racers
afterwards.    The following account by a                           The following new rules for measuring the
Toronto boy in a letter home from New York,                       horse power of motor boat engines for the
of an ill fated trip on the Hudson River, may                     purposes of racing were adopted recently by
awaken memories in the minds of some of our                       the American Power Boat Association, whose
readers.   He was the guest of a friend who                       racing  rules have been adopted generally.
had planned to take his fiancee for her first                        "In four-cycle automobile engines the area
cruise.   In the launch were the two young                        of the piston in square inches shall be multi-
men, two young ladies, and an elderly lady as                     plied by the number of cylinders and divided
chaperone.              He    writes:   —                         by two. In two-cycle automobile engines the
     "Monday                         we were to leave
                        being a holiday                           area of piston, multiplied by the number of
early           Saturday morning and make three days              cylinders shall be divided by 1.5.      In all
of       it.     We   all   collected at 8.30 a.m. at the boat    other engines the area of piston shall be
house in the rain.      Three days' provisions                    multiplied by the number of cylinders and be
were put aboard, an       night accumulation of
                                   all                            divided by three in four-cycle engines, and in
 rain was pumped out, grips and dunnage bags                      two-cycle engines by 2.25."
 stowed in the cabin and we started.                                This change does away with counting the
     We descended the river a few docks to the
     '   '

                                                                  revolutions. It assumes the piston speed at
Standard Oil Wharf, where we filled our tank                      1,000 feet a minute for automobile engines,
 with gasoline, then on to Ludlow for a supply                    and 666 feet for all others; and the mean
of ice.   We just managed to limp into the ice                    effective pressure at 66 pounds per square
dock on one cylinder and that was our last                        inch in four-cycle engines and 49.5 pounds
limp.    Having taken the ice aboard, we started                  for two-cycle engines.
for Greenwich Bay in the Sound, but got no                           In a four-cycle engine t^% inches bore and
farther than turning the screw by hand would                      from three to four inches stroke the mean
take us.     Not another explosion could we                       effective pressure averages about 66 pounds,
get out of the engine.      We re-wired both                      but  in an engine five inches bore it comes
cylinders from the batteries, put in a new set                    nearer 75 or even 80 pounds, and the rule
of the latter, primed the engine, broke our                       therefore favors engines of a large bore.
backs turning the starting wheel, and after                         The rule also is said to be unfair to the tw'o-
working six solid hours to discover the diffi-                    cycle engine in that the rated horse power is
culty during which time we were drifting in                       based on a mean effective pressure of 49.5
the rain, we gave up and looked for a tow home.                   pounds per square inch, while actually it
It was then five o'clock and fortunately a man                    averages in engines of four to six inches bore
in a launch less than half a dozen lengths.                       nearer 30 or 33 pounds.
   26                                         THE CANADIAN'MOrOR.
                                                                         that day at     all,   but only in a runabout,   in-

                                                                         capable of exceeding the speed limit, and        was

•CANADIAN MOTOR                                                          not at any time on University Avenue.
                                                                         determined to       fight the case.

                    TOKOMO. ON r.. LANAHA                                  The     result of his defence does not   matter
    Office.   1   WellingtonW. (Royal Bank BldKt                         here.     The injustice   the delay in issuing
                     PiioxK.            Main   H3(M).
                                                                         the     summons is manifest. This is not an
                  F^LJ   tollsHed IVIonthly
                                                                         isolated    case,   but   only a sample of manv
   TJIi:   VKHICLE PUBLISHERS LI3IITED                                   similar cases of       annoyance caused to other
              P. G.      VANVLEET.        Sec.-Treas.                    motorists.  By all means let the speed regu-
  This paper does not undertake to endorse opinions that     may   be    lations be enforced, but in a reasonable and
expressed in its corre-pondence columns.
                                                                         just manner, so that the accused one mav be
      SiNGLR CoriHS, lo Cknts Onr Dollar Prr Yrar.
                                                                         given a fair chance to defend himself, whether
                 (POSTAO" PAin Anvwhbrk.)                                guilty or not guilty.
             Rates Made Known on Application.
Change of Copy for Advertisements should reach this Office         not
     later than tlie 20th ot the previous month -Cuts and
           Copy for New .'\dvertisements can be receii'ed
                    as late as the ist of each month.

     E. M.        WlliCOX                 -       -     Bdltor
                                    THE CANADIAS MOTOR.                                                                  27

yacht dies hard with many yachtsnu-n, hut                      The fishermen oi the Upper Lakes, too, are
even they must a(hnit the utiliiv of ihe des                   adoi)ting the new method. In point of utility,
pisedmotor in times of need.                                   the motor boat will take               many       forms, as its
  A  HaHfax correspondent mentions that                        possibilities are realized.
motor boat racing will be a prominent feature                       I'or   pleasure and utility alike,          Canada   is an

in the   maritime provinces this year.           Toronto       ideal       home  of the motor boat.                Nature has
had some exciting races last summer, for             t   la-   endowed          this   country    with         waterways un-
first time. In Muskoka, racing also was                  in                                        the Great
                                                                                                 First    of all
                                                               surpassed anywhere.
dulged       Just as in autoniobiling the sen-
                                                               Lakes,  and especially Georgian Bay, with its
sation of speed is the most enjoyable feature of
                                                               thirty thousand islands,— what a field here for
motor boating. Moreover the motor boat                         the     cruiser!        Then   think      of     the    Muskoka
man may push         liis   craft to the limit without         Lakes or the Kawartha Lakes, or Temagami,
any uneasy sense          of breaking the law.     Here-       the latter with its miles and miles of pic-
after racing mott)r boats will form a class of
                                                               turesque coast line and studded with wooded
their own in Canada, as they have done in the                  islands!   Finally the majestic St. Lawrence
United States and Europe.                                      witli  its  Thousand Islands, and you have
   For commercial purposes a very important                    compassed roughly only a part of a picture
development awaits the motor boat in Can-                      which c(jntains too much beauty for anyone
adian waters. Down in the maritime provinces                   to attempt to paint.    Under such conditions
it has worked a revolution
                           alread>- in the fishing             it is not surj)rising that motoring afloat is

industry.     Fishing smacks equipped with gaso-               assuming a pnjminent place                 in   Canadian sport
line    motors can defy the wind and weather.                  and industrv.

                          The Coming Motor Show
                 of the     same kind of success that          will be (juite prominent, certain firms having
          made                  New York automobile
                   the two
                   last     month the greatest events
                                                               taken large space in order to show their lines.
                                                               In the motor boat section a special feature will
of the kind ever held in America, has attended                 be a 3 -foot speed boat shown by a Toronto

the efforts of the committee, which is organiz-                firm.
ing  the coming Canadian Automobile and                           The Granite Rink, in which the show will be
Motor Boat Show to be held in the Granite                      held,  consists of two buildings, the curling
Rink, Toronto, from March 31st, to April 7th.                  rink, and the skating rink, with a total floor
  The members of this committee are: G. H.       —             space of 24,000 square feet. The curling rink,
Gooderham, chairman; M. A. Kennedy, H.                         at the rear, which is the larger of the two, will
H. Love, William Hyslop, and E. M. Wilcox,                     contain the automobile exhibits. The other
manager.                                                       building, through which the public pass from
  These gentlemen attended the shows in                        the main entrance on Church Street, will
New York, where they got in some good work                     contain the motor boats and accessories.
for the Canadian show.    Arrangements to                         Following the practice at the New York
bring exhibits of 1906 automobile models to                    shows the committee decided at a recent
Toronto were completed, sutTicicnt to fill the                 meeting to carry out a uniform scheme of
entire space devoted to automobiles.       The                 decorations in each building and will also pro-
cars to be shown comprise about thirty                         vide uniform signs to exhibitors at its own
different makes, Canadian, American and                        cost.   No pains will be spared to secure the
foreign.                                                       most attractive effect.
  The accessory part of the show promises to                      As in New York, there will be a grand open-
be thoroughly representative. Some of the                      ing on          .Saturday afternoon,            March   31st.   at
accessories to be shown, as for example, one                   which special music will be provided, after-
exhibit of French accessories have never been                  noon and evening. Orchestra music will also
seen in Canada before.                                         be provided in each building every evening
   The         gratifying feature about the
            most                                               of the following week.
preparations for the show so far has been the                     For out of town visitors, railway rates will
keen interest taken in it by Canadian firms.                   likely be a fare and a third, on presentation
Canadian accessory dealers will nearly all have                of a certificate, or the regular convention rate,
exhibits. Motor boats and marine engines, too.                 though a lower rate            may        yet be arranged.
     28                                     THE (WXADI.W MOTOR.

                             The Making                             of       a Motor Car
                                          Intorosfins: Proress in a          Canadian Factory

                 consideralile jiromincncc has                            mobiles, but the parts which enter into them.
      been given of late to the fact that auto-                           He realizes then that these cars are really
      mobiles are being maniifactiired in Can-                            made in Canada and that almost unknown
ada, few iKO])le realize what it really means.                            to the public, a large, new industry has sprung
They have a general impression that all the im-                           into being in the last two years.    The photo-
portant parts that go to make up a car are                                graphs shown here give some idea of the opera-
imported from abroad and that all that is done                            tions and various departments of the factory.

Factory   oj    Canada Cycle &= Motor Company, Limited, befoie additions to Autoow'nle Department, made this 7vinter, had
     been undertaken.      The additions include one building ^o x 120 ft. and another y^xbo ft., three stories high,
           occupying together about 20,000 square feet offloor space, adding nearly half an acre to the floor area oj
                     the   Company's factory, making in   all a floor space of 21^,000 sq. feet or approximately five acres.

in  Canada is to assemble these parts and                                 A description of a few features of the in-
paint them.                                                               teresting process through which the 'Rus-
   This is far from being the case at the fac                             sell" cars i^ass before they are placed on the
tf)ry of the Canada Cxcle & Motor Company,                                market in a fuiished state, follows:                 —
Limited, in Toronto Junction.       A visitor                                                      The Kngiiic
there finds some ;,75 men busily engaged,
and the whole plant and machinerv of an aggre-                               The engine is generally regarded as the
gate value of between three and four luuu'rid                             heart of the automobile.  The company builds
thousand dollars working with day and night                               its own engines.   The cylinders are obtained
shifts to turn out not merely complete auto-                              from a foundry giving special attention to
                                              THE ( Moron.                                                                             29

   Ihe casting of dost- hard spt-
   cialgas engine caslings. These
   are received in llieir crude
   shape, are bored out and
   faced up in the boring
   machine. The crank case is
   made from aluminum. These
              made in the com-
   castings are
   pany's own moulding shop
   where skilled workmen are
   engaged in casting most care
   fully prepared alloys of the
   now well known metal, al-
   uminum. The crank shaft,
   which has to stand the stress
   of the engine's power, comes
   in bars of steel about six feet
   long and seven by three in
   ches in width and thickness.                                                          tf
   This steel is of special high                                                          ^^SS^^
  grade nickel alloy specially
  prepared for this work. The
  bars are sawed up, drilled out
  to shape, machined on the                        .-///   addition to the plant this year, 20 //. lon,^ and yyft. wide, with light on all sides,

  lathes and handed over as                                cement    floor,   no pillars obstrmtin^^ the room.This building will he devoted to
  linished crank shafts to be as-                          the ad/usting and testing out of the completed cars after they have been assembled
  Sembled into the engine                      .           and    hejore they are   turned over    to customtrs.   Facilities will also be provided in
  Nickel steel valves are shown                            this   department for the over-hauling and care of customers' cars.

One corner of   the tool   room department.        Beginning at the extreme left is a new Cincinnati universal milling machine installed
                            this   year for automobile work,    and in the foreground are special tool room lathes.
  30                                    THE CANADIAN MOTOR.
in the illustration as thi'varc beinj; K'round to tlit-           receive the    mechanism which          is   lo be attached
absolute accuracy of i-kkx) of an inch on t)tlK'r                 to them.
machines; and iinally these coni])onenl parts                                        Transmission Case
are assembled in the com])lete engine.    This
engine is run by a belt with oil for two days,                      iCvery j^ortion of the transmission case[ is-
then it is sent down to the testing room where                    of  the company's own manufacture.       From
it runs on its own power and is tested for                        the moulding shoj) come the can fully prepared
two or tlirce davs when it goes on to be as                       aluminum castings for the case.f 'Ihese^go''to-

One of the most               departments of the factory.
                   inlcreslittg                              Here in four roivs throughout the lern^th of thts department of the
   shop            150 ft. are placed in all some fifty automatic machines.
          XL'hich is                                                          A bar of steel is fed in at one end of a machine
           <uid from one to four or five tools will operate on it turning out the
                                                                                   cup or cone, or holt, or scretv that is
                required.   No attention whatet<er is required except that a skilled mechanic watches carefully to
                     see that the tools are in the best condition.
                                                                   Positively driven pumps provide lubrication.

sembled into a complete car and run out on                         the machine shop where they are faced off,
the road for           final test.                                 thence to the assembling room ready to receive
                                                                   the gears.  The gears meantime have come to
                            The Frame
                                                                   hand, in the shape of special bar steel. This
   The frame            of the car is also built from the          goes to the drop forge department where they
ground up.             The most carefully selected white           are drop forged into shajie, thence to the
ash only is            used.   This is cut in strips and           machine department where they are machined,
laminated together.               These laminated members          thence to the automatic gear cutter, where
are reinforced from end to end with                                the gears are cut to absolute accuracy, thence
designed strips of sheet steel. The frames                         to the carbonizing ovens, whence they come
are then assembled, the angles carefully                           back ready to be assembled in the transmission
braced and sent to the assembling room to                          case which has been waiting for it.     It is a
                                             THE CANADIAX MOTOR.
common thing for             ihc fore-
man of the shop              to allow
the visitor to put one of
these gears into a vise and
endeavor with a hammer
to break or bruise or dam-
age the teeth. Of such
quality      is    the    steel     itself
and the manner               in    which
it is   tempered, that efforts
in this direction are in vain.
The transmissioncase then
completed goes on to the
assembling department to
join the engine and the
     Axlesare required to
support   the frame.    The
parte of the    axle  come
from various departments.
The axle stubs and the
steering knuckles enter the                  .-/   /wt- o/ up-to-date miili II IT   mat hints ^or completing the operations on   many of   the

factor)' in the shape of                                                                 automobile tarts.
crude forging steel. These
go to the drop forge department, are forged into                              mission gears above.     Then these axles too
shape, then to the machine room where they are                                follow on to join the frame and other parts
fitted to the specially prepared and reinforced                               in the assembling room.
weldless steel tubing which forms the front                                     Yes, the wheels are Canadian, too.       The
axle.     In the case of the four cylinder car,                               hub centres and bearings are machined in the
specially drop forged and electrically welded                                 company's factory. Thence they are sent to
"I" beam front axles are used. The parts of                                   the wheel maker where the w'ooden felloes and
the rear axle include the differential and bevel                              spokes, of carefully selected hickory, are used
gears which are made similarly to the trans-                                  to make the complete wheel which also then
                                                                                                  makes its way to the as-
                                                                                                         sembling room.
                                                                                                                     The Radiator
                                                                                                              In   another department
                                                                                                         may      be seen the radiator.
                                                                                                         It    is  built up from brass
                                                                                                         castings.   Into these is fit-
                                                                                                         ted copper tubing around
                                                                                                         which is wound thin spun
                                                                                                         copper so as to provide
                                                                                                         for   the greatest cooling
                                                                                                         efficiency.  In the same de-
                                                                                                         partment are to be seen
                                                                                                         men busily engaged manu-
                                                                                                         facturing the fenders, mud
                                                                                                         guards, the hoods for the
                                                                                                         bonnet in front and the
                                                                                                         mfDers and other similar
                                                                                                                    The Bearings
                                                                                                              A    special   paragraph
                                                                                                         should be devoted to              the
Large power       lathes fitted   up with
                                        special tools for         turning out some of the heavier        bearings.        An     automobile
                          parts required for motot axles          and   frames.                          which      is   tO run for thous-
    32                                         THE CANADIAN MO TO                                    It.

ands       of    niiks     uiukr         all
kinds       of     roads and con
ditions.sometimes w t li             i

good lubricationand some-
times without, must havt
bearinfjs that are praeti
callv im])ervious to wear.
The company's long ex
perience in the manufac
ture      of     bicycle    bearings,
which have to stand under
identically the same con-
ditions, has aided it greatly
in turning out bearings for
motor cars. Specially sel-
ected steel is used to com-
mence with, and these are
machined to shape on auto-
matic machines which work
w i t h unerring accuracy.
These parts arc then sent
to the carbonizing depart-
ment. In this department
by a skilful process a hard A                       corner of the   punch press department.     This department has been working twenty-
close-grained surface is ob-                          ^otir    hours a day for (he past two months in a new department of the Com-
tained on the bearings to a                                   pany's rvork, the manufacture of skates.  Now it is being turned to
depth of 1-32 to ),i, of an                                        the finishing of the   sheet steel parts   which enter into
inch.  This surface is of a                                                 the construction of the aufoinobile.

high carbon hard composi-
tion steel, while the inside remains of a soft                                brittleness such as would result if the bearings
tough quality, thus preventing any tendency to                                were of uniform hardness throughout. It is
                                                                                                           the secret of this process
                                                                                                           which has made the com-
                                                                                                           pany's     bearings   in   their
                                                                                                           bicycles   and automobiles so
                                                                                                           uniformly successful.
                                                                                                             Thus part after part has
                                                                                                           come in as raw material,
                                                                                                           passed through each depart-
                                                                                                           ment up  to the inspection
                                                                                                           department and from ther^
                                                                                                           on to the assembling room.
                                                                                                           In the assembling room
                                                                                                           these parts are fitted to-
                                                                                                           gether, ever\' one to its
                                                                                                           place, for it has all been
                                                                                                           laid       beforehand and
                                                                                                           every     workman   has his
                                                                                                           blue print to follow. There
                                                                                                           is no cutting or fitting or

                                                                                                           trying, but each part fits
                                                                                                           into the other    and the com-
A   corner of the blacksmith shop.     To the right is one of three 1,200 lb. d>op ham- plete aUtomobile is ready
     mers.     Uttdei  these heavy    hammers are shaped the strong forged steering tO Start.      It emerges then

     knuckles., axles, levers and rods which enter into the economy of the automobile, f                      rom
                                                                                              the factory and with
      In the same room are        hammers,
                                trip                      and carbonizing ovens. Here 3. test body litted tO it IS
                                                       brazing fires
     the important operation of carbonizing all the bearings               which go into the machine driven       On the road for twO
     is   carried out.     This operation      is   one of the most interesting as   ivell as the   most   OX three days Or a week.
     difficult in the construction       of the automobile.                                                After doing One Or tWO
                                      THE (WSADI.W MOTOR.                                                            2,2>

hundred       mik-s   of   dri\iiig   ovt-r    I   Ik-   kind   tile highest t|ualil\. That is one of the rea-
of    roads ihey liaxc in the ncighl)orlmod                     sons uliv our automobiles have not ranked as
of Toronto Junction.     lie makers are assured
                                                                high as those of foreign make."
that it is fit for any roads that nui\' l^e en                     To this Mr. IC R. Thomas, the Buffalo manu-
countered.    It conies back, has the old wheels                facturer, rej)lie<l as follows:
and the test body taken olT, goes U) the jjainl                    "As this seems to be the general opinicm,
shop where it is carefully painted. .Meantime                   naturally fostered and encouraged by foreign
the bodv has come through and is ready to be                    comi)etitors, it seems lime that the American,
attached.   New wheels, new tires, new body                     proud of home industry, slujuld be informed
are fitted, and thereupon the automobile is                     of the actual facts, which, U])on investigation,
complete.                                                       will convince the most skeptical that quality
                                                                of material has been the smallest inlluence.
                                                                   "There are several reasons why American
American              vs.     Foreign Cars.                     autonujbiles have not ranked as high as those
     Motor    ex])erls     liavebeen debating the               of foreign makes, quality of steel being the
question      whether     American-built cars can               smallest.
compete       in   (juality  with Huro])ean cars.                  "The leading reason is due to the fact that
  Charles M. Schwab threw down the gauntlet                     the American manufacturer spent many years
against the American auto by saying:                            in experimenting before reaching his final
   "Yet it is notorious that American auto-                     conclusions.   In the earlier stages of the in-
mobiles have not ranked as high as European                     dustry he used electricity as his motive power;
automobiles. The truth is that we ha\'e                         then for one or two years steam was the
hitherto made no gemiine effort to jiroduce                     poi)ular ])ower.  After that he switched off to
forged-steel working parts of automobiles of                    horizontal gas engines.

The whole of the inachinety in this room is devoted to specialized work in automobile machine work.    To the extreme tight
     is a boring mill for boring out and facing up cylinders, fly ivheels, etc. Adjoining it are two more Cincinnati uni-
     versal milling machines.    To the left of them again is a cold saw which methodically saws through a bar of steel just
     as an ordinary circular saw would through a log of wood.      In the foreground is a grinding machine where the piston

      rings and other wearing parts are carefully ground to the accuracy of a thousand of an inch. Next to it is an auto-
      matic gear cutting machine where the gears are automatically cut by machinery   to absolute
     34                                        rilK       CANADIAX MOTOR.
     "In      the-    int'antiiiu',     llu'

         luanufaclurcrs had

adoplid the style of vertical
motors ill front, now prac
tically the nniversal desirjn.
ami this gave the ad van
lage of a            start    of several
years on the American
     •Another great reason
why   the foreign cars were
considered superior is that
the makers of them firsi
saw the necessity to intro
duce high power.  This was
not so nuich to gain exces-
sive speed as it was to
travel        on      hills   and      bad
roads without overtaxing
the mechanism. Higher
power was not only con
tributory to the pleasure
of the owner, but also
eliminated, to a large ex-                                               A   cot Iter of   lite   large plating plant.
tent, the expense of repairs
and delavs on the road.                                                   cars would continue to operate at fair speed.
   "During the transition period, the American                            This has all been remedied now.   The Ameri-
maker was using barely enough power to send                               can manufacturers are using greater power
his car over ordinary roads and if the valves                             and are more than holding their own under all
were foul or any slight derangements occurred,                            conditions of travel.
the car could not climb hills or overcome bad                                "Still another reason for the belief that the
roads.   Under the same conditions the foreign                            foreign cars are superior to those of American
                                                                                              make is the high price asked
                                                                                              for them.   But these high
                                                                                              prices are due entirely to
                                                                                              the fact that a number of
                                                                                              middlemen share the profits
                                                                                              and not because of any
                                                                                              great intrinsic value or
                                                                                              better workmanship.
                                                                                                            "To sum it all up, the
                                                                                                         foreign cars have been sold
                                                                                                         to a certain class of buy-
                                                                                                         ers, mainly because they
                                                                                                         alone catered to the demand
                                                                                                         for high power, roominess
                                                                                                         and comfort, and    because
                                                                                                         they were a year ahead of
                                                                                                         us in perfecting their per-
                                                                                                          manent designs.              Design,
                                                                                                          speed, power and      have
                                                                                                          been the causes, not an
                                                                                                          imaginary lower grade of
                                                                                                          materials or workmanship.
                                                                                                            "This is proved in our
To   this foint      must (ome   'letiveen   eery   operation, every part which enters into the
                                                                                                          own Case.       i^aSt    A   ear
      automobile.       The men <hown in the foreground are         skilled ^vorkmen, whose duty          made and       SOla     400    illgh-
      it iswith micrometer and guage to size and test every piece before it goes on to the                powered and roomy cars.
      next operation, or before it passes finally into the antomohile.        If any part is              As a COnsequencC, tnlS
      defect iiY, or under or over size these men detect it and prevent its being used.                   year   it   haS bcconie neceS-
                                                   rill']          CAN A 1)1 AS MOTOR.                                                      3.S

sary to build a new factory
with a capacity of i.ood
50 h.p. niachincs wliicli
will seat seven people and
make a mile a niimile.
   'The lime for the Ameri-
can manufacturer      to sup-
plant his f()rei}j;n ri\al on                '

hishon^e grounds hascome.

     Eighty Millions Invested
           in France.

   No wonder the French
are alarmed at the visions
of foreign automobile invas-
ions.      Great        Britain.       Ger-
many an            cl    the     United
States, are the countries
most feared, and with good
reason.   The extent of the
French automobile industry
is    so   colossal       that        it    is
                                                   Ill   the foreground arcshown the frames of <i inimher of lars on ivhith parts are fusl
worth holding at almost any                                                 Farther back are shown a number of frames ready to be put
                                                          being assembled.
price. The latest figures                                          on the stands to have the assembling operations completed.
place the amount of capital
invested at $80,000,000, while there are no                                                    \o   IJennett    Cup Race Probable.
lessthan 300.000 workmen emploved, who are
                                                                                       Reports from            Paris   state   that    delegates
paid yearly wages amounting to Si 7,000.000.
The government receives in taxes from the                                           of the International Association of                Automo-
industry, $2,400,000.                                                               bile    Clubs met and decided there would be no
                                                                                                         race for the Bennett cup
                                                                                                         next year.  It was arranged
                                                                                                               to hold another conference
                                                                                                               in    June,   1906,    to    decide
                                                                                                               whether a race for the cup
                                                                                                               should be held in           1907 or
                                                                                                               whether is should be defi-
                                                                                                               nitely abandoned. The con-
                                                                                                               census of opinion is that the
                                                                                                               race will be abandoned, the
                                                                                                               cup remaining in the pos-
                                                                                                               session of France.   Some of
                                                                                                               the delegates censured the
                                                                                                               alleged bad organization of
                                                                                                               the- Face for the ^'anderbilt
                                                                                                               cup tDn Long Island.

                                                                                                                    The American Locomo-
                                                                                                               tive CoMP.ANY, of Schenec-
                                                                                                               tady,   N.J.,   which recently
                                                                                                               enlexed .the     automobile
                                                                                                               building field and will make
                                                                                                               the American "Berliet car,
                                                                                                               under the original French
'Showing a jew of the wheels aiui bodies us               thi.y   arf being liibbed (iown   and painted in     patents and designs, has
       the 'finishing departmeiiL          The   bodies re^ceive coaC after coat qf paint, each one    .
                                                                                                               organized and incorporated
            h(i7jing time to   dry and theil bein^ carefully And thoroughly rupbed                             the American Locomotive
                 off with pumice.           Ii'i   all seventeen       coats   are necessary                   Automobile Company,                its
                                 to   give the finish insisted 'upon.                                          capital stock/being $300,000.
      36                                    THE CAXADIAX                MOTOIi.

                                     THE TRADE END
                MONTR KAL TRADE ITEMS.                        ticularly fruitful, as he found there that the
      I-'rkd.     Tiio.MSOX & Company, electrical             output was limited, and was practically all
                                                              taken up. Mr. Kearney was amazed at the
contractors.326 to 330 Craig vStreet West,
intend making a specialty of auto repairing                   magnificence of the Paris exhibition, which
this season.                                                  far   exceeded anything he had previously
      A       gang   of    men    are at   work on the new    seen, and showed that the French were main-
garage of the iCastern Automobile Company,                    taining their lead in the automobile world.
19 University Street, which will be one of the
                                                              The exhibition comprised 1,600 cars in all
best equipju'd garages in Canada.      During                 styles.  Here again he found that the manu-
three days of the past month the Eastern                      facturers  were mostly tied up to their old
Automobile Company closed business to the                     agents,     and their output was ordered in
extent of $20,062.                                            advance, so much so that they were demand-
                                                                                                   Mr. Kear-
  John Milieu & Sons intend opening up at                     ing a premium for early delivery.
321 St.James vStreet, next month. This move                   ney's line will include the Province of Quebec
was rendered necessary by the large and                       agency for the Darrach, Olds & Cadallac.
growing accessory business handled by this
   Wilson         & Company,        of Ottawa, have opened
                                                                        THE TWO CYCLE ENGINE.
                                                                 It is several years since Otto invented
temporary show                  rooms in Montreal at 124
Craig Street West, where they are handling                    the four-cycle engine.   He has died in the
for  Eastern Canada the Franklin, Buick,                      meantime, but others have gone on developing
Pope Toledo and the Baker Electric. In                        the idea.  Every manufacturer of automobiles
addition they control for the same territory                  in Europe is using Otto's idea.  It was a Yan-
the vSchebler carburetor. Trade is reported                   kee named Coffin who decided that getting one
excellent.                                                    power stroke out of every four revolutions was
  The newly organized automobile depart-                      extravagant. He argued that a two-cycle
ment of the American Locomotive Company,                      engine would give the same continuity of power
which will "make the Berliet cars, will have a                and could be made applicable to automobiles.
branch in Montreal. A factory is being built                  Mr. Coffin is the chief engineer of the Olds
at Providence, R.I.                                           Motor Works, and after considerable discussion
                                                              received permission to go ahead and turn out
                                                              a two-cycle, two-cylinder car, the Olds com-
  MAKES DRY BATTERIES                        I\   CANADA.
                                                              pany being doubtful of the success of such a
  The   Berlin Electrical Mfg. Company, of Ber-               radical departure.
lin, Out., has commenced the manufacture in                      It is not a bit impossible that this ven-
Canada of the "Best Dry" battery, which is                    ture by a big firm may be revolutionary.
guaranteed to register from 22 to 25 amperes                  In the new two-cycle engine there are practi-
and     6-10 volts. The company also makes
                                                              cally only three working parts
                                                                                                  the piston,
flash lights in various sizes, automatic               time                                      —
                                                              crankshaft and connecting rod a lot of the
switches and several electric novelties.                      valves, guides, etc., of the four-cycle type
                                                              having been demonstrated to be absolutely
                     HAMILTON GARAGE.                         dispensable.  Mr. Coffins ays that he conceives
                                                              the two-cycle engine to be the motor of the
  The automobile        garage in Hamilton on
Park                                                          future.
              Street, changed hands, and will
be occupied this year by A. P. Goering, who
is also district agent for The Olds Motor Works.
                                                                      NEW YORK     IMPORTS TRERLEI).
                                                                Thk imports of automobiles at   New York
                 W.       P.   KEARNEY'S LINE.                have nearly trebled in two years.     For 1905
  Mo.\-TRK.\L           —A      lively   Canadian
                                  trade in                    1,036 machines with      an appraised value of
automobiles is looked forward to this vear                    $4,150,000    were   entered   at the appraiser's
by W. P. Kearney, of the Rubber Tire Wheel                    office.   As the duty on the     vehicles is 43 per
Agency Company, who has just returned                         cent,  ad valorem, the Treasury Department
from a trip to Europe in company with W.                      derived $1,867,500 revenue on the importa-
Hyslop. of Toronto, in search of agencies.                    tions.  Seven years ago scarcely an auto-
Mr. Kearney's trip to England was not par-                    mobile was entered at New York.
                                          THE CANADIAS MOTOR.                                                           37

                                                                            A    1'Koi'OsiTiON  is on foot to build in New
                                                                          York   Cit\-   an immense automobile mart, which
                                                                          will provide (juarters for a great many car,

                                                                          accessory and lire dealers.   As it is, 95 per
                                                                          cent, of the aiUomubile business in New York
                                                                          is located along Broadway, between 3Hth and

                                                                          63rd Streets.
                                                                                                 -f   >   ^
                                                                             The Maxwell Hriscoe Company is using one
                                                                          ol its J 16 h. p. trucks to carry supplies to and
                                                                          from the railroad statifMi at Tarrytown, with
                                                                          amazing results. The road used contains a
                                                                          22 per cent, grade, in sandy soil.        The total
                                                                          carried by (he truck during one week was
                                                                          132,094 pounds, the daily average f(jr lixe days,
                                                                          26,418 pounds. The truck has averaged a con-
      J^-tool i6-lt.p.     Moior Boiil C>iii.\ei   ,
                                                       hiiill   hy        sumption of 2% gallons of gasoline a day
                    I.   N. DeTins, Toroii/o.
                                                                          during the month it has been in commission
               MARION APPOINTMENT.                                        and one pint (jf oil ])er day. At current prices,
                                                                          it has cost the company to rim it slightly more
  Mr.     J.  Co.xwiiUL has been apix)iiilecl
                                                                          than 58 cents per day. Before the use of the
general    manager of the Marion Factory at
                                                                          truck the same work was done by three horse-
IndianapoHs. Mr. Conwell is a pioneer in the                              drawn trucks, the hire of which cost from $12
automobile field, having been manager of the
                                                                          to $15 per day. The motor truck makes
W'averly I-'actory several years ago.                                     from ten to fourteen trips a day, covering 30
                                                                          to 40 miles.      It has not yet failed on any trip
   TEN THOUSAND FORD RUNABOUTS.                                           to land its load at the factorv.
  One    of the sensations at the Madison
Square Garden Show, New York, was a four-
cylinder runabout listed at $500.        A year                            C.P.R Adopts Motor Cars.
ago it was thought impossible to turn out such                                    From    our Montreal Correspondent.
a car to sell at an\'where near that figure, and
it is only possible now because of the large
                                                                            FoLLO.EiNG the example set bv American
                                                                          and F^^nglish railway companies, the oflicials
quantitv which will be built. This car is one of
the products of the Ford Motor Car Company,                               of the Canadian Pacific Railway are giving
of Detroit, and was designed by Henry Ford,                               serious consideration to the question of using
one of America's pioneer designers and builders                           electric motor cars for suburban traffic. The
of automobiles.   Ten thousand of these run-                              introduction of this mode of traveling in order
abouts are to be built this year and the low                              to provide more frequent service on sections
cost of the cars is due to the cheapness of buy-                          of lines where regular locomotive train service
                                                                          would not be profitable, has been steadily
ing parts and materials by the 10,000.
  The Ford runabout is driven by a four-                                  increasing on the other side of the water, as
                                                                          well as in the United States  The experimental
cvlinder vertical motor developing fifteen
horse power and located under a hood in front.                            stage has been successfully passed and the
The cvlinder's dimensions are                          3^            3K   Canadian Pacific Railway will make their
                                                                          initial introduction of these cars on some of
inches, and the valves are mechanically operat-
                                                                          the spur lines in the Province of Quebec.
ed and interchangeable. A shaft drive is
                                                                             The motor cars which the company will use,
employed and the transmission is of the
                                                                          and, which they are arranging to build at the
planetary type, especially designed by Henry
Ford, and giving two speeds forward and a                                 Angus shops under the supervision of H. H.
reverse. The car has divided seats, is hand-                              \"aughan. it is said, will follow somewhat
somely finished and capable of a speed of forty                           upon the lines of those in use on the Union
                                                                          Pacific and other American railways, changes
miles an hour.
                                                                          of course being made to suit the local conditions.
                                                                          Each car will have accommodation for about
                 Trade News.                                              25 passengers and will be about 31 feet in
  Following   his entry of a Pope-Toledo for                              length.
the Bennett race of 1906, Colonel Albert A.                                 Should the venture prove all that is claimed
                                                                          for it on the Quebec branches, plans will be
Pope has further shown his belief in racing
bv entering again for next year's \'anderbilt                             prepared for electrifying other portions of the
cup race, no matter where it may be held.                                 system.
   38                                           THE CAXADIAX MOTOR.
        AirsHips at                       New YorK                        a"fl with wings; light weight meteorological
                                                                          inslniiiK'iits;a complete collection of the litcra-
                              SHrfc^*;- *
                                                                          ture of mechanical llight; pictures of various
  One      ver\' interesting feature of the A.C.A.                        Hying machines, both in llight and at rest,
Automobile       Show in                 New
                                   York, was the                          and an exhibition of materials and accessories.
exhibit of the various types of vessels used in                           In the latter were included special cordage and
aerial  navigation, organized by the Aero                                 fabrics for balloons, gas proof varnishes, steel
Club of America.      This exhibit comprised                              tubing and wire, gas valves, anchors, etc.
balloons, including dirigible balloons,                     para-              The Aero Club   of America is an offshoot
chutes, aeroplanes, gliding machines and                    power         of tlie   Automobile Club of America and was
aeroplanes and tetrahedral box and              other                     ()rganizt;(l   three    months     ago.   In    numbers
kites;    lifting      machines, both with propellers                     about one hundred members.

                         Does                  Away With Cranking
         STARTING               device         that   renders       the   isprovided with a band clutch releasing device,
A      cranking of an automobile engine un-
       necessary was shown for the first time
                                                                          operated by a small pedal lever for releasing,
                                                                          and permitting the spring arbor to rotate and
at the New York show.      It is the invention                            start the engine.    As soon as this has been
of F. J. Oliver, of New York, and is considered                           done, the pedal lever is allowed to retract and
one of the most sensational improvements of                               lock the spring clutch in a stationary position,
the year.                                                                 After the engine is started the device auto-
  The automatic starter is designed to start                              matically disengages itself, as soon as a pre-
any gasoline motor. It is operated by a                                   determined speed of the motor is reached. If
small     release
                pedal.   After the engine is                              the motor does not start because of a poor
started,    it automatically rewound and is
                                                                          spark of any other trouble, the device is wound
disengaged so as to be ready for use again,                               up again and restarted.
The car can stand any length of time, a month                                The starting device can be attached to any
or a year, and be started by the spring starter,                          size or style of automobile now in use and can
which consists of a spiral steel spring enclosed                          also be used for gas and gasoline engines in
in a dust-proof steel casing, the head of which                           motor boats.

                                         Oil for Cold                             Weather
        subject of cylinder oil for cold weather                          to be avoided is of getting an oil which car-
                                                                          bonizcs in the cylinder. The fact that the oil
THE        a live one at present. There are
        three ways in which the difficulty                                of medium density has a lower ffre test than the
caused by the oil thickening in the lubricator                            heavy oil does not necessarily prove that it liber-
and refusing to flow may be avoided. It is                                ates more free carbon, but it is likely to do so.
not sufficient simply to provide a mechanical                                The second way to avoid the difficulty is to
oiler, since, although this will undoubtedly                              use the same heavy oil as in summer, but to re-
force whatever oil gets to the pumps, the latter                          duce it with kerosene, increasing the feed as
will not suck oil so thick as to refuse to flow to                        before.    The trouble with this is that kerosene
the pump under atmospheric pressure.            In                        itself leaves a certain amount of carbon deposit
other words, the pump will simply produce a                               in the cylinder, but, nevertheless, this arrange-
vacuum during a part of the stroke, instead of                            ment is often recommended and appears to be
drawing the            oil.                                     .
                                                                          reasonably successful. Some users recom-
  One thing to do is to use a lighter oil of the                          mend using gasoline to thin the oil instead of
same general character as the heavy oil, and in-                          kerosene.    If the weather is cold the gasoline
crease the feed.  The lighter oil will not have                           does not evaporate any to speak of, and it has
the same body when it gets into the cvlinder                              the obvious advantage of leaving no carbon
as the heavy oil has, and it will burn away                               deposit.    The third solution is to use a special
more rapidly, so that for both these reasons an                           cold test oil. which does not thicken in cold
increase     in    feed       will      On the
                                         be necessary.                    weather.       Oil of this sort,   which   is   made   es-
othcr hand, this        cheaper, and the total
                              oil   is                                    jx'cially for this      purpose, costs twenty-five to
expense of lubrication may not be increased.                                       per cent,     more than ordinary cylinder
With this solution of the difficulty the danger
                                                                          oil.   — Motor.
                                          THE CAN.AIJIAX MOTOR.                                                         39

                     ^                         MOTOR                  FUN.
               The Auto and            th<>   Idio                   Across the quiet gentleman
  The Aulo and the Idioi                                             "
                                                                        Right merrily they sped.
    Came motiii.c^ on the scene;                                       I'edestrians should look alive,"
  The    air   was
                 of vioKts
                     full                                              The busy Auto                said   —
    And odors fresh and clean                 —                      And     remark was odd, because
  And that was odd, because, you see,                                  The gentleman was dead. Puck.               —
       Their fuel was gasoline.

  "O                                                                                      Ahnost,   Mill   Not Quite.
        glory!" cried the Idiot,
       "We're forging right ahead.                                   "How            is    your wireless electric car getting
  If   I had wheels upon my feet,                                along?"
       I'd also run,"       he said.                                 "It   perfected, all but one little detail, and
  The Auto moaned, "It is a shame                                I   shallhave that mastered in a few days."
    Your W'heels are in your head!"                                  "What is that detail, may I ask?"
                                                                     "I haven't quite got it so it will run yet."
  The Auto and the Idiot                                                                            —
                                                                                          Automobile Magazine.
    Ran bang into a fence.
  "To    steering," said the Idiot,
    "I'm giving thought intense."                                                         Court.ship a la 3Iotor.
  And that was odd, because, you know,                               He  was her slave, this chaufTeur brave;
    He hadn't any sense.                                               She was a touring maid                  ;

                                                                     Gloved hands in lap, in leather cap
  Adown        a pleasant country lane                                  And          dust-proof gray arrayed.
       They journeyed         fast   and      far
  Until they spied a gentleman                                       His hand, like steel, guided the wheel;
       A-smoking      his cigar.                                       In tonneau she reclined                 ;

  "I'll hit     him hard," the Auto             cried,               Upon them played the sun and shade
       "And minimize          the jar."                                Through leafv boughs entwined.

                                                     \Vith Hest Intentions.
    Mr. Fuller (genially)                 —Shay, organ      grindersh      !
                                                                                    Play "Ever\'body Worksh but         (hie)
Father," an I'll (hie) sing it
   40                                      THE CANADIAX MOTOR.
   He    spoke
                   — while     far   the        pantinp;     car      understand, of course, that piston rings are
      Tliroiijjhshady wdoil-niafl ran;                                necessarily split in order that thev may be
  A    suinmer breeze sighed through the                     trees-   fated snugly in the grooves provided for them."
                                     man!                                 Well, a customer of mine, who is evidently
                                                                        '   '

      Alas! so sighed the
                                                                      built on the lines of the boy who took his
  "Twin        cylinder," he said to her,                             Walerbury watch apart to see what made it
      "My       heart's a motor true,                                 go, took his car apart and could not reas-
  Which        drives unseen life's gasoline,                         semble it. He called in an 'expert,' and the
      Through       all   my   veins, for you.                        concensus of their deliberations was embodied
                                                                      in a letter wliich      1   received lately.
  "I'm      true as steel,       my       steering wheel,                "After an introduction of himself by the
      My    joy,   my     motive power;                               'expert,' including a long recital of his vast
  Come — side bv            side, we'll smoothly ride                 experience with gas and gasoline motors, he
      Through       life's   long touring hour."                      said it was up to our company to furnish his
                                                                      client with sixteen new piston rings, as his
  From dawn    to dark, he'd be her spark,                            examination showed each one of them to be
        radiator, too!                                                broken, and, further, that strangely enough
  Put on third speed, his suit to plead.                              each one was broken similarly, showing grossly
    As o'er the hills they flew.                                      defect i\"e material."

  ^'When conies the night, your pilot                        light
    To show the grades, I'll loom;
  With you, my queen, acetylene;                                                      Romance      at the    Show.
      To   dissipate the gloom."                                        The Sweet Thing stopped               before his booth,
                                                                        A       vision of   most perfect youth.
  He     plead that he her dash might be.                               Of dreamy eye, of pearly tooth,
    Her hamper, fender, step                                            Of golden hair, of all, in truth.
  Her tresses tossed, her heart she lost.

                                                                        That isn't ugly or uncouth             —
    She blushed and answered, "Yep."                                    A modern Venus she, in sooth.

                                                                        He'd never seen such grace before.
  The auto stood beside the wood
                                                                        His soul to heaven seemed to soar;
    Without a driver bold             ;

                                                                        He quite forgot the girl who wore
  Two in the tonneau sat as one.                                        The ring that he'd paid hundreds for;
    Each other's hands to hold.
                                                                        The Sweet Thing smote him hard and sore;
                                                                        Would she his wondrous love ignore?
  A   stranger stayed and asked                   if   aid
    Were needed; but the maid
  Looked up "Oh, nit! We're        just a bit                           "Fair one," he sighed, 'mid hopes and            fears,
      Short-circuited," she said.                                       "Be mine        thro' all the
                                                                                                 coming years;
                       A. B. Tucker, in Motor.                          Let's laugh at worldlings' gibes and jeers,
                                                                        And wed        at once, my dear of dears!"
            Valuable "Expert"                   Advice.                 "Back up!"        she said, "My husband nears.
  Here           a good story being told among the                      And        I'm here just for souvenirs!"
trade.     A
                 well known dealer says, "You all                                —George Taggart,      in   Automobile Topics.

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                                     TORONTO,                               -           ONT.
         We      are the largest and Oldest Manufacturers                                     in   the Dominion.

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                                    THE CANADIAN MOTOR.                                                          41

X               S LIGHTLY                    USED

    AT A BARGAIN  ATT       /k.    r»A¥-»/^A¥*.T

          turning over our         retail   automobile busincsH           in   the Citie.s of Toronto and Win-
        nipeg    to the      Dominion Automobile Company ho that we                                     devote our
     IN whole energies to the manufacturing of our                        Kussell carH,
                                                                                          we have a few   slightly
    used cars of various          makes on hand which wo                    now
                                                             a position to ofler at bai -
                                                                      are          in

    gain prices. All are in good running order, having been taken in exchange fic/in
    purchasers of new and larger cars, and as we have disposed of our retail business
    these positively must be sold, and purchasers who desire a
                                                               good car at a low ])rice
^   should see these machines at once.

         One Mitchell    two-cylinder, air cooled, handsome runabout, divided
                 front seat, large luggage basket in the rear, complete with
                 oil lamps and horn, just the thing for a doctor, has been used

                 only for demonstration purposes                                                        $550
         One   Winton 1902 model, two cylinder, 20 horse power, a strong,
                 roomycar, costing originally ^2,500. The tonneau is remov-
                    and the car provides accommodation for five passengers
                 able                                                                                    600
         One Pope-Tribune, 6 horse power engine in front, sliding gear trans-
               mission and shaft drive been used only for show-room pur-

                 poses                                                                                   500
         One National    Electric Stanhope, without batteries, but complete
                 with top and otherwise in good condition                                                300
         One   Waverley Electric, complete wnth batteries, leather top and in
                 good running condition                                                                  550
         One   Autocar, I!)08 model, complete with removable tonneau. 10
                 horse power double-cylinder opposed engine under the bonnet                             500
         One   Rambler Runabout, 6 horse power                                                           300
         One Rambler Runabout, Model        E, complete with running board,
                 specially wide       mud
                                      guards and leather top                                             500
         One   Rambler two-cylinder with removable tonneau, 16 horse power
                 double cylinder engine                                                                  600
         One   Ford, 10 horse power double c^dinder opposed engine, remov-
                 able tonneau                                                                            550
         One   Cadillac, 9 horse power, with removable tonneau                                           500
         One   Oldsmobile Runabout (curved dash type)                                                    300
         One   Winton Stanhope complete with top                                                         225
         These cars may be seen at our late garage prtmises, corner Bay and Temperance
    Streets (now occupied by our successors, the Don)inion Automobile Co.), where a run
    in any of them will be gladly given.    Anyone in the country ordering one of these
    cars may be assured that it will be sent to liim in good condition.    Terms, 20^ cash
    with order, balance sight draft attached to bill of lading or cash on deliver}".

         Canada Cycle                                     6v   Motor Co.,                     Limited
                                                                  =            =
    Bay and Temperance                      Streets                                       TORO.NTO, ONT.

                    IVhen    wriiiii,^ advertisers   kindly mention the   CANADIAN MOTOR.
       42                                                       THE CAj\ADlAy MOTOR.

                                                                                                                                               From     this date all

                                                                                                                                            Humber Cars       will   be
                                                                                                                      COMPLETE                                for
                                                                                                                      ILLUSTRATED           guaranteed                  12

                                                                                                                      CATALOGUE OF          months from date of
                                                                                                    THE SILENT                              purchase.
                                                                                                  SMOOTH Kl \\I\G

                                       On Application to
                                                                      THE AUTOMOBILE IMPORT CO.,                                  Ltd   ,
                                                                                  90-96 Stanley St.,            MONTREAL                     to all ears   promptly
Sole Canadian Agency for these celebrated Four-Cylinder                                                      English Humber      Cars.
                                                                                                              XKW OARAGE.                        attended    to.
      Telephone \'v Hiri.        NOW ON VIKW 1\ OIR

AUTOMOBILE                                                 uscis, driver!*, repairmen.
                                                           ihiulFeura    and    others
wanted          all   over the country              .50,000   machines built this year
in   United

             States, affording great opportunities for men                                                                                    "SYNTIC"
trained in      coming business. Six cents a day will qualify

you for good wages in this fielu, in which the demand is such                                                                                      COILS
that ability counts ahead of pull and length of service. For
full particulars, including free lesson and      Dictionary of                                                                                  (MADE IN CANADA)
Motorint,'            Terms," address       The Correspondence School
of Automobile Enerineering,                                   Suite      VX^.i   Flatiron Build-                                             High Speed
ing,   New York               City.                                                            70(i2                                                        Vibrator
                                                                                                                                               Full   Hot Spark
      Trovjbled witK Faulty Ignitlorv ?
     Ki|uip your car. launch oi'engino with the
 APPLE AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARG                                                                                                               Economical
 ER.   Kasily installed.                 Always keeps your
 batteries supplied with                  'juice." With thi                                                                                  Dry Battery
 machine on yourcaryour current will never                                                                                                   Current
 fail at awkward moments, leaving you
   stalled   far froiri home. Write to-day for
 information. See us at Chicago auto show.                                                                                                            Sole Agents for
 The Dayton Electrical Mfg:. Co.,
 1.50 Beaver Hid t:. Itavlnn. thi"          (

                                 SEE   HOW          EASY
                                                    IT IS to wa^^li vnnr .\uto
                                       or Carriage willi  he "IDEAL"
                                                                                                                                                   SPIT FIRE

                                             CARRIAGE WASHER
                                    XO COLD HANDS. «i:ir Ki'intlclaif you wish,
                                 they will not get wet. No SPLASHING wntPi- on
                                 the fashions or in the machinery.          SAVES 60'
                                 I>.\BOR, 40     WATKH. Impoasil.le to scratch or                                                                  PLUG
                                 injure the finest Hni.-ih. KEEPS                THE
                        anil bright.    Every washer Kuariintecd as
                                 npri-senteil or money refiimlid         I'lilfE quoted                                                               All Sizes in
                                 onappliciition    Send foi ('atali>^;ue.
                                       " Ideal "                                                                                                           Stock
                                                        Carriage Washer                 Co.,
                                                     no   Lenox   St.,       ROCHESTER, NY.

                                  Complete Lists                    ol                                                                             AutoSparkers
AUTO OWNERS, DEALERS, GARAGES                                                    & JOBBERS
         Motor Directories Co., Inc.,                                                                                                              Magnetos
 lOS        I    ri>T()\ ST.,                       -          NKW YORK                  CITY                                                      Steel
                                      The Color Line.
       LiLLiE — Clara's latest automobile                                           won't do,                                                      High-Tension
 will it?                                                                                                                                          Cable
            — What's wrong with
       Eli..\                                                      it?
   Lii.LiE— Why, it doesn't match her newest                                                                                 MACKIO & CONNOR
 gown, you know.
                                                                                                              168 Adelaide St. W.                           TORONTO
                                                          wriling advertisers kindly                   iitenlioii   the   CANADIAN MOTOR.
                                             THE CANADIAX MOTOR.                                                                                                              43

IF         YOU WANT TO KNOW                                                    Tbe 6UENET With
                                                                                                                                         Interrupter or
                                                                                                                                         Rapid Vibrator
                                                                                                                                       An- 111- iiioi-l |i'i lilt

                                                                                                                                                          cuil.s iiiiide.
                                                                                                                                         Tlifbe faiiioiih coiN
                                                                                                                                       nri-               usviX         oil    lilt;
                                                                                                                                       l)(;Nt iiiHkeHof Freiicli
                                                                                                                                       Cars, r-oiiHimiu iihoni
                                                                                                                                       one    lialf          uf   t   lu? rriirrcnl
                                                                                                                                       oil    any other                 coil, aiwl
                                                                                                                                       make    the l)atleiieH
                                                                                                                                       last wice as Ioiik.

                                                                                                                                         W'v Kiianinleclliein
Ask Any ROYAL Owner                                                                                                                    lo have 'M) i)er <;eiit.
                                                                                                                                       more cfllcieney tlian
      If   you   wHiir to    know how a car perforniH,                                                                                 any Anii.Ti<;an-rna<ie
                 ask the    man who drives one.                                                                                          \Vc also K""raiitee
                                                                                                                                       that   the celelirated
                                                                                                                                       Caiiientier Inlernip-
      If   you want to know the details of the                                                                                         ILT with                   wliieli     tliey
              Royal Tourist, send for our                                                                                              are ritled will never

    New1906 Catalog:ue                                                                                                                 slick.
                                                                                                                                                          snriiiK eontacts

                                                                                                                                                                        and are
MODEL G $3,500.00 40 H.P.                                                                                                              tlironKlioiit
                                                                                                                                       (vinlaiiied                     in     fine,
                                                                                                                        hiKhlv polished closed
      Built with cnre and with the greatly in-                                                                          hoxes.
                 creased facilities of                                             Nothing to Compare with them in America.
                                                                                  HcinK the -,()lc a^ccnl- fort ,uiada and having conlraelcd
^^^                                                                            foi- a bii^cc <)iiaiility of   these line coils, we are in a
      Royal Motor Car                           Company                        liosition to sell them al the lowest flKure«.

                   CLEVELAND,              01 NO                                      FIRST SERIE-With Carpentier Interrupter.
                                                                                    Cylinilcr. $12 J Cylinders. S20; 4 Cylinders. $4-5.

AtJKNTS:     f. A. Duerr   >>c( o., Ni-w York,    N. V. (i. J. DiinhaD).        SECOND SERIE                    With Kxtra Kapid .I.G. Vibrator
 Boston, Mass. The McDutfee Aiitomoliile Co.. ChicaKo. 111. (i.
 W. Ciil>lin, Minneapoli.s, Miun. The Autotnobile {: Supply Co.,                      I   «   \liri.l.   1
                                                                                                             $10;Cylinders, S18; 4 Cylinders, S35.

 Liinitod, Toronto, Out.     Motor .Shop, Philadelphia, I'a. Reytiurn                              Liberal Discounts to the Trade.
 Alotor Car Co., .St. Loui.s, Mo. Standard Automobile Co., Pitts-
                                                                                                         .s^oli- Canadian .Xtr'-nl s
 liurt;. Pa-  Aiiios-Plerce Auto Co., .Sjrracu.'se, N. Y- .Schoeffel Co.

 Koehesier. N. Y. Koyal Motor Car Agency, San Francisco, Cal.                                                                                     *'
 Member A. I>. A. M.                                                           The Franco-American Auto                               Co.,                   M*o'nt^rcai^*'

                                                   THE PROFESSIONAL BAIT CASTER
                                                            Every fisherman wants                   to       know   a good   reel.    We          would               like

                                                            to   introduce    "The            Professional" to you.                  Will you                 let     us?

                                                                           SEND FOR DESCRIPTION AND PRICES.

                                                   CARLTON MFG.                                CO.,                              Rochester, N.Y.

 Gasoline Engines and Launches                                                                                                                                                        I

                                                         MAMFACTIREI) BY

                                                DUNNVILLE, ONT.
                    Write          for information               and prices                   to   above address, or to

                                                         J.      R.   McKENZIE,
                                         711   CRAWFORD            ST.,                              TORONTO.

                                 IVhen ivriting advertisers kindly moitiou the                  CAXADIAX MOTOR.
    44                                     THE CAXADIAX MOTOR.

                                                                      Gasoline Launches
                                                                      Skiffs                and Canoes
                                                                           We have Just               issued a    new Cata-
                                                                           logue and want you to get one.
                                                                           We  can save you 'io^^, as we are
                                                                           manufacturers and not dealers.
                                                                            Satisfactionguaranteed.  Send
                                                                            us your name and address                         .   .

                                                                      H. E.        GIDLEY                               6;       CO..
                                                                             PEXETANGUISHEXE,                    0\T., CAN.

    •'Uulcan Spavhcr"
                                                                               MADE   IN    CANADA                      Established   1898

                                                ^f^^ ''Dulcan Hccumulator''
     ^ ^5?^                                                                  MADIGIN PATENTS

                                                                        FOR AUTOMOBILES
                                                                        AND MOTOR BOATS
                                                    Are Used on the Leading Cars and Yachts                        in   Canada.

                                          MADE IN TWENTY-TWO DIFFERENT                                            SIZES TO SUIT
                                                                       ALL TYPES OF ENGINES.
         No. 3f>5-Winton Type,
            6 Volt, 70   A.H.                                   BULLETINS ON REQUEST.
                                         *"''""*''""""                                                                                 ^*^

                                                     I>ON(i Dl.STANt   E TELEI'HONE MaIN'   .')U72

                                     Don't TKro-w A-way THose WeaR Batteries!!
                                     $ $  THey are Good ai\d %VortH Money $ $
                         25 to 100 per cent,    your battery cost reduced or a like increase in mileage run by the use of an entirely
                                                              new, but not an experimental device.

                         The              **
                                                 Economy                               Battery Switch
                                It   pays for   itself    insUllation. GUARANTKKl). POSITIVE. SIMPLK, SUHST^N
                                                         on   first
                         TIAL, ORS'AMKXTAL. No short circuiting: no harm to coils. Docs- the trick, besides has all the
                         iiood features of other Switches. Garage and Kepair concerns find the installation of these Switches
                         a source of much profit.

                                      Sample by Mail on receipt of price, Si. 50.
                         Discount to     tiie trade. Money refunded if not satisfactory.
                         Automobile manufacturers are now adopting these switches.                    They make
                             Dry Hatteries the cheapest, simplest and most logical for               ignition.

                                                               MANUKACTURKD nV
                                                                              207-211 Jefferson Ave.,
I        Seidler=Miner Electric Co.,                                                  DETROIT

                                IVhen writing advertisers kitidly mention the         CANADIAN MOTOR.
                 THE CANADIAN MOTOR.                                                                                                  45

THE                                                                                                            LIMITED
                            TO R O N TO.
                           ANVHODY                                   GO FASTER
                  CAN USE                   IT
                                                                                                                  ISta-Rixe     THl LOHSCST*

                                                                     III \our iiu!omobil« or motor boat by usiiiKtbc right
                 I'.lowouts,           sandboiU,                     si/.c iinil type "SUi Kite
                                                                                                 ij^nition iJlug. It makcH a

              l^lasHcuts or oiIht dam-                               Kieal (iifftrence. 47 sizes. liegular porcelain, $1.50                    ;

                                                                                 SI. 75.   Sent postpaid.
              age sj)()t8 on miter cas-

              ings    torn off stems,
                                                                                           THE   R. E.         HARDY   CO.,
              split or punctures to
                                                                                                  jj   ,   W'.-i Unciflway,     New    York.
              inner tu^es vulcanized
              as good as new with our
                 We        want      to send     you        MORRIS M. WHITAKER,                                                f^^^^^,,
               circulars,           and what
               others       saj'.                              Formerly Manager               CANADA LAUNCH WORKS
                "STITCH-IN-TIME"                            DESIGNER OF MOTOR BOATS OF ALL CLASSES
                 VULCANIZER CO.
               Topeka, Kan., U.S.A.                                   1    133    BROADWAY, NEW YORK                          CITY.

                          Limited                                                                _
          St.              Paul=Minneapolis
      Magnificently equipped, electric-lighted, fast daily train to
      St. Paul and Minneapolis, leaves Chicago 6.30 p. m. via
      Chicago & North Western Railway.
             Compartment Sleeping Cars,                      Library and Buffet Cars,
             Open Standard Sleeping Cars,                    Free Reclining Chair Cars,
             Excellent Dining-Car Service,                   Standard Day Coaches.
      Double track, block system, and carefully maintained roadway^
       of heavy steel, insure fast time and punctual seri'ice fortrains
        leaving Chicago 9.00 a. m., 6.30, 8.00 and 10.00 p. m.
          for the Twin Cities.    The Chicago & North-Western is
           the Pioneer Line west and northwest of Chicago.
                                    ALL TICKET »OENTS SELL TICKETS VI* THE

                 ^Chicago                 & North =Westeru Ry^
                                    W. a. KNI8KCRN. PASS'R TRAFFIC   MANAGER,
                                                 CHICAGO,   ILL.

  H.      BENNETT,                            General Agent,                                     Toronto,          Qnt.

      When   writing advertisers kindly mention the                         CANADIAN MOTOR.
    46                            THE CANADIAN MOTOR,


         Returning from

              Use     the          Shasta- Northern                            Pacific        Route.

              Magnificent scenery                           all    the       way.          Attentive

              emploN'ees, luxurious trams,                                and the comforts of
              a   well-appointed                 club.              Rates are               low and
              diverse routes are permitted going and return-

              ing.    A     postal card will bring                            all    the informa-

              tion   you may request.                             You have           only to ask.

                             For Comfort's Sake
                                                    Use the

         Northern Pacific Railway
              From   the Pacific        North=West              to St. Paul         and Minneapolis

                                Send for Wonderland,              190.5.    Six Cents.

         A.   M. CLELAND, General Passenger Agent,                                       ST. PAUL,

                      IV/ien wriltjip; advertisers
                                                   kindly   mention the    CANADIAN MOTOR.
                             THE CAXADIAX MOTOR.                                              47


                                      The CARLTON

                                          REEL                               .     .      .

                          Sells for $5.00

                          Send us Five Dollars
                for           a        Reel and a Sub-

                scription                           to          this       Maga-
                zine for one year.                                               Reel

                will             be mailed you                                    im-


        I   Wellington W.,
                                                =           =
                                                                        TORONTO, ONTARIO

                PV/ie>i   writing advertisers   kiiidiy   mention the   CANADIAN MOTvK.
                                     THE CANADIAX MOTOR.                                                                 A   9

r                                                                                                                        "I

                                                               ^PACIFIC       SPORTS                                             I

                                                                 I   N

    MONTREAL                                                         and           QUEBEC

                                                  Chateau Frontenac. Quebec

I        Old Quebec   isnever more charming than in the winter months, and visitors to the famou'^ Chateau Kron-
    tenac will liavc abundant opportunity to enjoy the winter sports, for which this historical city is celebrated.

                                                  Place Vlgrer Hotel, Montreal
         Montreal, "the city of churches,         always attracts thousands of   visitors   during the winter montlis.

                   opi FMnrn skating                                     hockey                    skiing
                   Cili^CyUlU TOBOGGANING                                SNOWSHOEING               CVRLING

I   CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY                                                                                                     I
                           ROBERT KERR,                Passenffpr Traffic Manager, 3Iontreal

                           U7ic>i wrilius: advcrlher<: kindly Kien'ion the   CANADIAN MOTOR.
50                   THE CANADIAN MOTOR.

                                      Talking                          It       Over,
                                              During the long winter evenings
                                         there   is nothing more interesting or

                                        profitable than to study               up tl)e sub-
                                        ject of summer holidays                and learn a
                                         little    of the      many   attractive districts
                                         in Canada             that are reached
                                                                   by the
                                         Grand Trunk Kailway System, and
                                         which are becoming more and more
                                        popular each year.              Handsome pub-
         Jr                              lications       descriptive      of

                                         gions and containing maps and all in-
                                                                                these   re-

                                         formation may be had for the asking
                                         by applying to
                                                         (G. T. BELL,
     I                                        General PassengerJand'.Tlcket A>?ent.
                                                 Grand Trunk Railway System,

          IVhen wri/in^ advertisers   kiticily   wculicn the   CANADIAN MOTOR.
     The         1906 Ford                    Runabout
     The   greatest ambition of Mr.   Henry Ford, America's pioneer   auto-
mol)ile designer, has l)een to produce at a minimum cost a car complete
and su))stantial in every detail, built with a view to economy, but not to
the exclusion of strength and endurance.

     The production of the new   FORD KUNABOU T now         on the market
for 190G is without dispute the greatest stride the automobile world has
ever seen toward minimizing the cost of construction and up-keep in the
motor car.
     This car has a 4-cylinder 15-h.p. engine with a speed range of from
:3to 40 miles per hour on high gear. Weight only 700 pounds. Divided
seats for two persons.

     Equally important to automobile advancement is the introduction of
the Ford 6-Cylinder Car.               This car proves conclusively that the
               of cylinders, when accompanied
multiplication                                      b^^^nplicity of design,
not only increases the flexil)ility and power of XJq car, but reduces the
automobilist's troubles and increases his contmence in his ability to    al-
      "          "
ways get there on time.
     For further information regarding our 1906 cars write

     THE FORD MOTOR               CO.    OF CANADA,           Limited
                         WALKERVILLE.        o/vT.

            New   Factory, Hnotli Avoiuio. Diiiilop Tire \    Uiil)l»('r   fioods Co.

       The above                is   one reason            wh\       our Dunlop and

Clincher Tires          will    be improved for 1906.

       There         are other reasons just as important,                                amon^
which are    :

      One Sure               Tire, with           Wrapped Tread, an
      Improved Breaker Strip Preventing Shuffling
      of    Cover and Reducing                    Liability of Punctures.

        It is     said imitation             is   the sincerest flattery, but our

quick detachable head has not been approached by any
other type yet          off^ered,     and we have new and important

improvements         m       this feature.

Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co., umited
             Factory      &    Offices   :   BOOTH        AVE.,   TORONTO
                                 WHJLESALE HKANCHKs:
                        Hi    TEMPERANCE           ST.,TORONTO
WINNMPEC;                ST.   JOHX                 VANCOUVER                           MONTREAL

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