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					00am  entry noon baseline     april july february     october     am    a.m
      rest 00pm january       preoperatively    pm    november    midnight
      t0    september august
00pm thereafter noon afterwards afterward 30pm am           00am 8h     resp
      pm    later wks   t12   annually    postoperatively miscellaneous
      midnight    respectively      hourly
1-2x measuring replacement intolerant infusing        photodynamic
      triple      quadruple radiation reviewing alternatively
      concomitantly     means correlating consolidation     thrombolytic
      interfering else autopsy      questioning
1-cm supplement portable      shift flexible    plateau     commercial
      standardized      probe model new   flat comprehensive      sheet
      circular    large rigid computer    3-cm special
1-vessel    2-vessel    longstanding      graves      multivessel coronary
      stable      alzheimer crohn cad     meniere     valvular    parkinson
      angiographically bulky addison      mcardle     3-vessel    suspected
1.5l warmth       beer environmental      grams nuts coffee       sugar
      drinking    cigarettes stools       origin      drinks      vegetables
      transfusion consciousness     beverages gases coagulation illness
1/2ns equal au    ml    eu    d5w   bupivacaine saline      ng    microgram
      pg    mg/5 m2     voided      uiu   nacl maalox       tobi micrograms
10-day      total dose supplement single        pause minimum     fixed
      cocktail    lot   standardized      new   full comprehensive
      large standard    sequential regimen      3-day taper
100mg capsules    azithromycin      methylprednisolone      cephalexin
      ceftriaxone mg    5mg   metronidazole     ofloxacin 25mg rifampin
      once itraconazole       1g    tablets     ciprofloxacin
      doxycycline prednisolone      10mg
10d   desipramine responses albuterol exposures psychosocial
      subsequently      snacks      money its   them interventions      then
      platelets prednisone their prednisolone         unspecified another
10m   ingested    provided    injection replaced      separated inhalation
      ingestion giving        facilitated preceded    lp    promoted
      graded      as    watched     represent chance        followed
10mg capsules     azithromycin      methylprednisolone      fluconazole
      acyclovir amitriptyline       cimetidine ceftriaxone aspirin
      hydrocortisone    5mg   ofloxacin itraconazole        tablets
      100mg diltiazem ciprofloxacin       doxycycline prednisolone
10ml fentanyl     sterile     or    solution    morphine    diluted
      dilute      ceftriaxone bupivacaine saline      hypertonic cefazolin
      dextrose    epinephrine cefotaxime suspension boluses       lidocaine
10s   namely      orientation movement    size at     separation reading
      opening     covering    tracking    alignment rotation
      displacement      distortion including on       sensation recording
10th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   fourth      30th 8th    5th   4th   3rd
      eighth      20th 11th 6th     21st 1st    7th   15th 13th
11th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   30th 14th 8th     5th   4th   9th   3rd
      eighth      20th 10th 6th     21st 7th    15th 13th
12-lead     finger      ekg   ecg   tele echocardiogram     conjunctival
      box   electrocardiographic    averaged    dynamic     holter      24-
hour electrocardiogram tests static       electrocardiograms      eeg   bi
120s termination injection application spread         measurement closure
      removal     optimization      persistence insertion restoration
      detection placement evaluation correction localization
      assessment determination      induction
12d   tiredness appetite      irritability      soap anxiety      fatigue
      cooking     spirometry erythema     preoperatively    comorbidities
      somnolence education nervousness lethargy       itching     redness
      confusion dizziness
12h   hour week d       baseline    before      sl    hrs   days min    6h
      monthly     4h    2h    h     minutes     for   24h   hourly
12hr tiredness epigastric bpm       dyspareunia irritability      meats pale
      photophobia c3    spirometry hr     preoperatively    bloating
      nervousness lethargy    esr   redness     respirations      dizziness
12p   abnormal    ecg   dysphagia unilateral staged         adenoma
      positive    fistula     pan   bilateral abscess       including
      tremor      cough malignancy chromosome neurologic neurological
12th sixth fifth 2nd    fourth      18th 8th    5th   4th   9th   3rd
      final eighth      20th 16th last 10th 6th       24th 13th
13th 12th sixth fifth seventh       2nd   fourth      18th 8th    5th   4th
      3rd   eighth      20th last 11th 10th 6th       1st   15th
14th sixth fifth seventh      30th 8th    5th   22nd 4th    3rd   17th
      eighth      20th tenth 11th 10th 21st 7th       15th 13th
150s touching     overlying whatever      area outside      bypassing till
      around      catheterize exactly     entrance    surrounding connecting
      joining     inside      flex underneath invading      passing
15mg acetaminophen      amitriptyline     cimetidine trazodone
      hydrocortisone    diazepam    diphenhydramine imipramine loratadine
      propranolol fluoxetine dexamethasone      prednisone doxepin
      prednisolone      nefazodone sertraline alprazolam paroxetine
15th fifth seventh      2nd   30th 14th 8th     5th   22nd 4th    3rd
      eighth      20th tenth 11th 10th 21st 1st       7th   13th
16th 12th sixth fifth 2nd     fourth      18th 8th    5th   4th   3rd   17th
      27th eighth       20th 26th 6th     24th 1st    13th
17-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     20-
year 74-year      69-year     18-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      79-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
17th sixth fifth seventh      fourth      30th 8th    5th   22nd 4th    3rd
      eighth      20th tenth 16th last 11th 10th 15th 13th
18-year     34-year     50-year     80-year     74-year     grow 69-year
      stop 45-year      40-year     17-year     79-year     60-year     get
      date 70-year      49-year     65-year     59-year     64-year
18th 12th sixth fifth 2nd     fourth      30th 8th    5th   4th   9th   3rd
      eighth      20th 16th 10th 6th      24th 1st    13th
19th fifth earliest     2nd   largest     highest     aforementioned
      original    next latter       author      same 20th first preceding
      nasopharynx periphery last 1st      remainder
1b    ch    ss    ds    ta    pn    md    ht    hc    id    cd    bc    cc
      without     cp    ia    symptomatic np    proteinuria ic
1cm   oriented    directed    shift moving      applied     organized
      consultant delivering delivered attached        probe created     from
      mailed      issued      restricted utilizing letters        built
1d    target      orientation wrist stimulus    da    anatomy     infant
      ring traditional drug lesion        itself      dopamine    sound
      individual child membrane     implant     correct
1g    syrup azithromycin      methylprednisolone      ceftriaxone sc
      aspirin     hydrocortisone    metronidazole     ofloxacin cefazolin
      tablets     dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime suspension
      doxycycline prednisolone      plus erythromycin
1hr   trunk scheduling resultant financial provider         caregiver
      thigh satisfaction      polar composite dynamic       comfort
      global      physician neuro doctor        toes whole hybrid
1l    only treatment intravenous one      sc    and   cc    subcutaneous
      ip    co    recovery    occasional patient      three endoscopic
      sequential following re       additionally
1l/min      warmth      impending violence      cytometry intoxication
      frozen      chorioamnionitis dying origin       anaphylaxis them
      reserve     consciousness     prematurity tomatoes    exchange
      illness     interest    bloat
1mg   syrup methylprednisolone      acetaminophen     acetate
      metoclopramide    aspirin     hydrocortisone    diazepam    atropine
      furosemide rifampin     tablets     dexamethasone     terbutaline
      lorazepam plus im       ibuprofen alprazolam
1mg/kg      fentanyl    d     sc    mg    intravenously     day   12h   po
      iv    min   6h    monthly     lb    h     kg    im    24h   hourly
1ml   courses     injections infusions grams complaining complained
      resumption composed     a     doses consisted episodes      indicative
      consisting ounces       suggestive boluses      instead     amounts
1mm   move see    smoke remove      commands    grow stop stabilize
      prevent     insert      handle      restore     learn eat   match get
      initiate    recover     monitor
1st   sixth fifth seventh     2nd   fourth      8th   5th   forehead    4th
      next 3rd    same 20th first preceding last 10th 6th         15th
1wk   hour tibc der     overload    mg    day   po    feso4 tablespoon x
      preoperatively    heme 9min stuartnatal stores        promethazine
      kg    im    mrg
1x    d     before      at    discomfort paresthesias       measurements
      days by     after etc   pt    2h    tests h     s     during      for
      24h   intraoperatively
2-d   ultrasound orientation 3d     chemical    personal    reading
      tracking    color dynamic     ge    discrimination    ct    axial roll
      2d    static      bi    professional      palpation
2-g   total dose starting     prescription      single      minimum
      flexible    oral fixed cocktail     maximum     high full regime
      loading     standard    regimen     3-day low
2-vessel    progressive graves      wilson      multivessel stable
      alzheimer huntington crohn meniere        valvular    parkinson
      angiographically bulky diverticular       addison     mcardle     3-
vessel      occlusive 1-vessel
2.5mg metoprolol nadolol      amlodipine fp     aspirin     nifedipine 5mg
      timolol     25mg tablets      loratadine 100mg naproxen
      propranolol diltiazem ciprofloxacin       felodipine 10mg captopril
20-year     target      10-day      survey      window      second
      program     sample      protocol    model network     regime
      counter     sequence    regimen     observation 3-day period
      procedure nomogram
20s   ss    sa    ds    ta    md    ht    hc    normal      la    bc    gs
      cp    sm    ap    aa    ah    np    cs    ac
20th 12th sixth fifth 2nd     fourth      18th 30th 8th     5th   4th   3rd
      eighth      16th 11th 10th 6th      1st   15th 13th
21st fifth seventh      30th 14th 8th     5th   22nd 4th    3rd   17th
      eighth      20th tenth 11th 10th 1st      7th   15th 13th
22nd fifth seventh      30th 14th 8th     5th   4th   3rd   17th eighth
      20th tenth 16th 11th 10th 21st 7th        15th 13th
23rd sixth fifth seventh      2nd   fourth      8th   5th   22nd 4th    3rd
      17th eighth       20th 16th last 10th 6th       1st   13th
24-hour     maximal     office      ecg   modified    nocturnal repeat
      dynamic     subsequent recovery     full standard     sequential ph
      bi    net   3-day constant    taper video
24h   hour night at     sl    hrs   after 6h    testing     4h    recovery
      2h    h     post s      minutes     for   re    hours again
24hr finger       distal      consultation      target      leg   other heel
      reference horse drug extra individual toes intervention
      child tooth cold primary      actual
24th 12th sixth fifth 2nd     fourth      18th 30th 8th     5th   4th   9th
      3rd   eighth      20th 16th 26th 10th 6th       13th
250mg azithromycin      cephalexin mp     ceftriaxone sc    metronidazole
      ofloxacin cefaclor      100mg ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin prednisolone       activities erythromycin
      10mg tobramycin weekly
250ml likewise    portions    shape considering angulation emphasizing
      around      finally     concerning besides      discussion
      displacement      positioning branches    motions     on    exercises
      moreover    inclination
25mg nadolol      capsules    azithromycin      ceftriaxone sc
      hydrocortisone    metronidazole     ofloxacin itraconazole
      tablets     100mg naproxen    diltiazem ciprofloxacin
      doxycycline prednisolone      erythromycin      ibuprofen 10mg
25th 2nd    80th response     apex 75th 50th wrist 5th      time forehead
      percentile 3rd    corresponding     20th transverse first 10th of
26th 12th sixth fourth        18th 30th moment        8th   22nd 4th    9th
      17th 27th eighth        20th end    16th 6th    24th 13th
27th 12th sixth fifth seventh       18th 30th 8th     5th   22nd 4th    17th
      eighth      20th tenth 16th 26th 11th 15th 13th
28-day      total menstrual supplement 10-day         flexible    cycle
      repeat      commercial standardized       discrete    new   subsequent
      full planned      large sequential regimen      3-day taper
29-year     67-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-
year 33-year      75-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     64-year
29th  fifth seventh     18th 30th 14th 8th      5th   22nd 3rd    17th 20th
      tenth 16th 11th 10th 21st 7th       15th 13th
2a    ch    amylase     beta hydroxyurea ribavirin inf      fever afp
      gamma cp    ma    alpha phenylephrine     cefotaxime interferon aa
      prazosin    doxazosin methyldopa
2cm   coil betablocker shaped       pause facemask    mixed solitary
      larger      without     minimal     diuretic    probe poor persistent
      boost flat circular     definite    special
2d    sp    fs    sa    3d    mt    la    sm    pc    dynamic     axial ap
      tp    skin pt     ep    ca    2-d   ar    ac
2h    sa    at    mt    sl    th    sm    min   ma    6h    testing
      recovery    pt    ph    h     s     minutes     ie    24h   re
2hr   draws chemistry drawn chemistries excursions donation
      simultaneously    sugar banks transfusions      fbs   glucose
      transfusion preprandial gases sampling    pressures pressure      flow
2l    at    reading     light different and     cc    preoperative
      anatomic    following bi      delayed     regular     s     recording
      np    ie    for   re    ac
2mg   syrup capsules    agonists    sc    mg    estradiol 5mg     albuterol
      g     1g    tablets     blocker     100mg blockers    terbutaline
      prednisolone      plus blockade     10mg
2ml   reversal    bolus milliliters intravenous injections an     injection
      infusions infusion      normalization     inhalation a
      approximately     doses monthly     intramuscular     boluses
      correction independent
2mm   good abnormality located      sharp concentrated      errors
      visible     mercury     falls satisfactory      temporary positive
      retained    prominent ie      deposits    predominantly     for
2nd   former      sixth fifth fourth      8th   5th   4th   second      next
      3rd   same 20th first preceding last 10th 6th         1st   13th
2th   moved touching    overlying shortly       closest     whatever
      extending outside       bypassing around        adjacent
      posteriorly connecting medially     inside      anastomosed passed
      underneath passing
3-cm portable     pause flexible    plateau     fixed guidewire commercial
      standardized      probe new   flat comprehensive      sheet circular
      large gradual     3-day special     1-cm
3-day total dose supplement single        10-day      pause flexible
      plateau     fixed cocktail    lot   diuretic    commercial
      standardized      new   comprehensive     large sequential taper
3-vessel    progressive 2-vessel    graves      wilson      multivessel
      stable      alzheimer huntington crohn meniere        valvular
      parkinson angiographically bulky diverticular         cerebrovascular
      addison     arteriosclerotic occlusive
300mg azithromycin      cephalexin ceftriaxone aspirin      hydrocortisone
      ofloxacin 25mg itraconazole         cefazolin tablets       diltiazem
      ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime doxycycline terazosin gentamicin
      prednisolone      10mg tobramycin
30f   what generate     obtain      ensure      avoid seek maintain
      minimize    facilitate develop      stop assure       maximize
      promote     get   date achieve      select      monitor
30mg budesonide azithromycin        methylprednisolone      oral
      ceftriaxone aspirin     warfarin    hydrocortisone    5mg   ofloxacin
      1g    cefazolin diltiazem dexamethasone         ciprofloxacin
      cefotaxime doxycycline prednisolone       10mg
30pm thereafter afterwards irritability         afterward urinalysis
      april july february     october     00pm june resp march
      miscellaneous     nervousness lethargy    respectively      stairs
30s   diagnostics orientation localizing reading      morphology cleaning
      windows     bs    both pc     testing     discrimination    ap    pt
      s     awake es    zones decreasing
30th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   14th 8th    5th   22nd 4th    3rd
      eighth      20th 11th 10th 6th      21st 7th    15th 13th
31-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     33-year     51-
year 38-year      78-year     57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year
      60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     63-year     64-year
31st afterwards april july february       30th october      june january
      29th views march november     inclusive images        december    sept
      finish      september august
33-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     76-year     47-
year 75-year      51-year     38-year     78-year     45-year     40-year
      60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     43-year     29-year
34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-year     69-
year 18-year      57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year     79-year
      60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     64-year
35-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     76-year     33-
year 51-year      38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year
      60-year     70-year     65-year     64-year     43-year     29-year
36-hr thereafter request      maximal     postdischarge     postdialysis
      requirement flare lsm   lapse subsequent rescue       recovery    24-
hour convalescence      ti    post spit product       respirator
36-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     55-year     52-
year 48-year      76-year     47-year     51-year     68-year     38-year
      57-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     43-year
37-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     55-year     76-
year 47-year      51-year     38-year     78-year     57-year     45-year
      60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     64-year     29-year
38-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     76-year     33-
year 75-year      51-year     68-year     78-year     57-year     45-year
      40-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     63-year
39-year     34-year     50-year     80-year     74-year     75-year     69-
year 18-year      78-year     57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year
      79-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
3b    sp    sa    ta    dyspnea     md    hc    fatigue     la    bc    ba
      ap    tp    pt    rc    aa    es    ar    zones ac
3d    user ultrasound orientation digital       chemical    reading
      light basic dynamic     pathology lesion        distraction axial
      sound preparation anatomic    image cutting     video
3f    coil shaped       symmetric unilateral foam closed          mixed bar
      cap   diuretic    standardized      positive    pad   flat pan
      circular    standard    rigid predominantly
3h    accommodation     sa    ha    spontaneous mt    inflammation      da
      la    intestinal skin ethanol       acid sodium       water platelets
      cough proteins    digoxin     neutrophils
3l    determinations    radiographic      diagnoses cephalexin
      microbiologic     medically caregivers surgically radiologic
      electively subsequently       radiologically    cefaclor
      instrumental      ceftazidime evaluations assessments methods
3ml   dose bolus sec    ml    injections thorough     injection infusions
      mixture     infusion    excision    lot   doses min   preoperatively
      intramuscular     consisting boluses      description
3rd   12th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   fourth      8th   5th   4th
      eighth      20th first 11th 10th 6th      1st   7th   15th 13th
3x    or    haloperidol amitriptyline     cimetidine times sc     aspirin
      metronidazole     rifampin    ma    itraconazole      tablets
      propranolol doxycycline prednisolone      plus im     erythromycin
4-cm supplement shaped        pause flexible    facemask    plateau
      modified    commercial standardized       probe new   flat
      comprehensive     sheet circular    3-day rigid computer    letter
4-to former       50-year     jumped      largest     highest
      aforementioned    entire      dimensional 69-year     next latter
      author      greatest    same 17-year      oldest      lowest      49-
year 65-year
40-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-
year 75-year      69-year     18-year     38-year     57-year     45-year
      17-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
40ml terms received     receiving pretreated seminoma       conjunction
      adenocarcinoma    complaining complained cirrhosis treated
      presenting concert      sarcoidosis comparison dialyzed
      osteoarthrosis    spite dialysed
40s   israel      areas nl    80s   usa   settings    ht    village
      particular group where summer       50s   60s   contrast    awake
      regions     zones 70s
42-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     74-year     69-year     18-
year 38-year      57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year     60-year
      lesser      70-year     49-year     65-year     63-year     59-year
43-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     76-year     36-
year 33-year      47-year     51-year     68-year     38-year     57-year
      45-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     64-year
45-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-year     75-
year 69-year      18-year     38-year     78-year     57-year     40-year
      17-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
47-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     52-year     37-year     76-
year 36-year      33-year     51-year     68-year     38-year     78-year
      45-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     56-year     43-year
48-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     80-year     55-
year 76-year      36-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     60-year
      70-year     65-year     63-year     56-year     64-year     43-year
49-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-
year 69-year      18-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     79-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     59-year
4a    appetite    irritability      anxiety     ta    dyspnea     fever
      fatigue     ls    mobility    erythema    ap    tp    pt    ia
      including cough itching       confusion ic
4g    capsule     ha    chemical    di    mt    la    basic sm    lesion
      extra subsequent full sb      preparation individual cs     es
      complex     ac
4h    finally     delivery    and   days closure      after 6h    testing
      insertion recovery      later 2h    h     each minutes      24h   re
      additionally      hours
4l    at    b     regarding morphology meanwhile involvement discussion
      knowledge discussions atrophy       notably     meetings    mobility
      swelling    reflecting evacuation s       ie    decreasing
4lb   former      acupuncture best largest      aforementioned    original
      current     latter      greatest    sn    same first itself
      fetus pathway     nail intervention       organism    procedure
4mg   capsules    or    methylprednisolone      solution    ceftriaxone
      warfarin    hydrocortisone    aminophylline     cefazolin tablets
      gel   dexamethasone     suspension doxycycline prednisolone       plus
      naloxone    10mg clonazepam
4th   12th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   fourth      8th   5th   9th   3rd
      eighth      20th 16th 11th 10th 6th       1st   15th 13th
4u    maintaining ata   turkey      diluted     participating     over
      facilities x      tab   centers     units nacl contrast
      laboratories      yielded     producing causing       autopsy
5-azacytidine     azithromycin      thalidomide fluconazole ptx
      hydroxyurea ceftriaxone trazodone hydrocortisone      mitoxantrone
      ofloxacin quinine       irinotecan idarubicin dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     doxycycline gentamicin erythromycin
5-fu fa     leucovorin cisplatinum cisplatin cddp hydroxyurea
      gemcitabine hydrocortisone    mitoxantrone      5fu   irinotecan
      carboplatin fudr epirubicin dexamethasone       fu    methotrexate
      cpt-11      prednisolone
5-pound     purposes    earliest    ensuing     best largest      highest
      entire      most next latter        author      greatest    same
      first lowest      last principal longest        remainder
50-year     72-year     80-year     55-year     74-year     69-year     18-
year 38-year      57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year     60-year
      70-year     49-year     65-year     35-year     59-year     64-year
500mg capsules    azithromycin      methylprednisolone      ceftriaxone 5mg
      metronidazole     ofloxacin 25mg rifampin       itraconazole      1g
      cefazolin tablets       100mg ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime suspension
      doxycycline 10mg
50s   israel      hawaii      young 80s   40s   turkey      mexico
      settings    situ particular infancy       man   addition    children
      vitro contrast    england     south 70s
50th fifth 2nd    best 80th highest       apex 75th 5th     percentile 25th
      3rd   final same 20th first respective lowest         10th 1st
50y   cardioembolic     freezer     derived     remote      connection
      friend      busy people       arising     coming      individuals
      protecting away children      patients    faint collision nearby
51-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     52-year     76-
year 47-year      68-year     38-year     78-year     57-year     45-year
      60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     64-year     43-year
52-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     55-year     76-
year 36-year      47-year     51-year     68-year     38-year     78-year
      45-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     56-year
53-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     76-year     33-
year 47-year      51-year     68-year     38-year     57-year     45-year
      60-year     70-year     65-year     35-year     63-year     43-year
55-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     74-year     75-year     38-
year 57-year      45-year     40-year     17-year     60-year     58-year
      70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     64-year     29-year
55y   unresponsive      sem   hemiparesis years yr    regard      amenable
      admitted    respect     yrs   ages sex    contraindications tended
      responded consented succumbed willing           y
56-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     55-year     52-
year 76-year      47-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      60-year     58-year     70-year     65-year     35-year     63-year
57-year     67-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     74-
year 51-year      38-year     45-year     40-year     17-year     60-year
      70-year     49-year     65-year     63-year     59-year     64-year
58-year     67-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-
year 52-year      76-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     56-year
59-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-
year 75-year      69-year     18-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     79-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year
5b    lipids      ggt   biochemical electrolytes      amylase     potassium
      haptoglobin pth   physical    measurements      folate
      biochemistry      bap   albumin     markers     iga   comp levels
5cm   occurring variations located        alterations fluctuations
      preserved increases particularly          without     declines
      alone changes     succeeded similarly bilaterally especially
      worsened    deteriorated      decreases
5d    sa    dyspnea     fever fatigue     vp    spirometry mobility
      erythema    ap    tp    sedation    rigidity    ca    s     pruritus
      headache    itching     confusion ac
5fu   fa    etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin cddp 5-fu hydroxyurea
      gemcitabine chemotherapy      hydrocortisone    mitoxantrone
      irinotecan ifosfamide carboplatin epirubicin dexamethasone        fu
      methotrexate      cpt-11
5mg   capsules    azithromycin      methylprednisolone      cimetidine
      ceftriaxone mg    aspirin     ofloxacin rifampin      itraconazole
      1g    tablets     100mg fluoxetine ciprofloxacin      doxycycline
      prednisolone      plus 10mg
5th   sixth fifth seventh     2nd   30th 14th 8th     4th   3rd   eighth
      20th 11th 10th 6th      21st 1st    7th   15th 13th
60-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-year     75-
year 69-year      18-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     58-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
60mg capsules     hydrocortisone    5mg   25mg rifampin     phenytoin
      tablets     ethanol     100mg granules    diltiazem terbutaline
      doxycycline doxepin     caffeine    erythromycin      digoxin     10mg
60s   sleeping    f     ss    sa    30s   md    ht    hc    bc    both pc
      ap    pt    aa    s     np    awake hh    es
63-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     55-year     48-
year 76-year      33-year     47-year     51-year     38-year     57-year
      53-year     45-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     43-year
64-year     67-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-
year 74-year      69-year     18-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
65-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-year     75-
year 69-year      18-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     59-year     64-year
65th sixth fifth earliest     seventh     bottom      largest     50th 5th
      necessity 17th author         same eighth       20th tenth periphery
      last 10th remainder
65y   disclosed shift result        neoplasm    years despite     developed
      showed      alternatively     necessitating     displayed presented
      showing     exhibited yrs     gradual     coupled     revealed
67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     52-year     76-year     36-
year 33-year      47-year     51-year     68-year     38-year     57-year
      45-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     64-year
68-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     55-year     52-
year 76-year      36-year     33-year     47-year     51-year     38-year
      57-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     43-year
69-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-
year 18-year      insert      57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year
      79-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
6a    sp    fs    sa    ekg   ft    fatigue     id    paresthesias
      histology averaged      erythema    ap    tp    pt    somnolence p1
      tt    hypo ac
6d    emotional coordination        store personal    fatigue     anatomy
      knowledge speed erythema      stressors sensitivities       l1
      ambulation physiologic pre    sf    communication     thoughts
6f    coil syringe      plastic     splint      closed      box   guidewire
      filter      bar   catheter    pigtail     shoe cast flat wire 7f
      rigid silicone    suprapubic
6g    syrup azithromycin      thalidomide oral beta ceftriaxone
      hydrocortisone    albuterol irinotecan g        subcutaneous
      bovine      containing suspension s-1     cpt-11      prednisolone
      nefazodone low
6h    at    sl    after ma    testing     4h    bl    later 2h    h
      delayed     postoperatively post s        another     for   24h   re
6l    bedtime     d     w     ml    m     litres      l     con   ata
      intravenously     sl    min   km    x     h     kg    o     hn
6th   12th sixth fifth 2nd    fourth      18th 8th    5th   4th   9th   3rd
      eighth      20th 16th 11th 10th 24th 1st        13th
70-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     74-year     75-
year 69-year      18-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     60-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     64-year
70s   israel      areas direction directions 40s      settings    particular
      group man   detail      50s   positions planes        addition    west
      vitro contrast    regions     south
71-year     67-year     72-year     52-year     48-year     76-year     36-
year 47-year      51-year     68-year     38-year     57-year     60-year
      70-year     65-year     63-year     56-year     64-year     43-year
72-year     67-year     50-year     55-year     76-year     51-year     69-
year 38-year      57-year     53-year     45-year     40-year     17-year
      60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     63-year     64-year
73-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     36-year     33-
year 47-year      51-year     68-year     38-year     57-year     45-year
      40-year     60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     43-year
74-year     34-year     50-year     80-year     avoid 69-year     18-year
      stop 57-year      45-year     40-year     17-year     79-year     60-
year get    70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     64-year
75-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     33-
year 18-year      38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year
      60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     64-year
75th target       best 80th 50th reference norm 5th         time percentile
      25th averaged     test corresponding      stretched transverse
      threshold 10th of       actual
76-year     67-year     72-year     71-year     50-year     55-year     52-
year 36-year      47-year     51-year     38-year     57-year     45-year
      60-year     70-year     65-year     63-year     56-year     43-year
78-year     67-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     52-year     33-
year 75-year      51-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     64-year
79-year     50-year     74-year     prescribe administer 69-year        18-
year treat 17-year      admit learn eat   prepare     date achieve      49-
year initiate     59-year     recover     perform
7d    medicines organs        patch conjunctiva adjacent    delivering
      tongue      hands sound muscles     items nipple      structures
      products    bones placenta    digits      ie    contamination
7f    syringe     flexible    facemask    modified    guidewire catheter
      pigtail     diuretic    commercial standardized       6f    straight
      flat circular     3-day rigid taper weak suprapubic
7g    foods paroxysms exacerbations       recurrences abnormalities
      myopathy    grams convulsions inflammation      origin
      hyperkalemia      episodes    hypercalcemia     certain     platelets
      intolerance living      interest    contractures
7th   fifth seventh     2nd   30th 14th 8th     5th   22nd 4th    3rd
      eighth      20th tenth 11th 10th 21st 1st       15th 13th
80-year     34-year     72-year     50-year     55-year     74-year     75-
year 69-year      18-year     38-year     57-year     45-year     40-year
      17-year     60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year
80s   areas improving tissues       practice    40s   turkey      settings
      particular man    everyday    detail      50s   uk    country
      childhood contrast      regions     zones 70s
80th earliest     best moment       highest     apex 50th junction      5th
      percentile 25th site scope 20th sensitivities         respective
      threshold border        lowest      10th
82-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     52-year     74-year     69-
year 18-year      78-year     57-year     45-year     40-year     17-year
      60-year     70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     64-year
83-year     72-year     50-year     80-year     55-year     82-year     69-
year 18-year      78-year     45-year     40-year     17-year     60-year
      70-year     49-year     65-year     59-year     56-year     64-year
84-year     50-year     avoid 74-year     69-year     18-year     stop
      situation group control       treat ccu   17-year     meantime    wean
      oldest      get   experimental      49-year     59-year
86-year     lipid emotional monocytes 55-year         cognition minerals
      parietal    psychosocial      mobility    tp    its   eosinophils
      instrumental      60-year     sulci language    sputum      social
86y   epigastrium echocardiograms pruritis      urinalyses sbps
      examinations      nausea      measurements      erythema
      sensitivities     endoscopies hematology electrocardiograms
      assessments rates nervousness teeth laparoscopies     samples
8d    thereafter peak l2      con   s3    predischarge      postdischarge
      trough      remote      late standing     subsequent home postop
      post postpartum int     postprocedure     cot
8h    thereafter afterwards afterward hrs       after 6h    resp 4h
      later 2h    then h      postoperatively respectively        minutes
      24h   hourly      hours again
8mg   omeprazole metoprolol losartan      nadolol     amlodipine atenolol
      5mg   metformin alone montelukast lisinopril latanoprost loratadine
      fosinopril pioglitazone       glimepiride doxazosin enalapril
8th   12th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   5th   4th   9th   3rd   eighth
      20th 16th 11th 10th 6th       24th 1st    15th 13th
9-cm single       portable    generous    mixture     cocktail    cartridge
      standardized      simplified new    comprehensive     sheet handheld
      circular    spirometer containing stethoscope 3-cm specially
90s   fifth industry    fourth      direction character apical
      amplitude second        position    plane region      ventral
      lateral     periphery dorsal        third remainder zone actual
90y   therapy     azithromycin      thalidomide hydroxyurea tamoxifen
      chemotherapy      warfarin    levamisole steroids     clomipramine
      levodopa    clozapine ciprofloxacin       agents      vancomycin
      malignancy cyclosporine       clonazepam antibiotics
91y   move be     engage      occurs      develop     grow bring produce
      operate     develops    exhibit     exhibits    elicit      adopt
      induce      utilize     produces    initiate    recover
9g    wide total reevaluation       bolus single      multitude minimum
      mixture     variety     lot   history     teaspoon    panel marker
      sample      consisting broad 3-day consequence
9min hour determinations      echocardiograms urinalyses recalls
      examinations      year ileofemoral measurements       month bloods
      anasarca    endoscopies distentions electrocardiograms
      evaluations assessments materna     samples
9th   12th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   fourth      18th 8th    5th   4th
      3rd   eighth      20th ninth 11th 10th 6th      1st   13th
a     reversal    maintenance early an    various     one   increasing
      usage and   typical     approximately     suppression prolonged
      sequential incomplete augmentation        the   some excess
a&amp early accident    vit   ed    bc    rheum french      spanish
      h&amp emergency vitamins      segments    vitamin     urology     uk
      country     italian     arm   zones
a.m   entry noon bedtime      baseline    intervals am      sl    day
      visit rest pace sites rpm     least pm    wks   h     midnight
a0    base location     treatment orientation size shape amplitude
      examination reading     stability discussion alignment pace
      recovery    recruitment compliance of     for   near
a1    sp    sa    ft    hc    ls    ai    ap    tp    fibrinogen bf     bl
      rc    pp    hypo ca     c     sf    tg    hematocrit
a1c   plasma      sa    insulin     basal hb    ht    haptoglobin hemoglobin
      si    hct   ap    hgb   bg    glucose     pp    serum tg
      proteinuria hematocrit
a2    sp    sa    tx    td    fatigue     la    bc    b2    sm    ap    tp
      ep    sedation    platelets ca      aa    pruritus    ar    ac
a3    swallowing sp     sa    vision      tm    morphology md     la    pain
      erythema    ap    tp    pt    ca    aa    cough pruritus    ar    ac
a4    sp    sa    spaces      ot    ft    tm    pb    la    bc    ap    tp
      skin pp     ep    aa    np    es    ar    ac
a45   r     con   lm    v     pl    easier      warm um     vs    bf
      occiput     tt    barriers    rho   return      p     zero bruises
a5    f     oral b      ta    sc    v     cc    preoperative      pc    ip
      sequential including combination ca       s     ea    np    ie    ac
aa    ss    sa    ha    ds    ta    tm    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    ap
      acid ep     np    cs    ar    ic    ac
aaa   aneurysms injury        therapy     injuries    dysphagia aneurysm
      pe    peritonitis delirium    disease     lesions     pathology
      wounds      fistulae    infection malignancy aortic         trauma
aado2 oxygenation sa    sao2 spo2 map     po2   tension     ap    volume
      pao2 bf     balance     rc    pp    ph    o2    pco2 hematocrit
aao   trunk orientation wrist reading     mid   financial work dynamic
      physiological     subsequent skin physiologic anatomic      child
      functional motor behavior     behaviour vertical
aas   sp    sa    ha    tm    mt    la    bc    ap    ip    skin ethanol
      acid water aa     products    ie    digoxin     cs    ar
ab    ss    sa    ha    tm    mt    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    pathology
      ap    co    ep    ca    aa    cs    ar    ac
abacavir    azt   azithromycin      fluconazole amitriptyline     aspirin
      nifedipine lamivudine carvedilol allopurinol ofloxacin
      itraconazole      fluoxetine diltiazem ciprofloxacin        prazosin
      verapamil erythromycin        digoxin     levofloxacin
abandoned only to       interrupted eliminated considered avoided
      realized    stopped     explored    carefully employed
      temporarily completely preferred adopted        discontinued
      postponed implemented utilized
abated      only diminished resolved      increased finally       improved
      promptly    difficulty retained     disappeared completely became
      subsided    similarly worsened      ceased      deteriorated      were
abcess      ataxia      dehiscence splenomegaly       pyelonephritis
      hepatosplenomegaly      dyspnea     cyanosis    fever sporadic
      cholangiocarcinoma      abscess     hematomas septicemia
      constipation      cellulitis thrombocytosis     ps    dyslipidemia
abd   ws    ss    ha    ds    cutaneous ta      tm    md    la    cd    bc
      cp    lesions     ap    rp    aa    cs    ar    ic
abdo omeprazole citalopram bisoprolol oral cimetidine anatomy
      metronidazole     chlordiazepoxide itraconazole       deformity
      pathology famotidine dexamethasone        contained verapamil
      erythromycin      cyst ie     complex
abdomen     pelvis      retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach
      conjunctiva cornea      lungs wrist tongue      rectum      thorax
      diaphragm urethra       sternum     scapula     orbit aorta uterus
abdomens    inspected pelvis        trunk excised     jaw   wrist torso
      relaxed     mid   forehead    abdomen     thighs      thigh read
      averaged    hands skin perineum     spleen
abdominal intraabdominal      dysphagia pelvic        perineal    cardiac
      bleeding    spontaneous shoulder    musculoskeletal facial
      postsurgical      pain chest orthopaedic thoracic     endoscopic
      bilateral aortic        neurological
abdominopelvic    fs    sa    pharyngeal lm     pelvic      cranial     ta
      la    abdominal sm      ap    orbital     ep    thoracic    hepatic
      splenic     concurrent ic     ac
abdominoperineal apr    subtotal    radical     craniotomy esophagectomy
      thoracotomy surgical    ileocolic lobectomy laparotomy
      transurethral     resections endoscopic colectomy whipple
      resection incomplete curative       pneumonectomy
abdominoplasty    incisions gastroscopy operations flaps surgery
      surgeries lesions       kidneys     wounds      colonoscopy
      interventions     resections endoscopic teeth hips procedures
      laparoscopic      laparoscopy implants
abduction adduction flexion         orientation movement    coordination
      angulation elbow angles       rom   morphology fatigue      alignment
      rotation    mobility    swelling    motions     strength    extension
abductive pelvis        trachea     retina      vagina      pharynx
      cornea      anus wrist torso sacrum       forehead    abdomen
      original    diaphragm urethra       sternum     thumb scapula
abductor    deltoid     trunk flexor      adductor    vagina      cornea
      wrist rectum      abdomen     thigh sternocleidomastoid     diaphragm
      trapezius gastrocnemius       urethra     sternum     thumb quadriceps
aberrantly indeed       considerable      impairment abundant
      potentially usually     disturbed unusual       particularly
      occasionally      important problematic acceptable typically
      rarely      unspecific functionally       sometimes excessive
abf   swallowing sa     dyspnea     pb    la    bc    fluid sm    ap    tp
      pp    ep    rp    platelets ca      sputum      es    ar    ac
abg   oxygenation fs    sa    ecg   tm    dh    pb    la    sugar lactate
      ap    vessels     tp    skin pt     ph    coagulation cs    ac
abgs determinations     radiographs diagnoses abg     readings
      examinations      measurements      values      eegs films diameters
      tests parameters recordings gases images        rates volumes
abi   finger      fs    sa    ri    di    tm    md    si    pc    ai    ap
      li    ep    ph    bi    cs    es    ar    ac
abilities orientation coordination        processes processing morphology
      tasks parents     stability physiological       mobility
      physiologic functional language     problems    functions behavior
      activity    performance behaviour
ability     susceptibility    closest     responsiveness    proximity
      leading     relating    relative    exposure    referring attribute
      contribution      contributions     conversion opportunity inability
      barriers    return      returns     transition
ablation    manipulation      treatment therapy       decompression
      excision    embolization      involvement drainage    and   closure
      surgical    removal     testing     insertion endoscopic resection
      placement correction augmentation
able relating     switched    attributable      exposed     unable
      attributed advised      confined    enough      encouraged subjected
      instructed owing due    converted according attempting trying
abn   breathlessness    pancreas    larynx      conjunctiva shoulder
      hospitalization chorioamnionitis tongue         sugars      cervix
      penis joint cough bones uterus      placenta    perineum    illness
abnormal    abnormalities     focal pe    cutaneous bleeding
      spontaneous lesions     enlarged    pathology pathological
      occasional bilateral incomplete hepatic         organic
      accompanying      neurological      subclinical intact
abnormalities     shifts      recurrences abnormality disturbances
      complications     alterations errors      foci defects
      involvement difficulty difficulties       lesions     pathology
      anomalies calcifications      problems    deposits    deficits
abnormality recurrence major abnormalities      visible     involvement
      difficulty defect       temporary fistula       pathology lesion
      anomaly     preparation perforation delay leakage     activity
      deterioration     asymmetry
abnormally extreme      early abnormal    extremely raised        relatively
      unusual     unusually unexpectedly        surprisingly
      persistently      accelerated inappropriately intermediate
      elevated    very remarkably excessively exceptionally
abo   ni    ha    cutaneous ta      mp    tm    bc    cp    sm    pc
      steroid     sh    sb    donor rp    liver np    cs    ac
abob variations dissolved resulting soaked            resulted    engaged
      occurred    located     alterations participating     grown
      participated      increases declines      residing    topically
      changes     succeeded interested
aborted     only early obstructed recurrences bleeding      spontaneous and
      reporting lesions       retained    pathology segments      became
      knees leakage     missed      recovered ie      re
abortion    relapse     treatment vaginal       bleeding    spontaneous
      delivery    and   surgical    medication drug pathology lesion
      fertility pregnancy infection leakage           abortions ie      cs
abortions erosion       erosions    vaginal     bleeding    spontaneous
      vision      peritonitis abscesses lesions       pathology
      pneumothorax      cysts pregnancy contacts      complaints abortion
      problems    symptoms    adhesions
about within      specifically      to    considering regarding upon
      since despite     concerning covering     besides     discussion
      through     approximately     beyond      positioning reflecting on
above to    closing     reaching    around      finally     below and
      displacement      retained    accumulated while following of      ie
      moreover    for   near additionally       actually
abrasion    erosion     cooling     discomfort air    vision      reading
      instrumentation cleaning      medication testing      scarring
      pathology suturing      water compression tooth sedation    leaks
abrasions erosion       curvature incisions injuries        erosions
      edema bleeding    abscesses thickness lesions         ulceration
      scarring    pathology disorders complaints neurologic
      neurological      headaches symptoms
abrupt      reversal    early treatment an      withdrawal recanalization
      involvement inhalation a      temporary successful accumulation
      suppression episodes    restoration enhancement augmentation
      excess      causes
abruption vaginal       td    bleeding    mp    vision      irregular bc
      quinidine obesity       cp    lesions     pathology fetal cough
      erythromycin      digoxin     ar    maternal    ac
abruptly    prescribed permanently started      interrupted cleared
      eliminated made removed       stopped     given administered
      delivered globally      employed    by    changed     temporarily
      completely also
abs   systems     ni    ha    br    errors      tm    mt    and   pathology
      lesion      skin ab     items products    membrane    devices     ie
      cs    antibodies
abscess     sepsis      dysphagia edema bleeding      hemorrhage fever
      abscesses stricture fistula         pathology hematoma      infection
      hematomas perforation septicemia malignancy neurologic cellulitis
abscesses recurrences injuries      dysphagia hemorrhages complications
      bleeding    fever lesions     pathology fistulae      cysts infections
      complaints abscess      infection hematomas septicemia headaches
absence     occurrence quantity     presence    incidence use
      development majority    timing      percentage degree       magnitude
      persistence number      existence appearance availability
      identification    amount      nature
absent      ineffective eliminated seen markedly      noticed     successful
      mostly      consistently      completely detected     noted
      unsuccessful      evident     remarkably documented also observed
      predominantly     suspended
absolute    metabolic absorption distribution         size apical
      amplitude immediate frequency dominant          basic initial
      recovery    level individual appearance annual        net   actual
absolutely clearly      altered     still established uniformly unreliable
      usually     quite always      insufficient      entirely    limited
      completely simply       problematic primarily inaccurate fully
absorbable paste radioactive prosthesis foam sponge         extract
      compound    suture      drug sutures      benzodiazepine
      preparation artificial invasive     device      membrane    topical
      dressing    complex
absorbing extreme       manipulation      chemical    air   waves vision
      reading     light and   extract     suture      pathology lesion
      distraction sound compression membrane    ie    complex
absorption location     formation distribution        size shape separation
      character spread        amplitude components displacement
      recovery    recruitment appearance acceleration       structure
      integrity complexity content
abstain     generate    suffer      obtain      keep avoid prescribe
      maintain    remove      administer detect       eat   wean prepare
      refrain     withdraw    initiate    attend      recover     perform
abstaining habitual     abstinence derived      isolated    quitting
      normal      remote      drinking    sport cigarette sera fluids
      weaning     coming      alcoholics heavy smoking      tobacco
abstinence medications therapy      consultations     withdrawal bleeding
      spontaneous hospitalization delivery      hospitalisation
      reinforcement     drinking    medication alcohol      pregnancy
      breastfeeding     smoking     behavior    ie    attendance
abundant    occurring variations shifts         diminished common
      alterations participation     impressive striking     involved
      frequent    difficulty difficulties       notably     retained
      notable     accumulated prominent conspicuous
abuse legal violence    intoxication      cocaine     dependence vision
      inflammation      obesity     drinking    pathology alcohol
      alcoholism disorders sexual         problems    behavior    symptoms
      illness     opiates
abused      violence    personal    parents     speech      mammography
      counseling physiotherapy      fertility married       sexual
      breastfeeding     their socially    professional      problems
      missed      behavior    school      hyperactive
abuser      process     variable    component system        current     path
      object      scope technique network       itself      approach
      pathway     device      law   procedure apparatus condition
abutted     diminution shift towards      located     alteration noticeable
      increase    positioned marked       exactly     clear entirely
      confirming reduction inserted       gradual     remarkable downward
abx   acupuncture treatment tm      cn    carvedilol and    levamisole
      medication drug steroid       physiotherapy     ip    sb    individual
      intervention      active      colchicine np     cs
ac    sp    fs    sa    ha    ta    mp    tm    mt    la    bc    cp    sm
      pc    ap    sb    ep    aa    np    cs
aca   fs    ss    sa    ds    ta    tm    md    la    cp    sm    pc    ap
      ep    rp    aa    np    cs    ic    ac
acapella    lithium     voriconazole      medicines moxifloxacin
      aerosolized trazodone stuttering dying origin         phenytoin
      theophylline      alcoholism benzodiazepines consciousness
      nefazodone topical      illness     clonazepam alprazolam
acardiac    pelvis      trachea     retina      vagina      acetabulum
      cornea      aforementioned    umbilicus patella       junction
      abdomen     original    latter      diaphragm urethra       sternum
      penis scapula     clavicle
acc   lm    posterior ta      di    tm    anterior    brain proximal    pc
      legs hands ap     pcc   lateral     ep    np    cerebellar cs     ar
accelerated extreme     early diminished abnormal     light concomitant
      pathology ip      extra prolonged endoscopic incomplete delayed
      augmented active        enhanced    concurrent inactive     excessive
accelerating      establishing      areas improving maintaining generating
      changing    eliminating avoiding    progress    minimizing
      facilitating      elevating reflecting enhancing certain
      assessing the     some decreasing
acceleration      location    absorption distribution       size shape
      character spread        amplitude stability components
      displacement      attenuation enhancement appearance passage
      localization      integrity complexity content
accentuation      reversal    visualization     diminution aspects
      widening    estimation alteration normalization       disruption
      accumulation      suppression persistence limitation attenuation
      enhancement prolongation      localization      instead     slowing
accept      move enter resolve      keep begin develop      stop make
      choose      take recognize give get       remember    utilize
      initiate    attend      recover     perform
acceptable optimized established diminished good unreliable
      anticipated increased impressive tolerable reproducible
      unusual     equivalent excellent appropriate adequate       additional
      enhanced    interesting inadequate
acceptably optimized extremely abnormally automatic ongoing
      relatively unusual      unusually excellent accelerated
      inappropriately acceptable appropriate adequate       very additional
      ultra exceptionally     emerging
accepted    still established emphasized usually      quite recommended
      approved    limited     promoted    appreciated problematic as
      primarily preferred largely         appropriate described adopted
accepting establishing        manipulation      to    finally     since
      besides     and   furthermore thus nevertheless       performing
      nonetheless while their ie    moreover    for   re    additionally
access      responsive lead susceptibility      efforts     responsiveness
      related     prior exposure    unrelated referring alternatives
      exposures conversion barriers       from attempts     return
      adherence restricted
accessed    formed      visualized provided     eliminated automatically
      manually    made removed      simultaneously    globally    read by
      created     secured     prepared    delineated traced       for
accessible specifically       related     required    pertinent exposure
      appropriately     alternatives      adaptive    insufficient
      sufficient exposures access         sensitive appropriate adequate
      motivated sometimes adherence restricted
accession hemostasis therapy        damage      refusal     exposure
      shunting    inflammation      work hypoxia      speech
      transportation    comfort     l1    stress      proprioception
      activity    proteins    communication     adherence
accessory pharyngeal foot cutaneous facial            tongue      brain
      intestinal drug lesion        extra joint uterine     motor uterus
      membrane    cyst accompanying       complex     bony
accident    namely      consultation      accidents reading       posture
      medical     anatomy     speech      preoperative      erythema    ap
      skin pt     recruitment child including cough ie      complex
accidentally      prescribed obstructed totally       excised     removed
      delivered tested        normally    biopsied    retained    which
      dispensed completely bilaterally missed         laboratories      re
      implanted actually
accidents swallowing pains injuries       complications     bleeding
      errors      vision      inflammation      fatigue     speech
      lesions     pathology contacts      complaints sedation     problems
      behavior    headaches symptoms
accolate    omeprazole losartan     tolterodine clarithromycin    benazepril
      ranitidine esomeprazole       duloxetine celecoxib pantoprazole
      rosuvastatin      quinapril montelukast valsartan 100mg famotidine
      nizatidine lansoprazole       10mg
accommodate resolve     keep visualize avoid locate         remove
      overcome    minimize    reproduce expand        stabilize optimize
      maximize    prevent     restore     recognize understand localize
accommodation     swallowing movement     organs      facial      vision
      inflammation      speech      medication intestinal pathology skin
      muscle      platelets products      motor language    cough behavior
accomodation      tiredness warmth        appetite    irritability
      papules     leukocytes dyspnea      fats cognition exudate
      hunger      consciousness     mood platelets tremors        heaviness
      coagulation neutrophils mouth
accompanied manifested dictated     elicited    replaced    separated
      effected    compounded characterized      supported dominated
      preceded    affected    explained triggered reflected evidenced
      followed    confounded caused
accompanying      metabolic extreme       distal      other chemical
      cutaneous facial        intestinal drug pathology extra vestibular
      subsequent skin pathological        individual artificial motor
accomplish accommodate generate     resolve     obtain      keep pursue
      ensure      avoid maintain    address     remove      minimize
      assure      optimize    maximize    manage      detect      achieve
accomplished      ascertained visualized reversed     eliminated replaced
      realized    effected    done prevented verified       confirmed
      restored    created     evident     achieved    performed instituted
      implemented initiated
according relates       relating    prior closer      contributes
      attributable      exposed     unable      attributed confined
      attached    able adhered      owing due   converted inability
      contributed attempting
accordingly specifically      in    finally     since besides     discussion
      furthermore although    thus nevertheless       beyond
      nonetheless however     interestingly     moreover    hence
      consequently      therefore additionally
account     specifically      responsible considering outside
      consideration     guidelines supporting concerning allowing
      support     recommendations allow explains      explanation
      implications      confirming explaining accounted explain
accounted reason        responsible requests    controlling adjustment
      cared approved    substituted except      indication explanation
      indications implications      preparing unsuitable explanations
      caring      search      suitable
accu former       resultant highest       sacrum      forehead    abdomen
      dominant    thigh next latter       final axilla      same respective
      clock lowest      longest     chin chek
accumulated shifts      manipulation      diminished orientation was
      errors      difficulty and    alignment retained      positioning
      structures activity     ie    elements    above additionally
      asymmetry actually
accumulation      reversal    formation alteration spread         disruption
      usage involvement stability expression suppression attenuation
      enhancement acceleration      localization      activity    patterns
      deposition production content
accupril    earliest    best largest      highest     apex acei ends axis
      ace   author      greatest    same border       plug lowest
      longest     remainder predominant exception
accurate    unreliable disruption reproducible        stability precise
      optimization      important cause attenuation problematic
      appropriate adequate    proper      inaccurate documentation
      possible    localization      about independent
accurately specifically       replace     cover overcome    appropriately
      improve     diminish    reliably    reduce      temporarily recognize
      match quickly     definitively      activate    properly    enhance
      correct     monitor
acdf tumors       arthrodesis radiculopathy     decompression
      instrumentation myelopathy cap      without     fusion      discectomy
      vad   bilateral rp      radiotherapy      cryosurgery symptomatic were
      plating     ic
ace   beta cox-2 acei allopurinol drug statins        quinapril inhibitor
      spironolactone    lisinopril inhibitors ramipril      fosinopril
      protease    enzyme      enalapril digoxin       ar    captopril
acei losartan     amiodarone aspirin      carvedilol allopurinol levamisole
      ace   steroid     quinapril spironolactone      lisinopril inhibitors
      ramipril    fosinopril verapamil nimodipine enalapril digoxin
acel tiredness appetite       irritability      hepatomegaly      tox
      malaise     c3    paresthesias      spirometry flatulence somnolence
      nervousness lethargy    itching     redness     confusion chills
      myalgias    dizziness
acetabular distal       tibial      fingers     foot prosthesis tongue
      brain proximal    ankle drug lesion       muscles     joint nail
      glenoid     uterus      implant     cyst bony
acetabulum retina       vagina      pharynx     stomach     conjunctiva
      cornea      tongue      rectum      patella     musculature abdomen
      original    thorax      diaphragm urethra       penis scapula
      uterus      clavicle
acetaminophen     morphine    oxycodone metoclopramide      meperidine
      hydroxyzine cimetidine aspirin      diazepam    codeine     atropine
      furosemide tramadol     naproxen    propranolol diltiazem
      dexamethasone     verapamil lorazepam ibuprofen
acetate     methylprednisolone      acetaminophen     metoclopramide
      cimetidine aspirin      hydrocortisone    diazepam    metronidazole
      hcl   furosemide spironolactone     propranolol diltiazem
      dexamethasone     verapamil prednisolone        lorazepam plus
acetonide betamethasone       azithromycin      amitriptyline
      aerosolized trazodone hydrocortisone      ofloxacin albuterol
      steroids    clomipramine      theophylline      dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     doxepin     narcotics lidocaine clonazepam
      alprazolam analgesics
acetylcysteine    citalopram calcitriol amiodarone n        carvedilol
      allopurinol levamisole gabapentin amrinone      octreotide colchicine
      nimodipine erythromycin       milrinone clonidine nicardipine
      methyl      antibiotics memantine
acetylsalicylic hydroxy       ascorbic    uric fatty valproic     lactic
      aspirin     amino glutamic    ticarcillin clavulanic acid bile
      lovastatin amoxicillin trans nucleic      methylmalonic     folic
ache swallowing sp      inflammation      fatigue     speech      cortical
      hemolysis pathology tp        acid sedation     platelets motor
      cough pruritus    coagulation activity    proteins    neutrophils
aches tiredness tenderness pains appetite       irritability      cramps
      malaise     fatigue     paresthesias      weakness    palpitations
      flatulence soreness     flushing    nervousness lethargy    itching
      myalgias    dizziness
achieve     generate    resolve     obtain      keep pursue       heal
      ensure      avoid maintain    attain      develop     assure
      prevent     detect      elicit      get   initiate    perform
achieved    only started      maintained given developed successful
      verified    successfully      confirmed completely restored
      unsuccessful      documented also reached       performed initiated
      accomplished      suspended
achieves    maintains offers        provided    provides    gives produced
      displayed improves      showing     promoted    exhibited exhibits
      is    gave yields       produces    yielded     producing causes
achieving needing       early acute cutaneous obtaining massive
      cervical    disease     painful     reporting showing       exhibiting
      with requiring malignancy symptomatic experiencing          having
achilles    distal      tibial      tendon      foot pancreas     stomach
      cutaneous shoulder      patellar    facial      tongue      patella
      brain proximal    kidneys     knee joint uterine      uterus
achiness    namely      fruits      appetite    papules     laryngoscopy
      sap   fruit store mcv   nausea      feverish    material    erythema
      sneezing    flushing    s1    nose itching      hoarseness
aching      tiredness tenderness pains discomfort stiffness dryness
      fatigue     paresthesias      mobility    swelling    numbness
      rigidity    coughing    tingling    sensation heaviness palpation
      confusion burning
acid fa     sa    ha    zinc mt     la    phenytoin theophylline
      ethanol     sodium      water ca    aa    cough verapamil
      erythromycin      proteins    digoxin     ar
acidemia    sepsis      hypotension injuries    dysphagia pe
      instability obstruction bleeding    hypoxemia fever hypokalemia
      hyponatremia      disease     lesions     pathology infection
      hyperglycemia     malignancy proteinuria
acidosis    hypotension damage      bleeding    spontaneous hypoxemia
      inflammation      mets hemolysis nephrotoxicity       atelectasis
      lesions     pathology hypercalcemia       alkalosis infection
      hyperglycemia     cough symptoms    ar
acidotic    totally     noncompliant      ss    anxious     stabilized ht
      hc    fatigued    normal      medicated four asymptomatic
      actively    compliant np      awake cs    re    es
acids foods fa    solutions waves substances fats inflammation
      particles glutamine glutamate ethanol           acid platelets aa
      products    proteins    neutrophils oils protein
acinetobacter     sp    shigella    aspergillus aeruginosa
      peptostreptococcus      salmonella pseudomonas fatigue
      campylobacter     oxacillin proteus       enterococcus      serratia
      klebsiella enterococci citrobacter candida      enterobacter
acl   reconstruction    injury      tendon      injuries    posterior
      cutaneous ta      facial      brain cervical    cap   ligament
      lesions     pathology knees knee rp       pcl   ar
acls expectancy output        operations bls    resuscitation
      rehabilitation    arrest      medical     and   catheterization
      surgical    physiotherapy     co    sustaining cpr    their np    cs
acoa polyps       aneurysms intracranial        peritonitis delirium
      cervical    cap   endovascular      disease     lesions     ruptured
      impotence uveitis       migraine    malignancy aortic
      symptomatic communicating     ica
acom retina       larynx      acetabulum cornea       aforementioned
      umbilicus lungs abdomen       original    mckenzie    cervix
      diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis scapula     nasopharynx
      esophagus clavicle
acosog      cardioverted      offered     eligible    invited     enrolled
      contacted allotted      readmitted arranged     subjected instructed
      recruited admitted      interviewed asked entered     willing
      cyclosporin assigned
acquired    sepsis      abnormal    injuries    bacterial focal cutaneous
      peritonitis cap   disease     interstitial      lesions     pathology
      syndrome    bilateral pneumonia organic         malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis
acr   tumor foot leg    facial      di    wrist tongue      tm    kidneys
      drug lesion       hands skin rheumatology       joint individual eeg
      motor cyst
across      within      to    considering at    outside     in    around
      finally     upon besides      by    through     beyond      while
      almost      on    during      for   additionally
acs   schizophrenia     recurrent epilepsy      gout arf    disease     ami
      pheochromocytoma cad    asthma      sarcoidosis syndrome    syndromes
      symptomatic malignancies      chronic     idiopathic hyperlipidemia
acth gh     ammonia     histamine basal lh      cortisol    salivary
      norepinephrine    testosterone      glutamate ap      tp    fibrinogen
      aa    cough tsh   glucagon    catecholamine     ne
actigall    responsive fifteen      unresponsive      sixty relating
      unrelated refer amenable      forty barriers    failed      according
      consented attempting wishing        trying      reluctant thirty
acting      oriented    beta corticosteroid     compound    diuretic
      commercial opioid       new   dopamine    benzodiazepine
      preparation containing term device        lasting     somatostatin
      topical     selective mouthwash
action      pharmacological prescription        formation absorption
      distribution      chemical    spread      various     therapeutic
      components basic origin       preparation transmission      elements
      contamination     etiology    complexity pharmacologic
actiq viagra      malodor     starlix     hypoglycemics     rehydration
      fosrenol    valganciclovir    antidiabetic      coenzyme    lp
      duragesic msir antidiabetics        xeloda      contraceptives
      contraceptive     saha hygiene      cyclosporin
activate    accommodate resolve     visualize cover remove        reproduce
      normalize disrupt       expand      improve     stimulate stabilize
      operate     reduce      restore     elevate     recognize localize
activated transport tumor pharyngeal movement         relaxation tm     mt
      da    cortical    intestinal pathology lesion         heat skin pt
      delayed     motor membrane    complex
active      early cutaneous surgical      painful     medication drug
      pathology ap      steroid     ip    extra sb    individual ep
      colchicine inactive     cs    ar    complex
actively    only early totally      cn    normally    and   surgically
      retained    steroid     active      np    predominantly     hh    cs
      re    initially es      being actually
activities morphology usage stability indices         mobility    markers
      views instrumental      levels      fear contents     retention
      behavior    activity    patterns    volumes     behaviour symptoms
activity    transport formation orientation chemical        morphology
      usage involvement stability difficulty accumulation         pathology
      retention behavior      performance behaviour production function
      content     asymmetry
actonel     prosthesis system       response    exposure    switch      clip
      code compound     dilator     conversion fosamax      adding
      lozenge     powered     vasoconstrictor device        procedure
      apparatus transition
actos tiredness ataxia        fruits      appetite    irritability
      papules     hepatosplenomegaly      vincristine meats fruit cytoxan
      bleomycin materials vitamins        nervousness lethargy    mono
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
actual      desired     target      process     distribution      resultant
      shape character eventual      apical      dominant    current
      final basic initial     individual following ultimate       top
actually    prescribed only indeed        to    finally     normally    and
      thus retained     nevertheless      accumulated completely preferred
      missed      for   above re    additionally      being
actuation pulses        via   aerosol     alignment reinforcement
      components through      displacement      collapse    leaves
      positioning insertion inhalations suspension on       puff ie
      elements    for
acuity      tactile     scale inspection accommodation      field sa
      fields      binocular corneal       vision      hallucinations
      mobility    discrimination    vas   spatial     confrontation
      compliance retention va
acupuncture lithium     massage     tm    medication drug distraction
      training    steroid     physiotherapy     ip    intervention
      active      colchicine nimodipine ea      ie    clonidine cs      mh
acute early schizophrenia     recurrent cutaneous diseases        meningeal
      hyperthyroidism cervical      disease     persistent asthma
      syndrome    liver organic     symptomatic chronic     overt psychosis
acutely     severely    epileptic agitated      seven hypertensive      four
      eight pediatric hd      all   parkinsonian      hemodialysis
      asymptomatic      five chronically adult trauma       pd    depressed
acyclovir propafenone azithromycin        fluconazole cimetidine amiodarone
      allopurinol ofloxacin levamisole quinine        itraconazole
      pamidronate dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     doxycycline colchicine
      prednisolone      nimodipine erythromycin       flecainide
ad    ds    normal      cd    disease     scd   cp    aids asthma       hd
      vad   syndrome    asymptomatic      dat   symptomatic fd    psychosis
      pd    ic    dementia
ada   target      pelvis      diagnostic scalp foot wrist original
      current     basic traditional drug pcc    lateral     individual
      child uterus      membrane    implant     actual
adam sa     systems     resultant di      tm    mt    imp   dynamic     drug
      lesion      tp    skin feet ep      eeg   membrane    ar    tf    ac
adams pelvis      trachea     2nd   retina      vagina      pharynx
      stomach     cornea      forehead    abdomen     original    thorax
      latter      axilla      urethra     orbit cheek aorta 1st
adaptic     fs    ss    sa    foam tm     ht    bt    ls    gs    sm    pc
      ap    tp    sh    sb    ea    ah    np    cs
adaptive    transport specific      orientation systems     chemical
      processes automatic dynamic         physiological     distraction
      extra skin individual physiologic language      cellular    behavior
      accompanying      behaviour
adc   leg   br    di    tm    mt    si    corresponding     pathology
      lesion      ap    skin pathological       individual eeg    membrane
      cyst cv     cs    ar
add   specifically      based related     expected    focusing    exposure
      focus equivalent comment      alternatives      insufficient
      access      information superimposed      put   from directly
      adherence restricted
added shifted     related     applied     prior closer      attributable
      allowed     unrelated equivalent confined       attached    used
      sufficient superior     attempted according restricted decided
addendum    scale controllable      fast proxy alternative shaped
      nontoxic    internist echocardiogram      referral    wherein
      standardized      boost acceptable spirometer bridge        agent
      additional weak
addict      treatment dermatological      detoxification    prison
      rehabilitation    overdose    medicated general       four which
      pediatric all     patient     individual alcoholics three methadone
      patients    elderly
addiction foot dental         shoulder    facial      delirium    voice
      stuttering infant       drug skin alcohol       alcoholism joint
      individual benzodiazepines child opiate         illness     complex
addictions early outpatient detoxification      prison      dental
      inpatient medical       remote      general     sport alcoholics
      addiction active        housing     their socially    obstetric
      community conservative
adding      lead leads unresponsiveness related       leading     relates
      relating    prior transferring      exposure    referring ability
      led   access      adhered     added inability attempting restricted
addison     progressive celiac      obstructive graves      wilson
      multivessel stable      alzheimer lyme huntington crohn meniere
      parkinson bulky diverticular        mcardle     chronic     3-vessel
addisonian arthritic normotensive         severely    hypothyroid epileptic
      diabetic    young obese hypertensive      pediatric asthmatic
      parkinsonian      childhood asymptomatic        elderly     anemic
      hyperlipidemic    pd    depressed
addition    areas ways lieu direction settings        particular case man
      turn order detail       comparison retrospect context       west
      vitro vicinity    contrast    regions
additional extreme      early optimized abnormal      earlier     extended
      automatic ongoing       incidental unusual      and   extra subsequent
      occasional individual incomplete adequate       ordinary    inadequate
additionally      only results      to    in    finally     meanwhile and
      furthermore whereas     although    surprisingly      thus
      nevertheless      while however     accordingly interestingly
      moreover    for
additions steps specifically        susceptibility    manipulation
      changing    related     exposure    disruption allowed      allowing
      increasing attributes equivalent insufficient         exposures
      collapse    goals localization      permitted
additives medications foods food solutions chemical         antacids
      therapies extract       drugs medication objects      pathology
      opioids     benzodiazepines agents        products    devices
      allergy     antibiotics
address     ascertain resolve       clarify     avoid overcome    minimize
      characterize      explore     optimize    maximize    verify
      appreciate delineate elucidate understand document          define
      establish accomplish
addressed specifically        clearly     established to    emphasized
      realized    explored    minimized prevented greatly
      represented neglected explicitly delineated described adopted
      properly    fully utilized
adduction trunk flexion       abduction orientation movement      leg
      elbow amplitude wrist posture       alignment rotation      force
      muscles     lateral     joint muscle      extension vertical
adductive aspect        dorsum      version     seriousness components
      origin      magnitude compressive tangential importance action
      branches    border      appearance passage      integrity elements
      nature      complexity
adductor    retina      abductor    vagina      conjunctiva acetabulum
      cornea      aforementioned    tongue      rectum      junction
      musculature original    thorax      diaphragm urethra       sternum
      penis thumb scapula
adenitis    ha    thrombophlebitis bleeding     inflammation      la
      atelectasis thrombus    lesions     deformity thrombi       vessels
      ethanol     phlebitis granules      infection cough lidocaine
      digoxin     ar
adenocarcinoma    oa    tumors      recurrent cancer        melanoma
      cirrhosis without       disease     carcinomas carcinoma persistent
      thymoma     osteoarthritis    localized leiomyosarcoma
      osteoarthrosis    malignancies      suspected burns
adenoidectomy     assistance myringotomy vision       parents     curettage
      tonsillectomy     surgery     developmental     cp    scarring
      pathology endoscopic bilateral rp         splenectomy problems
      procedures laparoscopy ac
adenoma     polyps      tumors      focal pe    cutaneous adenomas      cd
      bc    cap   disease     cp    lesions     pathology bilateral
      malignancy symptomatic ar     psychosis ic
adenomas    polyps      tumors      dysphagia bleeding      diseases
      peritonitis defects     masses      adenoma     disease     lesions
      ulceration pathology cysts nodules        infection neoplasms
      malignancy psychosis
adenomyosis sepsis      recurrent cholelithiasis      menorrhagia diseases
      obesity     cervical    insomnia    fibroids    disease     persistent
      impotence disorders pneumonia malignancy symptomatic
      endometriosis     psychosis dementia
adenopathy polyps       lymphadenopathy splenomegaly        dysphagia
      bleeding    fever adenomas    abscesses masses        disease
      diplopia    lesions     hematuria ulceration mediastinal cough
      neurologic neurological       headaches
adenosine nitroglycerin       histamine spontaneous da      aminophylline
      furosemide theophylline       phenylephrine     levodopa    ethanol
      dopamine    sodium      caffeine    verapamil erythromycin
      naloxone    digoxin     clonidine somatostatin
adequate    extreme     compensation      specific    optimized an
      unusual     insufficient      inappropriate     accelerated extra
      acceptable recruitment incomplete appropriate additional their
      enhanced    excessive inadequate
adequately clearly      altered     established formally    uniformly
      thoroughly addressed always         appropriately     entirely
      reliably    completely simply       definitively      explicitly
      properly    directly    compromised fully
adhere      continue    relate      proceed     relating    revert
      listen      refer convert     adhered     owing intend      due   fail
      apply according respond       attempting trying       try
adhered     proceeded relates       relating    prior closer
      contributes attributable      exposed     confined    attached
      owing due   inability fail failed         contributed according
      attempting elected
adherence responsive susceptibility       efforts     responsiveness
      related     prior exposure    unrelated equivalent alternatives
      reactivity exposures access         conversion barriers     from
      attempts    return      restricted
adherent    resistant prescribed requested obstructed totally
      noncompliant      offered     alert apt   getting     and   mostly
      individually      their from missed       compliant re      initially
adhesion    leukocytes inflammation       nitrate     glutamate tp      acid
      complement platelets products       pruritus    coagulation cellular
      activity    proteins    neutrophils symptoms    apoptosis tf
adhesions medications recurrences injuries      complications     bleeding
      defects     lesions     deformity scarring      pathology cysts
      calcifications    complaints infection leakage        deposits
      symptoms    antibiotics analgesics
adhesive    paste prosthesis plate flap electrode filter          ring
      suture      lesion      sound preparation endoscope tape device
      membrane    implant     cutting     apparatus dressing
adipose     tissue      omental     tissues     necrotic    hard fibrous
      synovial    vat   inflamed    fibrotic    tonsil      surrounding
      connective soft granulation visceral      muscle      scar sputum
adiposity appetite      emotional dyspnea       cognition vision
      inflammation      fatigue     speech      obesity     mobility
      water mood hyperglycemia      platelets sexual        language
      behavior    proteins    neutrophils
adjacent    distal      fingers     systems     spaces      us    exposure
      referring signal        proximal    surrounding skin force muscles
      items individual toes structures inferior       digits
adjust      accommodate generate    obtain      keep visualize avoid
      locate      remove      minimize    expand      stabilize optimize
      maximize    prepare     apply identify    localize    define
adjusted    prescribed continued prescription         need screening true
      requirement relative    ratio estimated reference normalized
      corresponding     preference indications threshold appropriate
      search      corrected
adjusting responsible requests      need controlling adjustment cared
      substituted except      preference indications preparing unsuitable
      explanations      caring      search      accounted reasons
      suitable    correcting
adjustment adjustments requests     controlling adjusting adjusted
      stopping    dosing      preferences except      preference indication
      indications preparing caring        search      correction accounted
      corrections correcting
adjustments specifically      compensation      shifts      prescriptions
      assistance systems      errors      dependency recommendations and
      calculations      exposures values        interventions     plans
      problems    delays      corrections procedures
adjuvant    neoadjuvant anticoagulant     chemoradiation    tamoxifen
      chemotherapy      radiation corticosteroid      intensified salvage
      statin      sequential radiotherapy       consolidation
      nonsurgical concurrent intraperitoneal immunosuppressive antibiotic
adkins      obstetrician      infusing    surgeon     paramedics referring
      administering     surgeons    pathologist certified cardiologists
      professor themselves adding         urologist anesthesiologist
      psychiatrist      ophthalmologist applying      himself
adl   swallowing dyspnea      agitation cognition vision
      inflammation      speech      pain adls mobility      skin mood
      sedation    motor cough pruritus    living      neutrophils symptoms
adls leukocytes dyspnea       cognition vision        inflammation
      fever fatigue     adl   mobility    mood platelets including
      living      headache    neutrophils headaches symptoms      illness
adm   sp    sa    ha    ta    mp    epi   tm    la    cp    sm    ap    ip
      sb    ep    ca    digoxin     cs    ar    ac
administation     pulses      prescriptions     medicines withdrawal
      delivery    makes dying components origin       resources leaves
      inappropriate     varying     them action       downstream elements
      hence interest
administer generate     obtain      keep ensure       avoid prescribe
      maintain    remove      optimize    manage      detect      learn
      prepare     apply inject      identify    achieve     initiate
administered      prescribed started      maintained applied      infused
      injected    made given done delivered employed        used graded
      chosen      also tapered      performed initiated utilized
administering     manipulation      generating changing     chemical
      aerosol     providing delivering surgeons       giving      drug
      distraction performing itself       doctors     individual following
      applying    ie    topical
administration    reversal    onset termination discontinuation injections
      injection infusions application inhalation use        measurement
      ingestion removal       suppression persistence restoration correction
      initiation completion
admission visits        consultations     delivery    mt    hospitalisation
      discharge work sl       and   presentation      medication exposures
      sites arrival     testing     admissions recruitment ie     re
admissions medications stay prescriptions       consultations     personnel
      hospitalizations hospitalization discharges hospitalisation
      discharge beds transportation       readmission resources lesions
      admission interventions       contacts    symptoms
admit move generate     keep avoid prescribe remove         administer stop
      operate     manage      learn get   prepare     date apply select
      initiate    recover     perform
admits      lifestyle hypothyroid suggested fluctuating seven
      hypertensive      concluded eight iddm hd       belief
      preprandial combination five nine neutropenic includes      adult ten
admitted    responsive unresponsive       proceeded prior switched
      referred    exposed     advised     confined    readmitted subjected
      converted fail failed         according responded consented
      failing     elected
admitting distal        consultation      treatment referring ed
      medical     original    current     prehospital surgical    drug
      initial     physician individual triage         of    implant
      actual      remaining
adn   or    participation     residents participating       given developed
      tested      and   displayed arranged      showing     retained
      exhibited studied       included    identified initially implanted
adnexa      distal      tonsils     scalp fingers     glands      stomach
      tongue      proximal    legs hands vessels      muscles
      endometrium bones uterus      digits      cyst ie     bony
adnexae     walls distal      fingers     tibia nerves      conjunctiva
      tongue      rectum      musculature peritoneum surrounding diaphragm
      urethra     sternum     penis thumb muscles     toes structures
adnexal     polyps      tumors      cutaneous diseases      adenomas
      masses      cervical    disease     meningiomas lesions     cysts
      impotence nodules       neoplasms malignancy symptomatic
      endometriosis     malignant psychosis
adolescence areas tissues     practice    winter      turkey      settings
      particular infancy      man   summer      quiet swimming    pregnancy
      alcoholics individuals childhood housing        contrast    regions
adopt generate    obtain      pursue      avoid prescribe maintain
      develop     administer operate      make learn give eat     elicit
      get   achieve     utilize     initiate    perform
adopted     clearly     formed      established to    applied     provided
      organized eliminated realized       delivered tested        employed
      used introduced created       chosen      described implemented
adrenal     gland pituitary gut     cutaneous facial        tongue
      brain axis intestinal drug vestibular skin joint uterine
      motor endometrium uterus      hypophyseal cyst
adrenalectomy     fundoplication    operations sterilization
      pyeloplasty myomectomy decompression      appendectomy
      appendicectomy    nephrectomy repairs     colonoscopy repair
      colectomy splenectomy gbp     cholecystectomy procedures
      laparoscopic      laparoscopy
adrenally former        retina      epiglottis vagina       stomach
      acetabulum cornea       aforementioned    lungs musculature original
      latter      literature vasculature urethra      preceding ureter
      scapula     aorta
adrenals    process     pelvis      mucosa      parenchyma vagina       gut
      stomach     space lungs thorax      axilla      vasculature
      circulation urethra     region      nasopharynx pathway
      endometrium zone
adriamycin etoposide dtic cisplatinum cisplatin vincristine cytoxan
      cddp 5-fu daunorubicin        bleomycin mitoxantrone        adm
      ifosfamide carboplatin epirubicin methotrexate        thiotepa
      prednisone cyclophosphamide
adult hospitalized      diabetic    cirrhotic seven hypertensive
      eight pediatric parkinsonian        hemodialysis      eleven
      twelve      immunosuppressed five nine elderly        anemic      ten
      hyperlipidemic    depressed
advair      budesonide actuation xinafoate bud        fp    salmeterol
      serevent    hfa   propionate flonase      inhalations handihaler
      puffs puff powder       ointment    flovent     dpi   diskus
advance     specifically      manipulation      shift targeting since
      place progress    great facilitating      nevertheless
      positioning reflecting explaining aid     critical    certain
      delay about element
advanced    schizophrenia     recurrent disseminated
      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    pancreatic colorectal inoperable
      cirrhosis ovarian       metastatic urothelial sarcoidosis refractory
      malignancies      chronic     suspected idiopathic bronchiectasis
advancement prescription      manipulation      location    orientation
      shape spread      alignment displacement        positioning insertion
      recruitment acceleration      structure proper        correction
      localization      integrity recording complexity
advancing hemiplegia ds       increasing impaired     without     minimal
      developmental     hypertriglyceridemia    declining cp
      concomitant persistent asthma       oi    disorders syndrome
      gestational paraplegia dementia
adventitious      generate    engage      purposeful intervene
      participate grow produce      prevent     operate     promote
      detect      eat   elicit      date achieve      induce      initiate
      perform     monitor
adverse     thrombotic medications major anticholinergic systemic
      complications     bleeding    toxic serious     unusual
      gastrointestinal embolic      medication drug arrhythmic undesired
      side complaints neurologic
advice      consultation      assistance personal     work reinforcement
      medication exposures counseling physiotherapy         nurses
      information doctors     interventions     instructions
      instruction education their professional        behavior
advil closest     proximity epiglottis otc      closer      adjacent    time
      ability     study attached    equation    goal counter      meant
      anastomosed fact inability motrin         communicated
advised     susceptible responsive related      switched    unrelated
      exposed     unable      enough      encouraged difficult able
      sufficient subjected necessary instructed converted asked
      willing     restricted
advises     results     reveals     construction      entailed    represents
      finally     provides    gives showed      discussion components
      assuming    thus limitations following gave yields          yielded
ae    ss    sa    complications     bleeding    and   nephrotoxicity
      medication pc     lesions     pathology ap      complaints cough
      headache    np    cs    symptoms    es    ar
aea   sp    fs    sa    fatigue     cp    sm    ap    tp    acid ep
      sodium      water sedation    platelets ca      aa    cough pruritus
aeration    curvature movement      opening     anatomy     alignment
      articulation      atelectasis rotation    displacement      collapse
      deformity pathology positioning structures leakage          ie
      elements    contamination     deposition
aerobic     maximal     breathlessness    dyspnea     relaxation endurance
      speech      sport dynamic     dietary     aquatic     training
      swimming    muscular    muscle      static      heavy supervised
      exercise    cardiorespiratory
aerobics    sp    ha    relaxation tm     mt    running     aerobic
      sport ap    training    swimming    pt    static      education ea
      walking     ar    maternal    ac
aerobid     impending life methylprednisolone         aerosolized zyrtec
      microcalcifications     rapamycin dying origin        irinotecan
      zolmitriptan      nebulized them haldol         consciousness
      undetermined      prematurity cpt-11      interest
aerosol     capsule     paste therapy     solution    oral extract
      medication drug distraction vaccine       theophylline      ethanol
      preparation gel   terbutaline suspension ie     ro    clonazepam
aerosolized azithromycin      thalidomide methylprednisolone
      fluconazole amantadine trazodone hydrocortisone       allopurinol
      albuterol furosemide nebulized clomipramine           dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     inhaled     terbutaline erythromycin
      nicardipine clonazepam
aeruginosa sp     acinetobacter     bacteremia bacteria     fever fatigue
      strains     infections ns     infection organisms mrsa septicemia
      vancomycin pruritus     enterococci candida     symptoms    species
af    sepsis      tumors      recurrent dysphagia ascites         pe
      diseases    amiodarone peritonitis hyperthyroidism disease
      lesions     ulceration syncope      gallstones uveitis      malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis
afb   ss    sa    ha    ds    ta    ht    hc    la    bc    cp    sm    pc
      ap    sb    rp    aa    np    cs    es
afebrile    prescribed totally      transplanted      staged      stabilized
      catheterized      biopsied    intubated mostly        bilateral with
      regularly taking        symptomatic symptomatically for     re
      initially intraoperatively
affairs     medicine    kentucky    referral    medical     hospital
      gastroenterology veterans     veteran     otolaryngology
      dermatology neurology center        urology     university
      pennsylvania      nephrology texas ophthalmology      va
affect      occur any   modify      disturb     alter exacerbate notice
      preclude    recur necessitate impair      diminish    exceed      vary
      worsen      deteriorate reveal      compromise appreciably
affected    altered     determined dictated     visualized elicited
      reversed    eliminated replaced     effected    supported prevented
      dominated verified      confirmed triggered aggravated blocked
      confounded augmented
affecting changing      considering outside     around      beside      upon
      since concerning besides      impairing knowing       beyond
      positioning reflecting explaining distortion about moreover
affective emotional psychiatric cutaneous anxiety           musculoskeletal
      facial      personality developmental     pathology skin disorders
      eating      mood language     behavior    neurological      symptoms
      depression complex
affects     indeed      considering targeting regarding disruption upon
      despite     concerning prevents     besides     involves    improves
      explains    reflects    beyond      positioning reflecting about
afferent    movement    organs      nerves      nerve stimulus    posture
      cortical    signals     reflex      force sound muscles     neural
      muscle      structures motor input membrane     ie
affixed     shifted     applied     relating    prior closer      close
      allowed     unrelated confined      attached    connected sent
      adhered     added anastomosed according from directly       restricted
afford      permit      be    bear require      provide     offer improve
      allow produce     express     make exhibit      help give represent
      induce      enhance     utilize     evolve
afib obstructed bacteremia svt      cutaneous avm     amiodarone
      peritonitis delirium    cap   sn    steroid     arrhythmia infection
      bladder     uterine     af    malignancy symptomatic ar
aforementioned    retina      vagina      stomach     acetabulum largest
      cornea      lungs junction    original    latter      author      same
      diaphragm first urethra       sternum     penis fetus remaining
afp   amylase     tumor cea   tm    haptoglobin cp    albumin
      testosterone      sm    ap    theophylline      acid ep     ca    aa
      digoxin     ar    intact      ic
afraid      reversal    lack use    measurement types doses degree
      because     suppression persistence indicative numbers
      restoration documentation     aware identified identification
      amounts     independent
african     north hispanic    young ht    black asian caucasian alcoholics
      individuals overweight asymptomatic       women teenagers older
      native      housing     children    white sedentary
afro sa     pn    unemployed ht     hc    normal      fatigue     bc
      black asian caucasian married       asymptomatic      women teenagers
      older white sedentary est
after within      to    afterwards at     in    finally     discussion and
      by    through     thus later following during         for
      consequently      re    additionally      again
afterload transport systemic        preload     cortical    mobility    its
      contractility     stress      filling     tone pp     muscle
      functional language     behavior    activity    rv    behaviour
afternoon former        industry    evening     duodenum    direction
      morning     usa   mid   second      group position    summer
      plane region      ventral     lateral     uk    condition arm
afterward thereafter afterwards postdischarge         finally     others
      curettage after 6h      resp subsequently       later then
      postoperatively post respectively         another     consequently
      24h   again
afterwards thereafter afterward finally         others      curettage
      after resp subsequently       later then postoperatively
      respectively      another     lastly      hence for   consequently
      additionally      again
afv   appetite    irritability      sap   map   daytime     po2
      measurements      spirometry hemodynamics       erythema    bf
      hunger      resting     ph    girth itching     redness     volumes
ag    sp    ss    sa    ta    mp    tm    mt    la    bc    cp    sm    pc
      ap    tp    ca    aa    cs    ar    ac
again thereafter afterwards maintained at       finally     simultaneously
      repeatedly after retained     subsequently      later ending      then
      also for    consequently      24h   re    additionally
against     transport specific      diminished to     overlapping chemical
      targeting avoiding      upon reading      light and   by    retained
      pathology on      activity    ie    for
age   ss    dysphagia pack years person         md    pain cp     reporting
      preoperative      pathology ages complaints including their ie
      se    neurological      symptoms
aged survived     diagnosed pack younger        years person      presenting
      male caucasian ages female          women teenagers older children
      who   age   initially failing
agency      user consultation       pharmacy    diagnostic therapist
      system      surgeon     code team basic nurse network       threshold
      physician doctor        child method      law   service
agenesis    tumors      injuries    impairment cri    insufficiency
      adenocarcinoma    paresis     increasing involvement without
      atrophy     enlargement varying     complaints incomplete
      leiomyosarcoma    osteoarthrosis    dislocation dementia
agent vasodilator supplement abnormality neoplasm     viable      reservoir
      compound    new   inhibitor technique approach        regime
      problem     preparation regimen     method      device      element
agents      medications solutions medicines systems         antacids
      therapies substances drugs steroids       objects     lesions
      pathology opioids       preparations      benzodiazepines regimens
      products    devices     antibiotics
ager generous     pack plateau      person      romantic    hoping
      satisfaction      girl labeled      6g    them penny woman negative
      aged coupled      attendance adherence age
ages dates ss     diagnoses pack range us       person      md    time
      parents     presentation      exposures recruitment complaints
      pupils      teenagers aged age      symptoms
agg   sp    sa    basal morphology ls     rl    dg    si    both erythema
      ap    tp    bf    pt    rc    hypo pre    ea    sf
aggravated altered      diminished partially reversed       eliminated
      supported improved      prevented facilitated affected      verified
      confirmed triggered blocked         represented augmented alleviated
      worsened    compromised
aggravating imbalance abnormality avoiding      impressive involvement
      besides     unusual     particularly      difficulty notably
      important positioning enhancing adequate        unspecific especially
      additional about for
aggrenox    dipyridamole      therapy     nitroglycerin     azithromycin
      cilostazol oral moxifloxacin        aerosolized anticoagulation
      aspirin     argatroban warfarin     ticlopidine furosemide persantine
      ciprofloxacin     procainamide      clopidogrel nefazodone
aggresive component dentist         version     rigorous    lot   team
      precise     new   comprehensive     action      problem
      nephrologist      today mechanism extent        law   correct
      question    principle
aggressive cutaneous destructive cap      disease     painful
      concomitant poor persistent steroid       incomplete suboptimal
      active      organic     malignancy concurrent symptomatic
      conventional      extensive ic
aggressively      conservatively    alert considered avoided
      appropriately     pursued     often promptly    carefully
      particularly      surgically successfully       preferably rapidly
      quickly     especially actively     confused    prophylactically
agitated    burn injured      severely    epileptic acutely       seven
      medicated four eight pediatric hd         parkinsonian      dialysis
      asymptomatic      five adult trauma       ten   depressed
agitation swallowing hypotension dysphagia anxiety          bleeding
      dyspnea     vision      inflammation      fever fatigue     speech
      pain sedation     cough pruritus    headache    symptoms    depression
ago   specifically      to    menopause range in      years since despite
      covering    besides     discussion by     through     etc   reflecting
      representing      old   inclusive for
agonal      expectation schedule    anticipation      separate
      comprehension     spontaneously     disposition works perception
      giving      develops    suppression disordered basis recollection
      demand      farm periodic     performance
agonists    bronchodilators beta antagonists antacids       therapies
      nitrates    corticosteroids antidepressants steroids        statins
      opioids     ep    benzodiazepines blocking      agents      blockers
      blockade    ar    antibiotics
agoraphobia hemiplegia schizophrenia      tumors      ocd   hypertension
      recurring epilepsy      ptsd without      asthma      sad
      malignancies      endometriosis     disorder    paraplegia burns
      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
agree comply      replacing compatible react experience interact
      consistent presented along together       correlate correlating
      concur      compared    interfering interfere coupled       coincident
agreeable distressed sa       orientation anxious     alert energetic
      lighter     personal    relaxed     exams sensitive rapidly
      verbally    uncomfortable     quickly     comfortable slowly
      psychologically for
agreed      efforts     are   related     reacted     proceeded closer
      required    exposure    access      helped      adhered     chose
      appeared    failed      from consented restricted elected
agreement gap     orientation overlapping traction    interaction reading
      overlap     contact     association alignment connection
      displacement      discrimination    discrepancy similarity leakage
      compliance discordance asymmetry
agrees      dealing     replacing compatible associated dealt deals
      interacts consistent along together       concurred correlating
      correlated concur       compared    interfering interferes coupled
agressive namely        botox cognitive bleeds        avoided     disturbed
      givers      providers inflammation        provider    pus   beds
      facilities corticosteroid     competent origin        antibiotic
      illness     interest
ah    ss    sa    ds    ht    hc    dh    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    ap
      aa    np    cs    es    ar    ic    ac
ahd   ha    dysphagia spontaneous tm      fever dh    la    preoperative
      ap    sh    ep    rp    cough headache    ie    cs    ar    ic    ac
ahead manipulation      location    raise raising     cover disruption upon
      stability discussion displacement         positioning reflecting aid
      match passage     delay localization      about correct
ai    sp    fs    sa    ri    ft    di    tm    mt    la    si    sm    pc
      ap    tp    pt    pp    li    es    ac
aicd icd    therapy     damage      monocytes hospitalization exposure
      pb    medication exposures interventions        mobilization
      platelets aa      dyskinesias mucosal     symptoms    apoptosis tf
aid   prescription      manipulation      component potential result
      burden      spread      therapeutic difficulty great advance
      source      proper      delay similarity possible     method
      correct     element
aide user consultation        orientation personnel moving        therapist
      resident    worker      electrode staff reading       mt    plan
      nurses      education professional        cutting     service
aided specific    manipulation      assisted    provided    navigation
      chemical    reading     light voice reinforcement     simulation
      surgical    pathology lesion        distraction sound preparation
      instruction image
aids sepsis       acute ad    ds    diseases    cd    cap   disease     cp
      asthma      syndrome    tb    organic     malignancy symptomatic
      trauma      psychosis ic      dementia
aik   degrees     ha    ez    vit   tm    serogroup norm mitomycin
      warmed      ring vaccine      vitamins    dukes vitamin
      temperature pcl   child tc    ara
aim   bioavailability purpose       closest     leading     investigation
      relative    contribution      time contributions      ability
      present     current     objective object        goal scope goals
      conversion this
aimed seeks relates     contributes allowed     looks wanted      objective
      wished      corresponds sought      tried attempted tries
      contributed extends     designed    undertaken decided      helps
air   breathing ha      tm    mt    light la    cp    sm    pc    pathology
      ap    skin sb     water np    ie    cs    ar    ac
airbag      portable    prosthesis box    catheter    compound    commercial
      fluoroquinolone vaccine       new   benzodiazepine    sound beverage
      containing stethoscope device       car   message     hybrid
airflow     sepsis      severe      obstruction emphysema diseases
      nasal disease     cp    persistent asthma       airways     spasticity
      syndrome    bronchial organic       symptomatic proteinuria ic
airplane    telephone moving        internist consultant therapist
      dermatologist     pathologist nurse cardiologist      pressing
      radiologist rheumatologist    psychiatrist      ophthalmologist
      applying    ambulance phone mail letter
airport     former      earliest    trachea     retina      largest
      highest     aforementioned    umbilicus apex sacrum         junction
      original    latter      interspace axilla       same urethra
      periphery carina
airspace    namely      appetite    alternating myopathy    soap fruit
      dyspnea     wheeze      vision      fever wheezing    erythema
      vitamins    containing including cough mono adiposity adriamycin
airway      pharyngeal cutaneous spontaneous facial         nasal brain
      nocturnal cortical      intestinal lesion       urethral    airways
      skin sound muscle       cough membrane    cs    ar
airways     early distal      mucosa      tissues     gut   stomach
      cutaneous lungs brain eye     proximal    legs kidneys      intestinal
      hands vessels     circulation skin uk
aj    excluding irrigation em       stripping in      mp    traction    hc
      bt    irradiation id    medicated cc      rp    washing     np    for
      es    ic
ak    bacterial focal cutaneous diseases        facial      peritonitis
      obesity     cervical    cap   cp    lesions     skin cysts impotence
      spasticity migraine     tinnitus    malignancy psychosis
aka   recurrences abnormalities     synovitis participation       cytology
      fever abscesses falls syphilis      difficulties      amputations dna
      lesions     testing     tp    calcifications    sedation    tf
akinesis    polyps      strokes     injuries    erosions    dysphagia
      obstructions      vision      fever wheezing    hypokinesis
      hydronephrosis    lesions     stenoses    stenosis    ischemia    ie
      dyskinesis headaches adhesions
akinetic    obstructed abnormal     vaginal     ha    cutaneous
      spontaneous necrotic    facial      diseased    nasal cervical
      hypokinetic lesions     kidneys     vessels     segments    nodules
      uterine     dyskinetic
al    ultrasound reading      catheters surgeons      oct   and   et
      lesions     pathology items assays        tests med   j     procedures
      int   res   cs    dis
ala   fa    ha    ta    tm    la    allopurinol cp    sm    pc    sh    ip
      acid gel    aa    erythromycin      digoxin     clonidine cs      ar
alabama     medicine    maryland    dentistry california kentucky
      hospital    gastroenterology connecticut neurology urology
      pennsylvania      nebraska    texas psychiatry florida      washington
      virginia    county      illinois
alanine     ggt   aspartate amylase       potassium aminotransferase
      haptoglobin cortisol    albumin     testosterone      glutamate
      fibrinogen ast    transaminases     serum transaminase      tsh   alt
      tg    bilirubin
alarming    earlier     extremely investigational imbalance unreliable
      ongoing     inevitable impressive unusual       enormous    important
      artifact    acceptable appropriate adequate     inaccurate additional
      interesting emerging
alaska      areas tissues     young prison      turkey      mexico
      settings    particular infancy      man   infants     asian alcoholics
      country     childhood teenagers children        contrast    south
alb   sp    sa    mp    ft    mt    la    albumin     sm    ma    ap    tp
      sodium      ca    aa    s     np    proteinuria ar    ac
albumen     meat electrolytes       appetite    irritability
      splenomegaly      satiety     dyspnea     body fatigue      histology
      diuresis    height      spirometry mobility     bf    hunger
      comorbidities     mood ca
albumin     phosphate electrolytes        amylase     zinc potassium alb
      haptoglobin cortisol    calcium     folate      testosterone      ap
      creatinine magnesium sodium         ca    bilirubin urate protein
albumins    amylase     potassium haptoglobin peaks measurements
      folate      albumin     testosterone      mobility    tp    levels
      complaints ca     proteins    volumes     symptoms    bilirubin
      protein     breakdown
albuterol budesonide amitriptyline        aspirin     nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    imipramine furosemide steroids      clomipramine
      theophylline      propranolol diltiazem dexamethasone
      terbutaline verapamil erythromycin        digoxin     clonazepam
alcohol     food marijuana cocaine        heroin      facial      vision
      speech      obesity     drinking    medication dietary      skin
      ethanol     benzodiazepines language      cough caffeine    behavior
alcoholic acute schizophrenia       recurrent ascites       ad    gout cd
      sporadic    hyperthyroidism disease       biliary     asthma
      sarcoidosis asymptomatic      liver symptomatic chronic     pd
alcoholics tissues      eyes particular ears infants        asian segments
      people      knees cats individuals babies       childhood women
      teenagers children      patients    contrast    zones
alcoholism bacterial cutaneous diseases         facial      obesity
      lesions     alcohol     impotence atherosclerosis disorders
      migraine    infection childhood tinnitus        tb    malignancy
      allergy     illness     psychosis
aldactone metoprolol losartan       bisoprolol nadolol      amlodipine
      carvedilol allopurinol celecoxib spironolactone       lisinopril
      valsartan ramipril      labetalol fosinopril verapamil lorazepam
      enalapril ibuprofen captopril
alden laryngoscope      wand highest      aforementioned    umbilicus
      original    author      greatest    same safest       blade blades
      carina      nearest     lowest      flex uterus       macintosh
aldolase    ggt   electrolytes      afterward ldh     dehydrogenase
      potassium cortisol      lactate     biochemistry      albumin     resp
      progesterone      cpk   ckmb ast    transaminase      miscellaneous
      respectively      urate
aldomet     concentrate or    abnormality solution    involving imipramine
      extract     stabilization     temporary alone suspension definite
      worsening ointment      deterioration     10mg methyldopa clonazepam
aldosterone renin ammonia     vasopressin potassium cck     pra   osmolality
      cortisol    lactate     norepinephrine    acth fibrinogen na      bnp
      homocysteine      glucagon    catecholamine     ne    urate
ale   only cn     bt    and   cc    whereas     control     suture      pc
      which knees while however     intervention      ea    of    np    cs
alen thereafter afterwards afterward postdischarge          wk    n     days
      subsequently      mo    later example     wks   then months
      weeks postoperatively miscellaneous       postpartum another
alendronate metoprolol amlodipine cimetidine tamoxifen finasteride
      carvedilol allopurinol montelukast spironolactone     raloxifene
      lisinopril ramipril     pamidronate fluoxetine colchicine etidronate
      enalapril pravastatin captopril
alert specifically      prescribed extreme      consultation
      orientation us    relaxed     reading     light work turning
      doctors     recruitment physicians from of      ie    for   re
alerted     responsive related      closer      close allowed     unrelated
      exposed     contributing      attributed confined     attached
      encouraged helped       adhered     motivated contributed according
      from restricted
alexander former        process     retina      vagina      stomach
      cornea      lungs original    current     latter      author
      diaphragm vasculature first urethra       itself      fetus pathway
alfa aztreonam therapy        azithromycin      thalidomide fluconazole
      amantadine hydroxyurea ceftriaxone amiodarone carvedilol levamisole
      clomipramine      clozapine octreotide ciprofloxacin
      risperidone colchicine vancomycin clonazepam
ali   schizophrenia     pancreatitis      recurrent ascites       ards
      epilepsy    severe      gout arf    disease     acs   asthma
      gallstones sarcoidosis uveitis      syndrome    symptomatic chronic
alice varicella polysaccharide      pneumococcal      ha    ez    live
      aerosol     yeast measles     polio commercial vaccine      tv
      strain      immunizations     influenza brucella      inactivated ro
aligned     offered     covered     manually    made loaded       accessed
      removed     simultaneously    presented sutured       mostly
      restored    repaired    filled      secured     prepared    fitted
      constantly sealed
alignment manipulation        location    orientation movement    size
      shape morphology anatomy      stability components rotation
      displacement      pathology positioning anatomic      structures
      structure localization        integrity
alive healed      transplanted      reevaluated survived    staged
      experienced rendered    presented electively underwent with
      sedated     taking      experiencing      symptomatically died
      initially engrafted had
alk   fs    ss    ha    td    di    tm    mt    md    bt    cp    sm    pc
      dc    ap    sb    cs    es    ar    ac
alkaline    ggt   electrolytes      amylase     phosphorus ldh    potassium
      haptoglobin pth   bap   albumin     testosterone      sgot sgpt
      creatinine transaminases      ferritin    transaminase      bilirubin
alkalinephosphatase     likewise    improving clearing      formation
      furthermore whereas     percent     although    pyruvic     while
      however     transaminase      marrow      cellularity bmd   stock
      interestingly     moreover    decreasing
alkalinized irrigation bupivacaine saline       cc    warmed      ip
      carbonated caudal       sb    xylocaine block lidocaine ea        np
      clonidine cs      es    plain ga
alkalizing pharmacological namely         anticholinergic stimulant
      orientation coordination      chemical    targeting retraction
      differentiation anatomy       stability knowledge physiological
      recruitment physiologic structure analgesic pharmacologic
alkalosis transport hypotension histamine drive hypoxemia hypoxia
      hypokalemia heat acidosis     ethanol     stress      muscle
      hyperglycemia     delayed     cough exercise    activity    ie    ar
all   six   only excluding seven four eight hd        parkinsonian
      three asymptomatic      twelve      five nine some another
      adult ten   depressed among
allegra     variations dissolved soaked         engaged     alterations
      participation     increases particularly        falls hcl   declines
      residing    thiamine    changes     methazolamide     especially
      living      decreases crystals
allen breath      patch plate modified    tm    box   filter      code bar
      test skin pad     walk word bi      cold device       membrane
allergen    histamine air     aerosol     mt    da    nasal hypoxia
      medication drug vaccination skin levodopa       ethanol     stress
      cold exercise     challenge cat     ar
allergic    acute schizophrenia     seasonal    cutaneous diseases
      hyperthyroidism disease       asthma      spasticity migraine
      bronchial rosacea       liver tinnitus    symptomatic allergy
      malignant vitiligo      psychosis
allergies medications injuries      diseases    vision      inflammation
      wheezing    obesity     steroids    lesions     pathology
      anaphylaxis infections disorders intolerance cough allergy
      headaches symptoms      psychosis
allergy     injuries    cutaneous diseases      hyperthyroidism cap
      disease     lesions     pathology asthma        anaphylaxis alcoholism
      spasticity disorders intolerance organic        malignancy allergies
      psychosis dementia
alleviate accommodate resolve       avoid overcome    minimize    facilitate
      improve     stimulate stabilize optimize        maximize    diminish
      prevent     reduce      promote     restore     relieve     recognize
alleviated altered      diminished determined ascertained partially
      reversed    eliminated improved     minimized prevented globally
      temporarily reduced     completely aggravated blocked       assessed
      relieved    augmented
alleviating treating    improving maintaining eliminating settings
      reversing arresting particular man        facilitating
      suppressing detail      resolving relieving managing        vitro
      contrast    inducing    decreasing
allevyn     paste appendix    prosthesis gauze foam tm      sponge
      chlorhexidine     ring lesion       sb    nail adhesive     device
      uterus      implant     cs    dressings dressing
alliance    pelvis      trunk scalp fingers     foot wrist tongue
      abdomen     thorax      ring drug diaphragm lesion          hands
      thumb joint individual uterus       membrane
allison     based m&amp soaked      resulted    decrease    fall
      participated      decline     mitomycin lp      hitch rise modest
      produces    trend culminating ara   decrement slight
allogeneic transplanted       nonmyeloablative autologous cutaneous red
      cryopreserved     auto stem allogenic kidney          peripheral
      mediastinal hematopoietic     donor depleted    immunosuppression
      liver bone bm
allogenic allogeneic tumor autologous cutaneous bleeding          facial
      brain auto lesions      kidney      vessels     steroid     peripheral
      donor hepatic     uterine     liver cerebral    bone
allograft transplants renal transplant parenchymal insufficiency
      brain lesions     kidneys     kidney      colic tubular     hepatic
      immunosuppression liver okt3 proteinuria cyclosporine       ar
allopurinol azithromycin      fluconazole amantadine cimetidine aspirin
      nifedipine levamisole itraconazole        spironolactone    diltiazem
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     doxycycline colchicine verapamil
      nimodipine erythromycin       nicardipine captopril
allotted    susceptible distributed invited     switched    exposed
      unable      advised     sent readmitted encouraged able subjected
      sequentially      instructed converted asked according willing
allow permit      be    consider    estimate    bear provide      extend
      facilitate encourage allowing       diminish    make reduce       help
      give enable       enhance     utilize     include
allowed     requested related       applied     offered     closer
      required    close allowing    roughly     equivalent employed     used
      helped      added attempted from restricted utilized        permitted
allowing    steps specifically      manipulation      applications
      targeting providing disruption allowed          allow giving
      optimization      thus nevertheless       representing      correction
      possible    presumably permitting permitted
almost      only diminished to      practically in    roughly     and   by
      approximately     surprisingly      across      virtually completely
      remarkably also nearly        for   essentially additionally
alone metoprolol or     haloperidol amitriptyline     hydroxyurea tamoxifen
      chemotherapy      aspirin     levamisole imipramine monotherapy
      metformin ceftazidime propranolol radiotherapy        plus enalapril
      conventional      captopril
along dealing     replacing compatible associated supplementing
      dealt deals interacts consistent together       concomitantly
      concurred correlating correlated compared       interfering interferes
      coupled     coincident
alopecia    malaise     leukopenia fever fatigue      diarrhea
      paresthesias      rash palpitations       somnolence constipation
      pruritus    lethargy    headache    mucositis anemia
      thrombocytopenia myalgias     dizziness anorexia
alpha tumor beta tm     inf   nitrate     gamma sm    ap    acid ep
      sodium      aa    prazosin    cough proteins    digoxin     ar    tf
alphagan    tolterodine budesonide dorzolamide aerosolized tartrate
      brimonidine hydrocortisone    timolol     tamsulosin hcl    albuterol
      furosemide latanoprost terbutaline prazosin     nortriptyline
      midodrine ointment      betaxolol
alprazolam citalopram amitriptyline       trazodone diazepam
      allopurinol imipramine clomipramine       theophylline
      propranolol diltiazem buspirone caffeine        verapamil lorazepam
      erythromycin      ibuprofen digoxin       nicardipine clonazepam
already     only still totally      permanently stabilized developed and
      originally presented never retained       mostly      completely
      typically predominantly       reported    re    initially actually
also only diminished eliminated made tested           simultaneously
      markedly    globally    employed    by    retained    mostly
      subsequently      consistently      completely similarly remarkably
      constantly additionally
alt   cea   potassium basal aminotransferase haptoglobin pth      albumin
      testosterone      ap    elevated    ast   transaminases     serum ca
      aa    transaminase      tsh   proteinuria bilirubin
alter any   modify      disturb     exacerbate notice       preclude
      recur necessitate impair      diminish    exceed      necessarily vary
      worsen      deteriorate reveal      compromise appreciably affect
alteration variations diminution abnormality result         alterations
      increase    involved    expression improvement role accumulation
      attenuation reduction apparent      enhancement remarkable delay
      worsening deterioration
alterations variations shifts       abnormalities     occurred    alteration
      participation     increase    involved    increases improvements
      improvement difficulties      declines    change      changes
      succeeded elevations decreases deficits
altered     clearly     diminished uniformly reversed       eliminated
      always      substantially     different prevented entirely
      changed     affected    reduced     consistently      completely
      aggravated blocked      augmented fully
alternate target        fifth seventh     weekend     other cycle 5th
      optimal     basic medication drug initial       subsequent individual
      standard    following demand        ordinary    actual
alternating treatment oral mixed chemotherapy         vp    intermittent
      preoperative      concomitant accelerated ip    co    sequential
      including combination concurrent compliance intraperitoneal
      combined    ac
alternative option      applicable contributor substitute alternatives
      sufficient necessary important approach         acceptable
      opportunity attractive appropriate tool agent interesting
      contraindication reasonable worthwhile
alternatively     specifically      indeed      to    damage      or
      light and   thus occasionally       nevertheless      which
      nonetheless missed      ie    therefore re      near inadequate
alternatives      susceptibility    efforts     are   related     required
      pertinent exposure      accessible programs     equivalent
      insufficient      sufficient access       helped      tailoring
      barriers    attempts    adherence helps
although    likewise    finally     since meanwhile besides       and
      furthermore whereas     surprisingly      unlike      thus
      nevertheless      which but   while however     interestingly
      moreover    additionally
altitudinal variations shifts       resulting engaged       br
      alterations participation     participating     involved    increases
      falls difficulty difficulties       insert      changes     fill
      bilaterally induced     deficits
aluminum    lithium     ha    antacid     antacids    spontaneous
      hydrocortisone    calcium     quinidine quinine       phenytoin
      theophylline      magnesium ethanol       sodium      diltiazem
      water gentamicin verapamil digoxin
alvarado    process     retina      system      largest     cornea
      aforementioned    junction    musculature original    larsen
      reflex      diaphragm penis notch pathway       organism    principal
      procedure tip
alveolar    pharyngeal leg    ha    air   facial      nocturnal infant
      cortical    intestinal drug lesion        ap    extra skin joint
      individual muscle       motor membrane
alveoli     fingers     parenchyma gut    stomach     jaw   lungs tongue
      thorax      proximal    legs kidneys      hands vessels     skin
      orbit muscles     joint sinuses     bones
alveolitis sepsis       tumors      focal ascites     hypothyroidism
      diseases    hyperthyroidism disease       persistent asthma
      gallstones sarcoidosis uveitis      syndrome    malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis dementia      bronchiectasis
always      clearly     altered     uniformly significantly       eliminated
      quite substantially     markedly    globally    employed    noticeably
      entirely    changed     consistently      completely also reached
      constantly fully
alzheimer progressive celiac        hemorrhoidal      graves      wilson
      multivessel lyme huntington crohn legionnaires        meniere
      parkinson bulky diverticular        cerebrovascular addison
      mcardle     arteriosclerotic occlusive
am    entry visits      noon baseline     night l3    sl    t9    rest pace
      sites ma    bl    pm    wks   t12   h     midnight    24h
ama   therapy     ss    pe    spa   tm    la    cd    bc    cp    lesions
      pathology ip      rp    aa    trauma      cs    ar    ic    ac
aman treating     pancreatitis      improving neurosurgical       acutely
      particular many hd      asian all   parkinsonian      hemodialysis
      managing    identifying asymptomatic      some trauma       pd
amantadine citalopram amitriptyline       trazodone allopurinol levamisole
      gabapentin itraconazole       clomipramine      spironolactone
      donepezil fluoxetine diltiazem buspirone doxycycline verapamil
      nimodipine sertraline nicardipine clonazepam
amaryl      splinting rests electrodes beside         traction    besides
      pathology etc     positioning eruption    on    glimepiride ointment
      ie    10mg forte above dressings antibiotics
amaurosis supratentorial      relapsed    strokes     recurrent diffuse
      ascites     unilateral severe       hemiparesis fever persistent
      fugax cholangiocarcinoma      syncope     lacunar     ischemic    tia
      preexisting paraplegia
amber vial user capsule       tracing     shape chemical    dynamic
      lesion      strain      sound preparation sequence    scar sensation
      recording professional        marginal    vertical    complex
ambient     extreme     cooling     basal air   various     light work cool
      physiological     heat skin rectal        recruitment physiologic
      water temperature core cold indoor
ambisome    propafenone azithromycin      thalidomide fluconazole ptx
      ceftriaxone amiodarone allopurinol levamisole gabapentin enoxaparin
      itraconazole      pamidronate dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin
      doxycycline colchicine nimodipine clonazepam
ambivalent specifically       updated     automatically     enthusiastic
      concerns    concern     discussion knowing      comments
      information inconclusive      views uncomfortable     statements
      questions about sometimes for       actually
ambulance consultation        pharmacy    consultants personnel resident
      staff surgeons    medical     team surgical     nurse nurses
      physician doctors       individual doctor       triage      physicians
ambulate    generate    obtain      keep heal avoid maintain      remove
      administer ventilate resume         manage      detect      eat   get
      achieve     communicate initiate    recover     perform
ambulated bled experienced stabilized recalled        regained    displayed
      visited     exhibited became        extubated walked        aborted
      vomited     taking      deteriorated      re    initially had
ambulating dysphagia bleeding       dyspnea     agitation fever fatigue
      pain erythema     ap    sedation    including cough pruritus
      headache    neurological      headaches symptoms      sedatives ac
ambulation swallowing gait hemostasis emotional discomfort work
      fatigue     defecation employment pain crying         disability
      mobility    recovery    pt    stress      sedation    their behavior
ambulatory pulse office       ecg   seated      venous      intracranial
      sitting     nocturnal daytime       blood standing    hd    peripheral
      24-hour     resting     hepatic     dialysis    arterial    cerebral
amenable    responsive unresponsive       responds    seem tends
      attributable      want enough       able wish appear        owing due
      fail respond      attempting trying       willing     reluctant
american    metabolic early diagnostic treatment various          di
      immediate french        typical     spanish     basic reporting
      preoperative      physiological     individual recruitment
      physiologic functional ie
ami   schizophrenia     pancreatitis      tumors      myocarditis stroke
      epilepsy    gout arf    stemi disease     appendicitis      acs
      pheochromocytoma asthma       sarcoidosis syndrome    mi
      symptomatic chronic
amikacin    aztreonam clindamycin mezlocillin ceftriaxone metronidazole
      ofloxacin levamisole quinine        cefazolin ceftazidime
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin
      vancomycin prednisolone       erythromycin      tobramycin
amine paste radioactive prosthesis foam chlorhexidine       ring extract
      compound    drug lesion       skin sound preparation artificial
      sodium      membrane    cyst mouthwash complex
amino hydroxy     ascorbic    uric fatty valproic     lactic      nocturnal
      glutamine dietary       clavulanic acid bile aa       trans membrane
      nucleic     methylmalonic     acetylsalicylic folic
aminophylline     methylprednisolone      metoclopramide    hydrocortisone
      diazepam    atropine    furosemide esmolol      theophylline
      labetalol propranolol diltiazem dexamethasone         terbutaline
      verapamil nimodipine erythromycin         naloxone    clonidine
aminotransferase ggt    amylase     ldh   alanine     potassium
      haptoglobin transferase pth   albumin     testosterone      glutamate
      creatinine ast    transaminases     serum transaminase      tsh   alt
amiodarone propafenone azithromycin       fluconazole acyclovir tamoxifen
      aspirin     warfarin    carvedilol allopurinol levamisole steroid
      octreotide sotalol      ciprofloxacin     colchicine nimodipine
      erythromycin      nicardipine flecainide
amitriptyline     desipramine haloperidol cimetidine trazodone aspirin
      nifedipine imipramine clomipramine        spironolactone
      propranolol fluoxetine diltiazem nortriptyline        doxepin
      verapamil sertraline erythromycin         paroxetine captopril
amitryptiline     metoprolol bisoprolol amlodipine amitriptyline
      amantadine amiodarone aspirin       carvedilol imipramine gabapentin
      lisinopril labetalol fosinopril buspirone colchicine nimodipine
      sertraline nicardipine captopril
aml   leukemia    schizophrenia     pancreatitis      tumors      cml
      pyelonephritis    epilepsy    gout arf    appendicitis      acs
      sarcoidosis myelodysplasia    syndromes symptomatic malignancies
      chronic     mds   bronchiectasis
amlodipine metoprolol losartan      bisoprolol nifedipine atenolol
      spironolactone    lisinopril valsartan ramipril       propranolol
      fosinopril diltiazem prazosin       verapamil doxazosin enalapril
      felodipine nicardipine captopril
ammonia     plasma      nh3   lipid potassium cortisol      lactate
      norepinephrine    glutamate tp      fibrinogen acid glucose
      serum platelets ca      catecholamine     coagulation ne    protein
ammonium    phosphate vaginal       mannitol    ha    zinc inflammation
      da    nitrate     calcium     speech      magnesium ethanol       acid
      sodium      water ca    aa    cough digoxin
amniocentesis     fs    treatment sa      delivery    reading     and
      medication late pregnancy cvs       sb    endoscopic rp     abortion
      ea    cs    es    laparoscopy ac
among only excluding to       in    finally     four leaving      across
      notably     all   while almost      during      compliant
      interestingly     moreover    for   amongst     additionally
amongst     only excluding to       in    finally     since besides
      leaving     across      notably     nevertheless      while almost
      during      interestingly     moreover    for   additionally
amount      occurrence likelihood quantity      presence    course
      incidence use     development timing      probability percentage
      degree      magnitude discovery number          appearance
      availability      nature      evolution
amounts     lack quantity     aspects     estimation normalization      use
      ease types degree       because     suppression persistence
      completeness      numbers     duration    availability      instead
      forms identification
amox azithromycin       clarithromycin    metoclopramide    cimetidine
      cephalexin mp     metronidazole     ofloxacin itraconazole
      cefaclor    tetracycline      propranolol dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     doxycycline amoxicillin prednisolone
      erythromycin      levofloxacin
amoxicillin omeprazole azithromycin       clarithromycin    cimetidine
      cephalexin ranitidine ceftriaxone metronidazole       ofloxacin
      cefaclor    tetracycline      ciprofloxacin     doxycycline gentamicin
      prednisolone      plus erythromycin       levofloxacin      tobramycin
amoxil      omeprazole clarithromycin     acetaminophen     hydroxyzine mg
      diazepam    metronidazole     codeine     tablets     cefaclor
      tetracycline      naproxen    flurazepam promethazine
      terbutaline amoxicillin lorazepam ibuprofen levofloxacin
amp   transport fs      sa    orientation chemical    td    di    reading
      mt    light and   pc    testing     pathology ap      skin s      ie
amphetamines      medications foods legal cocaine     inflammation
      speech      resources objects       alcohol     benzodiazepines
      barbiturates      sedation    laxatives products      language
      proteins    sedatives opiates       analgesics
ampicillin aztreonam chloramphenicol azithromycin           clindamycin
      penicillin mezlocillin ceftriaxone metronidazole      ofloxacin
      cefazolin tetracycline        ceftazidime ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin erythromycin        tobramycin
amplatz     syringe     prosthesis midline      plate closed      flap
      electrode bag     sponge      filter      bar   introducer suture
      sensor      technique endoscope device          port apparatus
amplatzer earliest      retina      resultant vagina        largest
      highest     cornea      aforementioned    original    latter      same
      diaphragm urethra       penis lowest      organism    occluder
      longest     uterus
ample considerable      recommended growing     convincing clear
      insufficient      currently important indication explanation
      conclusive accurate     critical    appropriate adequate    consensus
      possible    interesting emerging
amplitude location      absorption orientation distribution       size
      distributions     shape character width frequency stability
      configuration     displacement      appearance slope acceleration
      structure power content
amps distal       scalp fingers     systems     nerves      conjunctiva
      wrist tongue      musculature surrounding diaphragm thumb muscles
      items toes uterus       implant     devices     actual
ampule      vial hour capsule       week syrup pulses
      methylprednisolone      solution    cycle aerosol     sc    repetition
      iu    extract     tablet      dexamethasone     suspension lidocaine
ampulla     process     occurrence earliest     distribution
      seriousness original    development timing      magnitude scope
      importance border       appearance ultimate     papilla
      endometrium evolution etiology      actual
amputate    move continue     proceed     begin prescribe operate
      choose      convert     admit transfuse apply adopt decide
      remember    initiate    attend      recover     perform     try
amputation relapse      recurrence permanent bleeding       drainage    and
      repeat      amputations surgical    medication revision     lesions
      pathology endoscopic rp       perforation ie    re    ic
amputations strokes     recurrences injuries    abnormalities     minor
      hemorrhages disturbances      complications     bleeds      bleeding
      abscesses amputation lesions        pathology complaints revisions
      hematomas procedures perforations
amrinone    ptx   ntg   amiodarone nifedipine aminophylline       carvedilol
      allopurinol esmolol     ip    octreotide labetalol diltiazem
      terazosin verapamil nimodipine erythromycin           milrinone
      clonidine nicardipine
amt   sa    ha    di    tm    mt    la    medication sm     pc    drug ap
      ip    skin ep     aa    np    cs    ar    ac
amy   likewise    treatments f      sa    gains lt    examinations      and
      peaks values      indices     diameters similarly ns        tests
      parameters rates sf     scores
amylase     potassium haptoglobin cortisol      calcium     afp   folate
      albumin     testosterone      igg   glutamate ap      tp    ca    tsh
      proteins    trypsin     bilirubin urate protein
amylast     lipids      fourteen    fifteen     electrolytes      phosphorus
      ldh   urinalyses phosphorous chemistries biochemistry       sgot
      creatinine comp eleven        transaminases     ferritin
      transaminase      scans scan
amyloid     phosphate malnutrition        beta inflammation
      haptoglobin calcium     albumin     theophylline      magnesium acid
      ep    sodium      proteins    digoxin     ro    producing
      cyclosporin ar    protein
an    extreme     early progress    increasing and    a     typical
      concomitant inappropriate     varying     prolonged adequate
      suboptimal augmentation       the   some excessive excess
ana   ss    pe    ta    er    tm    ama   la    positive    pc    culture
      ap    hp    ab    negative    cough ar    aca   ic    ac
anaerobic maximal       sa    ni    leg   mt    late dynamic      ap    tp
      subsequent skin recovery      muscle      shivering eeg     power
      motor exercise    sweating
anaerobius pod4 milleri       gram pod2 malonic       pod1 fermenting
      vaginosis cocci peptostreptococcus        aerobic     excoriated
      false occasions vs      methgb      positron    asterixis computed
anagrelide pramipexole plasmapheresis     thalidomide hydroxyurea amiodarone
      tamoxifen lamotrigine levamisole gabapentin clomipramine
      clozapine octreotide pamidronate risperidone colchicine
      clopidogrel cryosurgery galantamine clonazepam
anal pharyngeal foot lm       leg   cutaneous shoulder      facial      tm
      esophageal cervical     pathology ap      urethral    skin joint
      bladder     uterine     cs    ar
analgesia hemostasis therapy        morphine    discomfort bleeding
      drainage    pain medication prophylaxis pathology physiotherapy
      opioids     sedation    block narcotics leakage       compliance
      narcotic    analgesics
analgesic pharmacological prescription          diagnostic hypotensive
      bronchodilator    potential burden        therapeutic differential
      basic intensity physiological       recruitment physiologic antiemetic
      prophylactic      pharmacologic     actual      antihypertensive
analgesics medications medicines bleeding       hospitalization pain
      drugs medication steroids     lesions     pathology opioids
      antiemetics sedation    laxatives products      narcotics sedatives
      antibiotics adhesions
analysis    reversal    interpretation    estimation measurement
      optimization      mode suppression attenuation restoration
      enhancement set   evaluation documentation      correction
      localization      recording assessment the      pattern
anaphylaxis bacteremia dysphagia bleeding       hemorrhage peritonitis
      delirium    origin      lesions     ulceration alcoholism infection
      intolerance neoplasms malignancy allergy        headaches illness
      psychosis epistaxis
anasarca    arthralgias electrolytes      irritability      afterward
      urinalysis urinalyses malaise       c4    biochemistry      alopecia
      vegetables electrocardiograms       miscellaneous     nervousness
      lethargy    respectively      friends     thrombocytopenia myalgias
anastamosis desired     move changing     effects     cover adjacent
      guidelines stimuli      attribute work recommendations signals
      goals branches    structures date correct       question    principle
anastomosed moved closest     shifted     extending applied       closer
      close allowed     confined    attached    connected helped
      adhered     added affixed     according from directly
anastomosis consultation      prosthesis flap shunt filter        catheter
      ring surgical     suture      fistula     drug pathology lesion
      preparation scar stoma of     membrane    implant
anastomotic complications     bleeding    spontaneous stricture fistula
      pathology lesion        urethral    pneumothorax      hematoma
      abscess     scar infection postoperative        perforation leakage
      cyst local perioperative
anatomic    location    orientation size shape chemical     reading
      morphology anatomy      stability alignment components basic
      physiological     technical recruitment physiologic structure
      integrity ie
anatomically      extreme     optimized orientation overlapping chemical
      reading     light cortical    adaptive    pathology extra individual
      anatomic    structures functionally       enhanced    ie    re
anatomy     location    orientation size shape chemical     morphology
      stability alignment basic pathology technical recruitment
      anatomic    structures structure integrity ie         elements
anc   wbc   target      nadir di    absolute    leukocytosis      work
      medication lesion       initial     extra recovery    count platelets
      engraftment neutrophil ie     plt   neutrophils
ancef nitroglycerine    nitroglycerin     thrombophlebitis zyrtec
      temocillin chloride     quinidine salicylate origin         furosemide
      thiamine    cefazolin them phlebitis racemic          tizanidine
      succinate antibiotics interest
and   steps only treatment or       furthermore medication lesions
      retained    pathology nevertheless        while however     following
      the   ie    moreover    for   re    additionally
andersen    user syringe      shape system      modified    electrode norm
      equation    setup test software     technique interview endoscope
      machine     method      of    apparatus video
anderson    tibia larynx      coordinating      stomach     cornea
      wrist tongue      junction    abdomen     prostate    duke diaphragm
      site thumb nebraska     colon memorial    bladder     texas
andrew      pelvis      fingers     retina      fourth      resultant
      conjunctiva cornea      musculature forehead    abdomen     original
      peritoneum diaphragm urethra        sternum     penis fetus toes
androderm transdermal solutions medicines patches           oral delivering
      administering     allopurinol extract     origin      action
      benzodiazepines agents        doxycycline products    topical
      clonazepam bethanechol antibiotics
anemia      sepsis      hypotension dysphagia pe      bleeding    hypoxemia
      fever diarrhea    hyponatremia      nephrotoxicity    disease
      hematuria hyperbilirubinemia        hypercalcemia     hyperglycemia
      constipation      malignancy symptomatic proteinuria
anemic      malnourished      severely    hypothyroid diabetic    seven
      hypertensive      eight pediatric all     asthmatic parkinsonian
      constipated immunosuppressed nine elderly       chronically adult ten
anergic     noncompliant      transplanted      responding hospitalized
      hospitalised      catheterized      seven remitted    euthyroid four
      disabled    all   three asymptomatic      five compliant initially
      selected    depressed
anesthesia hypotension fentanyl     treatment therapy       consultations
      bleeding    hospitalization chemotherapy        surgery     medication
      propofol    endoscopic sedation     immunosuppression block lidocaine
      procedures analgesia laparoscopy
anesthesiologist obstetrician       dentist     system      surgeon     team
      equation    author      radiologist itself      physician doctor
      urologist examiner      ophthalmologist organism      of    procedure
      apparatus tip
anesthesiology    obstetrics medicine     gastroenterology otolaryngology
      origin      neurology pediatrics otorhinolaryngology        cardiology
      them radiology alcoholism urology         consciousness     nephrology
      ophthalmology     psychiatry bones illness
anesthetic consultation       solutions prosthesis stimulus       catheter
      ring compound     medication drug lesion        distraction opioid
      sound preparation block membrane    implant     local complex
aneurx      pelvis      vagina      stomach     aforementioned    wrist
      patella     abdomen     original    thorax      same diaphragm
      initial     first urethra     taxus orbit cypher      uterus
aneurysm    aneurysms bleeding      spontaneous facial      delirium
      shunt thrombus    surgical    lesions     fistula     deformity
      pathology lesion        scar arch aortic        cyst aaa    trauma
aneurysmal acute tumors       subarachnoid      recurrent injuries
      vasospasm unilateral intracranial         massive     disease
      intracerebral     gallstones hydrocephalus      syndrome    bilateral
      malignancy symptomatic preexisting malignant
aneurysms polyps        injuries    aneurysm    peritonitis defects
      adenomas    abscesses masses        lesions     stenoses    wounds
      fractures fistulae      cysts nodules     neoplasms malignancy aaa
angina      schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent hypertension
      ascites     epilepsy    severe      disease     pheochromocytoma
      persistent asthma       sarcoidosis symptomatic chronic     suspected
      malignant idiopathic hyperlipidemia       bronchiectasis
anginal     cutaneous spontaneous shoulder      facial      attacks
      intestinal hands skin alcohol       joint migraine    uterine
      cough headache    bones ie    symptoms    illness     complex
angio lm    ha    tm    brain allopurinol pathology sh      ip    sb
      compression uterine     sucralfate membrane     cyst classic      ie
      cs    ar    complex
angiocatheter     bronchodilator    investigational abnormality solution
      infusion    aerosol     reservoir filter        defect      catheter
      temporary inhibitor regime          regimen     cannula     outbreak
      additional stoma taper
angiogram target        specimen    flap examination electrode filter
      code bar    catheter    ring test protocol      lesion      threshold
      device      of    implant     procedure score
angiograms radiographs echocardiograms angiogram examinations
      biopsies    surgeries lesions       eegs films stenoses
      angiography tests parameters recordings arteries      scans images
      procedures arteriography
angiograph stain tracing      size before       separation width
      examination covering    tracking    thickness simulation probe
      flattening sequence     machine     recording grading       diameter
angiographic      echocardiographic biochemical radiographic
      microbiologic     radiologic late radiological        pathology
      pathologic subsequent recovery      pathological      endoscopic
      functional retention immunological        laboratory re     procedural
angiographically progressive recurrent longstanding         disseminated
      hypercholesterolemia    unilateral multivessel severe       coronary
      stable      persistent symptomatic chronic      3-vessel
      preexisting overt suspected 1-vessel      idiopathic
angiography ultrasound angiogram angiograms testing         ct    stenoses
      spasm endoscopy calcification       pci   cta   stenting    occlusion
      angioplasty mri   scanning    arteriography     revascularization mra
angiojet    former      retina      vagina      acetabulum largest
      highest     cornea      aforementioned    lungs entire      abdomen
      original    latter      axilla      same first urethra      lowest
angiolymphatic    tiredness fruits        appetite    irritability
      hepatomegaly      meats fruit myometrial photophobia c3     nausea
      materials flatulence bloating       nervousness lethargy    itching
      redness     lymphovascular
angioma     erosion     pains chemical    morphology inflammation
      speech      falls difficulty temporary fistula        pathology
      mobility    transient pathological        hematoma    perforation
      language    retention activity
angiomas    tumors      injuries    focal diseases    abscesses cap
      disease     lesions     infarcts    fistulae    hydrocephalus
      disorders uveitis       syndrome    bilateral symptomatic
      thrombocytosis    burns ic
angiopathy dka    ketoacidosis      impairment gastroparesis      focal
      retinopathy edema neuropathy nephropathy disease
      hypertriglyceridemia    atrophy     infarcts    hypoperfusion
      persistent disorders overt proteinuria dyslipidemia
angioplastied     appendix    specimen    injured     aphasic
      aforementioned    entire      original    most next all     penis
      deceased    delirious carina        organism    remainder procedure
      admitting remaining
angioplasties     obstructions      disturbances      examinations
      angiograms lesions      stenoses    spasm calcification
      calcifications    angiography tests ptca stenting     arteries
      angioplasty occlusions procedures symptoms      arteriography
angioplasty artery      angiograms surgery      stenoses    spasm
      calcification     pta   pci   stent atherectomy angiography ptca
      stenting    occlusion occlusions cabg arteriography
      revascularization angioplasties
angiosarcoma      lymphedema nonunion     foci and    displacement
      reporting lesions       deformity pathology nevertheless
      positioning insertion fractures demonstrating         perforation
      neoplasms ie      contamination     dislocation
angiotensin lymphatic pancreas      beta cox-2 tongue       da    infant
      ace   drug dopamine     converting motor endometrium vasoconstrictors
      uterus      placenta    membrane    digoxin     somatostatin
angle distal      ss    orientation closed      apical      di    md
      configuration     pc    deformity pathology lesion          ap
      lateral     ocular      classic     ie    extension cs
angles      orientation distributions     shape width morphology
      measurements      rotation    values      sites indices     diameters
      latencies tests parameters motions        distances volumes
      extension inclination
angry emotional faces emotionally happy anxious       personal    vision
      fatigue     speech      stressors alcohol       stress      mood
      sedation    neutral     housing     their pictures    thoughts
angulation location     orientation size shape width amplitude morphology
      stability alignment rotation        displacement      collapse
      deformity positioning distortion localization         leakage     ie
anicteric pat     only excluding eyes in        b     icteric     bc
      group ears hearts       asian all   knees asymptomatic      ea
      elderly     np    es
anion finger      transport gut     br    tm    da    cortical    intestinal
      lesion      skin force muscles      muscle      eeg   motor membrane
      cellular    cs    mh
anisocoria relapsed     appetite    receiving myoclonus dysphagia
      before      sap   fev1 dyspnea      sporadic    both erythema     pao2
      heartburn resting       including whom engrafted vertigo
ankle finger      distal      trunk fingers     foot leg    elbow shoulder
      wrist tongue      thigh proximal    lesion      skin toe    thumb
      muscles     knee joint
ankles      ss    sa    shoulders wrists        ears pc     legs kidneys
      hands ap    skin segments     knees feet hips np      cs    es
ankylosing acute schizophrenia      recurrent psoriasis hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    gout fibromyalgia       rheumatic asthma
      bath sarcoidosis ra     symptomatic chronic     suspected malignant
      idiopathic bronchiectasis
ann   distal      prosthesis code ring drug lesion          initial
      extra pathological      preparation individual artificial nail
      child device      membrane    implant     procedure actual
anne finger       scalp midline     system      bag   box   forehead
      filter      bar   ring ward shoe transverse flat lateral          tape
      of    vertex      video
annual      prescription      diagnosis absolute      frequency
      disposition use   average     development percentage magnitude
      initial     success     level appearance ultimate     net   evolution
      actual      pattern
annually    separately tracked      continuously      simultaneously
      repeatedly after serially     monthly     subsequently      later then
      individually      regularly postoperatively periodically          for
      hourly      monitored again
annular     regurgitation     fs    sa    em    mva   tm    la    sm
      segmental late valve ap       valves      tp    annulus     inflow
      pp    cerebellar cs
annuloplasty      regurgitation     prosthetic pe     mva   shunting
      drainage    pmv   fistula     valve pathology valves
      calcification     annular     stenosis    bilateral splenectomy
      aortic      prolapse    ic
annulus     pelvis      retina      vagina      stomach     cornea
      tongue      patella     junction    abdomen     original    thorax
      diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis thumb arch aorta uterus
anomalies injuries      abnormalities     instability disturbances
      complications     foci defects      involvement atrophy     lesions
      scarring    pathology cysts malformation        calcifications
      complaints malformations      problems    symptoms
anomalous extreme       obstructed abnormal     cutaneous difficulty
      segmental lesions       enlarged    pathology extra pathological
      occluded    incomplete hepatic      organic     iatrogenic
      accompanying      subclinical complex
anomaly     abnormality neoplasm    visible     defect      catheter
      temporary fistula       deformity pathology lesion          anomalies
      malformation      preparation perforation malignancy ie     fracture
      complex     asymmetry
anonymous user self outpatient fast electronic automated
      investigational echocardiogram      automatic interactive survey
      adaptive    standardized      interview additional appointment
      ordinary    video intraoral
anorexia    tiredness appetite      dyspnea     malaise     fever fatigue
      diarrhea    paresthesias      rash palpitations       alopecia
      somnolence constipation       nervousness lethargy    headache
      confusion myalgias      dizziness
another     six   only other finally      one   others      a     four all
      subsequent patient      three delayed     each their five the     some
anoxic      early abnormal    treatment bleeding      spontaneous tm
      brain pathology steroid       ip    extra circulatory rp    active
      splenic     iatrogenic cerebellar cs      ar
answer      accommodate ascertain resolve       keep address      remove
      reproduce expand        stabilize maximize      verify      delineate
      get   ask   document    discover    define      judge establish
answered    formed      answers     answering provided      seeing
      drawing     wearing     read displayed through        performing
      completed represented questions passed          for   additionally
      attended    actually
answering answered      changing    answers     moving      drawing
      finally     since reading     besides     discussion furthermore
      nevertheless      performing while however      questions answer
      moreover    additionally
answers     moved changing    moving      pertinent adjacent      us
      exposure    referring turning       signals     exposures force
      items instructions      statements questions input from attempts
ant   finger      distal      scalp foot lm     leg   di    wrist tongue
      mt    proximal    drug lesion       skin joint individual uterus
      membrane    implant
antacid     lithium     amitriptyline     cimetidine antacids     nifedipine
      allopurinol medication drug theophylline        steroid     ip
      diltiazem active        verapamil nimodipine sucralfate
      erythromycin      digoxin     cs
antacids    medications lithium     haloperidol antacid     amitriptyline
      cimetidine imipramine medication steroids       lesions
      clomipramine      pathology opioids       benzodiazepines agents
      doxepin     sucralfate erythromycin       antibiotics
antagonists bisphosphonates phosphate agonists        systems
      supplements antacids    therapies nitrates      drugs steroids
      statins     opioids     benzodiazepines agents        products
      verapamil devices       ar    antibiotics
antecedent extreme      early abnormal    chemical    various
      spontaneous medication reporting drug pathology inappropriate
      extra individual physiologic ie     excessive accompanying
      symptoms    complex
antecubital portal      scalp calf vagina       stomach     space apical
      basilic     proximal    umbilical pool initial        circulation
      circuit     nasopharynx dorsal      subclavian popliteal jugular
antegrade cutaneous ta        warm retrograde preoperative        pc
      regional    physiotherapy     ip    sb    endoscopic rp     cold
      cerebral    intraoperative    cs    ar    crystalloid ac
anterior    distal      pelvis      scalp stomach     posterior jaw
      apical      lungs abdomen     proximal    medial      legs hands
      transverse temporal     lateral     joint dorsal      right
anteriorly diminished orientation closing       errors      traction
      posteriorly laterally positioned scattered sutured          rotated
      retained    accumulated medially    bilaterally of    above distally
antero      distal      groove      space posterior midline       apical
      apex anterior     position    medial      anterolateral     transverse
      plane region      ventral     lateral     periphery dorsal
anteroapical      m     mixed gemcitabine thickened surg pts      fever jr
      irinotecan ifosfamide rash palpitations         co    grade o     med
      lidocaine j       combined
anterolateral     distal      space posterior midline       apical
      anterior    dominant    proximal    configuration     position
      medial      transverse region       ventral     lateral     dorsal
      of    zone condition
anterolisthesis foods leukocytes intoxication         chorioamnionitis
      attacks     rbcs inflammation       sugars      obesity     origin
      deformity membranes consciousness         platelets bones labor
      proteins    neutrophils illness
anteroseptal      distal      acute transmural lm     posterior apical
      anterior    group pc    medial      anterolateral     ap    transverse
      lateral     frontal     ao    cerebellar right arm
anteverted within       whatever    widening    considering angulation
      version     outside     around      disruption upon supporting
      concerning covering     below displacement      beyond      flattening
      none about
anthony     entry bedtime     baseline    coordinating      l3-l4 intervals
      sinai lunch visit rest bedside      l4-l5 duke brooke       least
      memorial    presbyterian      l5-s1 deaconess
anti specific     tumor chemical    cutaneous spontaneous anticonvulsant
      pro   medication intestinal drug pathology steroid          opioid
      extra individual active       local complex     antimicrobial
antianxiety pharmacological specific      anticholinergic stimulant
      bronchodilator    chemical    anticonvulsant    therapeutic
      antidepressant    drug inappropriate      opioid      its
      benzodiazepines antiarrhythmic      antipsychotic     pharmacologic
      antimicrobial     antihypertensive
antiarrhythmic    pharmacological anticholinergic anticoagulant
      anticonvulsant    therapeutic corticosteroid    antidepressant    drug
      antiepileptic     antiviral antiemetic antifungal
      immunosuppressive prophylactic      antipsychotic     antibiotic
      pharmacologic     antimicrobial     antihypertensive
antibiosis consultation       using via   aerosol     developed displayed
      lp    distraction exhibited performing preparation stoma is       ie
      cyclosporin causing     antibiotic utilizing antibiotics
antibiotic therapy      anticoagulant     corticosteroid    surgical
      medication antidepressant     drug inappropriate      steroid
      statin      antiviral active        vancomycin antifungal
      immunosuppressive prophylactic      topical     antibiotics
antibiotics medications therapy     antacids    therapies quinine
      drugs medication steroids     lesions     pathology opioids
      benzodiazepines ciprofloxacin       agents      gentamicin vancomycin
      narcotics erythromycin        analgesics
antibodies medications injuries     antibody    errors      exposures
      lesions     igg   pathology ab      viruses     calcifications
      agents      infection abs     products    proteins    parasites
      symptoms    implants
antibody    specific    tumor ha    cutaneous apt     response    reactivity
      exposures igg     pathology lesion        immune      vaccine     skin
      ab    cellular    ie    ar    antibodies
anticardiolipin cea     monoclonal ana    agitation la      auto igg    iga
      polyclonal igm    ab    calcifications    antithyroglobulin anti
      pruritus    antinuclear ro    immunoglobulin    antibodies
anticholinergic stimulant antacid         anticonvulsant    toxic trazodone
      medication antidepressant     drug steroid      opioid
      benzodiazepines anti active         antianxiety local antipsychotic
      complex     antimicrobial     antihypertensive
anticipate interpret exclude        consider    resolve     facilitate
      improve     assure      prevent     make reduce       promote
      inform      recognize give get      document    describe    enhance
anticipated prescribed extreme      clearly     diminished variable
      expected    predicted quite therapeutic nonetheless planned
      individual recruitment appropriate possible     correct     inadequate
      actual      actually
anticipation      reversal    interpretation    construction      form
      frequency use     perception mode suppression management
      persistence restoration appearance availability       regulation
      forms sense identification    the
anticoagulant     spa   anticonvulsant    hormonal    anticoagulation
      warfarin    radiation corticosteroid      drug intensified steroid
      statin      antiviral active        antifungal immunosuppressive
      antibiotic endocrine antimicrobial        antihypertensive
anticoagulate     reevaluate obtain       keep expand       explore
      optimize    maximize    verify      manage      admit delineate
      prepare     identify    decide      localize    select      define
      judge establish
anticoagulated    transplanted      pretreated severely     hospitalized
      hospitalised      hypertensive      treated     hd    hemodialysis
      asymptomatic      immunosuppressed sedated      dialyzed    elderly
      chronically anemic      adult dialysed    depressed
anticoagulation noncompliance       therapy     thalidomide fluconazole
      anticoagulant     spa   amiodarone chemotherapy       warfarin
      corticosteroid    medication prophylaxis steroid      physiotherapy
      levodopa    infection immunosuppression antibiotic antibiotics
anticonvulsant    pharmacological anticholinergic stimulant
      therapeutic corticosteroid    antidepressant    drug steroid
      antiviral active        antiarrhythmic    immunosuppressive
      prophylactic      antipsychotic     antibiotic topical
      pharmacologic     antimicrobial     antihypertensive
antidepressant    pharmacological stimulant bronchodilator
      anticonvulsant    therapeutic corticosteroid    medication drug
      opioid      antiviral antiemetic active         prophylactic
      antipsychotic     antibiotic topical      pharmacologic
      antimicrobial     antihypertensive
antidepressants medications lithium       bronchodilators amitriptyline
      antacids    therapies trazodone imipramine drugs antidepressant
      steroids    clomipramine      statins     opioids     clozapine
      benzodiazepines agents        tca   antibiotics
antidiabetic      anticholinergic malodor       hypoglycemic
      anticoagulant     acyclovir rehydration anticonvulsant
      anticoagulation corticosteroid      contraceptives    contraceptive
      suspension hygiene      antifungal antiarrhythmic
      immunosuppressive antipsychotic     antimicrobial     antihypertensive
antidiabetics     malodor     gtt   hypoglycemic      hypoglycemics
      acyclovir rehydration thrush        antidiabetic      steroids
      diuretics ulcerations contraceptives      contraceptive     digitalis
      candidiasis liquor      hygiene     prednisolone      dyslipidemia
antidiarrheals    condoms     dyspareunia requests    vasopressors
      hospitalizations hospitalization unconjugated         minerals
      nocturia    resources vegetables amphetamines         laxatives
      social      itching     fullness    sedatives restraints analgesics
antidiuretic      gonadotropin      vasopressin gut   spontaneous da
      growth      nocturnal intestinal glutamate drug physiological
      dopamine    physiologic parathyroid motor proteins    thyroid
      somatostatin      intact
antiemesis even adjustments metoclopramide      participation
      particularly      and   days prophylaxis testing      retained
      colonoscopy while antiemetics especially delays       corrections for
      analgesia correcting
antiemetic pharmacological prescription         diagnostic treatment
      bronchodilator    therapeutic basic surgical    medication
      antidepressant    drug initial      preparation regimen     analgesic
      prophylactic      antibiotic pharmacologic      antihypertensive
antiemetics medications assistance complications      medication lesions
      pathology interventions       complaints sedation     laxatives
      products    pruritus    narcotics devices       procedures sedatives
      antibiotics implants    analgesics
antiepileptic     prescription      anticholinergic stimulant
      investigational anticonvulsant      antidiabetic      antidepressant
      drug benzodiazepines antithyroid anti active          antianxiety
      antiarrhythmic    immunosuppressive vasoactive antipsychotic
      antiinflammatory antihypertensive
antiepileptics    fm    tumors      ss    ascites     severe      gout cd
      cap   insomnia    disease     cp    aids clozapine vad      syndrome
      organic     symptomatic pd    ic
antifungal anticoagulant      anticonvulsant    radiation chemotherapeutic
      corticosteroid    antidepressant    drug steroid      statin
      antiviral antiemetic antiarrhythmic       immunosuppressive
      prophylactic      antibiotic topical      pharmacologic
      antimicrobial     antihypertensive
antigen     specific    tumor sa    antibody    cea   ag    tm    dna   igg
      ap    tp    skin ab     cellular    activity    psa   ar    tf    ac
antigenemia hypotension tumor sa    dysphagia pe      bleeding
      spontaneous cmv   tm    bc    dna   lesions     pathology ap
      infection cough proteinuria ar      ic
antihypertensive pharmacological hypotensive bronchodilator
      anticonvulsant    therapeutic basic antidepressant    drug antiviral
      antiemetic active       antiarrhythmic    immunosuppressive analgesic
      prophylactic      antibiotic topical      pharmacologic
antihypertensives medications amitriptyline     therapies nifedipine
      imipramine medication steroids      clomipramine      diuretics
      benzodiazepines ciprofloxacin       agents      laxatives prazosin
      gentamicin carbamazepine      verapamil digoxin       antibiotics
antiinflammatories      baclofen    noncompliance     impending therapy
      aerosolized blindness if      origin      furosemide unless       them
      might consciousness     ddavp s-1   prematurity cyclosporin clonazepam
antiinflammatory pharmacological anticholinergic stimulant
      bronchodilator    inflammatory      anticonvulsant    nsaid
      antidepressant    drug antiepileptic      antiviral anti
      antianxiety antiarrhythmic    immunosuppressive antipsychotic
      pharmacologic     antimicrobial     antihypertensive
antimicrobial     pharmacological anticoagulant       chemical
      anticonvulsant    corticosteroid    antidepressant    drug
      inappropriate     steroid     individual antiviral antifungal
      immunosuppressive prophylactic      antibiotic topical
      pharmacologic     antibiotics antihypertensive
antinuclear anticardiolipin cea     monoclonal ana    fever auto ln     dna
      igg   iga   polyclonal igm    antithyroglobulin anti cough ro
      immunoglobulin    symptoms    antibodies
antipsychotic     pharmacological lithium       anticholinergic therapy
      stimulant anticonvulsant      corticosteroid    medication
      antidepressant    drug clozapine benzodiazepines active
      risperidone antibiotic topical      pharmacologic     antimicrobial
antipyretics      injuries    haloperidol bronchodilators amitriptyline
      antacids    imipramine without      atrophy     steroids
      clomipramine      diuretics comorbidities       ceftazidime
      propranolol gentamicin problems     tobramycin sedatives
antiretroviral    replacement anticoagulant     photodynamic
      manipulative      spa   triple      hormonal    quadruple empiric
      radiation corticosteroid      salvage     statin      antiviral
      thrombolytic      initiating antifungal immunosuppressive antibiotic
antiseizure pharmacological target        prescription      expectation
      escape      stimulant direct        bronchodilator    eventual
      disturbing therapeutic antidepressant     guide unspecific
      antianxiety correct     analgesic pharmacologic       monitor
antithrombin      ag    dyspnea     haptoglobin fever fatigue     antral
      ap    tp    fibrinogen pt     mood aa     pruritus    coagulation
      complexes thrombin      fc    tf    protein
antithyroglobulin tiredness t4      electrolytes      appetite
      anticardiolipin irritability        ft4   fatigue     igg   spirometry
      iga   polyclonal igm    tsh   nervousness lethargy    itching
      confusion antinuclear
antithyroid anticholinergic anticonvulsant      amiodarone hyperthyroidism
      corticosteroid    antidepressant    steroids    steroid     clozapine
      octreotide antiepileptic      anti active       levothyroxine
      antiarrhythmic    immunosuppressive antipsychotic     clonazepam
antiviral pharmacological anticoagulant         anticonvulsant    hormonal
      therapeutic corticosteroid    antidepressant    drug steroid
      antiemetic antifungal immunosuppressive prophylactic        antibiotic
      topical     pharmacologic     endocrine antimicrobial
antivirals medications solutions bronchodilators antacids         therapies
      diseases    vision      inflammation      steroids    lesions
      pathology opioids       disorders benzodiazepines agents
      products    problems    symptoms    antibiotics
antonio     hawaii      california turkey       mexico      valley      usa
      east connecticut boston       salvador    luis juan georgia
      country     texas florida     washington jose county
antral      accommodation     sa    pharyngeal leg    nasal la    sm
      intestinal ge     ap    tp    skin gastric      jejunal     muscle
      gallbladder motor cough mucosal
antrostomy fingers      retina      ear   stomach     cornea      tongue
      patella     musculature thorax      ring reflex       diaphragm
      urethra     sternum     penis thumb mastoid     uterus      clavicle
antrotomy relapsed      whose undergoing hospitalized       hospitalised
      anuric      anticoagulated    craniotomy esophagectomy      urgent
      lobectomy cystoprostatectomy        underwent immunosuppressed
      dialyzed    comatose    pneumonectomy     whom dialysed
antrum      former      mucosa      corpus      vagina      thalamus
      pharynx     duodenum    stomach     morning     lungs pons abdomen
      thigh axilla      legs ureter       lateral     uk    jejunum
anular      erosions    synovitis protrusion dyspnea        tears morphology
      pain lesions      erythema    axial ap    swelling    exudate
      complaints hematomas including symptoms         vertigo
anulus      edge prosthesis midline       system      apical      clip apex
      ring transverse annulus       notch border      endoscope arch of
      margin      procedure apparatus tip
anuric      fourteen    diabetic    cirrhotic seven hypertensive
      pediatric parkinsonian        hemodialysis      eleven
      constipated immunosuppressed comatose     nine elderly      anemic
      adult hyperlipidemic    depressed cachectic
anus pelvis       scalp vagina      pharynx     stomach     cornea
      lungs wrist tongue      rectum      junction    abdomen     original
      thorax      stump diaphragm urethra       orbit uterus
anusol      generate    ingest      obtain      receive     breathe
      maintain    pla   pl    write resume      consume     chew eat
      ambulate    adopt initiate    attend      perform     instill
anxiety     somatic     irritability      emotional dyspnea       agitation
      fatigue     pain disability mobility      affective mood sedation
      cough social      psychological     behavior    confusion symptoms
anxious     distressed ss     anxiety     ht    hc    normal      fatigue
      bc    pain disabled     ap    mood asymptomatic       aa    their
      socially    compliant np      depressed
any   only to     mention     since despite     substantially     different
      furthermore surprisingly      nevertheless      beyond      completely
      however     the   some interestingly      compromise moreover
anyhow      whatever    considers considering outside       avoided
      addressed raises        supporting despite      concerning minimized
      prevented explains      reflects    confirming partly       explaining
      represented explain
anymore     altered     any   modify      alter always      different
      preclude    entirely    changed     adequately exceed
      necessarily yet   vary worsen       deteriorate fully appreciably
anyone      efforts     related     react begin exposure    attribute
      accessible alternatives       sufficiently      sufficient exposures
      access      come give how     apply attempts    adherence try
anything    specifically      move applied      begin if    used entirely
      changed     adequately completely simply        give explicitly
      definitely apply properly     from directly     fully
anytime     points      entry bedtime     baseline    ata   l3-l4 intervals
      visit rest interspace pace sites l4-l5 site rpm       least home l5-
s1    autopsy
anyway      changing    finally     since discussion furthermore although
      thus nevertheless       nonetheless however     perhaps
      accordingly ultimately from moreover      lastly      hence
      consequently      therefore
anywhere    shifts      changing    whatever    extending outside
      located     around      positioned exactly      released    accurately
      reliably    beyond      explaining inside       delineated lie
      directly    passing
anzemet     starlix     seroquel    marion      fosrenol    cared kansas
      lp    hyperhomocysteinemia    preparing spiriva       rbg   ours
      aricept     it    formerly    background ruth zomig wisniewski
ao    ss    sa    ds    ta    di    tm    md    ht    hc    cp    sm    pc
      ap    sb    ep    np    cs    es    ac
aorta pelvis      retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach
      conjunctiva acetabulum cornea       lungs tongue      rectum
      abdomen     original    thorax      diaphragm urethra       sternum
      penis uterus
aortic      prosthetic leg    cutaneous spontaneous facial        mitral
      la    abdominal pc      ap    skin thoracic     rp    hepatic
      uterine     cs    ar    ic    ac
aorto artery      undergoing coronary     epicardial femoropopliteal
      abdominal elective      gynecological     orthopaedic occluded
      aortobifemoral    angiographically aortofemoral       urologic
      cardiopulmonary requiring native          symptomatic redo
aortobifemoral    needing     operations artery       prosthetic aneurysm
      hypothermic coronary    femoropopliteal urgent        abdominal
      elective    aorto aortofemoral      urologic    cardiopulmonary
      aortic      aaa   laparoscopic      redo
aortofemoral      operations shunt femoropopliteal surgery        surgeries
      amputation thoracotomy lesions      fistula     colonoscopy knees
      stent rp    hips procedures trauma        cs    laparoscopy ic
aortogram intercostal calf extraocular thigh rectus         optic ankle
      trapezius gastrocnemius       temporalis iliopsoas quadriceps
      ventricular ventricle paraspinal smooth         peroneal    ulnar
aortotomy syringe       facemask    system      plate reservoir bar     ring
      program     sensor      technique approach      circuit     regimen
      endoscope device        message     procedure nomogram      apparatus
ap    sp    fs    sa    ta    tm    md    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    tp
      pp    ep    aa    np    cs    ar    ac
apap metoprolol acetaminophen       oxycodone amitriptyline       nifedipine
      diazepam    hcl   codeine     sr    tramadol    tablets
      propranolol fluoxetine diltiazem dexamethasone        verapamil
      lorazepam ibuprofen paroxetine
apart week cleared      arose derived     isolated    extracted discharge
      and   through     after sessions    arising     weaning     later
      while prepared    away postoperatively recovered
apartment clinic        format      environment town village      facility
      situation scenario      remote      where ward model which sequence
      comparison country      contrast    building    nearby
apc   sp    ss    tm    la    cp    sm    pc    pathology dc      ap    skin
      ep    rp    aa    np    cs    ar    ic    ac
aper spouse       cmi   icd   apr   neoplasm    aerosol     overdose
      shunt adenoma     colostomy vaccine       beverage    containing
      diverticulum      stoma malignancy car    milrinone laparoscopic
apex process      earliest    best space apical       moment      umbilicus
      wrist sacrum      junction    forehead    original    same site
      first urethra     periphery border        tip
apgar erosion     z     anxiety     dyspnea     raw   pain larsen
      disability mobility     erythema    drs   sss   sedation    symptom
      pruritus    sf    gcs   maternal    gleason
apgars      hemiplegia minus tarry leukeran     pla   adenoidectomy
      gangrene    nothing     looking     bupivacaine alternatively
      saline      without     stenosis    did   immunosuppressives      plus
      else ww
aphasia     sepsis      dysphagia ascites       diseases    cd    cap
      insomnia    disease     cp    asthma      spasticity disorders
      syndrome    tinnitus    malignancy symptomatic psychosis ic
aphasic     injured     severely    epileptic diabetic      cirrhotic
      seven hypertensive      eight pediatric parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      eleven      demented    nine elderly      anemic
      adult ten   depressed
apical      walls distal      fingers     shape space posterior apex mid
      proximal    surrounding medial      transverse region       lateral
      following dorsal        of    zone actual
apices      walls screws      disks diagnoses surfaces      apical
      readings    instrumentation flaps values        films sutures
      diameters images        teeth pins roots plates       dressings
aplasia     sepsis      hypotension therapy     recurrences dysphagia
      bleeding    peritonitis paralysis involvement nephrotoxicity
      lesions     pathology hypercalcemia       infection perforation
      septicemia malignancy leakage       bm
aplastic    schizophrenia     recurrent psoriasis hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    emphysema cirrhosis
      recalcitrant      asthma      sarcoidosis refractory malignancies
      chronic     pernicious mds    idiopathic hyperlipidemia
apnea breathing stroke        jaundice    disturbances      diseases
      sleep nocturnal osa     insomnia    disease     cp    wake disordered
      disorders syndrome      apneas      organic     symptomatic dementia
apneas      swallowing breathing breathlessness       pharyngeal leukocytes
      spontaneous agitation waves inflammation        sleep nocturnal
      stools      skin platelets cough pruritus       neutrophils symptoms
apneic      breathing sa      ha    ht    normal      nocturnal la      pc
      ap    skin pp     aa    cough np    awake cs    es    ar    ac
apoptosis transport damage          abnormalities     disturbances
      participation     inflammation      falls difficulty hemolysis
      difficulties      nephrotoxicity    depletion platelets cells
      functions activity      induced     production function
apos lipids       cholesterol electrolytes      vldl ldl    a1
      biochemistry      lp    ai    triglycerides     lpa   fibrinogen chol
      c     crp   trig tg     respectively      protein
apparatus prosthesis system         plate electrode bag     stimulus
      reservoir filter        code ring sensor        probe technique
      circuit     preparation endoscope device        procedure nomogram
apparent    only diminished alteration estimated noticeable dependency
      unusual     difficulty unexpectedly       obvious     successful
      accumulation      notable     enhancement detectable acceleration
      net   remarkable excess
apparently steps only extreme       early diminished progress     light
      otherwise normally      and   thus limited      nevertheless
      which however     the   some ie     predominantly
appear      lead seem tends seems attributable        want seemed
      proved      enough      continues amenable      wish owing due
      appears     appeared    thought     tended      fails
appearance occurrence quantity      distribution      severity    character
      spread      frequency disposition use     development timing
      magnitude persistence restoration availability        assessment
      nature      evolution complexity
appeared    lead leads efforts      leading     seem tends seems seemed
      proved      led   supposed    continues appear        appears
      thought     failed      tended      needs fails
appearing abnormal      or    abnormality visible     light and   saline
      medication lesions      retained    pathology identical water
      compression vehicle     inactive    ie    near being
appears     leads efforts     seem tends seems seemed       proved      led
      supposed    continues believed      appear      due   appeared
      thought     tended      attempting needs fails
appendage atrium        hemisphere pacing       la    laa   bronchus
      fibrillation      thrombi     lad   sensing     ventricular
      ventriculogram    ventricle ventricles septum         septal
      right temporoparietal flutter
appendectomy      fundoplication    sterilization     pyeloplasty myomectomy
      surgical    appendicectomy    nephrectomy repairs     repair
      endoscopic colectomy splenectomy gbp      cholecystectomy lap
      adrenalectomy     procedures laparoscopic       laparoscopy
appendiceal acute cutaneous pancreatic ta       facial      delirium
      esophageal cervical     cap   disease     superficial testicular
      orbital     colon thoracic    bladder     organic     malignancy ic
appendicectomy    operations sterilization      appendectomy      craniotomy
      tonsillectomy     surgery     thoracotomy surgical    laparotomy
      colonoscopy repair      resections colectomy splenectomy
      cholecystectomy adrenalectomy       procedures laparoscopic
appendicitis      pancreatitis      myocarditis aml   pyelonephritis
      choledocholithiasis     gout arf    ami   acs   purulent    poisoning
      asthma      hydrocephalus     diverticulitis    sinusitis
      osteomyelitis     malignancy cholecystitis      psychosis
appendicular      fm    distal      trunk tibial      calf lm     leg
      posterior wrist mid     cortical    thigh proximal    sm    legs ap
      skin lateral      muscle
appendix    specimen    prosthesis stomach      system      rectum      ring
      sac   drug diaphragm lesion         ureter      nail organism
      endometrium uterus      membrane    implant     cyst procedure
appetite    tiredness irritability        emotional anxiety       satiety
      dyspnea     cognition fever fatigue       crying      mobility
      erythema    hunger      mood sedation     cough pruritus    sweating
appl thereafter pouch metab inst bartley        assoc surg jr
      anteroapical      christensen miner miscellaneous     med   jd    j
      respectively      suppl res   hence
applicable related      therapeutically contributing        accessible
      equivalent used enough        alternatives      sufficiently
      insufficient      difficult sufficient necessary limited
      superior    sensitive restricted worthwhile justified
application reversal    onset estimation administration     use
      measurement timing      removal     optimization      creation
      persistence restoration appearance availability       evaluation
      correction identification     assessment evolution
applications      reversal    injections application disruption usage
      measurement removal     optimization      suppression restoration
      enhancement placement evaluation documentation        correction
      augmentation      localization      forms the
applied     shifted     related     offered     close made allowed
      delivered equivalent employed       used added superior     chosen
      attempted from directly       restricted utilized     permitted
apply move continue     proceed     begin send expand       administer
      titrate     make choose       restore     convert     learn give get
      utilize     restrict    perform     try
applying    using changing    measuring personnel extending
      administering     surgeons    reviewing repeating through
      connecting performing cardiologists       fitting     psychiatrists
      from passing      placing     utilizing
appointment consultation      clinic      screen      drink bar   test pace
      session     protocol    plan doctor       home intervention
      child of    implant     appointments      video letter
appointments      medications visits      prescriptions     consultations
      work and    medication exposures testing        interventions
      contacts    physicians their appointment problems     procedures ie
      attendance letters
appreciable variations any    abnormality significant alteration
      alterations impressive noticeable unusual       improvement obvious
      notable     demonstrable      change      changes     apparent
      detectable remarkable deterioration
appreciably altered     any   modify      alter always      substantially
      preclude    recur noticeably impair       adequately exceed
      necessarily vary worsen       deteriorate reveal      fully affect
appreciate clarify      address     minimize    facilitate expand
      characterize      explore     optimize    maximize    reduce
      recognize delineate elucidate understand document           enhance
      define      judge establish
appreciated clearly     established reversed    eliminated realized
      quite supported minimized easily          prevented globally
      greatly     facilitated completely blocked      primarily delineated
      augmented adopted
appreciative      uses format       alert examination tracking    taught
      study knowledge where diary contains      sensitivity preoperatively
      admission with taped includes       paper initially
approach    shift package     reservoir policy        simulation program
      sensor      probe protocol    plan model technique recommendation
      regime      problem     regimen     method      device      apparatus
approached prescribed only diminished raised          provided    reaching
      listed      finally     globally    and   retained    approaching also
      reached     for   above re    additionally      being
approaching reaching    finally     since increasing below besides
      discussion and    furthermore averaging thus nevertheless
      while however     moreover    for   above near additionally
appropriate pharmacological extreme       prescription      optimized
      potential anticipated guidelines recommended recommendations
      optimal     indication inappropriate      indications critical
      acceptable adequate     proper      pharmacologic     inadequate
appropriately     specifically      extreme     optimized alert accessible
      anatomically      promptly    empirically normally    thus
      individually      appropriate adequate    functionally      their
      properly    enhanced    inadequate actually
approval    written     separation injection withdrawal obtaining
      cleaning    surgery     dosing      removal     board testing
      insertion vaccination informed      recruitment evacuation placement
      implantation      correction
approved    specifically      responsible optimized established emphasized
      recommended accepted    substituted introduced facilitated indication
      explanation largely     appropriate described adopted       available
      correcting utilized
approx      diminished movement     or    chemical    delivery    light and
      repeat      averaging approximately       discrete    pathology
      prolonged water suspension delayed        on    ie    for
approximate extreme     manipulation      location    earlier     upward
      automatic eventual      increasing stability average
      approximately     attenuation enhancement adequate    acceleration
      additional localization       independent excess
approximated      formed      to    provided    predicted eliminated
      automatically     around      finally     besides     prevented
      through     greatly     facilitated beyond      represented augmented
      adopted     captured    above
approximately     steps only diminished to      at    an    roughly     and
      by    approx      a     averaging prolonged almost          nearly
      about the   ie    for
appt preintervention epigastrium accident       papules     ptt   6a
      forehead    eyebrow     strickland erythema     fibrinogen pt
      preoperatively    hematology p1     tt    aptt pre    nose
apr   fs    ss    sa    bt    sm    pc    pathology ap      extra ep    rp
      np    accompanying      cs    mh    es    ar    ic    ac
apresoline sublingually       bid   b.i.d mg    5mg   25mg po     once
      daily od    tid   tablets     100mg qid   orally      kg    twice qd
april feb   july february     october     jan   seven june january
      march november    midnight    inclusive nov     five december     aug
      sept september august
apt   systems     br    cutaneous response      us    tm    medication drug
      pathology lesion        distraction extra skin individual rp
      membrane    cs    mh    ar
aptt sa     ptt   ft    clotting    tm    reading     mt    la    averaged
      si    crying      ap    tp    skin pt     tt    ph    ti    ac
aq    sp    fs    ss    sa    mp    tm    mt    dh    la    id    cp    sm
      pc    ap    sb    ep    cs    ar    ac
aquacel     user consultation       paste pen   gauze foam code
      chlorhexidine     traditional drug distraction vaccine
      preparation child tape device       implant     dressings dressing
aquaphor    paste moving      visible     traction    electrode reference
      light laterally bar     suture      sutured     medially    marks
      vehicle     special     ointment    above dressing    being
aquatic     maximal     breathlessness    massage     rehabilitation
      stretching aerobic      sport dynamic     dietary     training
      ethanol     individual muscle       intense     heavy caffeine
      supervised exercise     strenuous
aquired     hepatorenal complicated radiculopathy     guillain    acquired
      ovary nephrotic horner        aids immunodeficiency virus hellp
      myelodysplastic eaton cryptosporidiosis experiencing        barre
      idiopathic gilbert
ar    sa    ha    tm    dh    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    pathology ap
      skin ep     rp    aa    cough np    cs    ac
ara   degrees     cisplatin vit     cddp 5-fu hydroxyurea daunorubicin
      serogroup mitoxantrone        mitomycin ida     aik   5fu   idarubicin
      vitamins    dukes dnr   vitamin     methotrexate
aranesp     soy   thalidomide amyloid     procrit     amantadine
      gemcitabine alfa trazodone nitrates       bay   ida   gabapentin
      irinotecan esmolol      cpt-11      terazosin milrinone
      somatostatin      ro
arc   ss    ds    di    md    light cp    aids pc     pathology ap
      pathological      pad   ks    defining    neurological      cs    ar
      ic    complex
arch distal       fingers     stomach     jaw   cornea      tongue
      thorax      proximal    ring stump sac    diaphragm lesion
      hands lateral     joint aorta uterus      implant
arcus curvature target        prosthesis system       tongue      patella
      ring compound     drug diaphragm lesion         penis preparation
      notch endoscope organism      device      uterus      implant
ards schizophrenia      recurrent hypertension        ascites     epilepsy
      severe      gout arf    acs   pheochromocytoma asthma
      sarcoidosis syndrome    ra    symptomatic chronic     mds   idiopathic
ardsnet     former      process     earliest    past 2nd    largest
      highest     original    current     latter      literature author
      same first region       preceding periphery lowest          1st
are   specifically      systems     eventually provided     processes
      difficulties      thus typically perhaps        possibly    ultimately
      is    sometimes problems      delays      issues      hence were
area under areas shape direction space apical         amplitude
      configuration     surrounding position    path plane region
      lateral     slope of    above zone condition
areas steps distributions     tissues     shape direction compartments
      directions amplitude progress       charge      segments    positions
      country     clusters    the   some regions      zones decreasing
aredia      azithromycin      thalidomide methylprednisolone      amantadine
      aerosolized ceftriaxone hydrocortisone    aminophylline     hcl
      origin      fudr them pamidronate cpt-11        milrinone
      cyclosporin nicardipine clonazepam memantine
areolar     distal      gut   stomach     space cornea      lungs proximal
      surrounding axilla      transverse circulation urethra      region
      orbit lateral     pathway     dorsal      endometrium zone
arf   schizophrenia     pancreatitis      myocarditis ascites
      pyelonephritis    crf   gout insufficiency      disease
      appendicitis      acs   asthma      gallstones colic sarcoidosis
      uveitis     syndrome    symptomatic chronic
argatroban azithromycin       thalidomide ptx   anticoagulation amiodarone
      aspirin     warfarin    enoxaparin esmolol      amrinone    ip
      octreotide ciprofloxacin      terazosin milrinone digoxin
      clonidine nicardipine cyclosporine
argon nd    ruby laser cutaneous light aluminum       dye   distraction co2
      ip    external    endoscopic pumped       he    flying      local ho
      cs    conventional
argue reveals     think findings    suggesting assume       suggest
      support     show assuming     indicating demonstrate recommend
      indicate    demonstrating     argues      indicated indicates
      believe     observations
argues      reveals     finding     provide     suggesting represents
      provides    gives argue allowing    support     assuming    indicating
      indication implications       possibilities     demonstrating
      speaks      is    we
argumentative     tibia retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach
      conjunctiva acetabulum cornea       aforementioned    musculature
      original    thorax      diaphragm urethra       penis thumb scapula
      aorta clavicle
ari   bacterial errors        medication drug deformity pathology
      lesion      skin sound items individual infection structures
      membrane    digits      cyst ie     accompanying      ar
aricept     seroquel    fibular     blindness zyrtec        cox-2 bay
      coenzyme    compound    lp    xeloda      hyperhomocysteinemia    ours
      amp   today it    formerly    protease    cyclosporin mesylate
arimidex    citalopram cilostazol br      amantadine tm     tamoxifen
      allopurinol gabapentin drug vessels       repaglinide granules
      terazosin prazosin      endometrium membrane    digits      art
arise indeed      occur arose derived     mediate     prevents    originate
      released    develops    reflects    comes come aside arising
      reflect     coming      away deviated     benefit
arising     suffers     emanating withdrawing arose derived       isolated
      came originate varied         signals     released    stemming
      arise comes aside coming      away recovered deviated
arkansas    maryland    california usa    east village      connecticut
      boston      both urology      uk    georgia     western     housing
      florida     washington oklahoma     england     county      zones
arl   tumors      ascites     epilepsy    ds    cd    cap   disease     cp
      aids asthma       hydrocephalus     uveitis     syndrome    ks
      symptomatic malignant psychosis ic        dementia
arm   former      afternoon environment direction morning         usa   mid
      eye   group position    plane region      preceding lateral       uk
      of    zone condition zones
arms two    treatments hemispheres compartments       phases      apical
      groups      group position    legs positions modalities uk
      regimens    quadrants condition arm       zones periods
arnold      touch ataxia      wheeze      fatigue     material    materials
      stressors intermediate        comorbidities     bl    ambulation t12
      eating      including education their confusion cat         ac
aro   process     component distribution        clinical    version
      character system        current     basic path scope network
      action      preparation structure layer picture       registration
arose occurring shifts        resulting occurs        cleared     occurred
      happened    was   involved    signals     released    notably
      arise accumulated disappeared arising     especially recovered
around      within      whatever    considering outside     beside      upon
      covering    below besides     exactly     through     connecting
      across      beyond      inside      passed      during      passing
arousable reevaluated catheterized        contacted biopsied      reviewed
      nauseated sequentially        intubated interviewed drowsy
      checked     extubated sedated       recorded    reassessed awakened
      compliant scanned       initially
arouse      move begin stimulate express        diminish    operate     make
      reduce      take recognize learn give accept          get   activate
      apply remember    enhance     utilize
aroused     specifically      formed      diminished to     raised
      provided    finally     besides     through     greatly
      facilitated thus promoted     primarily represented largely
      mainly      presumably additionally
arouses     violence    potentially targeting blindness inflammation
      concern     origin      resources its     opioids     them
      problematic critical    demyelination     note descent      suicide
      communication     interest
arrange     generate    obtain      pursue      avoid adjust      seek
      prescribe maintain      pay   administer manage       learn eat
      prepare     apply identify    communicate initiate    perform
arranged    offered     given delivered tested        taught      employed
      used sequentially       mostly      dispensed studied
      individually      placed      also identified similar       implanted
      utilized    suspended
arrangement total format      shift lot   survey      policy      panel
      simulation series       detailed    sample      model factorial
      sequence    large set   source      predominance      pattern
arrangements      orientation scheduling coordination       personal
      staff reading     morphology financial parents        reinforcement
      preferences mobility    nurses      plans assays      tests housing
      behavior    behaviour
arranging specifically        are   telephone therapists staff others
      continuing thus suturing      then physicians perhaps       possibly
      applying    special     sometimes professional        hence
arrest      therapy     output      operations stroke       resuscitation
      rehabilitation    tamponade decompensation      death dysrhythmias
      dysrhythmia catheterization catheterizations lesions        pathology
      arrhythmia vagal troponins trauma
arresting establishing        areas improving terminating maintaining
      localizing keeping      alleviating eliminating reversing removing
      particular facilitating       suppressing accelerating      enhancing
      resolving inducing      decreasing
arrhythmia tumor cutaneous bleeding       spontaneous delirium
      dysrhythmias      thrombus    medication lesions      drug thrombi
      pathology lesion        arrhythmias infection cough cyst local
arrhythmias bacteremia bleeding     ectopy      peritonitis delirium
      dysrhythmias      dysrhythmia ectopic     vt    lesions     thrombi
      arrhythmia infections infection dysfunction tachycardia
      tachyarrhythmia tachycardias        repolarization
arrhythmic thrombotic relapse       sudden      stroke      cardiac
      bleeding    spontaneous inflammatory      hospitalization
      hospitalisation delirium      death embolic     medication drug
      arrhythmia infection cardiovascular       perioperative
arrival     shifts      closing     located     around      finally
      discharge turning       through     leaving     accumulated
      positioning inside      admission while ending        bilaterally
      during      passing     above
arrive      generate    obtain      keep pursue       begin maintain
      develop     looking     stop operate      make take give arriving
      get   arrived     achieve     initiate    perform
arrived     stayed      reaching    began around      looking     peaking
      visited     arrival     retained    became      arriving    completed
      reached     passed      already     above finished    attended
arrives     starts      moved changing    tracing     moving      dentist
      reaches     stimulus    removing    frame repeating connecting
      spent arrival     doctor      fitting     input passing     placing
arriving    peaked      directed    stayed      staying     looked
      reaching    began looking     peaking     arrival     retained
      became      arrived     reached     already     plateaued attendance
      were attending
art   treatment therapy       cutaneous dental        spontaneous facial
      brain medication drug pathology lesion          ip    skin joint
      individual ie     digoxin     cs    ar
artane      nitroglycerine    radiographic      financial flare comments
      psychosocial      its   information subsequent superimposed
      creams      delayed     psychological     immunological     exercises
      accompanying      ointments hence consequently
arterial    pulse office      inspiratory seated      venous      pulmonary
      intracranial      diastolic capillary sitting         blood standing
      urethral    airway      resting     ambulatory supine       systolic
arteries    glands      organs      nerves      diseased    brain lesions
      legs kidneys      hands vessels     circulation skin segments
      atherosclerosis muscles       feet joints       bones veins
arteriogram artery      plate angiogram box     angiograms filter       bar
      sensor      probe protocol    spasm diet regime       sheet
      angiography machine     device      arteriography     letter
arteriography     gastroscopy artery      angiogram angiograms testing
      ct    stenoses    spasm endoscopy calcification       reserve     pci
      angiography ptca stenting     occlusion arteries      angioplasty
arteriosclerotic progressive celiac       autoimmune hemorrhoidal
      degenerative      rheumatic granulomatous       valvular    ischemic
      gallstone atherosclerotic cerebrovascular liver organic
      neoplastic preexisting cardiovascular     occlusive congenital
arteriovenous     pharyngeal ha     cutaneous air     spontaneous facial
      brain nocturnal lesions       intestinal pathology ap       vessels
      extra skin rp     hepatic     cs    ar
arteritis schizophrenia       tumors      myocarditis hypertension
      ascites     epilepsy    mcl   carcinomas scd    carcinoma
      pheochromocytoma persistent rcc     sarcoidosis symptomatic
      malignancies      malignant hyperlipidemia      bronchiectasis
artery      collaterals coronary    angiogram angiograms disease
      vessel      stenoses    spasm calcification     atherosclerosis
      stenosis    reserve     angiography syndromes stenting      arteries
      angioplasty graft arteriography
arthralgias tiredness rigors        lightheadedness malaise       leukopenia
      fatigue     diarrhea    paresthesias      rash alopecia     somnolence
      nervousness lethargy    mucositis confusion chills          myalgias
      dizziness anorexia
arthritic burn dermatological       injured     epileptic diseased
      brain postsurgical      pediatric parkinsonian        knees migraine
      joints      asymptomatic      liver bones hips elderly      trauma
arthritis schizophrenia       hypertension      hypercholesterolemia
      epilepsy    gout cirrhosis fibromyalgia         asthma
      scleroderma sarcoidosis polyarthritis     ra    symptomatic
      osteoarthrosis    malignancies      chronic     idiopathic
      hyperlipidemia    bronchiectasis
arthrocentesis    treatment therapy       plasmapheresis    mp    drainage
      surgical    medication testing      pathology physiotherapy       ip
      while endoscopic splenectomy np     cs    re    es    laparoscopy
arthrodesis reconstruction    manipulation      therapy     fixation
      decompression     instrumentation drainage      and   alignment
      amputation closure      surgical    revision    fusion      testing
      pathology compression re      additionally
arthrogram neurosurgeon       specimen    ophthalmological echocardiogram
      surgeon     angiogram clip mid      code second       final midwife
      protocol    lab   uk    tt    condition arm     remaining
arthropathy bacteremia dysphagia instability cutaneous bleeding
      synovitis peritonitis delirium      defects     disease     lesions
      ulceration pathology cysts infection malignancy headaches
      illness     antibiotics
arthroplasty      oa    laryngectomy      operations subtotal
      replacement replacements      arthroscopy surgery     irradiation
      hemiarthroplasty tha    hysterectomy      knee tpn    occlusions
      gastrectomy parotidectomy     hip   thyroidectomy
arthroscopy oa    neurosurgery      gastroscopy operations craniotomy
      tonsillectomy     surgery     surgeries amputation thoracotomy
      laparotomy endoscopy colonoscopy repair         interventions
      resections resection procedures laparoscopy
arthur      build ingest      breathe     begin develop     grow write
      express     operate     consume     take watch learn eat    get
      adopt bathe attend      perform
article     issue investigation     considers finding       updates
      raises      presents    gives study phenomenon explains     reflects
      reviews     reports     confirms    describes extends       paper
articulate generate     keep visualize maintain       locate      remove
      comprehend reproduce ventilate stabilize recognize learn eat
      get   ambulate    remember    localize    initiate    perform
articulating      distal      prosthesis system       stimulus    signal
      ring compound     drug lesion       sound preparation individual
      layer input device      uterus      membrane    implant     apparatus
articulation      orientation movement    chemical    reading     anatomy
      speech      difficulty alignment deformity pathology lesion
      sound structures structure membrane       ie    behaviour complex
artifact    transport manipulation        location    orientation size
      shape stability alignment displacement          artifacts
      positioning distortion recruitment anatomic     acceleration
      enhanced    correct     for   asymmetry
artifacts transport shifts          movements orientation movement
      systems     errors      stimuli     difficulty alignment signals
      pathology artifact      items motions     structures sounds
      problems    deposits
artifactual extreme     transport shifts        diminished imbalance
      abnormality processes errors        difficulty adaptive
      inappropriate     artifact    accumulated extra individual structures
      enhanced    accompanying      asymmetry
artificial cutaneous air      spontaneous facial      medication drug
      pathology lesion        distraction extra skin sound individual
      membrane    implant     ie    accompanying      intraoral complex
as    only to     provided    predicted in      finally     globally    and
      expressed by      through     thus retained     promoted
      represented for   additionally      utilized    being
asa   transplanted      miller      htlv staged       le    hospitalized
      stage medically four lpa      hd    i     ia    asymptomatic      five
      class symptomatic trauma      pd
asacol      appetite    niacin      dyspnea     fever fatigue
      metronidazole     hydromorphone     hcl   sr    erythema    pentasa
      mesalamine acid ampicillin ciprofloxacin        cefotaxime
      methotrexate      aa    alprazolam
asap solutions treatment specimen         lm    tm    sn    drug lesion
      hands skin individual ep      nail gallbladder membrane     devices
      cyst cs     ar
asbestos    irritants foods smoke air     stimuli     sunlight    hypoxia
      speech      drinking    objects     stressors alcohol       indoor
      their smoking     tobacco     excessive occupational        cat
asbestosis tumors       injuries    or    focal ds    adenoma     without
      disease     scd   atrophy     pathology asthma        alone syndrome
      incomplete malignancy paraplegia ic       dementia
ascend      move relate       begin encourage attribute refer make
      learn give get    barriers    apply enable      return      utilize
      restrict    recover     monitor     try
ascending distal        stomach     space posterior apical        mid
      anterior    proximal    basic legs lesion       initial     hands
      transverse lateral      individual dorsal       zone actual
ascertain investigate determine reevaluate clarify          characterize
      explore     examine     verify      evaluate    delineate assess
      discern     elucidate document      discover    define      reassess
      judge establish
ascertained determined eliminated made obtained       calculated done
      tested      simultaneously    by    measured    confirmed created
      checked     assessed    prepared    also identified evaluated
ascites     sepsis      tumors      recurrent cholelithiasis      epilepsy
      gout meningeal hyperthyroidism disease          persistent asthma
      gallstones uveitis      malignancy symptomatic overt malignant
      hyperlipidemia    bronchiectasis
ascitic     aspirate    lavage      synovial    pleural     bc
      interstitial      fluid bal   ap    lining      jejunal     hepatic
      cerebrospinal     liver follicular sputum       cyst blister
ascorbic    hydroxy     uric fatty valproic     lactic      amino nocturnal
      glutamic    ticarcillin clavulanic acid bile lovastatin
      amoxicillin trans nucleic     methylmalonic     acetylsalicylic
ascribed    relates     relating    contributes attributable
      contributing      attributed confined     encouraged able
      corresponds adhered     owing due   inability contribute
      contributed according attempting fails
asd   dysphagia pe      ds    cutaneous disease       cp    lesions
      ulceration impotence disorders af         tinnitus    organic
      malignancy illness      ar    psychosis ic      dementia
asdh aphasic      hospitalized      diabetic    hospitalised      cirrhotic
      hypertensive      pediatric parkinsonian        hemodialysis
      eleven      consecutive demented    immunosuppressed comatose     nine
      adult ten   depressed cachectic
aseptic     injuries    bacterial instability bleeding      spontaneous
      diseases    vision      and   lesions     scarring    pathology
      fractures infection incomplete malignancy leakage           iatrogenic
      ie    adhesions
ashi points       entry baseline    l3    angles      intervals lunch t9
      visit um    rest sites l4-l5 rpm    bl    annually    postoperatively
      t0    hourly
ashing      tiredness irritability        before      accident    papules
      n1    c3    paresthesias      hemoglobins materials preoperatively
      somnolence hematology between       p1    nose nervousness redness
asian eyes young turkey       obese infants     black pediatric asthmatic
      caucasian alcoholics individuals overweight asymptomatic
      women children    patients    elderly     adult depressed
aside suffers     emanating suffering suffer          ranged      derived
      isolated    came originate stemming       arise comes arising
      coming      away refrain      recovering deviated     deviates
ask   move resolve      keep begin seek bring stop make choose
      inform      recognize learn give get      prepare     apply answer
      remember    utilize
asked susceptible invited     switched    exposed     unable      advised
      taught      allotted    sent encouraged able transferred told
      subjected instructed converted deemed           according willing
asking      specifically      telephone applied       close bringing
      allowed     referring surgeons      nurses      cardiologists
      doctors     physicians questions psychiatrists        applying    from
      mailed      restricted questioning
asleep      swallowing swallow      sleeping    orientation alert discomfort
      air   reading     work fatigue      sleep pain pt     ambulation
      verbally    their ie    awake re
asma pains erosions     dysphagia fasciculations      cramps
      complications     relaxation fever fatigue      weakness    markers
      episodes    calcifications    contents    pruritus    enzymes
      proteins    symptoms    antibodies
asparaginase      keflex      therapy     pe    hydroxyurea daunorubicin
      hydrocortisone    glutamine steroids      dopa pop    acid
      dexamethasone     prednisone name gentamicin vancomycin
      prednisolone      hyoscyamine erythromycin
aspart      resistance insulin      isophane    like glargine     glyburide
      iddm humulin      glipizide nph     preprandial lispro      porcine
      lantus      ir    glucagon    premixed    ins   humalog
aspartate alanine       potassium beta aminotransferase calcium
      albumin     testosterone      glutamate ap      progesterone      ast
      sodium      ca    transaminase      alt   proteins    neutrophils
      methyl      bilirubin
aspect      visualization     portions    portion     version     estimation
      application timing      optimization      magnitude discovery
      demonstration     appearance passage      availability      evaluation
      division    nature      evolution complexity
aspects     lack estimation normalization       regardless characterization
      use   perception ease types because       persistence indicative
      completeness      documentation     instead     forms identification
      amounts     understanding
aspergillus sepsis      bacterial pe      bleeding    salmonella
      campylobacter     cp    lesions     pathology viruses       infection
      septicemia cough vancomycin tb      candida     ar    species     ic
aspirate    accommodation     tissue      specimen    organs      aspirates
      fluid kidneys     intestinal drug pathology lesion          skin
      sound individual ph     contents    membrane    cyst mucosal
aspirated cleared       excised     eliminated injected     estimated
      manually    drained     removed     obtained    calculated
      simultaneously    globally    biopsied    by    retained    prepared
      bilaterally recovered intraoperatively
aspirates aspirate      tissues     specimens smears        secretions
      biopsies    aspirations lesions     sera sections     segments
      fluids      cultures    calves      tests recordings sputum
      urine samples
aspirating scalp appendix     radioactive prosthesis tongue
      musculature ring compound     drug diaphragm penis nail endoscope
      organism    device      uterus      membrane    implant     tip
aspiration manipulation       ultrasound chemical     cytology    biopsy
      drainage    difficulty and    medication testing      pathology
      insertion insertions endoscopic compression occlusion leakage
      ie    needle
aspirations medications pains recurrences consultations     complications
      aspiration biopsies     lesions     pathology cysts insertions
      contacts    resections complaints tests punctures procedures
      deposits    symptoms
aspirin     fluconazole amitriptyline     cimetidine warfarin     nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    allopurinol spironolactone    propranolol fluoxetine
      diltiazem dexamethasone       ciprofloxacin     doxycycline
      clopidogrel verapamil prednisolone        erythromycin      captopril
assailants lack aspects       normalization     consist     contributions
      use   ease degree       capable     because     persistence indicative
      own   sources     aware instead     amounts     understanding
assault     foods intercourse desire      violence    abuse vision
      pleasure    encounter obesity       partner     partners    fertility
      alcohol     contacts    sexual      problems    behavior    behaviour
assaulted distressed consulted ever committed residents worked
      unemployed mammograms visited       never disabled    regularly
      married     their missed      abused      reported    voluntarily
assay elisa tracing     electrode dilution      filter      code team test
      sensor      probe strain      eia   technique preparation sequence
      assays      method      device      recording
assays      determinations    ultrasound systems      examinations
      measurements      values      indices     culture     testing
      sections    blocks      exams tests parameters recordings products
      monitors    procedures laboratories
assesment operative quantity        distribution      severity
      distributions     character amplitude frequency disposition
      subjective expression perception timing         indices     appearance
      duration    contents    assessment evolution
assess      investigate determine ascertain reevaluate estimate
      clarify     characterize      explore     examine     verify
      evaluate    delineate elucidate document        describe    define
      reassess    judge establish
assessed    determined ascertained eliminated made obtained       calculated
      done continuously       tested      simultaneously    measured
      created     checked     prepared    recorded    identified evaluated
      performed monitored
assessing establishing        localizing considering targeting
      visualizing emphasizing avoiding    minimizing covering     studying
      facilitating      reflecting explaining enhancing examining
      checking    evaluating about decreasing
assessment diagnosis quantity       severity    construction      estimation
      frequency use     measurement perception timing       optimization
      restoration appearance detection evaluation documentation
      localization      identification    evolution
assessments determinations    radiographs radiographic      diagnoses
      characteristics surveys       examinations      subjective
      measurements      indices     views exams tests parameters recordings
      evaluations rates activities volumes
assigned    susceptible likely      invited     switched    exposed
      unable      advised     allotted    sent readmitted encouraged able
      subjected instructed admitted       converted asked according
assimilated related     applied     expected    too   applicable advised
      equivalent used sufficiently        insufficient      encouraged
      difficult sufficient necessary limited          helped      superior
      directly    restricted
assist      variations be     subtle      occur replace     alterations
      participation     facilitate involved     improve     stimulate
      particularly      difficulties      promote     lie   especially
      induce      enhance     monitor
assistance compensation       orientation systems     chemical    errors
      reading     drainage    difficulty reinforcement      medication
      pathology extra suturing      complaints compression problems
      behavior    ie    behaviour
assistant dentist       consultant therapist gastroenterologist
      dermatologist     team sensor       probe pathologist nurse
      cardiologist      radiologist neurologist rheumatologist
      psychiatrist      computer    coordinator psychologist      pharmacist
assisted    consultation      vaginal     dental      light voice medical
      aided repeat      surgical    medication pathology distraction
      physiotherapy     artificial endoscopic rp      cs    video re
assisting improving maintaining keeping         progress    particularly
      particular many facilitating        certain     comparison managing
      individuals identifying especially contrast     some helping
      inducing    decreasing
assoc noon appl metab inst bartley        surg am     every anteroapical
      x10   pm    miner tab   grade midnight    med   j     suppl res
associated dealing      replacing compatible dealt interact       interacts
      consistent along together     positively concomitantly
      correlating correlated compared     interfering interferes interfere
      coupled     coincident
associates transport movements orientation movement         assistance
      systems     coordination      chemical    processes reading
      tasks items structure language      problems    behavior    ie
      performance behaviour
association gap   imbalance burden        relationship      differentiation
      interaction differential      overlap     connection discrimination
      correlation discrepancy combination structure similarity agreement
      combined    pattern     discordance
assoicated lipids       marginally cbc    chemistry chemistries no      done
      reinduced bp      both reinstituted       excellent preoperatively
      evident     begun performed instituted initiated sampled
assume      so    anticipate consider     think ensure      suggesting
      suggested feel argue convinced show assuming          say   indicating
      demonstrate indicated note indicates believe
assumed     imperative expected     too   anticipated claimed     unlikely
      supposed    sufficiently      insufficient      difficult sufficient
      necessary believed      probably    certainly superior      impossible
      thought     therefore
assuming    so    reveals     revealing disclosed suggesting showed
      conclusions through     giving      thus indicating showing
      nevertheless      nonetheless demonstrating     indicated
      demonstrated      revealed    we
assumption process      earliest    reveals     expectation finding
      notion      largest     believes    author      idea recommendation
      suggestion demonstration      possibility belief      indicated fact
      principle implication
assure      generate    resolve     obtain      ensure      avoid maintain
      minimize    optimize    maximize    prevent     promote     detect
      recognize identify      document    achieve     initiate    perform
assured     clearly     established provided    predicted emphasized
      anticipated realized    minimized prevented maximized by
      facilitated temporarily promoted    confirmed appreciated adopted
      implemented accomplished
assuredly decrease      fall increase     substantial cytomegalovirus
      decline     marked      dramatic    rise transient reduction
      problem     simple      gradual     modest      grippe
      psychologist      culminating slight
ast   ggt   amylase     ldh   dyspnea     aminotransferase fatigue
      cortisol    albumin     testosterone      glutamate ap      tp
      fibrinogen serum ca     transaminase      tsh   alt   bilirubin
astelin     mucosa      congestion sprays       spray zyrtec      calcitonin
      therapeutic secretions nasal drug choice        mupirocin packing
      blockage    prophylactic      antibiotic topical      mucus interest
asterixis tiredness namely          fruits      appetite    irritability
      breath      anxiety     dyspnea     fatigue     exam spirometry
      erythema    retardation hematology mood urea pre      redness
asthma      acute schizophrenia     recurrent psoriasis hypertension
      ad    epilepsy    severe      gout disease      persistent
      sarcoidosis hydrocephalus     syndrome    symptomatic allergy
      psychosis dementia      bronchiectasis
asthmatic malnourished        normotensive      severely    hypothyroid
      epileptic diabetic      young obese hypertensive      pediatric
      asian parkinsonian      constipated immunosuppressed elderly
      anemic      adult hyperlipidemic    depressed
astrocytoma supratentorial    tumors      recurrent ascites       epilepsy
      unilateral melanoma     meningioma hypertriglyceridemia     persistent
      cholangiocarcinoma      glioma      glioblastoma      ependymoma
      gliomas     gbm   malignancies      malignant hyperlipidemia
asymmetric extreme      early abnormal    symmetric cutaneous air
      pathology extra vestibular pathological         individual ep
      active      ie    accompanying      cs    ar    intact      complex
asymmetrically    diminished to     keeping     located     eliminated in
      aligned     simultaneously    positioned markedly     globally
      greatly     mostly      primarily bilaterally mainly        directly
      constantly predominantly
asymmetry transport manipulation          orientation movement
      abnormality shape errors      lateralization    difficulty alignment
      displacement      pathology discrimination      positioning structures
      structure similarity leakage        activity
asymptomatic      six   transplanted      ad    normal      euthyroid cd
      four eight hd     all   three five symptomatic hips non     trauma
      pd    ic    depressed
asymtomatic frustration controllable      pains appetite    cisplatinum
      minor satiety     inflammation      falls diuresis    rash transient
      eosinophils itching     adiposity induced       neutrophils apoptosis
asystole    sepsis      hypotension ascites     pe    bleeding    pn
      amiodarone fever bradycardia bc     vt    syncope     arrhythmia
      incomplete af     symptomatic proteinuria flecainide ic
asystolic unfavorable resistant abnormal        icd   responding witnessed
      resuscitated      overdose    ed    prehospital syncope     incomplete
      additional presumed     comatose    symptomatic ordinary    trauma
at    within      to    in    finally     upon and    by    through
      approximately     after across      beyond      on    during      ie
      for   above re    additionally
ata   entry visits      bedtime     baseline    intervals discharge sl
      visit rest presentation       kv    workload    pace sites ma     rpm
      least home autopsy
atacand     namely      citalopram lithium      venlafaxine falling
      hydromorphone     allopurinol albuterol gabapentin nebulized
      repaglinide nicotine    containing buspirone pioglitazone
      caffeine    clonazepam alprazolam scopolamine
atarax      azithromycin      methylprednisolone      moxifloxacin
      aerosolized trazodone hydromorphone       ofloxacin hcl
      chlordiazepoxide origin       rifampin    consciousness
      ciprofloxacin     procainamide      nimodipine ro     bethanechol
      alprazolam memantine
ataxia      dysphagia edema dyspnea       fever fatigue     diarrhea
      insomnia    diplopia    atrophy     palpitations      dysarthria
      including tremor        cough constipation      headache
      neurological      vertigo     ic
ataxic      sepsis      focal ds    mixed normal      sporadic    massive
      disease     painful     cp    asthma      spasticity bilateral
      incomplete asymptomatic       native      symptomatic predominantly
atazanavir ritonavir tacrolimus azithromycin          thalidomide
      fluconazole amlodipine aspirin      carvedilol celecoxib metformin
      lisinopril abacavir     fluoxetine ciprofloxacin      terazosin
      pioglitazone      glimepiride doxazosin levofloxacin
atb   ss    lm    em    tm    dh    cap   pc    ap    sb    rp    ao
      primary     ea    ah    np    cs    ar    ic    ac
atc   ett   treatment br      tm    suture      drug distraction pcc    sb
      tt    nail intervention       of    membrane    implant     np    cs
      mh    ar
ate   ingested    took slept worked       sat   wearing     drank displayed
      consuming saw     exhibited became        wore watched      ran   gave
      exercised had     attended
atelectasis hypotension dysphagia thrombophlebitis edema bleeding
      spontaneous agitation hypoxemia inflammation          hemolysis
      lesions     pathology pneumothorax        phlebitis infection
      cough pruritus    leakage     adhesions
atenolol    metoprolol losartan     bisoprolol nadolol      amlodipine
      amitriptyline     chlorthalidone    hydrochlorothiazide     nifedipine
      spironolactone    lisinopril labetalol propranolol diltiazem
      prazosin    verapamil enalapril hydralazine captopril
atherectomy artery      embolization      thrombectomy      stenoses
      spasm calcification     stenosis    pta   pci   stent angiography ptca
      balloon     stenting    occlusion angioplasty occlusions
      arteriography     revascularization
atheroma    ha    tm    brain la    bc    thrombus    fluid lesions
      pathology lesion        ap    vessels     segments    calcification
      atherosclerosis gallbladder arteries      cs    ar
atherosclerosis bacterial cutaneous spontaneous facial
      inflammation      delirium    brain obesity     lesions     intestinal
      pathology vessels       alcoholism atherosclerotic infection
      arteries    illness     psychosis complex
atherosclerotic celiac        autoimmune cutaneous diseases       residual
      degenerative      lesions     pathology kidney        ischemic
      gallstone atherosclerosis cerebrovascular liver organic
      neoplastic cardiovascular     arteriosclerotic subclinical
ativan      namely      warmth      dryness     inflammation      falling
      diazepam    oxazepam    chlordiazepoxide origin       consciousness
      containing including on       caffeine    lorazepam heaviness ie
      illness     alprazolam
atl   excluding lymphadenopathy tumors          ss    fl    pe    td    cd
      bc    cap   insomnia    disease     bilateral rp      radiotherapy
      splenectomy symptomatic ic    ac
atlantoaxial      tibial      cutaneous shoulder      facial      tongue
      delirium    brain drug pathology vestibular joint nail uterine
      implant     cyst pedicle      mh    complex     bony
atn   sepsis      pancreatitis      dysphagia stroke        pyelonephritis
      pe    bleeding    gout amiodarone peritonitis cd      allopurinol
      syndrome    infection rejection symptomatic proteinuria ar        ic
atnc variations shifts        gains abnormalities     losses
      alterations increases improvements        falls diarrhea
      paresthesias      declines    etc   changes     delays      deposits
      decreases se      deficits
ato   therapy     azithromycin      thalidomide fluconazole ptx
      hydroxyurea amiodarone trazodone aspirin        allopurinol ofloxacin
      levamisole gabapentin diltiazem dexamethasone         ciprofloxacin
      terazosin verapamil cyclosporine
atonic      sp    abnormal    myoclonic epileptic ta        tonic bc
      generalized cp    sh    aa    seizures    cough constipation
      proteinuria ar    intact      ic    complex
atorvastatin      omeprazole metoprolol losartan      bisoprolol amlodipine
      simvastatin nifedipine rosuvastatin       quinapril spironolactone
      lisinopril valsartan ramipril       propranolol fosinopril lovastatin
      enalapril pravastatin captopril
atraumatic pharmacological optimized laser automatic traditional
      surgical    antidepressant    suture      technique standard
      nonsurgical microsurgical     active      method      device
      ordinary    conventional      pharmacologic     conservative
atresia     lithiasis hemiplegia tumors         hypertension      ascites
      epilepsy    emphysema cirrhosis disease         pheochromocytoma
      persistent asthma       cholangiocarcinoma      sarcoidosis
      hydrocephalus     syndrome    hyperlipidemia    dementia
atrial      paroxysmal propafenone dysphagia stroke         pe    cutaneous
      spontaneous amiodarone brain la     lesions     sotalol     hepatic
      liver af    symptomatic digoxin     ar    ic
atrioventricular pharyngeal nerve cutaneous spontaneous facial
      penile      la    intracardiac      sensory     lesions     pathology
      arrhythmia hepatic      uterine     motor rf    ar    ic    av
atrium      hemisphere vagina       stomach     lungs apex anterior
      abdomen     bronchus    axilla      cortex      medial      urethra
      ventral     lateral     aorta ventricle ventricles cerebellum
atrophic    polyps      abnormal    cutaneous diseases      facial
      disease     cp    lesions     ulceration pathology wounds
      cysts gastritis liver tinnitus      organic     malignancy
      symptomatic ic
atrophy     injuries    damage      abnormalities     instability
      disturbances      edema vision      paralysis inflammation
      involvement lesions     hypoperfusion     scarring    pathology
      complaints problems     activity    proteinuria symptoms
atropine    morphine    metoclopramide    meperidine cimetidine nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    diazepam    aminophylline     furosemide tramadol
      labetalol propranolol diltiazem dexamethasone         terbutaline
      verapamil lorazepam naloxone        clonidine
atrovent    amitriptyline     aerosol     nifedipine allopurinol imipramine
      albuterol furosemide clomipramine         theophylline      labetalol
      propranolol buspirone terbutaline prazosin      verapamil bromide
      nicardipine clonazepam alprazolam
attached    shifted     applied     relating    prior closer      close
      contributing      confined    connected adhered       added owing
      anastomosed affixed     contributed according from restricted
attack      relapse     recurrence consultation       capsule
      prescription      stroke      permanent attacks       shunt defect
      typical     temporary lesion        preparation seizure     sequential
      ie    fracture    complex
attacked    visualization     portions    widening    eliminated disruption
      supported prevented greatly         facilitated approximated
      promoted    reflecting parts none represented largely       presumably
      overwhelmed permitted
attacks     bacterial bleeding      spontaneous delirium    stools
      origin      lesions     pathology episodes      vessels     cysts
      migraine    joints      infection bones ie      headaches symptoms
attain      generate    exclude     resolve     obtain      keep heal
      avoid maintain    develop     assure      prevent     detect
      elicit      get   reach achieve     initiate    recover     perform
attempt     susceptibility    proximity effort        relating    unrelated
      exposed     contributing      attached    order owing due
      opportunity inability addition      predisposed attempting helping
      restricted fails
attempted related       applied     close allowed     unrelated equivalent
      employed    used insufficient       helped      added superior
      primarily tried from directly       restricted decided      utilized
attempting lead leads efforts       leading     relates     relating
      tends contributes attributable      exposed     led   owing due
      inability fail failed         according trying        fails
attempts    steps susceptibility    efforts     responsiveness    related
      effort      required    pertinent adjacent      us    exposure
      referring getting       exposures access        interventions     from
      adherence letters
attend      generate    continue    ingest      keep heal begin develop
      stop choose       take learn eat    accept      get   apply remember
      initiate    recover     perform
attendance abstinence resident      reading     work pain medication
      counseling testing      mobility    physiotherapy     pt    sedation
      breastfeeding     retention professional        behavior    ie
      behaviour re
attended    consulted experienced began recalled      worked      developed
      wearing     displayed presented visited         saw   became      wore
      completed attending voluntarily had       finished    actually
attending needing       injuries    experienced listed      developed and
      consulting visiting     reporting performing exhibiting bilateral
      physicians with requiring taking          having      initially
attention transport movement        damage      processes processing
      exposure    vision      tasks speech      reactivity exposures
      resources pathology memory          language    behavior    ie
      adherence behaviour
attentive specific      manipulation      warning     orientation chemical
      targeting processes processing programming exposure         work
      attributes adaptive     physiological     threat      recruitment
      physiologic existing    proper
attenuation reversal    visualization     estimation spread       disruption
      measurement perception optimization       accumulation
      suppression persistence restoration enhancement acceleration
      evaluation documentation      correction localization       assessment
attic leukocytes cutaneous various        spontaneous necrotic    facial
      nasal brain kidneys     intestinal hands vessels      skin joint
      hepatic     uterine     bones neutrophils illness
attorney    foods impending prescriptions       requests    medicines
      hospitalization hospitalisation microcalcifications         dying
      codes origin      resources them consciousness        caring
      prematurity prenatal    illness     interest
attractive option       alternative investigational unreliable applicable
      effective alarming      enormous    necessary important indication
      avenue      acceptable appropriate adequate     attempt     suitable
      interesting emerging
attributable      relates     relating    prior ascribed    contributes
      exposed     contributing      attributed led    confined    enough
      able owing due    inability contributed according attempting
attribute susceptibility      responsiveness    related     proximity
      leading     closer      exposure    switch      contributing
      ability     refer access      helped      conversion return
      restricted returns      try   helps
attributed relates      relating    ascribed    contributes attributable
      contributing      confined    enough      encouraged able adhered
      owing due   inability contributed according attempting trying
attributes manipulation       location    orientation features    processes
      character spread        programming stability perception components
      limitations goals recruitment localization      integrity patterns
      elements    complexity
attributing leads relates     relating    contributes attributable
      exposed     contributing      attributed led    adhered     owing due
      adding      inability contributed according attempting trying
atyp shortened afterwards whatever        considering z     outside
      around      finally     discussion throughout larsen        inside
      during      underneath passing      hence consequently      forth
atypical    abnormal    cutaneous td      spontaneous diseases    facial
      typical     lesions     pathology extra clozapine disorders
      active      organic     malignancy accompanying       psychosis
      dementia    complex
atypically lac    acutely     mp    ht    ld    medically cd      surgically
      ip    hd    clozapine ao      actively    olanzapine fd
      chronically pd    ic    depressed
au    nu    mv    f     sec   ml    l     pu    versus      eu    v     pl
      min   vs    u     msec units milliseconds       s     r2
audible     optimized electronic upward         orientation imbalance
      automatic incidental reading        interactive anatomically
      unusual     adaptive    artifact    artificial adequate     additional
      ordinary    inverted    ie
audiology pharmacy      legal ent   staff others      financial parents
      medical     neurology subsequent radiology feet recruitment
      functional immunological      attendance behaviour va       service
auditory    tactile     scalp leg   jaw   brainstem facial        brain
      speech      cortical    hands vestibular skin sound individual
      spatial     muscle      eeg   motor language
aug   chloramphenicol april july february       mp    october     cc    june
      january     all   march november    their nov   five december
      another     september august
augmentation      reversal    manipulation      formation treatment
      disruption usage involvement stability closure        accumulation
      suppression attenuation restoration enhancement acceleration
      placement correction localization         the
augmented diminished raised         provided    reversed    predicted
      eliminated increased improved       markedly    facilitated
      temporarily reduced     slowed      blocked     prolonged primarily
      mainly      enhanced    induced
augmentin aztreonam azithromycin          fluconazole clindamycin
      mezlocillin ceftriaxone amiodarone metronidazole      ofloxacin
      levamisole clomipramine       cefaclor    ceftazidime ciprofloxacin
      cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin erythromycin        antibiotics
august      feb   april july february     october     jan   seven june
      january     march november    methods     inclusive nov     five
      december    aug   sept september
aunt echocardiograms daughter       afterward wandering smoked          wk
      unemployed days biochemistry        uncle son   niece brother     9min
      sister      undergone miscellaneous       divorced    respirations
aunts tiredness signs dates appetite      irritability      personal
      cyanosis    leukocytosis      feelings    histology pediatricians
      spirometry comorbidities      lethargy    itching     redness
      palpation occupation bruises
aura hemiplegia recurrent hypertension          hypercholesterolemia
      ascites     epilepsy    hemiparesis cirrhosis without
      hypertriglyceridemia    persistent endometriosis      preexisting
      overt headaches paraplegia idiopathic hyperlipidemia
aureus      sp    bacteremia bacteria     sanguis     pathogens strains
      lesions     infection sedation      organisms mrsa cough vancomycin
      s     pruritus    pneumoniae enterococci parasites species
auricular acupuncture tibial        scalp foot nerve shoulder     sacral
      massage     facial      wrist tongue      tm    infant      drug
      joint individual child implant      local
auscultated former      scalp calf other br     response    tm    thigh
      second      axilla      circulation pp    intervention
      postoperative     lowest      endometrium of    np    cs
auscultation      manipulation      consultants ultrasound orientation
      measuring tracing       chemical    examination reading     morphology
      surgeons    alignment displacement        testing     doctors
      monitoring monitors     recording palpation
auth pelvis       retina      resultant ensuing       acetabulum largest
      highest     cornea      aforementioned    sacrum      original
      latter      same urethra      sternum     scapula     lowest
      longest     remaining
author      process     earliest    retina      best surgeon      largest
      highest     aforementioned    original    next latter       same
      first urethra     preceding itself        periphery principal
authorities regulations systems     personnel insurance worker
      staff providers surgeons      teams nurses      doctors     plans
      physicians psychiatrists      checks      professional      services
      utilization service
auto ha     cutaneous tm      la    sm    drug pathology lesion         ap
      ip    extra skin individual ep      rp    membrane    cs    ar    ac
autograft pe      mp    flap tm     md    shunt bt    suture      pc
      pathology ap      sb    rp    implant     np    cs    ar    ic    ac
autoimmune diseases     degenerative      hyperthyroidism disease
      rheumatic granulomatous       disorders atherosclerotic
      cerebrovascular liver organic       neoplastic malignancy
      symptomatic preexisting overt subclinical psychosis dementia
autologous allogeneic cutaneous red       hydroxyurea giant chemotherapy
      cryopreserved     stem allogenic steroids       peripheral
      mediastinal hematopoietic     donor liver prednisolone      bone
      cyclosporine      occult
autolysed tracheoesophageal soy     impending morphogenic amyloid
      vaginosis tng     lge   dying reactive    corn eosinophil bovine
      eosinophilic      carbohydrate      prematurity machinery
      antithrombin      else
automated user optimized electronic automatic interactive contour
      filter      adaptive    extra electric    technique individual
      artificial endoscope image device         apparatus video intraoral
automatic extreme       electronic automated orientation chemical
      incidental reading      interactive adaptive    basic initial
      distraction extra preparation individual artificial anatomic
      method      actual
automatically     formed      continually provided    offered     manually
      made accessed     removed     calculated simultaneously     read by
      through     created     prepared    individually      directly    for
automobile outpatient effort        ongoing     air   interactive sport road
      artificial adequate     additional their car    ordinary    excessive
      occupational      intraoral erection      driving     intact
autonomic metabolic cutaneous cognitive microvascular             facial
      brain cortical    central     mitochondrial     intestinal immune
      vestibular skin circulatory muscle        hepatic     eeg
      sympathetic motor
autopsy     relapse     various     one   delivery    biopsy      and
      presentation      sites pathology postmortem pathological
      endoscopy recruitment home endoscopic the       re    additionally
av    atrioventricular tumor ss     ha    cutaneous ta      spontaneous tm
      penile      la    cp    pc    ap    ep    motor cs    ar    ic    ac
avail permit      mention     avoid overcome    facilitate improve
      allow resumption assure       diminish    prevent     promote
      appreciate take suppression date document       achieve     enhance
availability      occurrence bioavailability quantity       severity
      application frequency disposition use     development timing
      degree      magnitude persistence discovery appearance
      identification    amount      nature      evolution
available specifically        prescribed clearly      still established
      required    usually     quite listed      tested      employed
      currently retained      inconclusive      chosen      appropriate
      utilized    unavailable outlined
avandia     sublingually      capsules    methylprednisolone      mg    bay
      hcl   ondansetron nebulized zolpidem      tablets     raloxifene
      rosiglitazone     repaglinide dexamethasone     orally      caffeine
      lorazepam ibuprofen alprazolam
avascular distal        gravity     tumor organs      nonunion    foci
      proximal    components lesions      deformity pathology lesion
      vessels     anatomic    structures cyst ie      elements    bony
avastin     rituxan     voriconazole      pulses      prescriptions
      requests    medicines botox violence      therapies codes origin
      opioids     them inc    agents      beverages san     narcotics
avb   sepsis      tumors      hypertension      ascites     unilateral
      severe      amiodarone cap    disease     persistent syncope
      syndrome    bilateral af      symptomatic thrombocytosis    burns ic
ave   walls finger      distal      orientation spaces      ri    resultant
      readings    peaks averaged    surrounding values      ap    lateral
      contents    of    above mh    dis
avelox      efficacy    construction      applications      injection
      application entailed    administration    inhalation use    displayed
      giving      usefulness creation     exhibited representing
      loading     placement cyclosporin causes
avenue      option      alternative crucial     allowing    substitute
      useful      marker      important indication explanation accurate
      source      tool agent suitable     interesting reasonable element
average     diagnosis absolute      frequency disposition mean magnitude
      initial     level appearance annual       duration    acceleration
      evaluation top    assessment amount       evolution actual
averaged    finger      trunk sa    orientation leg   br    di    wrist tm
      mt    si    ap    skin pt     force lateral     tt    of    ie
averaging steps diminished to       ultrasound at     reading     light and
      by    averaged    approximately     testing     recruitment recording
      ie    for   above re    additionally
avf   ss    air   reading     bc    cp    pc    lesions     fistula
      pathology ap      skin water hepatic      np    ie    cs    es    ar
avl   areas sa    morphology ht     hc    dg    both ap     tp    bf
      swimming    positions pp      hypo v5     sf    awake regions
avm   obstructed tumor cutaneous facial         delirium    brain sn
      lesions     kidneys     pathology lesion        vestibular bladder
      uterine     cyst cerebellar cs      mh    ar
avn   injuries    dysphagia instability cutaneous various
      spontaneous peritonitis delirium    disease     reporting lesions
      deformity ulceration pathology fractures infection malignancy
      hips symptoms
avoid accommodate resolve     obtain      keep ensure       maintain
      remove      minimize    assure      optimize    maximize    prevent
      manage      detect      identify    achieve     initiate    perform
avoided     reconsidered      considered addressed realized       pursued
      reproducibly      minimized easily        carefully prevented
      reliably    safely      preferably explained abandoned discerned
      cautiously postponed helpful
avoiding    manipulation      changing    orientation chemical    targeting
      since minimizing light besides      alignment facilitating
      displacement      nevertheless      positioning enhancing checking
      structures ie     decreasing
avon israel       north town northwest turkey         mexico      usa
      settings    east connecticut man    asthmatic uk      west vitro
      elderly     england     county      south
avr   gastroscopy operations craniotomy surgery       thoracotomy valve
      valves      endoscopy colonoscopy hepatectomy pta     splenectomy
      reoperation homograft endocarditis        aortic      pcv
      laparoscopy ic
avulsion    infiltration      clearing    visualization     coverage
      angulation excision     disruption alignment closure        removal
      displacement      collapse    positioning insertion enlargement
      evacuation placement localization         dislocation
await interpretation    visualization     pending     considering outside
      upon supporting despite       concerning discussion nevertheless
      limitations beyond      confirming reports      reflecting details
      representing      parts
awaited     briefly     summarized pending      needed      warranted
      usually     presently urgently      encouraging presented necessary
      underway    limited     inconsistent      inconclusive      discussed
      now   unavailable outlined
awaiting    needing     relapsed    whose receiving undergoing
      experienced underwent exhibiting with requiring taking
      osteoarthrosis    malignancies      experiencing      who   having
      suspected died had
awake sleeping    sa    nl    relaxed     mid   md    ht    hc    normal
      dh    pc    ap    hypo ea     np    fd    cs    es    zones
awaken      heal begin maintain     remove      attain      grow stop
      prevent     take intubate     eat   get   date inject       remember
      achieve     initiate    recover     perform
awakened    reevaluated accessed    removed     recalled    obtained
      contacted biopsied      read visited      interviewed checked
      verbally    prepared    extubated regularly traced          scanned
      initially taken
aware aspect      lack visualization      aspects     cognizant estimation
      regardless characterization capable       because     indicative
      completeness      instead     elucidation amounts     understanding
      independent unaware     description
away suffers      emanating disconnected        withdrawing arose derived
      extracted came removing       originate released      stemming
      arise comes aside arising     coming      deviated    deviates
awful considerable      result      visible     much lot    substantial
      substantially     marked      great clear noticeably approximately
      temporary delay worsening modest          deterioration     compromise
awkward     irritability      emotional personal      staff fatigue
      paresthesias      crying      comfort     erythema    nurses
      exams doctors     m1    latencies physicians hypo rigidity
      housing     confusion
awkwardness location    orientation emotional shape coordination
      store morphology contributions      anatomy     stability knowledge
      sensitivities     safety      security    between     structure
      integrity risks thoughts
awoke em    experienced began opened      regained    operation displayed
      preoperative      ap    exhibited became        themselves tt
      vomited     of    felt cs     initially had
awoken      categorized transcribed collected contacted allotted        told
      serially    sequentially      instructed recruited interviewed
      asked recorded    reassessed scanned      retested    periodically
      rechecked monitored
axial trunk orientation movement    leg   shape coronal     reading
      posture     morphology anatomy      dynamic     lesion      hands ap
      transverse skin lateral       anatomic    vertical
axid investigate determine exclude        find estimate     provide
      represents either       if    examine     whether     evaluate
      assess      background observe      describe    define      reassess
axilla      former      pelvis      trachea     retina      vagina
      duodenum    stomach     space cornea      lungs rectum      abdomen
      original    thorax      latter      urethra     ureter      orbit
axillary    lymphatic tumor groin pelvic        cutaneous sentinel
      lymph cervical    sn    enlarged    retroperitoneal regional
      mediastinal hilar bilateral rp      hepatic     supraclavicular ic
axillo      thrombosed prosthetic neoplasm      coronary    femoropopliteal
      repeat      ptfe compound     commercial fluoroquinolone new
      benzodiazepine    aorto aortobifemoral    aortofemoral
      cardiopulmonary stoma respirator pump
axis process      gland fingers     retina      stomach     system
      cornea      musculature original    reflex      diaphragm
      vasculature circulation urethra     fetus pathway     organism
      endometrium zone
axr   earliest    route best largest      highest     aforementioned
      original    most next author        greatest    same first lowest
      top   principal longest       remainder predominant
ayan radiographs echocardiograms submental specimens abgs
      examinations      lnr   eegs statistics bloods        they kids
      scans images      replies     teeth roots samples     remaining
azactam     malnourished      pretreated hospitalized       cirrhotic
      anuric      anticoagulated    hypertensive      treated     ventilated
      shocked     hemodialysis      immunosuppressed sedated      dialyzed
      premedicated      heavily     anemic      dialysed    cachectic
azithro     variations engage       resulted    diminution result
      occurred    clinda      alteration alterations consist      increase
      resumption improvement role reinstitution       reduction indicative
      elevations deterioration
azithromycin      propafenone fluconazole moxifloxacin      ceftriaxone
      amiodarone aspirin      metronidazole     allopurinol ofloxacin
      quinine     itraconazole      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin
      cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin prednisolone        erythromycin
azmacort    acetonide actuation extended        oral aerosol      therapies
      providing delivering administering        delivered albuterol hfa
      ventolin    them interventions      individually      inhaled     mdi
azotemia    sepsis      lymphadenopathy hypotension dysphagia ascites
      bleeding    fever diarrhea    hyponatremia      disease     hematuria
      hypercalcemia     hepatic     septicemia constipation
      symptomatic proteinuria anemia      ic
azotemic    injured     hypothyroid epileptic diabetic      cirrhotic
      anticoagulated    hypertensive      medicated pediatric hd
      parkinsonian      hemodialysis      demented    asymptomatic
      immunosuppressed elderly      anemic      adult depressed
azt   azithromycin      fluconazole amitriptyline     hydroxyurea aspirin
      lamivudine allopurinol phenobarbital      ofloxacin levamisole
      diltiazem dexamethasone       ciprofloxacin     prazosin    gentamicin
      verapamil vancomycin erythromycin         digoxin
aztreonam azithromycin        fluconazole clindamycin mezlocillin
      ceftriaxone amiodarone ofloxacin levamisole meropenem cefepime
      cefazolin ceftazidime ampicillin ciprofloxacin        cefotaxime
      linezolid gentamicin vancomycin tobramycin
azulfidine resulting engage         resulted    engaged     staying
      alterations participation     participating     participated
      participate residing    occasionally      resp its    succeeded fill
      respectively      apoptosis voluntarily
azygous     portal      controlling calf adjustment pulsatile
      requirement venous      diastolic sitting       forearm
      indications sores peripheral gradient     cvp   ambulatory cerebral
      reasons     erect
b     f     cg    vi    mixed pn    hc    normal      bc    cc    gs    pc
      meetings    bf    rc    i     ii    c     np    non
b-12 supplementation deficiency multivitamins         d     zinc
      supplements b-6   calcium     d3    b12   iron folate       e
      thiamine    b6    acid vitamin      k     cholecalciferol
b-3   r     f     fl    con   satiety     c2    v     pl    ai    6h
      standing    resp bf     pp    msec rho    compliance respectively
b-6   supplementation deficiency multivitamins        d     b-12 zinc
      supplements vit   calcium     d3    b12   folate      dietary     e
      thiamine    b6    acid vitamin      k
b.i.d sublingually      bid   dl    day   po    q12h daily od
      intramuscularly tid     qid   qhs   orally      qam   kg    q8h   q24h
      t.i.d qd
b1    sa    b     ta    mp    dyspnea     hc    fever ld    bc    erythema
      e     ap    tp    ia    including ca      c     aa    ac
b12   supplementation multivitamins       b-12 zinc supplements potassium
      haptoglobin b-6   cortisol    d3    folate      albumin
      testosterone      e     fibrinogen b6     acid k      homocysteine
b2    a2    sa    tx    potassium dyspnea       haptoglobin fatigue
      cortisol    folate      albumin     mobility    ap    tp    fibrinogen
      acid platelets ca       pruritus    protein
b6    supplementation multivitamins       d     b-12 zinc supplements
      niacin      b-6   calcium     d3    b12   folate      e     thiamine
      acid vitamin      k     digoxin     alprazolam
ba    ss    sa    ds    md    ht    hc    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    ap
      tp    ep    rp    aa    np    cs    ac
babies      consultations     and   testes      ears infants      lesions
      kidneys     vessels     wounds      segments    knees calves
      birds individuals women children    patients    hips twins
babinski    trunk sa    pharyngeal ekg    leg   ft    neck thigh blink late
      ap    tp    pupillary cough splenic       cerebellar hamstrings
      spleen      ac
baby distal       consultation      target      prosthesis system
      stimulus    infant      ring basic drug lesion        sound fetus
      intervention      child of    membrane    implant     procedure
bacilli     margins     bacteremia thinking     stains      bacteria
      stain cocci pathogens staphylococci       strains     cultures
      infections cons rods organisms negative         septicemia
      enterococci species
bacitracin paste neomycin     amitriptyline     clindamycin ceftriaxone
      hydrocortisone    metronidazole     ofloxacin cp      tetracycline
      ceftazidime cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin
      prednisolone      erythromycin      ointment    tobramycin
back epigastric groin pelvic        perineal    shoulder    musculoskeletal
      postsurgical      pain abdominal flank chest lbp      episiotomy
      retrosternal      neuropathic incapacitating    postoperative
      worst breakthrough
backed      coil paste syringe      shaped      plastic     plate modified
      metal bar   articulation      standardized      sensor      probe cast
      flat sheet circular     rigid letter
background visualization      considering regarding supporting since
      despite     concerning involves     discussion objective reflects
      etc   confirming reports      reflecting affects      representing
      about permitting
backpain    leukemia    bronchitis pancreatitis       prostatitis
      pyelonephritis    wad   sacral      lz    tonsillitis optic
      appendicitis      sinusitis rejection cholecystitis         mountain
      cyclosporin infraorbital      ulnar caused
backup      paste assistance permanent foam reference filter
      minimal     diuretic    commercial temporary probe partner        flat
      standard    vehicle     rigid special     conventional      dressing
backward    specific    orientation movement    chemical    personal
      reading     others      mt    light tracking    dynamic     mobility
      discrimination    subsequent neutral      functional delayed
      professional      vertical
backwards finger        orientation tracing     shape relaxed     reading
      posture     others      morphology lifting      dynamic     skin
      force feet power professional       backward    vertical    distance
baclofen    citalopram lithium      therapy     amantadine trazodone
      allopurinol gabapentin furosemide clomipramine        theophylline
      levodopa    octreotide buspirone nimodipine erythromycin
      clonidine clonazepam alprazolam memantine
bacteremia sepsis       bacterial dysphagia pe        bleeding
      spontaneous peritonitis delirium    lesions     ulceration pathology
      hypercalcemia     phlebitis infections infection septicemia
      pneumonia malignancy candidemia
bacteria    bacteremia bacterial organs         errors      waves substances
      pathogens signals       strains     lesions     pathology vessels
      items colonies    structures organisms products       parasites
bacterial bacteremia pharyngeal cutaneous bleeding          various
      spontaneous facial      peritonitis delirium    brain lesions
      intestinal pathology skin infections infection uterine
      respiratory antibiotics
bacteriemia bacteremia hypotension thrombophlebitis bleeding
      peritonitis bradycardia nephrotoxicity    atelectasis lesions
      phlebitis infections hematoma       superinfection    shivering
      infection septicemia leakage        hypocalcemia      proteinuria
bactrim     oral amantadine aminophylline       showed      produced
      levamisole displayed gabapentin lp        exhibited exhibits
      pamidronate suspension achieves     is    plus yields       produces
bactroban nitroglycerine      pharyngeal nitroglycerin      betamethasone
      chemical    usage nasal hydrocortisone    pigmentation      closure
      its   mupirocin packing       tizanidine ointment     ointments
      topical     symptoms    irritation
bad   specific    good permanent formal         chemical    light repeat
      remote      discrete    poor pathology pathological         neutral
      functional delayed      their professional      nonspecific complex
bag   syringe     prosthesis midline      system      plate flap reservoir
      box   filter      bar   ring sensor       protocol    circuit
      device      of    procedure apparatus condition
bagged      distal      fingers     adjacent    various     foci
      musculature signals     components nevertheless       vessels
      segments    muscles     branches    joints      structures products
      veins elements    contamination
bagging     food air    adjacent    us    hard reference posture
      horizontal signal       pericardium code lesion       skin force
      sound scar input cs     band
bahamas     sixth 2nd   fourth      thalamus    duodenum    morning
      highest     valley      mid   5th   pons 4th    thigh 3rd   states
      lowest      6th   cerebellum 1st
bailey      scale fundus      field sa    binocular coronal       medium
      personal    reading     manual      subjective caregiver raw
      dynamic     axial subsequent physiologic vertical     va
baker brief visual      faces psychiatric modified    shoulder
      musculoskeletal pain chest disability distraction physician scar
      bi    postoperative     symptom     verbal      cutting     video
bal   sa    lavage      synovial    ht    hc    normal      pb    bc
      fluid pc    ap    tp    fluids      pp    sputum      np    awake es
balance     gait transport orientation coordination         reading
      posture     morphology dynamic      physiological     mobility
      discrimination    tp    skin physiologic muscle       retention
      behavior    activity    behaviour
balancing manipulation        orientation shape chemical    targeting
      avoiding    reading     stability discussion alignment
      displacement      discrimination    positioning recruitment anatomic
      structure recording ie        for
balding     process     scalp retina      surface     vagina      stomach
      cornea      forehead    abdomen     original    thorax      axilla
      vasculature urethra     fetus hand cheek endometrium zone
balloon     laser flap shunt filter       catheter    suture      drug
      lesion      distraction tube anastomosis stent endoscopic
      compression suction     membrane    implant     cutting     cs
ballooning erosion      fs    f     sa    mt    morphology v      fatigue
      ma    mobility    ap    tp    bl    rc    sedation    rigidity    ca
      s     es
balloons    screws      medications solutions systems       therapies
      catheters clips drugs lesions       pathology sutures       tubes
      agents      laxatives products      devices     dressings
      antibiotics implants
baloon      laryngoscope      wand imuran       soap staples      introducer
      alone advancing sutures       mms   gelfoam     blade wires syndrome
      macintosh pins paraplegia coils exception
balsam      aspects     normalization     consist     regardless feelings
      resumption ease types because       persistence indicative
      completeness      numbers     suggestive documentation      instead
      forms amounts     independent
balt tiredness warmth         appetite    irritability      hospitalizations
      hospitalization agitation unconjugated          fever fatigue
      paresthesias      crying      erythema    dysuria     pruritus
      itching     confusion neutrophils sedatives
bam   sa    orientation di    reading     mt    morphology light cc     pc
      pathology pathological        pp    compression of    activity    np
      accompanying      cs    es
banana      sp    food td     air   mp    latex personal    vision
      reading     speech      medication ma     ap    pt    water sedation
      neutral     cough ac
band distal       field space bag   signal      filter      proximal
      configuration     ring lesion       transverse lateral      eeg
      power of    membrane    implant     zone condition
bandages    screws      injuries    assistance systems      antacids
      traction    instrumentation catheters clips lesions         pathology
      sutures     wires compression stockings devices       pins dressings
banded      fs    sa    jump tm     horizontal sm     pc    sb    ep    tt
      ao    lap   np    cs    vertical    mh    es    ar    ac
banding     accommodation     fundal      sterilization     myomectomy
      decompression     surgery     residuals ligation      pathology
      suturing    endoscopic ph     splenectomy distension contents
      adrenalectomy     procedures mucosal      laparoscopy
bands areas orientation fields      systems     spaces      distributions
      tissues     compartments      errors      amplitude peaks ap
      segments    feet parameters eeg     power band zones
bank target       process     collection component supply         specimen
      reservoir filter        code configuration      test pool network
      preparation layer barrier     of    sampling    stream
banked      bank office       calf abo    red   venous      warm forearm
      allogenic regional      peripheral heparinized ambulatory suctioned
      cerebral    intraoperative    whole perioperative     occult
banks bank supply       loss draws donation     borne sugar pool
      transfusions      vessels     transfused transfusion products
      barrier     sampling    stream      conservation      pressure    flow
bap   phosphatase ggt   electrolytes      amylase     irritability
      potassium haptoglobin pth     ctx   folate      albumin
      testosterone      igg   ap    ca    sf    tg    hematocrit bilirubin
bar   syringe     prosthesis plate flap electrode clip stimulus
      reservoir box     filter      code ring sensor        protocol
      preparation device      implant     apparatus video
barb sub    needing     obstructed permanent control        cast steroid
      full drain stent intervention       restrictive experimental
      stented     rigid their np    non   cs
barbara     steps clinic      clara coverage    maria care usa    facility
      presentation      mark where ward charge        sites plan inc    home
      san   marta
barbiturates      medications amitriptyline     antacids    trazodone
      phenobarbital     steroids    phenytoin ethanol       benzodiazepines
      agents      prazosin    cough carbamazepine     verapamil digoxin
      sedatives antibiotics alprazolam opiates
bard retina       prosthesis system       cornea      aforementioned
      sacrum      junction    original    latter      ring same diaphragm
      urethra     clock fetus device      port procedure apparatus
barely      only clearly      diminished practically reversed     eliminated
      quite markedly    globally    employed    temporarily retained
      consistently      completely evident      remarkably also reached
bariatric noncardiac plastic        reconstructive    decompressive
      abdominal otolaryngologic elective        debulking gynecologic
      oncologic gynecological       orthopaedic urological urologic
      corrective laparoscopic       redo orthopedic cataract
barium      ultrasound chemical     medium      td    foam air
      spontaneous enema vision      repeat      medication pathology
      lesion      ct    colonoscopy endoscopic sedation     cough
barn clinic       pig   format      environment dog   relaxed     mid
      village     facility    french      remote      pc    nursery
      patient     calves      neutral     country     car   community
barnes      scale hamilton    brief visual      psychiatric involuntary
      forehead    sleepiness revised      drs   conner      baker sss
      simpson     global      brown scott verbal      das
barr varicella encephalitis         epstein     live measles      hepatitis
      competent herpes        simplex     bovine      immunodeficiency
      viruses     wn    syncytial influenza pox       human zoster      ebv
barre distress    irritable hepatorenal dumping       guillain    turner
      ovary nephrotic horner        fibromyalgia      polycystic restless
      hellp myelodysplastic ellison       eaton sjogren     williams
barrett     acute schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent ascites
      hyperthyroidism cervical      disease     pheochromocytoma asthma
      syncope     gallstones sarcoidosis af     malignancy symptomatic
      malignant vitiligo      psychosis
barrier     process     supply      prosthesis system       stimulus
      reservoir signal        filter      ring compound     pool
      preparation pathway     structure device        membrane    procedure
      apparatus stream
barriers    responsive lead susceptibility      relate      leads efforts
      responsiveness    related     leading     relating    prior exposure
      ability     refer alternatives      access      inability return
barry trachea     retina      vagina      conjunctiva acetabulum cornea
      aforementioned    entire      original    peritoneum latter
      diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis scapula     longest
      clavicle    remaining
bartley     appl whatever     metab max   hogan considering regarding lt
      surg concerning jun     throughout inside       ns    between     side
      j     suppl crosses
bartonella aspergillus injuries     bacterial dehydration diseases
      syphilis    obesity     campylobacter     insomnia    poisoning
      mycobacterial     viruses     disorders intolerance problems
      allergy     candida     species     psychosis
basal plasma      peak sa     tm    mid   si    sm    preoperative      pc
      ap    tp    skin pt     physiologic tt    resting     serum aa
base target       orientation size shape amplitude reading
      configuration     basic test site physiological       lesion
      threshold force recruitment anatomic      structure of      ie
based emphasis    contingent rests focusing     impact      focussed
      focus comment     commented information add     relied      depending
      relies      superimposed      put   putting     rely pour
baseline    entry week visits       intervals discharge sl        rest
      presentation      pace sites t1     bl    admission home regular
      midnight    zero t0     24h
basement    elastic     gut   stomach     tympanic    cornea      tongue
      brain mitochondrial     diaphragm vessels       joint muscle
      outer endometrium uterus      membrane    cyst reticular mucous
bases location    absorption orientation distribution       distributions
      shape character attributes components basic recruitment appearance
      anatomic    contents    structure integrity elements        complexity
basic pharmacological target        prescription      diagnostic
      orientation chemical    drug physiological      sound preparation
      individual recruitment physiologic anatomic     structure membrane
      ie    actual      complex
basically clearly       formed      to    practically quite finally
      roughly     globally    by    mostly      primarily largely
      almost      remarkably mainly       also for    essentially
basil manipulation      that cooling      closest     changing    extending
      began exposure    traction    attribute varies        varied
      object      goals itself      extinction observation input directly
basilar     posterior brachial      anterior    internal    proximal
      extracranial      radial      stenotic    mesenteric iliac occluded
      thoracic    uterine     splenic     femoral     cerebral    carotid
      popliteal communicating
basilic     portal      stomach     midline     excised     antecubital
      draining    proximal    antrum      transverse lateral      deep
      dorsal      subclavian vein splenic       saphenous of      popliteal
basis aspect      course      dorsum      disposition average
      development grounds     timing      magnitude occasion      discovery
      demonstration     availability      top   demand      amount
      nature      evolution pattern
basophil    ammonia     sa    histamine monocytes leukocyte lymphocyte
      flare fatigue     eosinophil mobility     tp    eosinophils skin
      basophils complement platelets sputum           platelet
basophils histamine monocytes leukocytes cognition inflammation
      secretions pb     vessels     eosinophils skin platelets cells
      lymphocytes sputum      coagulation behavior    proteins
      neutrophils mucosal
batch target      prescription      location    diagnostic orientation size
      shape reading     basic test strain       preparation sequence
      recruitment anatomic    method      recording grading       actual
bath consultation       syringe     environment brace modified    bag   box
      filter      bar   second      ring cast protocol      lesion
      preparation intervention      of    video condition
bathe generate    ingest      keep breathe      maintain    develop
      write consume     learn eat   get   ambulate    adopt remember
      communicate initiate    attend      recover     perform
bathing     swallowing cooling      sa    br    air   tm    mt    speech
      medication distraction training     swimming    skin water exercise
      ie    cs    mh    ac
bathroom    target      system      modified    clip stimulus     box
      forehead    filter      code bar    test story baby child device
      of    procedure apparatus video
baths sp    mp    vision      bc    cp    ma    testing     hydration ap
      physiotherapy     co    complaints water including aa       ie
      exercises symptoms      ac
bathtub     move breathe      screen      consult     drink stop operate
      ccu   insert      handle      protocol    watch admit accept      get
      nearest     adopt recover     perform
bay   citalopram moxifloxacin       amantadine allopurinol quinidine
      furosemide theophylline       ethanol     repaglinide labetalol
      buspirone terbutaline caffeine      nimodipine tizanidine ro
      nicardipine clonazepam alprazolam
bb    sp    sa    ds    ta    mp    tm    ht    hc    la    sm    pc    ap
      sb    ep    aa    np    cs    ar    ac
bbb   scalp damaged     gut   brain sugar pool drug diaphragm lesion
      vessels     circulation individual pathway      organism    barrier
      endometrium uterus      membrane    stream
bbs   trunk orientation size lm     shape amplitude wrist norm anatomy
      vm    test si     hands ap    sss   lateral     anatomic    structure
bc    ss    sa    ds    ta    ht    hc    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    ep
      rp    aa    np    cs    ar    ic    ac
be    consider    replace     provide     offer begin facilitate improve
      allow produce     prevent     operate     make promote      restore
      help give induce        enhance     utilize
beach us    wrist mid   md    work time scene proximal      writing
      sites site hands skin toe     individual home child tooth implant
beading     pains around      finally     atrophy     across      thus
      occasionally      mobility    them distortion perhaps       possibly
      ultimately during       descent     delays      lastly      hence
beam  brachytherapy     genitalia rt      laser fixation    hydroxyurea
      cranial     chemoradiation    chemo chemotherapy      radiation
      irradiation rotation    xrt   accelerated external    radiotherapy
      concurrent conventional
bear specifically       permit      move consider     provide     begin
      cover facilitate allow express      make give match guide get
      enhance     utilize     correct     monitor
bearing     movement    loss gain losing        light lifting     and
      lifted      height      pathology lesion        distraction skin
      heparin     enhancing dieting       water compression ie
beat susceptibility     responsiveness    drive face response     exposure
      switch      stimuli     work hypoxia      reactivity exposures
      access      stressors phenylephrine       conversion return
      adherence monitor
beats bpm   minute      breaths     w     sec   ml    litres      l     v
      gfr   hrr   liters      min   hr    vs    msec o2     mmhg bursts
beautiful consultation        variable    syringe     specified box
      witness     filter      code bar    unless      technique story
      preparation parameter regimen       margin      procedure fully
became      only experienced was    began developed and     displayed
      retained    accumulated disappeared deteriorated      remained
      recovered ie      cs    were re     being actually
because     interruption      lack visualization      aspects     estimation
      application normalization     consist     regardless characterization
      capable     persistence indicative instead      forms identification
      elucidation amounts     understanding
becker      ch    renal focal ad    normal      without     disease
      persistent sarcoidosis muscular     familial    spasticity
      hydrocephalus     syndrome    bilateral dystrophy symptomatic
      extensive dementia
beclomethasone    budesonide betamethasone      bronchodilators
      amitriptyline     fp    cimetidine calcitriol salmeterol
      corticosteroids hydrocortisone      corticosteroid    albuterol
      steroids    clomipramine      octreotide inhaled      terbutaline
      doxycycline prednisolone
become      specifically      indeed      established be    are   been
      provide     offer addressed since dramatically        thus promoted
      come as     represent described is        recently
becomes     process     orientation systems     shape was   reaches     drug
      accumulated itself      became      contained today structures
      input is    of    ie    being actually
becoming    indeed      still gaining     usually     presently currently
      limited     reportedly unknown      problematic mandatory typically
      today sometimes questionable        uncertain now     emerging
bed   consultation      leg   tm    posture     brain infant      eye
      basic drug lesion       hands skin joint individual child membrane
      implant     ie    cs
bedbound    thereafter radiographically afterwards afterward separately
      tracked     simultaneously    later then jointly      annually
      tingling    postoperatively miscellaneous       recorded    ecchymosis
      respectively      periodically      again
bedrest     injury      cooling     therapy     withdrawal hospitalization
      traction    delivery    reperfusion hospitalisation feeding
      dosing      and   stimulation medication training     ethanol
      exercise    ie    exercises
beds consultations      systems     errors      vision      inflammation
      bc    and   lesions     pathology vessels       segments    tone
      contacts    structures problems     ie    cs    symptoms    ar
bedside     consultation      target      diagnostic screening team
      presentation      basic test pace site technique threshold
      physician preparation triage        method      device      implant
bedtime     entry week baseline     night intervals sl      visit rest
      presentation      pace sites monthly      rpm   least home regular
      autopsy     hourly      weekly
been established formally     thoroughly addressed claimed        previously
      prompted    never shown yet   become      neglected demonstrated
      tried described recently      seldom      reported    extensively
beer meat foods food nitroglycerin        intoxication      vision
      coffee      obesity     drinking    dietary     ethanol     alcohol
      alcoholism sodium       water beverages cough caffeine      illness
beers trunk leg   jaw   various     shoulder    necrotic    speech      acr
      tonsil      sport legs kidneys      hands joint muscle      joints
      products    motor obstetrical
before      baseline    at    dryness     immediately fatigue     by
      spirometry erythema     swelling    preoperatively    2h    h
      rigidity    including pre     redness     for   24h   intraoperatively
began starts      continued started       provided    reaching    was   and
      declined    presented became        following ceased        from of
      ie    for   were re     being
begin move continue     proceed     resolve     stop operate      make
      choose      take restore      recognize learn give get      apply
      remember    utilize     initiate    recover
beginning aspect        location    onset extremes    start portion
      moment      presentation      ends magnitude site insertion end
      level border      appearance slope division     nature
begins      starts      specifically      diminished are    occurs
      damage      processes was     reaches     began exposure    becomes
      varies      works normally    persists    develops    typically is
begun started     interrupted maintained applied      halted      restarted
      stopped     given administered      done employed     introduced
      noticed     evident     performed instituted initiated terminated
behavior    transport orientation emotional chemical        personal
      reading     morphology speech       mobility    skin physiologic mood
      language    psychological     problems    activity    symptomatology
      behaviour symptoms
behavioral self specific      lifestyle emotional chemical        cognitive
      personal    hormonal    abilities psychosocial        physiological
      physiologic language    social      psychological     professional
      behavior    behaviour endocrine
behaviour transport orientation chemical        processes reading
      morphology abilities stability physiological          skin
      recruitment physiologic functional functions behavior       activity
      symptomatology    performance symptoms
being diminished assistance systems       provided    was   difficulty and
      medication drug retained      pathology typically active
      devices     ie    accompanying      cs    re    actually
belching    tiredness tenderness appetite       irritability      cramping
      cramps      photophobia malaise     fatigue     flatulence
      indigestion dysuria     heartburn bloating      nervousness lethargy
      itching     fullness    dizziness
belief      so    process     hope reveals      expectation system
      basic assumption path indicating idea recommendation        suggestion
      pathway     indicated fact stated         law   service
beliefs     thinking    emotional worry concerns      personal    fatigue
      knowledge psychosocial        comfort     mobility    mood education
      social      psychological     behavior    confusion communication
      behaviour thoughts
believe     think suggesting suggested feel assume          argue suggest
      convinced show say      indicating demonstrate recommend
      tentatively indicate    indicated fact suggests       indicates
believed    seem tends seems claimed      assumed     seemed      proved
      enough      unlikely    supposed    difficult urged necessary
      continues due     appears     appeared    thought     tended
believes    so    process     notion      suggesting latter       literature
      author      assumption same idea recommendation       itself
      suggestion possibility belief       indicated fact stated
bell obstructed prosthesis cutaneous spontaneous facial           brain
      cervical    painful     preoperative      drug lesion       full
      bladder     uterine     tinnitus    cyst classic      ie    complex
belly target      process     fifth component resultant midline
      system      final site threshold notch border         slope layer top
      margin      procedure tip     actual
below within      to    considering at    outside     in    around
      finally     besides     through     across      beyond      while
      during      moreover    for   above near additionally
benadryl    acetaminophen     metoclopramide    hydroxyzine hydrocortisone
      diazepam    oxazepam    metronidazole     diphenhydramine hcl
      furosemide rifampin     tetracycline      dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     caffeine    prednisolone      lorazepam ibuprofen
benazepril omeprazole losartan      bisoprolol amlodipine chlorthalidone
      simvastatin nifedipine rosuvastatin       quinapril spironolactone
      lisinopril valsartan ramipril       fosinopril atorvastatin
      enalapril felodipine pravastatin captopril
bench trunk leg   personal    reading     posture     mid   lifting
      horizontal rm     thigh dynamic     ap    swimming    balance
      press static      walking     strength    vertical
bend shift moving       plateau     cover electrode stimulus      lift
      configuration     test probe insert       match guide check delay step
      correct     near monitor
bender      breath      romberg     cambridge pendulum      exact student
      revised     pad   clock log   fischer     wisconsin walk squared
      word scratch      wolf rey    allen
bending     orientation movement    shape reading     posture     morphology
      lifting     stability alignment rotation        displacement
      mobility    axial positioning force motions     extension vertical
benefiber supplementation habitual        baclofen    unrestricted      that
      supplementing     administering     feeding     phototherapy
      intentional extract     nevertheless      octreotide adding
      intralesional     ddavp intrapleural      topical     this
beneficial pharmacological considerable         subtle      hypotensive
      direct      noticeable therapeutic substantial differential
      ceiling     cause sparing     suppressive profound    favorable
      remarkable possible     analgesic protective
benefit     pharmacological prescription        potential abnormality
      burden      experience therapeutic progress     aid   distinct
      definitive delay augmentation       yield deterioration     correct
      prophylactic      pharmacologic     benefits
benefits    potential efficacy      spread      disposition use
      development usefulness timing       magnitude persistence importance
      possibilities     appearance availability       identification
      risks patterns    nature      evolution
benign      tumors      recurrent focal cutaneous diseases        cap
      disease     persistent asthma       nodular     bilateral neoplasms
      liver organic     malignancy symptomatic malignant psychosis
benzo using conducting amyloid      via   entailed    represents bay
      displayed lp      undertaking exhibited performing influenza
      strep yielded     ro    cyclosporin causing     utilizing
benzodiazepine    prosthesis stimulus     ring compound     commercial drug
      lesion      vaccine     opioid      new   dopamine    sound
      preparation benzodiazepines device        membrane    somatostatin
      opiate      complex
benzodiazepines medications foods solutions medicines systems
      antacids    therapies substances drugs antidepressants objects
      drug opioids      ethanol     agents      products    devices
      antibiotics opiates
beo   former      tibia pharynx     stomach     acetabulum cornea       apex
      tongue      junction    forehead    abdomen     original    scrotum
      sternum     thumb scapula     aorta perineum    1st
bepridil    metoprolol citalopram nadolol       amantadine amiodarone
      nifedipine carvedilol gabapentin clomipramine         spironolactone
      labetalol propranolol diltiazem terazosin prazosin          verapamil
      nimodipine nicardipine captopril
berger      progressive celiac      autoimmune hemorrhoidal       graves
      wilson      alzheimer lyme degenerative         huntington crohn
      meniere     parkinson atherosclerotic diverticular
      cerebrovascular preexisting arteriosclerotic occlusive
beside      to    whatever    considering outside     in    around      upon
      since concerning covering     besides     through     across
      beyond      reflecting inside       on    during      moreover
besides     to    considering around      finally     beside      upon
      since despite     discussion furthermore through      nevertheless
      beyond      reflecting however      on    during      moreover
best desired      process     earliest    largest     highest     original
      most current      final greatest    same first ultimate     lowest
      principal longest       procedure predominant actual
beta  pharyngeal spontaneous da     nitrate     calcium     theophylline
      ethanol     dopamine    acid ep     sodium      propranolol prazosin
      cough verapamil erythromycin        digoxin     ar    complex
betablocker vasodilator supplement prosthesis splint        plate foam
      defect      compound    diuretic    commercial new    flat
      benzodiazepine    preparation circular    regimen     rigid device
betadine    paste azithromycin      fluconazole solution    clindamycin
      ceftriaxone ofloxacin levamisole chlorhexidine        iodine      cp
      steroid     gel   water cefotaxime doxycycline erythromycin       cs
betamethasone     amitriptyline     clindamycin cimetidine nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    imipramine clomipramine       propranolol diltiazem
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     doxycycline prazosin    gentamicin
      doxepin     verapamil prednisolone        erythromycin      digoxin
betaxolol metoprolol bisoprolol nadolol         amitriptyline     nifedipine
      carvedilol timolol      imipramine latanoprost pilocarpine labetalol
      propranolol diltiazem terazosin prazosin        verapamil enalapril
      nicardipine captopril
beth clinic       past tel    coordinating      king usa    mercy boston
      ward duke nursery       uk    memorial    texas presbyterian
      arkansas    suite county      arm
bethanechol nitroglycerin     hydrocortisone    allopurinol quinidine
      furosemide theophylline       diltiazem dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     buspirone terbutaline caffeine      verapamil
      nimodipine erythromycin       naloxone    digoxin     nicardipine
betoptic    swallowing accommodation      thinking    movement    ophthalmic
      discomfort errors       relaxation da     timolol     fibers      its
      ethanol     pilocarpine gel   creams      terbutaline s     betaxolol
better      faster      considerably      stronger    earlier     shorter
      worse thinner     sooner      much larger       higher
      substantially     greater     weaker      smaller     longer
      somewhat    lower more
betty former      trachea     tibia retina      vagina      pharynx
      stomach     acetabulum largest      highest     cornea
      aforementioned    original    latter      same diaphragm urethra
      scapula     clavicle
between     namely      orientation before      at    in    regarding
      concerning morphology overlap       by    both across       erythema
      proprioception    rigidity    including on      for   intraoperatively
beverage    capsule     paste supplement solution     patch stimulus
      drink bar   program     commercial new    meal diet benzodiazepine
      sound preparation containing video mouthwash
beverages medications foods accommodation       solutions pharyngeal
      organs      sugars      drinking    objects     skin ethanol
      alcohol     benzodiazepines water products      caffeine    proteins
      symptoms    sedatives
beverly     urinalysis tennessee private        facility    boston
      biochemistry      ohio pennsylvania       inc   springfield
      assessments miscellaneous     intakes     respectively      redness
      volumes     utilization billing     urine
beyond      within      to    considering outside     around      finally
      upon supporting since besides       furthermore through
      nevertheless      confirming however      on    during      about
bf    sp    fm    fs    sa    ht    hc    la    si    sm    pc    ap    tp
      pt    rc    pp    sf    np    es    ac
bg    sa    ha    basal di    tm    mt    la    sugar lactate     si    sm
      pc    ap    skin pt     glucose     sb    cs    ac
bgm   food cognitive personal       sugar dietary     ethanol     bg
      alcohol     repaglinide nicotine    child education products
      cough caffeine    coagulation behavior    illness     maternal
bh    ss    sa    ds    mp    ht    hc    cc    cp    sm    pc    ap    sb
      pp    ep    np    hh    cs    es    ac
bi    sa    di    tm    reading     mt    la    si    sm    pc    pathology
      lesion      ap    skin scar ie      cs    re    complex     ac
biatrial    pacemaker pacing        permanent amiodarone biventricular
      biv   la    temporary sensing       ddd   vvir dddr af      vvi   np
      rv    cs    backup      ic
biaxin      user moved move moving        freely      adjacent    reference
      laterally work insert         handle      slip medially     match how
      protection input distally     grasp
bibasilar tiredness fruits          irritability      rigors      soap
      fruit sulfonamides      focusing    nausea      ivdu rash erythema
      vitamins    preoperatively    somnolence infrequent lethargy
      dizziness adriamycin
bicarb      solutions morphology caregiver measurements           kcl   cp
      sm    indices     mobility    exams diameters physiologic latencies
      contents    bicarbonate activities volumes      symptoms    ac
bicarbonate phosphate mannitol      potassium valproate calcium         la
      chloride    kcl   salicylate snp    magnesium ethanol       acid
      sodium      nitroprusside     water ca    aa    digoxin
biceps      deltoid     trunk flexor      leg   vagina      pharynx
      stomach     elbow jaw   wrist tongue      abdomen     thorax
      thigh rectus      gastrocnemius     quadriceps muscles      hamstrings
bicuspid    para prosthetic focal tricuspid unilateral severe
      mitral      bioprosthetic     valve persistent valves       bilateral
      homograft native        organic     endocarditis      aortic
      symptomatic preexisting
bid   sublingually      dl    b.i.d po    q12h daily od     intramuscularly
      tid   q6h   qid   qhs   orally      qam   kg    q8h   q24h t.i.d qd
bie   location    portions    shape updated     outside     directions
      character phases        around      amplitude reviewing discussion
      ends positions checking       branches    slope ophthalmologist
bifascicular      conduction atrioventricular plexus        occurred
      fascicular bleeds       cephalexin rbbb participation       bundle
      bradycardia sensory     residing    resp caudal       neuromuscular
      branch      worsened    av
bifemoral screened      diagnosed cholelithiasis      choledocholithiasis
      cancer      coronary    stable      femoropopliteal surgeries ptfe
      electively fistulae     colonoscopy aorto aortobifemoral    bilateral
      aortofemoral      cardiopulmonary malignancy
bifrontal sa      em    ta    mp    di    ht    hc    pc    ap    tp    sh
      bl    bilateral cough np      cerebellar cs     ar    ic
bifurcation distal      pelvis      midline     apical      cornea      apex
      wrist tongue      junction    thorax      proximal    stump diaphragm
      lesion      urethra     stenotic    thumb arch aorta
bifurcations      tissue      bifurcation ha    bleeding    medication
      fluid lesions     pathology lesion        ap    vessels     skin
      segments    calcification     scar arteries     cough pruritus    ica
big   foot chemical     spontaneous facial      tm    da    voice drug
      pathology lesion        skin sound joint individual membrane      cyst
      ie    cs    complex
bigemini    supraventricular couplets     pancreas    pharynx     stomach
      vpbs ectopy       ectopics    cervix      bigeminy    arrhythmias
      arrhythmia orbit esophagus tachycardia pvcs tachycardias
      septum      placenta
bigeminy    supraventricular couplets     vpbs ectopy       hypertrophy
      dysrhythmias      ectopics    ectopic     vt    arrhythmias arrhythmia
      tachycardia pvcs ves    tachyarrhythmia tachycardias
      nonsustained      complexes repolarization
bilateral abnormal      tumors      recurrent symmetrical focal permanent
      pe    unilateral without      disease     cp    lesions     persistent
      pathology multifocal incomplete symptomatic extensive ic
bilaterally diminished located      manually    tested      simultaneously
      globally    anteriorly by     retained    mostly      completely
      while placed      also constantly predominantly       for   implanted
bile cbd    cutaneous spontaneous facial        brain nocturnal fluid
      lesions     kidneys     intestinal vessels      skin acid joint
      muscle      hepatic     gallbladder uterine     cyst
bileduct    obstructing cbd   recurrent stones        choledocholithiasis
      unilateral pelvic       severe      solitary    extrahepatic
      biliary     persistent ureteral     impotence ureteric      malignancy
      symptomatic preexisting malignant
bilevel     cricoid     inspiratory mechanical mask bipap intracranial
      les   intermittent      false cpap blood osmotic      airway
      oropharyngeal     cuff colloid      arterial    leak intraocular
bili supratentorial     tumors      recurrent whose unilateral solitary
      adenocarcinoma    cirrhosis disease       carcinoma pheochromocytoma
      persistent cholangiocarcinoma       thymoma     bilateral malignancy
      malignancies      suspected malignant
biliary     acute tumors      recurrent ascites       cutaneous pancreatic
      diseases    esophageal cervical     disease     lesions     syndrome
      bilateral hepatic       bladder     liver malignancy symptomatic ic
bilious     tenderness cramping     discomfort photophobia malaise
      nausea      paresthesias      disability flatulence swelling
      dysuria     belching    retching    numbness    coughing    bloating
      vomiting    fullness    dizziness
bilirubin amylase       potassium haptoglobin cortisol      pth   folate
      albumin     testosterone      progesterone      creatinine
      transaminases     serum ferritin    ca    transaminase      tsh   alt
      tg    urate
bilirubins lipids       electrolytes      ammonia     irritability      cbc
      leukocytosis      osmolality lactate      hemoglobin carcinomas
      fibrinogen vitamins     comorbidities     glucose     hematology
      including proteinuria ps      counts
bill  component system        stimulus    reference filter        code bar
      configuration     test path sensor        threshold device        of
      margin      procedure nomogram      apparatus tip
billing     collecting pharmacy     healthcare postdischarge
      surveillance      personal    usable      staff notes financial
      medical     claims      raw   statistics missing      admissions
      sheets      tests records
bimalleolar midclavicular     comminuted crush vertebral nonunion
      subtrochanteric nondisplaced        shaft intertrochanteric calcaneal
      displaced diaphyseal scaphoid       humeral     trochanteric
      colles      dislocated odontoid     malleolar
bimanual    finger      movement    stimulus    reading     eye   dynamic
      lesion      distraction discrimination    subsequent skin force
      sound word grasping     motor membrane    vertical    complex
binder      vasodilator supplement solution     binders     reservoir
      diuretic    temporary probe approach      sheet problem
      preparation regimen     agent step device       laxative
      immunosuppressant dressing
binders     medications phosphate channel       hydroxide phosphorus
      supplements antagonists binder      antacids    calcitriol nitrates
      calcium     sevelamer steroids      carbonate magnesium
      nephrolithiasis cholecalciferol antibiotics
binding     transport formation orientation chemical        morphology
      usage reactivity physiological      tp    recruitment physiologic
      behavior    activity    proteins    behaviour bound protein
      production content
binge stool sa    emotional anxiety       agitation vision        speech
      obesity     drinking    cp    restrained ap     affective alcohol
      eating      dieting     mood cough behavior
binocular tactile       swallowing accommodation      sa    orientation
      chemical    corneal     vision      reading     mt    speech      pain
      ap    skin sedation     motor language    cough ac
bioavailability occurrence quantity       course      spread      incidence
      frequency disposition use     development timing      degree
      magnitude discovery appearance availability           amount
      nature      evolution pattern
biochemical echocardiographic radiographic      neurophysiologic morphology
      subjective microbiologic      radiologic indices      radiological
      physiological     markers     pathological      hemodynamic
      physiologic parameters functional immunological       laboratory
biochemistry      lipids      determinations    biochemical electrolytes
      urinalysis chemistry chemistries fatigue        measurements
      lactate     spirometry mobility     hemodynamics      hematology
      tests electrocardiograms      volumes     laboratory urine
bioprosthetic     prosthetic tricuspid prosthesis unilateral shunt
      mitral      mosaic      pc    valve valves      bilateral homograft
      stented     porcine     endocarditis      aortic      symptomatic
      bicuspid    hancock
biopsied    prescribed totally      excised     removed     catheterized
      obtained    tested      retained    mostly      cultured    dispensed
      completely repaired     regularly identified re       initially
      implanted selected
biopsies    determinations    radiographs echocardiograms aspirates
      specimens smears        examinations      biopsy      measurements
      lesions     eegs sera sections      cultures    assays      tests
      recordings images       samples
biopsy      ultrasound cytology     drainage    biopsies    and   histology
      repeat      surgical    lesions     culture     testing     pathology
      pathological      endoscopy endoscopic rp       procedures
      laparoscopy ic
biosyn      lymphadenopathy tumors        mixed biopsies    serial
      meningioma meningiomas standardized       nails familial    calves
      cvl   cats tests women methods      patients    washes      urine
bipap breathing air     tm    bt    cc    pc    cpap physiotherapy      ip
      niv   sb    rp    np    hh    cs    es    ar    ic    ac
bipedal     leg   gut   cutaneous heel dental         spontaneous facial
      brain infant      cortical    pregnancy sound muscles       joint
      individual latent       human motor complex
biphasic    modified    foam mixed filter       bar   diuretic    commercial
      discrete    new   flat preparation circular     sequential regimen
      rigid stoma device      video complex
bipolar     acute schizophrenia     recurrent delusional ad       panic
      borderline personality generalized comorbid     psychotic asthma
      affective disorders symptomatic disorder        unipolar    psychosis
bird food resident      di    reading     mt    ring drug lesion
      distraction strain      skin sound preparation child tooth membrane
      ie    cutting     complex
birds ha    and   testes      ears infants      lesions     kidneys
      hands wounds      skin segments     knees feet calves       pupils
      babies      teeth cs    zones
birth stool ha    losing      delivery    body sl     molecular infant
      presentation      infants     height      ma    wet   recruitment
      dieting     postpartum birthweight ie     maternal
birthday    consultation      fifth incision    cycle stimulus    round
      original    operation code respective preceding doctor            baby
      intervention      child third appointment implant     procedure
birthweight residue     preterm     vision      bc    lbw   fat
      developmental     infants     cp    weight      newborn     heparin
      water salt babies       birth aa    premature maternal
bisacodyl metoclopramide      amitriptyline     clindamycin mp    nifedipine
      atenolol    metronidazole     cc    cp    tetracycline
      dexamethasone     prednisone prednisolone       plus erythromycin
      enalapril tobramycin senna ac
bisected    excised     manually    accessed    removed     opened
      aligned     simultaneously    debrided    sutured     rotated
      mostly      restored    medially    cleaned     prepared
      bilaterally traced      constantly distally
bismol      clarithromycin    acetate     meperidine ranitidine pepto mg
      diazepam    metronidazole     diphenhydramine codeine       om
      tablets     tetracycline      flurazepam famotidine promethazine
      amoxicillin im    subsalicylate
bismuth     omeprazole azithromycin       clarithromycin    cimetidine
      ranitidine aspirin      metronidazole     tetracycline      famotidine
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     doxycycline amoxicillin verapamil
      prednisolone      plus citrate      ibuprofen levofloxacin
bisoprolol metoprolol losartan      nadolol     amlodipine nifedipine
      atenolol    carvedilol spironolactone     lisinopril ramipril
      labetalol propranolol fosinopril diltiazem prazosin         verapamil
      enalapril nicardipine captopril
bisphosphonates therapy       plasmapheresis    medicines systems
      antacids    therapies corticosteroids drugs antidepressants
      steroids    lesions     pathology statins       opioids
      benzodiazepines agents        devices     topical     antibiotics
bisulfate fa      phosphate sulfate       potassium nitrates
      corticosteroids valproate chloride        quinidine salicylate
      atrophy     steroids    tablets     acid granules     sodium
      bicarbonate carbamazepine     succinate
bit   supplement format       shift moving      plateau     modified    box
      simulation standardized       sensor      probe model sheet circular
      step constant     message     video letter
bitemporal recurrent diffuse        focal ascites     unilateral severe
      without     disease     hypertriglyceridemia    concomitant poor
      persistent multifocal intermediate        bilateral symptomatic
      conventional      paraplegia hyperlipidemia
bites chemical    retraction spontaneous errors       delivery    vision
      collapse    lesions     pathology complaints products
      transmission      problems    ie    excessive contamination
      parasites symptoms      species
biting      finger      orientation movement    shape reading     posture
      opening     lesion      hands distraction skin force lateral
      joint items anatomic    structure ie      vertical
bits inspection visualization       targeting disruption concerning
      covering    stability knowledge displacement          collapse
      flattening views details      distortion representing       about
      recording palpation for
biv   fs    sa    pacing      biventricular     la    biatrial    ep
      sensing     ddd   vvir dddr vvi     lv    exercise    np    rv    hh
      cs    backup
biventricular     pacemaker icd     pacing      permanent amiodarone biv
      carvedilol biatrial     sensing     dysfunction ddd   vvir dddr vvi
      lv    rv    cs    backup      ic
biweekly    prescribed alternating oral mixed sc      repeat      monthly
      subsequently      ip    co    subsequent individually       sequential
      bi    regular     concurrent for    re    weekly
bl    fs    sa    mp    ft    mt    md    ht    hc    ls    la    sm    pc
      ap    pt    sb    np    cs    es    ac
bl2   r     bpm   bedtime     pod4 x2     cig   menarche    df    vs    hpf
      msec nebs mmhg tubulovillous        rho   rewiring    p     anytime
black anxious     dyspnea     ht    hc    normal      bc    cp    ap
      asian caucasian overweight including asymptomatic           aa
      older white np    sedentary obstetric
bladder     tumor pharyngeal cutaneous pancreatic facial          brain
      esophageal cervical     superficial lesions     pathology testicular
      skin rectal       gastric     colon uterine     liver ar
blade laryngoscope      prosthesis brace system       plate flap electrode
      bag   filter      bar   ring introducer sensor        technique
      endoscope device        procedure apparatus tip
blades      finger      pelvis      solutions scalp laryngoscope
      fingers     splints     systems     resultant wrist ring
      preparations      blade adhesive    of    implant     devices     pins
blake closed      di    tm    ls    la    drains      pc    sh    drain sb
      tt    penrose     intervention      suction     hemovac     ao    ea
      np    cs
blanching orientation size reading        opening     pigmentation      test
      drug lesion       hydration skin force preparation scar structure
      sensation membrane      implant     ie    irritation
blanking    target      process     prescription      component cycle
      system      second      compound    drug lesion       initial
      preceding network       preparation pathway     observation layer
      figure      procedure
blastic     acute subacute    stages      cml   renal normal      bc
      sporadic    crisis      without     disease     accelerated liver
      follicular symptomatic non    thrombocytosis    extensive pd
blasts      abnormal    tumors      focal ascites     hypothyroidism
      hyperthyroidism disease       metastases lesions      persistent
      fistulae    uveitis     seizures    malignancy bm     proteinuria
      anemia      cataracts psychosis
bld   specimen    gut   br    stomach     di    wrist tm    dominant    ring
      pathogen    stump si    sn    lesion      hands pcc   tt    ea    cs
bleb pharyngeal foot prosthesis tongue          voice catheter    ring
      fistula     drug lesion       skin sound scar tooth membrane
      implant     cyst local bony
bled received     healed      survived    experienced stabilized developed
      operated    visited     became      with regularly already
      vomited     taking      recovered died initially had        attended
bleed relapse     consultation      therapy     abnormality bleeding
      shunt drink repeat      medication temporary fistula        lesion
      physiotherapy     full hematoma     perforation stoma ie    re
bleeding    hypotension dysphagia pe      complications     spontaneous
      hemorrhage pain nephrotoxicity      atelectasis medication lesions
      pathology phlebitis infection cough pruritus          neurologic
      neurological      symptoms
bleeds      strokes     recurrences erosions    abnormalities
      hemorrhages complications     bleeding    hemorrhage defects
      abscesses nephrotoxicity      lesions     cysts infections contacts
      infection flares        symptoms    adhesions
blemishes tiredness appetite        irritability      meats dyspnea
      finances    dryness     feelings    urgency     rash erythema
      prick beliefs     lethargy    itching     adiposity redness
      rashes      thoughts
bleomycin etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin vincristine cddp 5-fu
      gemcitabine mitoxantrone      vp-16 adm   irinotecan ifosfamide
      carboplatin epirubicin methotrexate       prednisone prednisolone
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
blind way   single      randomized fashion      controlled lind flexible
      phase masked      manner      double      involving controled
      cross comparative open multi large trial
blindness foods movement      damage      vision      inflammation
      objects     lesions     deformity pathology benzodiazepines
      infection structures products       iatrogenic ie     parasites
      illness     antibiotics adhesions
blink pelvis      scalp fingers     retina      stomach     system
      cornea      tongue      rectum      musculature reflex      diaphragm
      urethra     muscles     fetus pathway     organism    endometrium
blinked     move smoke refuse       develop     participate produce     quit
      operate     consume     ate   lp    friend      exhibit     they
      elicit      adopt induce      produces    attend
blinking    swallowing transport movements orientation movement
      damage      coordination      vision      reading     opening     mt
      work contact      pathology drops structures gaze problems
blister     pig   tissues     ascitic     lavage      synovial    village
      fluid bal   skin segments     lining      uk    country
      cerebrospinal     ultrafiltrate     sputum      zones urine subretinal
blisters    erosions    consultations     bleeding    defects
      pigmentation      lesions     erythema    wounds      skin segments
      fluids      cysts calcifications    nodules     ie    deposits
      symptoms    irritation adhesions
bloat medications foods dysphagia thrombophlebitis complications
      bleeding    spontaneous inflammation      hemolysis atelectasis
      origin      lesions     episodes    infection platelets products
      exchange    symptoms    adhesions
bloated     radiographically tired dyspareunia retired      lightheadedness
      unemployed operated     subsequently      radiologically
      interviewed unsteadiness      superimposed      put   regularly
      married     recorded    lethargy    rely dizziness
bloating    tiredness tenderness dyspareunia irritability         cramping
      cramps      photophobia fatigue     paresthesias      flatulence
      swelling    indigestion dysuria     belching    numbness    lethargy
      itching     fullness    dizziness
block movement    nerve catheter    stimulation medication drug pathology
      lesion      distraction blocks      preparation scar compression
      motor leakage     membrane    implant     ie    local
blockade    supplementation infiltration        transport manipulation
      therapy     movement    delivery    usage stimulation pathology ep
      blocking    block leakage     activity    ie    contamination
      desensitization ar
blockage    transport congestion size spray usage secretions nasal
      collapse    sensation packing       leakage     rhinorrhea retention
      itching     activity    performance symptoms    production irritation
blocked     diminished partially elicited       provided    reversed
      predicted eliminated effected       supported prevented
      facilitated affected    reduced     confirmed triggered aggravated
      created     represented augmented
blocker     vasodilator betablocker supplement agonists     hydroxybutyrate
      beta antagonists hemolytic lactamase diuretic         inhibitor
      benzodiazepine    preparation ep    blocking    blockers    device
      blockade    ar
blockers    bisoprolol agonists     hydroxybutyrate beta antagonists 2mg
      nitrates    hcg   lactamase microglobulin       diuretics statins
      blocker     ep    blocking    agents      blockade    ar
blocking    anticholinergic stimulant agonists        mucolytic chemical
      beta anticonvulsant     chemotherapeutic diuretic     blocker
      preparation ep    blockers    antifungal antiarrhythmic     blockade
      ar    antimicrobial     antihypertensive
blocks      steps infiltration      manipulation      orientation errors
      foci usage and    stimulation displacement      testing     sections
      insertions assays       tests block clusters    procedures
blood pulse office      inspiratory venous      intracranial      fluid
      perfusion standing      osmotic     ap    urethral    airway      pp
      resting     arterial    respiration leak intraocular urine
bloods      determinations    radiographs echocardiograms collections
      aspirates specimens examinations          biopsies    measurements
      eegs cultures     they endoscopies tests electrocardiograms
      evaluations assessments urine samples
bloodwork specifically        adjustments responses losses        allowed
      allowing    intervals increasing equivalent used values
      sites acceptable levels       annually    possibly    densities
      delays      corrections
bloody      lymphadenopathy abnormal      focal dysphagia dehydration
      amitriptyline     bleeding    spontaneous watery      fever wheezing
      diarrhea    loose cp    lesions     cough malignancy neurologic
bloomfield mylotarg     givers      bay   visitations rheum a&amp lp
      vitamin     cpt-11      serve ska   topamax     such serving
      immunoglobulin    cyclosporin sq    served      mirapex
blount      progressive celiac      hemorrhoidal      graves      wilson
      brace alzheimer lyme scenario       huntington crohn legionnaires
      new   meniere     parkinson bulky diverticular        mcardle
blow consultation       target      scalp face stimulus     shunt ring drug
      lesion      distraction skin sound individual baby intervention
      child membrane    implant     mh
blowing     swallowing fs     discomfort anxiety      morphology fatigue
      mobility    ap    throat      itchy sneezing    mood sedation
      rigidity    cough nose itching      confusion ac
blown consultation      stimulus    bar   typical     feeds basic discrete
      lesion      strain      vestibular full sound preparation membrane
      classic     ie    cs    mouth complex
blowout     comminuted vertebral irritability         emotional
      subtrochanteric fatigue       intertrochanteric psychosocial
      mobility    calcaneal diaphyseal comorbidities        vegetables
      convalescence     housing     social      trochanteric
      obstetrical malleolar
bls   transport specific      manipulation      expectancy consultants
      chemical    staff reading     mt    work basic dynamic      testing
      pathology distraction skin recruitment language       professional
blue radioactive td     vision      mt    light medication cp     sm
      pathology ap      skin water rp     bi    cough cs    ar    ic    ac
blunt tumors      injury      injuries    diseases    massive     disease
      penetrating pathology asthma        spasticity bilateral incomplete
      suboptimal malignancy iatrogenic symptomatic trauma         psychosis
blunting    reversal    visualization     diminution widening     disruption
      increasing displacement       suppression limitation flattening
      attenuation reflecting enhancement prolongation       localization
      slowing     understanding     permitting decreasing
blurred     tiredness irritability        binocular vision        fatigue
      paresthesias      palpitations      somnolence mood sedation
      flushing    pruritus    headache    sweating    itching     redness
      confusion blurry        dizziness
blurry      tiredness irritability        blurred     binocular fatigue
      paresthesias      palpitations      flatulence indigestion
      comorbidities     somnolence nervousness lethargy     itching
      respectively      redness     confusion fullness      dizziness
blush viability contusion timi leukopenia reperfusion fatigue
      diarrhea    ami   perfusion infarction infarctions contractility
      ischemia    grade mi    mucositis mbg     thrombocytopenia
bm    ss    sa    ta    pn    ht    hc    pb    cd    bc    cp    sm    pc
      ap    rp    aa    np    cs    ic    ac
bmd   erosion     formation sa      morphology ht     hc    ls    si    ap
      tp    bf    balance     densities retention activity        np    es
      zones content
bmi   fm    ri    mass hc     gender      weights     fat   si    height
      parity      ai    weight      bf    comorbidities     bi    sex
      index adiposity y
bmp   sa    tm    hc    bt    control     si    pc    ap    tp    rc    sb
      pp    tt    intervention      ea    np    cs    es    ac
bna   irritability      emotional coronal       ft    personal    n1
      pleasure    morphology fatigue      ll    mobility    sensitivities
      bf    pp    p1    latencies beliefs       social      confusion
bnp   sp    ammonia     sa    nt    tm    nitrate     cortisol
      norepinephrine    fibrinogen acid ep      serum ca    aa    peptide
      homocysteine      catecholamine     activity    ne
board consultation      written     tracing     therapist surgeon
      examination reading     approval    code team test protocol
      technique physician doctor          method      recording of
bobby earliest    best largest      highest     umbilicus sacrum        next
      latter      final author      greatest    same possibility periphery
      nearest     lowest      last longest      remainder
bock gap    trunk midline     system      plate clip round dominant     ring
      medial      transverse radial       technique orbit lateral       plug
      of    procedure apparatus
bodes reason      responsible option      need provides     substitute
      preference indication promise       indications implications
      suggestions argues      unsuitable caring       search      accounted
      suitable    reasonably
bodies      cutaneous errors        facial      vision      inflammation
      speech      lesions     deformity pathology deformities skin
      fractures cysts calcifications      complaints products     language
      proteins    symptoms
body stool appetite     plaque      obesity     fat   height      fluid sm
      weight      ap    skin wet    muscle      dieting     water ca
      birth adiposity maternal
boils tiredness appetite      irritability      meats fruit hospitalizations
      cognition fever paresthesias        palpitations      eosinophils
      hunger      pets housing      nervousness lethargy    adiposity
      neutrophils sedatives
bolster     move recent       exclude     truly resolve     provide
      screen      cover previous    stop situation assure         certain
      match guide get   select      conventional      monitor
bolus total dose single       intravenous injections oral injection
      infusions mixture       infusion    fixed cocktail    lot   continuous
      subcutaneous      intramuscular     loading     boluses     tapering
bolused     thereafter afterwards con     afterward splenomegaly
      hospitalizations mortality curettage ai         6h    resp its    bf
      dairy c     postoperatively miscellaneous       unspecified
boluses     reversal    courses     pairs dosages     injections injection
      infusions infusion      normalization     administration    types
      doses suppression numbers     restoration documentation     forms
      amounts     combinations
bone swallowing tumor cutaneous spontaneous facial          vision
      inflammation      speech      cortical    bc    intestinal pathology
      ap    skin muscle       hair water hepatic      liver
bones glands      organs      facial      tongue      brain lesions
      kidneys     hands vessels     skin segments     muscles     joint
      joints      structures products     digits      cyst bony
bony facial       drug deformity pathology lesion           vessels     skin
      sound joint scar osseous      structures bones membrane     implant
      digits      cyst ie     complex
booked      transplanted      screened    looked      hospitalized
      referred    stabilized looking      visited     intubated electively
      arriving    arrived     regularly already       taking      attendance
      initially attending selected
booklet     consultation      splint      package     brace box   filter
      bar   incentive program       nurse plan sheet counselor
      intervention      device      message     video leaflet     letter
boop schizophrenia      hypercholesterolemia    cf    cirrhosis sporadic
      hypertriglyceridemia    pheochromocytoma scleroderma nodular
      sarcoidosis syndrome    ipf   eh    ra    hypopituitarism pd
      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
boost supplement shift pause flexible     plateau     modified    policy
      simulation standardized       probe model rising      approach
      regime      regimen     delay special     method      taper
booth clinic      environment direction lungs village       most situation
      group position    greatest    plane region      uk    periphery
      pathway     country     zone condition arm
boots assistance chemical     vision      reading     light lesions
      testing     pathology blocks        fluids      water compression
      problems    behavior    ie    symptomatology    symptoms    shoes ic
borborygmi tiredness tenderness appetite        irritability      cramping
      discomfort tenesmus     fatigue     mobility    flatulence erythema
      swelling    belching    bloating    sf    itching     redness
      confusion bruising
border      edge process      location    component shape roof character
      moment      apex ends magnitude site scope periphery slope top
      zone tip    actual
borderline focal ds     mixed normal      cd    bc    without     disease
      cp    poor persistent disorders bilateral incomplete malignancy
      symptomatic non   psychosis ic
boring      controllable      specific    proxy afterwards finally
      personal    reproducible      simultaneously    recall
      standardized      physiologically discrete      later match checking
      hence for   consequently      driving
born resistant fed      related     us    exposure    exposed     ears
      infants     exposures babies        women teenagers children
      breastfeeding     from attempts     adherent    initially twins
borne diminished damage       supply      chemical    disturbed
      concentrated      sugar transfusions      retained    pathology
      vessels     transfusion products    barrier     missed      sampling
      against     stasis      flow
boston      clinic      environment morning     usa   mid   east hospital
      connecticut french      spanish     nursery     lateral     uk
      country     italian     west florida      county      arm
bot   medications cutaneous facial        cervical    cap   medication
      testicular clozapine alcoholism interventions         influenza
      child bladder     uterine     tb    malignancy illness
      cyclosporine      antibiotics
both sa     ds    dyspnea     md    ht    hc    pb    ls    bc    bs    pc
      ap    tp    bl    hypo including np       awake zones
bothered    determined elicited     replaced    separated characterized
      supported contacted read dominated preceded           affected
      managed     triggered blocked       followed    counselled confounded
      accompanied caused
bothering israel        hawaii      north northwest manner        settings
      east situ particular man      madagascar turn meantime      retrospect
      west vitro contrast     england     south
bothers     controllable      nontoxic    thorough    exacerbated
      characterized     reproducible      easily      dominated few     safe
      resolves    simple      rare quick localizes feasible       regulated
      reasonable breakfast
botox lithium     solution    aerosol     trazodone extract       medication
      steroids    clomipramine      theophylline      levodopa    ethanol
      benzodiazepine    containing suspension malignancy topical
      illness     clonazepam antibiotics
bottle      capsule     syringe     plate bag   box   filter      bar   test
      commercial sensor       probe protocol    lesion      tube
      preparation patient     adhesive    device      video
bottles     steps solutions systems       tissues     isolation and     ears
      fluid lesions     sections    blocks      vessels     segments
      fluids      products    clusters    ie    symptoms    zones
bottom      process     location    component portion       character
      moment      ends final magnitude site scope periphery border
      appearance slope top    remainder nature        evolution
bougie      prosthesis splint       brace plate flap electrode bag
      reservoir guidewire filter          bar   introducer sensor
      probe technique blade endoscope device          apparatus
bounce      relapse     recurrence prosthesis neoplasm      extract
      deformity lesion        new   benzodiazepine    action
      preparation containing stoma malignancy ie      fracture    illness
      mouthwash complex
bouncing    specifically      afterwards maintains raising        around
      finally     prevents    besides     simultaneously    thus reflecting
      maybe checking    jointly     perhaps     possibly    lastly
      hence consequently
bound transport specific      related     damage      systems     binding
      pertinent adjacent      hard exposure     work reactivity exposures
      skin products     attempts    proteins    ie    adherence
bounding    location    component distribution        diminution widespread
      severity    widening    portion     character components typical
      precise     limitation critical     appearance proper
      localization      evolution complexity
bout reversal     dose onset course       minimum     injection
      application mixture     administration    lot   degree      bouts
      restoration chance      set   source      sign pattern
bouts reversal    onset injections infusions application administration
      measurement types doses suppression persistence bout sets
      restoration duration    modes forms identification    amounts
bovine      radioactive surfactant cutaneous beta facial
      hydrocortisone    allopurinol clomipramine      theophylline
      levodopa    ethanol     ciprofloxacin     vancomycin porcine
      erythromycin      digoxin     ro    illness     clonazepam
bovis td    fever ofloxacin cp      tuberculosis      steroids    viruses
      ampicillin ciprofloxacin      infection cough carbamazepine
      vancomycin s      pneumoniae erythromycin       vac   ar
bowel cutaneous bleeding      spontaneous facial      brain residual
      vessel      lesions     intestinal pathology vessels        airways
      skin colonic      hepatic     liver cough organic     neurological
bowels      distal      fingers     orientation systems     organs      work
      parents     surrounding hands skin muscles      items individual feet
      toes child structures their actual
bowl vial capsule       supplement syringe      plate modified    reservoir
      box   filter      bar   program     probe model sheet preparation
      circular    sequence    video letter
box   syringe     plate bag   stimulus    reservoir filter        bar   ring
      program     sensor      probe story sound preparation device
      message     apparatus video letter
boxer specific    screening formal        voice rm    speech      obesity
      typical     basic commercial discrete     new   benzodiazepine
      sound alcoholics childhood language       car   complex
boxes solutions movements orientation movement        systems     spaces
      organs      errors      signals     objects     pathology items
      contacts    motions     structures products     digits      ie
boy   supplement format       shaped      bottle      facemask    mixed box
      rapid facility    commercial standardized       girl flat patient
      circular    woman step specialist letter
boyfriend strong        proxy portable    flexible    facemask    mammogram
      substitute standardized       partner     friend      dietician
      handheld    simple      spirometer tendency     3-cm psychologist
      scanner     1-cm
bp    pulse sa    sap   bps   readings    icp   ht    pb    map   la    sbp
      ap    pao2 pp     ph    respiration proteinuria pressure    paco2
bph   schizophrenia     prostatic tumors        recurrent psoriasis
      hypertension      hyperplasia cholelithiasis    epilepsy    disease
      pheochromocytoma asthma       gallstones syndrome     rosacea
      symptomatic malignant vitiligo      dementia
bpm   mv    minute      f     w     sec   l     versus      seconds     v
      hrr   min   ma    hr    msec mmhg milliseconds        s     cm    r2
bps   fs    ss    sa    losses      readings    examinations
      measurements      bp    values      indices     ap    diameters pp
      tests parameters pressures volumes        scores      urine
br    sa    leg   di    tm    mt    la    si    sm    drug lesion       ap
      skin sb     eeg   membrane    cs    mh    ar    ac
brace prosthesis splint       system      plate stimulus    reservoir box
      filter      bar   ring program      sensor      cast preparation
      intervention      orthosis    device      procedure apparatus
brachial    finger      calf conduit      basilar     anterior    internal
      ankle umbilical radial        stenotic    mesenteric choroid
      hepatic     uterine     splenic     femoral     cerebral    carotid
brachy      aztreonam neoadjuvant adjuvant      cilostazol radio massage
      radiation xrt     intensified fam   repaglinide experimental      ea
      doxazosin sk      mono platinum     pcv   ga
brachytherapy     therapy     rt    hydroxyurea tamoxifen chemotherapy
      warfarin    bt    irradiation medication steroids     xrt
      physiotherapy     endoscopic rp     radiotherapy      compression
      splenectomy cryosurgery ic
bradley     smith fm    build cover et    cp    insert      handle
      tubing      match get   check flex capture      conventional
      utilizing monitor       williams    allen
brady schizophrenia     hepatorenal epilepsy    dumping     turner
      nephrotic horner        fibromyalgia      pheochromocytoma
      scleroderma sarcoidosis hellp ra    symptomatic chronic     tachy
      idiopathic gilbert      bronchiectasis
bradyarrhythmia bacteremia thalidomide rhabdomyolysis       bleeding
      peritonitis delirium    levamisole nephrotoxicity     lesions
      hyperkalemia      anaphylaxis pneumothorax      fistulae    infections
      superinfection    infection septicemia pneumonia malignancy
bradycardia hypotension dysphagia hemorrhages edema bleeding      dyspnea
      agitation hypoxemia fever diarrhea        hyponatremia
      nephrotoxicity    atelectasis sedation    cough pruritus    neurologic
      proteinuria ar
bradycardiac      dose vasodilator supplement hypotensive bronchodilator
      plateau     cocktail    therapeutic bradycardic ceiling
      paradoxical diuretic    sparing     new   regime      sequence    net
      protective pattern
bradycardic pharmacological metabolic vasodilator target          major
      hypotensive clinical    bronchodilator    therapeutic differential
      dominant    typical     drug physiological      physiologic net
      analgesic pharmacologic       complex
brain early tumor gut   cutaneous various       facial      cortical
      kidneys     intestinal pathology vessels        airways     vestibular
      skin individual uterine       liver cerebellar complex
brainstem scalp leg     posterior cutaneous auditory        facial
      brain cortical    pathology lesion        ap    vestibular skin
      pathological      joint eeg   motor cerebellar complex
braintree needham       waltham     tx    peg   newton      glycol
      cambridge kv      fat   ma    dulcolax    inc   westborough bisacodyl
      caloric     senna miralax     golytely    laxative
bran foods mannitol     allopurinol extract     dietary     ethanol     gel
      lactose     water lactulose caffeine      verapamil sucralfate
      erythromycin      ie    fiber digoxin     flaxseed    cereal
branch      distal      posterior nerve anterior      anatomy     proximal
      sensory     displacement      pathology lesion        caudal
      lateral     branches    anatomic    block motor membrane    ie
branches    walls location    orientation distributions     shape nerves
      character amplitude alignment components displacement
      positioning acceleration      structures contents     integrity
      elements    complexity inclination
brat fourth       journey     system      entire      clip sacrum       code
      second      next final exam path interview device           of
      message     procedure nomogram      apparatus
breached    shortened aspect        whatever    considers widening
      portion     considering version     outside     around      supporting
      concerning exactly      reflects    beyond      confirming inside
      parts accordingly
breadths    gains spaces      losses      readings    contours    flaps
      examinations      signals     peaks values      deflections diameters
      quadrants tests parameters images         teeth distances roots
break shift pause plateau     sharp modified    tear temporary
      standardized      probe discrete    film full check gradual
      delay step constant     taper letter
breakdown transport malnutrition          formation chemical
      extravasation     usage stability expression degradation sensation
      leakage     retention activity      deposition intake       bound
      protein     production content
breakfast starting      paste fast incision     preload     lunch drink
      dosing      standardized      session     meals meal vaccination flat
      diet beverage     containing taper challenge
breakthrough      hypotension vaginal     dysphagia perineal      bleeding
      spontaneous shoulder    musculoskeletal facial        irregular
      delirium    postsurgical      pain chest phlebitis infection
      uterine     postoperative     cough
breast      pancreatic colorectal lung ovarian        metastatic esophageal
      cervical    prostate    urothelial testicular advanced      rectal
      gastric     vulvar      colon hypopharyngeal    bladder     hereditary
breastfeeding     movement    vaginal     spontaneous resident    work
      speech      infant      feeding     medication dietary      fertility
      skin pregnancy sound child language       professional      behavior
breastmilk transport food movement        organs      reading     milk
      infant      drinking    crying      pathology skin fluids
      water breastfeeding     their behavior    ie    symptoms    maternal
breasts     leg   tissues     shoulders brain ears pc       lesions     legs
      kidneys     hands ap    vessels     skin segments     knees feet np
      cs    zones
breath      finger      specimen    patch tm    reading     test dynamic
      lesion      strain      skin pad    sound word static       lactulose
      eeg   bi    cold membrane
breathe     move generate     keep begin maintain     administer stop
      operate     handle      take learn eat    get   ambulate    remember
      initiate    attend      recover     perform
breathes    uses conducting jk      entailed    represents showed
      produced    displayed coenzyme      provocative lp    undertaking
      exhibited played        exhibits    watched     benzo produces
breathing swallowing pharyngeal movement        air   spontaneous mt
      speech      sleep nocturnal ap      skin muscle       water sedation
      cough exercise    ie    respiration ar
breathlessness    swallowing breathing dyspnea        agitation vision
      inflammation      fatigue     speech      pain skin muscle        mood
      sedation    platelets cough pruritus      behavior    neutrophils
breaths     steps breathing pulses        minute      w     ml    litres
      drive air   lifts sl    running     liters      min   ma    o2    s
      bursts      beats
breech      obstructed vaginal      dental      spontaneous brain french
      cervical    infants     pregnancy fetus fetal babies        uterine
      primary     labor vertex      twin prenatal     obstetric
bri   former      edge sixth fifth fourth       resultant construction
      apical      highest     final site respective threshold lateral
      slope lowest      third longest     remainder
brian expected    stomach     space apex regards      reference junction
      concerned entrance      position    axilla      which urology     uk
      periphery organism      of    outlined    being
bridge      oriented    supplement shift moving       close response
      switch      policy      access      probe plan model threat
      approach    guide step special      message     restricted
bridged     responsive requested related        proceeded prior offered
      switched    unrelated exposed       advised     transported
      sequentially      mostly      admitted    subsequently      converted
      from restricted initially
bridges     medications incisions solutions injuries        systems
      errors      flaps defects     and   signals     lesions     pathology
      wounds      items tubes devices     procedures grafts       implants
bridgewater therapy     preliminarily     procrit     therapies tamponade
      particularly      imipramine substituted monotherapy leaving
      taxol company     taxotere    inc   caring      prepare     especially
      lantus      select
bridging    specific    assistance chemical     fixation    traction
      reading     light contact     surgical    painful     medication
      deformity pathology lesion          extra compression ie    cutting
brief oriented    specific    formal      modified    box   basic program
      commercial standardized       nurse new   full comprehensive
      preparation standard    computer    message     video letter
briefly     specifically      clearly     formed      to    changing
      usually     quite upon discussion through       presented basically
      nevertheless      positioning inconclusive      largely     described
      for   outlined
bright      lithium     blue visible      light scattered phototherapy
      medication steroid      physiotherapy     clozapine dark uva
      pupillary uvb     wood conventional       antibiotic topical
brightening whatever    diminution shift considering outside      located
      emphasizing concerning covering     explains    confirming reflecting
      explaining representative     examining evaluating downward
      consequence unaware
brighter    faster      controllable      stronger    good anxious
      lighter     personal    rapid diuresis    positive    partner
      weaker      roll flat smaller       neutral     rigid weak heavier
brimonidine metoprolol dorzolamide amlodipine nifedipine carvedilol
      timolol     tamsulosin latanoprost pilocarpine diltiazem
      ciprofloxacin     terazosin prazosin      verapamil doxazosin
      sucralfate betaxolol nicardipine captopril
bring move be     resolve     begin facilitate expand       improve
      prevent     make inform       restore     learn give get    ask
      apply enhance     utilize     restrict
bringing    steps specifically      changing    proximity extending
      raising     since brings      besides     thus nevertheless
      probably    helped      nonetheless brought     from presumably
      moreover    decreasing
brings      indeed      uses reaches      concerns    bringing    gives
      despite     bring besides     involves    thus reflects
      nevertheless      information brought     demonstrating     questions
      requires    is
brisk oriented    specific    aerosol     delivering running      commercial
      dietary     training    theophylline      ethanol     dopamine
      stress      adenosine containing heavy caffeine       exercise
      walking     milrinone
briskly     worn request      requests    separately listed       tracked
      rested      continuously      simultaneously    read preferences
      except      preference indications checked      individually
      exchanged monitored intraoperatively
bristol     azithromycin      ptx   el    cisplatin ds      gemcitabine
      mitoxantrone      granular    irinotecan ifosfamide cp      taxol
      carboplatin ampicillin alcoholism company       cpt-11      concurrent
britain     israel      hawaii      north turkey      mexico      settings
      east situ connecticut particular infancy        man   detail      west
      vitro contrast    england     county      south
brittle     schizophrenia     recurrent hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    ascites     epilepsy    severe      cirrhosis
      persistent asthma       scleroderma sarcoidosis refractory
      symptomatic malignancies      chronic     idiopathic hyperlipidemia
broad wide total strong       single      heterogeneous     minimum
      mixture     cocktail    variety     lot   rapid standardized
      marker      detailed    sample      new   comprehensive     large 3-
broadly     specifically      clearly     diminished potentially
      anticipated quite appropriately     normally    satisfactory
      limited     mostly      problematic typically primarily
      individually      remarkably functionally       sometimes constantly
broke permanently spontaneously     developed normally      difficulty and
      difficulties      whereas     retained    completely became
      while patient     bilaterally perforation worsened    leakage
      deteriorated      predominantly
broken      wrong variable    best true estimated removed         apex
      opened      most code test greatest       sutured     planned     of
      procedure predominant actual        terminated
bromide     amitriptyline     salmeterol hydrocortisone     diazepam
      aminophylline     atrovent    albuterol atropine      furosemide
      nebulized theophylline        labetalol propranolol diltiazem
      dexamethasone     terbutaline verapamil clonidine nicardipine
bronchial ds      cutaneous nasal brain nocturnal cp        asthma      ap
      steroid     airways     skin colonic      spasticity liver cough
      allergy     cs    ar    ic
bronchiectasis    schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent hypertension
      ascites     epilepsy    severe      gout emphysema disease
      pheochromocytoma persistent asthma        sarcoidosis uveitis
      symptomatic chronic     idiopathic hyperlipidemia
bronchiolitis     sepsis      acute schizophrenia     pancreatitis
      myocarditis rsv   pyelonephritis    gout scd    purulent    poisoning
      asthma      gastroenteritis sarcoidosis hydrocephalus       syndrome
      allergy     psychosis dementia
bronchitic aphasic      hypothyroid diabetic    cirrhotic seven
      hypertensive      eight pediatric all     asthmatic parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      constipated immunosuppressed nine elderly
      adult hyperlipidemic    depressed
bronchitis leukemia     pancreatitis      cml   prostatitis pyelonephritis
      gout emphysema glomerulonephritis         tonsillitis purulent
      uveitis     itp   gastritis sinusitis copd cvi        osteomyelitis
      cholecystitis     bronchiectasis
bronchoalveolar ascitic       lavage      synovial    bronchoscopic     hc
      bronchoscopy      fluid ll    bal   standing    spirometry bf
      lining      pp    sputum      awake blister     hematocrit urine
bronchoconstriction     hypotension histamine damage        hypoglycemia
      hypoxemia inflammation        hypokalemia bronchospasm      hemolysis
      nephrotoxicity    hypoperfusion     paf   flares      dyskinesias
      activity    induced     nka   apoptosis constriction
bronchodilator    pharmacological vasodilator specific      prescription
      hypotensive therapeutic diuretic    antidepressant    drug
      physiological     preparation physiologic antiemetic regimen
      analgesic prophylactic        pharmacologic     laxative
bronchodilators medications antacids      therapies nitrates
      corticosteroids corticosteroid      albuterol medication steroids
      lesions     clomipramine      opioids     levodopa    benzodiazepines
      agents      inhaled     laxatives digoxin       antibiotics
bronchograms      trunk pancreas    larynx      pharynx     stomach
      conjunctiva wrist tongue      abdomen     thorax      sensory
      trapping    diaphragm thumb scapula       leaks motor placenta
bronchopneumonia sepsis       bacteremia bacterial pe       bleeding
      hemorrhage peritonitis abscesses empyema        lesions     ulceration
      infections abscess      infection enteritis septicemia pneumonia
      osteomyelitis     cellulitis
bronchoscope      coil prosthesis system        plate electrode reservoir
      box   guidewire filter        catheter    sensor      probe tube
      technique sheet endoscope cannula         device      apparatus
bronchoscoped     bled reevaluated excluded     discharged contacted
      reviewed    readmitted intubated recruited electively
      interviewed extubated regularly sedated         reassessed
      symptomatically scanned       retested    initially
bronchoscopic     ultrasound chemical     cytology    bronchoscopy
      repeat      cytological surgical    cytologic testing       pathology
      ct    pathological      endoscopic delayed      microscopic problems
      neurologic neurological       re
bronchoscopically schizophrenia     tumors      pe    unilateral severe
      emphysema cap     disease     cp    persistent asthma
      sarcoidosis syndrome    bilateral symptomatic non     malignant ic
bronchoscopy      gastroscopy therapy     sa    operations bronchoscopic
      biopsy      repeat      medication testing      pathology laparotomy
      cystoscopy endoscopy colonoscopy endoscopic splenectomy sedation
      procedures laparoscopy
bronchospasm      breathlessness    hypotension bronchoconstriction
      damage      hypoglycemia      bleeding    hypoxemia inflammation
      hypokalemia hemolysis nephrotoxicity      lesions     hypercalcemia
      infection flares        cough sputum      induced     emesis
bronchospasms     extreme     eventual    various     hypoxemia progress
      others      hypoxia     anatomy     stability painful       pathology
      pathological      hypercapnia functional their cerebellar
      accompanying      structural remain
bronchus    fingers     retina      cavity      vagina      pharynx
      stomach     space cornea      lungs tongue      rectum      original
      proximal    diaphragm urethra       penis ureter      endometrium
bronkosol schizophrenia       hepatomegaly      htn   chorioamnionitis
      fever sca   ld    sporadic    sab   hypertriglyceridemia    alone
      nephro      sarcoidosis hypo digitalis sk       mono paraplegia
brook points      entry 12th point closest      moment      latest      apex
      junction    intervals time scene visit presentation         entrance
      bedside     sites site end
brooke      pharmacy    nuclear     coordinating      basal store personal
      job   sl    medical     traditional duke l1     simple
      physiologic static      neutral     regular     specialist
brother     supplement format       bottle      drink scenario    program
      commercial standardized       partner     protocol    flat diet
      sequence    woman named smoker      car   video letter
brothers    tissues     organs      various     foci components stools
      origin      lesions     kidneys     pathology episodes      vessels
      segments    contacts    joints      products    bones clusters
brought     raised      provided    was   concerns    bringing    effected
      brings      delivered bring employed      approximated
      information primarily represented largely       mainly      questions
      adopted     utilized
brown visual      resultant psychiatric posterior modified        mid
      horizontal expanded     medial      revised     drs   transverse
      global      respective physician lateral        of    obsessive
brownish    visualization     blunting    widening    perspective version
      regarding disruption upon concerning covering         because
      flattening weakening enhancement source         sources
      prolongation      worsening additions
bruce finger      maximal     ett   modified    box   treadmill filter
      code running      workload    test standardized       protocol
      machine     cpt   exercise    ramp procedure apparatus
brucella    bacterial radioactive ni      cutaneous bleeding      yeast
      salmonella facial       delirium    lesions     pathology bovine
      viruses     fetal infection products      tb    malignancy parasites
bruise      recurrent focal ascites       unilateral severe       autograft
      disease     metastases persistent asthma        multifocal exhibiting
      bilateral marrow        liver symptomatic bm    preexisting overt
bruises     induration erosion      pains discomfort dyspnea      morphology
      fatigue     paresthesias      crying      mobility    erythema
      swelling    exudate     mood rigidity     redness     confusion
      bruising    symptoms
bruising    swallowing induration tenderness discomfort fatigue         pain
      crying      mobility    erythema    swelling    numbness    sedation
      rigidity    cough sensation pruritus      itching     redness
bruit dysphagia cea     encephalopathy    di    tm    fever dh    adenoma
      obesity     pac   preoperative      fistula     ap    pad   pan
      cough neurological      ar    ic
bruits      tumors      recurrent focal recurring unilateral
      radiculopathy     severe      spondylosis myelopathy without
      persistent gallstones exhibiting stenosis       requiring
      symptomatic osteoarthrosis    preexisting suspected
brushings medications radiographs diagnoses specimens cytology
      smears      flaps examinations      catheters biopsy        biopsies
      lesions     eegs films exams tests images       procedures plates
bs    fs    ss    sa    ha    ta    tm    mt    la    si    sm    pc    ap
      tp    sb    np    cs    es    ar    ac
bso   sa    vaginal     mannitol    ha    td    mp    bt    id    atropine
      cp    pc    co    sb    rp    s     cs    oophorectomy      ic    ac
bt    sa    ha    ta    mp    tm    mt    la    sm    pc    ap    sh    ip
      sb    ep    rp    np    cs    es    ac
btt   appetite    irritability      personal    fatigue     measurements
      histology height        both culture      counseling testing
      spirometry mobility     erythema    ambulation planning     sedation
      housing     attendance
bu    propafenone azithromycin      fluconazole mp    ceftriaxone aspirin
      warfarin    diazepam    quinine     atropine    ip    diltiazem
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     gentamicin prednisolone
      erythromycin      digoxin     flecainide
bubble      prosthesis plate flap tm      filter      bar   catheter    ring
      suture      lesion      tube drain circuit      tt    scar device
      membrane    implant     cs
buccal      finger      distal      scalp orientation jaw   apical
      wrist proximal    basic hands skin lateral      joint anatomic    eeg
      tooth labial      vertical    actual
buchanan    hoped kimberly    think suggesting surg suggested assume
      suggest     convinced concluded stating         meant indicate
      indicated suggests      indicates electrocardiograms        believe
bucket      coil syringe      prosthesis consultant reservoir box
      filter      bar   commercial standardized       sensor      probe
      nurse model sheet preparation circular    device      letter
bud   fentanyl    budesonide fp     cimetidine mp     salmeterol aspirin
      nifedipine albuterol cp       sm    sb    diltiazem cefotaxime
      terbutaline prednisolone      erythromycin      clonidine ac
budesonide azithromycin       amitriptyline     fp    cimetidine salmeterol
      aspirin     hydrocortisone    albuterol clomipramine
      montelukast spironolactone    fluoxetine diltiazem inhaled
      terbutaline doxycycline verapamil prednisolone        nicardipine
bufferin    dipyridamole      nadolol     acetaminophen     aspirin
      diazepam    oxazepam    hydromorphone     diphenhydramine codeine
      propoxyphene      famotidine promethazine       buspirone
      clopidogrel caffeine    lorazepam ibuprofen alprazolam
bug   former      target      prosthesis best brace system        original
      code bar    latter      ring diaphragm fetus baby intervention
      device      implant     procedure apparatus
build generate    cover facilitate expand       grow assure       make
      handle      give match get    check date document     utilize
      correct     pick perform      monitor
building    user oriented     consultation      specific    generating
      orientation screening resident      personal    reading     posture
      basic distraction threat      education professional        behaviour
      video conversation
built good shift shaped       moving      organized sharp modified
      manually    made positioned employed      satisfactory
      standardized      sensor      probe model created     named step
bulb finger       distal      pelvis      vagina      duodenum    stomach
      space apical      wrist thigh proximal    axilla      medial
      transverse urethra      orbit lateral     dorsal      zone
bulbs foods accommodation     tissue      solutions systems       organs
      leukocytes signals      exposures cp      lesions     kidneys
      pathology skin fluids         items water platelets products
bulge manipulation      size abnormality chemical     dependency defect
      displacement      collapse    temporary discrete      lesion
      strain      preparation scar delay sensation leakage        recording
bulging     manipulation      component shift abnormality upon covering
      alignment defect        configuration     displacement      temporary
      positioning distortion perforation delay leakage      recording
      dislocation asymmetry
bulimia     schizophrenia     recurrent psoriasis epilepsy
      menorrhagia recalcitrant      asthma      disorders syndrome
      rosacea     symptomatic endometriosis     osteoporosis      malignant
      vitiligo    psychosis idiopathic dementia       anorexia
bulk  manipulation      location    orientation size shape chemical
      burden      light anatomy     stability basic pathology
      pathological      recruitment physiologic anatomic    structure ie
bulky progressive recurrent celiac        graves      wilson
      multivessel stage stable      alzheimer lyme huntington crohn
      meniere     valvular    parkinson cerebrovascular addison
      preexisting occlusive
bullae      polyps      erosions    cutaneous necrotic      peritonitis
      defects     adenomas    abscesses masses        lesions     pathology
      pneumothorax      cysts calcifications    tubes nodules     hips
      symptoms    vertigo
bullet      syringe     prosthesis splint       brace electrode stimulus
      reservoir box     guidewire filter        sensor      probe model
      sheet cannula     device      message     nomogram    apparatus
bullous     focal cutaneous diseases      peritonitis delirium    masses
      hyperthyroidism disease       lesions     ulceration pathology
      uveitis     neoplasms tinnitus      organic     malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis dementia
bumetanide nifedipine hydrocortisone      diazepam    quinidine furosemide
      theophylline      spironolactone    labetalol sodium
      propranolol diltiazem dexamethasone       terbutaline caffeine
      verapamil lorazepam ibuprofen digoxin           alprazolam
bump formed       shift brace electrode ones furthermore configuration
      whereas     control     drain while however     parameter figure
      of    moreover    graph tip   condition
bun   nitrogen    lipids      electrolytes      ammonia     cbc   potassium
      chemistry chemistries haptoglobin lactate       hemoglobin
      biochemistry      albumin     creatinine glucose      serum urea
      hematocrit bilirubin
bundle      intercostal atrioventricular paravertebral      posterior
      nerve penile      anterior    thrombus    sensory     caudal
      lateral     neuromuscular     branch      motor ventricle ventricles
      diagonal    right av
bupivacaine fentanyl    methylprednisolone      morphine    ketorolac
      meperidine hydrocortisone     diazepam    atropine    tramadol
      cefazolin propofol      dexamethasone     epinephrine cefotaxime
      lidocaine erythromycin        clonidine etomidate plain
bupropion citalopram desipramine venlafaxine amitriptyline        amantadine
      trazodone imipramine sr       clomipramine      quetiapine fluoxetine
      diltiazem risperidone nortriptyline       verapamil nefazodone
      sertraline alprazolam paroxetine
burden      prescription      location    diagnostic orientation size
      shape dependency stability basic physiological        recruitment
      physiologic anatomic    structure bulk localization         activity
      behaviour content
burg suffers      hepatologist      facemask    breathes    develop
      drink coenzyme    lp    friend      dopa exhibits     elicit
      benzo 4-cm adopt achieve      garcia      cyclosporin scanner
burkitt     hodgkin     relapsed    lymphadenopathy tumors        hodgkins
      fl    diffuse     cell mcl    aggressive hypertriglyceridemia
      cholangiocarcinoma      nodular     intermediate      undifferentiated
      lymphoma    non   malignant lymphoplasmacytic
burlington namely       trunk scalp jaw   usa   posture     horizontal
      anatomy     eye   boston      hands axial prep skin lateral
      including florida       ie    communication
burn injury       treatment stroke        cutaneous dental
      spontaneous facial      rehabilitation    ed    medical     brain
      postsurgical      surgical    lesions     pathology wounds        skin
      dialysis    trauma
burning     tiredness tenderness discomfort dryness         fatigue
      paresthesias      erythema    swelling    dysuria     numbness
      flushing    tingling    sensation pruritus      headache    itching
      redness     bruising    irritation
burns sepsis      tumors      injuries    ascites     epilepsy    diseases
      disease     lesions     persistent asthma       gallstones
      hydrocephalus     disorders syndrome      bilateral seizures
      symptomatic hyperlipidemia    dementia
burping     tenderness cramping     pruritis    upset photophobia dull
      paresthesias      flatulence swelling     indigestion choking
      belching    aching      retching    numbness    bloating    vomiting
      burning     dizziness
bursitis    lymphadenopathy injuries      splenomegaly      instability
      edema synovitis diseases      fever abscesses insomnia      atrophy
      lesions     ulceration ulcerations disorders calcifications
      complaints constipation       symptoms
burst orientation movement    chemical    spontaneous dynamic     lesion
      skin recovery     sound physiologic muscle      eeg   power motor
      sensation membrane      activity    ie    complex
bursts      steps pulses      breaths     litres      predicted errors
      foci usage and    peaks stimulation units sensation s       burst
      retention activity      ie    symptoms
bus   consultation      moving      plastic     chemical    plate stimulus
      reading     light filter      bar   lesion      distraction flat
      sound preparation membrane    ie    video complex
bush sa     other ot    ft    others      hc    dip   control     sm    late
      tp    subsequent rc     pp    wm    delayed     post np     another
buspar      cyclobenzaprine bisoprolol hydroxyzine benazepril
      chlorthalidone    diazepam    oxazepam    hcl   ondansetron duloxetine
      celecoxib zolmitriptan        zolpidem    flurazepam promethazine
      buspirone lorazepam ibuprofen alprazolam
buspirone citalopram amitriptyline        amantadine trazodone nifedipine
      diazepam    allopurinol imipramine gabapentin clomipramine
      labetalol diltiazem caffeine        verapamil nimodipine lorazepam
      clonazepam alprazolam paroxetine
busulfan    melphalan azithromycin        methylprednisolone
      hydroxyurea bu    aspirin     diazepam    mitoxantrone      atropine
      epirubicin dexamethasone      ciprofloxacin     methotrexate
      prednisone prednisolone       cyclophosphamide etomidate
      cyclosporine      adriamycin
busy format       environment practice    town manner       settings
      private     scenario    particular man    pediatric certain
      large managing    identifying country     specialist county
but   only likewise     since meanwhile and     furthermore conclusion
      whereas     although    surprisingly      unlike      thus
      nevertheless      which while however     interestingly     moreover
butler      paste shift shaped      plastic     facemask    plateau
      sharp plate box   manual      bar   commercial standardized
      probe magnet      flat circular     machine     step
buttock     finger      pelvis      trunk scalp fingers     jaw   wrist
      buttocks    forehead    abdomen     thighs      thigh hands skin
      lateral     toes hand cheek actual
buttocks    pelvis      trunk vagina      stomach     jaw   wrist torso
      forehead    buttock     abdomen     thighs      thorax      thigh
      forearms    hands lateral     hand cheek cheeks
buttoning location      excised     participation     listed      removed
      involved    difficulty displayed by       revised     retained
      accumulated insertion became        contained bilaterally included
      ie    re
bx    ss    ds    cutaneous metal ta      tm    bc    gs    cp    pc    ap
      ip    stent rp    hepatic     including cough stents        complex
by    only diminished using to      at    in    made upon simultaneously
      globally    through     across      retained    mainly      also on
      during      for   additionally
bypass      operations artery       angiograms surgery      cad   stenoses
      spasm cpb   stenosis    pci   angiography ptca stenting
      angioplasty graft cabg arteriography      revascularization grafting
bypassed    obstructed consultations      spaces      organs      avoiding
      diseased    lesions     pathology vessels       segments    joints
      structures arteries     veins missed      ie    above bony actually
bypasses    incisions ss      operations injuries     consultations
      catheters bc      surgeries lesions       stenoses    repairs
      wounds      segments    knees insertions hips procedures grafts
bypassing touching      changing    whatever    closing     considering
      outside     avoiding    around      beside      supporting removing
      besides     exactly     connecting beyond       inside      contacting
      passing     placing
bzd   therapy     chemical    aerosol     extract     medication drug
      theophylline      opioid      dopamine    alcohol     benzodiazepine
      sound preparation benzodiazepines ie      ro    opiate      clonazepam
c     sp    ch    ss    sa    hc    bc    sm    pc    e     ap    tp    pp
      water k     ca    aa    s     protein     ac
c&amp ch    fs    ss    sa    le    lac   mp    tm    hc    gs    sm    pc
      ap    sb    ao    s     np    hep   ac
c-1   six   versus      b     v     ld    seven four thoracotomy eight hd
      all   i     ii    five nine c-2     ten   pd    depressed
c-2   fentanyl    b     mp    pn    amiodarone ld     bradycardia
      hyponatremia      nephrotoxicity    iv    ip    i     superinfection
      ia    ten   proteinuria anemia      tobramycin etomidate
c02   noncompliance     condoms     multivitamins     aerosol
      chorioamnionitis bay    albuterol lp      labeled     them preformed
      sodium      douching    consciousness     containing s-1    nefazodone
      ro    cyclosporin
c1    sp    ss    sa    ha    ta    dyspnea     la    bc    cp    sm    pc
      erythema    ap    tp    including ca      aa    cough ac
c1-2  desired     process     retina      cornea      aforementioned
      umbilicus apex sacrum         patella     junction    original    same
      diaphragm urethra       sternum     thumb notch fetus procedure
c1-c2 distal      consultation      target      prosthesis proximal
      catheter    ring compound     drug diaphragm lesion         sound
      preparation joint individual fetus organism     membrane    implant
c2    fs    ss    sa    mp    mt    md    hc    la    sm    ma    ap    tp
      pt    pp    ph    ca    s     es    ac
c3    c5    appetite    irritability      dyspnea     haptoglobin fatigue
      cortisol    c4    igg   mobility    iga   erythema    tp    igm
      fibrinogen mood complement ca       confusion
c3-c4 trunk tibia vagina      pharynx     stomach     elbow apex wrist
      tongue      sacrum      junction    forehead    abdomen     thorax
      thigh diaphragm sternum       toe   thumb
c4    tiredness c5      electrolytes      irritability      emotional
      fatigue     cortisol    c3    paresthesias      crying      igg
      mobility    igm   fibrinogen mood complement sweating       social
c4-c5 entry baseline    c6-c7 l3    c5-c6 mid   l3-l4 intervals c3-c4 sl
      t9    visit rest sites l4-l5 site l5-s1 24th t0
c400 sublingually       dissolved d       bid   dl    b.i.d increases po
      q12h reduced      od    tid   lb    qid   qhs   kg    induced
      decreases qd
c5    sp    fs    sa    dyspnea     mt    fatigue     la    cp    sm
      mobility    ap    tp    pp    sedation    ca    aa    cough pruritus
c5-6 entry baseline     angles      moment      apex wrist l3-l4 junction
      intervals visit rest presentation         interspace pace sites l4-
l5    site home l5-s1
c5-7 susceptible hemiplegia unresponsive        desire      prior
      radiculopathy     hemiparesis easy triphasil mild crutches
      regard      amenable    respect     igt   ependymoma barriers
      contraindications paraplegia
c5-c6 visits      l2    baseline    c6-c7 l3    coronal     angles      mid
      sl    rest c4-c5 workload     sites mobility    swelling    positions
      rigidity    distances bruising
c6-c7 midline     apical      moment      umbilicus latest        apex
      wrist junction    time forehead     abdomen     visit presentation
      ends sites site thumb periphery border
c7    orientation movement    systems     spaces      nerves      adjacent
      stimuli     work signals      medication exposures objects
      pathology skin toe      items structures sounds       devices
ca    sp    sa    ha    tm    mt    calcium     la    bc    cp    sm    pc
      ma    ap    tp    ep    sodium      k     aa    ac
ca99 lifelong     portable    spacer      facemask    cephalosporin
      standardized      handheld    simple      spirometer favorable 3-
day   3-cm weak headed        hypochloremia     breakfast washout
      scanner     1-cm
cabg bypass       operations craniotomy surgery       thoracotomy cad
      stenoses    spasm gynecological     pci   angiography ptca stenting
      angioplasty grafts      graft arteriography     revascularization
cachectic malnourished        pretreated aphasic      diabetic    cirrhotic
      anuric      anticoagulated    hypertensive      pediatric ill
      parkinsonian      constipated immunosuppressed nine elderly
      anemic      adult hyperlipidemic    depressed
cachexia    lymphedema diseases     obesity     hyperthyroidism cap
      disease     hypercalcemia     spasticity disorders syndrome
      liver tinnitus    malignancy symptomatic malignant vitiligo
      psychosis ic      dementia
cad   schizophrenia     hypertension      hypercholesterolemia    ad
      epilepsy    disease     acs   hypertriglyceridemia    pheochromocytoma
      ckd   sarcoidosis stenosis    syndrome    symptomatic chronic     pd
      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
cadaveric transplants tacrolimus transplant infants         allograft
      lesions     kidneys     kidney      knees deceased    donor
      immunosuppression liver children    patients    hips grafts
      trauma      cyclosporine
caer tiredness irritability         hepatomegaly      meats b     cont
      malaise     paresthesias      both b1     rash palpitation somnolence
      between     flushing    nervousness lethargy    myalgias    dizziness
cafe former       dentition industry      environment space present
      current     second      position    literature vasculature region
      preceding ventral       uk    italian     condition arm     this
caffeinated foods nitroglycerin     coffee      drink drinking    furosemide
      phenylephrine     ethanol     alcohol     nicotine    water beverages
      caffeine    lorazepam lidocaine erythromycin          naloxone
      clonidine alprazolam
caffeine    hydrocortisone    diazepam    quinidine furosemide
      theophylline      ethanol     nicotine    propranolol diltiazem
      buspirone terbutaline verapamil lorazepam naloxone          ibuprofen
      digoxin     clonidine alprazolam scopolamine
cage prosthesis posterior midline         plate filter      bar   ring
      lesion      skin sound preparation lateral      joint child membrane
      implant     cyst vertical     complex
cages steps areas pig   tissues     eyes ht     normal      particular ears
      infants     segments    fluids      knees alcoholics individuals
      children    contrast    regions     zones
cake transport thinking       emotional chemical      personal    staff
      morphology fatigue      transportation    mobility    acid rigidity
      sweating    social      retention behavior      confusion volumes
cal   sp    sa    ral   md    ht    rec   plaque      sm    pc    mobility
      ap    bf    pt    ppd   rc    pp    diameter    laboratory ac
calan amlodipine mp     cont chlorthalidone     ranitidine finasteride
      tamsulosin clotrimazole       sr    control     chewable    apap fam
      plus hn     supp rifaximin ga       dutasteride
calc other ds     su    ft    cn    la    cc    si    hp    rc    sb    tt
      intervention      experimental      ea    lap   np    cs    ar
calcaneal distal        tibial      vertebral leg     ha    cutaneous rib
      facial      cortical    ankle pathology ap      skin orbital
      joint scaphoid    trochanteric      hip   cs
calcific    injuries    lymphedema focal instability cutaneous various
      diseases    hyperthyroidism disease       painful     reporting
      lesions     pathology fractures disorders incomplete neoplasms
      tinnitus    malignancy
calcification     collaterals bleeding    vision      inflammation
      thrombus    lesions     deformity scarring      pathology vessels
      stenoses    spasm stenosis    calcifications    occlusion arteries
      activity    symptoms    ar
calcifications    erosions    abnormalities     complications     bleeding
      errors      foci defects      abscesses masses        lesions
      pathology vessels       cysts calcification     complaints nodules
      deposits    symptoms    adhesions
calcified focal cutaneous necrotic        visible     sclerotic pc
      lesions     pathology lesion        ap    skin stenotic     enhancing
      hepatic     native      neoplastic cs     ar    complex
calcifying clearing     lymphedema diseases     since despite     besides
      and   furthermore nevertheless      reflecting fractures calcific
      demonstrating     osteomyelitis     assessing view moreover
      vitiligo    dislocation
calcitonin lithium      amantadine calcitriol hydrocortisone      calcium
      allopurinol phenytoin theophylline        steroid     ip
      spironolactone    levodopa    ethanol     octreotide verapamil
      nimodipine erythromycin       digoxin     clonidine
calcitriol fluconazole amiodarone hydrocortisone      itraconazole
      theophylline      steroid     magnesium octreotide pamidronate
      diltiazem dexamethasone       ciprofloxacin     verapamil
      prednisolone      nimodipine erythromycin       digoxin     clonidine
calcium     phosphate ha      zinc potassium beta calcitriol nifedipine
      iron sm     ap    theophylline      magnesium acid sodium
      diltiazem ca      aa    verapamil digoxin
calculated determined ascertained eliminated estimated manually         made
      removed     tracked     obtained    continuously      measured
      created     checked     assessed    prepared    chosen      recorded
      evaluated modeled
calculations      steps results     location    orientation distributions
      shape investigations    programming attributes discussion components
      indices     blocks      views parameters recordings data
      corrections patterns
calculi     lithiasis polyps        injuries    cholelithiasis    stones
      choledocholithiasis     diseases    masses      hydronephrosis
      lesions     gallstones fractures cysts colic ureteral       infections
      disorders infection malignancy
calculus    movement    dental      facial      reading     mt    plaque
      pain medication caries        lesion      distraction skin sound
      items scar bi     tooth motor ie
caldwell    pelvis      trunk scalp gland stomach     cornea      sacral
      wrist tongue      rectum      abdomen     thorax      diaphragm
      hands skin orbit ventilatory uterus       membrane
calf finger       trunk foot leg    jaw   wrist mid   thigh proximal
      forearm     legs hands ap     skin muscles      lateral     joint
      muscle      eeg
caliber     transport orientation size shape chemical       narrowing
      obstruction reading     posture     morphology light inflammation
      alignment tone sound structure diameter         ie    complex
california medicine     maryland    alabama     turkey      kentucky
      hospital    connecticut spanish     pennsylvania      nebraska    uk
      texas italian     miami florida     washington virginia     county
call  oriented    consultation      moving      screening screen
      simulation test probe nurse protocol      preference plan interview
      method      appointment message     video letter      calls
called      prosthesis driver       system      stimulus    reservoir
      filter      compound    program     sensor      drug protocol
      technique sound preparation far     named method      device
calling     specifically      reason      compensation      prescriptions
      requests    screening providing listed          guidelines
      recommending      recommendations preference indications preparing
      appropriate search      call available reasons
callosum    retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach     conjunctiva
      acetabulum cornea       tongue      rectum      patella
      musculature abdomen     thorax      diaphragm urethra       penis
      orbit endometrium uterus
calls visits      prescriptions     consultations     surveys     staff
      prompting transportation      exposures counseling nurses
      advice      interventions     contacts    plans instructions
      travel      call appointments       exercises
calming     pharmacological specific      stimulant orientation emotional
      direct      bronchodilator    chemical    energetic personal
      differential      rapid physiological     threat      physiologic
      behavior    analgesic pharmacologic       complex
caloric     meat habitual     food appetite     energy      relaxation feed
      fat   fluid dietary     balance     alcohol     carbohydrate
      sodium      water salt fiber intake       protein
calorie     habitual    food supplement residue       energy      high fat
      diuretic    commercial standardized       dietary     meal diet
      carbohydrate      salt containing fiber low     caloric
calories    foods food leukocytes energy        fats inflammation
      sugars      fat   origin      dietary     ethanol     alcohol
      carbohydrate      consciousness     products    proteins    fiber
      neutrophils illness
cals reason       inspected need mic      true requirement highest
      opened      percentile optimal      necessity indication
      sensitivities     indications prognoses threshold agency
      risks cal
caltrate    d     kj    acetate     diopters    per   mg    kilo day    kcal
      po    g     carbonate vitamin       oh    orally      kg    fe2
      cholecalciferol elemental
calvarial distal        organs      facial      anatomy     proximal
      basic deformity pathology lesion          distraction skin sound
      joint anatomic    nipple      structures implant      ie    bony
calvarium pelvis        trunk tonsils     pharynx     stomach     jaw
      lungs torso tongue      immediate anterior      anatomy     abdomen
      thorax      medial      hands mediastinum anatomic    perineum
calves      eyes specimens ears infants         lesions     kidneys
      wounds      segments    knees birds alcoholics cats individuals
      babies      women children    patients    teeth hips
cambridge pelvis        scalp fingers     retina      vagina      stomach
      cornea      lungs wrist rectum      abdomen     original    thorax
      thigh axilla      diaphragm urethra       orbit lateral
came  moved shifted     extending moves withdrawing derived
      transferring      varied      fell comes come arising       coming
      chose away from recovered deviated        transition
campath     acute tacrolimus propafenone fluconazole ptx    amiodarone ed
      cd    levamisole disease      preoperative      ip    rp    colchicine
      okt3 symptomatic sucralfate fd      ic
campus      clinic      surfaces    screen      scene facility    ward
      program     station     diet center       admission basis hand
      machine     call demand       school      farm driving
campylobacter     shigella    aspergillus bacterial pe      cutaneous
      bleeding    diseases    salmonella peritonitis cp     lesions
      pathology infections infection cough tb         malignancy candida
can   conceivably must seems should       proved      shall continues
      would preferably may    might appears     could cannot      appeared
      will therefore remains        needs
canal pelvis      fingers     retina      vagina      stomach     cornea
      lungs tongue      rectum      abdomen     original    thorax
      diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis thumb orbit uterus
canceled    to    determined ascertained eliminated cancelled made
      given done by     mostly      completely assessed     primarily
      chosen      mainly      also identified evaluated permitted
cancellation      metabolic orientation coordination        reading
      morphology tracking     tasks recall      span physiological
      discrimination    success     spatial     physiologic anatomic
      retention performance behaviour vertical
cancelled prescribed only canceled        totally     offered     made
      removed     given globally    mostly      completely correctly
      primarily chosen        mainly      also identified re      permitted
cancellous biochemical tendon       alendronate crest calcium     cortical
      appendicular      lytic ctx   alveolar    allogenic sm      markers
      calcaneal periosteal iliac petrous        bone marginal
cancer      schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent ascites       epilepsy
      pancreatic melanoma     disease     carcinoma asthma
      sarcoidosis syndrome    neoplasms malignancy symptomatic
      malignancies      malignant vitiligo      dementia
candesartan metoprolol losartan     bisoprolol alendronate amlodipine
      nifedipine carvedilol quinapril spironolactone        lisinopril
      valsartan ramipril      fosinopril verapamil doxazosin enalapril
      nicardipine pravastatin captopril
candida     bacteremia aspergillus bacterial fluconazole dysphagia
      cutaneous bleeding      spontaneous fever lesions     pathology
      infections infection cough malignancy parasites antibiotics
      species     candidemia
candidacy status        appetite    irritability      personal    fever
      fatigue     preferences comfort     spirometry preference erythema
      planning    education housing       cough pre   mono attendance
candidate proxy screening potentially noninvasive viable          screen
      substitute commercial preference new      approach    critical
      problem     simple      tool search       agent method      reasonable
candidemia sepsis       bacteremia bacterial pe       diseases
      peritonitis delirium    hyperthyroidism disease       tuberculosis
      lesions     gallstones infection neoplasms tb         pneumonia
      malignancy symptomatic psychosis
candidiasis bacteremia fluconazole dysphagia pe       vaginitis bleeding
      thrush      peritonitis hyperthyroidism lesions       ulceration
      fistulae    infections infection pneumonia malignancy psychosis
      epistaxis candidemia
candiduria bacteremia azithromycin        fluconazole dysphagia pe
      cutaneous spa     ta    fever obesity     lesions     ip
      hypercalcemia     impotence ciprofloxacin       infection malignancy
      symptomatic ic
candy capsule     prosthesis patch stimulus     filter      bar   catheter
      ring drug lesion        vaccine     tube sound preparation gel
      device      membrane    implant     ie
cane coil paste syringe       moving      plate foam box    filter      bar
      commercial sensor       probe partner     flat rigid special
      device      cutting     video
cannabinoids      substances speech       falls drugs objects     drug
      opioid      opioids     dopamine    individual benzodiazepines
      agents      products    digits      devices     somatostatin
      parasites mh      opiates
cannot      conceivably must can    seems should      proved      shall
      continues would preferably may      might appears     could appeared
      will therefore remains        needs
cannula     syringe     prosthesis plate flap electrode stimulus
      reservoir filter        bar   catheter    sensor      probe tube
      preparation endoscope device        port apparatus dressing
cannulation manipulation      hemostasis delivery     drainage    alignment
      ablation    stimulation closure     dilatation testing      pathology
      positioning insertion recruitment compression occlusion placement
      leakage     ie
cans reversal     courses     injections applications       infusions
      grams a     types doses suppression episodes    persistence
      restoration boluses     documentation     forms amounts     the
canula      coil paste plate electrode reservoir guidewire filter
      bar   catheter    sensor      probe tube spirometer endoscope
      cannula     machine     device      apparatus dressing
cap   ss    pe    ds    cutaneous cd      disease     cp    pc    lesions
      pathology ep      syndrome    rp    pneumonia malignancy
      symptomatic cs    ar    ic
capable     lack aspects      proof normalization     consist     regardless
      resumption composed     ease consists     because     reminiscent
      indicative consisting suggestive instead        amounts
      understanding     description
capacity    transport orientation morphology stability workload
      testing     physiological     volume      balance     recruitment
      physiologic functional power behavior     activity    performance
      behaviour production content
cape israel       environment north town northwest usa      east village
      group french      spanish     uk    country     italian     west
      england     county      arm   south
capillary pulse office        inspiratory calf wedge systemic     venous
      pulmonary sitting       transpulmonary    forearm     blood standing
      24-hour     resting     ambulatory arterial     systolic    pvr
caplet      vial dose capsule       supplement pen    plate reservoir box
      suppository bar   ring compound     tablet      pool story
      preparation regimen     containing device
capoten     metoprolol losartan     thalidomide amlodipine nifedipine
      atenolol    furosemide spironolactone     lisinopril ramipril
      labetalol propranolol fosinopril diltiazem dexamethasone
      prazosin    prednisolone      enalapril captopril
caps lm     di    wrist tm    md    sm    pc    lesion      hands ap    skin
      sb    joint items membrane    ie    cs    ar    ac
capsular    pharyngeal posterior facial         ring drug pathology
      lesion      vaccine     skin sound joint individual scar membrane
      implant     cyst ie     complex     bony
capsule     target      solution    prosthesis patch suppository filter
      bar   ring compound     tablet      drug lesion       vaccine
      sound preparation suspension device       membrane    implant
capsules    capsule     syrup cimetidine diazepam     hcl   tablet
      itraconazole      tablets     granules    propranolol diltiazem
      suspension doxycycline prednisolone       lorazepam plus im
      erythromycin      ibuprofen
captopril metoprolol losartan       nadolol     amlodipine nifedipine
      atenolol    carvedilol quinapril spironolactone       lisinopril
      ramipril    labetalol propranolol fosinopril diltiazem prazosin
      verapamil enalapril nicardipine
capture     specific    manipulation      orientation chemical    cover
      programming reading     light work stability stimulation test
      testing     match recruitment compression recording correct
captured    formed      determined ascertained visualized provided
      eliminated automatically      manually    made accessed     removed
      tested      by    retained    created     prepared    represented
      delineated identified
car   specific    plastic     dental      reading     posture     remote
      commercial lesion       skin road flat sound water neutral
      professional      video driving     conversation      complex
carafate    requests    moxifloxacin      shoulder    tongue      bay
      renagel     otolaryngology    ofloxacin ppx     repaglinide racemic
      caspofungin caring      cpt-11      femoral     sucralfate head ro
carb d      nl    wbcs sc     hc    sat   vp    ray   id    rays 5d
      films x     prep diet carbohydrate        diets hi    mono
carbamazepine     lithium     haloperidol amitriptyline     trazodone
      lamotrigine phenobarbital     imipramine steroids     clomipramine
      phenytoin clozapine diltiazem ciprofloxacin           risperidone
      doxepin     verapamil erythromycin        digoxin     clonazepam
carbidopa pramipexole methylprednisolone        haloperidol sinemet
      cimetidine aspirin      hydrocortisone    diazepam    allopurinol
      furosemide spironolactone     levodopa    propranolol dexamethasone
      terbutaline prednisolone      lorazepam dyskinesias methyldopa
carbo etoposide azithromycin        cisplatinum cisplatin cddp 5-fu
      hydroxyurea gemcitabine bleomycin mitoxantrone        irinotecan
      ifosfamide carboplatin tetracycline       epirubicin ciprofloxacin
      methotrexate      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
carbohydrate      meat foods food energy        calcium     fat   dietary
      ethanol     diet acid chicken       sodium      water salt diets
      fiber protein     complex     cereal
carbon      breathing pharyngeal sulfur         cranial     air
      spontaneous speech      la    ve    tension     dynamic     heat co2
      co    skin ventilatory vasoactive respiration expired
carbonate phosphate channel         hydroxide phosphorus supplements
      amlodipine antagonists calcitriol nifedipine ccb      calcium
      magnesium nephrolithiasis diltiazem verapamil nimodipine
      citrate     cholecalciferol nicardipine
carbonated ice    solutions sterile       ha    solution    foam dilute
      bupivacaine drink chlorhexidine     drinking    ethanol     tap
      sodium      water lidocaine erythromycin        clonidine plain
carboplatin etoposide thalidomide cisplatinum cisplatin cddp 5-fu
      hydroxyurea gemcitabine bleomycin mitoxantrone        vp-16 5fu
      irinotecan ifosfamide epirubicin methotrexate         cpt-11
      prednisolone      cyclophosphamide
carcinoembryonic a2     specific    tumor nuclear     antibody    leukocyte
      cea   lewis cutaneous afp     prostate    igg   rising      ab    tpa
      ca    tremor      antigen     antibodies
carcinoma tumors        recurrent ascites       epilepsy    cancer      mcl
      adenocarcinoma    melanoma    without     disease     carcinomas rcc
      neoplasms leiomyosarcoma      malignancy osteoarthrosis
      malignancies      malignant burns
carcinomas tumors       injuries    cancer      diseases    adenocarcinoma
      adenomas    abscesses involvement meningiomas carcinoma atrophy
      lesions     pathology disorders complaints neoplasms lines
      malignancy symptoms
carcinomatosis    tumors      recurrent hypertension        disseminated
      ascites     recurring epilepsy      unilateral melanoma     disease
      persistent sarcoidosis dialysis     refractory symptomatic
      malignancies      suspected malignant idiopathic
carcinomatous     tumors      recurrent disseminated        ascites
      recurring epilepsy      severe      pancreatic meningeal without
      disease     pheochromocytoma persistent sarcoidosis localized
      malignancy symptomatic suspected malignant
card plate modified     box   filter      code bar    team test sensor
      probe protocol    sheet doctor      machine     device      message
      apparatus video letter
cardene     normotensive      young settings    bupropion obese normal
      healthy     man   turn they calves        cats west vitro another
      sedentary county        urine south
cardia      distal      mucosa      pancreas    lm    gut   stomach
      lungs rectum      brain proximal    cervical    legs kidneys
      hands ureter      colon gallbladder bladder     mucosal
cardiac     stroke      pe    systemic    cutaneous bleeding
      spontaneous dyspnea     la    bc    ap    colonic     rp    hepatic
      aa    liver cough neurological      ar    ic
cardio      metabolic pharyngeal systemic       cutaneous spontaneous
      facial      nocturnal intestinal drug ap        skin circulatory
      neuro physiologic cough neurological      local perioperative
cardioembolic     acute subacute    schizophrenia     recurrent ascites
      stroke      hemorrhagic hemiparesis gout asthma       lacunar
      ischemic    spasticity af     tia   symptomatic chronic     hyperacute
cardiogenic sepsis      schizophrenia     recurrent ascites       severe
      hemorrhagic gout hyperdynamic       ami   persistent endotoxic
      sarcoidosis septic      symptomatic chronic     overt suspected
      idiopathic bronchiectasis
cardiogram finger       trunk ekg   spaces      ecg   staff peaks averaged
      crying      mobility    tp    nurses      electrocardiogram tests
      parameters motor sounds       sweating    respiration
cardiograms tonsils     medicines organs        stomach     jaw   tongue
      delirium    thorax      tonsil      kidneys     hands wounds
      preparations      muscles     joint items individual tubes bones
cardiologist      neurosurgeon      assistant dentist       consultant
      therapist surgeon       gastroenterologist      dermatologist     team
      probe pathologist nurse radiologist neurologist rheumatologist
      doctor      urologist psychiatrist        pharmacist
cardiologists     consultants ultrasound measuring personnel therapists
      consultant paramedics staff surgeons      teams pediatricians
      certified nurses        physician doctors       physicians
      psychiatrists     applying    ambulance
cardiology medicine     consultations     organs      dental      various
      medical     gastroenterology brain french       neurology pediatrics
      vessels     radiology urology       anesthesiology    nephrology
      psychiatry bones illness
cardiomegaly      lymphadenopathy pains dysphagia pe        edema dyspnea
      vision      fever atrophy     lesions     pathology complaints
      including cough neurologic proteinuria neurological         headaches
cardiomyopathy    hemiplegia schizophrenia      longstanding
      hypertension      nonischemic hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy
      glomerulonephritis      cirrhosis chf     sarcoidosis ipf   refractory
      malignancies      chronic     suspected idiopathic hyperlipidemia
cardiopulmonary therapy       operations artery       hypothermic coronary
      nonpulsatile      reperfusion da    femoropopliteal surgery       cpb
      weaning     aorto aortobifemoral    aortofemoral      exercise    ec
      maneuvers ic
cardiorespiratory metabolic gait dynamic        physiological     mobility
      skin circulatory muscular     hemodynamic physiologic muscle      mood
      functional psychological      cellular    behavior    immunological
      behaviour symptoms
cardiothoracic    clinic      plastic     ent   reconstructive
      neurosurgical     cardiac     rehabilitation    referral    medical
      hospital    gynecologic pediatric oncologic gynecological
      orthopaedic urologic    trauma      orthopedic obstetric
cardiovascular    thrombotic metabolic cutaneous microvascular
      residual    obesity     intestinal pathology skin atherosclerosis
      atherosclerotic physiologic hepatic       cerebrovascular liver
      behavior    neurological      perioperative     complex
cardiovascularly environment gut    dental      greek diseased    inflamed
      brain french      sport pediatrics urology      uk    mature
      human country     childhood native        neoplastic inducing
cardioversion     treatment therapy       withdrawal embolization
      delivery    recanalization    surgery     ablation    stimulation
      closure     prophylaxis vaccination repair      endoscopic resection
      splenectomy placement implantation        laparoscopy
cardioversions    medications shifts      therapy     recurrences operations
      consultations     abnormalities     complications     errors      foci
      falls and   lesions     insertions procedures deposits
      cardioversion     implants    adhesions
cardiovert generate     obtain      ensure      prescribe maintain
      develop     administer treat manage       detect      prepare     date
      adopt identify    achieve     communicate select      initiate
cardioverted      defibrillated     transplanted      reevaluated staged
      discharged catheterized       contacted readmitted intubated
      electively managed      interviewed weaned      extubated colonized
      sedated     symptomatically scanned       initially
cardioverter      defibrillator     pacemaker recurrent icd       recurring
      spa   pectoral    amiodarone adenoma      hyperthyroidism disease
      transvenous implantable af    tinnitus    malignancy symptomatic
      malignant psychosis
cardizem    talk food tiazac        stimuli     personal    bupropion work
      cd    sr    stressors tetracycline        existing    diltiazem
      verapamil their tricyclics correct        communication
cards radiographs card measurements       diary culture     testing
      spirometry films admission sheets         assays      tests physicians
      recordings monitors     images      palpation plates
cardura     citalopram paste fluconazole solution     oral amantadine
      levamisole extract      compound    itraconazole      preparation
      regimen     containing suspension terazosin nimodipine doxazosin
      topical     augmentin
care health       consultation      healthcare consultations      dental
      inpatient rehabilitation      medical     hospital    surgical
      pathology physiotherapy       fertility physicians professional
      services    trauma      obstetric service
cared responsible compensated requests    need screened     adjusting
      scheduled referred      opted substituted except      indications
      preparing unsuitable caring         search      accounted reasons
careful     reversal    targeting rigorous      disruption measurement
      prompt      simultaneous      precise     optimization      detailed
      suppression limitation attenuation proper       evaluation
      documentation     correction localization       assessment
carefully optimized offered         alert emphasized considered avoided
      addressed realized      appropriately     strictly    pursued
      minimized reliably      counseled preferably abandoned preferred
      properly    cautious
caregiver self health         emotional personal      staff financial
      psychosocial      comfort     mobility    skin physician
      physiologic functional social       psychological     professional
      behavior    communication     behaviour
caregivers diagnoses assistance personnel staff usage parents
      pathology nurses        caretakers doctors      interventions
      contacts    complaints physicians their problems      behavior
      behaviour symptoms
caretaker consultants orientation spaces        shape resident    staff
      reading     morphology parents      caregiver skin tail physician
      anatomic    child professional      behavior    behaviour vertical
caretakers diagnoses characteristics features         errors      staff
      usage parents     attributes components caregivers indices
      views doctors     complaints physicians contents      problems
      elements    behaviour
caries      chemical    dental      resident    errors      reading     and
      medication drug pathology lesion          skin sound individual scar
      tooth leakage     implant     ie    cs
carina      trachea     retina      epiglottis best largest
      aforementioned    umbilicus apex sacrum         junction    original
      next latter       author      same diaphragm urethra        clavicle
caring      responsible prescriptions     requests    need controlling
      guidelines cared recommendations substituted preferences except
      preference indications suggestions preparing appropriate search
      reasons     suitable
carinii     bacteremia encephalitis       bacterial bronchopneumonia
      organizing cmv    acquired    interstitial      ventilator
      toxoplasmosis     infections lobar ischemia     infection septicemia
      pneumonia pcp     pneumocystis      candidemia
carlson     z     meld ceph melena        b     apgar alvarado    n
      larsen      npo   mgq   nicholson streptococcal       p     van   gcs
      methyl      gleason     acetylcysteine
carmen      continued are     need offers       required    participating
      opted present     employed    used declined     alternatives
      preferred hemo agreed         were utilized     this remain
carney      pubic foot neonatal     eyelid      wrist bay   obesity
      collagen    extracranial      skin dysarthria barbiturates
      cough splenic     pruritus    lid   communication     cyclosporin
carol inlet trunk tibia moment      cornea      umbilicus apex wrist
      tongue      sacrum      junction    forehead    abdomen     4th
      thorax      3rd   diaphragm thumb scapula
carolina    israel      maryland    north california turkey       tennessee
      mexico      east connecticut georgia      texas west florida
      washington virginia     england     dakota      county      south
carotid     retinal     foot mammary      facial      basilar     anterior
      internal    brain proximal    extracranial      radial      stenotic
      iliac thoracic    hepatic     uterine     splenic     cerebral    ica
carotids    swallowing pains medicine     pharyngeal emotional shoulder
      facial      inflammation      fever mobility    erythema    ap    skin
      joint hepatic     motor cough pruritus    symptoms
carpal      acute tibial      foot hepatorenal tunnel       facial
      dumping     delirium    brain cervical    nephrotic legs
      lumbosacral hellp bowel organic     mandibular williams     gilbert
carpentier former       pelvis      trachea     resultant vagina
      rectum      original    latter      ring mosaic       same diaphragm
      urethra     lowest      stented     edwards     predominant remaining
carried     conducted started       ruled rule administered       ruling
      done carry turned       filled      dropping    evident     dropped
      wash begun performed instituted initiated undertaken
carries     offers      construction      entailed    represents provides
      gives involves    giving      creation    represent demonstrating
      representing      requires    is    gave yields       yielded
      permitting causes
carry generate    exclude     resolve     obtain      find bear insure
      rule develop      grow stop make take give accept           get
      document    utilize     perform
carter      pelvis      retina      vagina      pharynx     cornea
      wrist torso sacrum      forehead    abdomen     original    scrotum
      same urethra      sternum     scapula     orbit cheek aorta
cartridge coil syringe        column      package     plate reservoir box
      guidewire filter        sensor      probe protocol    model technique
      regime      sheet circular    machine     device
carvedilol metoprolol bisoprolol nadolol        amlodipine amiodarone
      nifedipine allopurinol spironolactone     lisinopril labetalol
      propranolol diltiazem terazosin prazosin        verapamil doxazosin
      enalapril nicardipine captopril
case sub    areas clinical    direction form village        situation
      particular french       series      sample      management patient
      sequence    comparison country      context     the   view
cashier     overlying dentist       reaches     stimulus    listener
      configuration     surrounding author      path preceding inside
      notch fetus shadow      underneath of     remainder above tip
casodex     losartan    citalopram azithromycin       thalidomide
      fluconazole amantadine carvedilol allopurinol levamisole gabapentin
      celecoxib spironolactone      quetiapine donepezil terazosin
      nimodipine nefazodone memantine captopril
caspofungin aztreonam voriconazole        azithromycin      thalidomide
      fluconazole moxifloxacin      ceftriaxone amiodarone warfarin
      allopurinol ofloxacin levamisole gabapentin itraconazole
      ciprofloxacin     linezolid doxycycline erythromycin
cast syringe      prosthesis plastic      splint      brace plate flap
      reservoir light box     filter      bar   protocol    lesion      flat
      preparation device      video dressing
castor      supplemental      pacemaker tree fo       air   light corn
      cooking     cod   oil   fish gel    chicken     stent water porcine
      silicone    seal flaxseed
casts radiographs diagnoses errors        readings    and   peaks
      measurements      components indices      sections    films blocks
      views items tests parameters recordings contents      images
cat   sp    sa    histamine air     vision      mt    fatigue     speech
      cp    sm    ap    tp    skin stress       sedation    aa    cough ar
cataract    noncardiac plastic      ent   reconstructive    cardiac
      surgery     abdominal otolaryngologic debulking gynecologic
      gynecological     bariatric orthopaedic thoracic      urological
      urologic    corrective laparoscopic       orthopedic
cataracts sepsis        tumors      recurrent injuries      ascites
      diseases    hyperthyroidism disease       lesions     persistent
      asthma      gallstones disorders uveitis        pneumonia malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis dementia
catastrophe ni    lm    ha    dental      di    tm    speech      infant
      basic lesion      skin sound hair child products      language
      implant     mh    complex
catch build lost intrauterine       getting     work flare warm break
      pathology caught        sit   subsequent follow       hair check
      picked      woke pick built
catching    consultation      orientation moving      face stimulus
      reading     posture     lifting     turning     lift eye    bar
      insert      distraction roll sound child of     grasp
catecholamine     plasma      ammonia     lipid potassium cck     cortisol
      lactate     norepinephrine    acth progesterone       fibrinogen
      glucose     serum tsh   homocysteine      glucagon    ne    urine
categorized distributed reevaluated offered     given contacted typed
      expressed sequentially        recruited interviewed graded
      extubated classified rated recorded       identified defined
      scanned     monitored
cater accommodate reevaluate adjust       cover reproduce expand
      explore     maximize    enlarge     meet delineate prepare
      elucidate understand select         define      reassess    judge
catgut      amitriptyline     cimetidine antacids     staples     nifedipine
      imipramine quinine      suture      clomipramine      sutures
      spironolactone    tetracycline      ceftazidime gentamicin verapamil
      erythromycin      antibiotics silk captopril
cath syringe      prosthesis splint       brace plate flap bag    reservoir
      box   filter      bar   catheter    ring protocol     lesion      tube
      cannula     device      port
cathartic capsule       vasodilator betablocker supplement bronchodilator
      solution    therapeutic diuretic    commercial antidepressant     drug
      discrete    new   benzodiazepine    preparation sequential regimen
      stoma laxative
catherine trachea       retina      epiglottis ensuing      vagina
      duodenum    cornea      musculature original    peritoneum latter
      surrounding axilla      same segment      urethra     sternum
      ureter      cerebellum
catherization     infiltration      determinations    output      operations
      excision    extraction embolization       arrest      tamponade
      recanalization    inhalation surgery      catheterization
      stabilization     catheterizations angiography resection stenting
catheter    prosthesis flap electrode sheath          reservoir shunt
      filter      defect      ring lesion       tube drain preparation
      endoscope cannula       stoma device      port implant
catheterization therapy       output      operations arrest       drainage
      surgery     surgical    medication catheterizations testing
      pathology endoscopy colonoscopy arrhythmia endoscopic
      splenectomy occlusion procedures laparoscopy
catheterizations operations consultations       complications     bleeding
      errors      catheters surgeries catheterization lesions
      testing     pathology contacts      tests sedation    problems
      procedures grafts       exercises symptoms
catheterize accommodate move enter keep visualize dissect         locate
      cover remove      reproduce expand        ventilate stabilize
      rotate      enlarge     get   activate    localize    judge
catheterized      prescribed totally      noncompliant      transplanted
      hospitalized      hospitalised      biopsied    medicated four
      intubated anergic       repaired    three asymptomatic      sedated
      compliant initially implanted selected
catheters screws        medications incisions solutions injuries
      defects     lesions     pathology cysts insertions tubes agents
      products    devices     procedures grafts       dressings
      antibiotics implants
catholic    prescription      medicine    character various
      gastroenterology presentation       dermatology components basic
      neurology indiana       action      urology     recruitment appearance
      psychiatry division     elements    complexity
cats tissues      eyes pts    ears infants      hearts      wounds
      segments    people      knees calves      birds alcoholics
      individuals babies      women children    patients    hips
caucasian normotensive        young obese normal      healthy     black male
      asian all   overweight female       asymptomatic      women older five
      adult sedentary hyperlipidemic      depressed
caudal      treatment paravertebral       nerve epidural    sensory
      preoperative      drug lesion       distraction ip    sb
      preparation thoracic    intervention      block motor clonidine
      local cs
caudate     trunk thalamus    duodenum    stomach     mid   anterior    pons
      abdomen     thigh parietal    cortex      medial      temporal
      ventral     lateral     occipital frontal       cerebellum right
caugh reevaluate clarified clarify        overcome    inevitable reconsider
      know maximize     important appreciate definitively         attractive
      citing      elucidate understand interesting emerging       worthwhile
caught      prescribed treatment provided       lost excised      was
      errors      getting     difficulty difficulties       drug retained
      accumulated individually      picked      missed      reported    re
cause reversal    result      spread      therapeutic use   accumulation
      suppression persistence limitation source       evaluation delay
      yield localization      assessment sign evolution causes
caused      manifested elicited     effected    compounded characterized
      supported prevented produced        dominated preceded      affected
      triggered aggravated reflected evidenced blocked
      represented induced     accompanied
causes      formation usage involvement stability expression difficulty
      perception components cause accumulation        suppression
      enhancement fear sources      localization      forms patterns
      elements    combinations
causing     was   spontaneous errors      falls difficulty and    intestinal
      drug retained     pathology lesion        vessels     individual
      membrane    induced     ie    accompanying      producing inducing
caution     reconsidered      even considered avoided       addressed
      therapeutically pursued       increasing minimized carefully
      aggressively      particularly      preferably abandoned especially
      cautiously cautious     helpful     compromised
cautious    targeting rigorous      disruption careful      policy
      carefully further       precise     limitation advance      accurate
      certain     distinct    proper      inaccurate aware possible
      assessing understanding
cautiously reconsidered       interpreted considered avoided      pursued
      minimized carefully aggressively          useful      reconciled
      reliably    safely      preferably reserved     abandoned aware
      cautious    caution     helpful
cava pelvis       vena retina       vagina      stomach     cornea
      junction    abdomen     svc   thorax      ivc   axilla      diaphragm
      oblique     urethra     sternum     mesenteric caval aorta
caval portal      foot tm     shunt svc   filter      ivc   preoperative
      pathology lesion        hepatic     cava splenic      pv    membrane
      implant     cyst intraoperative     cs
cavernous distal        maxillary foot stomach        jaw   facial
      tongue      brain thorax      proximal    diaphragm hands vessels
      orbit muscles     joint uterine     uterus      cyst
cavitary    lymphadenopathy focal cutaneous parenchymal adenomas
      adenoma     residual    interstitial      lesions     pathology
      perianal    atherosclerotic cerebrovascular liver cough organic
      neoplastic malignancy ic
cavity      pelvis      mucosa      retina      vagina      pharynx
      stomach     space cornea      lungs abdomen     original    thorax
      axilla      diaphragm urethra       orbit aorta endometrium uterus
cbc   electrolytes      ammonia     urinalysis chemistry rbc      fatigue
      pb    sugar lactate     biochemistry      spirometry ap     pt
      glucose     hematology urea coagulation hematocrit maternal
cbd   solutions stones        cutaneous spontaneous facial        tm
      brain lesions     kidneys     pathology vessels       skin cysts
      gallbladder uterine     products    cyst cs     ar
cbg   sp    plasma      ammonia     lipid potassium ft      haptoglobin
      cortisol    lactate     folate      albumin     testosterone
      progesterone      acid serum ca     aa    tsh   protein
cbi   pharyngeal personal     tm    reading     mt    pain sm     pc
      counseling ap     skin static       bi    education cough
      professional      ie    complex     ac
cbt   lithium     acupuncture therapy     azithromycin      ot
      amitriptyline     tamoxifen ect     bt    imipramine medication
      counseling clomipramine       physiotherapy     fluoxetine sertraline
      art   behavioral paroxetine
cc    ss    sa    ds    ta    mp    hc    bc    cp    sm    pc    ap    sb
      tt    np    hh    cs    es    ic    ac
ccb   paste amlodipine amitriptyline      foam amiodarone tamoxifen
      nifedipine levamisole corticosteroid      diuretic    clomipramine
      steroid     spironolactone    diltiazem verapamil nimodipine
      nicardipine clonazepam captopril
ccc   fs    ss    sa    ds    ta    tm    md    hc    cp    sm    pc    ap
      ep    np    cs    es    ar    ic    ac
cce   treatment therapy       sa    aerosol     surgeons    shunt drainage
      bt    and   repeat      medication fistula      drug testing
      lesion      stoma activity    cs    additionally
cck   vasopressin histamine mt      da    nitrate     cortisol
      norepinephrine    glutamine glutamate theophylline          ethanol
      dopamine    acid adenosine caffeine       catecholamine     proteins
      ne    somatostatin
ccm   fs    sa    mp    mt    hc    la    cc    si    sm    pc    ap    tp
      ep    tt    np    cs    es    ar    ac
ccp   antibody    cea   pseudomonal inflammatory      nsaid la    drugs sm
      igg   culture     arrhythmic ab     anti abs    emetics     emetic
      ro    rf    antibodies
ccs   fs    ss    sa    ds    di    tm    md    dh    cp    pc    ap    ep
      functional ao     np    cs    ar    ic    ac
cctv foods breathlessness     accommodation     leukocytes face dental
      delivering facial       speech      commercial dietary      bovine
      them alcoholism chicken       containing car    farm neutrophils
ccu   consultation      target      picu environment ed     micu hospital
      basic ward traditional surgical     icu   pacu protocol     nursery
      intervention      of    condition service
cd    ch    ss    ad    pe    ds    md    ld    bc    cp    pc    ap    ep
      rp    aa    symptomatic cs    ar    pd    ic
cd34 cd34-positive      leukemic    infiltrating      cd4   leukocytes red
      giant platelets mature        packed      endocervical      cells
      neoplastic mesothelial nucleated neutrophils epithelial t
cd34-positive     leukemic    infiltrating      mononuclear cd34
      cryopreserved     cultured    mobilized mobilizing platelets
      mature      endocervical      cells mesothelial bm    nucleated
      neutrophils epithelial t      langerhans
cd4   wbc   reticulocyte      leukemic    cd34 leukocyte lymphocyte
      cutaneous red     giant pb    pan   mature      white platelet
      mesothelial neutrophil epithelial t       langerhans
cddp etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin 5-fu hydroxyurea gemcitabine
      hydrocortisone    mitoxantrone      vp-16 adm   5fu   irinotecan
      ifosfamide carboplatin epirubicin dexamethasone       methotrexate
      cpt-11      prednisolone
cdi   former      finger      distal      scalp lm    br    stomach
      space apical      lungs wrist proximal    axilla      medial      legs
      transverse lateral      of    zone
cea   tumor sa    pe    tm    la    bc    sm    lesions     pathology ap
      ip    ep    rp    ca    aa    cs    ar    ic    ac
ceased      only resolved     began stopped     developed and     resumed
      retained    disappeared completely became       subsided
      unsuccessful      worsened    already     deteriorated      recovered
      re    additionally
cecal sleeping    sa    relaxation la     fluid crying      intestinal ap
      tp    skin recovery     pt    colonic     muscle      ca    cough
      sputum      mucosal     ac
ceclor      shortened faster        afterwards shorter      worse sooner
      well much higher        reproducible      greater     subjectively
      reduced     smaller     amoxil      longer      better      lower more
cecum desired     pelvis      trachea     retina      vagina      best
      space largest     lungs apex sacrum       junction    original
      axilla      greatest    same urethra      periphery actual
cefaclor    azithromycin      fluconazole clindamycin cephalexin
      ceftriaxone metronidazole     ofloxacin quinine       itraconazole
      tetracycline      ceftazidime ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin prednisolone       erythromycin
      levofloxacin      tobramycin
cefazolin aztreonam azithromycin          fluconazole clindamycin
      mezlocillin ceftriaxone ofloxacin cloxacillin ceftazidime ampicillin
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     cefotetan cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin erythromycin        tobramycin
cefepime    aztreonam azithromycin        fluconazole mezlocillin
      ceftriaxone ofloxacin meropenem ip        cefazolin ceftazidime
      ampicillin ciprofloxacin      cefotaxime linezolid gentamicin
      vancomycin erythromycin       levofloxacin      ac
cefotaxime aztreonam azithromycin         clindamycin mezlocillin
      ceftriaxone metronidazole     ofloxacin meropenem cefepime
      cefazolin cefaclor      ceftazidime ampicillin ciprofloxacin
      doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin erythromycin        tobramycin
cefotetan aztreonam azithromycin          fluconazole mezlocillin
      ceftriaxone amiodarone warfarin     ofloxacin meropenem cefepime
      ip    cefazolin ampicillin ciprofloxacin        cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin sucralfate erythromycin
ceftazidime aztreonam clindamycin mezlocillin ceftriaxone metronidazole
      ofloxacin amikacin      meropenem cefepime      cefazolin cefaclor
      ampicillin ciprofloxacin      cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin
      vancomycin erythromycin       tobramycin
ceftriaxone aztreonam azithromycin        fluconazole clindamycin
      mezlocillin metronidazole     ofloxacin quinine       cefazolin
      ceftazidime ampicillin ciprofloxacin      cefotaxime doxycycline
      gentamicin vancomycin erythromycin        levofloxacin      tobramycin
cefuroxime azithromycin       fluconazole clindamycin cephalexin
      mezlocillin ceftriaxone metronidazole     ofloxacin cefazolin
      cefaclor    ampicillin dexamethasone      ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin erythromycin       levofloxacin      tobramycin
ceiling     strong      beneficial supplement stimulant hypotensive
      direct      bronchodilator    shift plateau     therapeutic
      standardized      sparing     new   comprehensive     favorable
      gradual     weak analgesic protective
celebrex    omeprazole clarithromycin     acetaminophen     ranitidine
      diazepam    diphenhydramine codeine       celecoxib pantoprazole
      zolpidem    loratadine flurazepam famotidine promethazine
      nizatidine lansoprazole       lorazepam ibuprofen alprazolam
celecoxib metoprolol fluconazole acetaminophen        amlodipine amantadine
      cimetidine aspirin      allopurinol itraconazole      spironolactone
      naproxen    fluoxetine diltiazem dexamethasone        doxycycline
      enalapril ibuprofen paroxetine captopril
celiac      progressive hemorrhoidal      graves      wilson      alzheimer
      lyme huntington crohn meniere       granulomatous     gallstone
      perianal    atherosclerotic diverticular        cerebrovascular
      liver reflux      arteriosclerotic occlusive
cell tumors       lymphocyte pancreatic lung bc       esophageal cervical
      disease     cp    pathology testicular rectal         nasopharyngeal
      hepatic     liver cells non   proteinuria ic
cellcept    fa    tacrolimus mofetil      cept azithromycin
      amitriptyline     hydroxyurea catheters steroids      tetracycline
      ciprofloxacin     immunosuppression prednisone prednisolone       mmf
      erythromycin      immunosuppressants      ec    cyclosporine
cells damage      monocytes leukocytes waves rbcs inflammation          pb
      lesions     pathology dc      vessels     eosinophils platelets
      products    lymphocytes proteins    parasites neutrophils apoptosis
cellsaver bank draws leukocytes abd       donation    pb    sugar banks
      transfusions      vessels     bg    transfusion gas   barrier
      sampling    conservation      stasis      pressure    flow
cellular    metabolic transport specific        chemical    cutaneous
      cortical    intestinal physiological      immune      skin
      pathological      physiologic muscle      motor behavior
      immunological     mucosal     behaviour complex
cellularity status      erosion     formation size dyspnea
      differentiation morphology involvement fatigue        histology
      mobility    ap    including retention bm        activity    symptoms
      production content
cellulitis sepsis       bacteremia dysphagia bleeding       hemorrhage
      peritonitis fever abscesses diarrhea      ulceration infections
      abscess     infection septicemia pneumonia osteomyelitis
      malignancy symptoms     epistaxis
celsius     degrees     angulation cover around       finally     seconds
      below whereas     valgus      rotation    across      beyond
      clockwise while match c       during      about near
cement      paste prosthesis plate foam flap electrode sponge
      filter      chlorhexidine     suture      lesion      preparation nail
      adhesive    device      membrane    implant     cutting     dressing
cementing prosthesis fixation       plate stapling    flap filter
      alignment suture        positioning technique suturing      wire
      preparation compression microsurgical     device      cutting
      fracture    needle
center      consultation      clinic      clinical    surveillance
      rehabilitation    survey      referral    medical     hospital
      facility    french      bedside     program     sample      protocol
      institution sequence    large method
centers     offices     clinic      us    participating     medical
      hospital    and   facilities clinics      teams four sites all
      urology     units laboratories      trauma      predominantly
centimeter steps milligram hour cubic clearing        transection minute
      millimeter grams person       disruption kilogram     liter
      suppression meter patient     woman the   nostril
centimeters steps areas orientation size tissues      amplitude reading
      posture     mid   light alignment position      charge      segments
      millimeters diameter    ie    near zones
central     autonomic facial        brain cortical    proximal    basic drug
      physiological     lesion      vestibular skin sound joint individual
      physiologic eeg   child membrane    complex
centrum     former      afternoon industry      thalamus    direction
      morning     pons group position     plane region      positions
      ventral     lateral     uk    occipital frontal       cerebellum arm
cepacia     resistant tumors        or    aeruginosa campylobacter
      disease     tuberculosis      persistent viruses      infection cll
      c     tb    malignancy symptomatic candida      gbs   candidemia
cepacol     dosing      repeat      grew arrival      6h    resp
      disappeared persisted later ending        gbp   postoperatively
      ceased      s     leakage     cm    retention bruising      attendance
ceph former       fourth      duodenum    stomach     space lungs second
      latter      control     legs circulation region       ureter
      lateral     fetus intervention      experimental      zone condition
cephalexin azithromycin       fluconazole clindamycin ceftriaxone
      metronidazole     ofloxacin quinine       itraconazole      cefaclor
      tetracycline      ceftazidime ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin prednisolone       erythromycin
      levofloxacin      tobramycin
cephalosporin     betablocker supplement portable     solution    neoplasm
      cocktail    diuretic    commercial standardized       fluoroquinolone
      new   inhibitor benzodiazepine      sheet problem     preparation
      circular    containing agent
cephalosporins    medications foods solutions organs        therapies
      penicillins drugs medication objects      benzodiazepines
      ciprofloxacin     agents      structures products     vancomycin
      erythromycin      devices     ie    antibiotics
cept occurring arteritis occurs           cellcept    occurred
      particularly      decline     improvement carcinomas scd
      monotherapy carcinoma alone rcc     saver succeeded especially
      cryptosporidiosis lines
cer   metabolic transport orientation amplitude di          morphology si
      rd    ai    ap    volume      tp    recovery    balance     contents
      retention activity      actual      content
cerclage    consultation      acupuncture massage     tm    bed   control
      suture      dilatation drain sb     intervention      experimental
      ea    of    implant     np    cs    es    ga
cereal      meat foods capsule      paste food milk infant        fortified
      dietary     ethanol     sound chicken     sodium      lactose
      water membrane    ie    fiber complex
cerebellar posterior ds       cutaneous facial        tm    anterior
      brain cortical    cp    pathology ap      vestibular skin lateral
      ep    hepatic     cs    ar    complex
cerebellum pelvis       thalamus    duodenum    posterior lungs pons
      thigh parietal    axilla      cortex      medial      urethra
      temporal    ventral     lateral     occipital frontal       dorsal
cerebral    retinal     calf cutaneous spontaneous venous
      microvascular     facial      collateral brain nocturnal forearm
      vessels     regional    skin peripheral hepatic       uterine
      splenic     cerebellar
cerebrospinal     rg    aspirate    tissues     gm    ascitic     lavage
      synovial    interstitial      fluid bal   lining      jejunal
      follicular ultrafiltrate      sputum      cyst blister      urine
cerebrovascular progressive celiac        autoimmune diseases     residual
      degenerative      disease     valvular    ischemic    perianal
      atherosclerotic liver organic       preexisting cardiovascular
      neurological      arteriosclerotic subclinical dementia
cereus      distal      trachea     surface     br    apical      amplitude
      mid   eye   thigh proximal    bs    transverse bf     positions rc
      lateral     s     ah    es
certain     several     extreme     early specific    routine
      potentially chemical    targeting processing various        typical
      many facilitating       discrete    enhancing critical      large the
certainly specifically        indeed      still usually     quite
      insufficient      difficult necessary thus limited          probably
      nonetheless preferred perhaps       largely     possibly    directly
      sometimes therefore
certificate target      prescription      diagnostic component
      surveillance      dependency code bases basic pool network
      threshold sound preparation structure top       method      membrane
certified consultants telephone personnel consultant therapist
      resident    staff surgeons    team senior       pediatricians
      nurse cardiologist      nurses      radiologist cardiologists
      doctors     psychiatrists     specialist
certify     accommodate generate    resolve     obtain      ensure
      avoid maintain    remove      minimize    assure      optimize
      maximize    promote     recognize learn identify      initiate
      perform     establish
cerumen     obstructed organs       dental      light and   signals
      lesions     deformity pathology nevertheless          vessels
      segments    performing structures products      digits      ie
      adhesions actually
cervical    cutaneous pancreatic spontaneous facial         brain esophageal
      superficial lesions     pathology testicular skin rectal
      gastric     colon bladder     uterine     liver malignancy
cervix      pancreas    larynx      vagina      pharynx     stomach
      conjunctiva acetabulum cornea       tongue      rectum      patella
      original    diaphragm penis esophagus vulva endometrium uterus
cesarean    operations vaginal      spontaneous delivery    surgery
      surgeries cervical      surgical    episiotomy colonoscopy pregnancy
      fetal babies      abortion    labor procedures cs     obstetric
cesium      determinations    brachytherapy     serology    colposcopy
      cytology    arrangements      personal    windows     measurements
      histology exposures culture         testing     spirometry exams
      assays      tests palpation volumes
cessation reversal      maintenance interruption      termination
      discontinuation injection application withdrawal administration
      inhalation measurement removal      optimization      suppression
      restoration evaluation correction initiation induction
cf    schizophrenia     fh    ad    epilepsy    fibrosis    scd
      fibromyalgia      asthma      hd    scleroderma sarcoidosis ipf   eh
      ra    symptomatic chronic     fd    pd    bronchiectasis
cfa   sa    orientation ni    di    tm    mt    si    pc    hands ap    skin
      sb    lateral     items individual np     cs    mh    es
cg    former      nl    con   other mid   hc    group dg    control     rc
      pp    lateral     tt    ea    sf    np    es    condition arm
cgy   brachytherapy     therapy     azithromycin      thalidomide or
      hydroxyurea ceftriaxone chemotherapy      warfarin    delivered
      irradiation steroids    xrt   radiotherapy      s-1   vancomycin
      prednisolone      rads titration
ch    ss    ds    ta    mp    md    ht    hc    cd    bc    cp    sm    pc
      ap    aa    np    hh    cs    ar    ic
chad israel       fh    normotensive      settings    fluctuating hc    cf
      obese mildly      untreated asian all     caucasian eh      older
      those contrast    moderately pd
chafing     tiredness induration irritability         angles      dryness
      paresthesias      straining spirometry mobility       erythema
      swelling    rigidity    tingling    ecchymosis itching      redness
      confusion burning       bruising
chain specific    reaction    quantitative      ultrasound chemical     rt
      reverse     surgeons    ground      dna   assay fluorescent eia   skin
      doctors     assays      restriction pcr   somatostatin
chair syringe     format      moving      environment plastic     plate
      reading     horizontal box    bar   remote      standardized      flat
      diet machine      car   professional      video letter
challenge consultation        treatment incision      stimulus    drink
      dosing      stimulation test session      immunization      protocol
      meal vaccination preparation delay step taper allergen
chamber     capsule     pacemaker field syringe       environment plastic
      rod   posterior plate bag     bar   remote      pc    cast lesion
      flat lateral      sequence    condition
chance      reversal    lack likelihood course        form application use
      probability percentage degree       persistence demonstration
      number      set   source      sign predominance       pattern
chances     occurrence likelihood presence      incidence use     prospect
      development timing      probability degree      creation
      persistence discovery number        existence availability
      identification    amount      evolution
change      variations alteration alterations participation       fall
      increase    involved    increases decline       improvement declines
      rise notable      changes     succeeded detectable deterioration
      decreases decrement
changed     clearly     altered     diminished raised       eliminated
      increased always        removed     improved    employed    entirely
      reduced     consistently      completely also from directly
      decreased utilized
changes     variations shifts       resulting gains engaged
      abnormalities     occurred    alterations participation     increase
      involved    increases improvements        improvement declines
      change      succeeded elevations decreases
changing    steps specifically      manipulation      extending avoiding
      upon since removing     besides     knowing     displacement      thus
      nevertheless      beyond      positioning input passing     moreover
channel     phosphate supplement hydroxide phosphorus supplements
      prosthesis beta antagonists ccb     calcium     compound    diuretic
      carbonate magnesium benzodiazepine        sound preparation
      nephrolithiasis membrane
chaplain    strong      portable    plateau     mammogram either
      dependant comment       kink boyfriend friend         dietician
      handheld    guide lesser      counselor 3-cm weak psychologist
character location      component distribution        severity    shape
      spread      amplitude components timing         magnitude appearance
      acceleration      structure localization        integrity nature
      evolution complexity actual
characteristic    prescription      location    component form character
      spread      frequency mode magnitude level appearance value
      slope source      evaluation method       sign evolution pattern
characteristics location      diagnoses severity      distributions
      features    morphology usage attributes stability perception
      components indices      views details     recruitment parameters
      localization      assessment patterns
characterization lack visualization       aspects     estimation use
      measurement development optimization      degree      persistence
      completeness      restoration detection evaluation documentation
      localization      identification    assessment determination
characterize      investigate determine ascertain reevaluate clarify
      explore     examine     optimize    verify      evaluate    delineate
      assess      elucidate understand document       describe    define
      reassess    establish
characterized     manifested dictated     elicited    replaced
      exacerbated separated compounded supported dominated preceded
      affected    explained triggered evidenced followed          confounded
      regulated accompanied caused
charcoal    fluconazole allopurinol quinidine quinine       furosemide apc
      phenytoin theophylline        levodopa    ethanol     octreotide
      water suspension nimodipine erythromycin        digoxin     clonidine
      clonazepam antibiotics
charge      steps areas manipulation      generating orientation size
      shape amplitude reading       posture     light alignment
      configuration     basic which positioning individual recruitment
charged     manipulation      orientation systems     chemical    difficulty
      basic drug lesion       distraction sound preparation items structures
      input membrane    devices     ie    complex     being
charles     obstetrics medicine     king staff readmission neurology
      otorhinolaryngology     orthopaedics      radiology indiana
      gynecology urology      admissions catholic     ophthalmology
      social      housestaff sint obstetrical
chart direct      record      modified    surveillance      survey
      review      test standardized       probe nurse sample      protocol
      model interview sheet set     computer    method      video
check user consultation       target      orientation record      specified
      screen      cover work test insert        plan match guide
      recruitment questions of      correct     monitor
checked     inspected determined ascertained made removed         tracked
      obtained    calculated kept continuously        tested      measured
      assessed    recorded    reassessed evaluated periodically
      taken monitored
checking    manipulation      to    closing     avoiding    finally     upon
      besides     discussion alignment displacement         thus
      positioning suturing    reflecting distortion recording for
      consequently      additionally
checks      determinations    personnel errors        surveys     staff
      examinations      measurements      testing     exams plans assays
      tests evaluations problems    behavior    services    procedures
      exercises behaviour
checkup     consultation      shift specified plateau       electrode
      mammogram facility      bedside     program     pace sensor
      probe protocol    sheet step appointment of     message     letter
cheek pelvis      trunk scalp fingers     retina      vagina      stomach
      jaw   cornea      wrist tongue      forehead    abdomen     thorax
      thigh urethra     sternum     orbit lateral
cheeks      walls pelvis      trunk fingers     pharynx     stomach
      wrist tongue      forehead    abdomen     thighs      thorax
      thigh hands sternum     orbit lateral     toes cheek
chek user syringe       plate modified    clip box    forehead    filter
      bar   sensor      magnet      pediatrician      accu machine
      device      procedure nomogram      apparatus letter
chem fs     other ft    tm    md    hc    bt    sm    pc    ll    ap    tp
      pp    ao    med   np    cs    aca   ac
chem-7      supratentorial    relapsed    received    gastroscopy diagnosis
      cbc   cholelithiasis    choledocholithiasis     unilateral
      territorial stage history     simultaneous      detailed    underwent
      awoke example     quick determination
chemical    transport specific      manipulation      orientation reading
      light basic dynamic     physiological     pathology pathological
      physiologic anatomic    functional structure behavior       ie
      behaviour complex
chemically oriented     vasodilator specific    potentially viable
      modified    relatively compound     diuretic    commercial discrete
      new   benzodiazepine    sound simple      special     nonspecific
      selective complex
chemistries lipids      electrolytes      cbc   urinalysis chemistry
      urinalyses bun    lactates    lactate     biochemistry      glucose
      hematology electrocardiograms       gases urea pressures samples
      pressure    flow
chemistry lipids        electrolytes      cbc   urinalysis urinalyses
      chemistries sugar lactate     biochemistry      hematology
      transfusion electrocardiograms      gases urea pressures laboratory
      samples     pressure    flow
chemo spa   hydroxyurea chemoradiation    hormonal    tamoxifen
      chemotherapy      radiation cd      aggressive accelerated steroid
      salvage     radiotherapy      ia    concurrent symptomatic mono ic
chemoradiation    therapy     plasmapheresis    spa   hydroxyurea
      anticoagulation tamoxifen chemotherapy          radiation
      irradiation corticosteroid    steroid     physiotherapy     ip
      salvage     endoscopic sequential radiotherapy        concurrent
chemotherapeutic pharmacological therapy        chemical    therapies
      anticonvulsant    chemotherapy      antidepressant    drug agents
      active      antifungal immunosuppressive antibiotic topical
      pharmacologic     conditioning      complex     antimicrobial
chemotherapy      therapy     thalidomide hydroxyurea chemoradiation
      anticoagulation amiodarone tamoxifen warfarin         irradiation
      levamisole medication steroids      physiotherapy     ip
      radiotherapy      splenectomy immunosuppression concurrent ic
chest pharyngeal leg    groin pelvic      cutaneous perineal
      spontaneous shoulder    musculoskeletal facial        postsurgical
      pain abdominal flank heat skin joint postoperative          cough
chew generate     ingest      obtain      keep maintain     write stop
      consume     take detect       eat   get   prepare     remember
      achieve     initiate    attend      recover     perform
chewable    capsule     syrup supplement sublingual coated        antacid
      solution    oral suppository extract      commercial tablet
      vaccine     theophylline      tablets     benzodiazepine    containing
      suspension mouthwash
chewing     sorbitol    solutions br      patch mt    gum   drug lesion
      distraction skin sound nicotine     joint lozenge     tooth guar
      membrane    implant     ie
chf   schizophrenia     hypertension      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy
      crf   glomerulonephritis      cirrhosis pheochromocytoma asthma
      scleroderma sarcoidosis copd refractory malignancies        chronic
      failure     idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
chiasmatic supratentorial     progressive recurrent hypersplenism
      longstanding      diffuse     unilateral severe       solitary
      without     persistent multifocal undifferentiated bilateral
      miscellaneous     symptomatic preexisting non   malignant
chicken     food ha     chemical    facial      reading     posture
      speech      cp    pc    skin sound water aa     language    cough
      membrane    ie    cs    complex
chief target      process     prescription      diagnostic diagnosis
      component resultant character complaint dominant            typical
      basic initial     appearance ultimate     principal evolution
      predominant actual
child consultation      foot dental       resident    voice infant
      basic drug lesion       hands skin sound patient      joint individual
      baby tooth implant      complex
childhood cutaneous diseases        brain particular obesity      infancy
      cervical    sport infants     impotence atherosclerosis alcoholism
      alcoholics migraine     human children    uremia      tinnitus
children    eyes young pts    ears infants      hearts      asian people
      knees calves      alcoholics cats individuals babies        childhood
      women teenagers patients      hips
chilling    infiltration      visualization     separation injection
      disruption usage inhalation removal       displacement      testing
      promoted    flattening distortion representing        evacuation
      monitoring documentation      recording palpation
chills      tiredness arthralgias irritability        rigors
      lightheadedness malaise       leukocytosis      fatigue     diarrhea
      paresthesias      rash alopecia     somnolence flushing
      nervousness lethargy    myalgias    dizziness anorexia
chin finger       distal      trunk scalp fingers     resultant leg
      posterior jaw     wrist torso tongue      thigh hands lateral     toes
      eeg   cheek vertical
chips medications foods solutions strips        ha    defects     lesions
      pathology ethanol       cysts items granules    tubes water products
      devices     parasites antibiotics implants
chloramphenicol nitrofurantoin      azithromycin      clindamycin cephalexin
      penicillin ceftriaxone metronidazole      ofloxacin cefaclor
      tetracycline      ceftazidime ampicillin ciprofloxacin      cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin erythromycin        tobramycin
chloraprep trachea      tonsils     fingers     tibia vagina      pharynx
      conjunctiva tongue      rectum      abdomen     peritoneum diaphragm
      urethra     sternum     penis orbit muscles     endometrium placenta
chlordiazepoxide desipramine haloperidol metoclopramide     amitriptyline
      cimetidine trazodone nifedipine diazepam        oxazepam    imipramine
      clomipramine      propranolol buspirone doxepin       verapamil
      lorazepam erythromycin        alprazolam paroxetine
chlorhexidine     paste antacid     solution    foam tm     bar   ring
      extract     suture      drug distraction sb     preparation gel
      water membrane    cs    mouthwash dressing
chloride    phosphate sulfate       mannitol    potassium valproate
      calcium     kcl   salicylate snp    furosemide magnesium acid
      sodium      nitroprusside     water bicarbonate citrate     digoxin
chloro      gravity     medicines chemical      waves substances
      inflammation      great compound    origin      ethanol     action
      sound products    enzymes     bones proteins    somatostatin
      illness     interest
chlorpropamide    lithium     amitriptyline     aspirin     nifedipine
      allopurinol quinidine imipramine metformin clomipramine
      phenytoin theophylline        levodopa    ethanol     repaglinide
      propranolol diltiazem verapamil erythromycin          digoxin
chlorthalidone    metoprolol losartan     nadolol     amlodipine
      amitriptyline     cimetidine hydrochlorothiazide      nifedipine
      atenolol    hctz spironolactone     lisinopril ramipril
      propranolol diltiazem prazosin      plus enalapril captopril
choice      pharmacological process       prescription      diagnostic
      component potential therapeutic optimal         great basic drug
      scope importance critical     preparation pathway     method
      prophylactic      pharmacologic
choking     swallowing discomfort agitation vision          fatigue
      speech      falls paresthesias      pain mobility     swelling
      numbness    mood sedation     cough pruritus    behavior    ie
chol cholesterol ch     vldl ldl    a1    cortisol    tag   testosterone
      ai    triglycerides     tp    fibrinogen ca     c     hdl   trig tg
      tc    protein
cholangiocarcinoma      tumors      recurrent cholelithiasis      ascites
      epilepsy    unilateral melanoma     cirrhosis disease       metastases
      hypertriglyceridemia    pheochromocytoma persistent nodular
      symptomatic malignancies      malignant hyperlipidemia
cholangiogram     gastroscopy abnormality echocardiogram    biopsy
      colostomy catheter      repeat      ioc   temporary probe positive
      fistula     laparotomy drain splenectomy definite     stoma suprapubic
cholangiopancreatogram talk refuse        gastrostomy listen      send
      mammogram retrograde titrate        friend      materials ercp
      cholangiopancreatography      convert     adhere      learn tendency
      sphincterotomy    papillotomy try
cholangiopancreatography      hemostasis polypectomy choledocholithiasis
      sympathectomy     gastrostomy decompression     eus   retrograde
      ligation    cholangiopancreatogram ercp emr     endoscopic imaging
      sphincterotomy    papillotomy mrcp est    ventriculostomy
cholangitis sepsis      pancreatitis      tumors      recurrent
      hypercholesterolemia    ascites     hypothyroidism    gout cirrhosis
      disease     hypertriglyceridemia    psc   biliary     syndrome
      symptomatic hyperparathyroidism     thrombocytosis    hyperlipidemia
chole receiving nl      thalamus    morning     usa   mid   craniotomy
      group boston      antrum      presenting caudate      uk    frontal
      supine      cholecystectomy awake hip     arm
cholecalciferol phosphate d         zinc supplements calcitriol nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    calcium     metronidazole     rifampin    carbonate
      magnesium tetracycline        diltiazem dexamethasone
      ergocalciferol    verapamil prednisolone        plus
cholecystectomy fundoplication      operations sterilization
      pyeloplasty myomectomy appendectomy       craniotomy surgery
      thoracotomy appendicectomy    nephrectomy repair      resections
      colectomy splenectomy gbp     adrenalectomy     laparoscopic
cholecystitis     leukemia    bronchitis subacute     pancreatitis
      exacerbations     aml   pyelonephritis    gout tonsillitis arf
      appendicitis      ami   acs   diverticulitis    syndromes sinusitis
      rejections rejection osteomyelitis
cholecystostomy hypotension erosions      gastrostomy bronchopneumonia
      tracheostomy      bleeding    nephrostomy drainage    nephrotoxicity
      hyperkalemia      transhepatic      pta   pci   pcis ptca
      splenectomy angioplasty vertebroplasty    hypocalcemia
choledochojejunostomy reconstruction      gastrojejunostomy interposition
      unilateral decompression      excision    hepaticojejunostomy
      without     disease     concomitant persistent repair
      anastomosis bilateral resection incomplete en         implantation
choledocholithiasis     sepsis      tumors      recurrent injuries
      cholelithiasis    stones      pe    diseases    cap   disease
      pheochromocytoma gallstones hydrocephalus       disorders bilateral
      pneumonia malignancy symptomatic malignant
cholelithiasis    schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent ascites
      epilepsy    choledocholithiasis     gout disease      pheochromocytoma
      persistent gallstones hydrocephalus       syndrome    malignancy
      symptomatic malignant psychosis hyperlipidemia        dementia
cholestasis sepsis      focal ascites     instability diseases
      hyperthyroidism disease       lesions     pathology asthma
      spasticity disorders liver uremia         malignancy symptomatic
      symptoms    psychosis dementia
cholestatic schizophrenia     progressive autoimmune cholestasis
      hepatobiliary     sporadic    rheumatic kidney        asthma
      granulomatous     alcoholic sarcoidosis gallstone cerebrovascular
      liver uremia      symptomatic chronic     nonalcoholic
cholesterol ch    vldl lipid ldl    density     a1    albumin
      testosterone      triglycerides     fibrinogen chol serum c       hdl
      homocysteine      tg    tc    bilirubin protein
choose      move continue     keep begin seek make take recognize
      learn give accept       get   apply remember    utilize     initiate
      attend      recover     perform
chordoma    ataxia      tumors      ascites     unilateral seminoma
      stage adenocarcinoma    melanoma    cytogenetics      without
      hypertriglyceridemia    pheochromocytoma persistent
      cholangiocarcinoma      ependymoma leiomyosarcoma     symptomatic
      dyslipidemia      hyperlipidemia
choreoathetotic resulting engage          resulted    engaged
      alterations participation     involuntary showed      falls produced
      declines    residing    its   changes     vaccination periodic    nka
      deficits    apoptosis
chorioamnionitis bacteremia hypotension vaginal       dysphagia bleeding
      spontaneous agitation fever wheezing      obesity     hemolysis
      lesions     infection cough malignancy labor symptoms       illness
chorionic gonadotropin        leukocyte beta calcitonin unconjugated
      milk hcg    sensory     albumin     theophylline      virus skin
      ethanol     erythropoietin    porcine     epo   cellular    digoxin
choroid     pelvis      retina      vagina      pharynx     gut   stomach
      cornea      lungs rectum      abdomen     thorax      proximal
      axilla      legs urethra      ureter      orbit muscles
chose moved requested reacted       proceeded required      began exposure
      referring access        helped      prefer      adhered     preferred
      failed      from responded agreed         elected     decided
chosen      prescribed requested applied        offered     estimated made
      removed     given calculated kept tested        employed    used
      created     individually      also adopted      utilized    selected
christensen user radiographic       fourth      resultant breath
      modified    neurophysiologic others       financial manual
      caregiver dynamic       subsequent physician post professional
      van   video vertical
christie    mary 12th earliest      king highest      umbilicus latest
      apex sacrum       elizabeth visit next mercy interspace same
      university memorial     william     margaret
christmas former        past 2nd    fourth      ensuing     entire
      original    current     second      next latter       same first
      respective preceding intervention         experimental      last 1st
christopher vincent     mary paul michael       king james francis
      intervals mercy thomas        segment     least indications university
      memorial    louis jude margaret     joseph
chromic     or    amitriptyline     clindamycin ceftriaxone tamoxifen
      levamisole imipramine quinine       clomipramine      sutures
      cefazolin ceftazidime cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin
      erythromycin      tobramycin antibiotics
chromium    cobalt      lithium     zinc calcium      iron glutamine
      dietary     phenytoin theophylline        magnesium ethanol
      dopamine    acid sodium       water caffeine    erythromycin
      digoxin     alprazolam
chromophobe serous      cutaneous red     giant rbc   pb    granular
      carcinomas squamous     undifferentiated nasopharyngeal     hepatic
      mature      papillary white sputum        non   endometrial t
chromosome cutaneous dental         spontaneous facial      brain lesions
      intestinal drug pathology lesion          skin sound individual
      uterine     membrane    digits      cyst ie     complex
chronic     acute schizophrenia     recurrent hypertension
      disseminated      epilepsy    severe      gout persistent asthma
      scleroderma sarcoidosis symptomatic malignancies      preexisting
      suspected malignant idiopathic bronchiectasis
chronically malnourished      severely    hospitalized      acutely
      hospitalised      remitted    medically hypertensive        pediatric
      hd    parkinsonian      hemodialysis      asymptomatic
      immunosuppressed symptomatic elderly      anemic      adult depressed
chronicle to      investigated      update      in    represents presents
      despite     explored    covering    through     confirmed reflecting
      demonstrating     representing      represented examined    we
      report      permitted
ci    related     applied     prior adjusted    close cis   exposure
      unrelated equivalent limits         interval    exposures access
      added superior    cl    from adherence restricted
cia   fm    ss    fl    td    dh    cd    cap   cp    pc    luminal     ap
      rp    radiotherapy      np    trauma      cs    ar    ic    ac
ciclopirox miconazole azithromycin        moxifloxacin      amantadine
      trazodone ofloxacin cream itraconazole          clomipramine      gel
      ciprofloxacin     nail terazosin doxazosin sucralfate ointment
      topical     nicardipine clonazepam
cicu six    only excluding recurrences abnormalities        biopsies
      seven and   four icu    lesions     eight all   units physicians five
      nine hips ten
cie   scalp systems     br    laser di    tm    light contour     bt    la
      pathology strain        sb    nail of     membrane    accompanying
      cs    ar
cig   sublingually      d     capsules    dl    gangrene    mg    nothing
      alternatively     po    daily od    intramuscularly tid     tablets
      qid   kg    im    else qd
cigarette habitual      specific    abstinence marijuana screening
      quitting    reinforcement     drinking    quit counseling alcohol
      nicotine    pipe heavy smoking      household behavior      tobacco
cigarettes medications foods abstinence prescriptions       smoked      per
      coffee      drinking    stools      drinks      alcohol     nicotine
      contacts    pills voids smoking     packs parasites letters
cigars      namely      foods warmth      medicines violence
      inflammation      falling     wheezing    origin      opioids
      consciousness     heaviness tobacco       proteins    sedatives
      illness     opiates     interest    analgesics
cigs pairs pulses       grams seconds     equivalents cigarettes once
      along episodes    tablets     insertions contacts     pills
      inhalations milliseconds      interfering interferes bursts
cilostazol azithromycin       fluconazole amantadine aspirin      carvedilol
      allopurinol gabapentin tramadol     itraconazole      spironolactone
      diltiazem dexamethasone       doxycycline verapamil nimodipine
      erythromycin      clonidine nicardipine captopril
cimetidine metoprolol amitriptyline       ranitidine aspirin      nifedipine
      diazepam    allopurinol spironolactone    propranolol famotidine
      diltiazem dexamethasone       doxycycline verapamil sucralfate
      erythromycin      enalapril ibuprofen captopril
cin   sepsis      polyps      bacteremia bacterial pe       bleeding
      dysplasia peritonitis adenomas      adenoma     hyperthyroidism
      cervical    lesions     cysts infection tb      pneumonia malignancy
cine diffusion quantitative         ultrasound nuclear      3d    digital
      mr    segmental perfusion dynamic         testing     ge    ct
      axial weighted    functional enhanced     mri   scanning
cineangiography ultrasound echocardiography serology        manometry
      echocardiogram    histology testing       spirometry doppler
      endoscopy tte     radionuclide      angiography psychiatrists
      palpation 2-d     ventriculography arteriography      tee
cipro ss    propafenone fluconazole ptx   other metronidazole     quinidine
      ofloxacin levamisole quinine        cp    subsequent cefaclor
      diltiazem ciprofloxacin       doxycycline prednisolone
      erythromycin      levofloxacin
ciprofloxacin     azithromycin      fluconazole moxifloxacin
      ceftriaxone metronidazole     allopurinol ofloxacin quinine
      itraconazole      cefaclor    tetracycline      dexamethasone
      cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin prednisolone
      erythromycin      levofloxacin
circle      target      process     prosthesis system       loop bag
      stimulus    reservoir filter        ring program      protocol
      network     circuit     preparation layer device      procedure
circuit     target      process     prosthesis space midline      system
      loop bag    stimulus    reservoir filter        ring preparation
      pathway     layer device      membrane    procedure apparatus
circular    coil syringe      moving      plate modified    reservoir box
      filter      bar   commercial standardized       sensor      probe flat
      sheet rigid machine     computer    device
circulation distal      mucosa      scalp fingers     retina      gut
      stomach     space cornea      lungs proximal    vasculature hands
      vessels     muscles     pathway     endometrium membrane    zone
circulatory metabolic chemical      cutaneous spontaneous facial
      brain cortical    intestinal physiological      pathology vestibular
      skin pathological       physiologic muscle      hepatic     motor
      cellular    complex
circumcised fed   totally     alert excised     catheterized      born
      simultaneously    biopsied    intubated mostly        including
      compliant ie      predominantly     for   adherent    re    initially
circumference     appetite    sa    wc    losses      morphology thickness
      fatigue     measurements      height      mobility    ap    bf
      balance     pp    girth index strength    volumes     hematocrit
circumferential pharyngeal chemical       spontaneous facial      nocturnal
      segmental intestinal deformity pathology lesion             skin
      endoscopic hepatic      motor pv    cyst rf     complex     bony
circumflex atrium       hemisphere lcx    basilar     epicardial anterior
      radial      lad   mesenteric descending ventricular ventriculogram
      subclavian ventricle ventricles diagonal        carotid     right
circumstances     extreme     areas ways tissues      practice    since
      progress    particular opinion      nevertheless      nonetheless
      certain     today supervision country     some conditions regions
cirrhosis hemiplegia schizophrenia        longstanding      hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    ascites     epilepsy    glomerulonephritis
      hypertriglyceridemia    pheochromocytoma sarcoidosis refractory
      osteoarthrosis    malignancies      chronic     suspected idiopathic
      hyperlipidemia    bronchiectasis
cirrhotic fourteen      aphasic     diabetic    anuric      seven
      hypertensive      pediatric parkinsonian        eleven
      constipated immunosuppressed nine elderly       anemic      adult ten
      hyperlipidemic    depressed cachectic
cis   fs    ss    pharyngeal em     td    ta    di    mt    md    cp    sm
      pathology ap      skin ep     cl    water ic    ac
cisplatin etoposide dtic cisplatinum cddp 5-fu gemcitabine bleomycin
      mitoxantrone      vp-16 5fu   irinotecan ifosfamide carboplatin
      idarubicin epirubicin methotrexate        cpt-11      cyclophosphamide
cisplatinum etoposide dtic cisplatin cddp 5-fu hydroxyurea
      gemcitabine bleomycin mitoxantrone        vp-16 adm   irinotecan
      ifosfamide carboplatin epirubicin methotrexate        prednisone
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
cisterns    retina      cavity      vagina      pharynx     duodenum
      stomach     space cornea      lungs original    axilla      ganglia
      plane circulation urethra     region      preceding periphery zone
citalopram amitriptyline      amantadine trazodone nifedipine
      allopurinol imipramine gabapentin clomipramine        spironolactone
      donepezil fluoxetine buspirone verapamil nimodipine sertraline
      erythromycin      clonazepam alprazolam paroxetine
citing      aspect      location    visualization     shape construction
      version     spread      seriousness use   involves    displacement
      limitations insertion representing        passage     division
      nature      complexity permitting
citizenship paste food medicines driver         foam exposure
      reinforcement     medication deformity distraction training
      threat      sound gel   child education behavior      illness
citracal    faster      phosphate phosphorus rather         phosphorous
      calcitriol much diazepam      calcium     greater     carbonate
      magnesium ionized       less better       felodipine cholecalciferol
      more elemental
citrate     phosphate azithromycin        amitriptyline     cimetidine
      aspirin     nifedipine metronidazole      ofloxacin furosemide
      clomipramine      spironolactone    magnesium tetracycline
      sodium      diltiazem ciprofloxacin       prazosin    verapamil
citrobacter tiredness shigella      acinetobacter     aspergillus
      irritability      peptostreptococcus      salmonella fatigue
      paresthesias      proteus     enterococcus      cloacae     serratia
      lethargy    itching     klebsiella enterococci confusion
citrucel    zinc impetigo     ds    cla   finasteride calcium     timolol
      glutamine cp      airways     epinephrine ciclopirox enteritis
      terazosin doxazosin sucralfate se         nicardipine ar
civil health      pharmacy    healthcare legal dental       us
      rehabilitation    medical     brain infant      french      spanish
      basic skin joint individual psychiatry service        complex
ciwa consultation       clip bag    filter      code setup revised
      protocol    lab   intervention      child primary     port of     nice
      score condition arm     ar
ck    sp    kinase      sa    phosphokinase     dyspnea     fatigue
      isoenzymes isoenzyme sm       ap    tp    fibrinogen mb     creatine
      cpk   ckmb ca     cough pruritus
ckd   schizophrenia     hypertension      hypercholesterolemia    ad
      epilepsy    crf   gout glomerulonephritis       cirrhosis cad
      scleroderma chf   sarcoidosis copd malignancies       chronic
      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
ckmb sp     sa    fever fatigue     isoenzyme sm      mobility    ap    tp
      progesterone      mb    cpk   mood sedation     ca    pruritus
      confusion tf      ac
cks   eyes brain ears infants       lesions     wounds      people
      labelled    knees calves      cats individuals babies       women
      these children    patients    hips chronically
cl    fs    f     ss    sa    di    mt    md    la    si    sm    pc    ap
      tp    pt    pp    k     ca    s     ac
cla   ha    zinc fo     tm    la    allopurinol glutamine aas     ip
      ethanol     acid sb     sodium      aa    caffeine    erythromycin
      digoxin     clonidine ar
claimed     efforts     leading     tends seems assumed     seemed
      proved      led   unlikely    supposed    sufficiently      difficult
      continues believed      shown appears     appeared    tried thought
claims      results     prescription      expectation systems     processes
      surveillance      programming guidelines work support
      recommendations attributes recommendation       recruitment sources
      questions data issues         pharmacologic
clammy      pairs reconsideration aspects       portions    regardless ease
      capable     because     weakening reminiscent indicative details
      completeness      sets suggestive instead       forms amounts
clamp night flap clip operation filter          bar   catheter    ring test
      si    session     lesion      meal preparation hyperglycemic      cpt
      exercise    device      procedure
clamped     inspected maintained estimated doubled          removed
      opened      kept inflated     ligated     greatest    sutured
      deflated    secured     chosen      reached     distended broken
      terminated gently
clamping    transection cooling     aneurysm    separation traction
      delivery    reperfusion opening     clamp stimulation closure
      cannulation insertion occlusion placement arch ie
      crossclamping     crossclamp
clara sp    areas transport consultations       tissues     barbara     usa
      md    shoulders bc      hct   gs    segments    muscle      ca
      activity    cs    es    county
clarified clearly       established formally    thoroughly addressed
      overcome    explored    diminish    accurately reliably     adequately
      yet   definitively      neglected elucidated properly       fully
      justified extensively
clarify     investigate determine ascertain reevaluate address
      characterize      explore     examine     optimize    verify
      evaluate    delineate assess        elucidate understand document
      define      reassess    establish
clarithromycin    omeprazole azithromycin       cimetidine ranitidine
      metronidazole     ofloxacin pantoprazole        cefaclor
      tetracycline      naproxen    famotidine ciprofloxacin
      lansoprazole      doxycycline amoxicillin plus erythromycin
      ibuprofen levofloxacin
claritin    metoprolol amlodipine diopters      aspirin     atenolol
      carvedilol metformin montelukast lisinopril vitamin         oh
      loratadine ramipril     fosinopril atorvastatin       doxazosin plus
      enalapril captopril
clark spouse      specific    food chemical     personal    thin sensory
      preoperative      partner     thick sound containing bi     including
      education cough professional        ie    complex
class stages      dermatological    permanent stage dyspnea       ccs   id
      cd    bc    type pc     i     ia    including functional
      neurological      fc    ic    complex
classic     early lm    cutaneous cap     typical     basic traditional
      painful     preoperative      vestibular standard     active
      membrane    ie    cerebellar cs     conventional      ar    complex
classified distributed categorized offered      staged      given contacted
      typed expressed sequentially        recruited interviewed graded
      extubated chosen        rated identified defined      scanned     such
claudication      schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent hypertension
      ascites     epilepsy    unilateral severe       disease
      pheochromocytoma persistent asthma        sarcoidosis symptomatic
      malignancies      chronic     idiopathic hyperlipidemia
claustrophobia    medications injuries    faces errors      stimuli
      signals     medication objects      artifacts pathology missing
      doctors     items structures sounds       problems    devices
      implants    adhesions
clavicle    tibia retina      vagina      conjunctiva acetabulum cornea
      tongue      rectum      patella     junction    musculature original
      thorax      diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis thumb scapula
clavicular distal       tibial      foot pancreas     stomach
      conjunctiva shoulder    facial      tongue      proximal    legs
      kidneys     hands orbital     muscles     joint joints      bones cyst
clavulanate nitrofurantoin    azithromycin      clarithromycin
      clindamycin cephalexin ceftriaxone metronidazole      ofloxacin
      cefaclor    tetracycline      ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin amoxicillin erythromycin       levofloxacin
      tobramycin augmentin
clavulanic ascorbic     uric fatty valproic     lactic      amino
      metronidazole     ticarcillin clavulanate cefaclor    acid bile
      amoxicillin trans nucleic     methylmalonic     acetylsalicylic
      folic augmentin
clay namely       environment preload     store posture     light box
      threat      rising      tone chicken      simple      quick containing
      including structure car       ie    complex
clc   orientation br    apical      ict   proximal    si    hands sb
      lateral     individual tt     ea    of    lap   np    ie    cs    es
clean plastic     permanent dental        air   normal      repeat
      remote      surgical    painful     physiotherapy     skin
      contaminated      water neutral     their professional      np    cs
cleaned     inspected manually      cleansed    obtained    rehydrated
      instrumented      simultaneously    debrided    restored    repaired
      checked     filled      prepared    washed      recorded    scanned
      dressed     sealed      monitored
cleaner     paste syringe     splint      plate modified    foam electrode
      box   pillow      filter      bar   sensor      probe magnet
      cannula     device      video letter      dressing
cleaning    manipulation      orientation movement    chemical    reading
      morphology light alignment testing        recruitment anatomic
      instruction tooth washing     professional      behavior    ie
      cutting     behaviour
cleanly     overlying trunk shape coronal       horizontal anterior
      opened      anatomy     configuration     position    medial
      anterolateral     axial transverse plane lateral      anatomic    of
cleanse     enter visualize dissect       locate      remove      minimize
      reproduce characterize        irradiate stabilize optimize
      maximize    enlarge     delineate activate      understand localize
      define      judge
cleansed    irrigated covered       supplemented      loaded      rehydrated
      treated     perfused    managed     restored    repaired    cleaned
      filled      prepared    immobilized colonized sedated       scanned
      dressed     sealed
cleanser    paste syringe     incision    splint      patch brace plate flap
      reservoir box     filter      bar   moisturizer probe preparation
      device      video mouthwash dressing
cleansing manipulation        solutions treatment orientation movement
      irrigation chemical     reading     alignment medication drug
      pathology lesion        sound preparation block leakage     ie
clear strong      considerable      good direct       relatively noticeable
      substantial great satisfactory      temporary limited       notable
      critical    problem     distinct    remarkable delay possible     weak
clearance absorption distribution         size concentration      amplitude
      morphology usage stability expression speed volume          recovery
      level enhancement acceleration      retention activity      production
cleared     only diminished to      resolved    eliminated isolated
      removed     improved    markedly    globally    by    retained
      mostly      completely primarily mainly         augmented recovered
clearing    reversal    resolution disruption isolation usage stability
      closure     stabilization     removal     accumulation
      suppression attenuation restoration enhancement evacuation correction
      augmentation      localization      the
clearly     specifically      indeed      established diminished to
      quite always      substantially     globally    employed    greatly
      entirely    surprisingly      consistently      completely primarily
      also fully utilized
clears      maintains cleared       finally     prevents    morphology
      besides     stability promoted      views affects     checking
      latencies perhaps       about delays      hence for   consequently
cleft ss    focal unilateral ds     lip   cd    cap   disease     cp
      asthma      ap    syndrome    bilateral organic       symptomatic
      classic     cerebellar ic     dementia
clenching swallowing transport vibration movements inspiration
      cooling     orientation movement    closing     traction    reading
      opening     lifting     rotation    contraction contractions
      positioning force motions
cleocin     m&amp f     con   versus      clindamycin v     pl    lotion
      metronidazole     clotrimazole      student     pan   troponin
      epinephrine gentamicin s      cat   tobramycin t
clergy      talk desires      desire      talking     worry easy personal
      easier      access      sensitive pleasant      advice      simple
      beliefs     quick bridge      barriers    asking      thoughts
clerk gap   package     system      plate stimulus    reservoir box     bar
      team program      nurse network     diet story sound device
      message     leaflet     letter
cleveland retina        vagina      duodenum    stomach     cornea
      aforementioned    lungs wrist rectum      junction    gastroenterology
      abdomen     original    same neurology diaphragm urology          mayo
click target      scalp midline     auditory    stimulus    signal
      filter      bar   ring test lesion        distraction sound fetus baby
      intervention      of    implant     procedure
clicks      tactile     medications movements faces errors        stimuli
      reading     speech      signals     sentences exposures objects
      nurses      tones items products    sounds      pictures    letters
climb gait orientation emotional relaxation personal        fatigue
      running     speed crying      mobility    balance     ambulation walk
      static      chair climbing    walking     social      distance
climbed     namely      foods medicines menses        waves tongue
      getting     falling     objects     training    voids joints
      products    breastfeeding     bones proteins    ie    neutrophils
climbing    gait irritability       emotional satiety       dyspnea
      fatigue     running     disability mobility     swimming    ambulation
      mood walking      social      psychological     stair confusion
      stairs      climb
climbs      thereafter afterwards afterward angles          others
      examinations      tasks curettage positions then evaluations
      postoperatively checks        respectively      distances another
      consequently      24h   again
clinched    draw alternative crucial      applicable overcome     debate
      concern     contributor contributory      useful      difficult
      sufficient necessary partly         firm questionable       reasonable
      worthwhile justified
clincial    sum   occurrence bioavailability quantity       course
      clinical    efficacy    effects     incidence frequency timing
      percentage degree       magnitude number        identification
      amount      nature      evolution
clinda      variations dissolved resulting engage           azithro
      resulted    engaged     alteration alterations increase     increases
      improvements      improvement declines    role changes      reduction
      succeeded elevations
clindamycin aztreonam azithromycin        amitriptyline     mezlocillin
      ceftriaxone metronidazole     ofloxacin cefazolin tetracycline
      ceftazidime ampicillin dexamethasone      ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime
      doxycycline gentamicin vancomycin erythromycin        tobramycin
clinic      consultation      pharmacy    office      environment
      rehabilitation    medical     hospital    gastroenterology facility
      french      ward protocol     center      sequence    home of
      condition community service
clinica     12th occurrence earliest      presence    start moment
      latest      necessity ends development final timing         magnitude
      site end    periphery last amount         evolution
clinical    early specific    prescription      diagnostic formal
      chemical    burden      surveillance      therapeutic typical
      basic surgical    physiological     pathological      full
      recruitment physiologic sequential functional
clinically totally      good minor visible      reversible highly
      minimal     satisfactory      temporary positive      mostly
      transient completely detectable documented functionally
      predominantly     reported    re
clinics     offices     clinic      care participating      surveys
      private     medical     hospital    gastroenterology facilities
      teams sites urology     centers     units physicians laboratories
      predominantly     obstetric
clinoril    using or    via   amitriptyline     antacids    imipramine by
      through     chlordiazepoxide alone debridement loratadine
      propranolol fluoxetine with taking        ie    initially
clip prosthesis midline       system      plate flap bag    stimulus
      filter      code bar    ring lesion       endoscope device        port
      of    implant     procedure apparatus
clipping    reconstruction    decompression     excision    embolization
      ablation    closure     stabilization     removal     insertion
      repair      exploration resection evacuation occlusion placement
      implantation      correction augmentation       localization
clips screws      medications solutions systems       strips      rings
      catheters lesions       pathology sutures       items tubes
      compression products    devices     procedures dressings
      antibiotics implants
cll   schizophrenia     cml   aml   epilepsy    crf   glomerulonephritis
      melanoma    cirrhosis ckd     chf   sarcoidosis copd ra     refractory
      malignancies      chronic     mds   idiopathic bronchiectasis
cloacae     tiredness acinetobacter       irritability      pseudomonas
      paresthesias      spirometry erythema     proteus     enterococcus
      coli serratia     pneumoniae itching      klebsiella enterococci
      confusion citrobacter enterobacter        r1
clobetasol paste tacrolimus shampoo       miconazole betamethasone
      amitriptyline     foam salmeterol lotion        hydrocortisone
      clotrimazole      chlorhexidine     cream clomipramine      gel
      ointment    topical     cyclosporine      fluticasone
clock target      process     fingers     retina      system      cornea
      wrist stimulus    junction    scene original    ring reflex
      diaphragm urethra       thumb fetus procedure actual
clockwise upward        tracing     shift around      finally     covering
      discussion alignment configuration        rotation    displacement
      positioning reflecting while delay downward     for   near
clogged     strokes     trivial     irritability      pruritis    anxious
      dyspnea     leukopenia fatigue      diarrhea    paresthesias
      fevers      palpitations      preoperatively    somnolence
      hypophosphatemia tremors      nervousness lethargy    dizziness
clogging    metabolic transport formation orientation morphology
      stability difficulty components indices         recovery
      acceleration      contents    placement implantation        retention
      activity    behaviour production content
clomipramine      citalopram desipramine haloperidol amitriptyline
      trazodone nifedipine imipramine spironolactone        fluoxetine
      diltiazem risperidone nortriptyline       doxepin     verapamil
      sertraline erythromycin       clonazepam alprazolam paroxetine
clon sa     mannitol    mp    epi   ht    hc    atropine    cp    sm
      phenylephrine     sb    pp    propranolol hi    prazosin    np
      naloxone    clonidine cs
clonazepam citalopram lithium       amitriptyline     amantadine trazodone
      hydrocortisone    allopurinol imipramine gabapentin clomipramine
      theophylline      levodopa    fluoxetine buspirone nimodipine
      sertraline erythromycin       alprazolam paroxetine
clonic      lymphadenopathy myoclonic myoclonus epilepsy          epileptic
      phasic      convulsions convulsive tonic eczema       electrographic
      generalized nonepileptic      seizure     immobility seizures
      atonic      neurologic headaches
clonidine morphine      nifedipine allopurinol atropine     esmolol
      amrinone    tramadol    phenylephrine     labetalol propranolol
      diltiazem dexamethasone       prazosin    verapamil nimodipine
      erythromycin      naloxone    milrinone nicardipine
clonus      dorsiflexion      speech      cortical    si    volume      skin
      recovery    joint recruitment physiologic muscle      motor cough
      activity    symptomatology    symptoms    es    zones production
clopidogrel dipyridamole      fluconazole amitriptyline     cimetidine
      amiodarone aspirin      warfarin    ticlopidine nifedipine carvedilol
      allopurinol levamisole clomipramine       spironolactone    diltiazem
      dexamethasone     verapamil prednisolone        captopril
close specifically      susceptibility    shifted     related     proximity
      applied     closer      exposure    allowed     unrelated equivalent
      attached    access      helped      added from directly     restricted
closed      plate modified    flap bag    filter      bar   minimal
      suture      pc    lesion      full flat standard      bi    suction
      of    membrane    cs    video
closely     specifically      clearly     roughly     promptly    mostly
      temporally consistently       rapidly     primarily largely
      possibly    mainly      definitely from directly      constantly
      tightly     strongly    independently
closer      shifted     related     relates     relating    close allowed
      contributing      confined    attached    helped      adhered
      added owing contributed according from restricted returns
closest     moved answers     shifted     closer      best relative
      adjacent    referring apex listener       time ability
      corresponding     rotated     itself      anastomosed communicated
      inferior    transition
closing     orientation movement    shape avoiding    around      finally
      traction    opening     besides     discussion alignment
      configuration     rotation    displacement      positioning structures
      of    above additionally
clostridium sepsis      bacteremia injuries     bacterial pelvic
      bleeding    spontaneous salmonella fever obesity      insomnia
      lesions     pathology infections disorders tb         pneumonia
      organic     malignancy
closure     infiltration      manipulation      treatment healing
      delivery    drainage    and   alignment removal       displacement
      insertion recruitment evacuation placement correction
      augmentation      localization      leakage     contamination
clot swallowing tumor pharyngeal bleeding       spontaneous hemolysis
      thrombus    intestinal pathology lesion         vessels     skin
      muscle      scar platelets products       motor cyst coagulation
clothing    swallowing food accommodation       orientation movement
      organs      air   vision      reading     posture     light work heat
      skin water structures behavior      ie    behaviour
clotrimazole      miconazole azithromycin       fluconazole amitriptyline
      clindamycin cimetidine cephalexin ceftriaxone hydrocortisone
      metronidazole     ofloxacin itraconazole        cefaclor
      ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime doxycycline prednisolone
      erythromycin      levofloxacin
clots abnormalities     bleeding    errors      defects     signals
      particles lesions       thrombi     pathology vessels       cysts
      calcifications    tubes infection products      deposits    parasites
      antibiotics adhesions
clotted     medications recurrences thrombophlebitis bleeding
      spontaneous attacks     foci defects      hemolysis lesions
      pathology episodes      vessels     segments    phlebitis granules
      infection perforation symptoms
clotting    relaxation real tm      residence crying        clot ap     tp
      skin recovery     pt    prothrombin fluoroscopy aptt activated
      platelets coagulation transit       ac
cloudy      desipramine sterile     amitriptyline     cimetidine mixed
      vision      hydrocortisone    glyburide orange        abscess
      water intolerance nortriptyline     indeterminate     cough plus
      methyldopa hydralazine psychosis
cloxacillin aztreonam clindamycin cephalexin mezlocillin ceftriaxone
      metronidazole     ofloxacin cefazolin cefaclor        ceftazidime
      ampicillin ciprofloxacin      cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin
      vancomycin erythromycin       tobramycin antibiotics
cloz pharmacological scheduling therapies hormonal          financial
      continuing resources psychosocial         its   subsequent clozapine
      quetiapine benzodiazepines social         psychological     behavioral
      pharmacologic     needs endocrine
clozapine lithium       therapy     haloperidol amitriptyline     trazodone
      tamoxifen lamotrigine imipramine clomipramine         levodopa
      quetiapine fluoxetine risperidone carbamazepine       sertraline
      olanzapine digoxin      clonazepam paroxetine
clozaril    six   noncompliant      eventually given administered
      seven four eight perioperatively subsequently         eleven
      postoperatively methods       five nine another       ten
      intraoperatively depressed
clubbing    erosion     abnormal    equivocal involvement drainage      pus
      globally    biopsied    nephrotoxicity    hematuria dilatation
      unsuccessful      bilaterally perforation documented leakage
      retention deteriorated        intraoperatively
clue specifically       related     shift closer      targeting close
      viable      allowed     contributing      allowing    policy
      sufficient limited      threat      tailoring approach      sensitive
      restricted helps
clues relate      efforts     proximity relates       closer      allowed
      contributing      allowing    allow alternatives      sufficient
      helped      tailoring partly        help contribute enable
      contributed helps
clumping    orientation coordination      chemical    retraction
      differentiation morphology growth         anatomy     basic contains
      skin recruitment physiologic contained structure membrane
      cellular    ie    complex
clusters    steps areas pairs errors      foci usage attributes and
      components panels       blocks      segments    recruitment parameters
      the   patterns    regions     symptoms    zones
cm    mv    sec   or    predicted seconds       v     and   cc    ma    co
      while milliseconds      mw    s     leakage     j     ie    for
cm2   mv    f     sec   ml    l     pu    versus      seconds     v     cc
      ma    msec ms     units mmhg milliseconds       ca    s     cm
cmc   ss    ha    td    ta    mp    la    medication cp     sm    pc
      pathology ap      ep    rp    cough cs    ar    ic    ac
cmed bandages     90y   hydroxyurea ceftriaxone tamoxifen without
      busulfan    sutures     wires epirubicin vad    doxycycline suspicious
      plus dressings coils clonazepam antibiotics adriamycin
cmh   f     w     m     sao   snf   rso   v     type fragment     co    ab
      tab   o     mw    cm    peep j      sto   ps
cmi   citalopram lithium      desipramine ha    amitriptyline     td    mt
      imipramine medication clomipramine        pathology skin stress
      rp    erythromycin      ie    digoxin     cs    ar
cml   bronchitis schizophrenia      prostatitis cri   aml   crf   gout
      emphysema glomerulonephritis        disease     ckd   sarcoidosis
      uveitis     itp   cll   copd osteomyelitis      idiopathic
cmo   bacteremia recurrences dysphagia edema bleeding       peritonitis
      abscesses hyperthyroidism lesions         hematuria ulceration
      fistulae    phlebitis uveitis       septicemia tinnitus     pruritus
      vertigo     adhesions
cmp   sa    mannitol    ha    br    di    tm    mt    da    dh    la
      medication sm     lesion      sb    erythromycin      digoxin     cs
      ar    ac
cms   ss    sa    other ds    tm    md    ht    hc    normal      dh    pc
      ap    sb    pp    np    fd    hh    cs    es
cmt   ss    sa    td    ta    mp    tm    md    ht    hc    ld    cp    sm
      pc    ap    rp    cs    ar    ic    ac
cmu   signs dates differentiation interaction pros feelings
      association employment continuity knowledge speed simultaneous
      sensitivities     ppd   numbers     fear depth specialty maternal
cmv   bacteremia bacterial dysphagia pe         bleeding    spontaneous
      peritonitis delirium    cytomegalovirus residual      lesions
      pathology infections atherosclerotic infection liver tb
      malignancy subclinical
cn    ss    sa    ds    tm    mt    hc    la    bc    sm    pc    sh    hp
      sb    rp    np    cs    es    ar    ac
cn2   former      other pancreatic cardia       lung ovarian      next
      latter      cervical    prostate    succeeding rectal       small
      colon bladder     breast      non   remainder remaining
cnis foods noncompliance      therapy     tacrolimus damage       therapies
      blindness trazodone inflammation          falling     obesity
      antidepressants steroids      statins     opioids     benzodiazepines
      agents      immunosuppression cyclosporine
cnm   bacteremia ascites      obstruction diseases    hyponatremia
      hyperthyroidism disease       exudative fistulae      disorders
      uveitis     intolerance cryptosporidiosis pneumonia malignancy
      allergy     cataracts psychosis dementia
cns   retinal     tumor cutaneous spontaneous facial        brain lesions
      intestinal drug pathology lesion          vestibular skin individual
      hepatic     local cs    ar    complex
co    sa    chemical    td    mt    la    cp    sm    pc    pathology ap
      ip    skin water delayed      ca    aa    ie    cs    ac
co2   breathing cooling       sa    ha    air   reading     mt    la    si
      lesion      heat ap     co    skin water motor cs     es    ac
coag ch     ds    ta    tm    md    ld    dh    sab   resected    ap    sb
      ocular      ao    angle np    fd    cerebellar glaucoma     cs
coagulant renin esterase      xii   xi    intrinsic dao     physical
      lytic fibrinogen alpha viii paf     antiviral epileptiform        vii
      sympathetic emg   ache tf
coagulase bacteria      gram contingent ana     smear sero pathogens
      oxacillin positive      false culture     falsely     emr
      enterococcus      aureus      organisms mrsa enterococci species
coagulation swallowing gait leukocytes cognition inflammation
      speech      hemolysis intestinal vessels        skin muscle
      platelets products      motor cough cellular    proteins
      neutrophils symptoms
coagulopathic     injured     aphasic     severely    hypothyroid epileptic
      diabetic    acutely     hypertensive      pediatric asthmatic
      parkinsonian      uk    delirious immunosuppressed elderly
      awake anemic      geriatric depressed
coagulopathy      sepsis      tumor dysphagia cutaneous bleeding
      spontaneous facial      vision      fever pathology hypercalcemia
      hepatic     including cough neurologic ie       neurological
      symptoms    complex
coal vaginal      ha    beta amitriptyline      td    spontaneous mp
      facial      tamoxifen bc      cp    pathology hepatic       vancomycin
      organic     erythromycin      digoxin     subclinical ic
coaptation manipulation       orientation drive cover opening     work
      anatomy     alignment stimulation collapse      positioning
      anastomosis match structures questions integrity correct
      contamination     monitor
coapted     moved overlying formed        changing    cover around
      administering     connecting itself       inside      secured     lie
      applying    directly    passing     correct     placing     fit
coarse      food vaginal      chemical    facial      vision      dietary
      lesion      skin ethanol      sound chicken     water child bi
      language    cough ie    fiber complex
coated      capsule     paste vaginal     ha    antacid     foam tm     pac
      extract     pc    drug lesion       vaccine     preparation gel
      membrane    cs    ec    complex
cobalt      ha    zinc amitriptyline      spontaneous mt    calcium
      quinine     cp    sm    theophylline      ip    sodium      gentamicin
      vancomycin erythromycin       digoxin     ar    chromium    ac
cobra former      retina      vagina      largest     highest
      aforementioned    lungs sacrum      original    next latter
      axilla      same first urethra      fetus lowest      longest
cocaine     medications marijuana substance heroin          obesity
      drinking    medication opioid       ethanol     alcohol
      benzodiazepines sedation      caffeine    erythromycin      tobacco
      digoxin     opiate      alprazolam opiates
cocci margins     bacteremia stains       screens     bacteria    stain gram
      serology    koh   inotropic metaphases pathogens culture
      cultures    bacilli     rods organisms negative       enterococci
coccyx      consultation      scalp prosthesis system       plate electrode
      code catheter     ring sensor       drug diaphragm preparation nail
      endoscope device        implant     procedure apparatus
cock dealing      portable    w     kindred     cephalosporin
      supplementing     panitumumab coenzyme    fluoroquinolone new
      labeled     labelled    vega priest       preformed
      multidisciplinary orthoplast coupled      q.3
cocktail    dose supplement mixture       lot   reservoir typical
      program     commercial probe sample       model new   regime
      comprehensive     preparation sequence    regimen     containing
cocktails prescription        pairs solutions dosages       scheduling
      various     delivery    components types strains      preparations
      action      products    forms elements    etiology    symptoms
      complex     combinations
cod   fo    air   corn cooking      sm    oil   alcoholic castor        fish
      chicken     water liver erythromycin      silicone    seal ie
      spleen      flaxseed    ac
code consultation       target      prosthesis system       stimulus
      filter      bar   ring test drug protocol       lesion      technique
      preparation device      of    implant     procedure apparatus
codeine     acetaminophen     oxycodone metoclopramide      meperidine
      hydroxyzine cimetidine chlorthalidone     diazepam    atenolol
      oxazepam    diphenhydramine atropine      tramadol    naproxen
      propranolol dexamethasone     promethazine      lorazepam ibuprofen
codes medications solutions prescriptions       medicines consultations
      systems     strips      therapies errors        signals     objects
      pathology items structures products       monitors    devices
      procedures ie
codominant strong       shift shaped      plateau     neoplasm
      substantial temporary discrete      new   inhibitor sheet problem
      circular    large distinct    gradual     remarkable agent element
coenzyme    conducting aerosol      delivering cox-2 bay    displayed
      extract     compound    mao   lp    undertaking preformed benzo ro
      cyclosporin causing     utilizing clonazepam mouthwash
coffee      foods food beer nitroglycerin       drinking    furosemide
      dietary     phenytoin theophylline        ethanol     alcohol
      sodium      water beverages caffeine      erythromycin      ie
      digoxin     alprazolam
cog   orientation stomach     caps apex wrist forehead      abdomen
      revised     hands drs   transverse sss    items dad   border
      cheek symptom     das   score
cognition swallowing emotional cognitive agitation inflammation
      fatigue     speech      mobility    memory      mood platelets
      sexual      language    functioning functions coagulation behavior
      symptoms    function
cognitive swallowing emotional facial           cognition speech
      psychosocial      memory      skin physiologic functional sexual
      motor language    neurocognitive    psychological     behavior
      behavioral behaviour endocrine
cognitively stroke      anxious     severely    psychiatric normal
      medical     bc    mildly      disabled    neurologically    demented
      asymptomatic      functionally      their socially    non   trauma
      neurological      depressed
cognizant visualization       aspects     proof portions    part
      consideration     regardless capable      because     reminiscent
      indicative none aware instead       elucidation cautious
      understanding     unaware     description
coherent    oriented    target      specific    warning     direct
      shift moving      chemical    modified    stimulus    light simulation
      basic probe discrete    threat      sound preparation correct
coil prosthesis splint        plate flap electrode reservoir filter
      bar   catheter    sensor      probe technique wire preparation
      circular    endoscope cannula       device      apparatus
coiled      paste prosthesis foam visible       catheter    typical
      commercial drug discrete      lesion      flat sound preparation
      rigid membrane    ie    cutting     dressing    complex
coiling     splinting manipulation        assistance fixation
      decompression     excision    embolization      instrumentation
      involvement drainage    ablation    closure     pathology
      enlargement endoscopic compression occlusion placement
coils screws      solutions injuries      antacids    electrodes catheters
      clips steroids    lesions     pathology sutures       wires tubes
      agents      balloons    devices     pins antibiotics implants
coincidence prescription      diagnostic field component direct
      burden      form typical      discrete    sample      model
      discrimination    preparation sequence    set   combination structure
      method      pattern
coincident dealing      replacing compatible associated dealt interacts
      consistent along together     positively concomitantly      concurred
      correlating correlated compared     interfering interferes coupled
col   sp    ss    sa    ag    dyspnea     md    hc    ld    ls    cp    sm
      ap    tp    co    ca    aa    dyslipidemia      ic    ac
colchicine azithromycin       fluconazole amantadine amiodarone tamoxifen
      finasteride carvedilol allopurinol levamisole gabapentin
      spironolactone    octreotide donepezil fluoxetine terazosin
      nimodipine sucralfate erythromycin        captopril
cold ice    cooling     leg   ha    air   spontaneous facial      tm    mt
      speech      drug heat distraction skin individual water child cs
cole scalp shape roof stomach       system      surgeon     apex wrist
      contour     opened      forehead    anatomy     transverse tubing
      lateral     border      structure apparatus tip
colectomy operations appendectomy         craniotomy surgery
      esophagectomy     thoracotomy appendicectomy    nephrectomy lobectomy
      laparotomy colonoscopy repair       resections resection
      splenectomy cholecystectomy adrenalectomy       laparoscopic
colestid    nitroglycerin     ha    substances mt     da    sugars
      falls produced    particles aas     theophylline      magnesium
      ethanol     dopamine    granules    caffeine    soc   causing     mh
coli sp     shigella    bacteria    em    bleeding    agitation salmonella
      fever vp    diarrhea    bradycardia strains     e     viruses
      infection sedation      klebsiella tf     species
colic lithiasis acute diseases      insufficiency     peritonitis calculi
      hyperthyroidism arf     disease     poisoning lesions       asthma
      impotence spasticity syndrome       migraine    tinnitus    malignancy
colicky     foods polyps      preterm     surfactant musculoskeletal
      wheezy      inflammation      wheezing    lbw   lesions     newborn
      colic them mature       premature illness       psychosis analgesics
colistin    azithromycin      fluconazole clindamycin ceftriaxone
      hydrocortisone    ofloxacin quinine       steroids    itraconazole
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime doxycycline gentamicin
      vancomycin prednisolone       erythromycin      tobramycin
colitis     schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent hypertension
      epilepsy    severe      gout proctitis disease        persistent
      asthma      scleroderma sarcoidosis symptomatic chronic     malignant
      vitiligo    idiopathic bronchiectasis
coll lymphadenopathy fs       sa    amitriptyline     mixed epi
      leukocytosis      atenolol    vp    histology ct      alone
      comorbidities     radiotherapy      epinephrine prazosin    mri
      hydralazine ic
collagen    ha    spontaneous inflammation      nitrate     speech      ctx
      glutamate fibers        acid sodium       platelets aa      cough
      coagulation proteins    digoxin     neutrophils illness     protein
collagenous acute schizophrenia     tumors      ascites     epilepsy    gout
      hyperthyroidism disease       pheochromocytoma asthma       ulcerative
      gallstones sarcoidosis syndrome     symptomatic chronic     malignant
      vitiligo    bronchiectasis
collapse    manipulation      disruption delivery     usage involvement
      stability alignment stimulation closure         displacement
      pathology positioning insertion distortion recruitment leakage
      ie    contamination     deposition
collapsed distal        scalp fingers     br    space apical      proximal
      ring stump sac    lesion      hands lateral     individual of
      membrane    implant     digits      cyst
collar      splint      brace plate modified    flap electrode box
      filter      bar   catheter    commercial sensor       probe cast flat
      rigid device      video dressing
collateral organs       collaterals cutaneous microvascular       facial
      anatomy     drug deformity pathology lesion           vessels
      extra skin structures arteries      cerebral    cyst ie     bony
collateralized    hemiplegia schizophrenia      tumors      proven
      hypertension      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    severe
      melanoma    cirrhosis persistent sarcoidosis mmm      refractory
      malignancies      chronic     suspected paraplegia idiopathic
collaterals injuries    cutaneous delirium      defects     thrombus
      lesions     deformity pathology vessels         stenoses    cysts
      calcification     calcifications    arteries    products    veins cyst
      grafts      adhesions
collected separately drawn tracked        obtained    repeatedly reviewed
      serially    measured    recruited cultured      interviewed checked
      recorded    reassessed scanned      retested    periodically
      taken monitored
collecting pharmacy     dental      obtaining facial        voice infant
      raw   basic drug lesion       skin missing      sound joint individual
      eeg   child implant     complex
collection bank prescription        separation surveillance       dependency
      delivery    usage measurement bases recovery    sets recruitment set
      monitoring sources      correction localization       recording
collections determinations    radiographs screens     specimens surveys
      examinations      biopsies    measurements      sections    blocks
      cultures    assays      tests recordings evaluations images
      volumes     urine samples
college     diagnosis severity      journal     construction      form
      frequency use     development timing      management numbers
      restoration appearance availability       forms assessment patterns
      evolution etiology
colles      comminuted crush vertebral subtrochanteric nondisplaced
      shaft intertrochanteric calcaneal fractures displaced diaphyseal
      scaphoid    malignancy humeral      trochanteric      osteoporosis
      fracture    dislocated malleolar
collins     extreme     early ss    other ds    di    tm    md    hc
      normal      cc    traditional cp    sm    sb    ao    classic     cs
collision oriented      consultation      warning     supplement coherent
      moving      driver      screen      stimulus    policy      drink
      simulation discrete     plan threat       sound match message
colloid     solutions mannitol      ha    solution    la    pac   cp    sm
      pc    pathology lesion        urethral    ethanol     sodium
      water membrane    digoxin     cs    ac
coloboma    dehydration antacids    penicillin wheeze       wheezing
      residual    persisting cp     steroids    persistent anomalies
      vancomycin organic      erythromycin      preexisting neurologic
      excessive nonspecific sedatives
colombo     town turkey       mexico      usa   east village
      connecticut group french      boston      urology     uk    country
      italian     west florida      county      arm   zones
colon distal      pancreas    lm    stomach     pancreatic rectosigmoid
      brain proximal    esophageal cervical     prostate    hands testicular
      skin rectal       gastric     joint bladder     uterine
colonic     tumor pharyngeal cutaneous spontaneous facial         brain
      nocturnal bc      intestinal pathology ap       skin rectal
      gastric     hepatic     liver mucosal     cs    ar
colonies    bacteria    organs      errors      waves signals     particles
      stools      lesions     vessels     segments    items joints
      hairs products    cells bones digits      parasites species
colonized noncompliant        transplanted      diagnosed stabilized
      catheterized      satisfied biopsied      medicated treated
      presented intubated perfused        managed     repaired
      contaminated      sedated     compliant initially implanted
colonizer wide strong         paucity     considerable      sizable
      crucial     variety     devastating substantial clear multifactorial
      marker      problem     rare gradual      tool consequence reasonable
colonoscopic      permanent bronchoscopic       biopsy      repeat
      cytological surgical    medication cytologic testing        pathology
      pathological      colonoscopy endoscopic splenectomy microscopic
      procedures neurologic neurological        re
colonoscopy gastroscopy therapy     operations bronchoscopy       surgery
      and   surgeries repeat        surgical    medication testing
      pathology laparotomy endoscopy interventions          endoscopic
      splenectomy procedures laparoscopy
colonscopy engaged      cardiac     participation     fall enema agitation
      participated      inflammation      falls decline     bradycardia
      residing    transient eosinophils pan     managing    granuloma
      passenger apoptosis
colony      rg    gmcsf tumor like gm     von   necrosis    growth
      stimulating hepatocyte g      confirmatory      csf   granulocyte
      factor      human gcsf thyroid      immunoglobulin
color ultrasound orientation chemical     laser reading     morphology
      light cw    dynamic     pathology skin pathological
      physiologic anatomic    bi    functional power recording ie
colorectal recurrent pancreatic lung inoperable ovarian           metastatic
      esophageal cervical     prostate    urothelial testicular advanced
      rectal      colon hypopharyngeal    bladder     localized breast
colored     paste moving      chemical    plate foam stimulus     reading
      light filter      commercial discrete     lesion      distraction flat
      sound preparation ie    cutting     video
colorful    prior close mixture     exposure    guidewire attached
      standardized      probe model new   boost approach    comprehensive
      sheet simple      propensity bridge       tendency    special
colostomy relapse       pacemaker major prosthesis permanent shunt
      filter      defect      catheter    repeat      surgical    temporary
      fistula     lesion      drain anastomosis preparation regimen
colovaginal unfavorable hypersplenism     longstanding      diffuse
      symmetrical patchy      fluctuating reversible without
      concomitant poor persistent radiologically      undifferentiated
      miscellaneous     indeterminate     respectively      thrombocytosis
colpopexy consultation        incision    prosthesis flap electrode lift
      filter      catheter    ring suture       probe technique
      anastomosis preparation tape mesh device        of    sling
colporrhaphy      reconstruction    drawer      cruciate    posterior
      decompression     acl   instrumentation ligament      fusion
      oblique     lad   descending discectomy uveitis       chamber
      communicating     aca   plating     nares
colposcopy ultrasound cytology      reading     biopsy      mammography
      repeat      medication cytologic culture        testing     pathology
      physiotherapy     fertility colonoscopy endoscopic their problems
      re    laparoscopy
columbus    melphalan d1      irritability      cisplatinum vincristine
      cytoxan     daunorubicin      bleomycin adm     erythema    ohio oh
      epirubicin methotrexate       thiotepa    prednisone mono
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
column      syringe     plate modified    reservoir box     filter      bar
      sensor      probe model technique sheet preparation circular
      endoscope machine       method      device      apparatus
com   distal      scalp foot leg    mt    drug lesion       hands skin
      sound joint individual child membrane     implant     ie    cs
      vertical    mh
coma visual       dysphagia z       psychiatric anxiety     dyspnea     pain
      disability pathology sss      complaints bi     symptom     neurologic
      neurological      gcs   symptoms    mania depression
comatose    severely    hospitalized      neurosurgical     hospitalised
      cirrhotic seven hypertensive        eight pediatric parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      constipated immunosuppressed five nine anemic
      adult ten   depressed
combative recurrences vasospasm epileptic in          agitated
      inflammation      particularly      leaving     lesions
      hypoperfusion     thrombi     infections delirious especially
      amongst     interest    analgesics among adhesions
combination maintenance early alternating treatment clinical      form
      frequency typical       basic simultaneous      concomitant management
      sequence    sequential regimen      concurrent combined     pattern
combinations      dosages     features    usage attributes perception
      components types simultaneous       doses indices     suppression fear
      sources     documentation     modes localization      forms patterns
combined    alternating treatment irrigation supplemented         spa
      mixed loaded      contact     medicated preoperative
      concomitant perfused    ip    co    sequential combination concurrent
      compliance complex
combivent sublingually        bedtime     bid   b.i.d day   po    q12h
      nebulized daily od      cross tid   qid   qhs   kg    q8h   t.i.d die
combo sa    lm    other su    mt    hc    pl    sm    co    rc    sb    pp
      ep    dd    tt    hi    np    cs    ac
come specifically       proceeding moved move changing      shifted
      transferring      switch      came attribute alternatives
      access      helped      comes help give coming        from directly
comes moved changing    moves arose derived     transferring      came
      varies      varied      signals     released    arise come arising
      coming      away input deviated     transition
comfort     status      orientation emotional coordination        discomfort
      personal    morphology fatigue      stability caregiver
      satisfaction      mobility    sedation    compliance problems
      behavior    communication     behaviour symptoms
comfortable pronounced alert energetic frequently reproducible
      relaxed     often frequent    easily      accurately importantly
      accurate    sensitive rapidly       prominent uncomfortable
      quickly     intense     slowly
comfortably alert replace     begin appropriately     reproducibly
      promptly    easily      express     accurately operate      make
      reliably    rapidly     uncomfortable     quickly     get   activate
      their properly
coming      changing    withdrawing derived     transferring      isolated
      came varied       signals     remote      released    comes come
      arising     weaning     away input recovered deviated       transition
comm susceptibility     unresponsiveness star apt     response    lt
      switch      proved      trails      corresponding     conversion ns
      caspofungin appeared    presumed    tended      polymyxin hep
command     move generate     remove      stimuli     commands    grow stop
      operate     insert      handle      stressors learn eat     get   date
      initiate    recover     perform     monitor
commands    move avoid maintain     remove      command     grow stop
      stabilize prevent       operate     recognize learn eat     get
      remember    initiate    recover     perform     monitor
commend     be    consider    replace     facilitate improve      allow
      stimulate produce       makes prevent     operate     make reduce
      promote     restore     give induce       enhance     utilize
comment     based bear update       cover focusing    impact      expand
      focus commented information depending influence superimposed
      put   lie   questions document      correct     monitor
commented based emphasis      rests focusing    impact      focussed
      doubt focus comment     operated    information relied      depending
      relies      influence superimposed        put   putting     rely
comments    orientation drawing     finally     errors      readings
      contours    discussion signals      components information views
      marks items complaints motions      structures statements questions
commercial specific     supplement plastic      modified    box   filter
      standardized      probe discrete    new   flat sound preparation
      circular    standard    containing rigid computer     video
comminuted crush avulsion     vertebral fixation      subtrochanteric
      nondisplaced      shaft intertrochanteric calcaneal fractures
      displaced diaphyseal scaphoid       humeral     bimalleolar
      trochanteric      colles      dislocated malleolar
comminution location    orientation angulation fixation     traction
      morphology increasing involvement anatomy       alignment
      displacement      collapse    atrophy     pathology positioning
      distortion anatomic     compression dislocation
commissurotomy    regurgitation     tracheostomy      pmv   thrombectomy
      valve valves      annulus     inflow      annular     pta   pci
      annuloplasty      ptca stenting     splenectomy angioplasty
      vertebroplasty    valvuloplasty     prolapse
commit      move smoke begin consult      stimuli     work stop express
      make choose       counseling give advice        match accept      get
      their smoking     adherence
committed requested related         alert required    us    exposure
      referring getting       exposures access        nurses      doctors
      chose physicians from attempts      missed      adherence adherent
commode     ss    con   experienced mixed sat   ld    displayed lp
      spirometry underwent exhibited exhibiting with hematocrits mono
      who   having      cyclosporin had
common      prescribed major variable     abundant    complaint striking
      frequently frequent     most dominant     pathogen    satisfactory
      successful notable      prominent conspicuous rare commonly
commonly    prescribed abundant     increasingly      widely      usually
      common      presently striking      frequently often frequent
      normally    currently prominent typically rarely            described
      seldom      being
commons     tibia retina      vagina      pharynx     conjunctiva acetabulum
      cornea      lungs tongue      rectum      original    thorax
      diaphragm sternum       penis humerus     thumb scapula     esophagus
communicate cooperate generate      resolve     obtain      heal avoid
      maintain    remove      intervene administer manage         recognize
      learn eat   get   identify    achieve     initiate    perform
communicated      moved closest     shifted     extending applied
      closer      close allowed     referring attribute confined
      attached    connected helped        anastomosed from directly
      restricted helps
communicating     tibial      posterior cutaneous facial          diseased
      anterior    internal    contact     cervical    kidneys     radial
      skin thoracic     hepatic     uterine     splenic     cerebellar
      carotid     complex
communication     swallowing thinking     orientation emotional
      coordination      personal    reading     speech      caregiver
      comfort     mobility    education language      social
      psychological     professional      problems    behavior    behaviour
communicative     swallowing somatic      appetite    emotional anxiety
      personal    cognition fatigue       caregiver disability mobility
      mood motor language     social      psychological     behavior
      communication     neurological
community pharmacy      clinic      office      environment dental
      rehabilitation    village     medical     hospital    french
      spanish     remote      general     uk    home country      italian
      school      obstetric
comorbid    recurrent ascites       unilateral personality insomnia
      disease     generalized psychotic persistent affective
      comorbidities     disorders organic       symptomatic preexisting
      neurological      dyslipidemia      psychosis dementia
comorbidities     emotional splenomegaly        hospitalizations edema
      dyspnea     fever fatigue     insomnia    mobility    disorders
      complaints mood including problems        neurologic confusion
      neurological      headaches symptoms
comp sp     sa    potassium mt      haptoglobin calcium     ctx   folate
      albumin     testosterone      sm    ap    progesterone      acid
      sodium      ca    digoxin     urate ac
company     paste solution    prosthesis therapist dental         aerosol
      bristol     defect      chlorhexidine     extract     taxol lesion
      training    strain      preparation gel   device      membrane    nj
comparative total way   controlled clinical     heterogeneous     phase
      masked      survey      case series       detailed    sample
      center      multi sequence    large interventional    trial set
compared    dealing     replacing compatible associated dealt
      supplemented      consistent treated      along together    perfused
      concomitantly     restored    correlating correlated interfering
      coupled     coincident strongly
comparison areas keeping      eyes particular conclusion case series
      connection sequence     individuals combination addition    children
      patients    contrast    the   some regions      decreasing
comparisons determinations    pairs diagnoses distributions
      characteristics and     measurements      calculations      values
      indices     testing     blocks      parameters recordings
      evaluations assessments corrections patterns    additionally
compartment syringe     plate electrode bag     stimulus    reservoir box
      filter      bar   simulation program      sensor      probe protocol
      model circular    sequence    step device
compartments      steps areas transport orientation systems       spaces
      tissues     shape organs      posture     hands vessels     segments
      positions muscles       muscle      structures regions      zones
compatible dealing      replacing associated dealt interact       interacts
      consistent along together     concomitantly     concurred
      correlating correlated compared     interfering interferes coupled
      coincident agrees
compazine pramipexole medications voriconazole        amitriptyline
      trazodone lamotrigine catheters imipramine gabapentin medication
      clomipramine      labetalol buspirone sedation        nimodipine ro
      clonazepam alprazolam implants
compensated established manifested partially complicated exacerbated
      supported preserved impaired        without     verified    confirmed
      managed     triggered aggravated primarily documented
      predominantly     compromised extensive
compensation      extreme     transport prescription        manipulation
      assistance systems      chemical    surveillance      reading
      light and   alignment reinforcement       medication pathology
      positioning recruitment compression ie
competency transport specific       orientation chemical    processes
      resident    errors      personal    reading     work speech
      physiological     recruitment structures professional       behavior
      activity    communication     behaviour
competent oriented      specific    tumor chemical    cutaneous disturbed
      spontaneous resident    speech      difficulty difficulties
      temporary positive      pathology physiotherapy       nurses
      doctors     ie    complex
complain    lack mention      aspects     normalization     consist
      regardless history      complaining complained resumption capable
      because     persistence indicative suggestive suspicion instead
      forms amounts
complained lack aspects       kind normalization      consist     regardless
      complaining complain    types consisted consists      because
      persistence indicative suggestive instead       forms amounts     died
complaining lack aspects      normalization     consist     regardless
      history     complained resumption composed      complain    types
      because     indicative consisting suggestive suspicion instead
      forms amounts
complains signs stages        diagnoses severity      distributions
      characteristics features      measurements      indices     episodes
      details     numbers     complaints evaluations contents
      assessments rates patterns    symptoms
complaint prescription        diagnostic variable     diagnosis component
      burden      complication      typical     temporary regime
      level preparation sequence    regimen     source      method
      picture     sign pattern
complaints medications injuries     diagnoses instability disturbances
      discomfort complications      vision      and   pain medication
      reporting lesions       pathology problems      ie    neurological
      headaches symptoms
complement swallowing transport specific        chemical    da    speech
      cortical    physiological     skin physiologic motor language
      coagulation cellular    behavior    activity    proteins    protein
complete    relapse     good tumor partial      minor cytogenetic
      satisfactory      temporary positive      durable     poor pathologic
      pathological      full sustained incomplete achieving suboptimal
completed within        formed      to    at    outside     in    around
      finally     besides     throughout through      completing passed
      entering    during      for   additionally      finished    attended
completely only diminished totally        to    permanently cleared
      uniformly eliminated markedly       globally    retained    mostly
      consistently      remarkably mainly       also predominantly      for
completeness      lack quantity     aspects     severity    estimation
      characterization use    measurement ease development timing
      degree      persistence appearance duration     availability
      documentation     identification    assessment
completes within        whatever    considers considering outside
      raises      around      beside      upon supporting concerning
      covering    besides     explains    beyond      confirming inside
      during      passing
completing within       excluding outside       in    finally     stopping
      besides     through     leaving     beyond      while completed
      discontinuing     entering    initiating during       moreover
      additionally      finished
completion interruption       onset termination aspects     start
      discontinuation injection estimation application administration
      inhalation ingestion removal        optimization      reinstitution
      because     restoration evaluation initiation
complex     specific    chemical    cutaneous spontaneous facial
      voice basic painful     drug pathology lesion         skin sound
      preparation joint physiologic membrane    cyst ie
complexes pains leukocytes waves inflammation         lesions
      contractions      arrhythmia acid fragments sedation        platelets
      products    cells pruritus    coagulation proteins    neutrophils
      symptoms    complex
complexity location     distribution      shape character spread
      seriousness components timing       displacement      magnitude
      appearance acceleration       passage     availability
      localization      integrity elements      nature      evolution
compliance noncompliance      sa    irrigation discomfort reading
      contact     satisfaction      medication comfort      testing     co
      sedation    retention problems      behavior    activity
      communication     behaviour ac
compliant prescribed totally        noncompliant      transplanted      in
      catheterized      biopsied    medicated four intubated mostly
      repaired    colonized asymptomatic        sedated     adherent
      initially implanted selected
compliants looked       eligible    hispanic    looking     throughout
      leaving     persisted reassuring somnolent invasive         demented
      exchanged during        compliant periodically        adherent
      amongst     taken among
complicate permit       exacerbate mediate      disruption despite
      prevents    necessitate diminish    reduce      explains    reflects
      mitigate    affects     reflect     none about enhance      compromise
complicated compensated tumors      recurrent manifested exacerbated
      disease     painful     biliary     verified    persistent confirmed
      triggered spasticity hydrocephalus        syndrome    symptomatic
      induced     predominantly     compromised
complicating      sepsis      acute recurrent recurring severe
      diseases    massive     disease     persistent disorders syndrome
      malignancy symptomatic preexisting suspected malignant evolving
      psychosis dementia
complication      recurrence prescription       major variable    component
      abnormality complaint therapeutic satisfactory        temporary
      success     regime      problem     regimen     remarkable delay
      method      sign pattern
complications     recurrences abnormalities     hemorrhages disturbances
      bleeding    errors      nephrotoxicity    lesions     scarring
      pathology sequelae      infections complaints infection problems
      procedures neurologic symptoms      adhesions
compliment component direct         portion     version     form spread
      disruption mediation increasing displacement          aid   set
      source      special     similarity view complexity permitting
comply      cooperate dealing       agree replacing compatible associated
      dealt interact    interacts consistent along together       correlate
      correlated interfering interferes interfere communicate deal
component process       course      portion     version     form character
      spread      magnitude scope network       level appearance slope
      source      similarity method       evolution complexity pattern
components location     distribution      distributions     shape character
      spread      attributes bases displacement       branches    appearance
      acceleration      contents    structure localization        integrity
      patterns    elements    complexity
composed    lack estimation normalization       consist     regardless ease
      degree      consisted capable       consists    because     indicative
      consisting number       suggestive instead      identification
      amounts     description
composite target        prescription      component modified      reservoir
      filter      code ring basic pool lesion         network
      preparation layer device      margin      procedure hybrid
compound    prosthesis system       stimulus    reservoir filter        ring
      drug lesion       vaccine     technique benzodiazepine      sound
      preparation pathway     regimen     device      membrane    procedure
compounded elicited     provided    reversed    replaced    effected
      characterized     supported minimized prevented dominated
      facilitated affected    triggered aggravated blocked
      represented confounded augmented caused
comprehend accommodate resolve      keep visualize avoid locate
      remove      minimize    reproduce stabilize optimize        maximize
      prevent     recognize learn understand localize       perform
comprehended      reversal    interpretation    visualization
      construction      estimation spread       use   measurement removal
      restoration representing      appearance represented evaluation
      localization      division    identification    assessment evolution
comprehension     orientation coordination      processing reading
      morphology usage stability recall         knowledge speed
      discrimination    recruitment language    retention behavior
      activity    performance behaviour production
comprehensive     supplement formal       thorough    rigorous    mixture
      cocktail    lot   policy      rapid program     standardized
      detailed    sample      model new   simple      large
      multidisciplinary 3-day
compress    specifically      changing    moving      in    cover around
      finally     upon traction     covering    connecting beyond
      inside      match guide directly    near monitor      additionally
compressing touching    changing    whatever    extending considering
      outside     around      removing    covering    reviewing repeating
      connecting inside       passed      applying    during      underneath
      passing     placing
compression manipulation      assistance elastic      chemical    fixation
      traction    reading     light drainage    and   alignment medication
      deformity pathology distraction physiotherapy         occlusion ie
compressions      solutions radiograph pains consultations        organs
      errors      drainage    cxr   deformity vessels       physiotherapy
      segments    tubes cpr   compression products    ie    tightness bony
compressive user consultation       target      moving      stimulus
      reference basic test drug lesion          distraction force sound
      individual of     membrane    implant     correct     vertical
comprised results       two   most majority     four percentage protocol
      initial     first three contained following third five of
      includes    ten   evolution remaining
compromise specifically       occur any   modify      instability exacerbate
      disruption substantially      involvement improve     impair
      diminish    collapse    distortion worsen       delay delays
      excessive fully
compromised altered     established diminished partially exacerbated
      disturbed preserved impaired        limited     temporarily confirmed
      completely aggravated primarily suboptimal mainly           augmented
      enhanced    predominantly
compromising      exacerbating      touching    changing    any   losing
      considering sacrifice impacting disturbing impairing knowing
      malalignment      affecting positioning endangering sequelae
      distortion compromise causing
compulsive dysmorphic schizophrenia       ocd   delusional psychiatric
      panic borderline personality generalized psychotic bipolar
      affective disorders eating          depressive disorder     obsessive
      depression dementia
computed    row   emission    quantitative      ultrasound noncontrast
      gated spiral      spect histology dynamic       ct    axial
      multidetector     positron    tl    computerized      mri   pet
computer    therapist modified      filter      team simulation program
      commercial standardized       sensor      probe nurse protocol
      model circular    machine     device      computerized      video
computerized      specific    quantitative      portable    ultrasound
      formal      modified    thin commercial standardized        probe
      nurse dynamic     discrete    interview comprehensive       circular
      sequential computer     video
con   sa    nl    lac   cg    pla   cont ht     hc    pl    ls    cc    pc
      bf    rc    sb    pp    tt    hi    np
con1 dissolved pla      lt    fall absent       seen pl     increases afp
      declines    run   2a    rise reduction elevations cm        observed
      modest      methyldopa
conceivably indeed      processes would thus apparently nevertheless
      probably    nonetheless may   might could perhaps     possibly
      presumed    will presumably therefore remains         needs
concentrate specific    paste solution    chemical    aerosol     light
      extract     medication drug discrete      strain      diet sound
      preparation gel   suspension membrane     ie    complex
concentrated      specific    diminished abnormality errors       visible
      light difficulty and    great temporary drug retained       pathology
      accumulated training    prolonged delayed       missed      ie
concentrating     swallowing somatic      sleeping    orientation emotional
      reading     posture     morphology light fatigue      mobility
      information mood rigidity     walking     behavior    ie    behaviour
concentration     absorption distribution       amplitude time frequency
      disposition clearance pool volume         threshold level appearance
      slope acceleration      rate net    actual      pattern     content
concentric gait maximal       leg   reading     mt    fatigue     running
      sm    dynamic     mobility    ap    swimming    pt    muscular
      muscle      static      exercise    strength    ac
concern     specifically      considerable      crucial     potentially
      targeting emphasized disturbing concerns        growing     debate
      great clear multifactorial    limited     information problematic
      critical    problem     questionable
concerned clearly       to    expected    usually     in    anticipated
      quite globally    discussion by     presented basically
      inconclusive      typically described possible        for   outlined
concerning visualization      to    widening    considering outside
      around      regarding upon supporting covering        besides
      discussion beyond       positioning confirming reflecting explaining
      parts about
concerns    specifically      concern     besides     attributes stability
      discussion knowledge limitations information views nonetheless
      details     complaints beliefs      statements questions about
      problems    issues
concert     israel      keeping     conjunction settings    situ particular
      infancy     man   connection turn detail        people      comparison
      retrospect individuals children     patients    vitro contrast
concluded imperative hoped unfortunate think suggesting assumed
      suggested assume        suggest     convinced say     indicating
      tentatively indicate    indicated suggests      indicates believe
conclusion only areas interpretation      finally     since meanwhile
      discussion conclusions furthermore although     thus nevertheless
      nonetheless however     demonstrating     accordingly interestingly
      moreover    additionally
conclusions only interpretation     finally     despite     meanwhile
      discussion and    furthermore conclusion although     surprisingly
      thus nevertheless       nonetheless however     accordingly
      interestingly     moreover    additionally
conclusive clearly      established any   always      convincing clear
      obvious     further     entirely    absolutely limited      adequately
      inconclusive      nonetheless definitively      explicitly definitive
      available fully
concomitant permanent chemical      an    systemic    oral massive
      typical     minimal     simultaneous      intermittent      temporary
      pathology accelerated co      pathological      occasional prolonged
      sequential concurrent
concomitantly     dosed replacing compatible associated simultaneously
      intermittently    consistent treated      presented along together
      perfused    restored    correlated compared     interfering coupled
      coincident combined
concrete    specific    orientation emotional chemical      processes
      processing personal     reading     speech      physiological
      spatial     physiologic neutral     language    pictures
      professional      behavior    communication     behaviour
concur      dealing     agree compatible associated dealt interact
      interacts consistent along together       concurred correlating
      correlated interfering interferes interfere coupled         coincident
concurred dealing       replacing compatible associated supplementing
      dealt deals interacts consistent along together       correlating
      correlated compared     interfering interferes coupled      coincident
concurrence location    interpretation    distribution      size shape
      separation character spread         amplitude overlap       stability
      displacement      acceleration      similarity localization
      deposition complexity agreement pattern
concurrent alternating systemic     oral hydroxyurea mixed chemotherapy
      intermittent      cp    preoperative      concomitant pathology
      accelerated ip    co    sequential radiotherapy       intraperitoneal
      symptoms    ic
cond sa     ri    morphology sanguis      transferase values      indices
      bf    cons latencies assays         aureus      contents    s
      pneumoniae ur     respectively      volumes     scores
condemned prescribed inspected prescriptions          requests    provided
      true excised      empirically tested      retained    indication
      inappropriate     indications anatomic    chosen      exchanged
      adopted     missed      declared
condition target        process     field environment direction situation
      second      configuration     position    protocol    plane region
      preceding sequence      intervention      figure      of    zone arm
conditioning      specific    manipulation      treatment therapy
      chemical    reading     light basic medication drug lesion
      training    preparation recruitment sequential regimen      ie    cs
conditions steps extreme      areas orientation systems     reading
      light tasks circumstances     and   testing     blocks      guidance
      supervision clusters    ie    behaviour additionally        zones
condoms     medications violence    faces bronchodilators medication
      resources objects       stressors alcohol       contraception
      laxatives sexual        their problems    behavior    tobacco
      services    sedatives antibiotics
conducted investigated        applied     organized administered        done
      employed    used introduced created       attempted begun evaluated
      performed instituted implemented designed       initiated undertaken
conducting establishing       consultation      generating clinical
      ongoing     dental      providing delivering obtaining
      administering     giving      undertaking distraction performing
      individual following requires       is    utilizing
conduction swallowing gait transport orientation movement         nerves
      chemical    morphology sensory      pathology fibers        blocks
      block motor functions behavior      activity    behaviour function
conductive permanent chemical       hearing     vision      light remote
      discrete    pathology lesion        vestibular sound hair water
      tinnitus    special     membrane    cyst ie     complex
conduit     vasodilator target      screening prosthesis reservoir
      shunt filter      bar   defect      catheter    basic drug lesion
      sound preparation stoma device      membrane    complex
condyle     tibia retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach     acetabulum
      cornea      patella     junction    musculature meniscus    original
      thorax      diaphragm urethra       thumb organism    uterus
conference consultation       target      process     system      surgeon
      stimulus    signal      code team ring path network         doctor
      urologist pathway       of    law   procedure apparatus
conferences steps orientation consultations     systems     rounds
      resident    errors      alignment peaks teams sessions      pathology
      segments    planning    recruitment structures clusters     ie
confident offered       alert frequently often frequent     difficulties
      accurately mostly       consistently      sensitive rapidly
      prominent broadly       quickly     comfortable inaccurate slowly
      identified reported
configuration     process     component orientation shape direction
      amplitude electrode position        test path region        force
      sequence    structure layer of      zone tip    condition
confined    responsive related      relates     relating    prior closer
      attributable      unrelated exposed       attributed attached     able
      adhered     added owing due   converted according restricted
confirm     estimate    raise clarify     extend      address     expand
      support     explore     verify      inform      demonstrate appreciate
      delineate definitively        elucidate document      replicate
      define      establish
confirmation      reversal    interpretation    estimation application
      normalization     characterization measurement optimization
      because     suppression persistence attenuation restoration evaluation
      documentation     correction localization       instead     forms
confirmatory      specific    quantitative      clinical    formal
      chemical    modified    mixed multiple    multilevel simulation
      repeat      further     commercial standardized       discrete
      subsequent exploratory sequential computerized
confirmed only diminished ascertained provided        reversed    eliminated
      supported globally      verified    completely blocked      primarily
      represented mainly      documented augmented achieved
      predominantly     reported
confirming considering outside      around      supporting since despite
      concerning besides      discussion furthermore verifying explains
      nevertheless      beyond      reflecting explaining demonstrating
      parts moreover
confirms    reveals     considers finding       raises      provides
      presents    explored    article     demonstrate shows reviews
      reports     demonstrates      suggests    indicates describes
      extends     paper we
confluence location     orientation size shape burden       character
      morphology anatomy      stability difficulty alignment
      displacement      pathology lesion        recovery    anatomic
      structure integrity content
confluent tumor focal permanent spontaneous mixed reversible normal
      painful     temporary concomitant poor pathology bilateral
      incomplete malignancy neurologic proteinuria neurological         ic
confounded dictated     replaced    exacerbated compounded characterized
      supported minimized prevented dominated preceded            affected
      explained triggered partly          aggravated blocked
      overwhelmed accompanied caused
confrontation     field orientation fields      shape chemical    reading
      posture     light contact     dynamic     physiological
      distraction discrimination    skin spatial      anatomic    language
      behavior    behaviour
confuse     accommodate resolve     keep visualize avoid address
      remove      minimize    intervene reproduce stabilize optimize
      maximize    prevent     recognize identify      understand localize
confused    closely     uniformly appropriately       improved    promptly
      easily      aligned     simultaneously    discussing presented
      occasionally      mostly      concomitantly     managed     completely
      functionally      compliant predominantly       fully
confusing specifically        hazardous targeting pertinent emphasized
      avoiding    personal    appropriately     minimized easily
      transportation    dangerous limited       sensitive problematic
      inaccurate about communication      for
confusion tiredness pains irritability          emotional discomfort
      anxiety     dyspnea     agitation fatigue       paresthesias
      mobility    erythema    swelling    mood sedation     rigidity
      pruritus    sweating    symptoms
congenital schizophrenia      recurrent severe        disease     rheumatic
      persistent asthma       valvular    ischemic    organic     malignancy
      symptomatic chronic     preexisting overt malignant psychosis
      idiopathic dementia
congested namely        food foot leg     foam box    sm    lesion
      erythema    skin sound chicken      scar child ca     cough membrane
      ie    complex
congestion polyps       sprays      spray obstruction edema dyspnea
      secretions nasal sneezing     cough pruritus    packing     blockage
      washes      rhinorrhea itching      washings    symptoms    irritation
congestive renal nonischemic severe       cyanotic    multiorgan heart
      hypoxemic decompensated       rheumatic oliguric      valvular
      ischemic    hypoplastic symptomatic chronic     preexisting overt
      congenital idiopathic
conjugated methylprednisolone       acetaminophen     cimetidine aspirin
      hydrocortisone    diazepam    allopurinol furosemide spironolactone
      diltiazem dexamethasone       ciprofloxacin     terbutaline lovastatin
      verapamil prednisolone        lorazepam ibuprofen alprazolam
conjunction dealing     pretreated keeping      associated supplemented
      situ treated      man   connection concert      together    people
      comparison cats individuals compared      children    patients
conjunctiva fingers     retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach
      cornea      tongue      rectum      musculature abdomen     thorax
      diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis orbit muscles
      endometrium uterus
conjunctivae      scalp specimen    stomach     anus fungus       ring
      pathogen    preoperative      drug lesion       preparation
      nasopharynx organism    uterus      membrane    implant     cyst lid
conjunctival      swallowing sa     pharyngeal leg    corneal     mt
      nasal la    sm    pc    erythema    ap    tp    skin pt     cough
      pruritus    lid   ac
conjunctivitis    par   diseases    meningitis peritonitis hyperthyroidism
      purulent    alveolitis lesions      ulceration asthma       infections
      impotence disorders rhinitis        tinnitus    pneumonia malignancy
      allergy     psychosis
conn fm     schizophrenia     tumors      ds    euthyroid turner
      sporadic    nephrotic hypertriglyceridemia      fibromyalgia
      pheochromocytoma sarcoidosis syndrome     eh    symptomatic pd
      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     gilbert
connected proceeding shifted        related     reacted     applied
      closer      close allowed     confined    attached    access
      corresponds added affixed     fitted      from directly     agreed
connecticut israel      hawaii      maryland    north california turkey
      mexico      settings    east spanish      uk    country     texas west
      florida     washington england      county      south
connecting touching     changing    closing     moving      extending
      outside     avoiding    around      covering    through
      positioning joining     inside      contacting passed       input
      applying    passing     fit
connection areas environment keeping      eyes contact      ears synchrony
      perfused    people      patient     comparison individuals country
      children    patients    compliance agreement zones decreasing
connective tissue       omental     hyperplastic      necrotic    hard
      fibrous     inflamed    fibrotic    brain tonsil      surrounding
      interstitial      soft granulation visceral     scar neoplastic
      adipose     thymus
conner      hamilton    brief visual      teacher     psychiatric rankin
      forehead    abdomen     cook revised      drs   baker simpson
      global      mississippi brown verbal      barnes      mania
cons orientation systems      scheduling chemical     errors      financial
      usage reinforcement     components indices      recovery    anatomic
      motions     contents    pictures    retention problems      behavior
conscious extreme       early routine     chemical    cutaneous dental
      various     spontaneous brain speech      surgical    certain
      individual sedation     language    excessive local cs      complex
consciousness     foods medicines intoxication        inflammation
      falling     delirium    microcalcifications     origin
      anaphylaxis ethanol     them alcoholism motion        bones labor
      neutrophils illness     interest    analgesics
consecutive six   fourteen    fifteen     seventy     sixty hospitalized
      cirrhotic seven eight forty eleven        twelve      twenty      five
      nine adult ten    thirty      fifty
consensual target       gap   field environment modified    bag   stimulus
      reservoir box     signal      filter      situation configuration
      position    program     protocol    sequence    of    condition
consensus manipulation        diagnostic variable     component direct
      light discussion great clear simulation positioning information
      technique critical      parameter definitive proper         method
consent     excluding written       operations withdrawal biopsy
      surgery     surgeries medication exposures subsequently
      vaccination colonoscopy interventions     resections physicians
      splenectomy methods     procedures trauma
consented responsive unresponsive         proceeded prior switched
      exposed     subjected wish adhered        owing due   converted fail
      failed      according responded agreed          willing     elected
consequence wide diminution result        multitude minimum       part
      mixture     variety     lot   history     panel marker
      representative    chance      source      member      sign
      predominance      description
consequently      finally     since others      besides     discussion
      furthermore thus nevertheless       nonetheless however     perhaps
      possibly    accordingly interestingly     moreover    lastly
      hence therefore additionally
conservation      early therapy     supply      screening chemical
      surveillance      drainage    feeding     bc    and   surgical
      pathology vessels       transfusion endoscopic monitoring products
      activity    sampling
conservative      pharmacological palliative deferred       surgical
      nonoperative      antidepressant    intensified steroid
      physiotherapy     endoscopic standard     sequential definitive
      nonsurgical active      prophylactic      conventional      antibiotic
conservatively    totally     healed      transplanted      staged
      catheterized      aggressively      nonoperatively    medically
      biopsied    surgically intubated successfully         electively with
      asymptomatic      actively    symptomatically prophylactically
consider    interpret anticipate extend         begin cover facilitate
      encourage expand        allow know make reduce        recognize give
      discuss     document    describe    enhance     utilize
considerable      good relatively striking      noticeable substantial
      marked      great clear satisfactory      dramatic    temporary
      notable     reduction distinct      gradual     remarkable delay
      modest      deterioration
considerably      clearly     diminished earlier      significantly     much
      substantially     markedly    globally    dramatically      obviously
      greatly     retained    consistently      evidently remarkably also
      somewhat    constantly slightly
consideration     interpretation    visualization     portions    estimation
      disruption despite      allowing    optimization      because
      confirming attenuation parts inaccurate aware localization
      instead     account     understanding     permitting
considered prescribed applied       offered     expected    interpreted
      realized    quite made allowed      pursued     carefully employed
      used abandoned deemed         chosen      adopted     implemented
considering to    whatever    outside     around      regarding beside
      upon supporting since despite       concerning besides      beyond
      confirming reflecting explaining during         about moreover
considers considering version       outside     raises      around
      regarding supporting concerning covering        besides     involves
      explains    reflects    confirming reviews      reflecting examining
      represented extends
consist     lack aspects      normalization     regardless resumption
      composed    ease consisted capable        consists    because
      persistence indicative consisting completeness        suggestive
      instead     identification    amounts
consisted occurrence lack likelihood presence         consist     incidence
      composed    ease degree       consists    creation    persistence
      consisting chances      number      existence identification
      amounts     amount
consistencies     solutions systems       distributions     fixation
      errors      peaks consistency components rotation     indices
      items assays      tests parameters motions      structures contents
      products    elements
consistency location    orientation size shape fixation     character
      amplitude morphology stability alignment speed rotation
      recruitment anatomic    structure localization        integrity
      complexity content
consistent dealing      agree replacing compatible associated dealt
      interacts presented along together        concomitantly     concurred
      correlating correlated compared     interfering coupled     coincident
consistently      considerably      clearly     diminished uniformly
      significantly     eliminated always       substantially     markedly
      globally    obviously retained      mostly      completely remarkably
      also somewhat     constantly slightly
consisting lack multitude normalization         consist     variety
      regardless history      resumption composed     consisted capable
      consists    because     indicative suggestive instead       amounts
      predominance      description
consists    occurrence lack likelihood presence       consist     use
      composed    development degree      consisted creation
      persistence indicative chances      number      existence
      identification    amounts     amount
consolidated      prescribed maintenance results      treatment provided
      covered     loaded      simultaneously    subsequently      subsequent
      recovery    full individually       following delayed       compliance
      for   re    combined
consolidation     maintenance adjuvant    therapy     spa   chemoradiation
      hormonal    chemotherapy      radiation irradiation concomitant
      intensified salvage     intensification sequential radiotherapy
      immunosuppression initiating concurrent immunosuppressive
consolidations    radiographs echocardiograms dates diagnoses surveys
      biopsies    measurements      blocks      cultures    levels
      recordings evaluations assessments scans indeterminate      images
      rates contiguous mris
conspicuous diminished abundant     common      striking    noticeable
      substantial frequent    marked      satisfactory      temporary
      successful notably      notable     completely prominent remarkably
      remarkable delay drop
constant    prescription      variable    direct      shift plateau
      modified    simulation test temporary probe full preparation
      sequence    set   delay step method       recording for
constantly diminished raised        uniformly quite simultaneously
      markedly    globally    employed    retained    mostly
      consistently      completely primarily remarkably mainly
      augmented also predominantly        for
constipated malnourished      severely    hypothyroid diabetic    cirrhotic
      obese seven hypertensive      pediatric asthmatic parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      demented    immunosuppressed elderly      anemic
      adult hyperlipidemic    depressed
constipation      sepsis      dysphagia edema dyspnea       fever fatigue
      diarrhea    hyponatremia      insomnia    palpitations      disorders
      cough pruritus    headache    neurologic proteinuria headaches
      anemia      vertigo
constitutional    signs somatic     dehydration fever fatigue
      gastrointestinal prodromal insomnia       concomitant psychotic
      persistent voiding      complaints depressive constipation
      concurrent neurologic neurological        symptoms
constriction      transport manipulation        abnormality chemical
      stability difficulty alignment stimulation displacement
      collapse    accumulation      pathology enhancement occlusion
      delay leakage     activity    ie    asymmetry
constrictive      early cutaneous diseases      bc    disease     painful
      cp    lesions     pathology disorders liver organic         malignancy
      symptomatic symptoms    subclinical psychosis ic      dementia
construct user manipulation         location    orientation record
      shape cover stability test insert         match recruitment anatomic
      check structure questions yield correct         monitor
construction      interpretation    form estimation application use
      measurement development timing      optimization      creation
      restoration appearance detection availability         evaluation
      identification    assessment nature       evolution
constructions     areas orientation systems     spaces      tissues
      shape compartments      processes errors        morphology difficulty
      pathology hands segments      lateral     structures structure
      regions     zones
consult     consultation      talk move begin seek cover stop consulting
      express     operate     make insert       take give themselves
      match accept      get   their
consultant consultation       dentist     therapist resident      surgeons
      team senior       probe nurse midwife     cardiologist
      radiologist physician doctor        psychiatrist      specialist
      video pharmacist letter
consultants transport orientation systems       personnel chemical
      resident    errors      staff surgeons    parents     teams pathology
      nurses      physician doctors       physicians psychiatrists
      professional      behaviour
consultation      prosthesis code basic test drug lesion
      distraction physician sound preparation individual doctor
      intervention      child of    implant     procedure video service
consultations     swallowing medications consultation       prescriptions
      dental      errors      vision      speech      medication lesions
      pathology vessels       skin doctors      contacts    products
      problems    ie    symptoms
consulted bled survived       experienced consult     worked      developed
      displayed consulting presented visited          never denied
      regularly already       having      initially attending had
consulting needing      consultation      consultations     experienced
      dental      providing listed        developed visiting      presented
      reporting exhibiting achieving with requiring taking
      having      initially attending
consults    diagnoses consultations       spaces      readings    surveys
      staff others      examinations      shoulders surgeries films
      exams interventions     feet sheets       tests physicians images
consume     generate    ingest      obtain      keep receive      begin
      undergo     maintain    develop     write chew take eat     adopt
      inject      achieve     initiate    attend      perform
consuming using to      ingested    providing reading       mt    light
      wearing     flight      by    writing     through     ate   lapse pt
      performing prolonged ie       for
consumption transport uptake        dependency morphology usage stability
      expression perception speed indices       volume      recovery
      retention activity      patterns    performance intake      production
cont nl     con   cg    ht    hc    pl    ls    group dg    control     bf
      rc    sb    hi    ea    sf    np    int   ga
contact     consultation      orientation consultations     assistance
      irrigation vision       reading     light medication pathology
      lesion      distraction skin sound compression compliance problems
      ie    cutting
contacted requested reevaluated screened        offered     typed taught
      reviewed    recruited interviewed checked       extubated regularly
      traced      recorded    reassessed scanned      retested    issued
contacting touching     changing    closing     outside     avoiding
      around      traction    removing    besides     knowing     connecting
      positioning marks inside      passed      input during      passing
contacts    medications prescriptions     movements consultations
      complications     errors      vision      medication lesions
      pathology segments      complaints sedation     products    problems
      behavior    ie    headaches symptoms
contained capsule       manipulation      location    orientation shape
      character components basic contains       lesion      preparation
      anatomic    following structure of        membrane    ie    elements
containing capsule      paste syrup supplement solution     oral mixture
      foam cocktail     extract     diuretic    commercial tablet
      discrete    preparation beverage    sequential suspension mouthwash
contains    uses process      manipulation      location    component
      shape construction      form character entailed       gives works
      involves    reflects    contained structure includes        yields
contaminant specific    component direct        shift abnormality chemical
      spreading sharp therapeutic great temporary discrete        critical
      distinct    source      delay step method       element
contaminate raise replace     cover mediate     facilitate disrupt
      encompass diminish      accurately reliably     reduce      enlarge
      elevate     mitigate    activate    complicate enhance      explain
contaminated      noncompliance     treatment therapy       irrigation air
      loaded      facial      contact     normally    ears lesions
      pathology wounds        skin water compliance ie      cs    ar
contamination     manipulation      formation absorption spread
      alignment components penetration displacement         destruction
      positioning insertion acceleration        transmission
      localization      leakage     integrity ie      elements    complexity
contaminations    determinations    radiographs afterwards complications
      losses      finally     surveys     examinations      etc   tests
      recordings evaluations images       functions respectively
      scores      lastly      consequently      additionally
contemplating     interpreting      require     offered     considered
      avoided     recommending      appropriately     carefully further
      accepting denied        counseled simply        explicitly inaccurate
      aware properly    confused    cautious
content     location    formation absorption orientation distribution
      size shape character amplitude morphology usage stability
      expression displacement       acceleration      structure
      localization      deposition production
contents    walls location    absorption orientation distribution
      distributions     shape character morphology peaks components
      bases indices     recovery    branches    parameters patterns
      elements    content
context     interpretation    direction construction        form
      anticipation      mediation absence       prevention development mode
      magnitude management region         demonstration     availability
      regulation vicinity     view nature
contiguous steps extreme      areas permanent light foci and      remote
      ears lesions      discrete    pathology segments      pathological
      knees delayed     clusters    ie    zones
contin      capsules    acetaminophen     morphine    oxycodone niacin
      oxybutynin hydromorphone      release     sr    tramadol
      theophylline      pca   tablets     ms    diltiazem suspension
      verapamil ibuprofen analgesia
contingent based direct       concentrated      massage     stimulus
      light focus reinforcement     incentive basic drug distraction
      training    information sound individual superimposed       ie
continually formed      to    practically automatically     quite
      simultaneously    globally    by    basically temporarily retained
      accumulated completely bilaterally also constantly for
      essentially actually
continuance lack aspects      estimation application characterization use
      measurement optimization      degree      because     persistence
      completeness      duration    evaluation instead      identification
      assessment amounts      determination
continuation      reversal    pharmacological maintenance interruption
      prescription      interpretation    course      severity    use
      optimization      mode persistence restoration appearance evaluation
      assessment the    evolution pharmacologic
continue    move proceed      begin seek send refer titrate       choose
      take convert      adhere      learn give apply enable       utilize
      restrict    attend      try
continued prescribed requested eventually applied           provided
      required    began allowed     used continuing subsequently
      planned     then preferred also ultimately from were re
continues leads efforts       leading     seem tends seems seemed
      proved      led   appear      owing due   appears     appeared
      inability thought       tended      attempting fails
continuing specifically       oriented    continued specific
      potentially others      repeat      surgical    medication thus
      physiotherapy     subsequent prolonged delayed        ultimately
      their special     were re
continuity reversal     severity    disruption isolation usage attributes
      stability perception knowledge suppression restoration
      enhancement fear documentation      localization      assessment the
      patterns    utilization
continuous maintenance bolus intravenous oral infusion      intracoronary
      rapid typical     intermittent      temporary discrete
      concomitant subcutaneous      protracted 24-hour      prolonged
      standard    sequential constant
continuously      maintained separately made tracked        given calculated
      kept simultaneously     repeatedly intermittently     serially
      measured    checked     assessed    regularly recorded      evaluated
      monitored intraoperatively
contour     finger      orientation shape system      signal
      configuration     ring test path lesion         force preparation
      structure layer of      membrane    implant     procedure actual
contours    orientation systems     spaces      shape nerves      errors
      anatomy     signals     components force muscles      items anatomic
      structures structure products       sounds      digits      elements
contra      oriented    extreme     specific    permanent other response
      adjacent    us    secondary reference light remote          surgical
      declining distraction which subsequent planned        special
contraception     medications foods medicines violence      delivering
      medication objects      fertility opioids       alcohol     them
      pills products    breastfeeding     narcotics labor illness
      antibiotics analgesics
contraceptive     capsule     malodor     vaginal     anticoagulant
      solution    rehydration ocp   anticoagulation pill antidiabetic
      drug contraceptives     benzodiazepine    preparation pills containing
      suspension hygiene      laxative
contraceptives    malodor     hypoglycemic      anticoagulant
      hypoglycemics     acyclovir rehydration anticoagulation thrush
      valganciclovir    antidiabetic      quinidine steroids      pills
      contraception     contraceptive     suspension candidiasis liquor
contracted orientation leg    br    di    posture     si    pc    lesion
      skin force joint scar of      membrane    cyst ie     cs    ar
contractile swallowing metabolic transport orientation movement
      chemical    cortical    intestinal dynamic      physiological     skin
      recovery    force physiologic muscle      structure motor membrane
contractility     transport afterload damage          viability preload
      morphology inflammation       perfusion enlargement filling       tone
      ischemia    functions behavior      activity    symptomatology
      behaviour symptoms      function
contraction transport orientation movement      mvc   relaxation alignment
      workload    rotation    displacement      dynamic     contractions
      force recruitment muscle      acceleration      power sensation ie
contractions      swallowing transport pulses         movements movement
      errors      waves signals     peaks stimulation rotation
      contraction pathology force structures products       ie    exercises
contracture treatment chemical      various     spontaneous facial      and
      alignment surgical      lesions     deformity pathology joint
      individual infection leakage        ie    contamination     complex
contractures      recurrences injuries    instability synovitis foci
      defects     involvement atrophy     lesions     deformity ulceration
      pathology fractures cysts spasticity complaints infection ie
contraindicated still ineffective unreliable usually        effective
      necessary known unknown       stressed    problematic mandatory rare
      feasible    questionable      seldom      compromised now
      unavailable justified
contraindication alternative prior applicable contributing        ready
      contributor enough      sufficiently      sufficient necessary
      sensitive propensity bridge         tool tendency     sensible
      contraindications restricted reasonable
contraindications responsive resistant unresponsive         efforts
      related     proceeded prior required      referred    exposure
      unrelated alternatives        access      barriers    failed
      presumed    responded adherence failing
contrast    israel      areas tissues     turkey      settings    particular
      infancy     man   where turn order detail       hearts      alcoholics
      country     addition    children    vitro regions
contribute lead relate        leads relates     relating    predispose
      contributes attributable      contributing      attributed
      corresponds owing due   inability fail contributed according
      attempting fails
contributed lead relate       leads relates     relating    closer
      contributes attributable      contributing      attributed led
      corresponds adhered     owing due   contribute according helps
contributes relate      leads relates     relating    tends attributable
      contributing      attributed led    corresponds owing due   inability
      contribute contributed according attempting helps fails
contributing      lead relate       related     leading     relates
      relating    closer      contributes attributable      attributed
      attached    owing due   inability contribute contributed according
      attempting helps
contribution      bioavailability potential spread          relative
      contributions     ability     use   necessity timing        degree
      magnitude scope discovery mechanism availability            extent
      amount      nature      evolution
contributions     bioavailability quantity      efficacy    spread
      relative    contribution      ability     use   timing      magnitude
      scope goals appearance availability       extent      risks nature
      evolution benefits
contributor leading     alternative relating    closer      attributable
      contributing      attached    enough      supposed    difficult
      sufficient necessary superior       owing due   opportunity inability
      restricted contraindication
contributory      considerable      shift crucial     result
      potentially viable      contributing      substantial useful
      marker      important sensitive critical        problem     tool
      delay possible    reasonable worthwhile
control     sub   former      other cg    hc    cn    second      group rc
      sb    tt    intervention      experimental      ea    lap   np    cs
      es    ga
controled conducted way       controlled masked       blind study involving
      simulation protocol     model cross comparative center      sheet
      multi sequence    trial set   period
controllable      specific    good potentially personal     reproducible
      reversible rapid painless     prompt      satisfactory      temporary
      standardized      physiologically simple        rare prolonged
      quick distinct    functionally
controlled way    single      randomized fashion      clinical    flexible
      phase masked      manner      blind double      involving controled
      cross comparative open multi large trial
controlling establishing      responsible improving requests      adjustment
      adjusting directions eliminating providing except           preference
      indications preparing caring        appropriate search      accounted
      correcting decreasing
contusion sepsis        injury      injuries    dysphagia pe      edema
      hemorrhage fever cp     atrophy     perfusion infarcts      pathology
      abscess     ischemia    neurologic proteinuria neurological       ic
contusions sepsis       strokes     injury      injuries    contusion
      hemorrhages edema fever abscesses diarrhea      atrophy     infarcts
      palpitations      complaints hematomas constipation         neurologic
      neurological      headaches
conus desired     target      process     pelvis      fingers     retina
      cornea      patella     musculature original    diaphragm urethra
      itself      penis thumb fetus underlying uterus       actual
convalescence     swallowing gait postdischarge       discomfort
      complications     hospitalization mortality hospitalisation
      usage late disability mobility      subsequent recovery
      postoperative     functional delayed      retention consequently
convalescing      acute suffering myocardial suffered       resulting
      transplanted      suffer      transmural derived      isolated
      participating     originally sera aside arising       weaned
      thrombolysis      recovered recovering
convened    specifically      formed      partially applied       provided
      offered     organized coordinated made allowed        delivered
      facilitated created     blocked     primarily represented largely
      mainly      permitted
conventional      tamoxifen light normal        cc    minimal
      traditional intermittent      preoperative      concomitant steroid
      physiotherapy     full standard     sequential active       concurrent
      classic     ordinary    cs
conversant dealing      replacing compatible associated dealt deals
      interact    interacts consistent along together       correlating
      correlated interfering interferes interfere coupled         coincident
conversation      oriented    consultation      specific    chemical
      dental      reading     posture     voice remote      lesion
      distraction skin sound preparation child professional       ie
      video complex
conversational    swallowing foods cognition inflammation         speech
      falls objects     stress      sedation    platelets products
      language    pruritus    social      behavior    proteins
      communication     neutrophils symptoms
conversations     swallowing thinking     consultations     discomfort
      reading     contact     discussions mobility    contacts    language
      their compliance problems     functions behavior      communication
      symptomatology    behaviour symptoms
conversing supplementation therapy        thalidomide providing trazodone
      getting     bay   ama   carvedilol hcl    monotherapy statins
      people      them immobilized formerly     having      cyclosporin
conversion susceptibility     responsiveness    related     leading
      response    relative    exposure    allowed     switch      time
      ability     equivalent exposures access         from return
      adherence restricted transition
convert     move continue     proceed     begin revert      listen      send
      administer refer titrate      choose      adhere      learn give
      apply respond     utilize     restrict    try
converted responsive prior switched       attributable      unrelated
      exposed     unable      advised     confined    encouraged able
      subjected instructed owing due      asked failed      according
converting losartan     pancreas    metabolizing      cox-2 acei ace
      diuretics quinapril inhibitor lisinopril inhibitors ramipril
      fosinopril protease     angiotensin enzyme      enalapril selective
convexity walls location      orientation closing     shape apical
      amplitude alignment configuration         displacement      force
      lateral     branches    border      structure similarity of
      inclination asymmetry
conveyed    elicited    provided    effected    supported minimized
      prevented dominated released        facilitated approximated
      affected    appreciated triggered aggravated blocked
      represented preferred augmented captured
convinced so      think sure suggesting suggested feel assume
      argue show assumption assuming      indicating demonstrate
      tentatively meant belief      indicated believe       stated
convincing clearly      considerable      mention     growing     clear
      obvious     tentative limited       ample indication conclusive
      reports     apparent    suggestion evidence     definitive consensus
      possible    sign
convulsions injuries    bleeding    spontaneous vision      fever wheezing
      lesions     ulceration anaphylaxis infections infection
      intolerance seizures    headaches symptoms      illness
      antibiotics psychosis epistaxis
convulsive tumor cutaneous dental         spontaneous facial
      nutritional delirium    voice brain painful     medication drug
      deformity pathology lesion          steroid     individual antibiotic
cook pelvis       trunk scalp cornea      clip wrist torso patella
      abdomen     original    thorax      thigh ring diaphragm urethra
      sternum     orbit fetus uterus
cooking     swallowing meat gait foods food emotional chemical
      personal    vision      speech      dietary     skin sedation
      education language      cough behavior    communication     ac
cool cooling      air   reading     posture     mid   light horizontal hc
      remote      pc    heat swimming     skin pp     water temperature
      neutral     cold vertical
cooley      deficiency overload     exacerbated overcome    improve
      prevented dominated improves        accurately reliably     alone
      aggravated reflected evidenced blocked          stores      augmented
      alleviated compromised
cooling     transport manipulation        vibration orientation movement
      air   traction    reading     light stimulation rotation    heat
      distraction skin water compression ie     cutting     cs
coombs      serology    breath      guaiac      ana   mixed romberg
      exact student     positive    culture     prick pap   pad   fischer
      walk fisher       negative    t     allen
cooperate move begin intervene prevent          operate     manage      take
      restore     detect      recognize eat     get   ambulate    remember
      localize    communicate initiate    recover     perform
cooperative sub   former      clinical    heterogeneous     phase
      surveillance      international     reference current       second
      french      control     oncology    npo   comparative intervention
      experimental      italian     third
coordinate user target        orientation moving      shape screen
      stimulus    central     basic test insert       plan threat
      sound match circle      grading     correct     monitor
coordinated oriented    specific    orientation direct      provided
      formal      chemical    targeting organized modified
      surveillance      policy      discussion simulation facilitated
      discrete    critical    method      professional
coordinating      user consultation       target      dentist     surgeon
      medical     code team final test site physician doctor
      urologist of      coordinator procedure vertical      actual
coordination      transport orientation movement      shape chemical
      reading     morphology stability speed physiological        mobility
      discrimination    recruitment physiologic anatomic    structure
      behavior    performance behaviour
coordinator dentist     therapist system        surgeon     stimulus    code
      team program      sensor      probe nurse technique network
      physician doctor        method      device      procedure apparatus
cooximetry elisa measuring echocardiography urinalysis serology
      infusing    chemistry paramedics technicians spirometry certified
      cardiologists     culturing means gases psychiatrists       gas
      palpation flow
copd schizophrenia      hypertension      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy
      crf   emphysema glomerulonephritis        cirrhosis cad
      scleroderma ckd   chf   sarcoidosis ipf   refractory malignancies
      chronic     idiopathic bronchiectasis
copies      au    vl    ml    eu    llq   diluted     load iu
      equivalents ug    ng    microgram pg      mg/5 u      loads psa   copy
copious     hypertension      diffuse     hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy
      ds    sca   without     hypertriglyceridemia    cp    pheochromocytoma
      persistent asthma       sarcoidosis syndrome    paraplegia
      dyslipidemia      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
copy reversal     prescription      manipulation      location    component
      direct      disruption lot    displacement      attenuation sequence
      set   source      delay correction localization       recording sign
cor   ss    ha    ta    facial      tm    md    nasal cp    sm    pc    ap
      sh    skin liver cough tinnitus     np    ar    ic
cora israel       hawaii      electrophysiology mexico      usa   settings
      village     situ present      group man   summer      detail      uk
      hemo vitro heritage     arm   this
cord manipulation       injury      burn injuries     injured     cutaneous
      facial      brain nocturnal fusion        deformity pathology skin
      peripheral muscular     liver splenic     cerebral    cs
cords fingers     retina      epiglottis pharynx      stomach
      conjunctiva jaw   cornea      tongue      junction    abdomen
      thorax      folds diaphragm urethra       penis thumb orbit uterus
core finger       target      cooling     orientation chemical    reading
      basic drug physiological      lesion      heat skin sound individual
      child membrane    vertical    actual      complex
coreg dissolve    visualize dissect       adjust      remove      originate
      cravings    stabilize optimize      maximize    d5    safe activate
      prepare     away feasible     withdraw    postpone    suitable
cores medications solutions pulses        bacteria    organs      specimens
      errors      waves smears      signals     stools      lesions
      forceps     items insertions contacts     joints      colonies
corgard     metoprolol aztreonam nadolol        mch   histamine
      thalidomide participation     lamotrigine pets labetalol
      propranolol terbutaline splenectomy procainamide      prazosin
      carbamazepine     betaxolol nicardipine cyclosporine
cori former       industry    aforementioned    lungs original    latter
      position    literature axilla       author      path same plane
      region      preceding uk      periphery of      remaining
coring      early ha    eyes amiodarone cc      ears painful      reporting
      sh    ip    niv   knees rp    with sucralfate hips the      ie    cs
corn  meat pea    fo    mixed milk cp     cooking     oil   fish
      carbohydrate      chicken     sodium      water aa    silicone
      fiber flaxseed    cereal      ac
cornea      retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach     conjunctiva
      acetabulum lungs tongue       patella     abdomen     original
      thorax      diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis thumb
      endometrium uterus
corneal     retinal     sa    leg   cutaneous conjunctival        facial
      tm    la    lesion      ap    skin scar eeg     postoperative
      cough lid   cs    ar    ac
corona      lm    stomach     jaw   facial      tongue      anterior
      brain abdomen     proximal    kidneys     lesion      hands skin
      orbit joint cyst lid    cerebellar complex
coronal     finger      trunk orientation shape posterior apical
      reading     morphology mid    horizontal hands axial ap     transverse
      skin lateral      anatomic    vertical    sagittal
coronaries pes    cardiogenic plasmapheresis    nl    clinical    breasts
      hyperdynamic      ears endotoxic dc       occluded    stent septic
      asymptomatic      stented     fd    awake pd    emergently
coronary    progressive celiac      multivessel pulmonary femoropopliteal
      residual    disease     extracranial      vessel      valvular
      ischemic    atherosclerotic cerebrovascular liver symptomatic
      preexisting overt carotid     arteriosclerotic
coroner     determinations    biochemical pairs dates characteristics
      feelings    subjective microbiologic      measurements      indices
      views details     evaluations assessments miscellaneous     intakes
      inclusive activities volumes
corpora     pelvis      fingers     retina      vagina      pharynx
      stomach     conjunctiva cornea      tongue      rectum      abdomen
      thorax      peritoneum diaphragm urethra        sternum     penis
      orbit muscles
corporal    trunk sa    lm    leg   di    tm    la    proximal    sm    legs
      intestinal hands axial ap     skin cough splenic      ar    ac
corpus      pelvis      trunk fingers     vagina      pharynx     gut
      duodenum    stomach     lungs wrist rectum      abdomen     thorax
      thigh proximal    urethra     orbit muscles     lateral
corpuscular mchc sem    a1c   residence mcv     mpv   map   hemoglobin
      tidal hgb   yrs   voided      rms   arterial    gradients deviation
      se    age   hematocrit
correct     target      prescription      manipulation      location
      diagnostic orientation shape therapeutic stability basic test
      positioning individual technical recruitment anatomic       proper
      similarity actual
corrected fs      sa    binocular predicted di        reading     mt    si
      values      retained    ap    recovery    bi    delayed     retention
      va    re    near ac
correcting specifically       establishing      improving maintaining
      controlling screening eliminating avoiding      providing obtaining
      removing    particularly      facilitating      enhancing preparing
      checking    identifying especially decreasing
correction reversal     interpretation    estimation application use
      measurement removal     optimization      suppression insertion
      attenuation restoration enhancement placement evaluation
      documentation     augmentation      localization      assessment
correctional      generating environment screening plastic        prison
      dental      rehabilitation    situation particular remote
      general     skilled     busy which certain      managing
      identifying country     community
corrections compensation      prescriptions     adjustments diagnoses
      assistance distributions      errors      usage recommendations and
      components calculations       values      indices     testing
      blocks      assays      correction procedures
corrective specific     manipulation      movement    systems     plastic
      chemical    reconstructive    dental      reinforcement     repeat
      surgical    medication revision     pathology extra endoscopic
      compression ie    re
correctly prescribed only totally         to    globally    difficulty and
      by    retained    completely represented almost       identified
      correct     for   reported    re    additionally      actually
correlate comply        dealing     agree compatible associated dealt
      interact    interacts consistent along together       correlating vary
      correlated interfering interferes interfere coincident deal
correlated dealing      replacing compatible associated dealt interact
      interacts consistent along weakly         together    positively
      concomitantly     correlating compared    interfering interferes
      coupled     coincident
correlating dealing     replacing compatible associated supplementing
      dealt deals interacts consistent along together       concomitantly
      correlated compared     interfering interferes interfere coupled
correlation strong      gap   interposed linear       imbalance
      significant relationship      interaction overlap     association
      connection discrimination     discrepancy difference remarkable
      similarity weak agreement discordance
corresponding     distal      target      resultant best apical
      highest     reference time most final respective threshold
      lateral     intervention      lowest      of    procedure
      predominant actual
corresponds lead leads leading      relates     relating    closer
      contributes attributable      contributing      attributed led
      owing due   inability contributed according attempting helps
cortef      tiredness malodor       irritability      rigors
      hypoglycemics     lightheadedness rehydration malaise
      paresthesias      safe antidiabetics      contraceptives
      contraceptive     hygiene     nervousness lethargy    mucositis
      myalgias    dizziness
cortex      thalamus    stomach     space lungs pons parietal     axilla
      medial      lobes plane region      temporal    ventral     lateral
      pfc   occipital frontal       dorsal      cerebellum
cortical    movement    chemical    processes facial        brain speech
      intestinal pathology skin sound individual muscle           eeg
      structures motor language     membrane    cellular    complex
corticosteroid    lithium     therapy     anticoagulant     spa
      anticoagulation amiodarone tamoxifen corticosteroids warfarin
      steroids    drug intensified steroid      levodopa    statin
      active      immunosuppressive antibiotic topical
corticosteroids medications therapy       budesonide bronchodilators
      sulfasalazine     hydroxyurea antacids    warfarin    corticosteroid
      albuterol steroids      clomipramine      statins     opioids
      clozapine benzodiazepines agents          vancomycin antibiotics
cortisol    plasma      ammonia     lipid potassium lh      lactate
      norepinephrine    folate      testosterone      acth progesterone
      fibrinogen serum tsh    glucagon    catecholamine     tg    ne
cortisone vision        inflammation      nitrate     hydrocortisone
      quinidine quinine       furosemide steroids     phenytoin
      theophylline      levodopa    acid sodium       ciprofloxacin     aa
      gentamicin prednisolone       erythromycin      digoxin
cortrosyn plasma        gh    mch   histamine oral basal cortisone
      hypoxia     cortisol    atropine    furosemide testosterone       acth
      propranolol dexamethasone     serum tsh   challenge cosyntropin
corynebacterium aztreonam fluconazole amitriptyline         hydroxyurea
      clindamycin ceftriaxone tamoxifen levamisole imipramine
      clomipramine      cefazolin ceftazidime cefotaxime gentamicin
      cryptosporidium vancomycin erythromycin         tobramycin
cosgrove    variations there spikes       echocardiograms resulting
      resulted    gains engaged     carpentier alterations participating
      participated      examinations      improvements      declines
      residing    changes     they annuloplasty
cosmetic    radiographic      orientation other chemical    eventual
      others      surgical    pathology subsequent skin recovery
      pathological      oncological anatomic    scar functional delayed
      immunological     re
cosopt      trusopt     betablocker prosthesis dorzolamide gemcitabine
      chemotherapy      brimonidine timoptic    timolol     irinotecan
      diuretic    carboplatin latanoprost pilocarpine maleate     gel   s-1
      cpt-11      betaxolol
costal      pelvis      fingers     retina      vagina      pharynx
      stomach     conjunctiva cornea      anus wrist tongue       junction
      forehead    abdomen     thorax      diaphragm urethra       sternum
costophrenic      pancreas    gemcitabine photofrin bay
      microcalcifications     bupivacaine rapamycin cervix        irinotecan
      bovine      atherosclerosis repaglinide membranes esophagus
      inhaled     prematurity cpt-11      lidocaine cyclosporin
costovertebral    within      touching    whatever    closing     outside
      till around       supporting below throughout connecting explains
      beyond      inside      subsided    passed      during      passing
cosyntropin tactile     nitroglycerin     histamine oral repetitive
      hypoxia     hydrocortisone    medication furosemide acth
      vaccination phenylephrine     electrical terbutaline vibratory
      exercise    naloxone    noxious     allergen
cot   specific    sa    ha    ot    air   mt    infant      repeat      sm
      co    subsequent skin rc      water bi    delayed     cs    es    ac
cottage     location    tracing     moving      shape resident    electrode
      clip lift bar     configuration     vehicle     plug of     membrane
      implant     correct     above tip   near
couch moving      column      therapist plate box     scene filter      bar
      lesion      film flat diet physician doctor           machine
      device      farm scan video
cough swallowing ha     dysphagia cutaneous spontaneous dyspnea
      agitation fever pain cp       ap    skin sedation     pruritus
      headache    neurological      symptoms    ar    ac
coughing    swallowing tenderness pains movement      discomfort dyspnea
      fatigue     defecation pain crying        disability straining
      mobility    erythema    swelling    mood sedation     cough pruritus
coughs      medications medicines organs        waves diseased    attacks
      tongue      drugs stools      drug lesion       vessels     muscles
      voids joints      colonies    products    bones digits
could conceivably must can    should      proved      shall would thus
      preferably may    might cannot      appeared    presumed    will
      therefore remains       remain      needs
coumadin    ascites     ds    severe      amiodarone hc     aspirin
      warfarin    ticlopidine ld    without     metformin persistent
      alone vad   bilateral clopidogrel symptomatic enalapril ic
counsel     generate    obtain      avoid prescribe maintain      intervene
      administer optimize     treat prevent     manage      inform
      learn prepare     identify    communicate select      initiate
counseled prescribed requested offered          alert considered made
      contacted taught        read encouraged visited       transported
      denied      individually      counselled regularly motivated
      traced      issued
counseling lifestyle personal       reinforcement     medication
      psychosocial      testing     training    physiotherapy     advice
      interventions     instruction education smoking       professional
      behavior    exercises communication       behaviour ac
counselled prescribed requested screened        offered     alert stabilized
      recalled    contacted taught        read counseled subsequently
      advice      individually      regularly motivated issued          re
counselor syringe       consultant therapist filter         bar   team
      program     probe nurse midwife     booklet     pediatrician
      sheet device      specialist message      video pharmacist letter
count wbc   nadir lymphocyte morphology rbc     hct   pc    culture     ap
      volume      tp    ph    activity    pcv   neutrophil plt    score
      hematocrit counts
counter     target      process     otc   midline     system      bag
      stimulus    reservoir code ring path technique circuit
      fetus pathway     device      of    procedure apparatus
counterpart component shape since progress      ones besides      discussion
      furthermore configuration     thus nevertheless       positioning
      reflecting aid    however     delay correct     moreover    above
counterpulsation aztreonam hypotension therapy        aneurysm    beam
      kyphoplasty amiodarone tamponade irradiation nephrotoxicity
      pathology valves        calcification     endoscopic radiotherapy
      splenectomy cryosurgery valvuloplasty     ar
countershock      recurrence hemostasis therapy       delivery
      recanalization    drainage    ablation    stimulation closure
      medication collapse     cannulation insertion recovery      evacuation
      acceleration      block placement puncture
country     areas generating field industry     environment tissues
      direction village       situation particular french         spanish
      position    region      uk    italian     condition arm     zones
counts      lymphocyte losses       morphology rbc    pb    measurements
      carcinomas hct    values      culture     tp    count levels
      tests loads densities volumes       scores      hematocrit
county      israel      north town northwest turkey         mexico      east
      village     connecticut particular french       spanish     uk
      country     italian     west england      community south
couple      oriented    consultation      prescription      screening
      stimulus    basic program     drug discrete     lesion      threat
      new   sound preparation child woman message     video complex
coupled     dealing     replacing compatible associated supplementing
      dealt interact    interacts consistent along together
      concomitantly     correlating correlated compared     interfering
      interferes coincident combined
couplets    supraventricular vpbs ectopy        dyspnea     hypertrophy
      ectopics    bigeminy    ectopic     vt    arrhythmias arrhythmia
      tachycardia pvcs ves    tachyarrhythmia tachycardias
      nonsustained      complexes inducible
course      occurrence diagnosis form incidence frequency use
      development timing      probability percentage degree       magnitude
      demonstration     number      appearance evaluation amount
      evolution pattern
courses     reversal    maintenance interruption      pairs cycles
      injections applications       infusions types doses suppression
      episodes    sets restoration boluses      forms the   induction
coursing    moved closest     shifted     extending transferring
      allowed     came attribute aimed attached       transferred come
      adhered     anastomosed chose from directly     communicated
cove purpose      leading     responds    relating    contributes
      attributable      aim   led   enough      objective owing due     fail
      contribute has    according return        attempting trying
cover move estimate     visualize facilitate expand         stabilize
      accurately reduce       insert      handle      match guide get
      check document    enhance     correct     monitor     judge
coverage    manipulation      location    orientation size dependency
      usage stability alignment closure         displacement
      positioning recruitment anatomic    acceleration      correction
      localization      integrity contamination       deposition
covered     formed      visualized elicited     provided    estimated
      loaded      delivered facilitated sutured       perfused    triggered
      repaired    created     filled      blocked     secured     following
      augmented of
covering    within      to    considering version     outside
      emphasizing around      upon concerning besides       through
      displacement      beyond      positioning reflecting representing
      on    about for
covert      specific    prescription      manipulation      chemical
      processing light reinforcement      typical     discrete
      physiological     pathology discrimination      sound spatial
      recruitment physiologic transmission      ie    complex
cox-2 specific    mucin cutaneous beta inflammation         da    compound
      drug opioid       dopamine    benzodiazepine    benzodiazepines
      latent      products    membrane    somatostatin      topical
      selective complex
cozaar      losartan    nitroglycerine    nitroglycerin     oral
      inflammation      nitrate     hydrocortisone    quinidine quinine
      particles origin        furosemide spironolactone     acid them
      terbutaline gentamicin verapamil erythromycin
cp    ch    ss    sa    ha    ds    ta    md    hc    la    bc    sm    pc
      ap    aa    np    cs    ar    ic    ac
cp5   so    50-year     moving      closer      close switch      guidewire
      approach    60-year     walker      propensity bridge
      accordingly tendency    message     here bound transition nearby
cpa   metoprolol amitriptyline      cimetidine aspirin      nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    allopurinol furosemide spironolactone
      propranolol diltiazem dexamethasone       doxycycline prazosin
      verapamil prednisolone        erythromycin      enalapril captopril
cpap lithium      therapy     obstruction bipap tamoxifen nifedipine
      medication intermittent       clomipramine      steroid
      physiotherapy     ip    clozapine airway        octreotide active
      prazosin    ar    captopril
cpb   cooling     treatment therapy       operations protamine
      resuscitation     reperfusion surgery     operation dosing
      immunization      meals vaccination weaning     hepatectomy extubation
      finishing exercise      bathing
cpd   ss    sa    mp    md    ht    hc    bc    cp    pc    ma    ap    hd
      dialysis    aa    np    proteinuria es    pd    ic
cpi   fs    sa    di    tm    md    pac   si    sm    pc    lesion      ap
      sb    ep    intervention      bi    ao    of    np    cs
cpk   kinase      ammonia     potassium phosphokinase       haptoglobin
      fatigue     cortisol    lactate     albumin     ck    ap    tp
      progesterone      fibrinogen ckmb serum ca      tg    bilirubin
cpr   therapy     td    air   spontaneous resuscitation     mt    medication
      pathology distraction training      physiotherapy     ip    rp
      compression ie    cs    ar    ic    ac
cpt   sa    orientation leg   br    di    tm    reading     mt    test si
      lesion      distraction ap    skin pt     tt    eeg   cs    ar
cpt-11      azithromycin      thalidomide cisplatin cddp 5-fu
      hydroxyurea gemcitabine mitoxantrone      ofloxacin 5fu     irinotecan
      ifosfamide carboplatin fudr repaglinide epirubicin dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     s-1
cr    relapse     tumor dysphagia partial       response    mp    pr    ld
      cytogenetic pc    ap    remission pathologic complete       rp
      splenectomy cs    ar    ic
cr5   pat   closest     pen   wand navigation clip apex software
      wishes      prognoses magill        doctor      xs    preferred
      endoscope plug ao       classic     eo
crack medications abstinence legal marijuana cocaine        substance
      heroin      medication resources its      alcohol     amphetamines
      mood sedation     sexual      behavior    tobacco     sedatives
cracked     foods vaginal     mixed vision      fever wheezing    calcium
      phenobarbital     intermediate      carbohydrate      sodium
      water hypo neutral      gentamicin cough mono fiber low
crackers    tiredness meat appetite       irritability      dryness
      fatigue     cooking     mobility    erythema    snacks      exudate
      rigidity    including flushing      sweating    itching     redness
      fiber confusion
crackles    breathlessness    pains infiltrates erosions    abnormalities
      hemorrhages edema dyspnea     inflammation      fever abscesses
      wheezing    diarrhea    atelectasis lesions     calcifications
      nodules     deposits    symptoms
crackling aspect        visualization     aspects     portions    portion
      version     regardless reflects     confirming reflect      examining
      none means complicate aware instead       elucidation understanding
craig tiredness appetite      irritability      anxiety     dyspnea
      fatigue     um    paresthesias      disability spirometry mobility
      erythema    exams nervousness social      itching     redness
      confusion dizziness
cramping    tiredness tenderness pains cramps         discomfort fatigue
      diarrhea    paresthesias      pain flatulence swelling      dysuria
      numbness    distention bloating     pruritus    headache    confusion
cramps      tiredness tenderness pains cramping       discomfort dyspnea
      fever fatigue     diarrhea    paresthesias      weakness
      palpitations      flatulence numbness     constipation      pruritus
      headache    headaches symptoms
crampy      pleuritic epigastric discogenic unrelieved shoulder
      musculoskeletal postsurgical        abdominal flank chest
      retrosternal      neuropathic gynecomastia      thoraco
      incapacitating    back toothache worst breakthrough
cranial     pelvic      cutaneous spontaneous facial        brain cp
      pathology ap      skin external     ep    thoracic    rp    hepatic
      splenic     neurological      cs    ar    ac
craniectomy consultation      injury      therapy     plasmapheresis
      prosthesis decompression      laminectomy shunt bt    and   amputation
      pac   surgical    fistula     preparation stent nimodipine ie
craniocervical    trunk foot leg    prosthesis elbow shoulder     facial
      wrist posture     proximal    ring basic sound joint child uterus
      membrane    implant     complex
cranioplasty      reconstruction    instability enucleation decompression
      excision    surveillance      embolization      ablation    surgical
      revision    pathology repair        exploration endoscopic resection
      splenectomy microsurgical     placement laparoscopy
craniotomy neurosurgery       gastroscopy operations laminectomy
      arthroscopy tonsillectomy     surgery     esophagectomy     surgeries
      thoracotomy appendicectomy    laparotomy colonoscopy hepatectomy
      resections resection requiring laparoscopic           laparoscopy
crash consultation      screening accidents dental          resident
      rehabilitation    voice cortical    and   drug lesion       sound
      preparation individual block language     ie    fracture    complex
cravings    appetite    irritability      emotional anxiety       satiety
      arrangements      fatigue     crying      preferences mobility
      hunger      exams tables      plans mood housing      smoking
      behavior    confusion
crawl touch specific    rear load reading       lifting     work tracking
      running     dynamic     testing     lesion      distraction strain
      swimming    sensitivity exercise    walking     behavioral
cream paste shampoo     miconazole betamethasone      solution    foam
      lotion      hydrocortisone    extract     medication clomipramine
      gel   vehicle     suspension doxepin      erythromycin      ointment
      topical     clonazepam
creams      medications treatments solutions foot systems         nerves
      drugs objects     drug skin preparations        feet products
      sounds      digits      devices     ointments mh      dressings
creat f     d     sa    l     alb   pl    diuresis    g     ma    resp tp
      na    similarly lactulose k         ca    s     fe    decreased
created     ascertained provided    organized eliminated automatically
      manually    made calculated delivered tested          employed    by
      assessed    prepared    chosen      adopted     evaluated captured
creatine    nitroglycerin     zinc calcium      glutamine testosterone
      sm    glutamate ck      phenytoin theophylline        progesterone
      magnesium ethanol       cpk   sodium      muscle      ca    aa
creatinine lipids       phosphate electrolytes        amylase     phosphorus
      potassium haptoglobin cortisol      calcium     pth   folate
      albumin     testosterone      ferritin    ca    urea tsh    bilirubin
creation    occurrence presence     construction      estimation
      application use   measurement development timing      consists
      persistence discovery demonstration       restoration existence
      appearance availability       identification    amount
credentials location    shape version     character finally       discussion
      ends components displacement        thus beyond       reflecting
      branches    slope represented integrity passing       complexity
creek whatever    extending outside       around      beside      came
      covering    attached    throughout spanning     connecting inside
      depending affixed       inc   background away during        directly
crepitus    tiredness signs tenderness stiffness otalgia          dryness
      feelings    intensity mobility      swelling    relief      numbness
      fear coughing     sensation heaviness redness         palpation
crescendo abnormal      strokes     recurrent focal recurring gangrene
      without     persistent stenosis     seizure     ocular      bilateral
      incomplete vehicle      asymptomatic      ao    indeterminate
      contiguous symptomatic
crescentic hemiplegia longstanding        hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy
      hemiparesis glomerulonephritis      cirrhosis without
      hypertriglyceridemia    persistent cholangiocarcinoma
      membranoproliferative membranous malignancies         thrombocytosis
      paraplegia dyslipidemia       idiopathic hyperlipidemia
crest distal      pelvis      scalp tendon      posterior midline
      apical      wrist autograft surrounding ring transverse iliac
      lateral     toes of     implant     vertical    actual
crestor     supplementation mucosa        treatment pancreas
      conjunctiva musculature imodium     compound    vasculature
      preparations      penis action      esophagus caspofungin papilla
      flora endometrium bones prophylactic
creutzfeldt celiac      hemorrhoidal      graves      wilson
      multivessel jakob alzheimer lyme huntington crohn legionnaires
      meniere     parkinson diverticular        cerebrovascular addison
      mcardle     arteriosclerotic occlusive
crf   schizophrenia     cri   epilepsy    gout insufficiency
      glomerulonephritis      cf    arf   fibromyalgia      asthma      ckd
      chf   sarcoidosis uremia      symptomatic chronic     pd    idiopathic
crfs medications foods prescriptions      answers     medicines
      consultations     pertinent falling       signals     codes exposures
      objects     alcoholism items sheets       structures attempts
      digits      devices
cri   tumors      ad    crf   ds    gout diseases     insufficiency     cd
      disease     hypertriglyceridemia    cp    persistent asthma
      hydrocephalus     syndrome    cvi   symptomatic proteinuria ic
cricoid     intraabdominal    inspiratory detrusor    intracranial
      transpulmonary    forefoot    ankle les   blood osmotic     urethral
      airway      intraluminal      cuff colloid      arterial    sphincter
      leak intraocular
cricopharyngeal pharyngeal foot larynx          jaw   shoulder    facial
      tongue      anatomy     drug diaphragm vestibular penis sound
      joint bones uterus      illness     complex     bony
cricopharyngeus desired       pelvis      trachea     best aforementioned
      umbilicus lungs sacrum        original    next latter       axilla
      same respective mediastinum carina        nearest     cecum remaining
cried considerably      slept br    discomfort lighter      recalled
      worked      relaxed     crying      grew retained     became
      weighed     somewhat    ea    vomited     deteriorated      attended
crippled    afterward postdischarge       mortality seven satisfaction
      readmission ll    eight all   admissions cats convalescence
      miscellaneous     five compliance respectively        another     est
crisis      relapse     early permanent cutaneous spontaneous bc
      typical     disease     cp    pc    lesions     pathology spasticity
      tinnitus    malignancy symptomatic trauma       ic    complex
crisp pelvis      trunk 2nd   resultant apex wrist forehead       abdomen
      thighs      thigh averaged    ankle drs   urethra     thumb lateral
      cheek of    cerebellum
crit base pelvis        trunk lm    leg   pharynx     stomach     lungs
      wrist staple      rectum      abdomen     thorax      thigh kidneys
      sternum     respective eeg    spleen
criteria    prescription      diagnostic prescriptions      diagnoses
      distributions     requirement listed      guidelines recommendations
      code codes values       goals indications items parameters method
      devices     procedures
critical    specific    prescription      major diagnostic routine
      screening potentially surveillance        therapeutic policy
      great typical     basic discrete    certain     proper      possible
      method      complex
critically malnourished       severely    diabetic    acutely     cirrhotic
      anuric      hypertensive      pediatric parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      constipated immunosuppressed comatose     elderly
      chronically anemic      adult depressed cachectic
crm   sa    ha    ta    di    tm    mt    bt    la    sm    pc    sh    sb
      tt    np    ie    cs    mh    ar    ac
crohn progressive celiac      graves      wilson      multivessel alzheimer
      lyme huntington legionnaires        meniere     parkinson bulky
      diverticular      cerebrovascular addison       mcardle     3-vessel
      arteriosclerotic occlusive
crohns      progressive celiac      graves      multivessel alzheimer lyme
      huntington crohn meniere      parkinson fibrocystic bulky
      diverticular      cerebrovascular addison       mcardle     3-vessel
      arteriosclerotic occlusive
cross way   split single      randomized fashion      controlled format
      flexible    phase masked      manner      blind involving sample
      comparative multi sequence    large trial
crossclamp aneurysm     root protamine sheath         reperfusion surgery
      operation clamp clamping      drug valve meals vaccination cpb
      extubation finishing arch implant         crossclamping
crossclamping     aneurysms treatment therapy         irrigation aneurysm
      root complications      in    reperfusion clamping    valve valves
      cpb   calcification     occlusion homograft arch aaa        crossclamp
crossed     requested shifted       offered     closer      switched
      allowed     unrelated exposed       advised     confined
      transported transferred instructed converted chose asked crossing
      according from
crosses     touching    whatever    considering outside     around
      beside      covering    besides     throughout exactly      connecting
      explains    reflects    affects     inside      passed      during
      underneath passing
crossing    changing    closing     moving      extending around
      finally     traction    besides     turning     through     connecting
      nevertheless      positioning input from passing      moreover
      above additionally
crowing     foods warmth      food thrombophlebitis intoxication
      blindness agitation inflammation          wheezing    sugars
      origin      labelled    phlebitis chicken       infection cough
      neutrophils illness     cereal
crp   sp    sa    lipid potassium haptoglobin cortisol      folate      hs
      albumin     testosterone      ap    tp    fibrinogen serum ca     c
      aa    tg    protein
crucial     considerable      potentially unreliable emphasized
      recommended concern     great contributory      useful      necessary
      currently important problematic mandatory critical          problem
      possible    worthwhile justified
cruciate    reconstruction    colporrhaphy      drawer      tibial
      tendon      posterior fibular       acl   anterior    ligament
      oblique     lad   acc   descending uveitis      chamber
      communicating     leaflet     nares
cruise      finger      leg   night cycle mid   thigh running     session
      dynamic     waking      landing     subsequent stance       post
      season      exercise    walking     procedure video
crush vertebral injuries      ds    cutaneous cervical      disease     cp
      lesions     deformity pathology deformities fractures syndrome
      organic     malignancy trochanteric       osteoporosis      fracture
crushing    edge overlying shape best surgeon         traction    reference
      contour     configuration     test itself       border
      anesthesiologist slope of     law   remainder above tip
crusting    swallow     emotional discomfort personal       work fatigue
      defecation employment crying        comfort     mobility    erythema
      swelling    stressors ambulation itching        bruising    thoughts
crusts      pains erosions    complications     vision      inflammation
      fatigue     paresthesias      mobility    erythema    swelling
      exudate     numbness    sedation    pruritus    itching     neurologic
      confusion symptoms      adhesions
crutch      touch swallowing medications gait accommodation       pharyngeal
      cocaine     hard relaxation speech        medication dynamic      its
      skin alcohol      sedation    their walking     exercises
crutches    screws      paste assistance ds     td    staples     cap
      without     minimal     cp    diuretics sutures       pad   nails
      wires syndrome    balloons    pins paraplegia
crying      swallowing sleeping     movement    discomfort fatigue
      sleep pain mobility     erythema    ap    tp    skin pt     mood
      sedation    cough pruritus    sweating    behavior
cryo obstructed lm      ha    ta    facial      tm    legs kidneys
      lesion      hands steroid     sb    joint individual intervention
      uterine     cs    mh    ac
cryoglobulin      plasma      sa    dyspnea     ht    hc    bc    hemoglobin
      both iga    ap    bf    serum ca    ua    sputum      ah    tg
      proteinuria hematocrit
cryoglobulins     abnormal    tumors      recurrences injuries
      abnormalities     ascites     defects     abscesses disease
      metastases lesions      gallstones fistulae     cysts infections
      uveitis     complaints symptomatic ulcers
cryopreserved     medications tumor ni    td    frozen      spontaneous pb
      medication lesions      retained    pathology dc      cultured
      water platelets mature        delayed     their re
cryosurgery therapy     plasmapheresis    pe    pdt   tamoxifen
      chemotherapy      bt    levamisole medication lesions       pathology
      clozapine octreotide endoscopic rp        radiotherapy
      splenectomy rfa   ic
cryptococcosis    sepsis      recurrent ascites       pe    hypothyroidism
      peritonitis hyperthyroidism disease       tuberculosis
      pheochromocytoma persistent gallstones sarcoidosis uveitis
      pneumonia malignancy symptomatic psychosis candidemia
cryptosporidiosis bacteremia peritonitis hyperthyroidism tuberculosis
      lesions     gallstones fistulae     infections uveitis      infection
      tb    pneumonia malignancy symptomatic cryptococcosis       ulcers
      cataracts psychosis candidemia
cryptosporidium bacterial dehydration pe        obstructions      bleeding
      defects     syphilis    campylobacter     lesions     pathology
      cysts viruses     infections infection tb       malignancy problems
      parasites subclinical
crystal     paste plastic     chemical    plate foam reading      box
      filter      bar   commercial lesion       strain      flat sound
      preparation rigid membrane    video complex
crystalloid mannitol    ta    antegrade warm saline         retrograde cc
      esmolol     physiotherapy     ip    cefazolin propofol      sb
      cefotaxime cold lidocaine clonidine cs          ac
crystals    shifts      abnormalities     disturbances      errors
      inflammation      foci defects      falls difficulty lesions
      hypoperfusion     granulomas thrombi      pathology cysts
      calcifications    infection deposits      parasites
cs    fs    ss    sa    ha    di    tm    mt    la    sm    pc    ap    sb
      ep    rp    np    mh    es    ar    ac
csf   mezlocillin ceftriaxone tm    pb    g     fluid pathology ip
      cefazolin ethanol       probenecid mobilization       lactulose
      cefotaxime aa     sucralfate epo    cs    ac
ct    fs    ultrasound sa     cytology    reading     dynamic     testing
      pathology axial ap      endoscopic cta    mri   ie    scan cs
      symptoms    scanning    ac
cta   fs    ultrasound sa     cytology    tm    reading     ma    testing
      pathology ct      ap    tp    mdct scan cs      scanning    ar    mra
ctab dissolve     dictated    visualize replace       located     dissect
      prevented exactly       dominated stabilize accurately rotate
      enlarge     explained aggravated reflected somewhere activate
cticu pharmacy    evening     postdischarge     duodenum    lungs hospital
      prehospital boston      spanish     ward icu    pennsylvania
      nasopharynx uk    italian     west suite county       remaining
cts   ss    injuries    ds    cutaneous diseases      cap   disease     aids
      lesions     pathology impotence disorders syndrome          infection
      tinnitus    malignancy symptomatic psychosis dementia
ctx   sp    sa    mp    bc    collagen    cp    sm    pc    ap    tp    ip
      ep    ca    aa    gentamicin digoxin      proteinuria ic    ac
cu    sp    sa    zinc mt     calcium     la    cp    sm    ap    tp    acid
      sodium      ca    aa    cough fe    digoxin     ar    ac
cu2   food histamine ha       cutaneous spontaneous facial        hemolysis
      particles intestinal skin phenylephrine         levodopa    ethanol
      joint uterine     cough membrane    ie    digoxin
cubic milligram week pixel minute         millimeter gained       resident
      person      per   kilogram    mil   liter drinking    centimeter
      meter m2    nostril     se    couple
cuff target       prosthesis system       flap bag    stimulus    filter
      ring stump diaphragm lesion         tube nail device        membrane
      implant     procedure apparatus tip
cul   pelvis      trachea     retina      cavity      vagina      pharynx
      duodenum    stomach     space cornea      lungs rectum      abdomen
      original    axilla      sac   diaphragm urethra       dorsal
culminated occurring variations resulting resulted          occurs
      engaged     occurred    alterations participation     increase
      involved    increases decline       improvement declines    rise
      changes     succeeded decreases
culminating dissolved resulting soaked          resulted    engaged
      decrease    alterations participation     fall increase     increases
      decline     declines    residing    dramatic    rise changes
      reduction succeeded
culprit     retina      vagina      stomach     cornea      lungs anterior
      original    proximal    diaphragm lesion        radial      urethra
      stenotic    penis ureter      fetus aorta endometrium uterus
cult earlier      nl    sized ob    cg    nw    hc    group man   dg
      suppressing fertilization     detail      asian alcoholics hypo
      vitro contrast    np
culture     serology    chemical    cytology    reading     isolation
      biopsy      and   histology positive      testing     pathology ap
      skin cultures     assays      tests negative    sputum      symptoms
cultured    excised     separately isolated     tracked     obtained
      cryopreserved     tested      simultaneously    repeatedly biopsied
      sequentially      mostly      prepared    individually
      bilaterally regularly recorded      identified monitored
cultures    determinations    margins     diagnoses aspirates specimens
      smears      readings    biopsies    measurements      values
      lesions     culture     sections    complaints assays       tests
      recordings symptoms     samples
culturing ultrasound measuring personnel cytology           staff
      auscultation      surgeons    dilution    averaging culture
      testing     nurses      cardiologists     doctors     assays
      psychiatrists     recording palpation laparoscopy
curative    relapse     palliative chemoradiation     chemotherapy
      amputation thoracotomy surgical     laparotomy resections endoscopic
      bilateral resection radiotherapy          incomplete definitive
      suboptimal splenectomy requiring symptomatic
curb accommodate resolve      obtain      keep ensure       avoid maintain
      remove      minimize    facilitate assure       stabilize optimize
      maximize    prevent     promote     get   localize    perform
curettage erosion       fs    afterwards sa     discomfort cytology
      others      drainage    histology testing       mobility
      debridement suturing    exams endoscopic tests evacuation retention
curled      coiled      indwelling prosthesis acetabulum cornea
      tongue      patella     catheter    pigtail     introducer diaphragm
      penis thumb papilla     uterus      foley tip   suprapubic wallace
curling     areas location    portions    shape irregularity      morphology
      usage stability indices       mobility    views distortion checking
      acceleration      activities regions      production decreasing
current     distal      desired     target      process     hope present
      original    basic drug scope initial      first preceding individual
      fetus underlying procedure zone actual
currently still gaining       crucial     usually     presently becoming
      recommended limited     problematic mandatory critical      typically
      today described sometimes available now         emerging    outlined
curtailed shortened indeed          diminished to     partially eliminated
      upon prevented by       through     greatly     facilitated
      approximated      temporarily promoted    beyond      slowed
      represented largely
curtis      medications shortly     undelivered mcdonald    hepatorenal
      events      deferred    immediately stop resume       nonoperative
      horner      flatus      hellp unsigned    discontinue just asbestos
curvature orientation movement      size shape amplitude reading
      posture     anatomy     alignment configuration       displacement
      deformity pathology lesion          force anatomic    structures
      structure ie
curve earliest    trachea     concentration     best largest      highest
      aforementioned    umbilicus entire        sacrum      original    next
      latter      author      same first lowest       last longest
cusa fs     laser ds    tm    md    instrumentation drainage      dh    cc
      preoperative      ap    sb    nail ao     classic     ah    pins cs
cushingoid ataxia       somatic     appetite    edema dyspnea     fever
      wheezing    fatigue     gastrointestinal diarrhea     palpitations
      erythema    voiding     including cough constipation        headache
      neurologic neurological
custodian namely        fruits      breathlessness    appetite
      guaifenesin fruit agitation cognition inflammation          wheezing
      material    materials vitamins      pets consciousness      living
      adiposity neutrophils sedatives
cut   target      prescription      diagnostic component drying
      reservoir reference code window           test probe technique
      threshold regime        preparation set   method      margin
cutaneous tumor bacterial spontaneous facial          brain cervical
      painful     lesions     intestinal pathology vestibular skin
      hepatic     uterine     liver cough local ar    complex
cuts erosion      orientation systems     chemical    retraction errors
      contours    vision      morphology difficulty alignment peaks
      pathology anatomic      motions     structures problems     ie
cutter      coil syringe      pen   prosthesis system       plate flap
      electrode filter        bar   ring suture       sensor      probe
      technique endoscope plug device           apparatus
cutting     consultation      orientation movement    chemical    plate
      electrode reading       light suture      lesion      distraction
      force sound preparation compression membrane    implant     ie
cv    sa    ni    di    reading     mt    la    si    medication sm     pc
      pathology lesion        ap    skin individual ie      cs    ar    ac
cva   dysphagia stroke        pe    accidents bleeding      fever bc    cp
      including coagulopathy        aa    cough malignancy neurologic
      proteinuria neurological      symptoms    ar    ic
cvad thalidomide hydroxyurea mezlocillin tamoxifen chemotherapy
      warfarin    levamisole cap    quinine     steroids    levodopa    vad
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     radiotherapy      prednisone
      vancomycin cyclosporine       antibiotics
cvi   cri   lymphedema obstruction gout diseases      disease     ulceration
      asthma      spasticity disorders syndrome       af    tinnitus
      osteomyelitis     malignancy symptomatic ulcers       psychosis
cvl   sepsis      ss    dysphagia pe      fever bc    obesity     disease
      cp    lesions     ulceration disorders aa       malignancy
      proteinuria symptoms    psychosis ic      dementia
cvp   pulse sa    sap   dyspnea     venous      icp   ht    map   ls    bp
      ap    tp    pp    gradient    o2    gradients respiration dp      ac
cvs   solutions fs      sa    systems     ni    di    mt    si    values
      sm    kidneys     hands ap    skin individual feet products       cv
cvvh therapy      mp    pn    amiodarone ht     hc    cn    carvedilol cc
      intermittent      ip    hd    dialysis    np    hh    cs    es    ar
cvvhd breathing therapy       ss    ultrafiltration hc      and   running
      uf    intermittent      cvvhdf      testing     hd    cvvh
      colonoscopy dialysis    exercise    proteinuria hh    ic
cvvhdf      ss    sa    td    pn    ht    hc    bc    intermittent      hd
      cvvh cvvhd ep     sotalol     rp    dialysis    asymptomatic      hh
      ic    ac
cw    orientation di    reading     mt    light manual      color test si
      dynamic     lesion      distraction strain      skin force child bi
      cs    vertical
cx    sp    fs    ss    sa    ni    em    ta    mp    ft    mt    sm    ap
      tp    pt    pp    ep    sf    np    ac
cxr   radiographs radiograph orientation ecg    reading     drainage    and
      pc    pathology lesion        films ct    physiotherapy     skin
      pathological      items individual ie     cs
cyanocobalamine omeprazole clarithromycin       hydroxyzine premarin
      capoten     benazepril chlorthalidone     b.i.d hydrochlorothiazide
      mg    triamterene esomeprazole      once hctz pantoprazole
      promethazine      nizatidine lansoprazole       twice
cyanosis    lymphadenopathy splenomegaly        edema dyspnea
      leukocytosis      fever fatigue     bradycardia paresthesias
      histology atrophy       palpitations      comorbidities
      indeterminate     constipation      neurologic confusion
      proteinuria symptoms
cyanotic    progressive nonischemic graves      epilepsy    severe
      stable      decompensated     cf    rheumatic valvular      ischemic
      eh    addison     symptomatic chronic     arteriosclerotic congenital
      idiopathic bronchiectasis
cyber formal      package     driver      screen      box   policy
      compound    program     training    toilet      threat      technique
      approach    regime      problem     preparation simple      named
cyberknife process      best system       surgeon     largest
      aforementioned    entire      original    current     next latter
      author      same first technique itself         fetus pathway
cycle capsule     target      prescription      treatment specimen      ring
      basic session     drug lesion       initial     preparation individual
      following third membrane      implant     ie    procedure
cycled      stood peaked      maintained looked       infused     rested
      looking     kept running      peaking     persisted puts arriving
      arrive      walked      ran   plateaued exercised attendance
cyclen      dates dehydration wheeze      triphasil sc      fever lo
      imipenem    ortho black alone tri   ia    methotrexate      including
      nortriptyline     im    ee    prolapse
cycles      maintenance courses     pairs pulses      injections
      applications      infusions one     and   a     four stabilization
      doses sessions    episodes    sequential each the     combinations
cyclobenzaprine bisoprolol amlodipine metoclopramide        amitriptyline
      amantadine cimetidine diazepam      zolmitriptan      zolpidem
      montelukast loratadine ramipril     donepezil fluoxetine buspirone
      lorazepam sertraline ibuprofen paroxetine
cyclophosphamide melphalan etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin
      vincristine cytoxan     cddp 5-fu daunorubicin        bleomycin
      mitoxantrone      vp-16 ifosfamide carboplatin epirubicin
      methotrexate      thiotepa    prednisone adriamycin
cyclosporin tacrolimus azithromycin       ptx   amitriptyline     amiodarone
      trazodone carvedilol displayed lp         clomipramine      octreotide
      labetalol terazosin nimodipine nefazodone ro          nicardipine
      cyclosporine      clonazepam
cyclosporine      tacrolimus azithromycin       fluconazole amitriptyline
      hydroxyurea amiodarone aspirin      warfarin    steroids
      clomipramine      levodopa    clozapine diltiazem ciprofloxacin
      verapamil prednisolone        erythromycin      digoxin     flecainide
cyclotron portable      facemask    consultant box    dermatologist
      standardized      nurse neurologist comprehensive     sheet circular
      simple      spirometer psychiatrist       specialist psychologist
      scanner     pharmacist letter
cylinder    target      specimen    di    stimulus    reading     filter
      code bar    defect      ring test lesion        sound preparation scar
      membrane    implant     cyst score
cypher      former      pelvis      lm    stomach     lungs original
      latter      ring axilla       same taxus lateral      stent nail
      intervention      experimental      stented     uterus      classic
cyst foot prosthesis ring drug deformity pathology lesion
      vessels     skin cysts sound joint scar uterine       membrane
      implant     ie    complex     bony
cystectomy gastroscopy decompression      chemotherapy      surgery
      lymphadenectomy irradiation esophagectomy       prostatectomy
      mastectomy thoracotomy nephrectomy laparotomy hepatectomy resections
      rp    resection radiotherapy        splenectomy laparoscopy
cystic      schizophrenia     recurrent hypertension        bridging
      epilepsy    cf    fibromyalgia      pheochromocytoma asthma
      alcoholic scleroderma sarcoidosis syndrome      symptomatic chronic
      malignant idiopathic hyperlipidemia       bronchiectasis
cystitis    sepsis      pancreatitis      myocarditis pyelonephritis    gout
      diseases    peritonitis hyperthyroidism disease       asthma
      hydrocephalus     uveitis     syndrome    sinusitis pneumonia
      osteomyelitis     malignancy symptomatic psychosis
cystocele dysphagia permanent pe          instability rectocele adenoma
      disease     hydronephrosis    lesions     hematuria fistula
      esophagitis pathology bilateral infection malignancy
      symptomatic prolapse    anemia
cystoprostatectomy      gastroscopy operations pancreaticoduodenectomy
      craniotomy surgery      esophagectomy     surgeries prostatectomy
      mastectomy hysterectomy       thoracotomy nephrectomy lobectomy
      laparotomies      laparotomy cystectomy resections resection
cystoscopy gastroscopy ultrasound colposcopy cytology       biopsy
      bronchoscopy      histology culture       testing     pathology
      laparotomy ct     endoscopy colonoscopy voiding       endoscopic
      splenectomy sedation    laparoscopy
cystotomy hemorrhages fever fatigue       diarrhea    paresthesias
      spirometry rash transient preoperatively        somnolence hematoma
      abscess     hematomas flushing      infrequent lethargy     confusion
      intraoperatively dizziness
cysts polyps      cutaneous bleeding      defects     abscesses masses
      testes      lesions     kidneys     thrombi     pathology vessels
      wounds      fractures calcifications      nodules     infection cyst
cytogenetic relapse     abnormal    tumor permanent partial       minor
      repeat      satisfactory      durable     poor immune       remission
      pathologic pathological       complete    sustained incomplete
      suboptimal cr
cytogenetics      fl    splenomegaly      histology without       atrophy
      concomitant pathology comorbidities       complaints bilateral
      radiotherapy      including constipation        concurrent neurologic
      proteinuria ps    dyslipidemia      ic
cytologic radiographic        diagnoses chemical      cytology    biopsy
      typical     cytological sonographic reporting radiologic culture
      pathology pathologic subsequent pathological          endoscopic
      anatomic    microscopic symptoms
cytological radiographic      diagnoses chemical      examination morphology
      sonographic cytologic reporting radiologic radiological
      pathology pathological        recruitment physiologic endoscopic
      anatomic    microscopic immunological     symptoms
cytologist component dentist        surgeon     listener    team sensor
      cardiologist      technique radiologist approach      urologist
      anesthesiologist method       device      coordinator message
      procedure nomogram      apparatus
cytology    erosion     ultrasound chemical     colposcopy vision
      biopsy      histology cytological cytologic culture         testing
      pathology ct      assays      tests sedation    retention behavior
cytomegalovirus bacteremia bacterial fungal           bleeding    cmv
      peritonitis delirium    hsv   death mycobacterial     wound infections
      latent      infection septicemia tb       pneumonia malignancy
cytometry elisa ultrasound measuring echocardiography paramedics
      loops surgeons    dilution    facs doppler      dilation
      cardiologists     culturing reserve       pef   psychiatrists     pcr
      velocity    questioning
cytopathology     absorption orientation size shape organs        anatomy
      components bases basic panels       hands skin items individual
      recruitment physiologic anatomic    structure ie
cytotec     solutions prescriptions       medicines azithromycin
      fluconazole aerosolized substances ofloxacin drugs origin
      itraconazole      opioids     granules    benzodiazepines agents
      products    bones antibiotics interest
cytoxan     melphalan etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin vincristine 5-fu
      daunorubicin      bleomycin mitoxantrone        vp-16 adm   ifosfamide
      epirubicin methotrexate       thiotepa    prednisone prednisolone
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
czech afternoon industry      environment direction stomach       morning
      usa   group french      antrum      position    literature plane
      region      uk    country     italian     west arm
d     mp    sc    diazepam    day   metronidazole     om    iv    g     ma
      e     tablets     propranolol ca    s     prednisolone      lorazepam
      fe    plus im
d-50 irritability       before      anxious     winter      fatigue
      daytime     histology diuresis      simultaneous      both quiet
      pleasant    hk    pre   cellularity adolescence awake hematocrit
d1    sa    mp    dyspnea     mt    fatigue     vp    adm   cp    ma
      erythema    ap    tp    pt    bl    mood including ca       cough ac
d10   sa    pod   ft    mt    hc    fatigue     ls    rl    d5    ai    ap
      tp    bf    pt    bl    rc    admission sf      ac
d10w ostomy       impulse     breaths     fingerstick pu    mannitol
      glycemic    d5w   lactate     fasting     microgram phenylephrine
      heparinized water beverages apneas        local tight micrograms
d2    sa    td    tm    mt    da    bc    sm    ap    opioid      skin
      dopamine    ep    rp    aa    cs    fc    ar    ic    ac
d3    supplementation phosphate d         b-12 zinc supplements calcitriol
      b-6   hydrocortisone    calcium     b12   e     b6    acid sodium
      k     erythromycin      digoxin     cholecalciferol
d42   entry visits      bedtime     t5    baseline    afterward angles
      intervals discharge sl        t9    visit rest sites rpm    t12
      postoperatively midnight      l5
d5    d10   d1    personal    discharge work sl       fatigue     comfort
      mobility    stressors ambulation admission t12        their s     l5
      professional      communication     cat
d50   swallowing fs     sa    br    discomfort ft     mt    la    medication
      sm    rd    ma    ap    tp    pt    sedation    ca    compliance ac
d5ns erosions     sterile     solution    diluted     inflammation      d5w
      bupivacaine pus   saline      origin      dextrose    water
      perforation septicemia nacl lidocaine descent         crystals
d5w   ch    ws    ha    ds    air   ta    ht    hc    normal      bc
      saline      ida   cp    pc    fluids      dextrose    water childhood
da    histamine ha      tm    mt    speech      la    cortical    sm    drug
      lesion      skin dopamine     ep    muscle      motor membrane    cs
      ar    complex
dab   therapy     erosions    ha    fluconazole nitrate     allopurinol
      steroids    lesions     thrombi     pathology ip      cysts octreotide
      interleukin-2     granules    infection compression aa      vancomycin
dad   sa    orientation br    tm    reading     mt    md    si    axial ap
      tp    skin pt     bi    of    cs    mh    ar    ac
dah   tumors      recurrent disseminated        hypercholesterolemia
      epilepsy    adenocarcinoma    cirrhosis pheochromocytoma persistent
      gallstones sarcoidosis syndrome     refractory osteoarthrosis
      malignancies      chronic     suspected idiopathic bronchiectasis
daily d     capsules    nightly     bid   sc    mg    day   po    om    od
      intramuscularly tid     tablets     qid   orally      plus im     qd
dairy meat foods mixed normal       milk bc     ears infants      cp
      dietary     chicken     calves      sodium      water individuals
      mature      human aa    children
dakota      east biochemistry       standing    mobility    asian planes
      pp    miscellaneous     housing     west social       respectively
      oklahoma    volumes     laboratory england      carolina    urine
dale user finger        target      pelvis      leg   face clip wrist
      stimulus    posture     ankle larsen      lesion      heat physician
      sound joint child vertical
dalteparin azithromycin       fluconazole ceftriaxone amiodarone tamoxifen
      aspirin     warfarin    carvedilol levamisole quinine       enoxaparin
      ip    heparin     ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime doxycycline nimodipine
      sucralfate erythromycin
damage      transport injury        processes instability errors
      vision      inflammation      difficulty atrophy      lesions
      hypoperfusion     scarring    pathology stress        infection
      structures problems     activity    ie
damaged     distal      obstructed organs       gut   facial      diseased
      brain cortical    kidneys     lesion      hands vessels     skin
      muscles     joint individual structures bones complex
dami radiographic       legal scheduling environmental      eventual
      hospitalization financial components resources psychosocial
      indices     its   subsequent branches     motions     contents
      social      hence consequently
dana anderson     stomach     aforementioned    umbilicus latest
      sacrum      forehead    original    next latter       prostate    same
      colon memorial    farber      last longest      breast      remaining
dangerous specific      truly hazardous potentially usually       disturbed
      reproducible      easily      unnecessary great physiologically
      limited     inappropriate     problematic lethal      critical
      certain     functionally      sometimes
dangle      former      afternoon evening       outs other cg     others
      shoulders latter        group control     ll    succeeding fam
      oldest      cerebellum gw     remaining fem
daniel      consultants anderson    personnel coordinating        staff lung
      surgeons    oncologists ovarian     a&amp prostate    h&amp nurses
      cardiologists     rectal      den   colon breast      were
danocrine whatever      via   outside     injected    around      below if
      when through      across      unless      beyond      inside
      while note entering     during      placing     instilled
dao   esterase    ammonia     phasic      fatigue     cortisol    physical
      lactate     norepinephrine    mobility    tp    fibrinogen na
      sympathetic rigidity    emg   coagulation ne    trypsin     ache
dapsone     azithromycin      fluconazole cimetidine aspirin
      hydrocortisone    metronidazole     allopurinol ofloxacin quinine
      rifampin    itraconazole      spironolactone    dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     doxycycline gentamicin prednisolone
      erythromycin      levofloxacin
dar   nl    ds    usa   mid   md    ht    hc    ls    eye   bc    cp    pc
      ap    pp    uk    sf    np    fd    es
darbepoetin tacrolimus budesonide azithromycin        thalidomide
      fluconazole hydroxyurea alfa warfarin     carvedilol levamisole
      clomipramine      levodopa    clozapine octreotide inhaled
      interferon epoetin      risperidone cyclosporine
dark sleeping     field ha    air   reading     posture     mid   light
      normal      brain eye   remote      cp    pc    ap    skin water np
darkened    way   fashion     sizable     random      format
      environment town manner       particular case series        man
      sample      busy large favor comparison millimeters contrast
darvon      capsule     dealing     coated      irrigated supplementing
      patch supplemented      suppository compound    fortified together
      perfused    meal regimen      hinged      coupled     procedure
      nomogram    combined
das   fs    sa    di    wrist tm    si    lesion      hands ap    sss   skin
      pt    physician joint child bi      symptom     cs    score
dat   ha    ad    ds    cutaneous facial        tm    md    brain cp    pc
      lesions     kidneys     pathology ep      rp    np    cs    mh    ar
data results      systems     investigations    findings    errors
      claims      discussion and    signals     calculations      comments
      items tests parameters following observations         devices
      procedures additionally
date generate     resolve     obtain      ensure      avoid minimize    stop
      assure      optimize    maximize    prevent     detect      get
      identify    document    achieve     initiate    perform     establish
dated moved formed      provided    automatically     manually    accessed
      removed     recalled    read sutured      rotated     retained
      secured     bilaterally of    distances for     above being
dates status      pairs diagnoses characteristics morphology usage
      attributes measurements       speed indices     views recruitment
      complaints anatomic     fear documentation      patterns    symptoms
dating      orientation emotional domestic      chemical    personal
      reading     morphology employment drinking      mobility
      physiologic including sexual        professional      behavior    ie
      communication     behaviour symptoms
daughter    solutions systems       ni    facial      mt    infant
      father      pathology lesion        extra items individual fetus baby
      child products    digits      devices     mh
daughters personal      sons others       usage parents     caregivers
      indices     partners    siblings    subsequent sisters      occasional
      functional delayed      their activities behavior     behaviour
daunorubicin      etoposide azithromycin        cisplatinum cisplatin cddp
      hydroxyurea mitoxantrone      ifosfamide steroids     idarubicin dnr
      epirubicin dexamethasone      methotrexate      prednisone gentamicin
      prednisolone      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
david dentist     us    surgeon     staff posture     surgeons    team
      material    nurses      itself      radiology physician doctors
      doctor      urologist examiner      anesthesiologist psychiatrists
davis pelvis      trunk scalp tibia stomach     conjunctiva cornea
      wrist tongue      junction    abdomen     thorax      diaphragm
      urethra     sternum     penis thumb orbit uterus
day   week alternate d        nightly     per   sc    mg    days po
      tablet      daily od    tablets     orally      kg    plus im     sq
daycare     clinic      ss    dermatological    ent   dental      care
      rehabilitation    md    ed    medical     hospital    gastroenterology
      general     home school       trauma      va    obstetric community
days  d     nights      wk    seconds     day   hrs   and   after 6h
      testing     mo    admission wks     h     weeks each minutes      for
daytime     swallowing sleeping     sa    dyspnea     fatigue     sleep
      nocturnal crying        ap    waking      tp    skin voiding      pp
      resting     mood cough sf     ac
dbt   acupuncture treatment therapy       dental      tm    surgical
      medication drug training      steroid     physiotherapy     individual
      intervention      active      nimodipine art    cs    antibiotic mh
dc    sa    ha    td    tm    la    cp    sm    pc    pathology ap      ip
      skin ep     rp    aa    cs    ar    ic    ac
dci   obstructed foot pancreas      cutaneous spontaneous facial
      tongue      delirium    brain intestinal drug lesion        vessels
      joint gallbladder uterine     bones cyst complex
dcis tumors       recurrent lymphedema focal diseases       adenomas
      adenoma     bc    cervical    disease     meningiomas lesions
      disorders incomplete neoplasms malignancy malignant psychosis
dd    fs    ss    sa    ds    di    tm    hc    dh    id    cp    sm    pc
      ap    sb    tt    np    cs    ar    ac
ddavp citalopram lithium      hydrocortisone    aminophylline
      allopurinol furosemide clomipramine       theophylline      levodopa
      octreotide labetalol verapamil nimodipine erythromycin
      naloxone    milrinone clonidine nicardipine clonazepam
ddd   ss    sa    pacing      ds    ht    hc    biventricular     normal
      la    sm    pc    ap    sensing     vvir dddr vvi     np    cs    ic
dddr nl     pacing      ds    pn    ht    hc    biventricular     normal
      biv   biatrial    sensing     ddd   vvir vvi    chamber     np    hh
      cs    ga
ddx   thereafter afterwards afterward responses others
      encouragement     indices     resp subsequently       then perhaps
      possibly    evaluations miscellaneous     functions respectively
      lastly      hence consequently
de    ds    cutaneous spontaneous brain la      bc    cp    pc    kidney
      ap    steroid     rp    hepatic     native      liver symptomatic np
      cs    ic
deaconess entry coordinating        king intervals sinai referral
      montefiore teaching     visit rest mercy duke wilford       university
      memorial    texas presbyterian      virginia    beth
dead pharyngeal spontaneous di      tm    la    segmental pc      pathology
      lesion      ap    extra skin pathological       joint bi    ie    cs
      re    ac
deafferentation extreme       compensation      manipulation
      instability traction    musculoskeletal difficulty and
      stimulation displacement      reporting pathology nevertheless
      vestibular complaints compression sensation ie        contamination
deal comply       dealing     agree replacing compatible dealt intervene
      interact    interacts consistent along together       correlate
      interfering interferes interfere communicate coupled        coincident
dealer      vlh   proceed     switch      listen      pay   develop
      dermatologist     refer friend      cardiologist      convert
      adhere      neurologist rheumatologist    nephrologist
      psychiatrist      adopt psychologist      try
dealing     replacing compatible associated supplementing         dealt
      interacts consistent along together       concurred correlating
      correlated compared     interfering interferes interfere coupled
      coincident agrees
deals dealing     replacing compatible associated dealt interacts
      consistent along together     concurred correlating correlated
      compared    interfering interferes interfere coupled        coincident
dealt dealing     replacing compatible associated deals interacts
      consistent along together     concurred correlating correlated
      compared    interfering interferes interfere coupled        coincident
death relapse     ni    stroke      complications     bleeding
      spontaneous hospitalization blindness hemorrhage hospitalisation
      delirium    dying medication pathology arrhythmia phlebitis
      fetal infection ie
debate      considerable      crucial     emphasized presently growing
      concern     great clear known unclear     multifactorial    limited
      unknown     problematic mandatory problem       questionable
      uncertain now
debilitated malnourished      injured     severely    hypothyroid
      hospitalized      neurosurgical     anticoagulated    seven
      hypertensive      pediatric hd      all   parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      demented    immunosuppressed elderly      adult
debility    radiographic      splenomegaly      disturbances      usage
      involvement radiologic radiological       pathology mobility
      occasional complaints functional activities retention problems
      activity    neurologic neurological       symptoms
debrided    inspected excised       separately manually     made accessed
      removed     calculated instrumented       simultaneously    biopsied
      read cleaned      checked     prepared    traced      recorded
      captured    intraoperatively
debridement infiltration      manipulation      coverage    decompression
      excision    morphology instrumentation drainage       cleaning
      closure     testing     pathology suturing      evacuation
      compression occlusion placement retention for
debulking therapy       decompression     reconstructive    excision
      chemoradiation    chemotherapy      surgery     irradiation abdominal
      revision    laparotomy orthopaedic endoscopic resection
      radiotherapy      splenectomy laparoscopic      orthopedic cataract
dec   azithromycin      fluconazole amitriptyline     cimetidine aspirin
      hydrocortisone    diazepam    phenobarbital     ofloxacin quinine
      atropine    diltiazem dexamethasone       ciprofloxacin
      doxycycline verapamil prednisolone        erythromycin      ibuprofen
decadron    dosages     fluconazole intravenous oral various
      ondansetron simultaneous      doses markers     intramuscular
      physiologic famotidine dexamethasone      fear cellular     the
      etiology    symptoms    combinations
decannulated      severely    hospitalized      diabetic    neurosurgical
      hospitalised      cirrhotic seven hypertensive        eight untreated
      parkinsonian      hemodialysis      eleven      five comatose     nine
      adult ten   depressed
deceased    relapse     excluding obstructed burn transplanted
      medical     and   four surgical     medication lesions      kidneys
      pathology interventions       individual three donor dialysis
december    fifteen     feb   april july february     october     jan   june
      january     march 31st november     methods     inclusive nov     aug
      sept september august
decent      pains requests    hospitalizations satiety      mixed minerals
      satisfaction      psychosocial      contacts    mood climbing
      teeth social      psychological     communication     respiration
      fullness    urine obstetrical
deci tiredness fruits         irritability      echocardiography koh
      papules     meats fruit finances    nausea      tensing     swish
      spirometry materials vitamins       hunger      nervousness lethargy
decide      generate    ascertain see     obtain      keep avoid prescribe
      maintain    administer make choose        learn apply identify
      initiate    discover    perform     judge establish
decided     relates     applied     relating    closer      allowed
      wanted      confined    attached    wished      adhered     added
      owing due   sought      tried attempted contributed according
decision    consultation      target      process     environment driver
      response    us    stimulus    signal      situation basic program
      protocol    plan threat       sound individual triage       condition
decisions specifically        processes scenarios progress        work
      recommendations programs      competency information planning
      plans physicians statements questions their problems        behavior
      issues      behaviour
declared    prescribed requested to       required    delivered globally
      originally by     retained    completely planned      chosen      also
      stated      felt reported     re    initially actually
decline     decrease    alterations fall striking     increase
      substantial marked      improvement dramatic    rise change
      reduction remarkable delay drop modest          deterioration
      decrement slight
declined    progressively     diminished raised       was   steadily
      began increased normalized improved       varied      changed     fell
      rose worsened     gradually deteriorated        recovered decreased
declines    variations resulting gains engaged        abnormalities
      occurred    alterations participation     increase    increases
      improvements      decline     improvement change      changes
      succeeded elevations decreases deficits
declining extreme       specific    diminished raised       chemical
      increased light increasing and      remote      minimal     poor
      pathology rising        subsequent prolonged delayed        special
decompensated     schizophrenia     recurrent longstanding
      hypertension      nonischemic hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy
      severe      cirrhosis scleroderma chf     advanced    sarcoidosis
      refractory malignancies       chronic     suspected idiopathic
decompensation    bacteremia therapy      dysphagia pe      instability
      encephalopathy    bleeding    peritonitis involvement nephrotoxicity
      disease     lesions     ulceration scarring     pathology
      hypercalcemia     infection malignancy symptoms
decompress accommodate enter resolve      keep visualize avoid dissect
      locate      address     remove      minimize    reproduce stabilize
      optimize    maximize    delineate activate      understand localize
decompressed      prescribed visualized offered       covered     excised
      estimated manually      made removed      delivered tested
      globally    biopsied    retained    completely repaired     augmented
      captured    re
decompression     reconstruction    manipulation      therapy
      arthrodesis instability fixation    excision    instrumentation
      drainage    alignment closure       testing     pathology repair
      endoscopic resection evacuation compression procedures
decompressive     therapy     decompression     reconstructive    shunt
      abdominal surgical      revision    debulking laparotomy bariatric
      orthopaedic thoracic    endoscopic urologic     splenectomy corrective
      laparoscopic      orthopedic cataract
deconditioned     gait dermatological     dehydrated screening bc
      nursing     testing     mobility    discrimination    planning
      recruitment including identifying housing       each awake hh
      exercising obstetric
deconditioning    transport orientation damage        chemical    processes
      programming relaxation posture      work hypoxia      physiological
      training    stress      recruitment physiologic muscle      exercise
      activity    behaviour
decortication     gastroscopy decompression     toxicity    biopsy
      drainage    amputation thoracotomy surgical     stabilization
      laparotomy resections endoscopic bilateral resection
      radiotherapy      splenectomy reoperation pneumonectomy     ic
decrease    shift result      fall striking     increase    substantial
      decline     marked      improvement dramatic    rise reduction
      gradual     remarkable drop modest        deterioration     decrement
decreased shortened progressively         diminished raised       increased
      normalized improved     markedly    declined    changed     reduced
      fell similarly rose augmented worsened          deteriorated
      transiently lowered
decreases variations shifts         gains occurred    alterations
      participation     increase    involved    increases improvements
      falls improvement declines    change      changes     succeeded
      elevations delays       deficits
decreasing steps areas improving diminished maintaining changing
      raising     eliminating avoiding    minimizing light increasing
      facilitating      elevating accelerating        enhancing the     some
decrement decrease      shift result      fall striking     increase
      substantial decline     marked      improvement dramatic    rise
      change      reduction remarkable delay drop modest
decrescendo dose reevaluation       direct      diminution mixture
      infusion    feeling     lot   dependency prompt       speed temporary
      detailed    flattening 3-day constant     recording tapering      sign
decubiti    bacteremia azotemia     impetigo    hospitalizations mortality
      urgency     excretion readmission nocturia      cp    incontinence
      comorbidities     mediastinitis     infections pneumonias septicemia
      uti   cellulitis allergies
decubitus former        upright     direction lungs horizontal recumbent
      group position    literature medial       plane region      positions
      lateral     uk    supine      ventricles condition arm
deem must need seem tends seems should          seemed      wanted
      ready proved      turned      supposed    continues believed
      appear      appears     appeared    thought     tended
deemed      prescribed requested applied        offered     required
      considered too    made allowed      given advised     employed    used
      sent mostly       chosen      regularly also judged
deep portal       obstructed retinal      pharyngeal bacterial pe
      cutaneous spontaneous venous        facial      brain proximal
      superficial lesions     pathology hepatic       vein splenic
deeply      prescribed totally      alert visible     spontaneously
      normally    globally    painful     retained    completely active
      of    compliant ie      predominantly     for   cs    re    actually
deer medications medicines bacterial organs           dental      facial
      stuttering brain objects      drug bovine       wounds      ethanol
      sound nicotine    benzodiazepines caffeine      digits      parasites
defecating swallowing medications breathing sleeping        relaxation
      defecation stools       exposures eegs toilet         fluids      ab
      they colonic      interventions     feet parameters their symptoms
defecation swallowing urination stool bleeding        spontaneous dyspnea
      fatigue     urgency     pain ap     tp    skin voiding      dysuria
      sedation    cough pruritus    neurological      symptoms
defect      abnormality prosthesis flap reservoir shunt filter
      catheter    ring fistula      lesion      tube sound preparation
      stoma device      membrane    implant     cyst complex
defects     polyps      injuries    abnormalities     bleeding    foci
      masses      lesions     thrombi     pathology wounds        fractures
      cysts anomalies infections nodules        infection symptoms
      implants    adhesions
defer generate    continue    resolve     avoid begin seek prevent
      choose      restore     detect      learn get   apply achieve
      postpone    utilize     initiate    recover     perform
deferred    only amiodarone tamoxifen and       surgical    nonoperative
      intensified steroid     physiotherapy     unsuccessful      standard
      nonsurgical delayed     active      okt3 conventional       antibiotic
      re    conservative
deferring specifically        indeed      continued adjuvant      even
      changing    unfortunately     avoiding    since and   continuing
      leaving     thus nevertheless       which however     appropriate
      special     moreover
defervesced propafenone thrombophlebitis moxifloxacin       menses
      bleeding    hospitalization calcitriol amiodarone delirium
      warfarin    quinidine theophylline        clopidogrel aborted
      tinnitus    nimodipine tizanidine flecainide clonazepam
defibrillated     cardioverted      transplanted      reevaluated excluded
      rendered    discharged contacted readmitted operated        visited
      intubated successfully        electively managed      extubated
      colonized sedated       symptomatically initially
defibrillation    consultation      prosthesis electrode shunt filter
      defect      configuration     catheter    surgical    drug lesion
      which tube preparation individual of      membrane    implant     cs
defibrillator     consultation      pacemaker icd     cardioverter
      prosthesis spa    pectoral    amiodarone shunt corticosteroid
      catheter    enlarged    steroid     artificial stent device       port
      implant     antibiotic
deficiency injuries     impairment instability obstruction diseases     ida
      disease     pathology asthma        spasticity disorders syndrome
      infection dysfunction suboptimal malignancy anemia
      subclinical dementia
deficient deficiency eyes young acutely         ht    normal      bc
      particular pediatric asian all      asthmatic asymptomatic
      children    contrast    some fd     pd    depressed
deficit     major abnormality permanent neoplasm      personality defect
      typical     developmental     temporary discrete      attention
      pathology lesion        affective spasticity language       special
      disorder    complex
deficits    variations shifts       impairment gains abnormalities
      processes disturbances        alterations participation
      fluctuations      particularly      falls difficulty difficulties
      hypoperfusion     especially problems     functions delays
define      determine ascertain reevaluate clarify          minimize
      characterize      explore     examine     optimize    maximize
      verify      evaluate    delineate assess        elucidate understand
      document    reassess    establish
defined     manifesting manifested categorized interpreted well expressed
      introduced emerged      graded      created     as    chosen
      classified rated adopted      identified such serving       modeled
defining    steps establishing      to    generating changing     localizing
      targeting avoiding      since besides     discussion and    alignment
      nevertheless      positioning reflecting enhancing assessing ie
definite    major good symmetrical focal abnormality permanent
      substantial massive     typical     minimal     satisfactory
      temporary positive      poor persistent profound      bilateral
      suboptimal malignancy
definitely specifically       clearly     related     closely     applied
      offered     expected    employed    used insufficient       entirely
      mostly      consistently      completely primarily mainly         from
      directly    utilized
definitive pharmacological maintenance specific       prescription
      routine     direct      potentially formal      surveillance
      therapeutic policy      typical     further     surgical    temporary
      standard    sequential proper       pharmacologic
definitively      exclude     clarify     addressed address       overcome
      improve     diminish    accurately verify       confirm     reduce
      appreciate adequately delineate elucidate document          enhance
      define      fully
definity    supratentorial    relapsed    gastroscopy recurrent whose
      operations craniotomy saline        thymoma     endoscopically
      refractory osteoarthrosis     malignancies      who   overt suspected
      whom idiopathic bronchiectasis
deflated    former      trachea     best largest      highest     removed
      apex opened       inflated    greatest    clamped     same sutured
      lowest      longest     of    distended broken        predominant
deflections walls fingers     orientation systems     spaces      nerves
      adjacent    errors      readings    contours    signals     peaks
      force muscles     items structures sounds       digits      roots
deformed    distal      foot lm     posterior wrist mid     dominant
      proximal    lesion      transverse skin lateral       anatomic
      child bi    of    implant     vertical    mh
deformities injuries    instability diseases    defects     involvement
      atrophy     lesions     deformity scarring      pathology fractures
      disorders calcifications      complaints compression problems
      fracture    symptoms    adhesions
deformity movement      chemical    facial      alignment lesions
      pathology lesion        deformities fractures joint compression
      products    membrane    cyst ie     fracture    symptoms    complex
deg   steps w     movement    excitation seconds      work sl
      approximately     rotation    collapse    sites min   ma    motions
      s     cm    minutes     near letters
degenerating      organs      leukocytes necrotic     facial
      inflammation      brain cortical    intestinal vessels
      atherosclerosis muscle        platelets mature        human childhood
      neoplastic bones neutrophils interest
degeneration      macular     injuries    instability edema years diseases
      hole involvement gender       holes atrophy     parity      pathology
      disorders complaints sex      immunosuppression problems    cataracts
degenerative      progressive recurrent autoimmune focal diseases
      residual    disease     pathology disorders atherosclerotic
      cerebrovascular organic       malignancy symptomatic preexisting
      arteriosclerotic extensive subclinical dementia
degradation transport formation absorption chemical         disruption
      usage stability components displacement         accumulation
      enhancement acceleration      contents    localization      activity
      elements    deposition production content
degree      occurrence lack likelihood quantity       course      incidence
      frequency use     development timing      probability percentage
      persistence number      duration    availability      identification
      amount      evolution
degrees     cooling     abduction hypothermia angulation angles
      serogroup cool mitomycin warmed           aik   rotation    4h
      temperatures      water temperature c     s     ambient     ara
dehiscence erosion      healing     complications     bleeding    drainage
      closure     fistula     scarring    wound phlebitis mediastinitis
      infections hematoma     abscess     infection hematomas
      perforation septicemia leakage
dehydrated ss     ds    md    ht    normal      bc    and   cp    pc
      disabled    three aa    their np    hh    cs    re    es    ac
dehydration injuries    edema dyspnea     hypoxemia vision
      inflammation      fever wheezing    fatigue     diarrhea    obesity
      pathology complaints sedation       cough their problems    headaches
dehydrogenase     electrolytes      amylase     ammonia     ldh   potassium
      haptoglobin fatigue     lactate     isoenzymes albumin      glutamate
      mobility    tp    mood platelets ca       coagulation proteins
delaware    hawaii      areas sleeping    pig   tissues     turkey      usa
      secretions fluid vessels      segments    fluids      platelets
      sputum      regions     county      zones urine south
delay manipulation      diminished shift abnormality burden       dependency
      stability difficulty prompt         temporary accumulation        aid
      enhancement prolonged acceleration        remarkable deterioration
      pattern     asymmetry
delayed     specific    diminished spontaneous mt     light and   late
      pathology extra subsequent skin recovery        pathological
      prolonged functional ie       cs    re    ac
delays      variations shifts       diminished abnormalities
      disturbances      losses      errors      prevents    improved
      usage involvement difficulty difficulties       atrophy     mainly
      delay retention problems      activity
delee namely      rod   tongue      posture     box   voice anatomy     ring
      lesion      skin sound joint nipple       uterine     tape membrane
      cyst ie     cutting
deleted     prescribed diminished totally       abnormality excised
      concentrated      visible     tested      employed    difficulty
      retained    pathology lesion        accumulated completely
      bilaterally re    implanted asymmetry
deletion    prescription      location    component distribution
      character spread        displacement      level enhancement sequence
      appearance acceleration       evaluation delay correction
      localization      sign pattern      content
deletions recurrences injuries      diagnoses abnormalities
      instability disturbances      foci involvement difficulty
      difficulties      atrophy     lesions     pathology anomalies
      calcifications    complaints problems     delays      symptoms
delicate    location    orientation shape character avoiding      anatomy
      alignment components basic positioning anatomic       structures
      structure proper        similarity integrity elements       correct
delighted talkative closest         related     you   terrible    switched
      allowed     your unrelated unable         quot ability      able
      graded      converted asked inability willing         returns
delineate ascertain reevaluate clarify          address     minimize
      characterize      explore     examine     optimize    maximize
      verify      evaluate    assess      elucidate understand document
      define      reassess    establish
delineated clearly      formed      established to    visualized eliminated
      addressed made accessed       globally    appreciated completely
      primarily mainly        described traced        identified captured
delirious six     arthritic burn injured        severely    epileptic
      agitated    seven four eight pediatric all      parkinsonian
      demented    asymptomatic      five trauma       ten   depressed
delirium    bacteremia bacterial dysphagia cutaneous bleeding
      spontaneous agitation facial        peritonitis medication lesions
      deformity pathology arrhythmia infection uterine            cough
      tinnitus    illness
delivered prescribed diminished applied         provided    offered
      predicted organized made given administered           employed    by
      retained    created     primarily individually        augmented also
delivering oriented     generating moving       screening targeting
      dental      aerosol     providing administering       getting
      falling     threat      sound preparation suspension special      ie
      couple      complex
delivery    transport manipulation        treatment chemical      withdrawal
      dependency work usage and     presentation      stimulation closure
      medication insertion recovery       recruitment placement the     ie
della cubic cobra epiglottis millimeter dig     largest     highest
      aforementioned    umbilicus kilogram      sacrum      junction    lo
      original    next author       greatest    centimeter same
delta sa    leg   ha    di    mt    md    hc    la    bs    si    sm    pc
      ap    tp    pp    ca    sf    cs    ac
deltoid     trunk vagina      pharynx     duodenum    stomach     jaw
      lungs wrist abdomen     thigh axilla      sternocleidomastoid
      medial      trapezius gastrocnemius       urethra     lateral
      jejunum     dorsal
deltoids    thereafter afterwards afterward resultant submandibular
      posterior p80     neck minerals     lnr   gastrocnemius     oblique
      temporalis then miscellaneous       cerebellum respectively
      hence hamstrings
deltopectoral     coil component shift version        bronchoscope
      covering    guidewire window        simulation stimulator sensor
      probe model technique approach      sheet spirometer set    method
delusional psychiatric cutaneous anxiety        facial      personality
      delirium    brain lesions     psychotic pathology affective
      disorders tinnitus      organic     neurological      symptoms
      illness     depression psychosis
delusions irritability        anxiety     dyspnea     agitation fever
      hallucinations    fatigue     obesity     insomnia    ap    mood
      tremor      cough constipation      confusion neurological
      symptoms    depression ic
demand      compensation      transport prescription        weekend
      surfaces    screen      requirement reading     basic ward medication
      fertility subsequent individual behavior        farm performance
      behaviour driving
demanded    only manipulation       formed      diminished to     provided
      predicted difficulty and      by    facilitated displacement
      retained    represented missed      ie    contamination
      additionally      actually
demarcated established diminished to      partially eliminated visible
      upon differentiated     by    facilitated confirmed primarily
      represented delineated mainly       documented predominantly      for
demented    injured     aphasic     severely    epileptic diabetic
      seven hypertensive      eight pediatric all     parkinsonian      five
      nine elderly      anemic      adult ten   hyperlipidemic    depressed
dementia    sepsis      tumors      injuries    ad    diseases
      hyperthyroidism disease       lesions     pathology asthma
      impotence spasticity disorders syndrome         neoplasms organic
      malignancy symptomatic psychosis
dementing autoimmune pancreas       prosthesis psychiatric musculoskeletal
      voice brain cervical    compound    affective atherosclerosis
      alcoholism organic      neoplastic classic      illness     psychosis
      dementia    complex
demerol     acetaminophen     morphine    meperidine amitriptyline
      ceftriaxone hydrocortisone    metronidazole     diphenhydramine
      quinine     chlordiazepoxide tramadol     cefazolin dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     promethazine      gentamicin doxepin
      prednisolone      tobramycin
demise      reversal    only continuation       fhr   and   furthermore case
      surprisingly      sonographic nevertheless      subsequent however
      sequence    following delay slowing       the   moreover
demonstrable      significant alteration seen noticeable clinically
      clear obvious     noticed     notable     change      apparent
      detected    detectable noted evident      documented remarkable
      observed    appreciable
demonstrate reveals     findings    suggesting assume       argue suggest
      support     show confirm      assuming    indicating tentatively
      shows indicate    demonstrating     indicated indicates
      demonstrated      observations
demonstrated      only clearly      results     reveals     revealing
      disclosed provided      tested      showed      displayed indicating
      showing     confirmed demonstrating       indicated also revealed
      reported    utilized
demonstrates      reveals     preliminary finding     suggesting provides
      presents    show assumption indicating demonstrate shows confirms
      indicated suggests      indicates demonstrated        describes
      extends     we
demonstrating     to    revealing supporting despite        besides
      discussion furthermore thus indicating showing        nevertheless
      confirming reflecting nonetheless however       representing
      demonstrated      moreover    we
demonstration     occurrence course       form use    development timing
      probability degree      magnitude creation      discovery number
      appearance availability       evaluation identification     amount
      evolution pattern
demyelinating     bronchitis pancreatitis       autoimmune prostatitis
      myopathy    gout diseases     insomnia    disease     painful
      granulomatous     uveitis     polyarthritis     bowel sinusitis
      osteomyelitis     malignancy symptomatic psychosis
demyelination     damage      chemical    instability vision
      inflammation      foci origin       atrophy     lesions     deformity
      pathology calcifications      infection structures ie       excessive
      symptoms    illness     structural
den   extreme     specific    shifts      screening chemical
      surveillance      participation     errors      light falls and
      difficulties      repeat      temporary caries        pathology
      delay activity    deposits
denied      requested eventually offered        required    refused
      developed presented counseled subsequently            completely
      chose regularly ultimately already        declared    initially
      inadequate attended     actually
denies      starts      touching    whatever    shift considering outside
      emphasizing around      supporting covering     below alternatively
      beyond      confirming affects      approaching exists      member
dennis      interruption      efficacy    consist     pros feelings
      composed    ease et     consisted dopa consists       consisting
      numbers     name documentation      ska   outcome     amounts
dens vertebral psoriasis diabetes         avm   dm    shaft
      intertrochanteric calcaneal displaced diaphyseal syndrome
      scaphoid    humeral     dat   symptomatic trochanteric      colles
      vitiligo    odontoid
dense tumor ha    chemical    cutaneous spontaneous facial        di
      voice brain cortical    particles intestinal lesion         skin
      sound membrane    cyst ie     complex
densely     extreme     disturbed light rapid normally      cortical
      remote      discrete    certain     profound    intense     distinct
      mature      functionally      socially    predominantly     inducing
      decreasing complex
densities diagnoses losses          errors      morphology usage peaks
      measurements      values      indices     diameters levels
      latencies parameters recordings rates clusters        patterns
      volumes     content
density     cholesterol vldl lipid ldl    remnant     fat   triglycerides
      chol serum densities power hdl      bmd   tg    fiber tc    low
      protein     content
dental      consultation      resident    facial      voice medical
      surgical    medication drug pathology distraction skin sound
      individual child tooth professional       implant     ie    complex
dentist     neurosurgeon      consultant therapist surgeon        stimulus
      team sensor       nurse cardiologist      radiologist pediatrician
      physician doctor        urologist examiner      anesthesiologist
      device      coordinator procedure
dentistry neurosurgery        medicine    tissues     practice    dental
      various     turkey      particular infants      neurology pediatrics
      cardiology segments     urology     alcoholics human country
      childhood psychiatry
dentition former        retina      vagina      stomach     space cornea
      lungs original    axilla      vasculature circulation urethra
      region      preceding ureter        fetus uk    endometrium zone
deny interpret exclude        resolve     keep pursue       ensure
      avoid address     minimize    assure      optimize    maximize
      appreciate take recognize delineate understand define
denying     foods antecedent speech       harm antidepressant     objects
      drug inappropriate      opioid      opioids     stress      individual
      benzodiazepines agents        sounds      proteins    illness
      opiates     complex
dep   sp    sa    mp    mt    md    ht    hc    sm    pc    ap    tp    rc
      sb    pp    ea    np    cs    es    ac
depakote    phosphate lithium       azithromycin      potassium valproate
      chloride    phenobarbital     ofloxacin meropenem itraconazole
      phenytoin cefepime      sodium      nitroprusside     ciprofloxacin
      cefotaxime bicarbonate carbamazepine      sucralfate
departing permanently cleared       eventually withdrawing arose derived
      isolated    participating     came developed released       retained
      arising     coming      deteriorated      recovered deviated
      voluntarily actually
department diagnosis quantity       course      construction      form
      frequency use     development timing      mode management appearance
      availability      evaluation division     dept nature       evolution
dependant specifically        diminished based to     good shift
      concentrated      visible     dependency great satisfactory
      limited     information dependent superimposed        profound
      primarily special       predominantly
dependence detoxification     chemical    abuse intoxication      withdrawal
      various     dependency reinforcement      drinking    deformity
      pathology alcohol       alcoholism disorders complaints problems
      behavior    ie    symptoms
dependency prescription       manipulation      location    orientation size
      scheduling burden       usage stability displacement        recovery
      enhancement recruitment acceleration      localization      retention
      activity    performance behaviour
dependent only specific       diminished good disturbed dependency
      light dependant and     minimal     satisfactory      temporary poor
      prolonged profound      suboptimal delayed      ie    predominantly
depending based whatever      emphasis    outside     rests impacting
      focusing    focussed    doubt focus comment     commented add
      relied      relies      influence superimposed        put   rely
depleted    only diminished totally       cell normal       pb    normally
      bc    and   hct   dc    depletion augmented asymptomatic
      cells lymphocytes predominantly     es    apoptosis
depletion reversal      manipulation      formation disruption usage
      expression difficulty stimulation expansion destruction
      accumulation      suppression enhancement mobilization      delay
      augmentation      activity    apoptosis production
deployed    offered     made encountered seen tested        employed    used
      successfully      mostly      studied     detected    placed      also
      identified similar      observed    evaluated implanted utilized
deployment manipulation       treatment withdrawal embolization
      delivery    usage recanalization    closure     removal     expansion
      displacement      positioning insertion recruitment occlusion
      placement implantation        correction localization
depo methylprednisolone       trazodone hydrocortisone      allopurinol
      quinidine ofloxacin furosemide tramadol         itraconazole
      ethanol     diltiazem dexamethasone       ciprofloxacin
      doxycycline gentamicin caffeine     verapamil tizanidine
deposit     target      residue     abnormality light difficulty and
      defect      drug pathology lesion         training    sound
      preparation scar leakage      membrane    ie    correct     asymmetry
deposition manipulation       location    formation absorption size
      spread      amplitude usage stability alignment displacement
      accumulation      enhancement acceleration      localization
      integrity activity      production content
deposits    shifts      recurrences abnormalities     disturbances
      errors      foci involvement difficulty and     peaks difficulties
      lesions     pathology calcifications      structures leakage
      problems    activity    adhesions
depressed injured       severely    diabetic    acutely     seven
      hypertensive      eight pediatric hd      all   parkinsonian
      demented    asymptomatic      five nine elderly       anemic
      adult ten
depression ss     psychiatric cutaneous anxiety       td    dyspnea
      agitation facial        vision      pain insomnia     pathology ap
      disorders mood sedation       cough neurological      symptoms
depressions injuries    instability bleeding    diseases    defects
      lesions     ulceration pathology elevation segments         fractures
      cysts infections disorders complaints headaches symptoms
      depression psychosis
depressive somatic      psychiatric ptsd panic personality gastrointestinal
      prodromal psychotic asthma          bipolar     affective disorders
      disorder    neurologic neurological       manic depression
      constitutional    psychosis
dept occurrence lack onset quantity       presence    incidence absence
      ease development timing       degree      consists    persistence
      number      duration    availability      identification    amounts
depth location    size severity     shape width amplitude morphology
      frequency stability perception speed displacement
      recruitment appearance anatomic     acceleration      localization
      assessment content
depuy tibial      prosthesis plate tm     anterior    ankle ap    lateral
      knee joint nail plug ao       uterus      of    membrane    implant
      cyst cerebellar
der   delta r     f     sa    lm    versus      di    x2    v     sm    df
      vs    cl    ca    s     rho   sf    cat   r2
derangements      shifts      impairment abnormalities      processes
      instability disturbances      errors      progress    foci
      involvement particularly      difficulty difficulties       phenomena
      pathology especially problems       delays      activity
derived     suffers     emanating withdrawing isolated      extracted came
      originate varied        signals     released    stemming    comes
      aside arising     weaning     coming      away recovered deviated
derm pat    meatal      pig   nl    dog   caps usa    tm    rm    eye
      group gel   uk    jejunum     aa    eo    arm   ar    hat
dermatitis sepsis       tumors      injuries    ad    diseases    eczema
      hyperthyroidism disease       cp    lesions     asthma      spasticity
      hydrocephalus     disorders syndrome      tinnitus    allergy
      psychosis dementia
dermatological    early clinical    chemical    psychiatric cutaneous
      dental      various     facial      medical     surgical    painful
      pathology skin pathological         including neurological
      symptoms    obstetric complex
dermatologist     assistant dentist       consultant therapist
      gastroenterologist      team standardized       pathologist nurse
      cardiologist      radiologist neurologist gynecologist
      rheumatologist    psychiatrist      computer    specialist
      psychologist      pharmacist
dermatology health      clinic      medicine    dermatological    dental
      various     rehabilitation    medical     hospital    gastroenterology
      french      spanish     neurology cardiology urology        nephrology
      italian     psychiatry obstetric
dermatomes distal       orientation movement    spaces      leg   nerves
      apical      mt    si    legs lesion       hands skin segments
      muscles     lateral     motor cs    es
dermatomyositis hemiplegia recurrent hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    ascites     epilepsy    glomerulonephritis
      cirrhosis sle     hypertriglyceridemia    scleroderma sarcoidosis
      refractory malignancies       chronic     suspected idiopathic
      hyperlipidemia    bronchiectasis
desaturate obtain       heal maintain     intervene attain        develop
      administer stop resume        manage      learn eat   get   achieve
      communicate awaken      initiate    recover     perform
desaturated distal      ss    splints     foot lm     leg   apt   dh
      lesion      ap    vestibular skin pad     became      contracted
      cerebellar cs     ar    being
desaturating      breathing normotensive        ds    air   pn    ht    hc
      obese normal      ld    medicated asthmatic compliance np         fd
      awake exercising hyperlipidemic     ac
desaturation      breathing transport uptake          hypotension oxygen
      saturation sao2 bleeding      air   spontaneous hypoxemia
      consumption spo2 atelectasis tension      phlebitis desaturations
      fio2 species
desaturations     pains hypotension erosions    complications     bleeding
      errors      waves hypoxemia inflammation        falls bradycardia
      lesions     phlebitis contacts      desaturation      platelets
      pruritus    neutrophils symptoms
descended distal        br    was   began and   testes      declined
      retained    lesion      accumulated segments    became      contracted
      of    deteriorated      recovered cs      above actually
descending atrium       hemisphere posterior basilar        anterior
      internal    circumflex radial       oblique     lad   subclavian
      aorta ventricle diagonal      carotid     right communicating
      culprit     nares
descent     transport movements formation movement          damage
      errors      delivery    inflammation      foci usage involvement
      difficulty alignment collapse       pathology leakage       activity
      ie    symptoms
describe    investigate determine ascertain reevaluate estimate
      clarify     characterize      explore     examine     verify
      evaluate    discuss     delineate assess        elucidate observe
      document    define      establish
described clearly       established provided    usually     quite employed
      introduced limited      promoted    inconclusive      typically
      primarily largely       delineated adopted      reported    utilized
      outlined    being
describes issue considers update          updates     raises      represents
      presents    gives looks explored    article     explains    reflects
      reviews     reports     confirms    extends     paper report
description lack visualization      diminution estimation normalization
      characterization measurement review       optimization      degree
      representative    chance      source      evaluation instead
      identification    assessment understanding      predominance
desensitization manipulation        treatment therapy       damage
      chemical    delivery    light difficulty and    reinforcement
      stimulation medication testing      recruitment delay augmentation
      activity    ie    constriction
deserves    are   warrant     eventually require      potentially ongoing
      further     continuing occasionally       its   maybe ultimately
      requires    sometimes hence worth subclinical remain        needs
designed    conducted seeks applied       relating    closer      allowed
      aimed confined    attached    added superior    owing due   attempted
      tries according restricted undertaken decided
desipramine citalopram haloperidol amitriptyline      trazodone imipramine
      clomipramine      propranolol fluoxetine risperidone prazosin
      nortriptyline     doxepin     verapamil nefazodone sertraline
      erythromycin      clonazepam alprazolam paroxetine
desire      lead susceptibility     efforts     responsiveness    related
      prior response    exposure    accessible ready alternatives
      reactivity exposures encouragement        access      propensity
      barriers    attempts    adherence
desired     target      process     best therapeutic original     optimal
      current     final scope initial     itself      fetus underlying
      ultimate    principal correct       procedure principle actual
desires     arrangements      personal    staff financial parents
      exposures preferences comfort       preference nurses       wishes
      doctors     advice      plans beliefs     physicians education
      problems    behavior
desiring    resistant needing       refusing    requesting whose eventually
      responding menorrhagia consulting gynecologic tubal gynecological
      interventions     requiring endometriosis       who   were failing
desirous    terms stages      aspects     lieu normalization      regardless
      complaining complained composed     complain    capable     because
      reminiscent indicative consisting suggestive favor amounts
desk moving       plate modified    electrode stimulus      box   filter
      bar   program     sensor      flat diet sheet circular      named
      device      message     nearby      letter
desonide    citalopram miconazole betamethasone       hydrocortisone
      chlorhexidine     cream repaglinide pilocarpine gel   terazosin
      mupirocin doxepin       nimodipine sucralfate erythromycin
      ointment    ro    topical     nicardipine
despite     to    considering finally     supporting since besides
      discussion furthermore surprisingly       thus nevertheless
      confirming reflecting however       demonstrating     representing
      interestingly     moreover    additionally
destination summaries postdischarge       coordination      complications
      hospitalization morphology usage measurements         employment
      readmission indices     mobility    recovery    anatomic    functional
      retention behavior      behaviour symptoms
destruction reversal    formation spread        disruption involvement
      components displacement       accumulation      suppression
      attenuation restoration enhancement acceleration      augmentation
      localization      integrity contamination       deposition complexity
destructive specific    permanent chemical      cutaneous various
      diseases    aggressive massive      surgical    painful     lesions
      pathology extra pathological        accompanying      nonspecific
      subclinical structural complex
desyrel     courses     based syrup capsules    patches     injections
      focusing    2mg   trazodone trazadone tablets         ounces
      magnesia    relies      pills inhalations puffs 500mg combinations
detail      israel      areas ways turkey       mexico      settings
      reversing situ particular man       madagascar turn suppressing
      order retrospect addition     vitro contrast    regions
detailed    total quantitative      direct      formal      thorough
      rigorous    lot   policy      rapid panel review      prompt
      precise     standardized      sample      comprehensive     set
      distinct    source
details     location    visualization     aspects     severity    portions
      characteristics features      estimation measurement perception
      removal     views evaluation documentation      localization
      division    assessment patterns     complexity
detect      generate    resolve     obtain      keep ensure       avoid
      maintain    remove      assure      optimize    prevent     manage
      elicit      discern     identify    achieve     localize    initiate
detectable diminished visible       seen noticeable markedly      obvious
      noticed     successful notable      demonstrable      change
      completely apparent     detected    evident     documented remarkable
      observed    appreciable
detected    determined ascertained visualized eliminated encountered
      absent      seen noticed      found studied     eradicated detectable
      noted evident     placed      identified observed     evaluated
detection diagnosis construction          estimation characterization use
      measurement prevention development timing       management
      persistence restoration appearance availability       evaluation
      identification    assessment evolution determination
detergent paste solution      plate foam filter       bar   chlorhexidine
      diuretic    commercial probe partner      flat preparation circular
      containing rigid device       mouthwash dressing
detergents irritants foods solutions systems          organs      chemical
      air   therapies stimuli       objects     heat skin benzodiazepines
      agents      water structures products     sounds      devices
deteriorate occur modify      alter exacerbate notice       normalize
      improve     produce     recur impair      diminish    exceed
      persist     vary worsen       reveal      compromise appreciably
deteriorated      only diminished improved      difficulty declined
      whereas     retained    accumulated disappeared became      while
      similarly bilaterally worsened      remained    recovered decreased
      were additionally
deteriorating     renal permanent massive       impaired    disease
      painful     declining poor persistent pathology incomplete
      hepatic     suboptimal liver their malignancy symptomatic
      preexisting nonspecific
deterioration     impairment diminution abnormality alteration
      alterations substantial involvement difficulty decline      marked
      improvement temporary successful accumulation         reduction
      enhancement remarkable delay worsening
determination     lack visualization      estimation application
      characterization use    measurement ease development optimization
      creation    persistence completeness      restoration detection
      evaluation documentation      identification    assessment
determinations    radiographs diagnoses losses        examinations
      usage measurements      indices     testing     markers     levels
      assays      tests recordings monitoring evaluations assessments
      activities patterns     volumes
determine investigate ascertain reevaluate clarify          characterize
      explore     examine     verify      evaluate    delineate assess
      discern     elucidate document      describe    discover    define
      reassess    establish
determined ascertained reversed     eliminated made obtained      calculated
      done tested       simultaneously    measured    created     checked
      assessed    prepared    recorded    identified evaluated captured
detox haloperidol other hydroxyurea mp    pn    tamoxifen hc
      chemotherapy      levamisole without      neo   cp    amikacin
      ceftazidime radiotherapy      plus inactive     tobramycin ac
detoxification    early consultation      treatment therapy       screening
      withdrawal dental       surveillance      delivery    rehabilitation
      medical     and   surgical    medication physiotherapy
      recruitment methadone ie      trauma
detrusor    cutaneous intracranial        nocturnal cd      esophageal
      disease     cp    asthma      urethral    voiding     spasticity
      syndrome    bilateral hepatic       bladder     neurogenic liver
      symptomatic ic
devastating strong      heterogeneous     crucial     noninvasive mixture
      complication      relatively lot    growing     concern     clear
      multifactorial    marker      distinctive comprehensive     problem
      simple      rare source
develop     generate    resolve     obtain      seek maintain     make
      detect      learn give elicit       get   adopt identify    achieve
      utilize     initiate    attend      perform     establish
developed only permanently eventually required        experienced stabilized
      and   displayed presented became          with documented requiring
      already     predominantly     reported    re    initially had
developing acute bacterial various        diseases    falling     delirium
      death obesity     dying cervical    atherosclerosis alcoholism
      migraine    human childhood malignancy suicide        psychosis
development occurrence quantity     presence    incidence frequency use
      timing      degree      magnitude persistence discovery number
      appearance detection availability         identification    amount
      nature      evolution
developmental     extreme     specific    orientation chemical    reading
      light parents     speech      physiological     pathology
      pathological      physiologic functional language     professional
      behavior    behaviour structural complex
develops    occurring indeed        even are    occurs      occur progress
      prevents    involved    works particularly      difficulty
      difficulties      improves    typically especially begins         is
deviated    suffers     emanating disconnected        withdrawing arose
      derived     came originate varied         released    stemming
      arise comes aside arising     coming      away recovered deviates
deviates    suffers     moved emanating disconnected        withdrawing
      arose derived     came originate varied         released    stemming
      arise comes aside arising     coming      away deviated
deviation absorption sem      separation width amplitude error time
      displacement      values      mean level value slope acceleration
      rms   power recording se      score
device      prosthesis system       plate electrode stimulus      reservoir
      filter      bar   catheter    ring compound     sensor      probe
      technique preparation endoscope procedure nomogram          apparatus
devices     medications treatments solutions medicines systems
      therapies substances signals        drugs preparations      items
      benzodiazepines agents        structures products     digits
      dressings antibiotics implants
dexa ultrasound echocardiography energy         cytology    ray   histology
      rays pediatricians      spirometry films ct     nurses      endoscopy
      cardiologists     restriction palpation scanning      intake      tee
dexamethasone     azithromycin      methylprednisolone      metoclopramide
      cimetidine aspirin      nifedipine hydrocortisone     diazepam
      allopurinol ondansetron furosemide spironolactone     diltiazem
      ciprofloxacin     doxycycline verapamil prednisolone        lorazepam
dexamphetamine    bisoprolol amitriptyline      nifedipine diazepam
      imipramine hcl    zolpidem    montelukast loratadine ramipril
      propranolol fluoxetine buspirone prazosin       verapamil lorazepam
      ibuprofen nicardipine alprazolam
dexedrine amantadine aerosolized trazodone diazepam         oxazepam
      zolpidem    ethanol     nicotine    buspirone caffeine      lorazepam
      tizanidine naloxone     ibuprofen nicardipine clonazepam alprazolam
      scopolamine memantine
dexon monofilament      staples     dh    id    absorbable cap    cp
      suture      sutures     ceftazidime sb    subcuticular      aa    mesh
      classic     cs    ar    silk intact
dextran     mannitol    ha    ta    hydrocortisone    quinine     enoxaparin
      ip    heparin     sodium      water cefotaxime vancomycin nimodipine
      lidocaine sucralfate erythromycin         clonidine cs
dextrose    syrup sterile     mannitol    solution    hydrocortisone    d5w
      bupivacaine aminophylline     saline      cefazolin phenylephrine
      ethanol     sodium      water cefotaxime nacl lidocaine
      erythromycin      clonidine
df    r     mv    f     pu    versus      der   nad   x2    v     pl    mets
      vs    msec milliseconds       s     rho   sf    p     r2
dfci larynx       latest      wrist rectum      junction    time scene
      original    visit final site protocol     farber      implant     nice
      procedure institute admitting remaining
dfn   former      afternoon trachea       dentition duodenum      stomach
      lungs latter      group literature plane region       preceding
      meantime    ureter      uk    periphery oldest        arm
dg    sa    ta    tm    ht    hc    bc    sm    pc    ap    tp    rc    sb
      pp    ea    sf    np    cs    es    ar
dh    ss    sa    tm    md    hc    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    sb    ep
      rp    aa    np    cs    ar    ic    ac
dhi   finger      fingers     stomach     apical      di    wrist abdomen
      dominant    thigh si    legs lesion       hands drs   thumb orbit
      lateral     joint symptom
di    sa    ha    tm    mt    md    la    si    sm    pc    lesion      ap
      skin sb     li    ep    bi    cs    ar    ac
diabetes    schizophrenia     tumors      hypertension      t2dm
      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    dm    dm2   disease
      hypertriglyceridemia    persistent asthma       sarcoidosis overt
      dyslipidemia      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     dementia
diabetic    severely    hypothyroid epileptic cirrhotic obese
      hypertensive      pediatric hd      asthmatic parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      demented    constipated immunosuppressed elderly
      anemic      adult hyperlipidemic    depressed
diagnosed tumors        transplanted      staged      hospitalized
      stabilized hospitalised       treated     presenting intubated
      managed     colonized with documented asymptomatic          sedated
      symptomatic predominantly     initially implanted
diagnoses medications dates injuries      characteristics features      foci
      measurements      reporting lesions       indices     pathology
      pathological      complaints anatomic     tests parameters problems
      patterns    symptoms
diagnosis reversal      onset course      frequency use     measurement
      development degree      level restoration appearance duration
      detection evaluation identification       assessment evolution
      etiology    pattern
diagnostic target       prescription      clinical    potential burden
      surveillance      therapeutic basic surgical    physiological
      preparation technical recruitment anatomic      structure proper
      method      correct     actual
diagnostics staging     location    orientation size shape chemical
      programming reading     morphology isolation stability basic
      planning    recruitment anatomic    structure proper
      localization      integrity
diagonal    target      process     pelvis      posterior midline
      stimulus    anterior    code ring lesion        lad   lateral
      fetus of    implant     correct     right procedure actual
diahrrea    recurred    aphasic     occurred    hypothyroid leukopenia
      cirrhotic anuric        seven remitted    hypertensive
      hemodialysis      immunosuppressed neutropenia nine mucositis
      anemia      transaminitis     thrombocytopenia depressed
dialysed    transplanted      pretreated hospitalized       hospitalised
      catheterized      anticoagulated    seven euthyroid treated
      intubated ventilated hd       hemodialysis      asymptomatic
      immunosuppressed sedated      dialyzed    chronically adult
dialysis    burn therapy      spa   bc    and   surgical    lesions
      pathology steroid       ip    hd    hemodialysis      rp
      asymptomatic      liver trauma      cs    pd    ic
dialyze     early desired     swallow     permanently medical     normally
      stop nursing      surgical    physiotherapy     fertility themselves
      home active       colchicine their recover      re    prenatal
dialyzed    transplanted      pretreated hospitalized       hospitalised
      catheterized      anticoagulated    euthyroid medicated treated
      intubated ventilated hemodialysis         colonized asymptomatic
      immunosuppressed sedated      premedicated      compliant dialysed
diameter    steps size shape width amplitude reading        light thickness
      dimension configuration       displacement      lesion      volume
      segments    diameters sequence      leakage     score zones
diameters diagnoses distributions         losses      width readings
      morphology thickness peaks measurements         values      indices
      views latencies tests parameters contents       rates volumes
diaphoresis tiredness malaise       fever fatigue     diarrhea
      paresthesias      palpitations      flatulence palpitation somnolence
      dysuria     numbness    flushing    pruritus    nervousness lethargy
      headache    confusion dizziness
diaphragm pelvis        fingers     retina      vagina      stomach
      conjunctiva cornea      tongue      rectum      patella
      musculature abdomen     original    thorax      urethra     sternum
      penis thumb uterus
diaphragmatic     cutaneous air     spontaneous facial      brain nocturnal
      la    cortical    intestinal pathology vestibular skin muscle
      hepatic     uterine     motor cough cs    ar
diaphyseal comminuted vertebral nonunion        fixation    subtrochanteric
      shaft intertrochanteric alignment pathology calcaneal fractures
      displaced compression scaphoid      humeral     trochanteric      ie
      dislocated malleolar
diaphysis distal        tibia vagina      pharynx     stomach     space
      condyle     femur apex wrist junction     abdomen     thorax
      proximal    medial      urethra     border      radius      zone
diarrhea    hypotension dysphagia edema bleeding      dyspnea     agitation
      fever fatigue     paresthesias      nephrotoxicity
      hyperbilirubinemia      alopecia    cough constipation      pruritus
      headache    mucositis headaches anemia
diary format      consultant modified     facility    standardized
      probe nurse neurologist interview comprehensive       sheet simple
      psychiatrist      chair 3-day machine     computer    computerized
diastole    sleeping    inspiration tissues     mid   ht    la    infancy
      ap    swimming    segments    contractility     pregnancy filling
      expiration systole      exercise    volumes     es    zones
diastolic pulse office        seated      venous      capillary sitting
      sbp   bp    blood standing    peripheral 24-hour      resting
      ambulatory supine       arterial    systolic    erect intraocular
diazepam    acetaminophen     metoclopramide    meperidine hydroxyzine
      amitriptyline     cimetidine nifedipine oxazepam      atropine
      furosemide propranolol diltiazem dexamethasone        buspirone
      terbutaline verapamil lorazepam ibuprofen alprazolam
dic   sepsis      ss    pe    ds    diseases    normal      cd    bc    pc
      lesions     pathology spasticity aa       symptomatic fd
      proteinuria cs    ar    ic
dickinson syringe       swab tracing      moving      separation lakes
      radio derived     smear electrode franklin      sensor      probe
      false culture     eia   inc   away product
dict  radiographs responses february      spect biopsies    june bloods
      they march recordings evaluations assessments scans inclusive
      images      rates december    samples     additions
dictated    elicited    replaced    characterized     supported prevented
      dominated facilitated approximated        preceded    affected
      explained triggered aggravated reflected evidenced blocked
      represented confounded caused
dictates    so    hope reveals      suggesting assumption assuming
      indicating idea recommendation      suggestion stating      meant
      belief      indicated fact indicates stated           data revealed
dictating unfavorable afterwards partially outside          addressed
      finally     throughout without      mitigate    completed
      accordingly miscellaneous     inaccurate complicate additional
      lastly      hence explain     consequently
dictation consultation        tm    reading     ict   writing     control
      traditional si    sm    pc    rc    sb    individual tt
      intervention      child experimental      np    cs
dictator    former      afternoon industry      fourth      evening
      resultant ensuing       thalamus    duodenum    valley      mid   pons
      latter      planes      occipital lowest        medulla
      tachycardiac      cerebellum
did   unfortunately     since others      furthermore whereas     although
      unlike      thus apparently nevertheless        do    but   certainly
      while however     though      interestingly     moreover    does
die   d     or    nightly     haloperidol bid   day   po    iv    daily od
      intramuscularly tid     tablets     qid   orally      kg    plus im
died relapsed     received    suffered    bled receiving survived
      progressed experienced refused      developed complained underwent
      became      with requiring vomited        taking      experiencing
diet supplement plate stimulus      reservoir box     filter      drink bar
      program     protocol    meal flat regime        preparation regimen
      step device       video letter
dietary     foods food chemical     spontaneous speech      infant
      basic medication drug heat skin alcohol         individual sodium
      physiologic behavior    ie    fiber complex
dietician supplement portable       facemask    plateau     dermatologist
      commercial standardized       nurse cardiologist      neurologist
      sheet circular    counselor psychiatrist        3-day specialist
      psychologist      pharmacist letter
dieting     foods food appetite     ha    vision      inflammation
      speech      obesity     drinking    dietary     training    alcohol
      eating      water aa    cough smoking     behavior    maternal
diets foods treatments solutions treatment systems          errors      and
      peaks meals hands skin diet preparations        feet regimens
      parameters products     devices     cs
diff delta r      f     sa    con   md    v     sl    pl    rd    ai    hr
      bf    pp    cl    ca    s     sf    r2
difference significant no     noticeable interaction overlap
      improvement obvious     noticed     found notable     demonstrable
      correlation change      apparent    detectable noted remarkable
      observed    appreciable
different only altered        diminished totally      to    raised      any
      uniformly improved      and   by    changed     retained    reduced
      completely the    ie    for   re
differential      pharmacological prescription        diagnostic direct
      clinical    potential burden        mediation dependency
      therapeutic frequency basic physiological       physiologic net
      proper      analgesic pharmacologic       pattern
differentiated    tumors      recurrent focal pancreatic without
      disease     painful     pathology testicular nodular        bilateral
      incomplete with localized papillary symptomatic extensive ic
differentiation formation size coordination           chemical    separation
      morphology usage stability expression perception speed
      simultaneous      recruitment physiologic fear structure
      localization      patterns    production
difficile bacteremia ss       max   bleeding    jun   reactive    apc
      lesions     pathology perfringens hcv     viruses     infections
      infection peptide       malignancy parasites protein        candidemia
difficult responsive needed         efforts     related     easy assumed
      contributing      advised     easier      supposed    insufficient
      sufficient necessary superior       sensitive impossible thought
      restricted helps
difficulties      variations shifts       abnormalities     processes
      disturbances      participation     errors      involvement
      particularly      falls difficulty phenomena pathology especially
      problems    delays      activity    deposits    deficits
difficulty shifts       manipulation      diminished orientation processes
      disturbances      errors      foci usage involvement stability
      alignment difficulties        pathology retention problems
      activity    behaviour asymmetry
diffuse     tumors      recurrent disseminated        focal ascites
      unilateral severe       without     disease     persistent asthma
      nodular     sarcoidosis bilateral symptomatic preexisting malignant
      extensive hyperlipidemia
diffusely diminished totally        good symmetrical minor visible
      globally    minimal     positive    retained    pathology completely
      bilaterally delayed     missed      predominantly     for   re    near
diffusion transport manipulation          ultrasound orientation shape
      chemical    reading     light basic displacement      dynamic
      physiological     pathology skin recruitment anatomic       functional
      structure recording
diflucan    medications solutions pains movements systems         spaces
      complications     errors      peaks difficulties      lesions
      viruses     granules    calcifications    creams      products
      problems    implants    analgesics
dig   former      cobra trachea     fourth      ensuing     duodenum
      largest     lungs entire      original    second      next latter
      group same first uk     oldest      remaining
digital     specific    ultrasound 3d     chemical    facial      reading
      repeat      cytological dynamic     pathology lesion        skin
      pathological      endoscopic bi     functional ie     neurological
digitalis amitriptyline       hydroxyurea amiodarone aspirin      nifedipine
      carvedilol imipramine cp      steroids    clomipramine      diuretics
      clozapine ciprofloxacin       prazosin    verapamil digoxin
      cyclosporine      ic    captopril
digits      solutions fingers       systems     nerves      tongue
      objects     drug lesion       hands vessels     sound muscles
      items individual structures products      sounds      devices     cyst
digoxin     lithium     amitriptyline     nifedipine allopurinol quinidine
      quinine     furosemide itraconazole       phenytoin theophylline
      spironolactone    levodopa    propranolol diltiazem ciprofloxacin
      prazosin    verapamil erythromycin        alprazolam
dihydroxy plasma        fecal ammonia     hydroxy     fatty unconjugated
      amino cortisol    bc    lactate     folate      progesterone      acid
      bile water serum platelets sputum         urine
dilantin    azithromycin      moxifloxacin      valproate allopurinol
      quinidine phenobarbital       ofloxacin furosemide itraconazole
      phenytoin theophylline        labetalol granules      ciprofloxacin
      doxycycline carbamazepine     verapamil digoxin       alprazolam
dilatation erosion      manipulation      size drainage     and   alignment
      closure     displacement      collapse    testing     pathology
      dilation    enlargement evacuation compression occlusion leakage
      activity    ie
dilated     schizophrenia     myocarditis hypertension      nonischemic
      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    unilateral severe
      hypertrophic      disease     hypertriglyceridemia    persistent
      sarcoidosis familial    symptomatic chronic     idiopathic
      hyperlipidemia    bronchiectasis
dilation    erosion     manipulation      usage drainage    difficulty and
      stimulation closure     dilatation testing      pathology
      enlargement compression occlusion vasodilation        leakage
      activity    ie    constriction
dilator     vasodilator prosthesis system       plate stimulus    reservoir
      filter      bar   incentive ring compound       sensor
      preparation endoscope cannula       vasoconstrictor device
      membrane    apparatus
dilaudid    nitroglycerine    fentanyl    methylprednisolone      morphine
      ketorolac meperidine aspirin        hydrocortisone    bupivacaine
      hydromorphone     atropine    tramadol    cefazolin dexamethasone
      prednisone droperidol prednisolone        lorazepam lidocaine
dilt target       requests    need cilostazol required      conjunctiva
      amantadine eventual     lungs musculature original    optimal
      current     esmolol     diaphragm extra penis uterus        memantine
diltiazem metoprolol nadolol        amlodipine amitriptyline      cimetidine
      nifedipine allopurinol sr     furosemide spironolactone     labetalol
      propranolol dexamethasone     prazosin    verapamil enalapril
      digoxin     nicardipine captopril
dilute      paste solution    chemical    oral aerosol      chlorhexidine
      extract     commercial discrete     sound preparation gel   water
      containing suspension lidocaine ie        topical     complex
diluted     supplementation dissolved solutions mannitol          irrigation
      solution    aerosol     administered      hydrocortisone
      bupivacaine furosemide nebulized labelled       ethanol     dextrose
      granules    suspension lidocaine suspended
dilution    manipulation      quantitative      ultrasound direct
      tracing     chemical    examination reading     light averaging test
      displacement      testing     assay strain      recruitment method
      recording sampling
dilutional ss     sa    chemical    ultrafiltration tm      ht    hc    bc
      diuresis    gs    pc    ap    patient     pv    professional      np
      cs    es    ic
dimension process       location    component orientation size shape
      direction character apical          width amplitude configuration
      region      threshold lateral       border      slope structure
dimensional namely      quarters    3d    systems     rounds      times
      separate    fold panels       discrete    sessions    runs nebulizers
      preparations      regimens    sequential distinct     clusters    2-d
dimer hus   d     sa    ag    penicillamine     di    cortisol    fen
      glutamate e       fibrinogen na     sotalol     k     ergocalciferol
      cylinder    ca    aa    protein
diminish    permit      modify      cover minimize    facilitate normalize
      disrupt     expand      improve     stimulate prevent       reduce
      appreciate elevate      mitigate    activate    document    enhance
diminished shortened only raised          predicted increased improved
      markedly    retained    reduced     slowed      prolonged primarily
      mainly      delayed     augmented enhanced      constantly
      predominantly     decreased
diminution reversal     result      alteration normalization      disruption
      accumulation      suppression limitation attenuation reduction
      source      prolongation      delay worsening slowing
      deterioration     sign predominance       description
diminutive polyps       abnormal    focal pe    hyperplastic      antacids
      delirium    adenomas    adenoma     levamisole cap    steroids
      lesions     sessile     agents      organic     malignancy
      antibiotics psychosis
dimpling    inspected trachea       before      clip apex buttocks
      forehead    debrided    operating antrum        cleaned     peri
      fluoroscopy carina      cheek pre   nose perineum     cecum
dinitrate nitroglycerin       nadolol     mononitrate nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    diazepam    oxazepam    hcl   furosemide labetalol
      propranolol diltiazem terbutaline procainamide        prazosin
      verapamil midodrine hydralazine nicardipine
dinner      thereafter afterwards afterward drying          discharge
      lunch curettage dosing        6h    resp meals extubation ending
      2h    then 24h    breakfast supper        again
diopters    d     kj    equivalents kcal equivalent approximately       g
      collapse    ma    l1    vitamin     oh    units cylinder    cm
      corrections ie    se    letters
diovan      losartan    citalopram azithromycin       thalidomide
      fluconazole amlodipine amantadine allopurinol gabapentin quinapril
      spironolactone    valsartan labetalol pamidronate casodex
      terazosin nicardipine clonazepam memantine
dioxide     breathing oxygen        dlco air    monoxide    po2
      insufflation      ve    tension     co2   ap    co    extubation
      pneumoperitoneum ph     o2    pco2 respiration paco2
dip   fs    sa    di    tm    mt    la    bc    sm    pc    ap    tp    sb
      ep    rp    bi    np    cs    ar    ac
diphenhydramine acetaminophen       metoclopramide    meperidine
      hydroxyzine amitriptyline     cimetidine hydrocortisone     diazepam
      atenolol    oxazepam    atropine    furosemide propranolol
      dexamethasone     promethazine      verapamil lorazepam ibuprofen
diphtheroids      sp    sleeping    sa    con   hc    pl    paresthesias
      both standing     resp tp     palpitation bf    positions planes
      pp    v5    hematocrit urine
diplopia    dysphagia edema bleeding      dyspnea     vision      ptosis
      fever fatigue     diarrhea    complaints cough constipation
      pruritus    headache    neurologic neurological       headaches
      symptoms    vertigo
dipyridamole      metoclopramide    amitriptyline     cimetidine aspirin
      nifedipine hydrocortisone     diazepam    atropine    furosemide
      spironolactone    propranolol diltiazem dexamethasone
      terbutaline prazosin    clopidogrel verapamil prednisolone
direct      pharmacological specific      prescription      manipulation
      clinical    chemical    burden      therapeutic light differential
      policy      typical     prompt      temporary discrete
      physiological     proper      recording pharmacologic
directed    specifically      oriented    diminished to     changing
      moving      targeting organized upon since besides          through
      limited     nevertheless      positioning from directly     ie    for
direction areas process       environment form amplitude situation
      configuration     position    literature plane region       sequence
      periphery context       vicinity    view zone condition arm
directional specific    chemical    light vessel      drug discrete
      pathology lesion        distraction pathological      preparation bi
      native      membrane    cyst cutting      cs    structural complex
directionality    orientation chemical    retraction reading      light work
      anatomy     stability speech        pathology discrimination
      sound technical recruitment anatomic      structure language
      behavior    behaviour
directions steps areas ways systems       tissues     direction
      compartments      surroundings      others      particular charge
      positions planes        country     vehicles    contrast
      laboratories      regions     zones
directive oriented      consultation      prescription      package
      incentive catheter      program     plan booklet      sound
      preparation directives device       appointment professional
      message     ie    video complex
directives medications prescriptions      therapy     consultations
      therapies medication resources pathology opioids            doctors
      interventions     agents      physicians directive problems
      services    issues      symptoms    antibiotics
directly    specifically      clearly     changing    shifted     extending
      closely     applied     close automatically     allowed     roughly
      used entirely     changed     primarily largely       mainly
      definitely from
director    location    component course        construction      form
      character use     timing      magnitude scope discovery
      demonstration     appearance slope availability       assessment
      nature      evolution complexity
dis   distal      orientation systems     apical      di    proximal
      basic legs lesion       hands skin muscles      lateral     joint
      individual following of       cyst zone
disability swallowing emotional discomfort anxiety          dyspnea
      fatigue     pain psychosocial       mobility    swelling    mood
      sedation    functional sensation social         psychological
      behavior    neurological      symptoms
disabled    malnourished      totally     noncompliant      transplanted
      dehydrated injured      anxious     severely    agitated    medicated
      four three handicapped asymptomatic       their five compliant
      trauma      depressed
disappeared only occurring recurred       diminished even resolved      was
      improved    difficulty retained     accumulated completely persisted
      became      subsided    abated      worsened    ceased
disc disk cutaneous dental          facial      cervical    lesions
      deformity pathology lesion          skin joint discs membrane
      implant     cyst ie     mh    complex     bony
discard     user target       location    orientation supply      shape
      cover programming stability configuration       simulation test
      match recruitment anatomic    check proper      correct     monitor
discectomy diskectomy operations arthrodesis decompression
      posterolateral    laminectomy myelography craniotomy surgery
      esophagectomy     thoracotomy lobectomy fusion        disc
      colonoscopy resections microdiscectomy splenectomy laparoscopy
discern     determine ascertain obtain          clarify     minimize
      characterize      explore     optimize    maximize    verify
      detect      delineate assess        identify    elucidate document
      discover    define      establish
discerned visualized eliminated considered avoided          realized
      pursued     reproducibly      minimized easily        prevented
      reliably    detected    noted delineated alleviated traced
      observed    postponed helpful
discharge visits        postdischarge     withdrawal delivery     sl
      surgery     presentation      medication sites vaccination recovery
      weaning     extubation admission recruitment home postpartum 24h
discharged reevaluated excluded     withdrawn contacted reviewed
      readmitted visited      sequentially      intubated recruited
      electively interviewed weaned       extubated regularly dismissed
      retested    recovered initially
discharges medications consultations      complications     bleeding
      errors      waves inflammation      foci defects      lesions
      pathology cysts contacts      calcifications    complaints products
      problems    symptoms    adhesions
discharging obstructed burn therapy       epileptic dental
      rehabilitation    delirium    shunt dying postsurgical      surgical
      medication drug pathology physiotherapy         individual ie
      trauma      adhesions
discitis    injuries    thrombophlebitis nonunion     complications
      bleeding    visible     lesions     fistula     pathology
      anaphylaxis pneumothorax      agents      infection perforation
      malignancy iatrogenic antibiotics bony adhesions
disclosed only results        revealing provided      tested      showed
      and   displayed by      showing     retained    accumulated
      demonstrating     demonstrated      also ie     revealed    reported
discloses establishing        to    reveals     revealing considers
      represents supporting gives despite       besides     involves
      through     showing     reflects    reports     reflecting
      demonstrating     representing      represented
discogenic epigastric subacute      prostatitis unrelieved musculoskeletal
      intractable postsurgical      recalcitrant      flank fibromyalgia
      chest retrosternal      nonradiating      neuropathic incapacitating
      sciatica    back toothache chronic
discoid     hemiplegia schizophrenia      recurrent diffuse       ascites
      recurring epilepsy      unilateral glomerulonephritis       melanoma
      meningeal pheochromocytoma sarcoidosis uveitis        symptomatic
      suspected malignant idiopathic bronchiectasis
discoloration     status      erosion     dryness     morphology fatigue
      measurements      histology mobility      erythema    swelling
      anatomic    rigidity    integrity retention redness         confusion
      bruising    marginal    irritation
discomfort swallowing pains movement      fatigue     pain medication
      disability comfort      pathology mobility      swelling    complaints
      sedation    sensation pruritus      problems    behavior    symptoms
disconnected      formed      cleared     eliminated derived
      automatically     aspirated manually      isolated    accessed
      removed     extracted removing      calculated released     arising
      prepared    away recovered deviated
discontinuation reversal      interruption      termination injection
      application withdrawal normalization      administration    inhalation
      ingestion removal       optimization      reinstitution
      suppression persistence restoration correction initiation completion
discontinue enter resolve     obtain      keep pursue       avoid begin
      maintain    minimize    stop optimize     maximize    take accept
      inject      achieve     withdraw    initiate    perform
discontinued      only continued started        interrupted withdrawn
      stopped     developed resumed       successful completely abandoned
      unsuccessful      mainly      ceased      achieved    begun initiated
      terminated permitted
discontinuing     excluding withholding treatment therapy
      withdrawing withdrawal reperfusion ect    stopping    surgery
      medication drug completing steroid        vaccination finishing
      initiating cryosurgery antibiotic
discoordination namely        lithium     instability hyperreflexia
      spontaneous hypovolemia stuttering hypoxia      obesity     painful
      tics benzodiazepines existing       childhood tetracyclines
      producing hyperactive inducing      this
discordance gap   orientation imbalance relationship        interaction
      reading     overlap     association pathology lesion
      discrimination    discrepancy balance     similarity leakage      ie
      communication     agreement asymmetry
discover    determine ascertain see       resolve     obtain      avoid
      minimize    characterize      explore     optimize    maximize
      verify      discern     identify    decide      document    define
      perform     establish
discovered ascertained made tested        employed    noticed     mostly
      confirmed completely studied        detected    created     documented
      also identified evaluated predominantly         reported    implanted
discovery occurrence presence       course      use   development timing
      probability magnitude creation      importance demonstration
      number      existence appearance availability         identification
      amount      nature      evolution
discrepancy process     gap   variable    imbalance relationship
      interaction overlap     association configuration     test
      discrimination    technique parameter figure          similarity of
      procedure agreement discordance
discrete    specific    direct      permanent formal        chemical
      light typical     remote      basic temporary dynamic
      pathological      full sound sequential distinct      ie    structural
discrimination    orientation size shape coordination       chemical
      processing reading      morphology tracking     stability alignment
      balance     spatial     recruitment structure activity
      performance behaviour asymmetry
discs solutions spaces        testes      lesions     kidneys     hands
      vessels     wounds      skin segments     disc knees items feet
      tubes teeth digits      devices     implants
discus      orientation size coordination       retraction differentiation
      morphology anatomy      stability knowledge speed simultaneous
      sensitivities     recruitment anatomic    motions     rigidity
      grading     palpation volumes
discuss     anticipate consider     estimate    update      raise extend
      cover facilitate concerning expand        discussing diminish
      reduce      appreciate document     describe    about enhance
discussed still briefly       summarized pending      needed      gaining
      warranted usually       presently becoming      encouraging presented
      currently inconclusive        described scanty        now   awaited
discussing specifically       to    changing    considering in    avoiding
      finally     upon since besides      discussion knowing      thus
      nevertheless      checking    about problems    for   additionally
discussion manipulation       interpretation    orientation shape finally
      upon besides      conclusions furthermore displacement      thus
      nevertheless      limitations positioning reflecting nonetheless
      moreover    for   additionally
discussions consultations     concerns    personal    knowledge meetings
      counseling mobility     conversations     views contacts    complaints
      beliefs     including education problems        behavior
      communication     behaviour symptoms
disease     sepsis      tumors      recurrent dysphagia ascites         pe
      diseases    cap   lesions     persistent asthma       disorders
      syndrome    bilateral malignancy symptomatic psychosis ic
diseased    distal      obstructed organs       facial      brain proximal
      legs kidneys      intestinal hands vessels      skin segments
      stenotic    individual joints       uterine     native      bones
diseases    sepsis      injuries    cutaneous obesity       hyperthyroidism
      disease     lesions     ulceration pathology impotence spasticity
      disorders infection neoplasms organic           malignancy headaches
      psychosis dementia
disimpaction      reversal    diagnosis treatment applications
      withdrawal dependency delivery      isolation usage expression
      successful prophylaxis suppression recovery     enhancement
      recruitment placement correction augmentation
disinsertion      aspect      location    component portions      dorsum
      widening    portion     version     outside     magnitude confirming
      parts slope passage     division    vicinity    view nature
disk scalp foot posterior facial          ring pathology lesion
      vestibular skin disc physician sound joint scar child membrane
      implant     vertical    mh
diskectomies      diskectomy vertebrectomy      irritability      before
      decompression     laminectomy dryness     paresthesias      spirometry
      erythema    preoperatively    somnolence discectomy between
      including nervousness lethargy      redness     dizziness
diskectomy gastroscopy operations arthrodesis pancreaticoduodenectomy
      decompression     laminectomy myelography craniotomy surgery
      esophagectomy     thoracotomy fusion      hepatectomy discectomy
      resections microdiscectomy including punctures trauma
diskogenic acute subacute     schizophrenia     discogenic longstanding
      unilateral solitary     musculoskeletal intractable flank
      fibromyalgia      pheochromocytoma sarcoidosis neuropathic sciatica
      neurogenic chronic      idiopathic bronchiectasis
disks radiographs injuries    diagnoses strips        readings    flaps
      sections    films blocks      items discs complaints assays
      tests parameters recordings images        plates      implants
diskus      capsule     pen   lm    bud   fp    di    wrist tm    bar   ring
      sm    nebulizer lesion        tube sb     handihaler mdi    implant
dislocate interpret obtain          heal avoid seek develop       administer
      make recognize learn give accept          get   apply adopt withdraw
      utilize     initiate    recover
dislocated distal       tibial      vertebral posterior acetabular
      visible     proximal    retained    pathology lesion        extra
      pathological      displaced lateral       cyst trochanteric
      cerebellar accompanying       cs
dislocation subluxation clearing    instability disruption foci
      involvement alignment closure       removal     displacement
      collapse    pathology positioning insertion enlargement evacuation
      perforation placement localization
dismal      strong      heterogeneous     neoplasm    complication
      relatively substantial prognosis clear multifactorial       poor new
      distinctive comprehensive     problem     large favorable definitive
      grave grim
dismissed reevaluated excluded      screened    withdrawn offered
      considered removed      discharged tracked      reviewed
      successfully      recruited counseled weaned          prepared
      regularly identified issued         taken
disorder    schizophrenia     tumors      epilepsy    diseases    cap
      insomnia    disease     persistent asthma       sad   hydrocephalus
      disorders syndrome      malignancy symptomatic allergy      burns
      psychosis dementia
disordered breathing disturbances         spontaneous agitation
      inflammation      spontaneously     sleep nocturnal osa     obesity
      insomnia    wake suicidality alcohol      disorders sexual
      apnea periodic    psychosis
disorders injuries      diseases    obesity     insomnia    disease
      lesions     ulceration pathology impotence spasticity complaints
      neoplasms organic       malignancy headaches symptoms       depression
      psychosis dementia
disorientation    swallowing orientation emotional coordination
      agitation vision        morphology inflammation       fatigue
      speech      pathology mobility      sedation    language    behavior
      confusion communication       behaviour symptoms
disoriented fourteen    fifteen     distressed eligible     aphasic
      hospitalized      cirrhotic srg     forty parkinsonian      delirious
      eleven      consecutive demented    twenty      nine ten    thirty
disp r&amp vit    separated characterized       anular      rheum a&amp
      h&amp preceded    vitamin     example     evidenced pm&amp
      followed    carafate    accompanied sob   galactomannan     caused
dispense    proceed     resolve     avoid begin remove      intervene
      administer ventilate manage         choose      handle      restore
      recognize learn get     apply communicate initiate    perform
dispensed prescribed offered        excised     made given delivered
      tested      biopsied    retained    mostly      prepared
      individually      chosen      regularly also identified re
      initially implanted
displaced comminuted vertebral injuries         nonunion    fixation
      subtrochanteric shaft intertrochanteric pathology fractured
      fractures diaphyseal compression scaphoid       humeral
      trochanteric      colles      dislocated malleolar
displacement      manipulation      location    orientation size shape
      separation width amplitude stability alignment components
      positioning insertion distortion acceleration         localization
      integrity recording complexity
displacing changing     moving      extending eliminating cover avoiding
      around      removing    minimizing isolating repeating released
      connecting inside       input applying    directly    passing
displayed disclosed provided        reaching    experienced was   developed
      showed      produced    showing     retained    saw   exhibited
      exhibiting became       contained following gave yielded          had
disposition occurrence bioavailability quantity       distribution
      severity    character spread        frequency use     perception
      development timing      magnitude appearance availability
      amount      nature      evolution pattern
disrupt     modify      replace     exacerbate mediate      facilitate
      normalize improve       stimulate stabilize impair          diminish
      reduce      elevate     mitigate    recognize reflect       activate
      enhance     explain
disruption reversal     visualization     spread      usage measurement
      perception displacement       destruction accumulation
      suppression limitation attenuation restoration enhancement
      documentation     correction localization       slowing     complexity
dissect     accommodate keep visualize locate         remove      minimize
      reproduce expand        characterize      explore     stabilize
      optimize    maximize    delineate activate      understand localize
      define      judge
dissection dissections fixation     decompression     excision
      involvement drainage    metastasis and    alignment ln      testing
      pathology suturing      mapping     enlargement endoscopic
      compression occlusion leakage
dissections strokes     recurrences operations injuries     dissection
      hemorrhages abscesses surgeries lesions         pathology stenoses
      resections complaints bilateral hematomas occlusions procedures
      neurologic symptoms
disseminated      schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent ascites
      recurring epilepsy      severe      disease     persistent gallstones
      localized symptomatic malignancies        chronic     preexisting
      suspected malignant idiopathic bronchiectasis
dissolve    move resolve      keep visualize replace        locate
      remove      minimize    reproduce normalize expand          stimulate
      stabilize maximize      prevent     restore     recognize activate
dissolved variations resulting soaked           resulted    engaged
      occurred    alterations participation     diluted     increase
      involved    increases improvements        decline     declines
      residing    changes     succeeded decreases
distal      scalp fingers     stomach     space posterior apical
      wrist proximal    medial      legs lesion       hands transverse
      muscles     lateral     joint dorsal      zone actual
distally    moved orientation shape alert automatically     manually
      finally     posteriorly laterally proximally anteriorly sutured
      rotated     medially    force bilaterally of    for   above
distance    gap   orientation size shape separation apical        amplitude
      reading     configuration     test displacement       lesion
      force lateral     power of    distances vertical      score
distances orientation movement      systems     spaces      shape angles
      errors      readings    reading     turning     signals     rotation
      values      sites force items motions     inclination distance
distant     relapse     recurrence tumor recurrences systemic     pelvic
      bleeding    extrahepatic      metastasis bc     ln    regional
      visceral    rp    osseous     hepatic     liver neurologic
distend     reevaluate visualize clarify        locate      cover remove
      minimize    reproduce expand        characterize      explore
      stabilize verify        delineate elucidate define          reassess
      judge establish
distended covered       best excised      estimated apical        manually
      highest     removed     opened      most dominant     inflated
      ligated     greatest    sutured     secured     of    predominant
distension swallowing transport accommodation         movement    discomfort
      hypoxia     stimulation pain medication testing       pathology
      stress      motility    ph    sedation    distention sensation
      activity    mucosal
distention swallowing erosion       transport movement      discomfort
      retraction morphology usage drainage      pain testing      pathology
      sedation    distension sensation leakage        retention activity
distentions radiographs echocardiograms aspirates specimens smears
      examinations      biopsies    surgeries measurements        eegs
      sections    endoscopies calves      tests electrocardiograms
      recordings images       teeth samples
distinct    specific    direct      heterogeneous     chemical    targeting
      relatively disruption lot     substantial policy      rapid typical
      prompt      temporary discrete      distinctive certain     large
distinctive specific    prescription      direct      heterogeneous
      chemical    lot   therapeutic policy      rapid typical     prompt
      temporary discrete      distinct    source      proper      delay
      method      pattern
distortion manipulation       location    orientation size shape chemical
      disruption morphology usage stability discussion alignment
      components displacement       collapse    positioning acceleration
      localization      asymmetry
distorts    whatever    considers considering outside       raises
      around      beside      supporting concerning covering      besides
      studying    explains    reflects    beyond      confirming inside
      examining evaluating
distractable      portable    soaked      option      decrease
      cephalosporin     fall substitute marked        dramatic    rise
      handheld    favorable gradual       tool tendency     modest
      trend slight      scanner
distracted pelvis       scalp lm    stomach     space excised     loaded
      removed     lungs relaxed     posture     opened      forehead
      hands distraction skin intervention       awake condition
distraction consultation      orientation movement    chemical    stimulus
      reading     light medication drug lesion        skin sound
      preparation individual membrane     implant     ie    cutting     cs
distress    swallowing dyspnea      agitation vision        inflammation
      fatigue     pain pathology infections complaints mood sedation
      respiratory cough pruritus    problems    neurological      symptoms
distressed totally      noncompliant      anxious     alert unemployed
      fatigued    mostly      disabled    deeply      regularly married
      socially    sedated     compliant psychologically heavier
      predominantly     adherent    initially
distributed offered     separately made simultaneously      repeatedly
      reviewed    sequentially      mostly      interviewed identical
      chosen      placed      also recorded     included    identified
      similar     into evaluated
distribution      location    absorption severity     shape character
      spread      amplitude frequency disposition components timing
      magnitude appearance acceleration         structure integrity
      evolution etiology      complexity
distributions     location    orientation distribution      characteristics
      shape character amplitude stability components values
      indices     appearance parameters contents      structure
      localization      patterns    complexity content
disturb     modify      alter exacerbate disrupt      improve     impair
      diminish    reduce      exceed      mitigate    vary worsen
      prolong     deteriorate enhance     compromise explain
      appreciably affect
disturbances      impairment abnormalities      instability complications
      errors      usage involvement difficulty difficulties       phenomena
      atrophy     pathology complaints problems       functions delays
      activity    deficits    symptoms
disturbed specific      diminished chemical     disturbances      difficulty
      impaired    painful     temporary limited       pathology
      accelerated prolonged delayed       functionally      enhanced
      activity    excessive predominantly       complex
disturbing pharmacological manipulation         component changing
      direct      therapeutic progress    discussion great typical
      displacement      limited     nevertheless      positioning critical
      proper      delay possible    pharmacologic
disuse      transport manipulation        formation chemical      targeting
      processes processing disruption alignment displacement
      destruction collapse    positioning recruitment structures structure
      ie    elements    contamination
ditropan    omeprazole tolterodine capsules     clarithromycin    acetate
      xl    oxycodone oxybutynin tartrate       mg    hcl   once glucotrol
      tablets     500mg asacol      twice cyclosporin procardia
diuresis    sa    fatigue     hydration ap      tp    swimming    balance
      sodium      water ph    sedation    ca    tremor      cough compliance
      retention activity      proteinuria function
diuretic    oriented    vasodilator betablocker bronchodilator    splint
      foam corticosteroid     commercial temporary drug steroid         flat
      diet preparation standard     sequential regimen      laxative
diuretics amitriptyline       hydroxyurea antacids    nitrates    aspirin
      imipramine steroids     clomipramine      spironolactone
      propranolol digitalis prazosin      carbamazepine     verapamil
      enalapril digoxin       hydralazine antibiotics captopril
divalproex lithium      haloperidol venlafaxine amitriptyline
      lamotrigine imipramine gabapentin clomipramine        clozapine
      quetiapine naproxen     fluoxetine risperidone nortriptyline
      carbamazepine     sertraline olanzapine clonazepam paroxetine
diversion pe      instability decompression     drainage    excretion
      amputation fistula      pathology incontinence        infections
      endoscopic infection compression splenectomy uti      malignancy
      leakage     retention ic
diverticula polyps      injuries    pe    cutaneous bleeding      diseases
      peritonitis defects     adenomas    abscesses stricture masses
      lesions     ulceration pathology cysts nodules        infection
diverticular      progressive celiac      hemorrhoidal      graves
      wilson      multivessel alzheimer lyme degenerative         huntington
      crohn legionnaires      meniere     parkinson atherosclerotic
      bulky cerebrovascular arteriosclerotic occlusive
diverticulitis    sepsis      pancreatitis      tumors      myocarditis
      injuries    dysphagia cholelithiasis      pyelonephritis
      choledocholithiasis     gout diseases     disease     appendicitis
      hydrocephalus     syndrome    osteomyelitis     malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis
diverticulosis    sepsis      polyps      recurrent dysphagia ascites
      diseases    peritonitis adenomas    adenoma     hyperthyroidism
      disease     hydronephrosis    ulceration disorders diverticulitis
      septicemia pneumonia malignancy psychosis
diverticulum      capsule     prosthesis flap stricture shunt defect
      catheter    fistula     deformity lesion        hematoma    sound
      preparation scar stoma membrane     cyst ie     complex
divided     distributed reevaluated categorized enrolled    contacted
      allotted    readmitted incorporated       sequentially      recruited
      interviewed extubated classified similar        into entered
      scanned     assigned    selected
division    location    visualization     portions    estimation
      application spread      use   measurement removal     persistence
      restoration appearance passage      evaluation documentation
      localization      identification    assessment complexity
divorced    spouse      distressed noncompliant       retired     happy
      anxious     angry adenoidectomy     widowed     unemployed medicaid
      either      comorbidities     they married      smoking     neurologic
      ps    friends
dizziness tiredness pruritis        lightheadedness malaise       fatigue
      diarrhea    paresthesias      palpitations      flatulence
      palpitation somnolence flushing     constipation      tremors
      pruritus    nervousness lethargy    headache    confusion
dizzy tiredness sleepy        appetite    irritability      emotional
      anxious     anxiety     dyspnea     pleasure    normal      fatigue
      both erythema     black caucasian mood hypo housing         itching
djd   manipulation      injuries    or    modifying narrowing
      instability synovitis spondylolisthesis involvement stabilization
      destruction pathology fractures infection compression malignancy
      dislocation dementia    contractures
dka   sepsis      bacteremia ketoacidosis       retinopathy diseases
      peritonitis nephropathy hyperthyroidism disease       tuberculosis
      lesions     impotence uveitis       neoplasms pneumonia malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis candidemia
dl    sublingually      d     bid   qpm   b.i.d day   po    q12h od     tid
      q6h   lb    qid   qhs   kg    q8h   t.i.d die   qd
dlc   pacemaker ss      tm    shunt dh    bc    pac   gs    pc    ap    pan
      ep    rp    stoma hips np     cs    ar    ic
dlco fs     sa    la    bc    ve    fluid sm    pc    ap    tp    co    pt
      pp    pv    sputum      es    ar    ic    ac
dld   environment ad    ds    greek normal      cd    prehospital french
      scd   airways     uk    combination ao    native      west elderly
      classic     fd    pd
dm    ch    tumors      ss    t2dm ascites      ds    diabetes    dm2   cd
      disease     hypertriglyceridemia    cp    aa    symptomatic
      proteinuria dyslipidemia      ic    hyperlipidemia    dementia
dm2   schizophrenia     t2dm hypercholesterolemia     ad    diabetic
      diabetes    dm    cf    sporadic    hypertriglyceridemia    iddm
      asthma      niddm sarcoidosis eh    symptomatic dyslipidemia      pd
dme   schizophrenia     recurrent psoriasis hypertension
      gastroparesis     epilepsy    gout nephropathy recalcitrant
      persistent asthma       gallstones sarcoidosis uveitis      rosacea
      chronic     malignant vitiligo      idiopathic
dmi   lithium     desipramine amitriptyline     aspirin     hydrocortisone
      phenobarbital     imipramine phenytoin ethanol        sodium
      propranolol diltiazem ciprofloxacin       caffeine    verapamil
      erythromycin      digoxin     clonidine alprazolam
dmii hemiplegia longstanding        t2dm renal hypercholesterolemia
      hemiparesis glomerulonephritis      dm    decompensated     inoperable
      cirrhosis hypertriglyceridemia      dermatomyositis chf     advanced
      refractory chronic      idiopathic hyperlipidemia
dna   tissue      tumor bleeding    spontaneous inflammation      speech
      lesions     pathology tp      skin acid infection platelets
      products    activity    proteins    digoxin     mucosal     ar
dni   pharmacy    echocardiogram    personal    tracking    diary
      standardized      positive    nurse pad   neurologist interview
      sheet simple      containing psychiatrist       including education
      computer    video
dno   go    gh    nl    dlco gut    br    epi   tm    mt    la    si    tp
      airways     sb    ventilatory np    induced     cs    ar
dnr   azithromycin      fluconazole pe    hydroxyurea daunorubicin      mp
      tamoxifen warfarin      levamisole quinine      ip    dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     doxycycline prednisolone      erythromycin
      digoxin     antibiotics ac
do    are   unfortunately     since many although     unlike      thus
      apparently nevertheless       probably    but   certainly however
      though      did   is    some does therefore
dob   swallowing fs     sa    emotional mt      fatigue     la    sm
      mobility    ap    tp    stress      physiologic sedation    aa
      exercise    sweating    respiration ac
dobutamine dipyridamole       nitroglycerin     mannitol    ntg   nifedipine
      hydrocortisone    atropine    phenylephrine     stress
      propranolol diltiazem adenosine prazosin        verapamil exercise
      erythromycin      milrinone clonidine nicardipine
doctor      user consultation       target      dentist     therapist
      surgeon     stimulus    code bar    team ring test nurse
      pediatrician      physician urologist of        procedure video
doctors     consultants consultations     systems     personnel therapists
      resident    staff surgeons    parents     caregivers teams
      pediatricians     pathology nurses        physician physicians
      psychiatrists     professional      problems
document    investigate determine ascertain reevaluate estimate
      clarify     minimize    characterize      explore     examine
      optimize    verify      evaluate    delineate assess        elucidate
      describe    define      establish
documentation     reversal    visualization     severity    estimation use
      measurement perception optimization       suppression persistence
      attenuation details     completeness      restoration evaluation
      localization      forms identification    assessment
documented established diminished totally       reversible preserved
      developed minimal       successful verified     mostly      confirmed
      completely detectable primarily unsuccessful          identified
      evaluated predominantly       reported
docusate    citalopram hydrocortisone     gabapentin furosemide nebulized
      phenytoin zolpidem      montelukast spironolactone    ethanol
      divalproex naproxen     sodium      dexamethasone     caffeine
      ibuprofen senna nicardipine alprazolam
doe   former      dentition stomach       largest     highest     lungs
      original    latter      group literature greatest     same
      vasculature airways     region      fetus uk    lowest
does are    unfortunately     although    would unlike      thus apparently
      nevertheless      probably    do    but   itself      certainly
      however     though      did   is    some therefore
dog   pig   specimen    air   reading     infant      eye   horse pc
      lesion      skin sb     patient     individual water child woman np
      cs    es
doing sleeping    permanent reading       others      light getting     work
      continuing surgical     thus subsequent performing rp       delayed
      their professional      missed      ie    re
dolasetron prochlorperazine methylprednisolone        acetaminophen
      metoclopramide    hydrocortisone    diazepam    ofloxacin
      ondansetron furosemide tramadol     labetalol famotidine diltiazem
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     droperidol lorazepam ibuprofen
doll syringe      format      column      screen      modified    personal
      box   tracking    recall      standardized      flat story sheet
      circular    chair professional      video driving     letter
dollars     steps specifically      prescribed pound pounds
      prescriptions     screening adjusted      us    listed      per   euro
      employed    and   approximately     retained    chosen      exchanged
dolly strong      based portable    thorough    focusing
      neuropsychologist standardized      friend      neurologist
      comprehensive     handheld    simple      lesser      3-day weak
      headed      trend psychologist      scanner
domestic    dating      healthcare violence     organs      chemical
      dental      various     spontaneous facial      speech      infant
      obesity     sport skin individual language      household behavior
dominant    distal      target      process     scalp apical      proximal
      ring basic lesion       initial     hands lateral     pathway
      dorsal      endometrium membrane    zone predominant actual
dominated dictated      elicited    reversed    replaced    effected
      compounded characterized      supported facilitated preceded
      affected    triggered aggravated blocked        represented confounded
      regulated accompanied caused
don   sa    vision      posture     mt    morphology pathology ap       tp
      skin muscle       structures aa     behavior    np    ie    cs    es
      ar    ac
donald      former      2nd   retina      industry    vagina      pharynx
      duodenum    stomach     lungs abdomen     original    current
      antrum      vasculature first scapula     uk    hemo 1st
donation    bank supply       loss delivery     pb    and   sugar banks pool
      transfusions      testing     vessels     transfusion recruitment
      products    sampling    conservation      pressure    flow
done determined ascertained started       maintained applied      made
      administered      employed    noticed     created     checked
      assessed    evident     begun evaluated performed instituted
      initiated accomplished
donepezil citalopram amitriptyline        amantadine finasteride imipramine
      gabapentin clomipramine       spironolactone    quetiapine fluoxetine
      buspirone risperidone colchicine nimodipine sertraline
      galantamine clonazepam paroxetine memantine
donna dissolved resulted      occurs      engaged     decrease    occurred
      fall ell    particularly      decline     run   residing    dramatic
      rise fluoroquinolone succeeded modest           culminating interested
donor tumor ha    cutaneous dental        spontaneous facial      medication
      drug pathology lesion         skin sound individual child implant
      ie    local cs    complex
door responsive lead susceptibility       leading     relating    prior
      exposure    switch      exposed     ability     refer access
      conversion due    inability barriers      return      attempting
dopa lithium      keflex      l     mannitol    pe    allopurinol glutamine
      clomipramine      pop   levodopa    octreotide sotalol      carbidopa
      name hyoscyamine digoxin      ec    clonazepam asparaginase
dopamine    histamine beta da       cortical    drug theophylline
      opioid      levodopa    ethanol     benzodiazepine    benzodiazepines
      sodium      adenosine caffeine      membrane    digoxin     clonidine
      somatostatin      complex
doppler     quantitative      duplex      ultrasound echocardiography ecg
      cytology    dilution    color testing     ct    mapping
      transvaginal      assays      occlusion monitoring monitors
      recording palpation scanning
dopplers    thereafter afterwards afterward hospitalizations b
      curettage minerals      continuing counseling preference
      subsequently      then leiomyoma miscellaneous        unspecified
      respectively      laboratory hence were
dorsal      distal      process     fingers     stomach     space posterior
      midline     apical      lungs dominant    proximal    medial
      transverse region       ventral     muscles     lateral     zone
dorsalis    trunk tibial      foot nerves       posterior wrist mid
      anterior    internal    thigh ankle late radial       tinea lateral
      toes popliteal chin hamstrings
dorsi trunk tibia foot leg    elbow jaw   shoulder    flap wrist anterior
      abdomen     thigh proximal    trapezius hands ap      lateral
      joint hamstrings
dorsiflexion      gait flexion      abduction movement      angulation
      angles      reading     morphology alignment rotation
      displacement      contraction mobility    swelling    joint motions
      passive     extension inclination
dorsiflexors      flexors     fingers     foot pharynx      elbow
      dorsiflexion      conjunctiva wrist tongue      rectum
      musculature thorax      ankle diaphragm thumb muscles       joint toes
dorsum      aspect      sum   location    portion     version     character
      bottom      ends timing       magnitude discovery border
      appearance slope passage      integrity nature        evolution
dorzolamide nadolol     brimonidine nifedipine timolol      sm
      latanoprost pilocarpine ep    diltiazem terazosin prazosin
      verapamil sucralfate erythromycin         clonidine betaxolol
      nicardipine captopril ac
dosage      dose target       prescription      diagnosis component
      dosages     course      form therapeutic maximum      frequency
      initial     regime      level preparation sequence    regimen     net
dosages     reversal    dose onset dosage       diagnosis injections
      infusions presentation        types speed doses suppression numbers
      recruitment modes forms the   patterns    combinations
dose prescription       dosage      diagnosis component course
      schedule    therapeutic maximum     frequency typical       regime
      level preparation sequence    set   sequential regimen      source
dosed prescribed offered      loaded      stabilized given administered
      delivered simultaneously      intermittently    sequentially
      perfused    mostly      concomitantly     subsequently      restored
      individually      regularly predominantly       initially
doses reversal    courses     onset dosage      dosages     injections
      infusions application administration      types suppression
      persistence numbers     restoration boluses     documentation
      forms amounts     combinations
dosing      treatment therapy       oral injection withdrawal
      administration    delivery    inhalation surgery      operation
      stimulation medication immunization       meals insertion
      vaccination recruitment challenge conditioning
dota eyes ds      ta    ht    hc    normal      bc    particular ears
      hearts      knees alcoholics asymptomatic       native      sputum
      hips contrast     fd    pd
double      way   single      randomized fashion      controlled random
      phase masked      manner      larger      blind busy cross
      comparative open multi large trial 3-day
doubled     prescribed diminished to      started     applied     eliminated
      estimated removed       delivered employed      by    changed
      retained    completely chosen       reached     above utilized
doubt little      considering emphasized raises       regarding supporting
      despite     concerning support      besides     discussion beyond
      confirming reports      explaining influence evidently consensus
douches     determinations    congestion sprays       distributions
      spray measurements      values      indices     goals sensitivities
      levels      latencies densities rates packing         blockage
      itching     patterns    volumes
douching    noncompliance     food therapy      vaginal     irrigation
      obesity     drinking    medication dietary      alcohol     child
      sedation    cough washing     smoking     compliance ie     maternal
douglas     retina      vagina      pharynx     stomach     conjunctiva
      acetabulum cornea       tongue      rectum      abdomen     original
      thorax      diaphragm urethra       thumb scapula     orbit aorta
dovonex     ritonavir betamethasone       cisplatinum sulfasalazine
      cisplatin leo     salmeterol bleomycin atenolol       mitoxantrone
      ifosfamide cream taxol synalar      materials phimosis      ointment
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
down steps specifically       transport manipulation        diminished
      orientation chemical    reading     light and   alignment declining
      pathology positioning recruitment compression delayed       ie    near
downsize    aspect      consider    whatever    extending estimate
      outside     extend      cover attribute expand        contribution
      reconsider enlarge      probably    certainly enable        elucidate
      understand judge
downsized pacemaker betablocker portable        prosthesis flexible
      cephalosporin     neoplasm    compound    commercial fluoroquinolone
      biphasic    new   transvenous comprehensive     benzodiazepine
      circular    large implantable selective
downsizing formation size chemical        burden      targeting spread
      transformation    foci involvement expression difficulty
      accumulation      pathology pathological        enhancement
      acceleration      augmentation      localization      activity
downstairs thereafter d10     afterwards afterward upstairs       fatigue
      toileting speed 6h      resp ambulation postoperatively climbing
      walking     stair respectively      distances stairs        distance
downstream transport location       orientation shape chemical    character
      spread      stability components displacement         branches
      acceleration      contents    structure localization        integrity
      elements    complexity content
downward    diminished considerable       upward      shift plateau
      sharp striking    substantial covering    marked      satisfactory
      temporary probe reduction gradual         remarkable delay drop
doxazosin metoprolol losartan       bisoprolol nadolol      amlodipine
      amitriptyline     nifedipine carvedilol spironolactone      lisinopril
      labetalol propranolol diltiazem terazosin prazosin          verapamil
      enalapril nicardipine captopril
doxepin     citalopram desipramine haloperidol amitriptyline      trazodone
      nifedipine hydrocortisone     imipramine clomipramine
      propranolol fluoxetine diltiazem prazosin       nortriptyline
      verapamil sertraline erythromycin         alprazolam paroxetine
doxycycline azithromycin      fluconazole amitriptyline     cimetidine
      ceftriaxone aspirin     metronidazole     allopurinol ofloxacin
      quinine     itraconazole      spironolactone    dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     cefotaxime gentamicin prednisolone
      erythromycin      levofloxacin
doyle medications impending aneurysms injuries        metallic
      bronchodilators antacids      corticosteroids steroids      them
      membranes neoplasms their organic         vasoconstrictors
      preexisting headaches illness       antibiotics
dp    fs    sa    dt    mp    mt    hc    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    tp
      pt    pp    ep    sf    np    cs    ac
dpi   budesonide ha     bud   fp    aerosol     tm    salmeterol albuterol
      sm    ma    sb    labetalol gel     mdi   cough powder      cs
      mouth ac
dpm   shifts      dipyridamole      abnormalities     disturbances
      losses      increased increases falls resp propranolol elevations
      platelets functions delays          activity    decreases volumes
      apoptosis function
dps   tissues     ds    cutaneous ht      brain eye   ears fluid pc
      kidneys     skin knees human children     patients    np    cs    es
dr    swallowing sa     monocytes mt      fatigue     speech      dc    ap
      tp    siblings    skin donor sedation     cough pruritus    fc    tf
      t     ac
drag finger       vibration orientation movement      shape contours
      reading     opening     anatomy     lift alignment test rotation
      displacement      skin force items passive      vertical
dragging    obstructed br     nerve facial      tongue      drugs stump drug
      vessels     penis joint benzodiazepines nipple        nimodipine
      uterus      membrane    ie    local bony
drain prosthesis flap stimulus      sheath      reservoir shunt filter
      bar   catheter    ring suture       lesion      tube preparation
      suction     stoma device      implant     dressing
drainable continue      avoid maintain    administer arrange      manage
      convert     negotiate learn eat     lesser      prepare     apply
      ambulate    relocate    communicate attend      perform     try
drainage    decompression     difficulty and    closure     surgical
      medication fistula      pathology physiotherapy       recovery
      endoscopic compression suction      occlusion leakage       retention
      ie    cs    es
drained     distal      obstructed br     excised     aspirated removed
      cn    proximal    fluid legs kidneys      sutured     retained
      lesion      lateral     of    cyst cs     mh
draining    distal      fingers     shape organs      space posterior
      apical      signals     proximal    surrounding lesion      vessels
      muscles     lateral     following structures dorsal         veins bony
drains      medications solutions catheters drainage        and   drugs
      medication lesions      pathology drain tubes suction       products
      devices     procedures cs     dressings antibiotics implants
dramatic    considerable      decrease    fall striking     noticeable
      increase    substantial decline     marked      improvement
      paradoxical rise reduction gradual        remarkable drop modest
      decrement slight
dramatically      progressively     considerably      clearly     diminished
      to    raised      steadily    in    despite     substantially
      besides     markedly    greatly     notably     temporarily beyond
      reflecting slowed       moreover
drank received    ingested    experienced began worked      heard drink
      displayed ate     reporting saw     exhibited wore watched
      contained following gave had        attended
drape prosthesis system       flap clip bag     reservoir filter        code
      bar   ring technique preparation endoscope tape device            of
      procedure apparatus tip
draped      moved overlying closest       adjacent    posteriorly laterally
      opened      proximally insert       sutured     rotated
      repositioned      medially    secured     preferred flex of
      inferior    distally
draw interpret accommodate resolve        obtain      keep avoid locate
      remove      reproduce expand        stabilize make recognize
      learn give get    perform     judge establish
drawer      walls colporrhaphy      capsule     orientation shape posterior
      midline     configuration     ligament    test displacement
      anterolateral     oblique     lateral     chamber     of
      communicating     leaflet     nares
drawing     manipulation      orientation movement    tracing     moving
      shape chemical    reading     light discussion alignment test
      displacement      distraction positioning force items recording ie
drawn ascertained withdrawn collected made removed          obtained
      calculated continuously       simultaneously    repeatedly serially
      measured    checked     prepared    recorded    periodically
      sampled     taken monitored
draws bank supply       drawing     readings    donation    sugar signals
      banks pool transfusions       information items transfusion products
      input barrier     sampling    stream      flow
dress talk swallow      chloramphenicol personal      insert      handle
      stressors eat     ambulation match verbally     stand get   compliance
      problems    conventional      cat   shoes monitor
dressed     irrigated supplemented        cleansed    aligned     consistent
      treated     along together    perfused    concomitantly     restored
      cleaned     filled      colonized correlated compared       flushed
      coincident sealed
dressing    paste prosthesis plate foam flap electrode stimulus
      filter      bar   catheter    ring suture       lesion      tube
      drain preparation tape device       membrane
dressings medications solutions splints         systems     therapies
      catheters drugs medication lesions        pathology preparations
      benzodiazepines tubes agents        products    devices
      antibiotics implants    dressing
drew changing     provided    drawing     in    finally     besides
      discussion furthermore through      thus saw    views performing gave
      moreover    hence consequently      therefore additionally
dribbling disturbances        dyspnea     morphology fever fatigue
      urgency     paresthesias      nocturia    mobility    tp    swelling
      op    voiding     dysuria     rigidity    tremors     confusion
      volumes     symptoms
dried paste food solutions pharyngeal vaginal         ha    chemical    td
      co    skin ethanol      acid sodium       water products
      erythromycin      ie    cutting     ac
drier shortened faster        diminished shorter      located     eliminated
      sooner      higher      improved    markedly    globally    reduced
      consistently      smaller     bilaterally lie   alleviated better
drift manipulation      variable    orientation shift abnormality dependency
      stability alignment displacement          discrimination    strain
      recovery    preparation recruitment net   delay leakage     activity
drifted     shift moving      reaching    reaches     around      electrode
      covering    repeating through       connecting sensor       probe
      performing inside       circular    passed      input placing
drifting    shift moving      targeting emphasizing disruption upon
      covering    tracking    rapid through     prompt      distortion
      distinct    on    delay gentle      recording for     utilizing
drink consultation      capsule     target      supplement moving
      screen      stimulus    filter      bar   test insert       meal diet
      preparation beverage    taper message     video letter
drinker     user target       specific    environment burden      box
      program     partner     physiological     lesion      subsequent
      physiologic child neutral     net   smoker      professional
      video complex
drinking    swallowing food personal      vision      reading     speech
      medication skin alcohol       water heavy language    their smoking
      problems    behavior    ie    behaviour symptoms
drinks      medications foods solutions coffee        drinking    cigarettes
      stools      medication objects      meals ethanol     alcohol
      pills water voids beverages products      caffeine    erythromycin
drip dripping     bolus intravenous injections injection infusions
      infusion    intracoronary     sc    aminophylline     continuous push
      iv    subcutaneous      intramuscular     protracted boluses
      constant    recording
dripping    within      drip at     injection infusions infusion
      finally     besides     aminophylline     through     averaging
      until suturing    checking    boluses     on    recording for
drips prescribed inspected requested screened         separately listed
      removed     contacted calculated kept continuously          electively
      checked     extubated chosen        regularly rated initially
dris fs     sa    lm    ft    tm    norm averaged     sm    ll    ap    pt
      rc    sb    pp    dd    tt    sf    np    ac
drive compensation      transport orientation movement      chemical
      processes stimuli       reading     posture     work hypoxia      tone
      sound recruitment structures input ie     correct     behaviour
driver      consultation      target      prosthesis system       plate
      stimulus    reservoir signal        filter      code ring basic test
      technique sound preparation method        device      apparatus
drives      specifically      indeed      transport shifts        diminished
      are   orientation maintains drive processes prevents        besides
      works turning     difficulty reflects     affects     structures
driving     orientation movement    cognitive reading       posture     work
      tasks physiological     memory      skin road sound language      car
      professional      behavior    ie    performance behaviour
drl   good formal       flexible    sharp fixed usable      substantial
      reproducible      rapid paradoxical high satisfactory       temporary
      standardized      transient complete      simple      favorable
drooling    dysphagia td      dyspnea     agitation vision
      inflammation      speech      pain cp     pathology spasticity
      tremor      language    cough pruritus    behavior    proteinuria
      neurological      symptoms
droop tiredness irritability        dryness     paresthesias
      measurements      spirometry flatulence erythema      sensitivities
      somnolence latencies flushing       nervousness lethargy    itching
      redness     confusion volumes       dizziness
drop decrease     shift sharp fall striking     increase    substantial
      decline     marked      improvement dramatic    temporary rise
      reduction remarkable delay modest         deterioration     decrement
droperidol fentanyl     prochlorperazine acetaminophen      morphine
      ketorolac metoclopramide      meperidine hydroxyzine cimetidine
      diazepam    ondansetron atropine    tramadol    famotidine diltiazem
      dexamethasone     lorazepam plus ibuprofen
dropped     moved requested withdrew      eventually required     began came
      developed declined      turned      became      completed dropping
      preferred from deteriorated         recovered died finished
dropping    steps lock changing     assistance relative     programming rule
      time and    turned      declining turns reporting subsequent
      recruitment following dropped       from ie
drops solutions movements movement        or    eyedrops    enemas
      opening     and   medication tablets      pilocarpine granules    gel
      suspension doxycycline gentamicin erythromycin        ointment
drove via   provided    began finally     stabilized worked
      simultaneously    displayed through       after thus subsequently
      saw   performing watched      ran   consequently      were
drowsy      tired sleepy      distressed anxious      alert separately
      recalled    simultaneously    repeatedly biopsied     perioperatively
      mostly      bilaterally regularly recorded      heavier     re
      intraoperatively again
drs   walls finger      trunk orientation shape apical      wrist abdomen
      thigh medial      revised     hands transverse sss    lateral     of
      zone score actual
drug target       treatment prosthesis voice ring compound        basic
      medication lesion       distraction vaccine     sound preparation
      individual membrane     implant     cyst local antibiotic
drugs medications treatments solutions medicines systems          therapies
      substances medication objects       drug opioids      preparations
      benzodiazepines regimens      agents      products    digits
      devices     antibiotics
drums desired     cooperate expectation best surfaces       cover stimuli
      stop insert       handle      intubate    nearest     date extent
      correct     principle monitor       cecum actual
drunk food thinking     discomfort personal     vision      fatigue     pain
      drinking    crying      mobility    erythema    alcohol     mood
      sedation    problems    behavior    ie    attendance symptoms
dry   td    air   spontaneous facial      vision      medication cp     sm
      pc    ap    skin sodium       water cough headache    neurological
      cs    ar    ac
dryer orientation size shape coordination       soap emphasizing dryness
      covering    box   tracking    pillow      erythema    roll flattening
      balancing between       quick structure redness
drying      manipulation      cooling     chemical    delivery    reading
      light cleaning    reinforcement     pace testing      suturing
      subsequent recovery     recruitment delayed     retention recording
      for   re
dryness     tiredness discomfort dyspnea        morphology fatigue
      mobility    erythema    swelling    complaints numbness     rigidity
      including sensation sweating        itching     redness     confusion
      symptoms    irritation
ds    ch    ss    sa    ta    md    ht    hc    bc    cp    sm    pc    ap
      sb    aa    np    cs    ar    ic    ac
dt    sp    fs    sa    mt    md    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    tp    pt
      rc    pp    tt    np    cs    dp    ac
dtic etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin cddp 5-fu hydroxyurea
      gemcitabine chemotherapy      mitoxantrone      5fu   irinotecan
      carboplatin epirubicin dexamethasone      radiotherapy
      methotrexate      prednisone cyclophosphamide adriamycin
dtr   ziprasidone desipramine nitroglycerin     thalidomide aerosolized
      enemas      hydrocortisone    mitoxantrone      albuterol furosemide
      bepridil    quetiapine terbutaline prazosin     nortriptyline
      prednisolone      milrinone betaxolol clonazepam
du    ss    ascites     ad    ds    cd    bc    disease     cp    ulceration
      hd    ulcer asymptomatic      symptomatic ulcers      fd    trauma
      proteinuria pd    ic
dual ultrasound radio modified      energy      mixed diuretic    commercial
      chest standardized      dynamic     concomitant tv    sequential bi
      concurrent computerized       mono low    conventional
dubious     blindness inflammation        unnecessary great origin
      inappropriate     anaphylaxis unknown     opioids     problematic
      paramount benzodiazepines agents          note questionable
      uncertain illness       antibiotics interest
dubois      move telephone shifted        moving      derived
      transferring      switch      et    transferred software
      cardiologist      certified match asking        computer    applying
      directly    mailed      mail
duct distal       cbd   scalp foot pancreas     lm    stones      stomach
      tongue      proximal    stump lesion      gallbladder primary
      organism    endometrium uterus      ducts cyst
ductal      abnormal    focal pe    cutaneous bleeding      spontaneous
      adenomas    adenoma     esophageal cervical     lesions     fistula
      pathology nasopharyngeal      infection papillary malignancy
      endometrial lobular
ducts distal      fingers     glands      stomach     conjunctiva tongue
      rectum      thorax      kidneys     hands vessels     orbit muscles
      gallbladder duct endometrium uterus       digits      cyst
ductular    trunk sa    orientation ecg   ft    morphology fatigue      ai
      mobility    erythema    ap    swelling    pt    diameters rigidity
      sweating    redness     confusion bruising
ductus      lymphatic pancreas      conjunctiva pda   patent      tongue
      delirium    drug diaphragm vessels        penis fetal uterine
      foramen     endometrium chromosome uterus       placenta    cyst
due   leads leading     relates     relating    tends contributes
      attributable      attributed led    confined    able owing inability
      fail contributed according attempting trying          fails
duke distal       coordinating      international     wrist mid   medical
      original    thigh proximal    final basic ankle respective physician
      indiana     lateral     joint child actual
dukes tumors      recurrent diffuse       ascites     unilateral seminoma
      stage pancreatic hepatitis melanoma       sporadic    mitomycin
      resected    cholangiocarcinoma      advanced    symptomatic chronic
      malignant ara
dulcolax    fs    mp    enema hc    vp    metronidazole     dip   barium
      tetracycline      pp    bi    prednisone prednisolone       plus mono
      nystatin    bisacodyl senna ac
dull tiredness tenderness discomfort fatigue          paresthesias      pain
      rash mobility     erythema    swelling    dysuria     numbness
      flushing    tingling    sensation headache      itching     confusion
dullness    warmth      anxiety     necrotic    agitation pus     defecation
      erythema    skin ethanol      dysuria     consciousness     cough
      pruritus    headache    sweating    redness     neutrophils
      neurological      illness
duloxetine ziprasidone citalopram venlafaxine amlodipine escitalopram
      amitriptyline     tamsulosin gabapentin celecoxib spironolactone
      raloxifene lisinopril valsartan quetiapine donepezil fluoxetine
      diltiazem sertraline paroxetine
dumas estimate    visualize update        raise considering thorough
      outside     dissect     emphasizing cover around      facilitate
      covering    throughout reduce       mitigate    discuss     understand
dump talk talking       lost face voices        switch      thorax
      diaphragm stressors sit       l1    mother      barriers
      vasoconstrictors art    adherence pick maternal       leaflets
dumping     sepsis      acute hypotension dysphagia pe      cutaneous
      bleeding    amiodarone peritonitis delirium     disease
      hypercalcemia     cough tinnitus    organic     symptomatic
      neurological      ar    ic
duo   user consultation       pen   plate modified    flap tm     reference
      filter      code bar    setup ring technique preparation adhesive
      device      of    video
duodenal    acute du    tumors      recurrent ascites       hyperthyroidism
      disease     ulceration prepyloric gallstones gastric
      endoscopically    ulcer gastritis peptic        liver symptomatic
      chronic     ulcers
duodenitis lymphadenopathy du       erosions    dysphagia bleeding
      abscesses lesions       esophagitis ulceration pathology ulcer
      gastritis cough constipation        ulcers      proteinuria
      neurological      symptoms    ic
duodenum    former      pelvis      trachea     retina      vagina
      pharynx     stomach     cornea      lungs rectum      abdomen
      original    thorax      latter      axilla      urethra     ureter
      orbit jejunum
duoderm     paste ss    gauze ds    td    foam closed       tm    bar
      suture      sm    pc    cast sb     np    cs    conventional
      dressings dressing
duplex      quantitative      ultrasound digital      cytology
      examination biopsy      color histology repeat        testing
      pathology ct      doppler     mapping     transvaginal      endoscopic
      occlusion palpation scanning
duplicated formed       to    visualized reversed     eliminated realized
      accessed    removed     tested      employed    retained    completely
      represented delineated bilaterally adopted      traced      captured
dur   haloperidol amitriptyline     cephalexin alb    sr    ma
      theophylline      tablets     propranolol diltiazem ciprofloxacin
      terbutaline sedation    ca    sprinkle    gentamicin verapamil
      digoxin     levofloxacin
durable     specific    good potentially minor substantial reproducible
      reversible rapid cytogenetic satisfactory       temporary poor
      transient pathologic sustained prolonged profound           favorable
duragesic transdermal aztreonam fentanyl        nitroglycerin     azt
      patches     patch tng   either      carvedilol hcl    presented
      sequentially      metformin alone nicotine      immobilized formerly
dural scalp foot facial       tongue      sac   drug lesion       skin
      sound joint individual scar uterine       puncture    membrane
      implant     digits      cyst bony
duration    onset quantity    severity    frequency use     measurement
      timing      degree      persistence completeness      restoration
      number      appearance availability       identification    assessment
      amount      evolution length
during      within      to    at    outside     in    around      finally
      upon besides      by    through     after across      beyond
      while on    moreover    for   additionally
dusky terms paucity     presence    shortness mediation impact
      doubt growing     effect      absence     prevention literature
      relies      consensus regulation vicinity       reoccurrence
      infra etiology
dust histamine ni       air   stimuli     sunlight    hypoxia     speech
      cp    stressors skin stress         water indoor      vancomycin
      their house cat   ar    allergen
dutasteride metoprolol citalopram alendronate amlodipine amitriptyline
      finasteride carvedilol tamsulosin spironolactone      ramipril
      donepezil fluoxetine terazosin colchicine sertraline enalapril
      pravastatin paroxetine captopril
duty menstrual gait orientation movement        personal    reading     work
      basic medication skin sound items individual recruitment
      physiologic behavior    ie    passive     behaviour
dv    orientation movement    ha    chemical    di    reading     mt
      infant      si    pathology lesion        extra skin individual
      recruitment scar membrane     ie    cs
dvt   thrombosis bacteremia bacterial dysphagia pe          thrombophlebitis
      bleeding    hemorrhage peritonitis delirium     lesions     ulceration
      thrombi     pathology phlebitis infections infection malignancy
dvts variations shifts        recurrences abnormalities     complications
      bleeding    participation     errors      falls peaks lesions
      granulomas thrombi      changes     placements deposits     crystals
      perforations      implants
dwc   resistant moist categorized gauze duoderm       mepitel
      nondiagnostic     xeroform    generalized unsure      subsequently
      aquacel     they ceftazidime loratidine gentamycin mailed
      antihypertensives dressings
dwi   transport diffusion ultrasound reading          mr    perfusion
      testing     pathology ge      ct    ap    weighted    tp    skin
      tremor      images      behavior    mri   ar
dx    sa    ha    mp    epi   di    tm    mt    la    sm    ap    sh    pt
      sb    ep    rp    np    cs    ar    ac
dy    alternating ss    em    td    mixed personal    reading     md    cp
      ap    co    pad   bilateral sequential including concurrent ie
      symptoms    ic
dya   screws      appendix    prosthesis patches      avm   catheters
      arthropathy svd   ovaries     voids coughs      colonies    primary
      uterus      teeth cyclosporin dressings passes        implants
dyazide     citalopram capsules     chlorthalidone    trazodone
      hydrocortisone    diazepam    allopurinol quinidine triamterene
      furosemide tablets      spironolactone    buspirone caffeine
      lorazepam erythromycin        naloxone    ibuprofen alprazolam
dye   ultrasound radioactive laser flap light suture        drug pathology
      lesion      distraction skin sound compression radiotracer membrane
      implant     devices     cyst cutting
dyes medications food solutions systems         air   therapies drugs
      medication objects      pathology skin items benzodiazepines
      agents      products    sounds      devices     ie    antibiotics
dying obstructed bacteremia medicines bacterial attacks           falling
      delirium    death developing origin       lesions     anaphylaxis
      atherosclerosis alcoholism infection malignancy fracture
      illness     candidemia
dynamic     metabolic gait transport specific         orientation chemical
      reading     basic physiological     subsequent skin recovery
      pathological      physiologic static      functional passive
      vertical    complex
dynamically specifically      manipulation      diminished orientation
      automatically     light normally    temporarily retained    match
      prolonged primarily augmented functionally            enhanced
      constantly correct      for   re
dysarthria swallowing ataxia        dysphagia dyspnea       agitation
      vision      fever fatigue     diplopia    pathology hepatic
      tremor      cough constipation      pruritus    headache
      neurological      symptoms    vertigo
dysarthric normotensive       cms   young nondepressed      settings
      obese healthy     where thus planes       asthmatic caucasian
      elderly     slurred     sedentary hence consequently
      hyperlipidemic    south
dysautonomia      schizophrenia     fh    myocarditis ascites     epilepsy
      diseases    sporadic    hyperthyroidism disease       asthma
      syncope     sarcoidosis syndrome    af    uremia      malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis dementia
dysfunction sepsis      injuries    impairment damage       instability
      obstruction diseases    disease     atrophy     lesions     pathology
      spasticity disorders organic        malignancy proteinuria psychosis
      function    dementia
dysfunctional     vaginal     cutaneous spontaneous diseases      facial
      irregular obesity       painful     cp    lesions     pathology
      impotence disorders uterine         organic     excessive
      neurological      symptoms    psychosis
dyskinesia dysphagia pe       eps   cutaneous td      disease     lesions
      pathology levodopa      spasticity disorders tremor         cough
      tinnitus    malignancy symptoms     ar    psychosis ic
dyskinesias swallowing pains hypotension eps    td    nephrotoxicity
      lesions     pathology levodopa      flares      tremor      motor
      cough pruritus    sputum      functions behavior      mucosal
dyskinesis abnormal     erosions    abnormalities     dysphagia
      sulfasalazine     spontaneous hypoxemia fever diarrhea
      hydronephrosis    steroids    lesions     ulceration complaints
      procainamide      vancomycin neurologic neurological        symptoms
dyskinetic obstructed permanent cutaneous spontaneous diseased
      typical     remote      drug pathology lesion         subsequent skin
      segments    pathological      full individual scar delayed
dyslipidemia      hypertension      ascites     diseases    dm    obesity
      insomnia    disease     hypertriglyceridemia    comorbidities
      disorders syndrome      hyperglycemia     constipation
      symptomatic proteinuria psychosis ic      hyperlipidemia    dementia
dysmenorrhea      dysphagia cutaneous spontaneous agitation facial
      obesity     cervical    pain insomnia     lesions     biliary
      impotence spasticity cough tinnitus       endometriosis
      osteoporosis      headaches symptoms
dysmetria foods somatic       thinking    emotional processes dyspnea
      inflammation      abilities obesity       affective dysarthria mood
      language    functioning social      behavior    behavioral behaviour
dysmorphic delusional cutaneous panic personality obesity
      developmental     generalized lesions     attention weight
      pathology bipolar       affective fluids        disorders eating
      water organic     symptoms
dyspareunia tiredness tenderness irritability         discomfort dyspnea
      fatigue     urgency     defecation paresthesias       pain disability
      mobility    swelling    dysuria     numbness    mood coughing
      itching     confusion
dyspepsia schizophrenia       tumors      recurrent hypertension
      ascites     epilepsy    severe      gout disease      persistent
      asthma      sarcoidosis syndrome    symptomatic malignancies
      chronic     idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
dysphagia sepsis        pe    bleeding    spontaneous dyspnea     hemorrhage
      fever pain lesions      ulceration pathology heartburn infection
      cough pruritus    malignancy neurological       symptoms    vertigo
dysphasia abnormalities       hemorrhages disturbances      dyspnea
      fever abscesses fatigue       diarrhea    paresthesias      atrophy
      weakness    complaints including tremors        headache    neurologic
      confusion neurological        symptoms
dysplasia sepsis        polyps      injuries    dysphagia bleeding
      diseases    hemorrhage defects      adenomas    hydronephrosis
      steroids    lesions     ulceration pathology disorders infection
      malignancy symptoms     psychosis
dyspnea     breathlessness    dysphagia edema agitation fever fatigue
      pain mobility     erythema    ap    mood sedation     including
      tremor      cough pruritus    headache    neurological      symptoms
dyspneic    scalp foot leg    gut   musculature brain reflex      drug
      diaphragm vessels       circulation muscles     joint gallbladder eeg
      motor endometrium membrane    cyst
dysproteinemia    hemiplegia deficiency injuries      impairment emphasis
      an    instability increasing fluctuations       impaired    regard
      hypertriglyceridemia    atrophy     respect     varying     profound
      suboptimal paraplegia dementia
dysrhythmia accommodation     hypotension bleeding    dysrhythmias
      bradycardia nephrotoxicity    catheterization atelectasis pathology
      arrhythmias arrhythmia phlebitis infection sedation
      perforation cough pruritus    leakage     mucosal
dysrhythmias      hypotension recurrences erosions    thrombophlebitis
      complications     bleeding    death bradycardia dysrhythmia
      atelectasis lesions     thrombi     arrhythmias arrhythmia phlebitis
      infections infection pruritus       adhesions
dyssynchrony      therapy     pacing      hypertrophy ef    vt    synchrony
      arrhythmias enlargement contractility     arrhythmia filling
      dysfunction tachycardia lv    compliance rv     lvh   ic    function
dysthymia schizophrenia       tumors      recurrent ascites       without
      insomnia    disease     comorbid    psychotic persistent disorders
      depressive symptomatic disorder     unipolar    depression burns
      psychosis dementia
dystonic    swallowing hypotension dysphagia pe       cutaneous bleeding
      spontaneous lesions     pathology ap      skin hepatic      tremor
      liver cough neurologic cerebellar neurological        ic
dystrophy schizophrenia       tumors      hypertension      ascites
      epilepsy    melanoma    cirrhosis pheochromocytoma asthma
      scleroderma sarcoidosis hydrocephalus     syndrome    ra
      malignancies      chronic     idiopathic hyperlipidemia
dysuria     urination dysphagia dyspnea         fever fatigue     urgency
      diarrhea    defecation paresthesias       hematuria palpitations
      erythema    swelling    voiding     numbness    cough pruritus
      headache    confusion
dyt   desipramine therapy     thalidomide irrigation cisplatinum
      hydroxyurea embolization      chemotherapy      irradiation when
      nephrotoxicity    monotherapy furosemide concomitantly      alone
      labelled    superinfection    radiotherapy      compliance
dz    metoprolol sa     mt    nifedipine diazepam     oxazepam    atropine
      sm    propranolol diltiazem buspirone caffeine        verapamil
      lorazepam ibuprofen clonidine dp          alprazolam scopolamine
e     sp    ss    sa    ha    tm    mt    la    bc    sm    pc    ap    tp
      co    ep    k     ca    c     aa    ac
ea    sa    ta    tm    ht    hc    la    sm    pc    ap    sh    rc    sb
      ep    tt    np    cs    es    ga    ac
each steps treatment one      delivery    and   four medication testing
      sessions    which while patient     three following the     ie
      another     re    additionally
eager unresponsive      exposed     unable      advised     unlikely
      encouraged able urged subjected believed        amenable    converted
      fail responded predisposed trying         willing     reluctant
eam   margins     excised     ds    isolated    staples     tm
      chlorhexidine     cap   minimal     suture      pathology sutures
      pad   adhesive    pins cs     predominant ar    intact
ear   finger      distal      scalp fingers     foot leg    jaw   wrist eye
      proximal    kidneys     lesion      hands skin lateral      joint
      individual membrane     implant
earlier     only extreme      early considerably      diminished increased
      impressive progress     improved    substantially     difficulty and
      notably     accelerated prolonged additional enhanced       for
earliest    process     best largest      highest     aforementioned
      original    latter      final author      greatest    same first
      periphery border        lowest      last principal longest
early extreme     treatment various       spontaneous immediate brain
      basic surgical    preoperative      pathology initial       extra
      pathological      individual active       the   ie    perioperative
ears breasts      tissues     eyes shoulders and      ankles      infants
      lesions     kidneys     hands wounds      segments    knees
      individuals babies      children    patients    hips zones
ease lack quantity      aspects     severity    estimation characterization
      use   measurement timing      degree      persistence completeness
      duration    availability      documentation     forms identification
      assessment amounts
easier      responsive related      relating    prior closer      exposure
      easy unrelated supposed       difficult necessary access
      added superior    sensitive inability barriers        adherence
easily      optimized partially eliminated usually          realized
      quite appropriately     reproducible      readily     promptly
      minimized reliably      occasionally      appreciated rapidly
      problematic acceptable uncomfortable      sometimes
east israel       areas north town northwest turkey         mexico      usa
      village     french      spanish     uk    country     west contrast
      england     county      arm   south
easy responsive susceptibility      related     leading     relating
      prior advised     easier      supposed    difficult sufficient
      necessary access        superior    sensitive inability barriers
      adherence restricted
eat   generate    obtain      keep heal avoid maintain      remove
      administer stop take detect         learn get   remember    achieve
      initiate    attend      recover     perform
eaten food diminished residue       movement    predicted excised
      errors      visible     mt    delivered medication retained
      lesion      snacks      products    missed      ie    re    actually
eating      swallowing emotional anxiety        personality fatigue
      speech      obesity     drinking    ap    affective skin alcohol
      stress      mood language     cough behavior    neurological
eaton irritable hepatorenal dumping       guillain    conn turner
      ovary nephrotic horner        fibromyalgia      syndrome    hellp
      myelodysplastic ellison       chronic     barre williams    idiopathic
eats  thereafter radiographically afterwards m        afterward sao     rso
      quot others       examinations      surgeries arranged
      subsequently      later miscellaneous     urodynamic respectively
      were again
ebl   tm    immediate ict     pb    la    control     si    pt    rc    sb
      transfusion tt    intervention      ao    ea    intraoperative
      perioperative     es    ac
ebv   abnormal    tumor bacterial ha      pe    cutaneous bleeding
      spontaneous facial      cmv   dna   lesions     pathology cysts
      infection aa      tb    parasites ar
ec    sa    ha    td    ta    tm    mt    la    sm    pc    pathology ap
      sb    ep    ie    cs    mh    ar    ic    ac
ecasa tiredness electrolytes        appetite    irritability
      vincristine meats lightheadedness fruit finances      c3    codeine
      spirometry vitamins     promethazine      thiotepa    nervousness
      lethargy    cyclophosphamide aches
ecchymoses tiredness induration pains irritability          erosions
      edema fever fatigue     paresthesias      palpitations      erythema
      swelling    dysuria     numbness    ecchymosis itching      redness
      confusion bruising
ecchymosis swallowing erosion       pains discomfort edema dyspnea
      fatigue     paresthesias      mobility    erythema    swelling
      numbness    rigidity    pruritus    sweating    itching     redness
      confusion bruising
ecchymotic overlying trachea        rim   epiglottis surface      specimen
      apical      apex forehead     thigh entrance    surrounding orifice
      axilla      urethra     tangential sternum      tooth cheek
ecg   sa    ekg   reading     morphology electrocardiographic     dynamic
      pathology ap      skin pathological       physiologic
      electrocardiogram tests ph    parameters eeg    cough symptoms    ar
echo fast cine te       fs    ultrasound 3d     ecg   coronal     tracking
      color mr    dynamic     ge    ct    axial weighted    tr    images
echocardiogram    echocardiographic fast ultrasound ekg     echocardiography
      ecg   examination tracking    histology repeat        exam testing
      spirometry ap     endoscopy electrocardiogram tests ph      recording
echocardiograms determinations      radiographs surveys     examinations
      biopsies    angiograms surgeries measurements         eegs exams
      cultures    endoscopies tests electrocardiograms      recordings
      evaluations assessments scans images
echocardiographic biochemical radiographic      electrocardiographic
      subjective microbiologic      measurements      sonographic radiologic
      indices     radiological      hemodynamic angiographic
      physiologic evaluations assessments urodynamic immunological
      laboratory symptoms
echocardiography echocardiographic ultrasound echocardiogram      cytology
      histology testing       spirometry cystoscopy ct      doppler
      endoscopy cardiologists       tte   radionuclide      assays
      psychiatrists     palpation scanning      tee
echocardiology    drip measuring echocardiography routes          infusing
      reviewing dimensional pathologist facs bouts cardiologists
      teaspoons professor means puffs psychiatrists         thirds      2-d
echodensity transport specific      sw    irrigation chemical     stability
      difficulty dynamic      discrete    discrimination    its   subsequent
      recovery    prolonged delayed       compliance retention activity
echogenic residue       prosthesis voice defect       catheter    ring drug
      deformity pathology lesion          sound preparation scar membrane
      implant     cyst ie     complex     bony
echos medications radiographs echocardiograms recurrences incidents
      complications     smears      examinations      biopsies    surgeries
      lesions     eegs films endoscopies insertions tests recordings
      procedures implants
ecotrin     d     bid   dl    b.i.d codeine     po    om    q12h hctz
      alone od    tid   lb    qid   promethazine      kg    q8h   im    qd
ect   lithium     treatment therapy       plasmapheresis    bt    and
      surgical    medication drug pathology steroid         physiotherapy
      ip    clozapine rp      nimodipine art    ie    cs
ectasias    pains resistance via    dissection draining     tortuosity beds
      alternatively     node ln     vessel      resp nodes calcification
      eaten invasion    veins consequently      pvr
ectopic     bacterial pe      svt   cutaneous bleeding      spontaneous
      facial      peritonitis lesions     pathology arrhythmias arrhythmia
      disorders infection uterine         tachycardia organic     malignancy
ectopics    couplets    vpbs ectopy       hypertrophy dysrhythmias
      bigeminy    ectopic     dyssynchrony      vt    arrhythmias arrhythmia
      tachycardia pvcs ves    tachyarrhythmia tachycardias        septal
      repolarization    lvh
ectopies    couplets    ectopy      hypertrophy dysrhythmias
      dysrhythmia ectopics    bigeminy    ectopic     arrhythmias
      contractility     arrhythmia filling      tachycardia pvcs
      tachyarrhythmia tachycardias        complexes repolarization
ectopy      couplets    vpbs hypertrophy dysrhythmias       ectopics
      bigeminy    ectopic     vt    arrhythmias arrhythmia dysfunction
      tachycardia pvcs ves    tachyarrhythmia tachycardias        septal
      repolarization    lvh
eczema      dermatitis cutaneous diseases       facial      wheezing    cp
      lesions     pathology asthma        spasticity disorders hepatic
      cough tinnitus    allergy     symptoms    ar    psychosis ic
ed    early treatment cutaneous md        medical     brain cap   surgical
      individual triage       active      primary     symptomatic np    fd
      trauma      cs    ar    ic
edc   fingers     stomach     space system      cornea      wrist original
      proximal    ring stump sac    diaphragm hands urethra       thumb
      muscles     endometrium uterus      implant
edema hypotension dysphagia pe      bleeding    dyspnea     vision
      fever fatigue     diarrhea    pain atrophy      scarring    pathology
      sedation    cough pruritus    neurologic neurological       symptoms
edematous early obstructed gut      cutaneous necrotic      facial
      diseased    inflamed    brain proximal    intestinal vessels
      airways     skin pathological       cerebellar cs     ar    complex
edentulous six    arthritic injured       severely    epileptic seven
      hypertensive      eight pediatric all     parkinsonian      demented
      five nine elderly       adult ten   hyperlipidemic    depressed
edge  process     location    orientation shape character apical
      amplitude apex ends configuration         path site border
      slope layer of    margin      tip   actual
edited      finger      trunk scalp excised     manually    wrist relaxed
      reading     mid   infant      averaged    si    hands skin lateral
      individual individually       eeg   vertical
edl   trunk sa    flexor      calf coronal      relaxed     mid   thigh sol
      ll    gastrocnemius     bf    positions rc      pp    muscle      sf
      strength    zones
edt   em    br    di    tm    mt    bt    si    sm    pc    ap    pt    sb
      tt    intervention      ea    np    cs    es    ar
education lifestyle emotional resident          personal    reading
      speech      counseling training     physiotherapy     nurses
      instruction smoking     social      professional      behavior
      occupation communication      behaviour service
edward      mary michael      saint tata king james gastroenterology
      teaching    elizabeth mercy lady christie       urology     university
      memorial    nephrology victoria     margaret    county
edwards     pelvis      appendix    resultant prosthetic prosthesis clip
      wrist rectum      patella     abdomen     original    thorax      ring
      mosaic      diaphragm nail uterus         medtronic implant
ee    sp    fs    sa    mp    mt    hc    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    ma
      ap    tp    sb    ca    aa    ar    ac
eee   orientation drive separation anatomy      averaged    exam speed si
      erythema    artifact    balance     recruitment p1    activity
      intraoperative    distances intake        maternal    distance
eeg   finger      scalp movement    leg   ecg   wrist cortical    kidneys
      drug lesion       hands skin muscles      joint individual muscle
      motor emg   membrane
eegs radiographs diagnoses specimens examinations           biopsies
      peaks measurements      lesions     sections    films complaints
      tests parameters eeg    recordings images       teeth procedures
ef    fs    ss    sa    md    ht    hc    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    pp
      ep    sf    np    proteinuria lvef ic     ac
eff   ri    vi    morphology kinetic      subjective dynamic      ai
      mobility    ap    volume      recovery    diameters pp
      physiologic latencies ph      k     power volumes
effaced     tonsils     tibia pancreas    larynx      conjunctiva acetabulum
      tongue      patella     microcalcifications     thorax      cervix
      diaphragm penis esophagus uterine         humeral     uterus
      placenta    clavicle
effacement accommodation      pharyngeal legal hospitalization cytology
      hospitalisation curettage resources dilatation its          them
      vegetables contacts     sedation    platelets laxatives sedatives
      mucus analgesics
effect      occurrence course       efficacy    effects     incidence
      impact      use   usefulness timing       probability degree
      magnitude demonstration       influence appearance extent
      amount      evolution pattern
effected    manifested elicited     provided    reversed    eliminated
      replaced    supported prevented produced        facilitated confirmed
      aggravated reflected created        blocked     represented augmented
      induced     caused
effective ineffective unreliable tolerable therapeutically
      reproducible      often easily      particularly      accepted
      useful      important accurate      rapidly     problematic acceptable
      appropriate feasible    helpful     worth
effects     quantity    severity    efficacy    impact      effect
      frequency disposition use     development timing      magnitude
      persistence influence appearance availability         patterns
      nature      evolution benefits
efferent    distal      fingers     nerves      posterior nerve signal
      cortical    proximal    reflex      force afferent    muscles
      lateral     neural      muscle      structures dorsal       motor emg
effexor     generate    xr    nightly     bid   adjust      b.i.d pay
      every po    q12h daily od     tid   qid   prepare     orally
      t.i.d die   qd
efficacy    occurrence bioavailability quantity       incidence frequency
      disposition use   development usefulness timing       degree
      magnitude safety        appearance availability       extent
      nature      evolution benefits
effort      susceptibility    responsiveness    extended    response
      adjacent    us    exposure    work adaptive     reactivity exposures
      access      attention which attempt       from attempts     helping
efforts     lead susceptibility     relate      leads related     relates
      relating    exposure    contributing      alternatives      access
      appeared    inability barriers      contributed attempting adherence
      helps fails
effusion    sepsis      effusions tumors        injuries    ascites
      obstruction adenoma     disease     empyema     cp    lesions
      ulceration persistent asthma        syndrome    neoplasms malignancy
      symptomatic psychosis
effusions effusion      tumors      recurrent injuries      ascites
      diseases    melanoma    masses      pleural     disease
      meningiomas empyema     lesions     fistulae    neoplasms
      mesothelioma      malignancy symptomatic malignant
eft   aztreonam azithromycin        or    amitriptyline     ceftriaxone
      amiodarone cbt    carvedilol imipramine clomipramine        fluoxetine
      cefotaxime sucralfate sertraline olanzapine milrinone
      nicardipine flecainide paroxetine
efw   stool sleeping    sa    irritability      gain losses       fatigue
      histology height        crying      spirometry mobility     tp    bf
      pp    rigidity    housing     urine ac
egd   gastroscopy therapy     ss    operations pe     bronchoscopy
      laparotomy physiotherapy      esophagogastroduodenoscopy    endoscopy
      colonoscopy interventions     endoscopic rp     splenectomy procedures
      trauma      laparoscopy ic
eh    schizophrenia     fh    hypertension      hypercholesterolemia    ad
      cf    hypertriglyceridemia    pheochromocytoma asthma       hd
      scleroderma sarcoidosis ra    symptomatic thrombocytosis    rvh   pd
      hyperlipidemia    bronchiectasis
ehl   only prescription       manipulation      clearing    arthrodesis
      abnormality progress    involvement and   ablation    closure
      surgical    nevertheless      which aid   however     delay
      augmentation      additionally
ehr   target      prescription      absorption cycle dependency stimulus
      extract     drug lesion       force action      sound preparation
      items individual recruitment membrane     implant     ie
eia   ultrasound chemical     air   cytology    tm    reading     light
      surgeons    test culture      testing     pathology assay strain
      skin doctors      assays      cs    ar
eight six   fourteen    fifteen     seven hypertensive      four all
      three eleven      consecutive asymptomatic      twelve      twenty
      five nine adult ten     thirty      depressed
eighth      12th sixth fifth seventh      2nd   fourth      8th   5th   4th
      9th   3rd   20th tenth last 11th 10th 6th       15th 13th
eighties    former      afternoon dentition industry        territory
      direction usa     group position    literature plane region
      preceding meantime      uk    periphery context       vicinity    arm
ein   status      staging     erosion     stages      sa    dermatological
      mortality morphology md       isolation bc      fluid segmental
      indices     mobility    ap    pp    retention ac
either      dosed ingest      or    receive     undergo     amiodarone
      tamoxifen given consume       metformin alone orchiectomy fluoxetine
      pioglitazone      nortriptyline     sertraline plus olanzapine
ejected     closing     moving      reaches     finally     electrode
      configuration     surrounding test path sensor        pulled      slip
      passed      of    passing     consequently      above tip   actually
ejection    regurgitant afterload ectopy        hypertrophy ef
      dyssynchrony      arrhythmias contractility     filling
      radionuclide      ventricular tachycardia fraction    lv    rv
      outflow     lvedp lvef lvh
ekg   sa    ecg   reading     morphology fatigue      measurements
      mobility    ap    tp    skin physiologic tests parameters eeg
      tremor      cough behavior    respiration symptoms
ekgs radiographs echocardiograms ekg      ecg   specimens smears
      readings    examinations      biopsies    measurements      films
      exams endoscopies tests electrocardiograms      recordings images
      teeth samples
el    ss    sa    ha    di    tm    mt    md    la    sm    pc    ap    skin
      sb    ep    water cs    es    ar    ac
elastic     distal      orientation shape chemical    ring basic lesion
      distraction extra skin force sound lateral      individual
      compression membrane    accompanying      vertical    complex
elavil      tiredness frustration lifestyle electrolyte responses
      privacy     reproducible      posturing fatigue       paresthesias
      durable     resp hemodynamics       its   miscellaneous
      nervousness functions respectively        confusion
elbow finger      distal      trunk fingers     foot leg    jaw   shoulder
      wrist tongue      thigh proximal    ankle hands thumb muscles
      lateral     knee joint
elbows      sa    ha    tm    shoulders wrists        ankles      ears
      lesions     legs kidneys      hands ap    skin segments     knees sb
      feet hips ac
eldepryl    via   reaches     around      electrodes administering      when
      signals     hcl   inside      contacting passed       name input
      applying    underneath devices      passing     placing     above
elderly     treating    arthritic injured       severely    hypothyroid
      epileptic diabetic      young obese hypertensive      pediatric
      asian asthmatic parkinsonian        immunosuppressed anemic
      adult hyperlipidemic    depressed
elect unresponsive      proceeded switched      want unable       wish
      adhered     owing due   converted fail failed         according
      responded consented attempting trying           willing     elected
elected     responsive unresponsive       proceeded prior switched
      exposed     wish adhered      owing due   converted chose fail
      failed      according responded consented attempting agreed
electing    responsive resistant unresponsive         leads proceeded
      responding prior progressing exposed      nonresponsive     admitted
      converted failed        presumed    contraindications responded
      consented failing       elected
elective    noncardiac undergoing reconstructive      craniotomy abdominal
      thoracotomy gynecologic underwent gynecological       bariatric
      orthopaedic aorto urological urologic     requiring septoplasty
      orthopedic awaiting     cataract
electively totally      transplanted      screened    staged      stabilized
      catheterized      developed surgically operated       intubated
      successfully      subsequently      with regularly requiring
      already     taking      initially implanted
electric    tactile     nerve automatic electrode stimulus        infant
      drug lesion       distraction extra vestibular force sound individual
      artificial membrane     implant     ie    cutting
electrical tactile      movement    chemical    transcutaneous    nerve
      sacral      repetitive thalamic     cortical    stimulation programmed
      painful     stn   electric    vestibular afferent     vibratory ie
electricity extreme     therapy     damage      organs      cutaneous
      various     therapies stimuli       work hypoxia      brain medication
      pathology inappropriate       transmission      their iatrogenic
      excessive antibiotics
electrocardiogram finger      trunk ekg   calf leg    ecg   echocardiogram
      electrocardiographic    averaged    hands ap    skin balance
      physiologic tests static      parameters eeg    respiration
electrocardiograms      determinations    radiographs echocardiograms ekg
      urinalysis ecg    examinations      biopsies    measurements
      biochemistry      eegs spirometry exams electrocardiogram tests
      recordings evaluations assessments volumes
electrocardiographic    echocardiographic biochemical radiographic      ekg
      ecg   subjective radiologic indices       radiological
      pathological      hemodynamic physiologic tests monitoring urodynamic
      neurologic immunological      laboratory symptoms
electrocardioversion    resulting soaked        engaged     decrease    fall
      increase    decline     marked      improvement run   dramatic    rise
      reduction succeeded drop modest           culminating decrement
electrode coil prosthesis plate flap stimulus         reservoir filter
      bar   configuration     catheter    sensor      probe tube technique
      endoscope cannula       device      implant     apparatus
electrodes screws       systems     errors      traction    electrode
      clips and   signals     retained    sutures     marks items
      bilaterally monitors    devices     pins above plates       implants
electroencephalogram    finger      trunk scalp fingers     stomach
      conjunctiva jaw   ictal wrist forehead    abdomen     thorax
      thigh electroencephalographic       diaphragm hands toes interictal
electroencephalographic       metabolic gait ecg      chemical    ictal
      electroencephalogram    dynamic     physiological     skin
      hemodynamic physiologic interictal eeg    functional motor emg
      behavior    immunological     behaviour
electrographic    early ss    sa    td    md    cp    ap    pathological
      occasional physiologic functional immunological       cerebellar
      symptomatology    neurological      cs    symptoms    intact      ac
electrolyte phosphate ammonia       lipid potassium ophthalmic cortisol
      lactate     diuresis    albumin     balance     acid sodium
      water mood ca     functions behavior      respiration protein
electrolytes      lipids      appetite    amylase     ammonia     urinalysis
      potassium chemistries haptoglobin osmolality cortisol       lactate
      folate      biochemistry      albumin     creatinine urea bilirubin
      urine urate
electronic optimized automated ultrasound investigational automatic
      interactive adaptive    distraction extra electric    individual
      artificial endoscope additional device          ordinary    apparatus
      video intraoral
electronically    prescribed optimized continually alert updated
      estimated automatically       manually    made removed      calculated
      simultaneously    globally    retained    prepared    individually
      constantly for    re
electronics finger      trunk orientation ecg   personal    wrist torso
      staff morphology anatomy      thigh raw   erythema    axial ap    skin
      static      eeg   mouth
electrophoresis elisa ultrasound measuring echocardiography paramedics
      auscultation      dilution    histology doppler       cardiologists
      culturing page assays         psychiatrists     recording pcr
      palpation scanning      questioning
electrophysiologic      metabolic echocardiographic radiographic
      clinical    electrophysiology neurophysiologic kinetic      subjective
      radiologic radiological       physiological     pathological
      hemodynamic physiologic endoscopic functional urodynamic
      immunological     laboratory
electrophysiology early ecg   tissues     electrophysiologic      posture
      mid   eye   hands ap    skin lateral      individual eeg    italian
      np    cs    es    ar    zones
electroretinogram fundus      finger      pelvis      scalp field auditory
      cornea      wrist tongue      tm    abdomen     thorax      hands skin
      joint individual eeg    endometrium membrane
elects      proceeded responds      relates     relating    tends reverted
      contributes attributable      confined    wants adhered     owing due
      inability failed        according predisposed attempting fails
element     prescription      component shift abnormality therapeutic
      great advance     aid   critical    preparation parameter source
      delay step similarity method        elements    sign pattern
elemental sublingually        d     methylprednisolone      acetate     mg
      iron po     om    daily od    tid   tablets     orally      kg    fe
      plus im     ibuprofen qd
elements    location    orientation systems     shape processes character
      spread      errors      foci attributes components bases
      displacement      structures structure products       integrity
      contamination     complexity
elevate     accommodate resolve     visualize remove        minimize
      facilitate normalize expand         improve     stimulate stabilize
      diminish    prevent     reduce      promote     restore     recognize
      activate    enhance
elevated    diminished abnormal     raised      increased improved
      preserved markedly      impaired    minimal     persistently
      reduced     mostly      accelerated detectable prolonged documented
      augmented constantly predominantly
elevating areas improving maintaining generating changing         raised
      raising     eliminating avoiding    removing    minimizing besides
      facilitating      accelerating      positioning reflecting enhancing
      near decreasing
elevation reversal      impairment resolution normalization       usage
      involvement expression temporary accumulation         suppression
      limitation attenuation enhancement elevations depressions
      augmentation      worsening deterioration       excess
elevations variations gains abnormalities       disturbances      alteration
      alterations participation     fluctuations      involvement increases
      improvements      improvement declines    changes     elevated
      delays      deterioration     decreases deficits
eleven      six   fourteen    fifteen     seventy     sixty seven eight
      forty all   consecutive twelve      twenty      five nine adult ten
      thirty      fifty depressed
eleventh    12th sixth fifth seventh      fourth      30th 8th    5th   4th
      3rd   eighth      20th last 11th 10th 6th       7th   15th 13th
elicit      generate    resolve     obtain      avoid maintain    attain
      develop     stimulate produce       prevent     operate     promote
      restore     detect      get   achieve     induce      initiate
elicited    manifested provided     covered     predicted replaced
      effected    supported produced      dominated facilitated affected
      triggered created       blocked     represented augmented induced
      captured    caused
eligible    six   noncompliant      transplanted      screened
      hospitalized      hospitalised      catheterized      seven four
      intubated eight recruited anergic         eleven      five nine
      compliant ten     selected
eliminated diminished ascertained cleared       visualized reversed     made
      removed     prevented markedly      globally    by    temporarily
      reduced     consistently      completely remarkably augmented also
eliminating establishing      improving terminating maintaining changing
      keeping     raising     avoiding    reversing removing      minimizing
      besides     arresting facilitating        suppressing elevating
      accelerating      correcting decreasing
elimination bioavailability absorption quantity       distribution
      severity    character spread        amplitude frequency
      disposition timing      quality     magnitude half appearance
      slope acceleration      terminal    evolution
elisa ultrasound measuring echocardiography serology        paramedics
      surgeons    dilution    culture     assay fluorescent eia
      radiologist cardiologists     culturing assays        psychiatrists
      pcr   palpation questioning
elixir      syrup capsules    acetaminophen     metoclopramide    meperidine
      hydroxyzine diazepam    hcl   codeine     atropine    tramadol
      tablets     terbutaline suspension prednisolone       lorazepam plus
      im    ibuprofen
elizabeth mary pelvis         clinic      saint king lungs sacrum
      gastroenterology abdomen      teaching    mercy icu   urethra
      retroperitoneum christie      university memorial     margaret
ell   plasmapheresis    occurs      thalidomide hypothyroidism    acutely
      particularly      hyperthyroidism develops      would pheochromocytoma
      hypoperfusion     statins     fistulae    hyperhomocysteinemia
      restenosis dysfunction stents       produces    deficits
elliptical user orientation automatic plate electrode reservoir
      reading     interactive filter      bar   sensor      lesion
      sound preparation artificial endoscope device         apparatus
ellison     irritable hepatorenal guillain      conn turner       brady
      ovary nephrotic horner        fibromyalgia      polycystic hellp
      myelodysplastic eaton sjogren       barre tachy idiopathic gilbert
elongated shortened diminished raised           increased improved
      simultaneously    globally    by    occasionally      retained
      reduced     prolonged bilaterally delayed       augmented also
      enhanced    constantly for
else excluding noncompliance        even therapy      or    refusal
      presyncope gangrene     she   nothing     alternatively     when
      saline      amputation vehicle      plus autopsy      near
elsewhere specifically        only clearly      finally     since progress
      others      furthermore although    thus nevertheless
      nonetheless while however     accordingly interestingly     moreover
      reported    additionally
elston      pelvis      trunk clip anus wrist torso tm      sacrum
      opened      forehead    abdomen     code thigh test larsen        roll
      walk cheek broken
elucidate investigate determine ascertain reevaluate estimate
      clarify     address     characterize      explore     examine
      verify      evaluate    delineate assess        understand document
      define      reassess    establish
elucidated established exclude      clarified formally      thoroughly
      avoided     addressed overcome      explored    improve     diminish
      accurately reliably     adequately definitively       properly
      enhance     fully justified
elucidation aspect      lack visualization      aspects     estimation
      regardless characterization ease optimization         because
      persistence indicative completeness       evaluation instead
      identification    understanding     determination     description
eluting     pes   radioactive metallic    metal expanding rapamycin
      corticosteroid    gabapentin bx     drug steroid      ureteral
      taxus stent balloon     cypher      stents      topical     memantine
em    fs    ss    sa    tm    mt    md    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    sb
      rp    np    ie    cs    es    ar    ac
emaciated fourteen      fifteen     sixty eligible    aphasic     cirrhotic
      forty shocked     eleven      consecutive demented    constipated
      twenty      nine anemic       thirty      fifty depressed cachectic
emanating suffers       suffer      withdrawing ranged      derived     came
      originate varied        released    stemming    arise comes aside
      arising     coming      away recovering deviated      deviates
embankment stayed       closing     practically abundant    perimeter
      located     posteriorly electrode positioned anteriorly whereas
      introducer greatest     important inside        however
      deteriorated      ordinary    interesting
embolectomy hemostasis therapy      pe    decompression     edema
      embolization      shunting    chemotherapy      drainage    amputation
      thrombectomy      debridement abscess     radiotherapy
      splenectomy sedation    perforation procedures neurologic
emboli      infiltrates recurrences pe    thrombophlebitis complications
      edema bleeding    embolism    defects     catheters atelectasis
      tuberculosis      lesions     thrombi     pathology nodules
      infection veins adhesions
embolic     thrombotic major abnormal     bacterial permanent cutaneous
      hemorrhagic bleeding    spontaneous delirium    lesions     drug
      pathology extra infection accompanying          neurological
      perioperative     antibiotics
embolism    infiltrates dvt   pe    edema emphysema hemorrhage capillary
      embolisms emboli        atelectasis tuberculosis      pft
      pneumothorax      nodules     embolus     tb    veins cryptococcosis
embolisms strokes       infiltrates thromboses recurrences abnormalities
      pe    hemorrhages complications     edema embolism    emboli
      atelectasis amputations scarring    pft   hematomas embolus
      perforations      function
embolization      treatment therapy       decompression     recanalization
      involvement drainage    and   ablation    closure     surgical
      testing     pathology endoscopic splenectomy perforation occlusion
      placement augmentation        leakage
embolized prescribed obstructed totally         excised     manually
      drained     removed     tested      biopsied    ligated     sutured
      retained    mostly      completely repaired     bilaterally also re
embolus     infiltrates pe    edema embolism    capillary shunt embolisms
      emboli      catheter    atelectasis tuberculosis      temporary
      fistula     pft   hematoma    pseudoaneurysm    abscess
      perforation pvr
emd   citalopram ha     amitriptyline     tm    carvedilol allopurinol
      levamisole cap    extract     cp    clomipramine      ip    levodopa
      gel   nimodipine erythromycin       cs    clonazepam ar
emend trachea     retina      epiglottis vagina       largest     cornea
      aforementioned    umbilicus sacrum        patella     original
      latter      author      greatest    same urethra      pathway
      carina      clavicle
emerged     specifically      considering in    regarding finally
      supporting since despite      concerning besides      dramatically
      expressed thus promoted       nevertheless      reflecting as
      exists      moreover
emergence occurrence onset quantity       severity    spread      frequency
      disposition use   development timing      degree      magnitude
      persistence recovery    restoration appearance availability
      amount      evolution
emergency early consultation        outpatient ent    dental
      rehabilitation    ed    medical     hospital    gastroenterology
      prehospital french      spanish     general     surgical    neurology
      individual italian      obstetric
emergent    thrombotic options      bacterial cutaneous vaginitis
      serious     gastrointestinal scars modalities infections impotence
      regimens    migraine    adverse     ak    rosacea     headache
      headaches epistaxis
emergently reason       hope cardiogenic need screened      looked      true
      coronaries requirement prehospital electively recommend
      indications abandoned caring        preferred opt     septic
emerging    gaining     unreliable usually      ongoing     anticipated
      presently becoming      unusual     accepted    currently important
      inappropriate     problematic critical    typically appropriate
      adequate    today interesting
emesis      hypotension dysphagia thrombophlebitis bleeding
      spontaneous agitation inflammation        delirium    diarrhea
      nephrotoxicity    atelectasis lesions     phlebitis shivering
      infection flares        cough pruritus    analgesics
emetic      medications hypoglycemic      chemical    bleeding
      spontaneous inflammatory      anginal     drugs medication drug
      pathology extra skin individual antiemetic leakage          ie
      analgesic local
emetics     medications antibody    pseudomonal inflammatory      ccp
      inflammatories    nsaid nsaids      drugs arrhythmic ab     agents
      antiemetics abs   infective emetic        ro    antibodies analgesics
emg   finger      trunk orientation movement    leg   shape jaw   amplitude
      reading     posture     signals     skin force muscles      lateral
      muscle      eeg   motor vertical
emgs determinations     biopsies    measurements      values      indices
      eegs sections     diameters latencies tests parameters recordings
      evaluations contents    assessments rates emg   activities volumes
emigrated outside       around      upon dryness      different besides
      pus   paresthesias      through     across      etc   blocks
      swelling    numbness    motions     on    during      deposits
emily sixth fifth earliest    likelihood fourth       resultant moment
      highest     prospect    necessity final scope 20th profile
      possibility ultimate    lowest      longest     amount
emission    row   ultrasound noncontrast thallium     mibi gated spiral
      spect abdominopelvic    tomography ct     tomographic multidetector
      sestamibi positron      computed    tl    computerized      pet
emollients medications solutions medicines bronchodilators antacids
      therapies medication steroids       resources objects       opioids
      benzodiazepines agents        laxatives products      devices
      topical     dressings antibiotics
emotional swallowing somatic        anxiety     personal    financial
      fatigue     speech      psychosocial      mobility    physiologic mood
      sexual      language    functioning social      psychological
      behavior    communication     behaviour
emotionally tactile     emotional faces chemical      stimuli     personal
      speech      objects     stressors alcohol       stress      doctors
      individual neutral      language    their pictures    professional
emphasis    based rests impacting focusing      impact      focussed
      focus comment     commented information add     relied      depending
      relies      superimposed      put   putting     rely pour
emphasized specifically       indeed      clearly     established
      anticipated quite since besides     discussion great greatly
      limited     promoted    stressed    problematic critical    largely
      described about
emphasizing specifically      to    considering targeting avoiding
      around      regarding upon supporting concerning covering
      besides     discussion displacement       positioning reflecting on
      assessing about
emphysema sepsis        schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent
      hypertension      ascites     epilepsy    severe      diseases
      disease     persistent asthma       sarcoidosis uveitis     syndrome
      copd symptomatic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
emphysematous     arthritic injured       severely    hypothyroid epileptic
      diabetic    hypertensive      pediatric hd      all   parkinsonian
      uk    demented    stented     elderly     fd    adult pd    depressed
empiric     pharmacological maintenance adjuvant      continuation
      anticoagulant     radiation intensified salvage       statin
      antiviral intensification nonsurgical antifungal
      immunosuppressive prophylactic      antibiotic pharmacologic
      antimicrobial     antihypertensive
empirically specifically      prescribed clearly      optimized
      established to    provided    appropriately     employed    primarily
      individually      appropriate adequate    described adopted       for
      reported    inadequate utilized
employed    prescribed applied      offered     organized quite made
      delivered tested        used introduced created       primarily
      chosen      mainly      also adopted      constantly implemented
employment status       health      legal emotional personal
      nutritional psychosocial      mobility    physiologic functional
      housing     social      psychological     problems    behavior
      occupation performance behaviour symptoms
empty optimized electronic automated alternate investigational
      automatic interactive average       adaptive    initial     extra
      individual artificial additional demand         ordinary    inverted
      intraoral intact
empyema     sepsis      tumors      injuries    dysphagia ascites
      diseases    peritonitis abscesses disease       lesions     fistulae
      uveitis     bilateral abscess       septicemia pneumonia
      osteomyelitis     malignancy symptomatic
emr   solutions treatment therapy         delivery    drugs surgical
      medication lesions      drug pathology lesion         ip
      preparations      individual endoscopic products      implant
      devices     cyst
ems   ss    sa    em    ds    ta    md    ht    hc    bc    pc    ap
      fluids      water aa    np    cs    es    ar    zones
emt   consultation      orientation br    system      apical      surgeon
      configuration     ring test itself        lateral     anesthesiologist
      tt    intervention      of    implant     law   procedure cs
emts consultants measuring personnel therapists paramedics staff
      surgeons    team teams technicians pediatricians      certified
      nurses      emt   cardiologists     doctors     physicians
      psychiatrists     ambulance
emu   israel      afternoon evening       usa   settings    situ infancy
      group man   madagascar summer       order meantime    uk    addition
      west vitro contrast     arm
en    ta    pn    tm    la    surgical    pc    physiotherapy     ip    sb
      ep    endoscopic rp     np    ie    cs    es    ec    ic    ac
enable      permit      continue    relate      extend      begin facilitate
      encourage attribute expand          allow refer make help give
      apply enhance     utilize     restrict    try
enact generate    obtain      pursue      ensure      avoid maintain
      intervene administer prevent        manage      promote     restore
      learn eat   identify    achieve     initiate    perform     accomplish
enalapril metoprolol losartan       bisoprolol amlodipine nifedipine
      atenolol    carvedilol quinapril spironolactone       lisinopril
      ramipril    propranolol fosinopril diltiazem prazosin       verapamil
      nicardipine pravastatin captopril
encased     resulting soaked        engaged     was   concentrated
      participation     fall participating      increase    involved
      falls decline     rise retained     change      succeeded causing
      implanted decrement
encasement visualization      portions    irregularity      finally
      disruption usage removal      displacement      indices     flattening
      attenuation views details     distortion none documentation
      localization      hence consequently
encasing    manipulation      acupuncture formation treatment therapy
      was   involved    difficulty difficulties       extract     trigger
      preparation contained structure similarity membrane         activity
      ie    asymmetry
encephalitis      sepsis      bacteremia injuries     dysphagia pe
      bleeding    hemorrhage peritonitis disease      lesions     ulceration
      infections uveitis      infection septicemia tb       pneumonia
      malignancy psychosis
encephalomalacia impairment reversibility       an    incident
      recanalization    involvement expression a      cytological cytologic
      atrophy     concomitant accumulation      suppression episodes
      enlargement enhancement documentation     worsening
encephalomyelitis pancreatitis      pyelonephritis    myopathy
      disturbances      diseases    inflammation      wheezing
      conjunctivitis    diarrhea    difficulties      atrophy
      gastroenteritis spasticity hyperglycemia        sinusitis enteritis
      rejection anemia        ar
encephalopathic obstructed abnormal       dysphagia bleeding      reporting
      lesions     pathology pathological        became      complaints
      hematomas perforation aborted       leakage     vomited     taking
      recovered ie      re
encephalopathy    sepsis      injuries    dysphagia bleeding      diseases
      peritonitis decompensation    hyperthyroidism disease       poisoning
      lesions     ulceration pathology spasticity infection hepatic
      pneumonia malignancy psychosis
encircling touching     whatever    closing     considering outside
      avoiding    around      beside      traction    concerning covering
      besides     displacement      connecting beyond       inside
      passed      during      passing
encompass estimate      cover facilitate expand       improve     stimulate
      express     diminish    accurately reduce       appreciate elevate
      affects     recognize match activate      document    enhance
encounter consultation        target      orientation system      stimulus
      code ring basic test drug lesion          physician individual
      doctor      baby of     implant     procedure service
encountered absent      seen noticed      found notable     mostly
      consistently      studied     eradicated detected     noted evident
      placed      included    identified similar      observed    discovered
encourage permit        be    consider    provide     extend      begin
      facilitate expand       allow make help give how      apply enable
      utilize     restrict    issues      try
encouraged susceptible responsive related       switched    attributable
      unrelated exposed       unable      attributed advised      able
      subjected instructed due      converted asked according willing
encouragement     susceptibility    are   responsiveness    related
      assistance responses exposure       financial equivalent
      transportation    exposures access        advice      travel
      possibly    barriers    ultimately adherence issues
encouraging clearly     briefly     pending     updated     usually
      quite impressive progress     equivocal presented limited
      inconsistent      inconclusive      typically rarely        described
      reported    now   outlined
encroaching based emphasis    rests focusing    focussed    focus comment
      commented operated      add   relied      depending relies
      superimposed      put   impinging putting       rely pour
end   earliest    onset extremes    start portion     moment      ends
      final timing      magnitude site discovery level appearance
      slope beginning amount        nature      evolution
endangering touching    changing    via   outside     cover around      upon
      since covering    besides     knowing     through     accurately
      nevertheless      beyond      affecting inside        distortion
endarterectomies bypasses     ultrasounds bifurcation operations
      dissections cea   examinations      angiograms surgeries
      bifurcations      endarterectomy    stenoses    repairs
      endoscopies stenosis    resections arteries     procedures ica
endarterectomy    bifurcation therapy     operations cea    shunting
      craniotomy surgery      bifurcations      thoracotomy endarterectomies
      stenoses    colonoscopy stenosis    stenting    splenectomy arteries
      procedures ica    laparoscopy
ended results     treatment withdrawal was      closed      began operation
      and   medication immunization       retained    vaccination ending
      following ceased        of    for   re    additionally
endemic     israel      areas town turkey       mexico      settings
      reversing village       particular infancy      man   detail
      country     addition    west vitro contrast     county      south
ending      results     closing     withdrawal finally      and   after thus
      vaccination subsequent recovery     later following delay of      for
      consequently      re    additionally      again
endo fs     sa    lm    ta    di    tm    mt    la    sm    pc    ap    sb
      ep    tt    ao    np    cs    es    ac
endobronchial     focal pe    cutaneous td      cervical    interstitial
      cp    lesions     pathology testicular rectal         endoscopic
      bilateral rp      hepatic     liver organic     malignancy ic
endocarditis      sepsis      bacteremia dysphagia ascites        pe
      bleeding    diseases    peritonitis abscesses disease       lesions
      ulceration fistulae     infection septicemia pneumonia
      osteomyelitis     malignancy psychosis
endocervical      tumor pharyngeal bacterial vaginal        organs
      spontaneous necrotic    facial      lesions     deformity pathology
      skin joint individual uterine       products    cough ie    symptoms
endocervix tibia retina       cavity      vagina      pharynx     stomach
      cornea      aforementioned    lungs rectum      junction    abdomen
      original    thorax      diaphragm urethra       sternum     scapula
endocrine metabolic early systemic        cutaneous cognitive hormonal
      medical     basic physiological     pathology steroid       skin
      pathological      physiologic neuroendocrine    cellular    behavior
      immunological     behaviour
endocrinologist optimized electronic automated investigational
      imbalance automatic therapist interactive otolaryngologist
      approximate adaptive    nurse cardiologist      radiologist adequate
      ophthalmologist additional appointment specialist
endocrinology     outpatient clinic       medicine    private     referral
      medical     hospital    gastroenterology teaching     otolaryngology
      dermatology neurology otorhinolaryngology       center      urology
      university nephrology obstetric obstetrical
endograft distal        appendix    prosthesis flap filter        proximal
      catheter    ring drug lesion        tube nail endoscope organism
      device      uterus      membrane    implant     cyst
endoloop    rubber      irrigation pomeroy      clip when ligation
      equation    test software     suture      technique endoscope plug
      method      device      procedure principle apparatus band
endometrial vaginal     cutaneous pancreatic bleeding       spontaneous
      corneal     esophageal cervical     lesions     pathology testicular
      skin rectal       gastric     colon hepatic     bladder     uterine
endometrioma      acute tumors      cholelithiasis    cutaneous masses
      adenoma     hyperthyroidism disease       lesions     asthma
      gallstones cysts syndrome     neoplasms malignancy symptomatic
      endometriosis     cyst candidemia
endometriosis     schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent ascites
      epilepsy    menorrhagia gout disease      unexplained persistent
      asthma      sarcoidosis syndrome    malignancy symptomatic
      osteoporosis      infertility psychosis dementia
endometrium mucosa      fingers     retina      vagina      gut   stomach
      conjunctiva cornea      lungs musculature original    diaphragm
      vasculature circulation urethra     penis fetus organism    uterus
endorses    specifically      considers considering outside       around
      upon supporting despite       concerning prevents     explains
      reflects    beyond      confirming reflecting explaining affects
      about explain
endorsing prescription        manipulation      location    dates names
      diagnoses injections disruption attributes optimization
      reporting insertion fear documentation          correction
      localization      ie    contamination     include
endoscope prosthesis system         plate flap electrode stimulus
      reservoir filter        bar   catheter    ring sensor       tube
      technique preparation cannula       device      procedure apparatus
endoscopic early treatment therapy        chemical    spontaneous medical
      drainage    repeat      surgical    medication preoperative
      pathology physiotherapy       ip    pathological      rp    local
      symptoms    re
endoscopically    tumors      recurrent healed        proven      ascites
      recurring unilateral severe         duodenal    cirrhosis without
      histologically    persistent gallstones bilateral symptomatic
      malignancies      suspected idiopathic
endoscopies medications radiographs gastroscopy echocardiograms operations
      examinations      biopsies    aspirations surgeries measurements
      eegs exams endoscopy insertions tests recordings evaluations
      assessments procedures
endoscopy gastroscopy ultrasound examination biopsy         bronchoscopy
      and   histology repeat        medication testing      pathology
      laparotomy cystoscopy colonoscopy endoscopic splenectomy procedures
      re    laparoscopy
endotak     coil betablocker portable     syringe     facemask    pectoral
      cartridge lp      biphasic    transvenous guidant     sheet filled
      circular    4-cm spirometer machine       medtronic scanner
endotoxic cardiogenic tissues       turkey      settings    reversing
      inflamed    extracorporeal    particular infancy      man   ears
      everyday    alcoholics mind septic        human childhood uremia
endotracheal      tracheal    laryngoscopy      feeding     fallopian
      medication drug nasogastric extra tube skin circulatory jejunal
      individual child cecal membrane     implant     endobronchial
endovascular      pharmacological maintenance early treatment various
      surgical    drug initial      repair      endoscopic sequential
      nonsurgical microsurgical     active      prophylactic      antibiotic
      topical     pharmacologic     conservative
endowed     dealing     replacing compatible associated supplementing
      dealt interact    interacts consistent along together
      correlating correlated interfering interferes interfere coupled
      coincident combined
endpoint    earliest    variable    point moment      time final site
      initial     end   threshold level parameter slope principal of
      margin      procedure tip     actual
ends  location    shape portion     character bottom        moment
      components magnitude site end       level border      appearance
      slope beginning integrity nature          evolution complexity
endstage    progressive celiac      graves      wilson      multivessel
      alzheimer lyme huntington crohn meniere         parkinson
      atherosclerotic bulky cerebrovascular mcardle         chronic
      preexisting arteriosclerotic occlusive
endurance gait maximal        dyspnea     relaxation fatigue      running
      aerobic     dynamic     mobility    training    swimming    balance
      muscular    muscle      static      exercise    walking     strength
enema consultation      paste medium      foam aerosol      enemas
      reading     shunt repeat      medication fistula      drug pathology
      lesion      preparation gel   compression suspension cs
enemas      therapy     or    haloperidol sulfasalazine     amitriptyline
      hydroxyurea antacids    ceftriaxone tamoxifen imipramine steroids
      clomipramine      doxycycline gentamicin doxepin      prednisolone
      erythromycin      tobramycin antibiotics
energetic metabolic orientation emotional chemical          burden
      reading     work stability basic dynamic        physiological
      recruitment physiologic anatomic    structure behavior      ie
      behaviour complex
energy      meat foods food speech        feed fat    fluid dietary     skin
      balance     alcohol     carbohydrate      sodium      water ca
      fiber caloric     intake      protein
enfamil     fed   ration      supplemented      mp    mixed thickened milk
      feed cc     feeds infants     gs    fortified chicken       lactose
      water hi    cereal      ac
enforced    optimized diminished good specified provided          predicted
      organized modified      coordinated delivered globally
      reinforcement     retained    created     prolonged individually
      delayed     augmented for
engage      cooperate engaged       alterations participation     intervene
      normalize participate grow stimulate produce          prevent
      operate     promote     detect      changes     elicit      induce
      initiate    assist
engaged     variations dissolved resulting resulted         occurred
      alterations participation     participating     grown participated
      involved    increases improvements        declines    residing
      changes     succeeded decreases interested
engages     specifically      indeed      occurs      outside     drives
      around      mediate     supporting prevents     besides     involves
      releases    develops    explains    reflects    beyond      affects
      lie   worsens
engineer    process     neurosurgeon      obstetrician      dentist     face
      surgeon     referring contributions       team object       insert
      itself      doctor      urologist anesthesiologist ophthalmologist
      ambulance principle monitor
england     israel      hawaii      north young turkey      mexico
      settings    east connecticut infancy      britain     man   asian
      georgia     west vitro contrast     county      south
english     sa    tissues     reading     posture     speech      bc
      french      spanish     general     hands ap    skin patient
      language    housing     np    obstetric es      zones
engorged    stool leukocytes secretions stools        fluid skin segments
      fluids      tests colonies    sedation    platelets products
      pruritus    sputum      parasites neutrophils mucosal       symptoms
engrafted relapsed      received    transplanted      receiving survived
      undergoing staged       experienced developed alive presenting
      electively underwent with requiring experiencing            died
      initially had
engraftment relapse     recurrence hemostasis therapy       toxicity
      usage involvement drainage    nephrotoxicity    closure     testing
      recovery    mobilization      splenectomy immunosuppression delayed
      retention activity      symptoms
engulfing total toleration reversal       lack severity     reversibility
      tolerability      differential      usage resumption expression
      degree      persistence recovery    enhancement duration    sense
      extent      patterns
enhance     minimize    facilitate disrupt      expand      improve
      stimulate optimize      maximize    diminish    prevent     reduce
      promote     appreciate restore      elevate     mitigate    recognize
      activate    document
enhanced    transport diminished raised         provided    predicted
      increased improved      difficulty facilitated accelerated slowed
      enhancement prolonged primarily mainly          delayed     augmented
      activity    for
enhancement reversal    spread      disruption usage stability
      measurement expression perception accumulation        suppression
      attenuation restoration appearance acceleration       correction
      augmentation      localization      assessment patterns
enhancing extreme       early transport manipulation        generating
      chemical    targeting processes processing avoiding         various
      light facilitating      pathology certain       ie    behaviour
      decreasing complex
enigmatic manipulation        location    visualization     orientation
      character spread        stability perception knowledge
      displacement      limitations artifact    positioning acceleration
      structure similarity localization         integrity complexity
enlarge     accommodate keep visualize locate         cover remove
      minimize    reproduce expand        characterize      stabilize
      maximize    reduce      delineate activate      document    localize
      define      judge
enlarged    extreme     early obstructed abnormal     cutaneous incidental
      spontaneous lesions     pathology lesion        extra pathological
      incomplete active       ie    accompanying      cs    ar    intact
enlargement size disruption morphology foci usage involvement stability
      difficulty alignment displacement         collapse    atrophy
      pathology distortion evacuation augmentation          localization
      retention symptoms
enlarging erosion       erosions    focal polypoid    visible     traction
      pus   alternatively     sclerotic lesions       caries      retained
      pathology lesion        enhancing calcifications      calcified ak
enormous    imbalance burden        automatic outstanding ongoing
      impressive unusual      great important limitations artifact
      accurate    aid   adequate    acceleration      additional
      interesting emerging    element
enough      seem relating     attributable      attributed advised
      supposed    sufficiently      able sufficient amenable      wish
      appear      owing due   thought     according attempting trying
enoxaparin propafenone azithromycin       fluconazole dalteparin
      ceftriaxone amiodarone aspirin      warfarin    carvedilol
      allopurinol ofloxacin levamisole heparin        diltiazem
      dexamethasone     ciprofloxacin     doxycycline nimodipine
enp   medications health      swallow     consultants radiographic
      neonatal    stimuli     staff hypoxia     medication radiologic
      pathology stressors nurses          doctors     pictures
      immunological     cat   ac
enrolled    excluded    screened    encountered participating     reviewed
      sequentially      recruited interviewed studied       extubated
      placed      onto included     identified evaluated entered
      scanned     interested implanted
ensued      only diminished alteration in       finally     usage after
      surprisingly      accumulation      notable     while similarly
      remarkable delay delays       interestingly     deterioration     for
ensuing     earliest    resultant largest       highest     aforementioned
      entire      original    next latter       final same succeeding
      first urethra     preceding lowest        last longest      remainder
ensure      generate    obtain      keep insure       avoid maintain
      remove      minimize    assure      optimize    maximize    prevent
      detect      recognize identify      achieve     initiate    perform
ent   neurosurgery      early dermatological    dental      various
      facial      medical     general     surgical    pathology ap
      oncologic skin orthopaedic oncological radiology urology
      endoscopic obstetric
entailed    provided    construction      form application use    involves
      displayed giving        contains    creation    demonstration
      representing      contained appearance represented following
      includes    gave yielded
enter accommodate move resolve      keep visualize begin locate
      cover remove      reproduce stop stabilize choose           take
      accept      get   activate    perform     judge
enteral     treatment therapy       parenteral pn     anticoagulation
      infant      feeding     exclusive medication glutamine drug
      physiotherapy     ip    extra jejunal     artificial ie     cs
enterectomy laryngectomy      exclusion termination discontinuation
      ensure      administration    extraluminal      curettage resumption
      ingestion reinstitution       extubation tpn    assessments inclusive
      gastrectomy initiation thyroidectomy      completion
entered     excluded    withdrawn participating       enrolled    discharged
      visited     recruited completing completed extubated placed
      entering    onto included     taking      into initially implanted
enteric     coated      ha    antacid     oral cimetidine aspirin
      warfarin    allopurinol quinidine quinine       furosemide
      theophylline      levodopa    granules    diltiazem nimodipine
      erythromycin      digoxin     ro
entering    formed      whatever    outside     in    around      beside
      besides     throughout through      leaving     completing beyond
      joining     inside      completed passed        during      passing
enteritis sepsis        myocarditis injuries    diseases    meningitis
      peritonitis abscesses diarrhea      lesions     infections
      hydrocephalus     syndrome    infection septicemia constipation
      pneumonia osteomyelitis       anemia      psychosis
entero      obstructed gland pituitary appendix       pancreas    gut
      stomach     brain cervix      intestinal diaphragm esophagus
      gallbladder uterine     endometrium adrenal     uterus      membrane
enterobacter      tiredness shigella      acinetobacter     aspergillus
      appetite    irritability      peptostreptococcus      pseudomonas
      fatigue     paresthesias      proteus     enterococcus      cloacae
      serratia    pneumoniae itching      klebsiella enterococci
enterococcal      sepsis      aztreonam bacteremia bacterial
      fluconazole dysphagia pe      cutaneous bleeding      amiodarone
      peritonitis vre   ciprofloxacin     infection mrsa septicemia
      vancomycin malignancy antibiotics
enterococci pains bacteria    fever fatigue     pathogens oxacillin
      strains     vre   enterococcus      viruses     sedation    organisms
      mrsa gentamicin vancomycin pruritus       sweating    symptoms
enterococcus      shigella    acinetobacter     pains bacteria
      aspergillus salmonella fatigue      oxacillin strains       ampicillin
      sedation    organisms mrsa gentamicin vancomycin pruritus
      enterococci candida     species
enterocolitis     sepsis      bacteremia hypotension thrombophlebitis
      hemorrhages complications     bleeding    hemorrhage lesions
      ulceration cysts phlebitis mediastinitis        infections infection
      perforation septicemia pruritus     symptoms
enterocutaneous tracheoesophageal bacteremia peritonitis rectovaginal
      hyperthyroidism empyema       lesions     anaphylaxis fistulae    them
      perianal    uveitis     rosacea     malignancy symptomatic ulcers
      arteriovenous     vitiligo    psychosis
enteroscopic      responding aphasic      hospitalized      diabetic
      neurosurgical     acutely     hospitalised      developed remitted
      hypertensive      hd    parkinsonian      hemodialysis
      constipated asymptomatic      immunosuppressed comatose     trauma
enterostomal      namely      ultrasound diagnoses examination anatomy
      measurements      cystoscopy sensitivities      sectioning doctors
      anatomic    tests physicians ophthalmologist including
      psychiatrists     ambulance palpation endocrine
enterotomy erosion      strokes     trivial     minor hemorrhages pus
      bradycardia amputation fistula      laparotomy transient
      pneumothorax      hematoma    abscess     hematomas reoperation
      perforation leakage     neurologic
entertain visualize minimize        facilitate comprehend reproduce
      characterize      explore     optimize    maximize    reduce
      recognize delineate assess          elucidate understand document
      enhance     define      judge
entertained establishing      crucial     considering unreliable emphasized
      considered avoided      addressed realized      supporting
      recommending      recommended pursued     verifying useful
      problematic abandoned adopted       justified
entertaining      soaked      decrease    fall gastroenterologist
      venogram    dermatologist     decline     dramatic    friend      rise
      dietician neurologist gynecologist        professor rheumatologist
      psychiatrist      modest      psychologist      slight
enthusiastic      to    notified    worried     regarding made concerns
      concerning brings       confident reviewed      knowledge mostly
      counseled information brought       examined    questions about
entire      former      earliest    ensuing     largest     highest
      aforementioned    original    next latter       final author      same
      first preceding lowest        last longest      remainder remaining
entirely    clearly     altered     uniformly eliminated quite always
      substantially     employed    used changed      adequately completely
      simply      primarily largely       mainly      directly    fully
entirety    areas ways direction reversing particular case position
      suppressing detail      explaining parts favor addition     context
      millimeters vicinity    contrast    view regions
entitled    format      shift formal      thorough    rigorous    lot   quot
      survey      policy      panel program     detailed    sample
      model comprehensive     problem     large named called
entrance    edge orientation moment       apex wrist opening      time
      opened      test path site marks force recruitment border         of
      implant     above tip
entrapment erosion      transport chemical      disturbances      errors
      morphology usage involvement stability difficulty alignment
      difficulties      stimulation displacement      collapse    pathology
      blocks      distortion activity
entry points      week visits       baseline    intervals discharge sl
      visit rest presentation       entrance    pace sites site admission
      recruitment home centers      autopsy
enucleated prescribed medications obstructed incidents excised
      necrotic    recalled    corneal     eye   biopsied    lesions
      retained    dispensed skin segments       three missed      va    re
enucleation therapy     instability decompression     excision
      embolization      involvement drainage    irradiation closure
      pathology debridement endoscopic complaints resection
      radiotherapy      evacuation occlusion ie       symptoms
environment process     field industry    format      direction posture
      village     situation french        configuration     position
      program     region      network     uk    sequence    country
      condition arm
environmental     lifestyle emotional chemical        personal    financial
      work speech       psychosocial      physiological     its
      physiologic language    their social      psychological
      professional      behavior    occupational      behaviour
enz   what move engage        pursue      replace     adjust      remove
      intervene administer arrange        operate     manage      handle
      detect      guide lesser      prepare     initiate    monitor
enzyme      chemical    tm    acei nitrate      ace   intestinal drug
      pathology lesion        inhibitor extra inhibitors individual
      artificial membrane     ie    digoxin     complex     captopril
enzymes     foods organs      leukocytes waves substances inflammation
      lesions     kidneys     intestinal vessels      cysts muscle
      platelets products      bones coagulation proteins    parasites
eo    ss    sa    ds    ta    tm    md    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    sb
      ep    aa    np    cs    ec    ar    ac
eoc   schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    cancer      seminoma
      progressing melanoma    cirrhosis thymoma       sarcoidosis refractory
      malignancies      chronic     mbc   idiopathic hyperlipidemia
eos   swallowing transport orientation errors         morphology difficulty
      and   peaks pathology ap      vessels     tp    skin structures
      products    activity    ie    deposits    symptoms
eosinophil reticulocyte       ammonia     leukocyte lymphocyte
      haptoglobin cortisol    lactate     albumin     tp    fibrinogen
      eosinophils eosinophilic      platelets sputum        platelet
      coagulation neutrophil hematocrit protein
eosinophilic      inflammation      speech      nocturnal eosinophil
      pathology tp      eosinophils stress      hyperglycemia     hepatic
      platelets cough sputum        cellular    mucosal     symptoms    ar
      subclinical protein
eosinophils monocytes leukocytes dyspnea        agitation inflammation
      pb    falls vessels     tp    platelets mature        cough cells
      pruritus    lymphocytes sputum      coagulation proteins
ep    ss    sa    ha    tm    mt    la    bc    cp    sm    pc    ap    ip
      sb    rp    aa    np    cs    ar    ac
epap breathing bipap icp      bp    ventilation sm    cpap phenylephrine
      hypercapnia airway      ipap tw     platelets ca      cm    peep pep
      apoptosis paco2
ependymal namely        obstructed lm     cutaneous various       necrotic
      facial      brain cervical    meningiomas kidneys     pathology
      impotence bladder       uterine     classic     ie    malignant
ependymoma supratentorial     hemiplegia tumors       ascites     epilepsy
      unilateral meningioma disease       hypertriglyceridemia    persistent
      cholangiocarcinoma      hydrocephalus     symptomatic malignancies
      malignant paraplegia idiopathic hyperlipidemia        bronchiectasis
epi   sp    sa    ha    mp    tm    mt    la    cp    sm    pc    ap    sh
      ip    sb    ep    np    cs    ar    ac
epicardial conduit      collaterals cutaneous microvascular       diseased
      vessel      lesions     pathology vessels       skin stenotic
      occluded    hepatic     uterine     native      splenic     cerebral
      cs    ar
epicardially      to    outside     eliminated halted       finally     by
      through     until created     none represented begun interestingly
      instituted initiated essentially additionally         accomplished
epidural    intrathecal intraarticular    treatment paravertebral
      morphine    spinal      tramadol    opioid      ip    extra propofol
      caudal      thoracic    block lidocaine intraoperative      clonidine
      local analgesia
epigastric cramping     pelvic      discomfort perineal     shoulder
      musculoskeletal postsurgical        pain abdominal flank chest heat
      episiotomy retrosternal       neuropathic postoperative     headache
      back breakthrough
epigastrium deltoid     trunk thalamus    stomach     morning     jaw
      wrist mid   buttocks    forehead    abdomen     thighs      thigh
      antrum      hands lateral     frontal     cheek right
epiglottic user finger        distal      pharyngeal resultant posterior
      di    corneal     forefoot    thigh ankle segmental lesion        toes
      bi    post chin vertical      actual
epiglottis trachea      fingers     retina      vagina      acetabulum
      cornea      aforementioned    umbilicus junction      musculature
      original    diaphragm urethra       sternum     penis thumb scapula
      organism    clavicle
epiglottitis      pancreatitis      bacterial intoxication        attacks
      peritonitis inflammation      purulent    poisoning origin
      lesions     anaphylaxis gastroenteritis impotence migraine
      infection rejection illness         psychosis interest
epilepsy    hemiplegia schizophrenia      tumors      recurrent
      hypertension      ascites     gout pheochromocytoma persistent
      asthma      sarcoidosis symptomatic malignancies      chronic
      malignant vitiligo      idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
epileptic arthritic burn injured          severely    diabetic
      hypertensive      pediatric hd      all   asthmatic parkinsonian
      hemodialysis      dialysis    asymptomatic      five elderly
      adult trauma      depressed
epilepticus diseases    peritonitis hyperthyroidism cervical      poisoning
      lesions     testicular infections impotence spasticity disorders
      infection bladder       seizures    pneumonia malignancy ps
      psychosis candidemia
epileptiform      spikes      spike autonomic spontaneous intrinsic
      ictal discharges facial       brain cortical
      electroencephalographic       lesions     thrombi     vessels
      interictal infection eeg      uterine     sympathetic
epinephrine fentanyl    epi   hydrocortisone    bupivacaine atropine    cp
      propofol    phenylephrine     acid sodium       propranolol diltiazem
      water aa    prazosin    verapamil lidocaine digoxin         clonidine
epiploic    tiredness appetite      irritability      cramping    cramps
      meats fruit saturated flatulence indigestion hunger         calories
      granulation visceral    vegetables bloating     lethargy    adipose
epirubicin melphalan etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin cddp 5-fu
      gemcitabine bleomycin mitoxantrone        vp-16 5fu   irinotecan
      ifosfamide carboplatin methotrexate       cpt-11      thiotepa
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
epis applicable allowed       allowing    recommended equivalent
      calculations      alternatives      accepted    necessary
      corresponding     goals interventions     criteria    admissions
      evaluations assessments records     rates corrections
episiotomy medications vaginal      pelvic      perineal    bleeding
      spontaneous shoulder    musculoskeletal facial        pain medication
      chest lesions     opioids     uterine     cough narcotics labor
episode     total reversal    dose reevaluation       prescription
      exacerbation      onset diagnosis course        injection typical
      stabilization     suppression limitation restoration source
      evaluation assessment sign
episodes    recurrence recurrences incidents applications
      complications     attacks     foci usage involvement stools
      reporting lesions       suppression contacts    complaints forms the
      symptoms    combinations
episodic    cutaneous cognitive incidental working          spontaneous
      facial      vision      brain speech      obesity     pathology
      memory      spatial     hepatic     language    organic     verbal
      ar    complex
epistaxis sepsis        dysphagia cutaneous bleeding        hemorrhage
      peritonitis fever hyperthyroidism lesions       ulceration infections
      impotence infection tinnitus        malignancy headache     headaches
      vertigo     psychosis
epithelial tumor cutaneous pancreatic ovarian         esophageal cervical
      superficial lesions     pathology testicular rectal         gastric
      colon bladder     mature      liver neoplastic endometrial ic
epl   status      determinations    personal    morphology usage feelings
      measurements      histology recall        after indices     mobility
      views exams latencies intakes       palpation volumes       for
epo   lithium     ha    calcitriol amiodarone tm      allopurinol levamisole
      theophylline      steroid     ip    octreotide ep     active      aa
      colchicine nimodipine digoxin       cs    ar
epoetin     tacrolimus fluconazole hydroxyurea amiodarone warfarin
      carvedilol allopurinol levamisole enoxaparin clomipramine
      levodopa    clozapine octreotide darbepoetin interferon colchicine
      nimodipine epo    cyclosporine
epogen      hemiplegia gonadotropin       agoraphobia pulmozyme
      morphogenic procrit     alfa chorionic humulin        immunodeficiency
      virus gelfoam     darbepoetin epoetin     erythropoietin    porcine
      epo   aranesp     idiopathic
eps   medications hypotension dysphagia cutaneous td        bleeding
      agitation medication lesions        pathology complaints sedation
      tremor      cough pruritus    headaches cs      symptoms    ar
epstein     varicella encephalitis        live measles      cmv   hepatitis
      competent herpes        simplex     bovine      immunodeficiency
      syncytial infectious influenza pox        latent      human barr ebv
equal susceptible responsive lead leads related       leading     prior
      exposure    attributable      unrelated exposed       led   equivalent
      added owing due   converted failed        restricted
equaling    clearing    or    chemical    disruption increasing
      involvement displacement      collapse    atrophy     temporary
      enlargement varying     distortion representing       delay ie    near
      dislocation decreasing
equally     distributed uniformly separately encountered simultaneously
      repeatedly markedly     mostly      consistently      detected
      similarly individually        remarkably also infrequent recorded
      included    identified similar
equals      likewise    interpretation    despite     meanwhile besides
      discussion conclusions and    furthermore displacement
      nevertheless      insertion however       demonstrating
      acceleration      interestingly     ie    moreover    additionally
equation    process     system      surgeon     bag   code test path
      sensor      model technique endoscope figure          method
      device      of    procedure nomogram      apparatus tip
equivalent susceptibility     responsiveness    related     applied
      expected    required    close exposure    allowed     used
      insufficient      sufficient conversion superior      primarily
      mainly      from restricted permitted
equivalents steps pulses      d     errors      usage and   mets ma
      testing     tablets     fluids      granules    water units platelets
      s     activity    ie    symptoms
equivocal early abnormal      incidental and    lesions     inconsistent
      pathology mostly        inconclusive      pathological      occasional
      incomplete suboptimal documented indeterminate        missed
      predominantly     reported    inadequate
er    ss    ta    mp    tm    tamoxifen la      bc    sr    cp    sm    pc
      ap    diltiazem aa      verapamil cs      ar    ic    ac
eradicated eliminated encountered absent        seen noticed      successful
      successfully      completely studied      detected    noted relieved
      evident     documented achieved     identified observed     evaluated
erb   finger      trunk scalp wrist tm    reference norm mt       turning
      thigh averaged    si    pt    toe   lateral     tt    of    implant
erbitux     acute psoriasis pancreas      lm    larynx      cholelithiasis
      menorrhagia cutaneous cervix        recalcitrant      gallstones
      impotence alcoholism esophagus barbiturates           rosacea     head
      classic     vitiligo
ercp gastroscopy therapy      operations pe     bleeding    drainage
      surgery     surgical    medication pathology colonoscopy endoscopic
      rp    splenectomy sphincterotomy    procedures est    es
ere   likewise    shifts      are   afterwards participation      finally
      improved    occasionally      resp later similarly postoperatively
      functions delays        respectively      hence consequently      were
erect pulse office      upright     seated      diastolic sitting
      recumbent daytime       blood standing    positions pp      lying
      resting     supine      arterial    systolic    hematocrit urine
erectile    bacterial renal autonomic cognitive microvascular
      facial      mitochondrial     kidney      vestibular voiding
      impotence hepatic       sexual      liver tinnitus    organic
      neurocognitive    organ thyroid
erection    swallowing tumor therapy      bleeding    spontaneous vision
      penile      inflammation      voice speech      pain medication
      pathology sedation      sexual      cough behavior    ie    symptoms
ergocalciferol    d     methylprednisolone      calcitriol aspirin
      hydrocortisone    calcium     metronidazole     atropine    furosemide
      rifampin    spironolactone    tetracycline      dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     gentamicin prednisolone       plus erythromycin
ergonovine swallowing dipyridamole        abnormal    nitroglycerin
      mannitol    pe    ntg   spontaneous nifedipine pathology spasm
      phenylephrine     stress      propranolol occlusion verapamil
      exercise    erythromycin      ic
eric pulmonology stomach      north california kentucky     inflamed
      gastroenterology prehospital boston       pediatrics airways
      urology     pennsylvania      uk    human childhood texas italian
erica walls fingers     distribution      severity    scheduling resultant
      distributions     nerves      character components indices
      muscles     feet toes appearance contents       power immunological
erich unfavorable schizophrenia     recurrent whose ascites       recurring
      gout unexplained gallstones uncomplicated       tao   bilateral
      malignancies      chronic     suspected malignant whom idiopathic
erosion     sa    orientation movement    bleeding    morphology alignment
      pain lesions      scarring    pathology ap      skin perforation
      leakage     retention activity      ie    behaviour symptoms
erosions    erosion     pains abnormalities     hemorrhages bleeding
      vision      inflammation      abscesses lesions       ulceration
      scarring    pathology cysts calcifications      infection pruritus
      mucosal     symptoms    adhesions
erosive     schizophrenia     tumors      recurrent hypertension
      ascites     epilepsy    severe      disease     persistent asthma
      nodular     symptomatic chronic     reflux      preexisting overt
      malignant idiopathic bronchiectasis
erp   scalp fingers     systems     wrist stimulus    brain signal
      cortical    basic reflex      drug lesion       hands muscles
      items individual neural       eeg   membrane
erratic     grossly     specific    diminished chemical     disturbed
      errors      pathology rapidly       prolonged physiologic intense
      incomplete delayed      slowly      problems    behavior    behaviour
      symptoms    complex
error location    component absorption orientation size shape errors
      amplitude reading       alignment displacement        force
      preparation recruitment acceleration      structure power similarity
errors      transport shifts        movements orientation systems
      processes difficulty signals        peaks difficulties      pathology
      items motions     structures products     sounds      problems
      elements    deposits
eruption    formation orientation size foci usage involvement difficulty
      alignment pigmentation        closure     displacement      pathology
      structure localization        leakage     ie    elements    symptoms
erythema    dyspnea     fever fatigue     pain mobility     ap    swelling
      skin mood sedation      rigidity    cough pruritus    headache
      itching     redness     bruising    symptoms    irritation
erythematosus     hypertension      lupus hypercholesterolemia
      glomerulonephritis      cirrhosis sle     dermatomyositis nephritis
      heparinization    thymoma     scleroderma sarcoidosis polyarticular
      ra    refractory malignancies       vasculitis idiopathic
erythematous      sa    pharyngeal cutaneous facial         di    lesion
      erythema    ap    skin pathological       scar bi     cough ie
      neurological      mucosal     local complex     ac
erythrocyte pulse ammonia     sa    lipid basal cortisol    ap    tp
      fibrinogen pp     resting     serum ca    sweating    sf
      respiration hematocrit urine protein
erythromycin      azithromycin      fluconazole amitriptyline     cimetidine
      metronidazole     allopurinol quinidine ofloxacin quinine
      itraconazole      tetracycline      diltiazem dexamethasone
      ciprofloxacin     doxycycline gentamicin verapamil vancomycin
erythromycins     notified    excluded    wand offered      manually
      removed     ones taught       told rotated      interviewed
      immobilized chosen      asked fitted      recorded    scanned
      issued      implanted
erythropoietin    lithium     plasmapheresis    calcitriol amiodarone hcg
      allopurinol levamisole quinine      clomipramine      spironolactone
      levodopa    clozapine octreotide colchicine nimodipine epo
      digoxin     cyclosporine      antibiotics
es    fs    sa    tm    mt    ht    hc    bt    la    bc    sm    pc    ap
      rc    sb    rp    ea    np    cs    ac
esbl shigella     medications bacteria    bacterial waves salmonella
      pathogens strains       objects     lesions     organisms products
      sounds      producing parasites antibiotics species         implants
escalate    reevaluate keep visualize locate          minimize    expand
      characterize      explore     titrate     optimize    maximize
      restore     delineate apply document      localize    define
      judge establish
escalated applied       infused     doubled     allowed     given
      administered      done delivered equivalent employed        used
      added superior    planned     graded      gradually tapered
      upwards     titrated
escalation dose brachytherapy       adjustments schedule    cgy   dependency
      toxicity    dependant limiting      regime      inhaler     inhalers
      dependent intensification regimen         mdis titration tapering
escape      extreme     transport prescription        manipulation
      absorption orientation chemical     withdrawal delivery     medication
      pathology extra recovery      individual recruitment anatomic
      leakage     ie    actual
escaping    specifically      shifts      diminished changing     finally
      errors      upon signals      collapse    thus beyond       structures
      ultimately on     delays      hence for   consequently
eschar      pharyngeal movement     medicines organs        waves tongue
      drug deformity lesion         sound joint items scar structures
      products    digits      cyst bony analgesics
escherichia shigella    stroke      bleeding    salmonella fever fatigue
      pathogens diarrhea      campylobacter     e     ciprofloxacin
      septicemia cough vancomycin pruritus      headache    candida
      species     esbl
escitalopram      ziprasidone citalopram azithromycin       venlafaxine
      amitriptyline     trazodone imipramine gabapentin duloxetine
      clomipramine      lisinopril quetiapine donepezil fluoxetine
      risperidone nefazodone sertraline olanzapine paroxetine
eskalith    metoprolol sinemet      mph   hosp sr     clomipramine
      bovine      alone theophylline      them preformed naa
      terbutaline carbamazepine     tegretol    tricyclics produces
      cyclosporin chromium
esld tumors       ad    severe      cf    melanoma    cirrhosis cd
      disease     scd   metastases aids asthma        hd    alcoholic
      sarcoidosis asymptomatic      symptomatic esrd pd
esmolol     amiodarone aminophylline      carvedilol allopurinol atropine
      amrinone    tramadol    propofol    labetalol diltiazem
      dexamethasone     verapamil nimodipine lidocaine erythromycin
      naloxone    milrinone clonidine nicardipine
esomeprazole      omeprazole clarithromycin     amlodipine benazepril
      ranitidine simvastatin duloxetine celecoxib pantoprazole
      rosuvastatin      quinapril lisinopril valsartan famotidine
      lansoprazole      atorvastatin      lovastatin enalapril
esophageal recurrent dysphagia cutaneous pancreatic cervical
      disease     superficial testicular rectal       gastric     colonic
      colon oropharyngeal     bladder     liver malignancy symptomatic
      endometrial ic
esophagectomy     parathyroidectomy gastroscopy operations
      pancreaticoduodenectomy       chemotherapy      craniotomy surgery
      thoracotomy lobectomy laparotomy colonoscopy hepatectomy cystectomy
      resections resection radiotherapy         splenectomy gastrectomy
esophagitis sepsis      tumors      dysphagia ascites       bleeding
      hemorrhage peritonitis fever diarrhea     hyponatremia      disease
      hydronephrosis    lesions     hematuria ulceration syncope
      malignancy symptomatic anemia
esophagogastrectomy     reconstruction    transection polypectomy
      pancreaticoduodenectomy       injection embolization        clipping
      stopping    recanalization    surgery     esophagectomy
      stabilization     reimplantation    laparotomy completing
      hepatectomy resection interestingly       additionally
esophagogastric distal        obstructed pancreas     cutaneous pancreatic
      rectosigmoid      brain esophageal cervical     cap   resected
      vestibular lumbosacral gastric      colon thoracic    bladder
      uterine     primary
esophagogastroduodenoscopy    gastroscopy therapy     dysphagia biopsy
      bronchoscopy      surgery     medication testing      laparotomy
      cystoscopy endoscopy colonoscopy interventions        endoscopic
      splenectomy sedation    procedures egd    laparoscopy
esophagoscopy     status      gastroscopy ultrasound manometry cytology
      bronchoscopy      histology atrophy       testing     pathology
      cystoscopy ct     mapping     endoscopy proprioception      including
      compliance palpation laparoscopy
esophagus pancreas      larynx      vagina      pharynx     stomach
      conjunctiva acetabulum cornea       tongue      rectum      patella
      thorax      cervix      diaphragm penis vulva endometrium uterus
esotropia tumors        recurrent cholelithiasis      epilepsy    unilateral
      cap   disease     aids persistent asthma        gallstones
      hydrocephalus     syndrome    bilateral pneumonia malignancy
      symptomatic classic     ic
especially occurring shifts         diminished even occurs
      abnormalities     participation     involved    improved
      particularly      difficulty and    difficulties      successful
      notably     hypoperfusion     typically predominantly       deficits
esr   sa    irritability      dyspnea     morphology haptoglobin fatigue
      hs    crying      mobility    erythema    ap    tp    swelling    mood
      rigidity    confusion respiration hematocrit protein
esrd cri    ad    crf   insufficiency     esld melanoma     arf   disease
      scd   cad   hd    colic ckd   sarcoidosis hemodialysis      copd
      symptomatic gerd pd
essential schizophrenia       tumors      hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    severe      cirrhosis
      hypertriglyceridemia    persistent asthma       uncomplicated
      sarcoidosis symptomatic malignancies      chronic     moderate
      suspected idiopathic hyperlipidemia
essentially formed      diminished to     practically eliminated quite made
      roughly     globally    by    basically retained      virtually
      completely almost       remarkably mainly       also constantly
est   fs    ss    sa    mp    ht    hc    bt    sm    pc    ap    op    rc
      pp    ep    rp    np    cs    es    ac
establish investigate determine ascertain reevaluate obtain
      clarify     characterize      explore     examine     optimize
      maximize    verify      evaluate    delineate assess        elucidate
      document    discover    define
established specifically      clearly     to    since empirically employed
      accepted    limited     confirmed completely problematic primarily
      documented described adopted        reported    fully utilized
establishing      maintaining generating revealing localizing avoiding
      providing supporting since obtaining besides          facilitating
      nevertheless      reflecting performing demonstrating
      identifying evaluating assessing decreasing
estate      whatever    considering outside     organized located
      eliminating around      positioned throughout exactly       through
      across      beyond      confirming reflecting explaining inside
      while during
esterase    sp    sa    ag    phasic      nitrate     dao   physical
      glutamate tp      acid complement sympathetic ca      emg   activity
      trypsin     ache tf     protein
estimate    investigate ascertain reevaluate clarify        cover facilitate
      characterize      explore     examine     verify      evaluate
      delineate assess        elucidate document      describe    define
      judge establish
estimated prescribed diminished variable        provided    predicted
      excised     eliminated manually     made removed      calculated
      globally    employed    by    retained    created     chosen
      augmented also
estimation reversal     visualization     application characterization use
      measurement optimization      persistence attenuation completeness
      restoration detection availability        evaluation documentation
      localization      identification    assessment determination
estrace     omeprazole acetate      chlorthalidone    hydrochlorothiazide
      mg    esomeprazole      celecoxib po      hctz pantoprazole
      zolpidem    valsartan famotidine promethazine         nizatidine
      lansoprazole      lorazepam plus ibuprofen
estradiol phosphate zinc lh         hydrocortisone    diazepam    calcium
      furosemide testosterone       theophylline      progesterone
      magnesium acid sodium         terbutaline ca    verapamil ee
      digoxin     alprazolam
estratab    sorafenib alendronate conjugated ensure         premarin
      aspirin     ticarcillin manage      estrogen    stressors
      orchiectomy raloxifene depo eat     ampicillin fluoxetine plus
      meclizine initiate
estrogen    lithium     calcitriol hormonal     tamoxifen aspirin
      allopurinol corticosteroid    theophylline      steroid
      spironolactone    raloxifene levodopa     dopamine    nicotine
      verapamil erythromycin        digoxin     somatostatin      endocrine
et    sa    dental      tm    mt    bt    la    sm    pc    pathology ap
      ip    skin sb     ep    rp    ie    cs    es    ar
etc   shifts      finally     errors      since besides     and   signals
      furthermore notably     testing     nevertheless      blocks
      while however     problems    deposits    moreover    for
ethanol     nitroglycerin     mannitol    quinidine drug phenytoin
      theophylline      alcohol     benzodiazepines sodium        water
      products    caffeine    erythromycin      naloxone    ie    digoxin
      clonidine alprazolam scopolamine
ethmoid     pelvis      trunk maxillary posterior cavernous jaw
      lungs wrist rectum      abdomen     thorax      thigh proximal    legs
      paranasal orbit lateral       sinuses     sphenoid
eti   relapse     therapy     ni    pe    spontaneous and   surgical
      medication lesions      pathology individual tubes rp       infection
      compression ie    cs    mh    antibiotics
etidronate alendronate fluconazole calcitriol amiodarone tamoxifen
      finasteride allopurinol levamisole itraconazole       steroid     ip
      spironolactone    pamidronate doxycycline colchicine nimodipine
      sucralfate erythromycin       pravastatin
etiologies medications injuries     diagnoses various       diseases    foci
      origin      lesions     pathology disorders complaints agents
      neoplasms organic       malignancy symptoms     illness
      antibiotics combinations
etiology    onset diagnosis distribution        severity    form spread
      frequency use     development timing      magnitude management
      persistence restoration appearance availability       nature
      evolution complexity
etoh fs     sa    ni    mp    tm    mt    la    medication cp     sm    pc
      ap    pt    ethanol     sb    water cs    mh    ac
etomidate fentanyl      methylprednisolone      morphine    metoclopramide
      meperidine diazepam     atropine    furosemide esmolol      tramadol
      vecuronium propofol     diltiazem dexamethasone       droperidol
      lidocaine clonidine nicardipine succinylcholine
etoposide cisplatinum cisplatin cddp 5-fu gemcitabine bleomycin
      mitoxantrone      vp-16 vp16 irinotecan ifosfamide carboplatin
      idarubicin epirubicin methotrexate        thiotepa    prednisone
      cyclophosphamide adriamycin
ett   br    stomach     space tm    ring sac    drug lesion       tube
      individual tt     intervention      cuff uterus       of    membrane
      implant     procedure cs
eu    sa    leg   tissues     di    posture     mid   averaged    si
      fluid legs hands ap     skin lateral      uk    muscle      sf    cs
eucerin     hawaii      young turkey      greek obese particular man
      infants     pmi   asian calves      cats children     patients
      elderly     contrast    england     urine south
eugene      avon clinic       maryland    private     referral    hospital
      gastroenterology teaching     material    materials ohio center
      university georgia      ophthalmology     england     endocrinology
      suite county
euglycemic insulin      gtt   hypoglycemic      modified    box   clamp si
      commercial standardized       session     nurse meal diet glucose
      24-hour     hyperglycemic     exercise    taper ramp
euro prescribed healthcare ni       us    resident    work and    charge
      retained    extra sb    patient     individual delayed      np    ie
      for   cs    re
eus   ultrasound therapy      cytology    aspiration guided       biopsy
      surgeons    drainage    and   medication lesions      testing
      pathology ct      pathological      endoscopic compression procedures
euthyroid transplanted        hypothyroid ht    normal      remitted
      medicated four hd       knees three asymptomatic      five
      symptomatic hips non    fd    awake initially pd
euvolemic schizophrenia       relapsed    intolerant severely     cf
      remitted    mildly      scleroderma sarcoidosis hemodialysis      eh
      constipated asymptomatic      ra    refractory comatose
      symptomatic chronically suspected
ev    metoprolol td     mp    tm    mt    nifedipine cc     cp    sm    pc
      cpa   ip    sb    ep    diltiazem verapamil cs        ar    ac
eva   finger      scalp fingers     treatment systems       br    di    tm
      forefoot    sac   drug lesion       lateral     following eeg     of
      membrane    implant     cs
evacuated visualized covered        predicted excised       injected
      estimated aspirated drained         doubled     removed     opened
      delivered globally      ligated     sutured     retained    secured
      reached     recovered
evacuation manipulation       excision    disruption delivery     usage
      drainage    stability alignment closure         removal
      displacement      collapse    positioning insertion exploration
      distortion placement correction localization
eval fs     sa    orientation em    td    reading     mt    md    hc
      averaging sm      pc    ap    pt    ie    hh    ar    intact      ac
evaluate    investigate determine ascertain reevaluate estimate
      clarify     characterize      explore     examine     verify
      delineate assess        elucidate observe       document    describe
      define      reassess    establish
evaluated investigated        determined ascertained made obtained
      tested      simultaneously    reviewed    measured    studied
      created     checked     assessed    examined    also recorded
      identified performed monitored
evaluating establishing       to    localizing considering targeting
      supporting concerning minimizing covering       besides     studying
      verifying facilitating        confirming reflecting explaining
      examining assessing about
evaluation reversal     interpretation    diagnosis construction
      estimation application characterization use     measurement
      optimization      persistence restoration appearance detection
      documentation     localization      identification    assessment
evaluations determinations    radiographs radiographic      diagnoses
      characteristics surveys       examinations      microbiologic
      measurements      indices     radiological      views exams tests
      parameters recordings assessments rates volumes
evaluted    reevaluated openly      given contacted sent measured
      sequentially      instructed recruited interviewed preoperatively
      cleaned     checked     asked fitted      recorded    reassessed
      scanned     monitored
evd   bacteremia therapy      dysphagia peritonitis delirium      massive
      disease     origin      reporting lesions       pathology fistulae
      arrhythmia infection neoplasms malignancy illness
      antibiotics candidemia
eve   quantity    distribution      construction      form anticipation
      frequency disposition prevention perception development mode
      management numbers      appearance availability       top   regulation
      the   etiology
evelyn      peaked      echocardiograms coordinating        papules     nad
      david sbps soleus       abdomen     thorax      peaking     nipples
      erythema    endoscopies gynecomastia      nose teeth roots mouth
even only indeed        diminished finally      since particularly      and
      furthermore surprisingly      thus temporarily retained
      nevertheless      while however     especially interestingly
      moreover    additionally
evening     former      afternoon industry      other duodenum    direction
      morning     apical      mid   second      group position    transverse
      region      lateral     uk    cerebellum condition arm
event relapse     recurrence target       variable    projected stone ae
      code catheter     overall     test drug protocol      lesion
      experiences device      of    implant     procedure
eventful    israel      keeping     supplemented      pts   anticoagulated
      group treated     concert     planes      hydrated    children
      actively    sedated     patients    dialyzed    vitro contrast
      awake dialysed
events      reactions medications event recurrences abnormalities
      incidents complications       bleeding    errors      ae    lesions
      sequelae    complaints flares       pruritus    headache
      experiences headaches mace
eventual    pharmacological prescription        potential other character
      therapeutic components extra subsequent recovery      individual
      anatomic    ultimate    proper      immunological     correct
      evolution pharmacologic       actual
eventually continued permanently are      required    developed continuing
      thus occasionally       mostly      subsequently      possibly
      ultimately their sometimes were re        additionally      remain
ever  relapse     recurrence consultation       treatment screening
      permanent dental        spontaneous difficulty and    surgical
      medication reporting lesions        drug pathology individual ie
eversion    fs    sa    orientation reading     posture     mt    morphology
      md    bs    si    pc    axial ap    tp    pt    np    cs    es    ac
everted     distal      areas breasts     tissues     other apical
      surroundings      diseased    others      mid   spanish     segments
      positions planes        pp    lateral     feet regions      zones
every nightly     at    times sc    intravenously     given day
      intermittently    biweekly    repeated    subcutaneously    daily
      monthly     intramuscularly then orally         lasted      hourly
everyday    several     early tissues     practice    various     brain
      particular general      sport certain     alcoholics mind human
      country     childhood children      uremia      psychiatry contrast
everyone    specifically      only indeed       clearly     transport
      since progress    discussion difficulty further       thus testing
      nevertheless      which information nonetheless however     fully
everything what bleed talk drive feel work hypoxia          grow drink stop
      competency plan threat        belief      their professional
      correct     felt monitor
evidence    reversal    lack aspects      proof kind normalization      use
      confirmation      types because     suppression persistence reports
      indicative suggestive documentation       instead     forms amounts
evidenced manifested dictated       elicited    replaced    effected
      characterized     supported dominated preceded        affected
      triggered reflected blocked         represented confounded indexed
      accompanied judged      caused
evident     maintained ineffective eliminated encountered absent        seen
      noticeable done markedly      noticed     found consistently
      detected    detectable noted remarkably also observed       performed
evidently only considerably         clearly     still diminished to
      practically quite substantially     roughly     obviously greatly
      thus nevertheless       probably    however     primarily largely
evinced     manifested disclosed elicited       provided    predicted
      organized was     effected    worked      delivered employed
      produced    displayed exhibited created         demonstrated
      augmented induced       voluntarily
evista      desired     move cover stop operate       insert      handle
      raloxifene give match instructions        get   check nearest     flex
      utilize     correct     principle monitor
evoked      tactile     finger      scalp fields      nerves      jaw
      auditory    brainstem sep     cortical    signals     sensory
      vestibular skin muscles       muscle      eeg   motor reflexes
evolution occurrence quantity       course      severity    character
      spread      frequency disposition use     development timing
      magnitude persistence appearance availability         amount
      nature      etiology    complexity
evolve      move be     begin facilitate improve      grow stimulate
      produce     express     prevent     operate     make promote      take
      give get    activate    enhance     utilize
evolvement occurrence onset presence      efficacy    seriousness incidence
      use   development timing      discovery importance chances
      number      existence appearance availability         identification
      amount      etiology
evolving    extreme     early acute transmural complicating       incidental
      various     massive     typical     disease     painful     pathology
      extra incomplete suboptimal active        organic     extensive
ew    swallowing sleeping     sa    em    dyspnea     mt    ht    fatigue
      mobility    ap    tp    pt    bl    balance     rc    mood behavior
      es    ac
ex    sa    ot    mt    ht    hc    pb    la    bc    sm    segmental pc
      ap    tp    skin pp     np    cs    es    ac
exacerbate occur modify       disturb     mediate     disrupt     improve
      impair      diminish    reduce      mitigate    reflect     worsen
      prolong     deteriorate induce      enhance     compromise explain
exacerbated compensated manifested partially complicated replaced
      supported minimized prevented dominated affected            verified
      confirmed triggered aggravated blocked          confounded augmented
      compromised caused
exacerbating      recurrent instability diseases      without     disease
      persistent asthma       spasticity incomplete suboptimal
      symptomatic some preexisting overt inducing     extensive
      subclinical psychosis dementia
exacerbation      reversal    exacerbations     diagnosis normalization
      involvement a     typical     stabilization     episode
      suppression episodes    limitation varying      augmentation
      worsening forms the     excess      etiology
exacerbations     pancreatitis      exacerbation      pyelonephritis
      various     gout diseases     attacks     decompensation    massive
      typical     purulent    poisoning reporting lesions         episodes
      asthma      complaints sinusitis symptoms
exact sum   interpretation    breath      incremental pendulum    test
      student     pad   tail clock square       log   fischer     walk
      squared     slope figure      sign actual
exactly     within      formed      to    whatever    practically
      considering outside     around      below roughly     besides
      greatly     basically beyond        inside      during      directly
      about essentially
exam user consultation        orientation therapist examination reading
      code bar    test lesion       interview threshold physician
      force of    implant     procedure video score
examination location    orientation size shape separation reading
      stability presentation        exam test displacement        testing
      recruitment anatomic    structure recording picture         grading
examinations      determinations    radiographs diagnoses examination
      surveys     biopsies    surgeries measurements        exams
      endoscopies assays      tests parameters recordings evaluations
      assessments images      checks      procedures
examine     investigate determine ascertain reevaluate estimate
      clarify     characterize      explore     verify      evaluate
      delineate assess        discern     elucidate document      describe
      define      reassess    establish
examined    to    investigated      ascertained made explored     tested
      simultaneously    reviewed    by    mostly      studied     created
      assessed    primarily mainly        also included     identified
examiner    dentist     therapist surgeon       code team test sensor
      probe pathologist nurse cardiologist      technique radiologist
      physician doctor        urologist anesthesiologist fitting
examining measuring widening        considering emphasizing regarding
      supporting concerning minimizing covering       reviewing studying
      verifying confirming reflecting explaining parts evaluating
      assessing about
example     establishing      purposes    palliation localizing estimation
      comparisons studying    prevention days optimization
      prophylaxis managing    detection identifying evaluation evaluating
      assessing reasons       determination
exams diagnoses examination reading       morphology examinations
      fatigue     measurements      testing     mobility    ap    complaints
      assays      tests parameters evaluations assessments procedures
      volumes     symptoms
exceed      any   modify      disturb     alter notice      preclude
      recur necessitate impair      diminish    adequately necessarily vary
      worsen      deteriorate reveal      compromise appreciably affect
excellent diminished abnormal       good impressive absent        improved
      unusual     globally    satisfactory      successful retained
      mostly      identical acceptable unsuccessful         adequate
      remarkably documented inadequate
except      responsible requests    controlling screened    requirement
      listed      tested      substituted preference indication
      indications persisted preparing search          exchanged accounted
      available reasons       correcting
exception occurrence likelihood presence        incidence use     prospect
      development majority    probability percentage degree       magnitude
      discovery chances       possibility number      existence amount
exceptionally     clearly     established extremely abnormally usually
      outstanding anticipated relatively quite impressive unusual
      unusually unexpectedly        surprisingly      inappropriately very
      remarkably excessively inadequate
excess      reversal    an    disruption increasing usage expression
      perception a      mode accumulation       suppression limitation
      attenuation restoration enhancement correction augmentation
      localization      the
excessive extreme       early chemical    an    instability spontaneous
      difficulty pathology inappropriate        accelerated extra incomplete
      adequate    their iatrogenic problems     ie    symptoms    inadequate
excessively extreme     permanently earlier     extremely abnormally
      appropriately     unusual     unusually unexpectedly
      inappropriate     accelerated inappropriately adequate      suboptimal
      additional their excessive inadequate exceptionally
exchange    transport chemical      morphology la     dynamic     volume
      tp    skin balance      physiologic exchanges mechanics pv
      retention behavior      activity    behaviour symptoms      function
exchanged worn prescribed excised         made listed       removed
      calculated kept tested        globally    employed    by    retained
      checked     individually      chosen      also adopted      utilized
exchanges transport solutions therapy           consultations     errors
      foci and    peaks lesions     pathology fluids        contacts    aa
      products    problems    activity    procedures ie     symptoms
excised     prescribed totally      visualized estimated aspirated
      manually    visible     removed     embolized tested        biopsied
      retained    lesion      dispensed skin prepared       bilaterally
      recovered re
excision    infiltration      manipulation      clearing    enucleation
      decompression     ablation    closure     stabilization     removal
      insertion debridement repair        exploration resection evacuation
      placement correction augmentation         localization
excitation transport manipulation         orientation movement    chemical
      processes reading       light alignment pathology force sound
      recruitment structures structure input activity       ie    asymmetry
exclude     generate    resolve     obtain      ensure      avoid minimize
      reproduce assure        optimize    prevent     detect      recognize
      delineate identify      document    achieve     define      perform
excluded    reevaluated withdrawn enrolled      discharged obtained
      reviewed    sequentially      recruited interviewed prepared
      extubated recorded      onto included     identified dismissed
      retested    selected    monitored
excluding only therapy        in    surgery     and   four surgical
      medication pathology all      while rp    ie    trauma      for
      amongst     additionally      ic    among
exclusion diagnostic diagnoses severity         characteristics features
      application attributes use    measurement strict      sonographic
      removal     optimization      indices     restoration evaluation
      documentation     assessment patterns
exclusive early prescription        manipulation      treatment chemical
      eventual    various     delivery    feeding     reinforcement
      reporting inappropriate       recruitment anatomic    augmentation
      transmission      the   re    pharmacologic
excoriated pains dehydration inflammation       histology atrophy
      ulceration mobility     erythema    swelling    exudate
      comorbidities     calcifications    itching     redness     palpation
      occupation confusion symptoms       illness
excoriation tiredness induration irritability         dryness     fatigue
      paresthesias      spirometry rash erythema      swelling    exudate
      flushing    pruritus    ecchymosis itching      redness     confusion
      burning     bruising
excretion absorption extravasation        amplitude morphology usage
      stability expression clearance indices          volume      recovery
      diversion levels        retention activity      sediment    intake
      production content
excruciating      pleuritic epigastric discogenic unrelieved
      musculoskeletal radiating abdominal flank chest episiotomy
      retrosternal      relieve     neuropathic incapacitating    back
      toothache worst breakthrough        deafferentation
excursion transport uptake          orientation size shape width amplitude
      opening     alignment peaks test rotation       displacement
      force structure power distance      content     asymmetry
excursions transport uptake         lipid insulin     tolerance excursion
      peaks lactate     si    values      rd    bg    glucose     pp
      parameters hyperglycemia      intolerance glucagon    production
excuse      portable    thorough    consultant mammogram diary
      standardized      friend      neurologist gynecologist
      comprehensive     sheet simple      quick multidisciplinary specialist
      mailed      psychologist      letter      built
executive swallowing emotional cognitive microvascular            cognition
      speech      memory      intellectual      mood hepatic      sexual
      motor language    neurocognitive    verbal      social      functions
      behavior    psychomotor
exer early nl     alendronate eyes ot     lac   ds    cg    ht    hc
      normal      group infants     hearts      babies      children
      patients    np    exercising
exercise    swallowing gait breathing maximal         cooling     relaxation
      mt    work hypoxia      running     dynamic     testing     training
      swimming    skin stress       muscle      walking     maneuvers
exercised stood ingested      took slept provided     began stabilized
      worked      rested      kept displayed ate      exhibited wore put
      walked      ran   exercising attended
exercises gait movements movement         consultations     systems
      relaxation vision       mt    reinforcement     stretching medication
      testing     training    physiotherapy     instruction products
      problems    behavior    ie
exercising sleeping     calf leg    tissues     ot    air   posture     mid
      ht    normal      eye   individual muscle       np    awake cs    es
      arm   zones
exertion    medications breathlessness    accommodation     pains movements
      discomfort dyspnea      waves fatigue     crying      tests sedation
      platelets products      sweating    functions respiration symptoms
exertional schizophrenia      recurrent hypertension
      hypercholesterolemia    epilepsy    severe      stable      cirrhosis
      angina      disease     persistent asthma       sarcoidosis copd
      unstable    chronic     idiopathic hyperlipidemia     bronchiectasis
exhalation transport manipulation         cooling     orientation movement
      delivery    reading     light work workload     test dynamic
      strain      recovery    force recruitment power ie    maneuvers
exhibit     occur bear survive      require     develop     improve
      produce     displayed recur express       exhibited give elicit
      accept      deteriorate induce      produces    compromise have
exhibited manifested disclosed experienced developed showed
      produced    displayed reporting showing         saw   exhibiting
      became      contained achieving with gave having            yielded
exhibiting needing      recurring unilateral experienced displayed
      without     disease     reporting showing       persistent exhibited
      bilateral achieving with requiring symptomatic experiencing
      having      had
exhibits    uses maintains offers         provides    gives works produced
      displayed develops      contains    exhibited achieves      is
      includes    yields      produces    producing cyclosporin utilizing
existence occurrence likelihood presence        incidence absence       use
      necessity development usefulness timing         probability consists
      creation    discovery chances       possibility number
      availability      amount
existing    extreme     early various     basic traditional surgical
      medication pathology inappropriate        extra individual artificial
      active      their ie    excessive correct       conventional
exists      specifically      considerable      shift targeting
      emphasizing regarding supporting despite        concerning allowing
      substantial prevents    covering    overlap     clear advance
      affects     delay about
exophthalmos      obstructed spontaneous facial       delirium    thrombus
      origin      drug deformity lesion         vessels     arrhythmia
      infection uterine       tinnitus    nimodipine bones cyst
      somatostatin      illness
exophytic supratentorial      tumors      recurrent diffuse       focal
      ascites     recurring unilateral solitary       solid resected
      persistent nodular      multifocal exhibiting bilateral
      symptomatic malignant palpable
exostosis namely        ataxia      hydrothorax hemorrhages ptosis
      diplopia    lymphadenitis     oliguria    hematuria xd      urosepsis
      preoperatively    hypophosphatemia adenopathy pneumonitis fragments
      xylocaine including cellulitis
expand      accommodate resolve     extend      address     overcome
      minimize    facilitate stabilize optimize       maximize    reduce
      recognize delineate understand document         enhance     define
      judge establish
expanded    extreme     early extended    modified    nutritional adaptive
      basic disability pathology lesion         extra subsequent skin
      pathological      individual artificial functional accompanying
expanding paced moving        metallic    plastic     chemical    metal
      destructive reinforcement     harm distraction threat       help
      critical    preparation compression adhesive    statements special
expansion reversal      manipulation      distribution      disruption
      usage stability displacement        accumulation      suppression
      attenuation enhancement recruitment acceleration      placement
      correction augmentation       localization      deposition production
expect      lead anticipate continue      be    proceed     consider
      begin feel encourage attribute refer choose           prefer      help
      come give apply enable        try
expectancy specific     orientation chemical    burden      reading     ql
      light reinforcement     span physiological      threatening sustaining
      recruitment physiologic anatomic    table functional behavior
expectant treatment vaginal         other ot    medical     cc    control
      traditional surgical    nonoperative      physiotherapy
      nonsurgical delayed     okt3 np     cs    conventional      ga
expectantly noncompliant      reevaluated conservatively    screened
      catheterized      nonoperatively    biopsied    surgically intubated
      perioperatively electively managed        interviewed extubated
      regularly sedated       compliant symptomatically initially
expectation pharmacological target        prescription      manipulation
      diagnostic potential spread         therapeutic use   basic
      recruitment proper      yield method      correct     principle
      pharmacologic     actual      pattern
expected    prescribed diminished variable      required    predicted
      anticipated quite equivalent employed     used insufficient
      planned     primarily preferred mainly          possible    from
      utilized    actually
expectoration     swallowing breathlessness     pains dyspnea     vision
      inflammation      wheezing    fatigue     pathology mobility
      exudate     eosinophils sedation    rigidity    cough pruritus
      sputum      symptomatology    symptoms
experience extreme      manipulation      treatment therapy       irrigation
      features    burden      progress    contact     stability difficulty
      and   difficulties      presented opinion       pathology
      recruitment augmentation      problems
experienced needing     received    receiving survived      developed
      displayed reporting exhibited exhibiting became             with
      requiring vomited       taking      experiencing      having      died
      initially had
experiences reactions diagnoses incidents events            complications
      errors      ae    attributes difficulty difficulties        pathology
      sequelae    complaints problems     behavior    activity    patterns
      behaviour symptoms
experiencing      needing     relapsed    recurrent receiving recurring
      experienced severe      persistent gallstones exhibiting achieving
      with requiring taking         symptomatic who   preexisting having
experimental      sub   former      two   second      group position
      control     preceding lateral       individual uk     intervention
      italian     ea    of    np    cs    condition arm
expiration swallowing breathing transport maximal           inspiration
      movement    night mt    running     workload    exhalation dynamic
      straining co2     volume      recovery    postpartum exercise
expiratory peak inspiratory calf fev1 capacity        increases salivary
      falls volume      regional    fvc   forced      atheroma    pef
      expiration decreases velocity       flow expired
expired     breathing plasma        sleeping    sa    air   la    ve
      fluid co2   ap    volume      tp    skin pp     water o2    indoor
      sputum      urine
expl using multivitamins      con   via   soap atenolol     diphenhydramine
      meningioma chlordiazepoxide lp      land uip    superimposed
      propranolol fresh prazosin    cyclosporin utilizing baths
explain     raise modify      outside     outweigh    mediate     facilitate
      disrupt     improve     diminish    reduce      explains    beyond
      mitigate    explaining discuss      reflect     lie   complicate
explained overridden dictated       avoided     replaced    realized
      characterized     supported minimized prevented dominated
      affected    partly      aggravated reflected blocked
      represented confounded overwhelmed caused
explaining considering outside      around      supporting since despite
      concerning besides      furthermore explains    nevertheless
      beyond      confirming reflecting parts evaluating assessing
      about moreover
explains    whatever    considers considering outside       raises
      around      supporting despite      concerning besides      greatly
      reflects    beyond      confirming reflecting explaining affects
      represented explain
explanation reason      responsible component supporting allowing
      approved    substitute preference indication implications
      recommendation    parameter explanations        appropriate source
      mechanism search        method      element
explanations      reason      responsible requests    guidelines
      recommendations preferences preference indication explanation
      indications implications      possibilities     suggestions preparing
      appropriate search      accounted corrections reasons
explicitly specifically       indeed      clearly     established diminished
      to    addressed finally       appropriately     substantially     thus
      nevertheless      simply      nonetheless primarily accordingly
      properly    directly    fully
exploration reversal    visualization     applications      excision
      disruption measurement closure      removal     optimization
      attenuation enhancement resection evacuation placement evaluation
      documentation     correction augmentation       localization
exploratory early earlier     investigation     clinical    preliminary
      finding     updated     automatic ongoing       surveillance      a
      uncontrolled      confirmatory      open interim      our   additional
      the   this
explore     investigate determine ascertain reevaluate estimate
      clarify     characterize      examine     verify      evaluate
      delineate assess        elucidate understand document       describe
      define      reassess    establish
explored    specifically      clearly     established to    investigated
      addressed realized      tested      employed    by    promoted
      primarily represented examined      delineated adopted      evaluated
      utilized    report
exposed     susceptible responsive leads prior switched     attributable
      unrelated unable        advised     able subjected instructed
      owing due   converted asked according attempting willing
exposure    lead susceptibility     leads unresponsiveness responsiveness
      related     prior response    adjacent    referring equivalent
      reactivity exposures access         conversion from attempts
      adherence restricted
exposures transport related         assistance systems      responses
      exposure    errors      work transportation     reactivity access
      testing     interventions     travel      attempts    problems
      procedures adherence maneuvers
express     move bear begin cover facilitate improve        stimulate
      operate     make reduce       take recognize give accept          get
      activate    remember    enhance     utilize
expressed diminished manifested provided        interpreted globally
      employed    by    retained    promoted    as    represented almost
      rated described adopted       identified defined      modeled
expression reversal     formation severity      usage frequency stability
      measurement perception accumulation       suppression persistence
      attenuation enhancement appearance localization       activity
      patterns    production content
expressive sa     ni    cognitive massage       hormonal    reading     mt
      speech      writing     cp    sm    counseling individual language
      their behavior    behavioral occupational       ac
exquisitely needed      usually     too   really      applicable easy
      assumed     advised     unlikely    supposed    sufficiently
      difficult necessary known believed        probably    certainly
      largely     thought
exsanguination    manipulation      cooling     movement    predicted
      traction    delivery    instrumentation drainage      alignment
      stimulation closure     displacement      positioning insertion
      compression leakage     ie    contamination     additionally
ext   sp    sa    ni    leg   br    tm    mt    la    si    sm    ap    tp
      skin ep     muscle      rp    cs    es    ac
extend      permit      consider    raise facilitate encourage expand
      allow diminish    make confirm      reduce      appreciate give
      discuss     apply enable      document    replicate enhance
extended    extreme     early optimized treatment immediate adaptive
      surgical    medication drug extra subsequent slow individual
      artificial delayed      active      additional ie     accompanying
extending specifically        changing    whatever    shifted
      considering closer      outside     close around      connecting
      beyond      helped      inside      crossing    applying    from
      during      directly    passing
extends     specifically      are   extending considers extend
      updates     raises      allowed     gives explored    aimed prompted
      explains    reflects    helped      reviews     confirms    tries
extension location      orientation size shape amplitude reading
      morphology usage stability alignment rotation         displacement
      recovery    recruitment anatomic    acceleration      localization
      recording content
extensive early abnormal      tumors      focal aggressive without
      disease     painful     concomitant poor persistent pathology
      bilateral incomplete suboptimal active          liver symptomatic ic
extensively clearly     established clarified been formally       thoroughly
      addressed introduced inconsistent         adequately shown rarely
      neglected described properly        seldom      reported    fully
extensiveness     occurrence lack quantity      aspects     ease
      development timing      degree      magnitude persistence
      completeness      number      appearance duration     availability
      identification    amount      nature      evolution
extensor    flexors     trunk flexion     flexor      calf leg    elbow jaw
      wrist thigh ankle gastrocnemius     quadriceps muscles      joint
      muscle      paraspinal extensors hamstrings
extensors flexors       trunk fingers     tibia flexor      leg   elbow
      conjunctiva wrist tongue      abdomen     thorax      thigh ankle
      thumb muscles     joint extensor    hamstrings
extent      quantity    potential efficacy      spread      use
      development usefulness timing       precise     degree      magnitude
      appearance mechanism availability         amount      nature
      evolution pattern       benefits
external    facial      light voice drug pathology lesion
      distraction extra skin individual artificial endoscopic
      compression membrane    ie    accompanying      local cs    complex
externally orientation moving       adjacent    stimuli     stimulus
      reading     work adaptive     distraction compressive extra skin
      force sound individual of     cutting     accompanying      re
extinction manipulation       field orientation shape chemical    stimulus
      reading     light configuration     basic test distraction recovery
      force preparation recruitment structure of      correct
extr nitroglycerine     nitroglycerin     finally     others
      unexpectedly      late resp subsequently        its   similarly
      desaturations     delayed     also remained     exercises
      consequently      est   additionally      again
extra extreme     early other chemical    cutaneous facial        medication
      drug pathology lesion         subsequent skin pathological
      individual artificial ie      accompanying      local complex
extraaxial supplemented       rectosigmoid      synovial    thalamic    neck
      extrahepatic      acdf treated      presenting interstitial
      retroperitoneal multifocal pontine        supraglottic      liver
      cerebellar malignant combined       subretinal
extracorporeal    therapy     bacterial cutaneous spontaneous collateral
      brain hyperdynamic      drug steroid      ip    levodopa    shock
      artificial uterine      nimodipine membrane     cs    antibiotic
extracranial      cutaneous facial        diseased    delirium    internal
      brain residual    cervical    extra orbital     atherosclerotic
      thoracic    hepatic     bladder     uterine     liver splenic
      organic     carotid
extract     capsule     paste solution    oral aerosol      allopurinol
      compound    drug vaccine      strain      preparation gel   suspension
      nimodipine membrane     erythromycin      ie    topical     clonazepam
extracted ascertained cleared       excised     estimated derived
      aspirated manually      isolated    removed     obtained    calculated
      simultaneously    biopsied    released    cultured    prepared
      recorded    recovered taken
extraction transport manipulation         treatment separation withdrawal
      delivery    reading     isolation usage closure       removal
      testing     insertion recovery      recruitment placement
      implantation      correction recording
extrahepatic      focal cutaneous parenchymal pancreatic diseases
      residual    disease     lesions     biliary     pathology kidney
      bilateral hepatic       liver organic     neoplastic malignancy
      symptomatic overt
extraluminal      biochemical abnormal    radiographic      splenomegaly
      parenchymal curettage microbiologic       segmental radiologic late
      radiological      subsequent pathological       occasional
      miscellaneous     indeterminate     microscopic unspecified neurologic
extraocular pharyngeal calf leg     cutaneous various       facial
      thigh intestinal trapezius extra skin quadriceps joint muscle
      hepatic     motor paraspinal smooth       skeletal
extraordinarily extremely an        abnormally targeting usually
      relatively despite      unusually a       unexpectedly
      surprisingly      limited     apparently primarily about
      excessively the   inadequate exceptionally
extraordinary     extreme     early process     direction form mediation
      therapeutic progress    situation prevention management region
      importance today context      regulation view excess        etiology
extravasation     transport formation foci usage involvement stability
      difficulty collapse     accumulation      pathology recovery
      enhancement leakage     retention activity      contamination
      deposition symptoms     production
extreme     early orientation chemical    various     light difficulty and
      basic physiological     pathology extra pathological        individual
      recruitment anatomic    ie    excessive accompanying        complex
extremely extreme       abnormally usually      ongoing     anticipated
      relatively quite unusual      unexpectedly      accelerated
      inappropriately problematic acceptable typically adequate         very
      remarkably excessive inadequate
extremes    location    onset diagnosis start frequency use
      measurement ends timing       magnitude end     level appearance
      beginning availability        division    nature      evolution
extremities vagina      stomach     eyelid      conjunctiva jaw   rectum
      musculature abdomen     thorax      pole legs sternum       ureter
      muscles     limbs esophagus limb extremity lid
extremity leg     gi    eyelid      jaw   facial      torso lip
      gastrointestinal pole esophageal cervical       amputation legs
      limbs limb respiratory sphincter lid      extremities
extrication prescription      extended    response    eventual    delivering
      rehabilitation    remote      surgical    pool rising       extra
      subsequent recovery     conversion planned      physician individual
      triage      transition
extrinsic cutaneous td        dental      air   facial      normal
      nocturnal bc      cp    ap    skin water tooth bronchial language
      cough cs    ar    ic
extubate    resolve     obtain      keep pursue       avoid maintain
      remove      minimize    administer ventilate stabilize optimize
      maximize    manage      intubate    admit identify    initiate
extubated reevaluated excluded      discharged contacted biopsied
      reviewed    readmitted intubated recruited interviewed regularly
      sedated     recorded    reassessed included     identified scanned
      retested    monitored
extubating obtain       keep avoid dissect      maintain    remove
      minimize    administer stabilize optimize       maximize    manage
      counsel     prepare     identify    extubate    localize    select
extubation hemostasis suctioning delivery       reperfusion mt    discharge
      surgery     operation dosing        medication immunization
      vaccination recovery    pt    weaning     ambulation intubation
      sedation    exercise
exudate     swallowing movement     dyspnea     morphology inflammation
      fatigue     pain fluid mobility     erythema    ap    swelling    skin
      fluids      sedation    cough behavior    ie    symptoms
exudates    tissue      edema dyspnea     vision      inflammation
      fever fatigue     mobility    erythema    swelling    exudate
      sedation    platelets cough pruritus      proteins    neutrophils
      symptoms    sedatives
exudative acute schizophrenia       recurrent focal gout diseases
      hyperthyroidism disease       persistent asthma       sarcoidosis
      uveitis     syndrome    malignancy symptomatic malignant vitiligo
      psychosis dementia
ey    build radiographic      updated     lost eventual     tolerability
      warm radiologic monthly       indications angiographic      follow
      then check appropriate catch picked       risks pick
eye   finger      leg   jaw   tm    posture     proximal    legs kidneys
      lesion      hands ap    skin patient      lateral     joint individual
      eeg   child cs
eyebrow     finger      pelvis      trunk stomach     midline     wrist mid
      forehead    abdomen     thigh axilla      hands transverse skin
      temporal    orbit lateral     cheek vertical
eyebrows    pelvis      overlying fingers       tibia epiglottis cornea
      apex tongue       junction    musculature surrounding diaphragm
      urethra     sternum     thumb notch muscles     toes tip
eyed six    determinations    dyspnea     biopsies    measurements      four
      both spirometry black all     caucasian electrocardiograms
      including teenagers housing         white five volumes      urine
eyedrops    medications solutions amitriptyline       hydrocortisone
      ofloxacin medication cream steroids       tablets     pilocarpine gel
      doxycycline gentamicin doxepin      erythromycin      ointment
      digoxin     clonazepam antibiotics
eyelid      pharyngeal foot leg     jaw   shoulder    facial      brain eye
      legs lesion       hands ap    skin limbs joint limb motor lid
eyes pts    shoulders bc      ankles      ears infants      hearts
      segments    knees alcoholics cats individuals babies
      asymptomatic      women children    patients    hips zones
ez    pneumococcal      sw    lm    ha    tm    infant      ring bs
      kidneys     drug lesion       vaccine     sb    influenza tt
      membrane    implant     mh    ac
ezetimibe bisoprolol amlodipine escitalopram          benazepril
      simvastatin diazepam    zolpidem    rosuvastatin      quinapril
      lisinopril loratadine ramipril      fosinopril famotidine
      atorvastatin      lovastatin enalapril ibuprofen pravastatin
f     ss    sa    versus      ft    hc    v     la    cc    sm    pc    ap
      sb    pp    k     ca    s     sf    np    ac
fa    sa    ha    5-fu td     hydroxyurea mp    vp    la    levamisole cp
      sm    ip    acid ep     aa    digoxin     ar    ic    ac
faa   therapy     plasmapheresis    damage      chemical    cutaneous
      hydroxyurea spontaneous quinine     steroids    pathology
      benzodiazepines agents        infection aa      vancomycin malignancy
      excessive antibiotics subclinical
face user consultation        target      orientation moving      stimulus
      work basic test lesion        distraction threat      skin sound
      individual baby child implant       video
facemask    syringe     splint      plate box   filter      bar   diuretic
      commercial sensor       probe nebulizer flat diet sheet circular
      cannula     rigid device      letter
faces names orientation voices      errors      stimuli     facial
      reading     speech      sentences objects       pathology tones
      items sedation    language    sounds      pictures    problems
facet foot shoulder     tongue      sacroiliac basic ankle subtalar     drug
      disc sound muscles      knee joint items individual joints
      structures temporomandibular bony
facial      pharyngeal cutaneous dental         spontaneous shoulder
      brain speech      intestinal pathology vestibular skin joint
      individual uterine      motor cough ie    ar    complex
facilitate estimate     avoid minimize    expand      improve     stimulate
      assure      optimize    maximize    diminish    prevent     reduce
      promote     inform      recognize delineate document        enhance
facilitated shortened diminished partially provided         reversed
      predicted eliminated supported prevented greatly
      approximated      promoted    triggered slowed        blocked
      primarily represented augmented enhanced
facilitating      establishing      areas improving maintaining generating
      targeting eliminating avoiding      progress    minimizing light
      accelerating      enhancing certain       assessing the     some
      inducing    decreasing
facilities offices      consultations     personnel care residents
      programs    facility    beds and    clinics     teams plans centers
      units physicians services     laboratories      specialty obstetric
facility    consultation      clinic      format      rehabilitation
      survey      policy      hospital    team ward program       nurse
      protocol    plan center       sequence    home specialist community
facs quantitative       elisa ultrasound measuring echocardiography