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									Sanbanks at Prince Edward County

Sandbanks is one of Prince Edward County’s priceless gems. It is an extensive dunes system that has an
endless array of sandy beaches. Aside from the region’s birding and distinguished flora and fauna, the
beaches remain to be the main attraction. To even make things better, a portion of it, the East Lake
section, warms up earlier in the season than the other areas of the water. This allows locals and visitors
alike to hit the beaches earlier than the usual! Sandbanks Provincial Park is a great place for families or
for anyone who just simply loves the water.

Seated by the shores of Lake Ontario at Quinte Isle, the area is known a an ideal vacation destination
with its quaint villages, interesting history, great locally grown produce, and wonderful nature
observatories and conventional parks. The beaches of Sandbanks embrace thousands of people with
their golden sands and sparkling water year after year.

Beyond the treats of the sand and water, there’s more to Sandbanks. The park is also an ideal pace to
go canoeing and kayaking. If you’re also up for hiking and cycling, there are several bicycle paths and
cycling route nearby that you can safely follow.

To ensure that you get the best out of your vacation at Prince Edward County, you need a place to stay
in to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body after all the activities for the day.

The Wayfarer Beach House is the private waterfront suite you’d love to unwind and sleep like a baby at
night; because aside from the large patio of the house, it has a comfy queen-sized bed, a day bed, and a
futon. Its amenities would include a mini kitchen that allows you to use the kettle, microwave, fridge,
and coffee maker; wireless internet connection is also available to keep you connected with your friends
and family back home; and a set of TV and DVD just like in your own home.

The Wayfarer Beach House accepts nightly and weekly reservations, and are most willing to help you out
on your plans and day trip reservations. Contact us for more inquiries and reservations.

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