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Native American Project 2


									Welcome Back 5th Grade Archeologist!

It’s time again for some field research and the second half of your two- part project to learn more about
the foundations of our nation!

You know that one way we learn about people living long ago is through archeology, or the study of
objects and artifacts made by people of the past. Artifacts help us infer information about daily habits,
culture, and values of people from the past. Think: What could people learn or infer about you if they
looked at the objects in your home?

Your task is to create a model of a Native American artifact. You may already be familiar with some
Native American artifacts including arrowheads, pottery and beads. Begin by selecting one of the Native
American tribes presented in your Social Studies textbook.

Next, reread the description of the nation. Pay close attention to descriptions of any artifacts. You may
look for additional pictures or descriptions of artifacts in reference books/websites. Make a short list of
the kinds of artifacts that helped people learn about your chosen Native American nation. Choose an
artifact you find interesting.

Make a model of the artifact using 3-Dimensional materials. Be sure you are able to explain how your
artifact relates to your Native American tribe. Your artifact is due February 19.

Good luck with your final mission!

          My model is similar to artifacts made by ___________________, the
          Native American nation I chose.

          My model tells something about how this tribe traveled, clothes they
          wore, their history, foods they ate (or how they prepared food), tools they
          made, traditional art or religion of the tribe.

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