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									  ViewSonic Pro9000 1080p Laser LED Hybrid Projector
ViewSonic is mixing things up in the projector market -- literally. The
company just announced the Pro9000 Full HD 1080p Laser LED Hybrid
Home Theater Projector.

Claiming to be the first of its kind, the Pro9000 combines LED light and
lasers as a single light source. The end result promises bold, beautiful
images that should blow away the performance of a typical mercury-light

Designed for home theaters, the lamp-free Pro9000 features a full
1920x1980 HD native resolution, TI DarkChip technology, 1,600 lumens of
brightness, and a 100,000:1 ultra high contrast ratio. It also welcomes a
variety of external AV sources, via dual HDMI ports, as well as options for
component, composite and S-Video, and RS-232 control. The Pro9000
also has two built-in 2-watt speakers in case external ones aren't available.

According to ViewSonic, the mercury-free laser and LED light sources can
provide up to 20,000 hours of use, which is about five times the amount of
conventional lamp projectors. And to make sure you get the maximum use
out of this projector's lifespan, the Pro9000 also has an instant on/off
feature to keep the unit from overheating.
"As opposed to conventional lamp-based projection, the Pro9000 employs
a laser LED hybrid light engine technology. By eliminating the color wheel,
our Pro9000 projector produces astonishing, razor-sharp images, while
dramatically decreasing ghost images and rainbow effects," said Roger
Chien, product manager for ViewSonic. "We are proud to have been the
first manufacturer to announce a Full HD hybrid projector of this kind, and
are thrilled to announce its availability to cinema enthusiasts, audio-video
and commercial installer pros."

ViewSonic has started selling the Pro9000 Laser LED Hybrid Projector,
with an MSRP of $2999. That price also includes a 3-year limited warranty
on parts, labor and the light source, as well as one year of Express
Exchange Service.
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