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                   Awards/Release Date/Developer

Zuma is one of the games that will remain in the history as "game of the year", award
won in 2004.
It was developed by PopCap Games, designed by Jason Kapalca and launched in
december 2003.
The game comes available for platforms like Windows,Windows Mobile,Xbox,Xbox
360,Palm OS,Play Station3,Mac OS X and Ipod.
You can play zuma game online for free on a bunch of websites that provides the game or
you can buy the original cd that fits to more than one game platform.
Zuma has had multiple versions or sequels released after the original game such as
Revenge(2009) or Blitz(2010) knwon as the social adaptation and beeing released on

The adventure starts in Aztec,Mexico,moving to different temples while you pass the
levels.The goal of the game is to eliminate all the rolling balls from a chain creating
matches of 3 or more balls of the same color.You start a regular adventure with 3 lives
but you can gain some more on the run by scoring points.Rack up huge combos, special
bonuses and power-ups and advance to the temples to uncover all the secrets.
The gameplay provides a couple of single modes such as adventure or gauntlet each one
having a key role in the game development.There are 22 levels splited in 3 sets.Each set
has 7 mini levels so that will make more than enough for any big fan of puzzle
games.The last level it's known as the hardest one, and that makes sense because it's the
ultimate puzzle adventure.

First set

Spiral of Doom
Osprey Talon
Riverbed Mosaic
Breath of Ehecatl
Dark Vortex (two rows)
Switchback (second temple)
Long Range (third temple)

Second set

When Spirals Attack
Mouth of Centeotl
Snake Pit (two rows)
Sand Garden (second temple)
Lair of the Mud Snake (third temple)

You can read full summary on our blog ,also you can play zuma
online from your browser.