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									Minutes of…Meeting to Discuss Policy Council
Details          Date: December 3, 2008
                 Time: noon
                 Place: County Government Center, 385 N. Arrowhead Ave., 5th Floor Citrus
                 Room, San Bernardino

Attendees           Rick Arden, Juvenile – Probation Department
                    Amy Cousineau, Children’s Network
                    Carole Mason, Preschool Services Department
                    Linda Haugan, Human Services Administration
                    Margaret Hill, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
                    Dr. Maxwell Ohikhuare, Department of Public Health
                    Karen Scott, First 5 San Bernardino
                    Robin Sherman-Young, Superior Courts – Family Courts
                    Lisha Smith, 5th District Board of Supervisors
                    Rebecca Stafford, Children’s Fund
                    Sue Taylor, Children’s Network
                    Steve Couchot, Transitional Assistance Department
                    Beatriz Valdez, Grants Coordinator – CAO
                    Kathy Watkins, Human Services L & R
                    Greg Zerovnik, San Bernardino County Library Administration
                    Joyce Jones, Department of Children’s Services
                    Gary Thomas, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
                    Amber Dukes, Human Services L & R
                    Regina Coleman, County Counsel
                    Randy Higgins, Human Services L & R
                    Tammy Williams, Children’s Network

Welcome, Self-   Linda Haugan convened the meeting at 12:05 p.m. A motion was made and
introductions,   seconded to approve the agenda as submitted. Corrections to October
Approval of      meeting minutes: Add Dr. Maxwell Ohikhuare in attendance. There was
Agenda and       further discussion on page 5 regarding Judge Slough setting up a small
Minutes          committee from DBH, DCS, Probation, and Kathy Watkins to discuss the
                 countywide placement process. Apparently the Board of Supervisors has
                 moved forward regarding placements for Probation – (Other counties have
                 been notified that they are to contact the Juvenile Probation Department
                 before placing in San Bernardino County). Kathy Watkins stated her staff
                 could work with Rick Arden’s staff regarding database on placements.
                 Kathy did not feel this issue needs some legislation attached to it. Amy
                 Cousineau agreed to follow-up with Judge Slough as well.

Topics      The table below identifies the topics discussed in the meeting and the person
discussed   who led each discussion.

                            Topic                              Discussion Leader
             Welcome and Introductions              Haugan
             Approval of Agenda                     Haugan
             Approval of December 2008              Haugan
             Children’s Network Report              Cousineau
             April CAP Campaign, Breakfast,         Taylor
             nomination process, Lifetime
             Advocate Selection
             Children’s Fund Report                 Stafford
             Discussion/Action requested on the     Jones
             PSSF/CAPIT/CCTF Annual Report
             FY 2007/2008
             Request to support two community       Cousineau
             Review proposed changes for Group      Cousineau
             Home Standard Criteria
             Other Announcements                    All
             Public Comment


                      Topic          Who is Responsible                  Deadline
             The Safely Surrendered Safely Surrendered
             Babies Project Plan    Babies Team
             will be shared with
             Policy Council
             members to
             discuss/take action.

Key points:   The following highlights were given:
Children’s     Amy and Margaret Hill spoke about their recent trip to North Carolina for
Network         the Safely Surrendered Babies Campaign with the Prevent Institute Grant.
               Karen Scott, Debie Faris, and Jaynie Boren also went and were part of the
               This team is developing a five year plan in order to build a media campaign.
               Fifteen teams across the United States were selected and were working on a
                variety of projects.
               The team got to work with Desmond Runyan a leading Child Abuse
                Prevention Consultant.
               Other news: Will be hiring an Associate Network soon. Working with
                ITSD for a logo redesign for the Children’s Network web site. Amy invited
                Policy Council members to submit logos they would like her to see. There
                is now funding for the Mentoring Resource Specialist through PEI funds.
                This person to be hired July 1st. This person will be working with
                Mentoring agencies throughout the county and identifying gaps of service
                for system involved children.

Key points:   The following highlights were given:
April CAP      Sue Taylor reported the Children’s Network Shine the Light on Child
Campaign,       Abuse Awards Breakfast will be on March 25, 2009, at 7:30 a.m. at the
Breakfast,      National Orange Show in San Bernardino.
               Sue mentioned that a subcommittee needs to meet to discuss the Lifetime
Lifetime        Advocate. Last year Chris Gardner, Rebecca Stafford, Margaret Hill, and
Advocate        Amy Cousineau participated. Sue invited the same people or anyone else
Selection       that would like to join in on the process to contact her at (909) 383-9651 or
                staylor@hss.sbcounty.gov. This subcommittee will not be meeting for a
                lengthy time, probably only three meetings.

Key points:   The following highlights were given:
Children’s     Rebecca Stafford mentioned they have recently gotten donations from First
Fund Report     5 San Bernardino for $25,000 and San Manuel Mission Indians for
                $100,000 for their Christmas campaign.
               Staff wrote for some National grant dollars. Payless Shoe Source has
                awarded 600 agencies a grant. Children’s Fund will be awarded a grant to
                provide 200 children with new shoes.
               Everyone is welcome to attend the Children’s Fund Christmas kickoff on
                Tuesday, December 9th at 8:30 a.m. in the Rotunda at the County
                Government Center, 385 N. Arrowhead Ave., 1st floor, San Bernardino.
                There will be 250 children coming to sing. There will be cookies, coffee,
                and cocoa.

Key points:       The following highlights were given:
Discussion/Acti    Joyce Jones reported this is the final year of the plan that ran 2005 to 2008.
on requested on     There is a requirement that Policy Council reviews the plan and makes a
the                 recommendation. The deadline for the report to be mailed is December
CCTF Annual
Report FY          The previous plan had been approved that had the SIP (System
2007/2008           Improvement Plan) incorporated into the CAPIT/PSSF.
                   For the years ‘07/’08 there has been no program changes.
                   Staff continues to provide technical assistance, onsite visits, monthly
                    reports, and holds quarterly contract meetings.
                   The contract providers fill out an evaluation on each family that goes into a
                    centralized database. Social Workers review the progress.
                   In ‘07/’08 45.5% families completed treatment.
                   All funds were expended.
                   For the CCTF (California Trust Fund) the specific data can be found on-
                   Amy asked the question why this county does not apply for the Community
                    Based Prevention Funds. Riverside County gets $96,000. Kathy Watkins
                    responded that a separate oversight Advisory Council would have to be
                    created. There is also a lot more rules and reporting to accept those funds.
                    Kathy is on a state workgroup and many of the participants from other
                    counties feedback have not been favorable.
                   Joyce mentioned that the PSSF/CAPIT contracts outcomes are already
                    accounted for in the County Self Assessment and in the Self Improvement
                   A motion was made by Rick Arden and seconded by Amy Cousineau to
                    accept the full report to go to the reporting parties by December 15th.

Key points:       The following highlights were given:
Request to         Amy mentioned from time-to-time Children’s Network receives requests
support two         from the community for sponsorship. You will find two requests in the
community           agenda packet.
                  One is the 7th Annual Shop with a Cop held by SEBA (Safety Employees
                  Benefit Association). All funding they get for this project goes 100% to
                  needy children. Amy asked Children’s Policy Council members to support
                  $500 for this event. A motion was made by Rick Arden and seconded by
                  Greg Zervonik to sponsor this event for $500.
                   The second request was from Catholic Charities requesting sponsorship for
                    a March ’09 event. This particular event is sponsored by other County
                    Departments as well. A motion was made by Margaret Hill and
                    seconded by Dr. Ohikhuare to sponsor this event for $500.

Key points:   The following highlights were given:
Review         Amy directed everyone to the materials in their agenda packet on this
proposed        subject.
changed for
               There has been previous discussion around this topic and some proposed
Group Home
                changes have been approved from County Counsel, Regina Coleman.
Criteria       The process will continue with a group home provider requesting to open a
                new group home or expand the number of beds to first contact the IPC
                (Interagency Placement Council).
               Next the IPC recommendation goes before Policy Council members for
                further discussion and action.
               The new change will be that the Policy Council will forward the
                recommendation to the CAO (County Administrative Officer) whom will
                then take it to the impacted district. Children’s Network will no longer do
                Board Agenda Items for this type of request.
               The group home providers are welcome to come to the Policy Council
                meetings, as this group is governed by the Brown Act.
               Amy mentioned that Human Services Legislation Department (Kathy
                Watkins) unit does a Group Home Needs Assessment once every two years.
                So number two on page two needs to reflect that Children’s Network does
                not conduct the Group Home Needs Assessment. Amy agreed to make
                the correction and send the document to Kathy Watkins.
               Amy mentioned she and Linda Haugan will be briefing Mark Uffer, CAO
                on the new group home provider requests.
               If Mr.Uffer agrees to the changes the item will go on the Board of
                Supervisor’s agenda for January 6, 2009.
               Amy mentioned the Group Home Needs Assessment is placed on the
                Children’s Network website, so group home providers are encouraged to
                read it, and speak to the IPC.
               A motion was made by Kathy Watkins and seconded by Rebecca
                Stafford to accept the Standard Criteria for group homes and to review
                it with Mr. Uffer.

Key points:    The following highlights were given:
Other           Margaret Hill introduced Dr. Gary Thomas the new San Bernardino County
Announcement     Superintendent of Schools.
                Karen Scott mentioned that on January 21st there will be a presentation on
                 the state of First 5 San Bernardino.
                Karen mentioned she just attended the Prevent Institute for the maltreatment
                 of children. She mentioned that they had very good leaders in North
                 Carolina and will be finishing their plan in the next few days.
                Amy stated she, Rebecca and Karen are partnering to see what they can
                 offer in Needles to the residents. They will be doing needs assessment.
                 Some of the problems already identified were; transportation, access to
                 health care, etc. They are considering looking at bordering states to see
                 what they can offer. ARMC (Arrowhead Regional Medical Center) has a
                 medical and dental van.
                Rick invited everyone to stop by on December 17th between 1 p.m. and 5
                 p.m. at Chief Harper’s office on 175 W. Fifth Street, 4th Floor, San
                 Bernardino as the Chief is retiring.
                Amy directed everyone to the handout on: CWLA 2009 National
                 Conference in Washington D.C. in February 2009. There should be some
                 good workshops. Amy will speak to DeAnna Avey-Motikeit to see about
                 sponsoring one staff member to attend.
                Margaret stated that San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools is
                 having an Open House on December 11th from 2 to 4 p.m. There will be
                 children and staff singing.

Key points:    No comments

Next Meeting   January 28, 2009 at noon, San Bernardino County Government Center, 385
               N. Arrowhead Ave., 5th Floor Magda Lawson Room, San Bernardino.


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