Historic Irvington Community Council Meeting Minutes Tuesday

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					                 Historic Irvington Community Council

                               Meeting Minutes

                           Tuesday June 21, 2011


•   In attendance: Steve Nicewanger, Kyla Thompson, Seth Brooke, Bill Aughe,
    Mike Spilbeler, Dale Harkins, Stan Denski, Ryan Trester, Tom Padgett, Sally

•   Meeting called to order at 7pm by 2010 President Steve Nicewanger

•   Dale Harkins made motion to accept the slated ballot to include all on the panel,
    as well as two that did not attend tonight (Marty Powell and Stephanie Smith).
    Motion was seconded and carried

•   Nominations were called for Secretary: Bill Aughe was nominated, seconded and
    voted unanimously by the board

•   Nominations were called for Treasurer: Ryan Trester was nominated, seconded
    and voted unanimously by the board

•   Nominations were called for Vice President: Seth Brooke was nominated,
    seconded and voted unanimously by the board.

•   Nominations were called for President: Kyla Thompson was nominated,
    seconded and voted unanimously by the board

•   Meeting was turned over to incoming President Kyla Thompson

•   May minutes were unavailable. It was motioned to review May minutes at the
    July meeting. This was accepted by the board

•   Treasurer report – Kyla gave a recap of the treasurer report as our past treasurer
    has been ill and was unable to complete the review before the meeting. Kyla
    reported that we had approximately $9100 in the account. It was agreed that a
    full treasurer report would be completed for the July meeting

•   Representatives from Black Acre Brewing company spoke about their new
    business going in at 5632 E. Washington St. They will need a variance, which is
    scheduled for July 6th. Dale Harkins has a copy of the permit and will review.
    They will offer small batch barrel beers and some food offerings. They will seek
    a 2-way license to sell beer and wine. This license will allow for carry out. They
    will try to get out to the upcoming farmers markets.Tentative open date for Black
    Acre is end of October

•   Streetscape - Pat Sullivan could not make the meeting, but Kyla said that
    construction will likely not begin until spring 2012.

•   Officer Samm from IMPD reported on crime in the neighborhood. She reported a
    major sting on the eastside in which they were able to arrest about 50% of those
    they were after for drug crimes. The remainder all now have warrants for their
    arrest. She also stated that this is the high time for burglaries – be caution and
    be aware

•   Cathie Carrigan reported on the recent trip and win from the National award won
    by Irvington Terrace. HICC supported this trip with funds last month. Three
    members of Irvington Terrace spent several days at the national conference in

•   Halloween Festival - Seth reported that the planning is going remarkably well.
    Events are listed on the website and the online Vendor Market is up and running.

•   General Announcements from the floor and panel

    •     Celebrate Irvington is this Saturday

    •     Garden Club Garden Tour is this Sunday

    •     Dog Show, Bike Contest and Ice Cream social will be July 2 at Irvington
    Plaza parking lot

    •     Blood drive with Indiana Blood Mobile at Irvington Library on July 2 from
    10am - 1pm

•   Recommendations from the floor

    •     Have name placards or name tags for HICC members to help identify us.
    •     Use a microphone at meetings as it is hard to hear at the meetings.

•   Ben Hunter announced that there are some tentative plans for the old Indy East
    site. He could not go into any detail at this time, but said that as soon as
    something is known for sure, there will be plenty of neighborhood meetings and
    input will be solicited.

•   Bill Aughe asked for reimbursement of 135.43 for funds in relation to website,
    domain name and constant contact. These funds were requested, seconded and

•   Bill also asked if we wanted to cancel Constant Contact (the site we use to create
    the newsletter) or to keep. Bill suggested that all information can be shared by
    our other social media sites (website, facebook and twitter) and the newsletter
    was no longer necessary. It was seconded and approved to cancel the
    membership to Constant Contact

•   Bill asked to set up the HICC account for payment for Dotster.com and for
    1and1.com. These two sites are used for the HICC and IHF website and our
    domain names. This was seconded and approved.

•   Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8pm. This was seconded and

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