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Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd is an established company situated in the Fiji Islands, dealing in hardware retail
and export for more than 40 years. Since opening its doors in early 1962 with a small outlet in Ba town,
the company has grown to become Fiji’s largest chain of hardware stores, with ten branches nation wide.
Vinod Patel is a primary exporter of hardware to island nations in the Pacific making it the leading
hardware retailer and exporter in the South Pacific region.

Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd is a family business, named after the founder of the company, the eldest brother of
a family originating from Ba town in Fiji.

Vinod Patel left school at the age of 16 to work so that his earnings could go towards supplementing the
family’s income. Less than a year later, his younger brother left school and joined the workforce for the
same reason. After working at hardware stores in Ba and nearby towns, the brothers thought it was time
that they had a business of their own.

It all started with a calculated risk. A hard earned bankroll of ₤1600 and a loan of ₤1000 from a family
friend. It was just enough to rent a wooden premises, stock it with hardware and open up for business.
April, 1962 was the inception of the first Vinod Patel store in Ba Town.

Business was good for Vinod Patel, good enough to expand and open a second branch in Rakiraki in
1965, a town without any hardware store.

The Ba store did well until the fire of March, 1966. The brothers lost everything in the blaze that ripped
through several shops on the main street of Ba. Despite the huge setback, the brothers brought about a
fierce determination to make the business a bigger success. From then on it was a matter of seeking out
opportunity and working hard to make it a success.

The Ruins of the 1966 Fire

The aftermath of the 1974 Hurricane Bebe opened a window of opportunity – there was a drastic
shortage of nails in the country. Vinod Patel established Ba Industries Limited – a nail manufacturing factory
to cater for the increase in demand.

After over two decades of fluctuations in setbacks, opportunities and expansions since its inception, the
company reached a stable financial position. This saw the business confidently expand into towns and
compete with already established hardware stores such as Nadi and Lautoka and secure a large share of
the market. By this time all six brothers of the Vinod Patel family were in the business and the future
looked promising.

With Vinod Patel & Co Ltd’s strong standing in the Fiji market and the company’s long term commitment
to their customers’ needs, the current structure is well geared to take on the challenges of the next
decade and beyond.
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