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					                            Medieval China PBL
                          Create an Artifact Box

Working with your team, you will research Medieval China and create an artifact box
containing objects and materials that reflect your learning. You will need to work
cooperatively with your team members to plan and develop your project. You will also
be expected to stick to the assigned timeline.

Research Questions:
As a team, you must conduct research to thoroughly answer the following questions
with descriptive details. The objects and materials in your artifact box must reflect
evidence of research by including and presenting extensive information on these key
concepts. A copy of each team member’s research notes will be collected.

1. How was China reunified under the Tang Dynasty?
2. Why did Buddhism become popular in China?
3. Explain the reasons why Buddhism spread in China, Korea, and Japan.
4. What advances in agriculture were made during the Tang and Song dynasties?
5. How did cities and trade grow during the Tang and Song dynasties?
6. What were some of the most notable arts and inventions created during the Tang and
   Song dynasties?
7. How have the achievements of the Tang and Song dynasties impacted the world
8. Explain the ideas of Confucianism and the influence of Confucianism on China’s
9. What were the ideas of Neo-Confucianism? How was it different from Confucianism?
10.    What role did scholar-officials play in the government?
11.    How did a person become a scholar-official?
12.    What was China like under the rule of the Mongols during the Yuan dynasty?
13.    What was China like during the rule of the Ming dynasty?
14.    Describe trade and exploration during the Yuan and Ming dynasties.

Reference List:
Each individual team member must turn in a list of references used to complete his/her
research. All sources used (including images and videos) must be properly cited in
MLA format (may use EasyBib or a similar site). A printed copy of your reference list
must be turned in on the project due date.

Creating the Artifact Box:
Your team must create a minimum of 8 artifacts that reflect your research on Medieval
China. Artifacts must be student-created (no store bought finished items), highly
creative and informative, and at least 3 artifacts must contain descriptive writing that
explains key concepts. The minimum size requirement for any artifact is 2” x 2”.
Additionally, your artifact box must be decorated to reflect artistic styles of Medieval
China. Your team will have to work together to brainstorm ideas for artifacts and
equally divide the tasks. Supplies will be available to you in the classroom for creation
of the artifacts; however, you are welcome to bring in your own supplies.

Project Presentation:
On the project due date, all teams will be expected to give a 5-7 minute presentation to
the class in which you explain your project. Your presentation should appear planned
and each team member should speak about his/her artifacts. Then, artifact boxes will
be placed on display for groups to explore.

You will be earning an individual grade that will be calculated based on your individual
efforts and evaluation of the final group project. Carefully review the criteria below to
see how points will be earned. Individual students who submit late projects will
earn an overall project grade of half credit (75/150 pts).

Individual points:
• Student has created at least 2 artifacts. At least 1 artifact includes descriptive writing.
  Artifacts meet the minimum size requirement of 2” x 2”. (10 pts)
• Artifacts reflect evidence of research and depth of content knowledge. (20 pts)
• Artifacts demonstrate a clear connection to the content. (10 pts)
• Artifacts reflect a high level of creativity and originality. (20 pts)
• Artifacts appear finished and reflect a high level of quality. Writing reflects good use of
  the 6 Traits. (20 pts)
• Reference list is printed, submitted on time, and properly formatted (MLA). Research
  notes are also submitted. (20 pts)
• Student worked cooperatively with group and completed his/her assigned tasks. (10

Group points:
• Final group project meets project requirements and is submitted on time. (10 pts)
• Final group project demonstrates a high level of content knowledge and reinforces key
  concepts. (10 pts)
• Final group project reflects a high level of creativity, originality, and quality. (10 pts)
• Project presentation is between 5-7 minutes. Presentation appears planned and runs
  smoothly. (10 pts)

Project Timeline:
Your team will need to strictly adhere to the project timeline in order to finish work on
time. If you are unable to complete project work in class, you will have to devote time to
finishing your work outside of class.

A word to the wise: Please do not hesitate to discuss any project questions or concerns
with your teacher. If your group cannot solve an issue, or if an individual is not working
cooperatively with the team, your group should discuss this immediately with your
teacher. Do not wait until the project due date to inform your teacher of such issues.
         M                        T             W               Th                     F
Introduce project       Divide research                Research               Finish research
Brainstorm ideas        Task chart                     Start reference list   notes checked by

Form groups             Begin research                 *Task chart            teacher
                                                       (research) reviewed    Reference list
                                                       and approved by

HW this week:                                                                 HW: Ch. 4
Read/Notes Ch. 4        HW: Ch. 4 sec.1                HW: Study for quiz     Section 1 Quiz

Share research in       Finalize task chart            Create artifacts       Create artifacts
groups                  *Task chart

Brainstorm project      (artifacts) reviewed
ideas                   and approved by
Divide tasks            teacher
Task chart              Create artifacts

                                                                              HW: Ch. 4
HW: Ch. 4 sec. 2/3      HW: Ch. 4 sec.2/3              HW: study for quiz     Section 2/3 Quiz

Finish artifacts        Finish artifacts               Project due            China Exam
Finish reference list   Finish reference list          Project                Review

                        Projects due Th.               presentation           China Exam on
                                                       Explore boxes          Monday

                                                                              HW: Ch. 4
HW: Ch. 4 sec. 4        HW: Ch. 4 sec. 4               HW: Study for quiz     Section 4 Quiz

  Group Task Chart:
  Your group must complete the group task chart on the next page and turn in a copy to
  your teacher. You will assign research tasks during the first week of the project and
  artifacts during the second week. Your teacher will review and approve the division of
  these tasks. Individuals will be held accountable for completing assigned tasks on time.
  The task chart will be reviewed, along with your final products, in order to determine
                                      Group Task Chart
Student Name   Assigned Research Tasks   Assigned Artifacts

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