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									  Tiger Times
                                                                          October 31, 2008

                                                                           Volume 1, Issue 1

                         HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL by
                         Justin In and Shadine

                         BOOOOOOOOO! WELCOME TO THE
                         HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL! It’s on
                         October 31st at 5:oo pm to 7:00
                         pm. It’s not meant to be scary. It’s
                         for families to enjoy Halloween. It’s
                         a tradition here at Rosa Parks
                         every year. The haunted house will     The Haunted House is one of our
                         be in the plaza. There will be a       favorite activities.
                         costume contest, and of course
                         LOTS OF CANDY! There will be hot celebrate Halloween. so don’t
                         dogs and other snacks too. Rosa       misbehave or the goblins will
                         Parks will be a safe place to         gobble you up!

 The Ti ge r Time s
     Sta ff:

    Ju sti n I n         Rec Center Event by Felix Escalera
Shad i ne T he o ge ne   Did any one go to the cool Rec
 Feli x Es cale ra
Esme ralda Ure na        Center Halloween event on
   Sa u l N ieto-        October 29 from 3:00 to 6:00?
    Cald e ro n          It was at the tennis court. There
Taes ha nea Ha rri s
Da nie l G uti e rrez    was candy, games and a
                         costume contest last year. Last
Gue st Rep o rte rs :    year when you won at a game
  Bia nca Lopez
 Da rb y D up rat        you got tickets and candy. At the
 Ste ve n N gu ye n      end there is a little store and
                         you could buy toys with the           http://www.sandiego.gov/park-
Advi so r: M rs .Pope
                         tickets. It happens each year at      and-recreation/centers/cityhts.
                         the same place. If you didn’t go      shtml
                         there yet, don’t worry, there will
                         be another one next year.
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            Favorite Halloween Books by Daniel Gutierrez
            and Esmeralda Urena
            Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!          Halloween by: Marc Brown
            The pictures in Scary           Mr. Greene; The Headless
            Stories to Tell in the Dark     Ghost and The Cuckoo
            are very scary. I should stop   Clock of Doom, both By: R.
            reading this book. Here are     L. Stine. (He enjoys reading
            some other spooky books I       them.) Mr. Lane: Hallo-
            recommend. The Moonlight        wiener by Dav Pilkey (His
            Man by Betty Ren Wright,        favorite book.) Esmeralda:
            Something Upstairs by Avi,      Halloween Mice by Bethany
            and Time for Andrew by          Roberts (I enjoy it.) Mrs.
            Mary Downing Hahn.              Pope: The Widow’s Broom
                                            by: Chris Van Allsburg (It has
            The following are some          a surprise ending and she
            favorite Halloween books.       likes it)
            Mrs. Smith: Arthur’s

 Happy              Halloween Costumes
Halloween           by Taeshanea Harris
              This year’s Halloween Carnival is going
              to be better than ever before. You can
              dress really scary like a dead mummy
              or a ghost. You can be a pretty fairy,
              for example, a tooth fairy, Tinkerbell,
              or Silver Mist. Or a princess, or a
              prince. You can dress silly like a
              tootsie roll, a pumpkin, or a tooth.

            All About the Book Store        by Bianca Lopez

            Have you ever wanted to buy books? Ok come over to the
            bookstore in the school library.
                On November 5, 2008 we’ll have a bookstore. If you want
            to come and buy a book it will cost you between 25 cents to
            $1.50. The bookstore will be open Wednesdays at 12:15 on:
            November 5th, December 3rd, December 17th. If you do not
            have a book to read at home you can buy a book at the book-
            store that’s coming soon. I hope to see you on November 5th.

by Darby Duprat and Steven Nguyen
      Hoover High School        requirements for this class.
students have recently          For these students to come
invaded Rosa Parks              help you, you must come to
Elementary. You may have        the library right after school
seen them in your               until 3:10 P.M for their aid.
classrooms, at the library,     They will be able to help you
or the 6-to-6 program, but      in different areas of
have no fear. They are not      homework such as math,
here to do any harm; these      English, and social studies.
students are actually here to          Also, these students
come help you.                  can speak with you and
      If you’re wondering       your parents in a variety of
why they are here, these        languages such as Hmong,
high school students are        Cantonese, Cambodian,
here for their internship in    Spanish, and English.
child development. Tutoring            Don’t be shy, stop by,
students in the library is an   and come check out the
excellent way to meet the       tutors for yourself!
School in the Park – Saul Nieto-Calderon
Wow!!! A lot has changed in
School in the Park. Mrs.
Wachowiak has now retired.
Our new director Ms. Kris
Rodenberg is excited to lead
School in the Park. Another
change is that Hamilton
Elementary has joined us at
the park. (Its their 3rd year at
SITP.) I think that the Hamilton
                                   Some of the things I
kids will love SITP as much as     like about SITP is that it
the students at Rosa Parks do.     gives you the chance to
When Esmeralda was riding on       go outside and learn,
the bus she saw Hamilton kids      not just stay in the
happy to be part of SITP. Its      classroom to learn.
nce that they join us.

 This is the first edition of the Tiger Times, our Rosa Parks
 school newspaper. Our staff meets every Wednesday, during
 5th grade wheel, in the library. We welcome suggestions from
 our readers. You may bring them to Mrs. Pope, the newspaper
 advisor, or to any one of the staff members.

                                   Day of the Dead Celebration
                                      at the Museum of Man,
                                       Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008,
                                       10:00 am – 4:30 pm.
                                           Adults - $10.00
                                     Children, ages 3-12, $5.00

                                   Altars will be displayed for
                                   public viewing outside the
                                   museum in the California Plaza
                                   all day.

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