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        Vol. 9/Number 199                                                                                            November 2, 2007

Mamaroneck teachers tired of
working without new contract
By Kelechi Ubozoh                          but the budget failing, the slow start,
                                                                                         Happy Halloween
  There is certainly a sense of            and turn over of staff helped to delay
frustration felt amongst the teachers in   meetings. The MTA is working with the
the Mamaroneck school district. Since      district to create a new contract. There
their old contract expired on June         are five teachers on the negotiation
30, the teachers have been working         team, two from the elementary school,                                                                     Six-year-old
without a new contract for the past        one from Hommocks middle school,                                                                          Gibson Emery
three months.                              and one from the high school.                                                                             and his
  According to Mamaroneck Teacher            “We probably didn’t begin as early as                                                                   sister
Association President Ann Borsellino,      we could have, but these things happen                                                                    Katherine
negotiations for a new contract began      as complications occur, through what’s                                                                    attended The
in October of 2006 so that a contact       happening throughout the school                                                                           Community
would be in place for September, but       district, but there was no purposeful                                                                     Pumpkin Patch at
the Board of Education was not ready       interest done on the part of the district                                                                 St Thomas
and asked for an extension. Real           to delay this,” said Superintendent Paul                                                                  Episcopal Church
negotiation for a new contract didn’t      Fried.                                                                                                    to get their
begin until the beginning of March,            CONTRACT continued on page 25
                                                                                                                                                      pumpkins ready
                                                                                                                                                     for Halloween.

      Larchmont Zoning Board
     approves Esposito project                                                         Town of Mamaroneck praised
By Mimi Koren
   The Zoning Board of Appeals of
                                           Sheldon Evans, residents on Mayhew
                                           Avenue for 53 years, were not happy
                                                                                        for help with Fields for Kids
Larchmont Village approved the             with it. “There are too many variances
Esposito project Monday night by a vote    and potential traffic problems,” Mrs.        By Kelechi Ubozoh                            have not been possible without the
of 3-2. Board members David Kriss,         Evans said. “We already have enough            In the past few weeks the Town of         legacy of Westchester County and the
Noel Dennis and Chair Harri Taranto        traffic on Palmer Avenue.” Her husband       Mamaroneck Board has been very               cooperation of Town of Mamaroneck,”
voted to approve the development           expressed concern about additional          instrumental in sitting at the table with    Meglio told Sound & Town.
complete with seven building code          cars using Mayhew as a route to the         Fields for Kids to provide general help        Fields for Kids has been working
variances; members Liz Liscio and Joan     Boston Post Road.                           and ideas to the organization.               with all of the municipalities to improve
Gottesman voted against approval.             Now only time will tell whether             Bob Meglio, a member of the               recreation space and fields in the tri-
   The two-building 51-unit project, to    those fears will materialize. But after     steering committee for Field for             municipal area.
rise between Palmer Avenue and the         approximately five years of review           Kids, approached the Town Board to             Meglio said that he had the utmost
railroad tracks, drew fierce community      and revision, there are many months         acknowledge them for participating           respect for the Town Board and
opposition. That, and requests by both     to go before shovels will hit the dirt.     in the intermunicipal roundtable             wanted to thank them for their time,
the Planning and the Zoning boards, did    The project now goes back to the            discussion on Oct. 13.                       commitment and working on the park
force Esposito Builders to make many       Planning Board, which next meets on            “Fields for Kids started a year ago and   project to reach an intermunicipal
changes to the original plans, including   Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 8:00 p.m. (The        one of the things was to find basically       agreement to put in a new synthetic
a reduction in height and the number of    public hearing was closed in January,       10 blades of grass, 10 things we would       turf field.
apartments.                                and no further public input is possible.)   like to do and this new field in Flint          “It’s interesting how far we’ve come
   Only three members of the public        It must also pass review by the Board       Park is our first blade of grass, with        in a year,” said Meglio.
were in the Village Court Room to          of Architectural Review, which can          the hard work and commitment from              This past July the Town Board
witness the historic vote. Phyllis and     request further changes.                    the Village of Larchmont; but it would        FIELDS FOR KIDS continued on p. 27

                            IN THIS ISSUE                        COMMUNITY NEWS 8 CLASSIFIED/PUZZLE 28 SPORTS 29-31
 2 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

   Dozens from Westchester rally in Manhattan
                against Iraq war
                                                                                                                         in White Plains. They were part of a
                                                                                                                         throng that filled Broadway for three
                                                                                                                         hours between Union and Foley squares.
                                                                                                                         Spirits were high and voices rose in
                                                                                                                         spite of intermittent drenching rains.
                                                                                                                         Umbrellas jostled flags and placards;
                                                                                                                         slickers, ponchos, parkas, and sopping
                                                                                                                         wet hair and clothes were the uniform of
                                                                                                                         the day.
                                                                                                                            The rally was one of more than 11
                                                                                                                         similar events nationwide – in Boston,
                                                                                                                         Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, New
                                                                                                                         Orleans, Philadelphia, and other cities –
                                                                                                                         sponsored by United for Peace and Justice
                                                                                                                         (UFPJ) and calling for an immediate end
                                                                                                                         to the war in Iraq. UFPJ estimated that
                                         Dennis Hanratty of New Rochelle holds the banner for No War Westchester.
ABOVE: Claudia Leff of Mamaroneck
                                         BELOW: Carol Gable of Mamaroneck holds the banner while speaking with Luz
                                                                                                                         45,000 activists demonstrated in New
joins No War Westchester at                                                                                              York City.
beginning of the march.                  Rodriguez (far left) of New Rochelle.
                                                                                                                            As the marchers approached Foley
                                                                              By Jay Doolin                              Square in Lower Manhattan, where a
                                                                                You know the peace movement has          Peace and Justice Fair was in progress, the
                                                                              turned a corner when a police officer       officer with the bullhorn voice called out,
                                                                              greets demonstrators with a cheery,        “Congratulations! You got your message
                                                                              “Welcome! Thank you for coming out!        across and some physical fitness, too –
                                                                              We wish you all peace!”                    you’ve expended 225 calories each!”
                                                                                That was the reception accorded             Speakers at a pre-march rally in Union
                                                                              demonstrators at the end of a soggy two-   Square criticized not only the agenda
                                                                              mile peace march in Manhattan on Oct.      of the Bush administration, but also the
                                                                              27. Several dozen Westchester residents    inaction of Democratic congressmen.
                                                                              – including a handful from Larchmont,      The crowd frequently chanted a new
                                                                              Mamaroneck and New Rochelle –              slogan: “Republicans, Democrats, all the
                                                                              marched behind the banner of No War        same – Imperialist war is the name of
                                                                              Westchester, a five-year-old organization   the game.”
                                                                              that also holds weekly anti-war vigils
November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 3
4 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007
                                                                                                                               November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 5

Larchmont Village
  Board tackles                                        Synthetic Turf: harmless,
                                                          or health hazard?
                                                           Larchmont’s inconvenient question
By Mimi Koren
   At its meeting on Oct. 29, the Larchmont
Village Board considered a number of matters
concerning the functioning of the village,
mostly less volatile than the synthetic turf
issue covered elsewhere in this paper.
   Mayor Liz Feld condemned recent
“abhorrent behavior by parents, coaches,
and kids” on Larchmont playing fields and
said the Code of Behavior would be strictly
enforced. While wearing a baseball cap from
the newly victorious Red Sox, she quashed
rumors that she’s moving to Boston, where
her husband works for the team.
   Fire Chief Rich Heine announced that a
$74,000 grant was pending, for upgrading
gear and communications ability in the
department. Also to come is a financial
audit of the Fire Department and its four
companies, which manage their own funds.
He reported that two of the companies have
not yet submitted their financial reports.
Trustee Jim Millstein said that “Questions                            The wetland behind Flint Park, seen at low tide, drains into Long Island Sound
have arisen about how the four companies                                                           Photo/Mimi Koren
have spent their funds,” Millstein explained.      By Mimi Koren
                                                                                                4. Studies that reached negative        toxic and had to be dismantled.
The mayor added, “We want to make sure                The jury is still out on the safety
                                                                                              conclusions were supported by biased          “There is no clear evidence …
there are no improprieties.”                       of synthetic turf, but the Larchmont
                                                                                              organizations, which, presumably,         that synthetic playing surfaces are
   The proposed Cable Franchise Agreement          Village Board is in.
                                                                                              nullifies the findings. (Mentioned by       harmful,” said Lori Brandon on behalf
                                                      Having issued bids for the synthetic
with Verizon has been drafted, and the                                                        Trustee Jim Millstein.) McAndrews         of Fields for Kids. “Numerous studies
                                                   turf field at Flint Park, it has taken a
Board will review it in a public hearing at                                                   alleged that unbiased studies “say it’s   over the past 10-12 years … indicate
                                                   first step toward construction. Mayor
its November 14 meeting. Millstein said the        Liz Feld and the Board sought to
                                                                                              safe.” However, the group sponsoring      these surfaces and their integral
Tri-Municipal Cable Television Board of                                                       the CAES study, Environment and           products are safe.” She said FFK
                                                   allay concerns about such turf at
Control recommends approving it; for the                                                      Human Health, Inc. (EHHI), is             would be open to hearing additional
                                                   their meeting on Oct. 29. News
first time, it would give the tri-municipal                                                    apparently independent, calling itself    scientific facts and asked residents to
                                                   reports indicate that toxicologists,
area two cable providers. Cablevision has                                                     a “nonprofit organization composed         “stay measured.”
                                                   pediatricians and research groups
come through with its own proposal to renew                                                   of doctors, public health professionals     But Lieber points out that some
                                                   such as the Connecticut Agricultural
its existing contract. Both companies would                                                   and policy experts dedicated to           of the scientific information is very
                                                   Experiment Station (CAES), a state
contribute a portion of their revenues to                                                     protecting human health from              new the CAES study was released
                                                   agency, are concerned that the crumbs
support LMC-TV.                                                                               environmental harms.”                     in August and possibly not yet
                                                   of chopped-up rubber tires, contained
   Replacement of the Chatsworth Avenue                                                         Prohibited in Europe                    reviewed by public officials. “I do
                                                   in the turf, emit gasses that may be a
water main has literally hit a roadblock. The                                                   Millstein cited European studies        not think you can merely rely upon
                                                   health hazard, possibly carcinogenic,
year-old plan was to bury it underground,                                                     that, he said, “all concluded there is    the community or the consensus of
                                                   and can also leach into the water. A
but workers hit bedrock, which would cost                                                     no concern for human health.” But         [government] officials in this matter.”
                                                   wetland leading to Long Island Sound
                                                                                              EHHI has indicated the opposite,          She said in a written communication.
$1 million to drill through. The revised plan      is at the back of the park, not far from
                                                                                              with Norway, Sweden and Italy all         “A toxicologist … should be reviewing
is to place a new main in the location of the      the site.
                                                                                              considering turf fields a health risk.     the recent chemical studies.” She
old one, on the Chatsworth Avenue Bridge.             Mayor Liz Feld said members of the
                                                                                              The European Union reportedly has         noted that rubber tires can’t be dumped
The Board approved a bond resolution for a         board had read a lot about the issue
                                                                                              prohibited any future production of       anywhere because they’re hazardous
maximum of $550,000 for the work.                  and had accepted reassurances from
                                                                                              rubber containing one of the toxic        waste. “Why would we dump them on
   In the Pine Brook drainage project, Trustee     the site engineer, Anthony Catalano,
                                                                                              substances.                               our playing fields?” she asked.
Richard Ward has met with residents of the         that there is no cause for concern.
                                                                                                Nevertheless, Millstein said his          Further on in the meeting, Mayor
Premium River area. The engineer, Ken              Trustee Anne McAndrews declared
                                                                                              children play on synthetic fields all      Feld accused former mayor Ken Bialo
Pritchard, continues to work with New              that synthetic turf “is not a significant
                                                                                              over Westchester: “As a parent, I         for “knowingly telling lies” about the
Rochelle on issues regarding the upper             risk to our children.” Some of the
                                                                                              have no concerns.” He charged that        Flint Park project on his LMC-TV
area around Beechmont Lake. The Village            supporting arguments the trustees
                                                                                              the American studies that revealed        program. In response, Bialo criticized
intends to seek county funding to help with        used bear further examination:
                                                                                              leaching and emission of gasses were      Feld and the Board for “closing
remediation.                                           1. Greater threats come from other
                                                                                              conducted under extreme heat not          their eyes to the potential hazards
   In another project with New Rochelle, the       sources, such as idling cars in front
                                                                                              found on a typical playing field. But      to the health of our children and our
                                                   of children’s schools. (Mentioned by
village has agreed to spend a minimum of                                                      Larchmont resident Rivka Lieber,          environment in their head-long rush
                                                   Trustee Marlene Kolbert, liaison to the
$120,000 on engineering services that city                                                    who has studied the issue extensively,    to install an artificial turf field in
                                                   Village’s Environmental Committee
will provide. One engineer will be dedicated       and member of the County Task Force
                                                                                              said after the meeting that laboratory    Flint Park.”
to Larchmont projects and will sit in Village                                                 studies were modeled on real life           EHHI and doctors, such as the chair
                                                   on Global Warming.)
Hall. Trustee Marlene Kolbert cautioned that                                                  conditions. Kolbert had earlier           of preventive medicine at Mount Sinai
                                                      2. The alternatives pose an even
the Board considers this collaboration an                                                     dismissed the heat issue, saying, “In     medical school, urge a moratorium on
                                                   greater threat – such as the pesticides
experiment. It follows Governor Spitzer’s                                                     the heat of the summer, kids don’t        installation of the turf pending further
                                                   and herbicides used on natural turf
mandate that municipalities find ways to                                                       play much” on the field.                   research. Mayor Feld said, “Nobody
                                                   – to both people and the wetland.
consolidate services, said the mayor.                                                           Mayor Feld noted that the state         here is married” to the idea of synthetic
                                                      3. If there were real problems,
   The mayor announced with regret that                                                       Department       of     Environmental     turf; in fact, she has asked the engineer
                                                   we would have heard about them
Joe Bedard, manager of the Public Works                                                       Conservation (DEC) has approved           for a written report on the issues, and
                                                   already. The corollary seemed to
Department, is retiring at the end of this year.                                              the field. Yet Larchmont resident          guidance from the County Board of
                                                   be that if we haven’t heard of any
The department’s Rick Vettere will replace                                                    Catherine Wachs, speaking from the        Health. These will be discussed at the
                                                   hazards, they don’t exist. (Mentioned
him.                                                                                          floor, related that rubber tires, from     next Board meeting on Nov. 14.
                                                   by Trustee McAndrews, who has
   The Board’s next meeting will be on                                                        which synthetic turf is made, were
                                                   often shown great concern about the
                                                                                              also used to create artificial reefs in
Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 7:00 p.m.                    environment.)
                                                                                              the ocean, but were discovered to be
 6 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007
Town Supervisor candidate Odierna                                                                                                    Town Supervisor O’Keeffe
  speaks out on flood mitigation                                                                                                    addresses traffic light phasing
  To the Editor:                                                                                                               To the Editor:

   Just like the old saying, “All Politics is Local” perhaps we should be taking a more                                      My office and that of the Town Administrator have received many comments about
“local” approach to flooding.                                                                                              the new traffic light phasing at the Chatsworth/Myrtle Intersection. Since the new
    It’s great to be waiting for Army Corp of Engineers, State or County help but, as                                     lights have been installed, with an exclusive pedestrian phase, we have heard from
local elected officials, we should be looking to see what we and our citizens can do to                                    many of our residents. Slightly more than half of you find the new arrangement
mitigate, or at least slow up, the amount of water our old tired, often partially clogged                                 to your liking, primarily because it allows safe passage from one corner to another
or collapsed, storm drainage systems need to handle.                                                                      by pedestrians, especially elderly and frail people and the many people pushing
    Not all ideas are great or even practical but at least they can start the thinking ball                               baby carriages across the intersection. Slightly less than half of you have expressed
rolling and with the “thinking power” we have here in Westchester County, maybe                                           annoyance, irritation, and impatience in varying degrees. Our traffic engineers will
we can come up with a few workable plans of our own.                                                                      revisit the intersection to analyze how to balance the needs of the pedestrians and the
    Why can’t we come up with a taxing, or some kind of financial incentive, for our                                       needs of vehicular traffic.
homeowners so they become part of the solution, rather than the problem. There are                                            Please keep in mind that the changes in the intersection were brought about
lots of “pervious” surfaces that could be used for drive and walkways. Let’s ease the                                     primarily by complaints over a 15-year period by people who found it very dangerous
financial burden, and show our appreciation, for our residents in older homes that do                                      to cross the intersection, which is unique in the sense that it has 5 roads - not 4 roads
more than the minimum our laws require for zero-runoff in new construction. Perhaps                                       like most intersections. In addition, the amount of non-locals using the intersection
we’ll need a “blessing” from Albany, as far as the tax incentives go, but if we could                                     has increased substantially since we took our last traffic count 2 years ago. More and
“pool” our buying power and make the materials more affordable, that might help.                                          more traffic seems to be exiting and entering I-95 than ever before. It appears that a
    Those readers “old enough” may recall “Rain Barrels.” Not to be too kind to                                           substantial amount of traffic exiting I-95 in Larchmont now uses the intersection as
disease carrying mosquitoes but, shouldn’t we be able to put more “dry wells,” the                                        a means to drive to the western part of the County; e.g., Scarsdale and White Plains.
modern version of the old fashioned “Rain Barrel,” into use in our communities? We                                        Also, the current configuration at this intersection is basically the same as the Village
require these for new construction now, at least in The Town of Mamaroneck, but                                           of Larchmont’s intersection at Palmer Avenue and Chatsworth Avenue. There is an
how about giving incentive to our existing homeowners to “Hold Their Water” just                                          exclusive pedestrian phase and no right turn on red on every corner. The Town of
a little bit longer.                                                                                                      Mamaroneck intersection does prevent a left turn from Myrtle to North Chatsworth
    Trees are great helpers in flood prevention. They work for us, without breaks,                                         to prevent the queing up of traffic on Myrtle Blvd. This does not pertain the Village of
vacations or time off, 365 days a year. Any one who cuts down a tree over a certain                                       Larchmont situation.
size, on their own property, regardless of the size of the property, should be made to                                       As soon as Con Edison finishes repairing the gas line at Vine Place, Murray
“justify” that removal and possibly be required to plant a replacement tree, or trees,                                    Avenue, and Myrtle Blvd., the traffic engineers will revisit the intersection at rush
either on their own property or somewhere else in Town.                                                                   hour to determine what action may be taken. We have discovered that 2 intersections
    Our big solution will likely come from lots of little solutions. Local governments                                    with same features in close proximity to one another has increased the waiting time
should be asking themselves: What can we do to help?                                                                      for motorists. To ease this problem we are meeting with the Village of Larchmont to
                                                                                                                          determine whether the traffic signals at both intersections can be coordinated to ease
  Ernie Odierna,                                                                                                          the wait for motorists while maintaining pedestrian safety.
  Councilman, Town of Mamaroneck                                                                                             Please be patient and remember the purpose of the change, even though frustrating,
  Democratic Candidate for Supervisor                                                                                     is safety of pedestrians. There have been several pedestrian mishaps in the last
                                                                                                                             This intersection change was the result of a State Dept. of Transportation grant
                                                                                                                          which was voted in the affirmative by every Town Board member.
                                                                                                                             Thank you.

                                                                                                                               Valerie M. O’Keeffe
                                                                                                                               Supervisor, Town of Mamaroneck

                                                                                                                                                                                          LETTERS continued on next page

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                                                                                                                                   November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 7

                                                                                                          from page 6

            Zoning Board should obey                                                                Savolt has what it takes to be
               zoning ordinances                                                                            Village Mayor
  To the Editor:                                                                              To the Editor:
                                                                                              This has been a very peculiar campaign season. I have been amazed to watch
   The Larchmont Village government is not serving its residents with the latest vote
                                                                                            Mayor Trifiletti campaign on a platform of controlling development. Unfortunately
by the zoning board. This time around, the zoning board tentatively approved the
                                                                                            the record of controlling development that he expounds belongs to John Hoffstetter,
design for a new apartment building on Palmer Avenue. The project is 4 stories,
                                                                                            Toni Ryan and me. When the Republicans controlled the Board the Mayor never
whereas 2 ½ stories are permitted by law, and otherwise violates our zoning code
                                                                                            missed an opportunity to vote with the developers and against the residents.
in nearly every measurable way. Several residents have eloquently summarized
                                                                                              One need only look at the Mayor’s vote in favor of the Blood Brothers project,
the monumental variances in their letters written back in June and July. Apparently
                                                                                            which threatens to dwarf Washingtonville, to realize that this is true. The Mayor
these letters, as well as a petition signed by 578 village residents, and standing room
                                                                                            also twice voted against televising Zoning and Planning Board meetings! What did
only attendance by residents at the planning and zoning meetings aren’t enough to
                                                                                            he not want the residents to see? __Even if you were to forgive the Mayor his pro-
convince our zoning board that the residents desire them to apply the regulations
                                                                                            development position, his inability to control Board of Trustee meetings is alone
more closely and that the variances requested are just too great.
                                                                                            reason enough to disqualify him from holding his office: every resident who watches
   A few years ago Larchmont residents expressed outrage over a proposed Ikea
                                                                                            meetings on LMC-TV has seen meetings where the Mayor has allowed a lack of
project in neighboring New Rochelle. At that time, New Rochelle’s mayor Tim
                                                                                            decorum and respect to poison any hope of rational discourse that is so essential
Idoni listened to the valid concerns from Larchmont residents and the project was
                                                                                            in a democracy. As Chair of the meeting and the person who holds the gavel it is
ultimately scrapped. When it comes to the Esposito apartment project however,
                                                                                            the Mayor’s duty to maintain order. This lack of order and civility has damaged
the people on our board aren’t giving the same respect to fellow citizens. Rather,
                                                                                            Mamaroneck’s reputation just as much as seven million dollars in legal expenses
they referenced the residents’ concerns as “anecdotal” and even suggested the
                                                                                            have damaged our financial future.__
residents should have hired their own consultants to counter existing data. Who
                                                                                              Please come out and vote on November 6 for Kathy Savolt for Mayor and Randi
are the zoning board members representing anyway? Such comments are
                                                                                            Robinowitz for Trustee. These two candidates have the intelligence, dignity and
misguided and insulting to the residents who expect government to work on
                                                                                            honesty to help heal the Village and set us back on the right course.__
our behalf.
   So, a small time developer from Peekskill complained he couldn’t make a large              Tom Murphy,
enough profit unless he could build his building his way, much larger than what our            Trustee ,Village of Mamaroneck
village laws allow, and with less recreation space and setbacks. Now, a tract of land
approved for 51 units would surely be worth more than the same tract zoned and
approved for 40 units. The land value is based on the best use as permitted by current
laws. If the developer can’t make a profit by building within the requirements of
existing land use regulations, perhaps he paid too much for the land. Alternatively,
                                                                                                                Why I Am Voting for
if market rental rates (taking into account the project’s inclusion of five affordable
units) are too low to provide a fair return on the cost to build, well then the project
                                                                                                                 Valerie O’Keeffe
just shouldn’t be built.                                                                      To the Editor,
   The zoning board can support controlled development in our Village. The zoning
regulations though, are in place for a reason, and it is unfortunate that three residents     In Tuesday’s election for Mamaroneck Town Supervisor, I am voting to re-elect
feel it their prerogative to support such substantial variances from code, in the face      our current Supervisor, Valerie O’Keeffe. I have had the pleasure of working with
of what seems an entire Village of opposition. The residents’ important voice should        Valerie during my six years of service as a member of, and more recently as the
not be ignored or marginalized on this issue.                                               president of, the Mamaroneck Board of Education, from which I retired in June. I
   I fail to understand what the benefits of this project are to the Village. I do           am, of course, speaking for myself, not for the Board.
understand the costs, however, in terms of negative neighborhood effect, greater              Why am I voting for Valerie? Valerie has eight years of invaluable experience as
congestion and density. The project will almost surely become a precedent for other         Town Supervisor. She demonstrates strong leadership and makes decisions through
sites in the village where developers will expect their own 4 story zoning variance         building consensus. She listens carefully and considers a range of perspectives on
for future proposed buildings. I urge the zoning board to stick more closely to the         issues. Her straight-forward, common-sense approach enables compromises to
regulations, particularly with respect to height and density. If Esposito Builders          be reached when needed. Being both responsive to the needs of the community
cannot make enough profit by building in accordance with our codes, someone else             while balancing interests of different constituencies, Valerie exudes fairness and
will surely build a project more closely in compliance with our laws when it makes          reasonableness. Valerie is that rare combination of down-home relaxed style and
economic sense to do so.                                                                    wise practicality. She is candid, solutions-oriented and gets the job done. In short,
                                                                                            she’s a community treasure!
  Bruce Habig,                                                                                In the end, it’s not about politics, it’s about leadership and effectiveness. I am
  Larchmont                                                                                 confident Valerie is the best person for the job.
                                                                                              Cecilia Absher,
                                                                                              Town of Mamaroneck

     Trifiletti and Fava are committed
  To the Editor:                                                                                         Resident concerned with
  I am writing to urge you to support Mayor Phil Trifiletti and Trustee Tony Fava in
the upcoming election on Nov. 6.
                                                                                                          Mamaroneck’s future
  As you know Mayor Trifiletti has worked tirelessly to preserve our natural resources         To the Editor:
by reopening our beach at Harbor Island and initiating an aggressive campaign to
clean the storm drains and sewer lines to prevent future beach closings. He and               As a long-time resident, I write now to express my deep concern about the future of
Trustee Tony Fava are committed to keeping our neighborhood parks like Rushmore             Mamaroneck Village. I live in a wonderful place filled with many lovely families and
Ave., Florence and Warren Ave. Park passive parks.                                          good businesses. But during Mr. Trifiletti’s six years as mayor, our village has become
  Mayor Trifiletti has initiated a comprehensive review of the master plan to                a nationally recognized symbol of enormous flooding problems, racial unfairness in
recommend changes in the zoning code to restrict development and ensure that all            the treatment of day laborers and major legal conflicts. It is very troubling that village
land use planning decisions are made with our environment in mind. Mayor Trifiletti          taxpayers have been handed more than $7 million in legal costs due to ongoing
and Trustee Fava have also commenced the excavation of local river beds and hired           lawsuits. With the announcement of the recent decision in the Westchester Day
an independent engineer with expertise in flood control matters to address the impact        School case, these costs will certainly be a major component of our ever increasing
of the flooding that devastated the village last spring.                                     real estate taxes.
  Mayor Trifiletti has always been responsive to all our neighborhood concerns. We             I like what the challenger, Kathy Savolt has to say. She seems positive, inclusive
need his responsive style of leadership to continue. Plus, we need to keep bipartisan       and focused on sensible solutions. Mr. Trifiletti’s personal attacks against Ms. Savolt
representation on the Village Board so all voices may be heard.                             have angered me, and convinced me that it is time for a change in leadership. I believe
  Regardless of your political affiliation, I urge you to join me and vote for Mayor         our village will become a much better place to live and work with Kathy Savolt as
Phil Trifiletti and Trustee Tony Fava on Nov. 6.                                             mayor. Let’s give her a chance.
  Fred Longacre,                                                                              Amy Zinaman,
  Mamaroneck                                                                                  Mamaroneck
 8 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

  Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary             Vice President Al Gore.                    at 60 Forrest Park Avenue, Larchmont        9:00 pm. Programming repeats 3:00
  In preparation for the Boy Scouts of       America’s addiction to oil and the       on Saturday, Nov. 10, 9:30 am - 4:00        am, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 9:00 pm the
America 100th Anniversary, Boy Scouts      development of more sustainable            pm. New and used books, DVDs, CDs,          following day. For a full schedule, see
across the nation are invited to submit    energies were some of the topics of        LPs, videos and cassettes.        
a memorable logo design to capture the     the sessions. Ms. Crowley is a video          Walk for Habitat                         html#71.
true spirit of Scouting.                   producer and Historical Society               Your WALK can BUILD a World of             Video Contest
  The goal of the national 100th           Archivist.                                 Hope. Join us on Sunday, November             The Almost Anything Goes Short
Anniversary logo contest is to inspire        The public is invited to attend.        11 for a fun-filled walk while helping to    Video Contest is now airing on LMC-
every Scout at every level to think        Refreshments will be served.               raise money for Habitat for Humanity        TV, channel 77 Friday, Saturday and
about what the organization means to         Larchmont Garden Club Annual             of Westchester. Habitat for Humanity        Sunday evenings starting at 9pm.
him. We need your help to encourage        Fundraiser                                 is a non-profit organization that builds     Contest Submissions were judged by
Scouts in your area to pick up a crayon,     The Garden Club of Larchmont will        simple, decent, affordable housing for      age-group (k-8, highschool, adult) and
a pen, a pencil – anything – and submit    hold its annual fundraiser on Monday,      low-income working families. Habitat        by genre (drama, comedy, documentary,
ideas. Every contest participant will      November 5 at the Larchmont Avenue         for Humanity has also taken the lead        art/music&PSA). Playing this month
receive a special patch and certificate     Church. The event begins at 11:30 a.m.,    in helping flood victims get back into       through October 21st are the Best
from the Boy Scouts of America             with a program that includes an Italian    their homes in Mamaroneck. There            Overall winners from each age group
National Council and will also fulfill      theme luncheon, followed by a fashion      are more families that still need help.     and the best overall video submission.
one of the requirements for the Graphic    show sponsored by Coldwater Creek,         This fund-raiser will help those flood       This compilation includes Best Overall
Arts Merit Badge.                          of Stamford, CT. Fashions will be          victims as well as build affordable         Video: Romeo and Juliet 1hr 20min
  Winners will be chosen in five            modeled by members of the club, and        homes here in Westchester. The walk         by Michael Lewen; Best Overall K-8
different categories and honored at        by members of our sister garden club       will be less than two miles so the          video: Theseus and the Minotaur 5min
the May 2008 Boy Scouts of America         in Mamaroneck. There will be a silent      whole family can join – young, seniors      12 sec by Robby Nigro; Best Overall
Meeting. The overall winner will           auction with many wonderful gifts and      and everyone in between. Start raising      Highschool video: The Beatles in India
travel to San Francisco to finalize the     services donated by local merchants;       pledges. Let people know what a good        8min and 14sec by Grannell Knox; Best
design alongside one of our nation’s       houseplants and home baked goods           cause this is and ask them to pledge        Overall Adult video: Universal Traveler
most preeminent graphic artists, Kit       will also be for sale at the Kountry       money for your walk. Go to friends,         11min43 sec by Patrick Meaney. .Stay
Hinrichs.                                  Kitchen. Funds received through the        neighbors, and relatives; go to your        tuned for subsequent Video-Category
  Woman’s Club of Larchmont                event will be used by the club for local   firm and co-workers and ask them to          Compilations to air later this Fall.
  Two interesting programs will            philanthropic activities.                  pledge. Ask your firm to match your            After school program
be given by The Woman’s Club of              Tickers are $25.00, and the public       pledges. The WALK begins at 1 PM              KEEPS, the non profit after school
Larchmont on Friday, November              is welcomed. For further information,      on November 11th at Constitution Park       program serving families in the
2, beginning at l:00 p.m. at the           contact Jennifer Jones at 833-1825.        next to Village Hall in Larchmont           Village of Mamaroneck, is accepting
Larchmont Avenue Church.                     Book Fair                                (across from St. Augustine’s Church).       applications for the school year
   The first will be a selection of show      From Monday, November 12, through        We will walk to Manor Park and back to      beginning in September. We serve
tunes and semi-classical music, played     Wednesday, November 14, the Parent         Constitution Park, then cross the street    families needing after school care,
by pianist Edmund Niemann. Mr.             and Teacher Association (FASNYPAT)         for refreshments in St. Augustine’s         from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., with children in
Niemann is a member of the Steve           of the French-American School of New       cafeteria.                                  the Mamaroneck Avenue School and
Reich & Musicians, a group which           York will hold their sixteenth annual         If you are unable to walk but would      the Rye Neck Schools and in grades K
won the 1998 Grammy Award and              Book Fair on the Larchmont campus at       like to help, donations can be sent to      to 6. We are accredited by New York
has toured the United States, Canada,      111 Larchmont Avenue. The Book Fair        Habitat for Humanity of Westchester,        State, entering our twenty fifth year of
Europe, Japan, and Australia. Mr.          will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00        c/o St. Augustine Church, 18 Cherry         after school service to families. Please
Niemann formed the piano duo, Double       p.m. on November 12 and 13 and from        Ave., Larchmont, NY 10538. For              call 698 5632 for further information
Edge, with Nurit Tiles. After the debut    8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on November         more information, call Anne Avenius         and an application.
at Town Hall in 1987, the duo toured       14. A total of 5,000 new books for         (914) 527-6762.                               Rye Methodist
extensively throughout the United          children and adults, including 3,500          LMC-TV program                             Rye United Methodist Nursery
States and Europe and have released        books in French, and gently-used              The feature program for September        School is taking applications for
three CDs. Mr. Niemann is presently        books will be on sale. The new English     on LMC-TV’s Future Choices                  September 2007. We are a small child-
on the faculty of Hoff Barthelson          books were selected in partnership         series will be “Abortion Knows No           centered program: centrally located,
School and also teaches at Princeton       with Diane’s Books, a reputable            Strangers.” In this program, Mary           spacious open classroom setting, parent
University.                                bookstore in Greenwich, Connecticut.       Ann Sorrentino, former director of          participation.
   The second program, starting at         The Book Fair is open to the public        Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island            Call or e-mail now for application:
2:00 pm, will be given by Larchmont        and admission is free. Funds raised by     and author of the newly published           921-1939,
resident, Lynne Crowley, and is            the Book Fair will be used for school      Abortion: The A Word, introduces
called “The Climate Project.” Ms.          projects for the FASNY students on         viewers to the women she has known            Deadline for our Community News
Crowley will host a slide presentation     the Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and             who have faced the decision whether         section is every Friday at 12 p.m.
on the dangers of global warning. She      Scarsdale campuses.                        or not to terminate their pregnancy.        Though space is not guaranteed,
attended training sessions in Nashville,     Book Sale                                The show will air throughout this           we will do our best to accommodate
Tennessee last March, led by former          Larchmont Avenue Church Book Sale        month on LMC-TV’s Channel 75 on             your listing. Please send all items to
                                                                                      Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at

                  Republican Chair Colety speaks out on
                       Spitzer driver license folly
   Westchester County Republican             “A driver’s license is a premier         behavior?” Colety also commented on         always been a welcoming gateway
Chairman Douglas Colety, speaking          identification mechanism. What does         what he contended were the “massive         for legal immigration and will
from GOP Headquarters, urged all           passing such a law say about the legal     security concerns” created by such a law    continue to embrace that kind of new
Westchester residents to contact their     process for those awaiting legitimate      as well as the ripple effects of “drawing   immigrant. Lady Liberty still stands
state legislators in both the Senate       entry into the United States?” asked       many more illegal aliens into New           tall in our harbor and continues to be an
and Assembly to express their strong       Colety. “Further, what does this imply     York State and further overburdening        inspiration for those who wish to come
disagreement with Governor Spitzer’s       about the willingness of our avowed        its taxpayers and our medical, school       here legally, to be a whole part of our
proposal to grant driver licenses to       ‘law and order’ governor, Eliot Spitzer,   and social services.”                       great society.”
illegal aliens.                            when he is willing to reward illegal          “New York State,” Colety said, “has
                                                                                                                          November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 9

       Hispanic Resource Center to present “Amigo”
         award to Bishop Wayne Powell at Fiesta
  The Hispanic Resource Center (HRC) of Larchmont      generosity of Reverend Powell, who provided space          other residents of Mamaroneck after the devastating
Mamaroneck, an organization that assists newly         at Strait Gate, those seeking work now have a place        floods this spring. The HRC also offers English
arrived immigrants adjust to life in the community,    where they can connect with potential employers in         classes, health screenings, job training, assistance
will present their “Amigo” award to Bishop Wayne       a safe and orderly environment. According to John          with housing, professional referrals and workshops
Powell of Strait Gate Church at their annual Fiesta    Gitlitz, president of the HRC, “Bishop Powell’s            on parenting, nutrition and finance.
on November 8.                                         willingness to step forward in solidarity has been an        The Fiesta is the major fundraiser for the HRC.
  The HRC is presenting the award to Bishop            inspiration to all of us.”                                 This year, it will take place at Hampshire Country
Powell for his role in the creation of a day laborer     In addition to working with community leaders to         Club on Thursday, November 8 from 6:30-10 p.m.
hiring center in Mamaroneck and his commitment to      create an organized hiring site, the HRC was the lead      The theme is “Salsa and Sangria.” Attendees will
the ideal of an integrated community. Through the      agency coordinating relief efforts for their clients and   be able to sample an array of Latin American foods
                                                                                                                  including arepas, empanadas, roast pig, quesadillas,
                                                                                                                  anticuchos de pollo and, of course, a sampling of
                                                                                                                  salsas such as pineapple, tomatillo and chipotle.
                                                                                                                    Sangria made by clients of the HRC with wine
                                                                                                                  provided by the Liquor Pantry in Mamaroneck will
                                                                                                                  also be served and there will be a cash bar.
                                                                                                                    According to benefit co-chairs, Naomi Lowenthal
                                                                                                                  and Melina Vourlekis, “the Fiesta provides an
                                                                                                                  opportunity for the community to come together to
                                                                                                                  support a local organization, enjoy delicious food
                                                                                                                  and dance to the Latin beat of Blackout 77. There
                                                                                                                  will be something for everyone with our “pick-prize”
                                                                                                                  raffle including jewelry, a “Salsa and Sangria” basket
                                                                                                                  to create your own fiesta, a day of pampering, and
                                                                                                                  artwork by local artists. Our live auction will include
                                                                                                                  one-week stays in St. Maarten and at Quissisana, an
                                                                                                                  authentic Cuban dinner for six, a night on the town
                                                                                                                  with dinner and tickets to see “Legally Blonde,” and
                                                                                                                  a golf outing at Winged Foot.”
                                                                                                                      Mariana Boneo, executive director of the HRC
                                                                                                                  adds, “Funds raised by the Fiesta will enable us to
                                                                                                                  continue to provide critical services and programs
                                                                                                                  to our clients. In 2008, we hope to launch new
                                                                                                                  initiatives including career counseling specifically
                                                                                                                  for women, traditionally an underserved segment of
                                                                                                                  the community.”
                                                                                                                    Tickets to the Fiesta are $100 and are available by
                                                                                                                  calling the HRC at 835 -1512.
                                                                                                                    For more information on the Fiesta, please contact
                                                                                                                  Naomi Lowenthal at 833-2958 or MelinaVourlekis at

                                                                                                                     “A Gift of Art”
                                                                                                                    The Mamaroneck Artists Guild will celebrate the
                                                                                                                  2007 holiday season at its fabulous new location, 126
                                                                                                                  Larchmont Avenue. The annual show and boutique,
                                                                                                                  “A Gift of Art,” will be displayed in new and exciting
                                                                                                                  ways in this space and will run from November 15th
                                                                                                                  through December 23rd. The selective gift buyer can
                                                                                                                  choose from an abundance of beautiful and affordable
                                                                                                                  works of art, in a variety of media, as well as exquisite
                                                                                                                  boutique items, including jewelry, textiles, scarves,
                                                                                                                  holiday decorations, and other crafts. There will be
                                                                                                                  a Champagne Reception on Friday, November 30
                                                                                                                  from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. (Snow Date: December 1,
                                                                                                                  3-5 p.m.)
                                                                                                                    Regular Gallery hours are Tuesday thru Saturday,
                                                                                                                  noon to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                    In December, the gallery will have extended hours
                                                                                                                  and be open Sundays, December 2, 9, 16 and 23
                                                                                                                  from noon to 5 p.m. and December 18-22 from noon
                                                                                                                  to 7 p.m..
                                                                                                                    MAG will be closed from December 24 thru
                                                                                                                  January 1. For additional information please
                                                                                                                  call the Gallery at 914-834-1117 or visit www.
 10 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

                       Ready, Aim, PIE!
 MHS finds a fun way to raise money for flood victims

Students break out into laughter as they watch their teachers get ‘pied’.
Photos/Kelechi Ubozoh
By Kelechi Ubozoh                        students rushed to the high school track
  Cakes for walking, chairs for          for a chance to pie their teachers in the   Mamaroneck High School Students get ready to pie their teachers.
dancing and pies for throwing signified   face, ride on the inflatable Donkey Kong
the beginning of a colorful and          ride, play musical chairs, get their hair   help those who were affected by the           Philanthropy club and started her
messy carnival.                          braided, and even buy a new pet. All        floods,” said Principal Mark Orfinger.        own club called Cards for a Cause,
  Last Monday, school got out a little   of the profits went to the Mamaroneck          Over 30 student clubs participated        was very instrumental in preparing the
early for Mamaroneck High School         Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.            and each came up with their own ideas       school for Monday’s carnival.
(MHS) students and over 600 people         “Once again it was example of the         for booths to raise money. With the           “We wanted to do something that
attended the Carnival for Mamaroneck     whole school community coming               proceeds from the event along with a        would impact our own community,”
Flood Victims. Horns blared and          together for a philanthropic cause to       secured matching grant                      she said. The carnival was also
                                                                                       from the Lanza Family Foundation,         reminder to Mamaroneck residents that
                                                                                     MHS raised $8,350 for Habitat               Habitat for Humanity still needs help
                                                                                     for Humanity.                               and are still working to rebuild homes
                                                                                       While Carol Scheffler, coordinator of      in Mamaroneck.
                                                                                     student affairs at MHS, is fairly modest      Geithner and her student council
                                                                                     about her involvement in the fair, she      mates worked effortlessly to organize
                                                                                     did help Student Council a great deal       the clubs and booths were ecstatic
                                                                                     by advising about choices and helping       about the turn out.
                                                                                     organize the carnival.                        When Jim Killoran, president of
                                                                                       “When the flooding initially happened      the Westchester Habitat for Humanity
                                                                                     we were able to have a cleaning and         finally got to the MHS track, it was
                                                                                     toiletry drive, but the one thing we        totally packed.
                                                                                     hadn’t addressed was the financial             “Efforts like that inspire me, because
                                                                                     needs,” said Scheffler.                      when the youth get out there and do it
                                                                                       As Habitat’s funding started to           to help their own town it should be a
                                                                                     dwindle, the Student Council decided        challenge to all of those who are adults
                                                                                     that they needed to infuse some cash        to step up to the plate,” he said.
                                                                                     into the organization. This generosity        Currently Mamaroneck Habitat for
                                                                                     isn’t new for the high school; during the   Humanity is still working on homes on
                                                                                     flood a few families lived in the gym        Van Ranst and the organization is still
                                                                                     for three weeks. And when Hurricane         in need of funding.
                                                                                     Katrina hit in 2005, the students worked      While Killoran was touched by
                                                                                     together again to raise money for those     the student’s efforts, he felt that it
                                                                                     victims.                                    was unacceptable that the problem
                                                                                       “The thing I loved most about it          hadn’t been fixed and hoped that there
                                                                                     was watching students taking on an          wouldn’t be a need for another fund-
                                                                                     enormous job and in doing so realize        raising carnival.
                                                                                     they have the power to bring about            “Every time it rains people still live
                                                                                     positive change in our community,”          in fear, and we really need to rebuild
                                                                                     said Scheffler.                              Westchester. The youth will lead and
                                                                                       Elise     Geithner,      an   eleventh    remind their parents that people still
                                                                                     grader who is vice president of the         need help,” said Killoran.
                                                                                     Student Council
November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 11
 12 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

               Committee assembled by WCA
                  addresses tax issues
By Keith Loria                               burden on homeowners and businesses        residential destinations. Clearly, that     efficiencies in their respective areas
  A tax reform committee put together        has increased more than 67 percent,        reputation deserves to be respected and     of inquiry: Public Education (K-12),
by The Westchester County Association        threatening the ability of the county to   protected. That is our goal as we look      County Government/Services, Property
(WCA) released their initial findings         attract and retain local business.         to the future.”                             Assessment/Valuation, Municipal and
last Thursday and the report suggested         “There are 383 taxing entities that        Before presenting their report, the       Other Taxing Entities.
that the local tax burdens have reached      cost taxpayers millions of dollars each    Commission       conducted       in-depth      Mooney said that the Commission is
a dangerous level that could affect the      year in duplicative services,” said        interviews with key figures in the public    optimistic that there will be change that
county’s economy.                            Mooney. “It’s also being burdened by       sector including county officials, town      will lead to results. At the conclusion
  “The Commission was formed to              the unnecessary and continuing growth      supervisors, school superintendents         of the report, the Commission
address the growing concern of the           of the public sector and by pension and    and Governor Spitzer’s Commission           recommended six potential areas for tax
organization’s members who have been         health care benefits policies that are      on Local Government Efficiency and           reform. Those included Overlapping
telling us in surveys and through direct     completely out of sync with today’s        Competitiveness.                            Areas of Government, State Pension
outreach meetings that Westchester’s         economic realities.”                         “The Commission’s many findings            and Benefit Policies, School Taxes,
ever increasing property tax burden,           To solve the problems the committee      showed that the tax issue in New York       Special Districts, Privatization of
ranked among the three highest in            recommended the formation of a new         State is very complex indeed,” said         Infrastructure and Transparent and
the nation, is threatening the county’s      alliance of key stakeholders in the        Richard French, chair of the WCA            Equitable Tax System.
ability to attract and retain businesses,”   private and public sectors to work         Property Tax Reform Commission.                “It is time for the public sector to begin
said WCA’s President William M               together to initiate reforms to help       “Rather than pursuing our inquiry on        to implement the type of integrated
Mooney. “Our initial findings have            lessen the tax impact.                     many fronts, we concluded that we           model that the private sector follows,
confirmed that the property tax crisis          “Moving forward, we expect to            would be more effective by focusing         i.e. moving away from vertical lines of
poses a real and present economic            create an alliance that engages the        on a limited number of areas where we       business to a more holistic horizontal
threat that needs to be immediately          business community together with           believe we have the realistic potential     model,” said Mooney. “We hope that
addressed.”                                  representatives from county and            to make a positive impact.”                 the business community can be the
  The report listed “almost endless          municipal governments as well as the         Created late last year, the               catalyst to effect this type of change.”
possibilities for reform” in areas such as   public education sector,” said WCA         Commission’s 60 members - who                  The Commission’s initial findings
school taxes, town, village and county       Chair Alfred B. DelBello. “Westchester     represent a cross section of the county’s   are presented in a white paper that can
taxes, sewer district and fire district       has a well deserved reputation as one      business community - had extensively        be accessed by visiting the WCA’s Web
taxes. Over the past decade, the tax         of the world’s premier business and        examined ways of achieving cost             site,

                                                                                                 Piano Concert held by
     Larchmont Mamaroneck                                                                       Fine Arts Music School
     Continuing Ed honors two
          past presidents
   On Thursday, Oct. 18 Larchmont              Ms. Sandie Conner, Director of
Mamaroneck Center for Continuing             the Center, said, “Ellie Fredston and
Education honored two of its past            Marlene Kolbert introduced a number
presidents, Elinor Fredston and              of courses and trips that adults still
Marlene Kolbert.         The Center’s        enjoy today. They spearheaded the
chairman, Raymond Haas, presented            organization that has grown to provide
its first Paula Shamoian Different            more than 100 courses and trips for
Course Award to Ms. Kolbert and Ms.          some 3,000 students. In large part of
Fredston, recognizing their outstanding      their leadership, wisdom and drive our
leadership and commitment to adult           program is accessible to more than
education. The Center’s theme is to          30,000 families in the area who benefit
“Take a Different Course”.                   from many enjoyable and rewarding
   Ms. Fredston served on the Board          courses.”
of Directors from 1982 to 2002 and             The Center is an independent, non-
was president from 1995 to 1999. She         profit organization that is funded from     (L-R) Ron Anthony, Janet Page, Robert Page, Jonathan Putnam, Heike Rauls,
                                                                                        Talia Ram, Mark Gothberg, and Caroline Oliveira
led the summer school program and            course fees and private donations. It is
organized well attended trips the Center     a valuable resource to the community;
continues to offer to the community.         offering a broad array of classes,           Patients and visitors at the Burke        Liszt, and Tchaikovsky as well as folk
Ms. Kolbert was on the Board from            ranging from computer training, to         Rehabilitation Center in White Plains       and Spanish dances.
1984 to 2002 and served as president         foreign languages to the visual arts,      enjoyed a special program on Sunday,          Performers       included,       Mark
from 1988 to 1994 and again as co-           dance, exercise, finance and film            October 21, performed by student            Gothberg, Caroline Oliveira, Robert
president with Ms. Fredston from 1997        appreciation, the Center provides life-    artists from the Fine Arts Music School     Page, Jonathan Putnam, Talia Ram,
to 1999. Ms. Kolbert was a guiding           long learning opportunities for adults.    in Larchmont, under the direction of        and Heike Rauls.
light and led the Center in the direction      Enrollment for this fall’s semester is   Janet Page, music director and teacher.       Special guest artist, pianists/vocalist,
it needed to go. Both women continue         underway now. For more information,          The School’s Annual Community             Ron Anthony performed New Orleans
to support the organization and still        visit or call            Outreach Concert included classical         inspired selections including Scott
act as mentors and contribute valuable       914-698-9126.                              piano selections by Mozart, Beethoven,      Joplin ragtime and novelty, which were
ideas and insights.                                                                     Brahms, Offenbach,Clementi, Paganini,       fantastic and fun for all.
November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 13
14 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007
                                                                                                                                             November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 15

                        Artists soar at Flower Show
                                                                                                      The Garden Clubs of Mamaroneck
                                                                                                    and Larchmont staged a two-day
                                                                                                    Standard Flower Show titled “Come
                                                                                                    Fly With Me” at Sarah Neuman Center
                                                                                                    for Healthcare and Rehabilitation
                                                                                                    in Mamaroneck on Oct. 18 and 19.
                                                                                                    Mamaroneck Flower Show Chairs,
                                                                                                    Caroline Silverstone & Pat McNelis,
                                                                                                    and Larchmont Flower Show Chair,
                                                                                                    Nedra Gilette, worked tirelessly to
                                                                                                    make this show the success that it was.
                                                                                                    The show consisted of four design
                                                                                                    classes which were open to all Club
                                                                                                    Members: Pedestal, Cubes, Tablescape
                                                                                                    and Petite and one design class open
                                                                                                    only to novice exhibitors. In addition
                                                                                                    to design, an abundance of horticulture,
                                                                                                    grown and raised by members, was
                                                                                                    displayed. Two educational exhibits,
                                                                                                    “Garden Therapy” and “Endangered
                                                                                                    Birds,” rounded out the show. An oral
                                                                                                    judging program allowed attendees                residents and staff streamed into the
                                                                                                    to understand how each design was                beautiful Sally Froelich Winter Garden
                                                                                                    judged and ribbons determined. A                 and enjoyed the horticulture, design
                                                                                                    steady procession of Sarah Neuman                and educational exhibits.

  Awards:                                          Class 2 - Tablescape - First place - Pat
                                                 McNelis, Mamaroneck Club
                                                                                                    Mamaroneck Club
                                                                                                     Second Place - Mary McGee, Larchmont Club
                                                                                                                                                     Rabbits Foot Fern
                                                                                                                                                       Award of Merit: Julie Varca (Rabbits Foot
  DESIGN:                                          Second Place - Liz Porretto, Larchmont Club       Class 5 - Novice - Second place - Fran Lisa,    Fern & Hydrangea), Beth Tafuri (Phalaenopsis
  Designers Choice: Christel Pugin, Larchmont      Class 3 - Cubes -First place - Pat McNelis,      Mamaroneck Club                                  Orchid), Liz Porretto (Dahlia)
Club                                             Mamaroneck Club                                     Second place - Trish Klein, Larchmont Club
  Class 1 - Pedestals - First place: Christel      Second place - Laura Sprengelmeyer,                                                                 EDUCATIONAL:
Pugin, Larchmont Club                            Larchmont Club                                       HORTICULTURE:                                    Educational Award: Beth Tafuri, Nancy Brand
                                                   Class 4 - Petites - First place - Pat McNelis,     Horticulture Excellence: Julie Varca for her   and Shoko Iwata for Garden Therapy Display.
  Second Place: Martha Zerega, Mamaroneck Club
 16 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

                   Skateboarding in the streets
                                                                                           Aragon pitched the skate park idea      wanted the skate park,” said Brown.
                                                                                        to Brown, who decided to not only            Brown has been skating for 15 years
                                                                                        support the park but completely fund       and began filming skateboarding in
                                                                                        it and even build it. They seemed be       2000 felt disheartened by the Board’s
                                                                                        off to a promising beginning, because      decision.
                                                                                        when they approached the recreation          “Once they thought of the location
                                                                                        department their idea was approved.        more it seemed like they didn’t like
                                                                                           “We endorsed it in theory only,” said   that. I’m going to put the money up and
                                                                                        Recreation Department Superintendent       I’m going to build this park and there
                                                                                        Rosanne Saracino.                          is nothing that the Town will have to
                                                                                           Saracino said that insurance and        lose,” he said.
                                                                                        making sure the skate park was               However, once the Board of Trustees
                                                                                        portable and not permanent was one of      saw the cement and cinderblock, they
                                                                                        the defining issues.                        were concerned that the park wasn’t
With his fellow skateboarders behind him, Blake Aragon approaches the Board                Once the plan was approved in           very portable, and they were also wary
of Trustees for a skate park.                                                           theory by the recreation department,       of the liabilities from injuries at the
Photo/Kelechi Ubozoh
                                                                                        Brown returned to present the Board        park. Furthermore they were worried
By Kelechi Ubozoh                                                                       of Trustees with a more structured plan    about the hours of the park, since the
  Skateboarders in Mamaroneck might           Aragon, who attends Mamaroneck            of what the park would look like. The      group wanted it to be run from dusk
have to go back to their dangerous         High school, said that his group and         proposed park would be made from           until dawn.
pastime of skating in the streets, since   other skaters in the area needed a place     cinderblocks and cement. Brown and           In the spring of 2005, Brown built a
their proposal for a new skate park        that was safe.                               the boys wanted the skate park to be       skate park in Mount Pleasant and also
in the Harbor Island Park might have          “Originally we tried getting a petition   run similarly to a basketball court,       helped to move it within days when the
kicked the bucket.                         a few years ago and that didn’t work         where people could come and go as          county wanted him to take it down so
  Doug Brown, owner of a skate             and then another kid tried getting one       they please and most importantly not be    he felt certain that the park could be
store that just opened in Mamaroneck       in the Town of Mamaroneck and the            charged for skateboarding. They also       moved within a few days notice. Also
avenue called ‘2nd Nature,’ and a group    Village of Larchmont and that went           discussed possibly having potential        he felt that skateboarding had a bad
of students from Mamaroneck High           through for a long time but didn’t work      skateboarders sign a waver and buy a       reputation for being extremely unsafe.
School extreme sports club, approached     out,” said Aragon.                           cheap parking pass so that they would        “If you don ’t skate and you watch
the Board of Trustees in the beginning        The Board encouraged them to speak        be allowed to skate, and have a way of     TV, then skateboarding looks like the
of October to ask for a skate park.        with the Harbor Island Recreation            identifying whoever came to the park.      most dangerous sport in the world,
  “We skate in the streets, random         Department and give them a specific              “When we got up there, they kind of     but first off there’s less injuries in
spots and we always get kicked out by      model of what the park would look            threw us a curve ball and told us there    skateboarding than there are in football
the cops,” said Blake Aragon.              like.                                        was a plan for the tennis court where we   SKATEBOARDING continued on p. 27
November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 17
18 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007
                                                     Resident grows giant

                                                                                   Photo/Linda Lore

                                                  Antonio Dattilo, a resident of Madison Street in Mamaroneck, got quite a surprise this
                                                fall after planting one seed he was given from a friend last spring. Antonio has grown
                                                pumpkins every year, but never have they gotten this big. Seen here with his grandson,
                                                nine-year-old Andreo Otiniano also of Mamaroneck, the four largest pumpkins all grew
                                                from one vine. Antonio is a 37-year resident of Mamaroneck, and was a cook at Sal’s
                                                Pizzeria for 31 years.

                                                Coldwell participates in
                                                   “Making Strides”

                                                 The Coldwell Banker Larchmont office sales associates were proud to participate in the
                                                Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk which was held on Sunday, Oct. 21.

                                                    Republican Campaign
                                                  The Village of Mamaroneck Republican Campaign Breakfast will honor Tony
                                                Marsella at its annual breakfast this Sunday, Nov. 4 at the Orienta Beach Club at
                                                9:00 a.m. Please come to honor one of our village’s outstanding citizens.
                                                              November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 19

  Stunning turn-of-the-century Tudor estate
  completely renovated for today’s lifestyle in
  prestigious Orienta. Gorgeous architectural
  details throughout including intricate custom
  woodwork, cathedral ceilings with wood beams
  in formal living room. Beautiful open floor plan.
  Granite counters and stainless steel appliances
  in updated kitchen. Set on .66 acre of meticulously
  landscaped property including a beautiful and
  inviting stone pool. ..........................$3,395,000
       Larchmont Brokerage 914.833.0420

20 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007
                                                                                                                                                  November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 21

       AURAY CHEESE SHOP                        for private parties as well.                        to concentrate on work knowing their                      We have been successfully in business for
         NOW CO-OWNED                             Visit Doc James at               children are in great care. At the Nurtury             over six years, and are very excited about
Auray Cheese Shop, located in Larch-            for more information.                               we will create an atmosphere of calm,                  our new location within the Bronxville
mont, NY at 1935A Palmer Avenue                                                                     order and joy. Our staff will be there to help         Village, where we look forward to serving
(                    ANDRE’S HARDWARE                             and encourage the natural development                  the local residents, together with the lower
) is proud to announce that it is now co-               HAS NEW OWNER                               of each child. The staff will have a full              Westchester area. As the owners, we have
owned by Carolynn V. Dilworth. Car-                                                                 understanding of child development and                 the flexibility of offering special promotions
olynn, a long time Larchmont resident,                                                              will prepare the environment to meet                   all throughout the year. We offer special
joined Matthew Peretz at Auray Cheese                                                               the needs of the infant/toddler and foster             rates to high school and college students.
Shop three months ago to expand the                                                                 independence, psychomotor development                  We also have a flexible payment plan. Full
goods and services offered in the store.                                                            and language acquisition. In addition to               payment is not expected up front. Pay as
Carolynn is quite a world citizen, with roots                                                       the Montessori work each day the children              you go without feeling obligated to a pre-
in Canada, Germany, Sweden, and the Unit-                                                           will take part in music and movement                   paid package.
ed States. She was a professional caterer in                                                        classes, foreign language, and wonderful                  We take pride in the fact that we
Germany for many years, a gourmet chef,                                                             outdoor activities. We are fully aware of              own and operate the EpiCenter. Our
and even an investment banker. She speaks                                                           the importance of this work. It is the period          credentials include Registered Nurses,
fluent German and a smattering of several                                                            in life where intelligence and personality             long term experienced Certified Epilight
other languages - and can create culinary                                                           is formed.                                             Specialists and a local Bronxville Board
masterpieces in almost any ethnic cuisine.                                                                                                                 Certified Plastic Surgeon. Our clients
Carolynn will bring her culinary expertise         I would like to take this opportunity                                                                   feel comfortable knowing we will get to
to bear on the offerings at Auray Cheese        to introduce myself as the new owner of                                                                    know them and design a treatment plan
Shop - and has already done an amazing          Andre’s Hardware in Bronxville. Please                                                                     according to their particular needs and
job at expanding the product mix at Auray.      stop in and say hello we are here for you to                                                               goals. Call us at 337-5500 or visit us
New cheeses, like Holster Butterkaese,          be your neighborhood hardware store. We                                                          
Chiantino, Leerdammer, Prima Donna -            need your help in getting the store up and
all speak to her knowledge of German and        running. Your feedback would be greatly                                                                     HOLIDAY BEAUTY CELEBRATION
Dutch cuisines. New products like Maest-        appreciated. Our hours have been extended                                                                  AT DERMACARE OF WHITE PLAINS
macher German Pumpernickel bread, Ritter        to 7 p.m. and Sundays we are open until                                                                      Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinic of
Sport chocolates, and Haribo - also greatly     4:30 p.m. We just added Martin Senour                                                                      White Plains is hosting a holiday beauty open
expand the European product line at Auray.      paint and have a computer system to match                                                                  house on Thursday Nov. 15. Dermacare
Starting Nov. 1, Auray will be able to de-      any color. In the coming weeks we will be                                                                  provides non-surgical, minimally invasive
liver party platters in Larchmont, Mama-        adding toys. I am excited and can’t wait               The mother/daughter team of Cathy and               skin treatments. Services include wrinkles
roneck, Rye, Northern New Rochelle and          to meet you so once again let us be your            Brianna Billone welcome the opportunity to             reduction; skin tightening; sun damage
Scarsdale. We accept phone and email            friendly neighborhood store.                        meet you and show you our environment. Feel            and age spot minimization; spider vein
orders. Use your frommagination! auray.                                                             free to call, ask questions, and arrange your visit.   and hair removal; and reduction of stretch                                     THE L.A. BOXING STORY                                                                                 marks. All the treatments are administered
                                                   Sean McCully founded L.A. Boxing                     THE EPICENTER FOR                                  by Dr. David Minozzi, D.C., Dr. Christian
  DOC JAMES CIGARS OPENS                        in Costa Mesa, California in 1992. L.A.             PROFESSIONAL HAIR REMOVAL                              Guzman, M.D., F.A.C.S., and highly
       SECOND STORE                             Boxing is passionate about helping people                                                                  experienced nurses. Area residents are
                                                from all walks of life get in the best shape                                                               invited to a fall open house to learn about
                                                of their lives through instruction in boxing                                                               the latest technology in laser skin care.
                                                and kickboxing. You will find at L.A.                                                                       Refreshments will be served, special
                                                Boxing that our workouts are fifty percent                                                                  packages and giveaways will be offered
                                                fitness based and fifty percent instructional.                                                               every hour between 12 to 9 P.M. Special
                                                Our goal is to help you get in the best shape                                                              savings will be offered for the open house
                                                of your life and learn realistic self-defense                                                              for Friends and Families. Please email or
                                                at the same time.                                                                                          call to confirm your attendance, Phone: 914-
                                                   Committing to a workout plan and then                                                                   696-4900, email: whiteplains@dermacare.
                                                executing that plan can be intimidating.                                                                   com. RSVPs by Monday Nov. 12 will
                                                That is why, at L.A. Boxing, we make your                                                                  get a free microdermabrasion facial. For
                                                time here motivational and fun. We pump                                                                    more detailed information on Dermacare’s
                                                high-energy music during the classes; the           (L-R) Candida Ambroseo, Pennie Broncati,               services, please visit
   Owned and operated since 1993, Doc           instructors are friendly and promote a                            Dana Wachter                               JP’S DRY CLEANERS IS OPEN
                                                                                                      In today’s fast paced, hectic lifestyle,               On Saturday, Oct. 12, JP’S Dry Cleaners
James Cigars and Golf of Shrub Oak, NY          positive workout. If you are having fun
                                                                                                    we want to be able to offer our clients a              of the Southside Plaza located at 134
is scheduled to open their second store this    while you workout and see results quickly,
                                                                                                    daily routine that requires less personal              North Avenue, New Rochelle, (next to the
November in Mamaroneck.                         we know that we have earned a customer
                                                                                                    maintenance. Our advanced Epilight                     Roaring Rooster), had their ribbon cutting
   The 1,200-square-foot store located at       for life. At L.A. Boxing we treat our
                                                                                                    Hair Removal System allows just that:                  ceremony to officially open their doors.
154 East Boston Post Road, will house           members like family. That is why we have
                                                                                                    Affordable luxury to pamper yourself,                    Jp’s Dry Cleaners is a family owned
a state-of-the-art, custom-built, walk-in       included in your membership a free, fully
                                                                                                    while avoiding the side effects of shaving,
humidor boasting an unparalleled selection      customizable diet club at www.laboxing.
                                                                                                    tweezing and waxing.                                   BUSINESS BRIEFS continued on p. 24
of premium and hard-to-find cigars               com.
including the highly esteemed Davidoff             The fact is it is not easy to get in shape. It
Cigar, of which they are the sole source        takes commitment, work and perseverance
for Westchester. Pipes and custom blended       to get the body you want. You could do
tobaccos will also be offered.                  that the traditional way, by weight training
   A beautifully appointed smoking              and cardio, which could be mundane and
lounge will feature flat screen televisions,     tedious or you could do it quickly while
Wi-Fi capabilities, leather furniture and       having fun, learning self defense, gaining
beverages including waters, espresso and        confidence and getting the body that you
cappuccino. The store will offer a plethora     are looking for.
of cigar and golf accessories and finely            “L.A. Boxing is where you will toughen
crafted humidors for any smoker’s need.         up while you shape up.”
Custom walnut cabinetry will display an
impressive collection of golf apparel and                 GET “NURTURED”
customers can order golf clubs directly                  IN NEW ROCHELLE
through the store.                                 The Nurtury has recently experienced its
   A foremost provider of cigars and            grand opening in New Rochelle, NY. Here
humidors for Golf Clubs throughout              at the Nurtury we will nurture 4 Infants and
Westchester and Connecticut, Doc James          10 toddlers in a wonderful private home
is a valuable source for corporate golf         designed just for them. We will run as a full
outings, offering several gift options for      time daycare with our hours of operation
players. Cigar dinners are very popular         being 7:30-5:30 Monday thru Friday,
which Doc James can co-host or simply           twelve months of the year. We know this
supply and their lounge will be available       will allow all working parents the freedom
 22 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

                   A “magic” event at The Rye Arts Center
   The RyeArts Center announces The Magic      Head Start and Carver Center After-School     to the Purchase performances (Nov. 30           and chaired by Gail Harrison Roman of
of Storybook Dance: Original Illustrations     Program. In addition, renowned poet Ted       - Dec. 2) will be available at the Center       Harrison and Betsy Bober Polivy and
for Children’s Books, with Costumes and        Scheu will meet with school groups to         throughout the afternoon. Lori Belilove’s       Alison Wise of Purchase; and Elyse Faltz
Artifacts from the World of Dance. This        discuss his work and to motivate students’    troupe of young costumed dancers from           of Larchmont chairs the dance exhibits.
unique exhibition, to be held at the Center    interest in reading and writing poetry.       the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation will        Linda Goldstein of Rye chairs hospitality,
from November 4th – December 15th, will          The Rye Arts Center will offer docented     be on hand to greet guests as well. Visitors    and Deborah Boillot of Rye and Mickie
focus on art created for books written and     tours of the exhibition as well as age-       will be able to watch artists draw at easels    Kerson of Harrison act as community
illustrated for children on many different     appropriate interactive demonstrations        and to purchase books, which they can have      liaisons. Marilyn Gasparini of Rye
forms of dance, including ballet, ballroom,    and participatory workshops. Amy Sewell,      signed by illustrators and authors present at   represents the Center’s Gallery Committee.
jazz, and modern. Original paintings and       creator of Mad Hot Ballroom, will speak to    the Opening.                                    For information: www.;
drawings will be on view in the Gallery,       school groups about the ground-breaking          The Magic of Story Book Art… is curated      914-967-0700 x 33.
which will feature the debut of the complete   ballroom-dance program in public schools,
set of paintings by Susan Jeffers for her      which is chronicled in the film and which
Nutcracker, due to be published this fall
by Harper Collins Publishers. Elaborate
costumes and props on loan from the
                                               has recently been imported to Rye.
                                                 The Opening will take place on Sunday,
                                               November 4th from 2-5 pm and will consist
                                                                                                Ongoing programs at
Purchase College Conservatory of Dance,
the JCC of Mid-Westchester Dance School,
and the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation
                                               of a cornucopia of multi-media events.
                                               Author Paul duBois Jacobs and dancer
                                               Jennifer Swender will offer a storytelling-
                                                                                                Mamaroneck Library’s
will enhance the exhibit and introduce
visitors to the splendor and excitement of
the dance world.
                                               and-movement workshop. Yan Burke,
                                               hip-hop teacher at the Purchase College
                                               Conservatory of Dance, will offer a
                                                                                                  Children’s Room
   Others whose works will be on view          workshop in this popular dance form.                                               Paws A While
include Leo and Diane Dillon, Jules            There will be a video montage of dance             Drop into the library and read to Charley & Nettie, certified therapy dogs
Feiffer, Rachel Isadora, Steven Kellogg,       performances and films, created for this          that love to be read to! Open to All Ages. The dogs are here the 1st & 3rd
Betsy and Ted Lewin, E.B. Lewis, Patricia      exhibit by Evan Polivy, a resident of            Sunday of the month from 2-4 p.m.
Polacco, Dr. Seuss, and Peter Sis, among       Purchase and a student at Rhode Island
many other illustrators. Susan Jeffers,        School of Design. Principal Clarita Zeppie                                       Storytime Groups
Alyssa Capucilli, and five-time Caldecott       will join Ms. Sewell in introducing her            Age Ranges from 6 months through 5 year olds
Honor winner Brian Pinkney, whose works        Osborn School students to demonstrate              Registration Required. Monday through Saturdays. Call for availability.
will also be on view, will each spend a day    ballroom dancing. Children can be                                             Teacher in the Library
at the Center addressing school groups         photographed with costumed performers
(by appointment), as well as special           from the Purchase College Dance Corps’s           Monday-Thursdays: 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. Grades K-8
presentations for children in Port Chester’s   Nutcracker’07 from 3-4pm, and tickets             Now through June 12, 2008. Local teachers from the Rye Neck School
                                                                                                District are here to help with homework questions!
                                                                                                                            Chess for Kids & Teens
                                                                                                  Thursdays, 3:30-5:30 p.m. now thru December 13th.
                                                                                                  Want to learn? Need some pointers? Perhaps just someone to challenge?
                                                                                                Join our teen volunteers for a rousing Battle of Wits! All Skill Levels
                                                                                                Welcome. Grades K-12.
                                                                                                                                 Roots & Shoots
                                                                                                  Alternate Fridays 10/26-12/7: 4-5 p.m.: Ages 8& Up
                                                                                                  Be a part of Jane Goodall’s global network of young people & show your
                                                                                                concern for the environment.
                                                                                                                               Young Critics Clubs
                                                                                                  Alternate Fridays 11/2-12/14: 4-5 p.m.
                                                                                                  Grades 1-3 / Grades 4-6. Bring a favorite book to share with other avid
                                                                                                                           Special Event Programs
                                                                                                 Library Sleepover in celebration of The Big Read & National Children’s
                                                                                                Book Week.
                                                                                                 Saturday November 10th: 7 p.m. thru Sunday November 11th: 7A.M.
                                                                                                Grades 2-4
                                                                                                 Sign-up required. Need Parent Volunteers. Call for details.
                                                                                                                        Holiday Gift-Making for Kids
                                                                                                  Saturday December 1st @ 2:30 p.m.: Grades 1-5.
                                                                                                  Sign-up required.
                                                                                                                                 Teen Activities:
                                                                                                                                    BOOK IT!
                                                                                                      Meets Tuesdays once per month: Nov. 27, Dec. 18 : 7-8 p.m.
                                                                                                                              Grades 7-12
                                                                                                  Teen book discussion group, discuss what you like to read, not what you
                                                                                                have to! Snacks & refreshments provided!
                                                                                                                                Teen Movie Night
                                                                                                       Friday, 11/2: Doors Open 6:30 p.m. / Movie Starts 7 p.m.
                                                                                                  Big Screen / Surround Sound / Free Snacks & Raffles. Grades 6-12.
                                                                                                                       Holiday Gift-Making for Teens
                                                                                                      Wednesday: November 28th: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Grades 6-12
                                                                                                  Registration Required. Space & Materials Limited.

                                                                                                     For more information on these events please call 698-1250 x24
                                                                                                                          November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 23

         LMC-TV Schedule
           Channel             Monday 11/5                Tuesday 11/6                Wednesday 11/7             Thursday 11/8              Friday 11/9

                           6pm- Meet the Candidates-    7pm- LMC News- (all           8pm- Hands on             6pm- Larchmont Arts      7pm- LMC News
                           TOM (R)                      week)                         Gardening- Dahlias        Fair                     8pm- The
                           6:30 Meet the                8pm Carmine’s Arena           8:30pm- LMC-TV            8pm- Lisa- Miracle       Songcatchers Present-
                           Candidates- TOM (D)

                                                        8:30pm- Conversations         Summer Workshop-          League of Westchester    Choir Camp Concert
                           7:30pm- Poetry Moments
                                                        with Dr. Marian- Instilling   Morning Scoop             9pm- Larchmont Today     8:30 Bandfest 2007
                           8:30pm- Hope in the Bible
                           9pm- Meet the Candidates     Values in Children            9pm- LMC-TV Summer        9:30pm Election Night    9pm- Future Choices
                           WCL (R)                      9pm Election Night            Workshop- Foresight       Nov 2007                 9:30pm- A Town and
                           9:30pm Meet the              LIVE                          10pm- Conservation Cafe                            Village Two
                           Candidates- WCL (D)                                                                                           10pm- Carmine’s
                           11pm- Meet the Candidates-                                                                                    Arena
                           VOM (D)                                                                                                       10:30pm- RNHS
                           11:30 Meet the Candidates-                                                                                    Programming
                           VOM (R)

                           7pm- Rye Neck School         7:30pm- Mamaroneck            8:15pm- Town of           7pm Village of           6pm- Mamaroneck

                           Board Meeting 10/17          School Board Meeting          Mamaroneck Board of       Mamaroneck Planning      School Board
                                                        LIVE                          Trustees LIVE             Board Meeting LIVE       Meeting 11/6
                                                                                                                                         9pm- Town of
                                                                                                                                         Mamaroneck Board
                                                                                                                                         of Trustees 11/7

                           6pm- Changed Forever         6pm- Assembly Update          6pm- Progressive News     8pm- Swept Away-         6pm- Election Night
                           7pm- Free Speech /           8pm- CMS and You-             Network- Why Impeach      Fright Night             Nov 2007
                           Democracy Now (all           8:30pm- Journey to the        Now                       8:30pm- League of        9pm-

                           week)                        East-                         8pm- The Reading Lady-    Women Voters- New        Almost Anything
                           8pm- Education News          9pm- Vital Signs- Heart       Goodnight, Knight         Rochelle                 Goes Short Video
                           Parents Can Use- English     Disease                       9pm- Going Global with    9pm- Jobs and Careers-   Contest-
                           Version                      9:30pm- Chat with             the UN                    Ernie Davis              Documentaries and
                           9pm- Education News          Glendora                      9:30pm- Westchester       10pm- Vital Signs-       PSAs
                           Parents Can Use- English     10pm- Ticked Off              Board of Legislators      11pm- Hardfire

Prints and watercolors on paper
 and silk at Larchmont Library
                                          to 4:30 p.m.
                                            Kendall has a Master of Fine Arts
                                          from Pratt Institute and has studied
                                          printing in Bali. Her show includes
                                          wood block prints and watercolors.
                                            Michel’s works focus on Brittany,
                                          Burgundy and Provence, in France,
                                          and Guadeloupe. She fell in love with
                                          the art of painting on silk in 1981 and
                                          has been perfecting her skill ever since
                                          in both this medium and watercolor
                                          on paper. Using silk from Lyons -- the
                                          finest available -- she draws her subject
                                          with fine liquid glue. She then paints
         Artist Annie Michel              with special watercolors, fixes the
                                          colors with high, wet heat, and washes,
  The Larchmont Public Library is         irons and stretches the finished piece.
presenting paintings and prints by Caty   The lighthearted charming results of her
Kendall, and water media on silk and      labors belie the demanding technique
paper in a show titled “Blue Sky” by      and time required for each piece.
Annie Michel in the Oresman Gallery         The exhibit is on view Nov.
during November. A reception will         5-29 during regular library hours. For
be held at the gallery for Ms. Kendall    further information, call the library at
on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 3:00           834-2281.
 24 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

                                                                                                                                  from p. 21

   business. They bring 20+ years of             Colarossi as vice president, director of        and has lived in Eastchester since 1965.              NEW MEMBER WITH
knowledge in the dry cleaning industry to        property management and construction.           She worked recently as a Middle School             PRUDENTIAL CENTENNIAL
New Rochelle. They build relationships                                                           Teacher at the Westchester School and is the      REALTY’S BRONXVILLE TEAM
with their customers by giving them the                                                          founder of woman’s Twilight Golf at Lake
attention they deserve. Customer service                                                         Isle. Donna earned a BA in Journalism
is always their #1 priority. They believe in                                                     from NYU and a MS in Education from the
providing their customers with the highest                                                       College of New Rochelle.
level of dry cleaning without the high                                                              Ken Marx joins as an Associate Broker.
costs.                                                                                           Ken has been a resident of Garth Road in
   Their motto is “Our Customers are our                                                         Eastchester for 25 years and comes from a
best advertisers,” so stop in, check out their                                                   Real Estate Family. He is an attorney and a
prices, give them a try. If you like them,                                                       member of the New York State Bar.
tell your friends, if you don’t like them
please tell them! Your feedback makes
their success.
   Their hours are Mondays and Fridays                         Michael Colarossi
7:15am-7:00pm, Tuesdays - Thursdays                 Mr.      Colarossi     joined     Simone                                                                      Michael Stout
7:15 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., and Saturdays 7:30        Development in 2000 and has been                                                                 Michael Stout, an experienced, licensed real
a.m. - 6:00 p.m.                                 responsible      for    construction     and                                                     estate sales person, is now with Prudential
   Any questions on what services they           maintenance activities at the company’s                                                          Centennial Realty’s Bronxville-area team
offer, please call them at 914-355-2109.? If     core portfolio of commercial properties.                                                         headed by managing broker Donna Tierney.
you find it more convenient you may email         His added responsibilities now include all                                                       Formerly with Ragette Realtors in Bronx-
them at or just        aspects of tenant relations and retention as                                                     ville, where she also lived for 11 years,
stop in anytime.                                 well as optimizing the economic value of                                                         Stout earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts
                                                 properties. Mr. Colarossi is a resident of                                                       from the School of Visual Arts and her
     ENT AND ALLERGY                             Katonah, NY.                                                    Ken Marx                         Bachelors degree in anthropology at Hunt-
 ASSOCIATES, LLP ANNOUNCES                          Headquartered in New Rochelle, Simone           Sara Adams joins as a Sales Associate.        er College. Michael has a unique under-
   CONTRACT AGREEMENT                            Development Companies is a full service         She is a resident of Eastchester and has         standing of building materials, especially
        WITH AETNA                               real estate investment company specializing     lived in Westchester most of her life. She       stones and marbles. She is also knowledge-
   ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP,              in the acquisition and development of office,    lives with her husband Bill who is an            able about plants and landscaping. .
the tri-state area’s preeminent and most         retail, industrial and residential properties   owner of Hill and Adams Inc., a plumbing         “We’re pleased to have Michael with us,”
comprehensive team of physicians in the          in the tri-state area. The privately held       and heating company.                             said Mark Nadler, president and principal
fields of Ear, Nose, Throat, and Allergy care,    company owns and manages an extensive                                                            broker of the firm. “She has proven to be a
announced today that it has successfully         range of commercial projects from multi-                                                         real asset to her buying and selling clients.”
reached a new, five-year agreement with           building office parks to retail and industrial                                                    Prudential Centennial Realty
Aetna, effective November 1, 2007.               space in Westchester County, Queens, the                                                            Prudential Centennial Realty has been
   Under the new agreement, Aetna                Bronx, Long Island and Connecticut. The                                                          a leader in Westchester’s residential real
members will continue to have access to          company’s portfolio of more than 90 real                                                         estate market since 1981. Dedicated to
ENT and Allergy physicians as in-network         estate properties totals approximately 4                                                         creating winning results for its clients
providers.                                       million square feet of development space.                                                        and agents delivered with integrity,
   “We welcome this agreement providing                                                                                                           professionalism and caring, Prudential
Aetna’s members with uninterrupted                      NEW AGENTS AT                                                                             Centennial has consistently ranked among
access to our practice, which has recently        CLAIR D. LEONE REAL ESTATE                                                                      the top 4% of realtors in Westchester in
added several leading edge subspecialties-         Four new agents have joined the Real                                                           terms of volume. The family owned firm
including Neuro-otology (treatment of            Estate Office of Claire D. Leone Real                                                             had record earnings in each of the past
complex hearing and inner ear disease),          Estate:                                                         Sarah Adams                      three years and established Global Real
laryngology (treatment of voice disorders),                                                                                                       Estate Connections, a wholly owned
sleep medicine and head and neck cancer                                                             EXCLUSIVE NEGOTIATING                         subsidiary in 2006. Prudential Centennial
screening in clinical affiliation with                                                               CERTIFICATION AWARDED                         has approximately 75 agents and is the
The Mount Sinai Medical Center,” said                                                               Thirty-eight agents with the Westchester      exclusive provider of real estate listings for
Dr. Wayne Eisman, Board-Certified                                                                 Real Estate, Inc. group have recently earned     Yahoo! Real Estate. For more information,
Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon,                                                          the title “Certified Skilled Negotiator”.         call Mark Nadler at 914-723-5225, or go to
and President of ENT and Allergy                                                                 These agents, in addition to a graduating
Associates.                                                                                      class of 80 Westchester Real Estate agents
   Aetna provides health benefits to nearly                                                       in May, are currently the only ones in the
two million members in the metropolitan
areas of New York and in northern New
                                                                                                 NY metro area to earn this prestigious
                                                                                                 certification.                                       Send us
Jersey.                                                                                             In order to earn their certification, agents
   The Aetna agreement follows on the                                                            attended an intensive training program,             your
heels of ENT and Allergy Associates,                            Dorthy Mutz                      followed by written and practical testing to
LLP’s successful negotiation of a five year
provider agreement with Empire Blue
                                                   Dorothy Mutz, Associate Broker has
                                                 been a Realtor for over 20 years and has
                                                                                                 demonstrate mastery in negotiating skills.
                                                                                                    The agents who have completed the
Cross/Blue Shield, completed this past
                                                 been a consistent Multi-Million Dollar
                                                 Producer serving Scarsdale, Eastchester,
                                                                                                 Certified Skilled Negotiator program are
                                                                                                 from Westchester Real Estate, Inc. offices
   About ENT & Allergy Associates,               Yonkers and Bronxville. She cultivates her      throughout Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess,
LLP                                              skills by attending real estate seminars and    New York City and Fairfield counties,                The    business     briefs
   ENT and Allergy has 76 physicians in          classes. Dorothy lives in Westchester with      including Bronxville-Ley Real Estate in           section runs the first week
24 office locations in Westchester, Putnam,       her husband Bill and has 3 children and 5       Bronxville, Century 21 Wolff in White
Orange, Dutchess and Rockland counties,          grandsons.                                      Plains, Billingsley Realty in Katonah &           of every month. Each
New York City and northern New Jersey.                                                           Mahopac, C.S. McClellan Real Estate               submission can include
                                                                                                 in Pelham, Gillian Stewart Real Estate
Each location provides a full complement
of services including General Adult and                                                          in Pawling, Peter J. Riolo Real Estate in
                                                                                                                                                   one picture, and must be
Pediatric ENT, Allergy, Asthma, Clinical                                                         Hastings-on-Hudson, River Towns GMAC              between 175-225 words.
Immunology,       Diagnostic Audiology,                                                          Real Estate in Croton-on-Hudson, Tri-Crest
                                                                                                 Realty in Eastchester, CB Hunt Kennedy
                                                                                                                                                   Please send any submission
including hearing aid testing and hearing
aid dispensing (visit www.entandallergy.                                                         in Manhattan, and Barbara Cleary’s                for our December issue
com for more information).                                                                       Realty Guild in New Canaan, CT. The               to by
                                                                                                 program was supported by CitiBank and
 PROMOTION ANNOUNCED AT                                                                          CitiMortgage, and held at their executive         Friday, Nov 23. If you
   SIMONE DEVELOPMENT                                                                            conference center.                                have any questions, email
        COMPANIES                                                                                   To find a Certified Skilled Negotiator in
                                                                                                 your area, contact Gail Fattizzi at 914-961-      Asst. Editor Dan Gabel at
  Simone Development Companies, a full
service real estate investment company,                     Donna DeMarco                        5510.                                   
                                                   Donna DeMarco has also joined the office
has announced the appointment of Michael
                                                                                                                               November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 25

Book & the Cook series debuts at Plates
  Food writers and the foods they            published and will be on sale at a 35%        Chef Rick Gencarelli of Shelburne
feature will be on the table at Plates       discount.                                     Farms will share food and stories from
Restaurant in Larchmont this fall. A           Gordon and Chef Karp have together          Vermont. Their new book, Cooking
new Book & the Cook series brings            created a menu featuring chocolate in         with Shelburne Farms, contains their
writers and their new books to the           four savory and two sweet courses,            philosophy about healthy food systems
kitchen and customers of Chef Matthew        each paired with wine. Starting with          and recipes from the Shelburne Farms
Karp, owner of Plates.                       Wasabe peanuts dusted in Cocoa                Restaurant, which Gourmet magazine
  The series begins Thursday, Nov. 8, at     powder and continuing on to traditional       just named as one of the 100 best
7:00 p.m. with a “Discover Chocolate”        Mole Poblano and Choctal Cocoa                farm-to-fork restaurants in the U.S.
Wine Tasting Dinner designed to              Crunch, Gordon will reveal not just           Created in 1880 as a model farm
explore the range of chocolate from          his extensive knowledge of chocolate,         and agricultural estate, Shelburne
savory to sweet. International chocolate     but his unique skill at pairing it with       Farms continues that vision today as
expert Clay Gordon, a Larchmont              adult beverages. (Complete menu               a nonprofit environmental education
resident, will provide information           and wine lineup are available at www.         center, working farm and inn. More
on the provenance, history and styles           than 120,000 visitors each year visit
of one of the world’s favorite foods.        html.) Admission is $100, including           the 1,400 acres of pristine farmland.
His book, Discover Chocolate: The            wine; tax and gratuity additional.               For the five-course dinner, Chef Karp
Ultimate Guide to Buying, Tasting,             On Sunday, Dec. 2, at 6:30 p.m.,            and Chef Gencarelli will use recipes
and Enjoying Fine Chocolate, was just        food writer Melissa Pasanen and Head          from the farm and farm produce such
                                                                                           as Shelburne Farms cheeses, oven-
CONTRACT from page 1                                                                       roasted apple butters and spiced
  One of the many concerns that the          the contract hasn’t been settled.             maple nuts. Both chefs butcher whole
teachers have is how long the process          “A teacher’s salary schedule is in          animals in their respective kitchens,
will take. Since the district hired a law    steps and the steps are based on their        and the menu will include slow-roasted
firm, Ingerman Smith LLP, to negotiate        experience: if you start here as new          meats and hand-made pastas. Access to
the contrat there has been a lot of          teacher (last year) you could start on        both chefs and the writer will provide
concern on how long the process will         step one, and after a year you move up        time for Q & A, food insight and
take.                                        to the following step and that’s a salary     kitchen tips. Admission to the evening
    “We want to settle this as quickly as    increase from one step to the next. On        is $75, with tax and gratuity additional.
possible,” said Borsellino.                  top of that they negotiate a raise, so it’s   Cookbooks will also be available at a       Recipes from two new books will be
  Superintendent Fried had similar           the step increase plus the raise,” said       35% discount and can be signed for          on the table Nov. 8.
sentiments to Borsellino, but he wanted      Fried.                                        gift-giving.
to emphasize that the delay was not            So while many teachers will still              For additional information and           834-1244. The restaurant is located at
intentional and that the district was        get a salary increase they won’t get a        reservations, please call Plates at         121 Myrtle Boulevard in Larchmont.
working as quickly as they could.            raise because the contract hasn’t been
  “We are interested in having a             settled, but teachers who have worked
contract that’s settled and fair. We think   in the district for over 13 years are no
our teachers are terrific we want to pay      longer eligible for a salary increase and
them well we want term and conditions        were awaiting a raise.
in the contract that’s fair to them and        “That’s almost 50 % of us who don’t
fair to the distinct,” said Fried.           get a salary increase,” said Sherwood.
  According Linda Sherwood, the                While the specific negotiations are
teacher Chief Negotiator for the             confidential, Sherwood said that the
contract, there were no lawyers              teachers have 16 proposals and the
involved with the last teacher contract,     administrators have 56 proposals. The
which was created four years ago,            number one concern of the MTA is
and this probably was one of the key         whether or not the district will impose
reasons it did not take so long.             on teacher time outside of the classroom
  “Because there were no lawyers, we         during their work hours, namely prep
were able to meet all the time and if        time. According to Sherwood the
something came up that day, we could         teachers believe that their time not
carve out an hour here and there,” said      spent with students should remain fluid
Sherwood.                                    for such activities as developing lesson
  Superintendent Fried said that the         plans, meeting with individual students,
practice of having lawyers involved          doing paperwork or conferring with
in negations was very prevalent in           colleagues. The district is seeking
many districts, but Borsellino is also       more control of that time.
concerned that because she feels               Seven meetings have been scheduled
Ingerman Smith has had a history             for the MTA and the district from now
of protracted negotiations in Rye,           until Christmas break, but during the
Harrison, Bronxville, Mt. Pleasant,          last contract process sometimes there
Bedford, and Katonah-Lewisboro.              were meetings five days in a row.
  Sherwood, who is also an English               “It’s very up in the air; we haven’t
Teacher at Mamaroneck High School,           been able to discuss anything definitive
felt that there was a lot less explaining    because we haven’t discussed the
without lawyers because the district         issues,” said Sherwood.
representatives and the MTA were                 The district hired a consultant to
familiar with the building.                  dramatically cut health costs and there
   “I think that the feeling is that since   will be a presentation on November
you don’t have a new contract that           14 about those findings. This will be a
you’re not being appreciated, and I think    large step toward finding a resolution.
that’s the concern that teachers have.           “We will hear a report on health
Why won’t they just settle and give us       costs; we are always trying to provide
a new contact,” said Sherwood.               health care at the best possible rate.
  Teachers like Sherwood, who have           Right now our teachers have health care
worked in the district for over 13 years,    and 100% of its paid by the distinct,”
will not be receiving a raise because        said Fried.
26 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007
                                                                                                                          November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 27
authorized a lease agreement with the       take responsibility for the landscaped
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) for          island that will be located at the end of
the use of the Senior Center; at that       Championship Drive, the storm water
time the lease was not signed because       detention area. The sewage from the
VFW wanted to amend some of the             subdivision will be carried through
terms, such as allowing the town to         landscaped island and through the
use the entire facility Monday through      property of the Winged Foot Country
Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.,     Club to a manhole on Old White Plains
adjusting the rent, and adding a clause     Road. Westchester County Department
that would permit the parking of the        of Health has insisted that the town will
senior bus at the site 24/7. The town       be responsible for maintaining these
voted to approve these changes.             sewer lines.
  The Town also approved an easement           The town voted to move their Nov.
agreement from the Elmcroft Estates         21 meeting to Nov. 20 and approved
Subdivision which will now have a           the minutes from September and the
homeowners’ association that will           first meeting in October.

and basketball,” said Brown.                Brown and the skateboarders felt like       By Paul Bookbinder, M.I.D.                to look stylish once more.
  At the last Board meeting, Mayor          the idea was rejected.                         More and more people are turning          Augmentation and reduction are
Phil Trifiletti suggested that the boys go     “It was frustrating to get shut down      to cosmetic surgery to improve            also popular options in C-K-S. You
back to the recreation department who       and we really thought we had something      their personal appearance. Tummy          may feel that some of your parts
sent them to the Harbor Island Master       set and the Rec Department didn’t have      tucks, Botox, and liposuction             are too small or some too large.
Plan Implementation Committee. He           any problem,” said Brown.                   offer people a new improved look,         You may want to remove some
also encouraged the boys not to give          In the meantime, Brown said that he       without the headache of working           unsightly protuberances. With
up.                                         would try and pursue putting the skate      hard or starting over again from          augmentation or reduction you
  “Don’t throw your hand in the air,”       park elsewhere in January, but at the       scratch. These techniques are so          can add, remove and change up to
said Trifiletti.                             same time he is tired of bureaucracy        widespread, and have been so              10% of your kitchens’ total volume
  But it seemed too late, because           and has a store to run.                     successful, that there was no reason      and still realize substantial savings
                                                                                        not to apply similar methodology          when compared to a complete
                                                                                        to modern kitchen remodeling.             transplant.
   Tenth Annual Stein Lecture                                                           Why start over if you don’t have
                                                                                             Recent (scientific) studies
                                                                                                                                     Contouring countertops is yet
                                                                                                                                  another option, but this alternative
                                                                                                                                  deserves special attention. Surgical
    on Alzheimer’s disease at                                                           indicate that 8.5 out of 10 people
                                                                                        can benefit from “Cosmetic Kitchen
                                                                                                                                  solutions on existing counters are
                                                                                                                                  difficult, (and may not last), so

         Sarah Neuman                                                                   Surgery” (C-K-S). And more
                                                                                        importantly, the procedure is much
                                                                                        faster, safer, and more economical
                                                                                                                                  replacements are the best solution
                                                                                                                                  for these surfaces. With the
                                                                                                                                  plethora of solid surface materials
  The tenth annual Stein Lecture            of AD;” and Eileen Chichin, PhD,            than a complete transplant. As with       available today, these new areas
on Alzheimer’s disease, offering            co-director, Greenberg Center on            any restoration technique there are       can be sculptured into pleasing,
continuing education credits for            Ethics, The Jewish Home and Hospital        various options available to the          organic curves, eliminating the
physicians, social workers and              Lifecare System, “Palliative Care and       patient. Although the prerequisite        harsh angles that you may have
administrators, will be held Nov.           Ethical Issues.”                            requirements for C-K-S are not            been struggling with, all of your
13, from 3:30 to 5 p.m., in the Tisch         The free lecture is funded by the         stringent, in order to qualify for this   life.
Auditorium at Sarah Neuman Center           Marion Stein Endowment Fund                 process your underlying structure            When your ready to investigate
for Healthcare and Rehabilitation,          for Specialized Training, Services          must be sound in order to benefit          “Cosmetic Kitchen Surgery”
845 Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck.              and Programs for Residents with             from this procedure.                      make sure you chose a board
Admission is free. There is no charge       Alzheimer’s Disease. The endowment             For a basic facelift, the least        certified (National Kitchen &
for continuing education credits.           was established with a major gift from      invasive technique is to apply            Bath Association) specialist. Their
  Panelists and topics include:             the late Mrs. Alfred Slaner as a tribute    permanent, make-up (paint) to the         extensive training will ensure a
Pasquale Fonzetti, M.D., clinical           to the late Marion Stein, a dedicated       face of the cabinets and then affix        pleasant, successful experience
assistant professor of neurology,           long-standing member of the Board           new door and drawer fronts. This          resulting in a natural, beautiful and
Cornell University, Weill Medical           of Trustees at Sarah Neuman, the            procedure is commonly referred            healthy kitchen. Unfortunately,
College,     Burke      Rehabilitation      Westchester Division of The Jewish          to as “a partial reface.” Combine         most HMO insurance does not
Hospital, “Progressive Stages of            Home and Hospital Lifecare System.          this process with new jewelry, like       cover procedures such as these.
Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia;” Della          For reservations or additional            knobs, pulls, or molding and this         However, the expense, which is
Frazier-Rios, RN, MS, Alzheimer’s           information,         please          call   becomes a fast and prudent way to         minimal when compared with a full
Association,     “Understanding and         (914) 864-5690.                             make an exciting change to your           transplant, will give you renewed
Coping With Behavioral Symptoms                                                         otherwise dreary appearance.              confidence and pride in the way
                                                                                           For a more dramatic approach,          your kitchen looks and feels. And,
                                                                                        we must consider peels and skin           citing those same (scientific) studies
                                                                                        grafting; i.e. a full-reface. A number    that were previously mentioned,
                                                                                        of materials can be bonded to your        if your kitchen feels better, guess
                                                                                        existing surfaces, in various colors      who else will feel better?
                                                                                        or patterns. Unattractive creases
                                                                                        and wrinkles can be smoothed                Paul Bookbinder, M.I.D., is
                                                                                        out to give your exterior a silky         president of DreamWork Kitchens,
                                                                                        smooth texture. Exciting new color        Inc. located in Mamaroneck, New
                                                                                        combinations can be explored to           York. A Master of Design (Pratt
                                                                                        contrast the basic foundation with        Institute), he is an advisor for
                                                                                        the highlights.                           Kitchen & Bath Design News and
                                                                                           What about those unsightly,            a member of the Advisory Panel of
                                                                                        sagging areas that embarrass you          Professional Remodeler magazine.
                                                                                        so? With a tuck here and a tuck           A member of the National Kitchen
                                                                                        there, sagging cabinets can be            and Bath Association for the past
                                                                                        tightened up and made to look new         15 years, he can be reached for
                                                                                        again. And, at the same time those        questions at 914-777-0437 or
                                                                                        wavy looking “eyebrows” over the
                                                                                        sink can be straightened and made
 28 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

 The Classifieds                            HOW TO REACH US
                                                                                     that gets results
           (914) 653-1000x25 • Fax: 653-5000 • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: 200 William Street, Port Chester

                                                  OUR RATES:
                   UP TO 4 LINES $37.50 ($1 PER WORD) for 2 weeks minimum. Each Additional Line $2.00

     Placement, correction or cancellation of an ad may be phoned in any time before noon on Monday for publication

           JOB OPPORTUNITIES                                  BASEBALL CARDS & COMIC BOOKS WANTED-
Attend Focus Group Discussions-Receive Cash                   Private Collector pays top $$ dollar for vintage
For Your Opinions! The Focus Room, Inc. is                    sports cards 1975 and before. Also buying
a marketing research company that offers a                    factory sealed sets, boxes, cases 1985 and
cash incentive ranging from $75 to $200 to                    before, autographed sports memorabilia and
individuals like you. Registered respondents                  comic books before 1970. Call 631-656-6825.
attend focus group discussions and provide
their opinions on various topics. The Focus Room                                 SITUATIONS
needs you, your family, friends and colleagues
to share your opinions. There Will Never Be An                SAT MATH TUTORING-Retired Rye City
Attempt To Sell You Anything. New York, NY-                   Schools Math Teacher. NYS Math Certified.
Westchester, NY-Stamford, CT www.focusroom.                   25 years teaching NYS public schools. See my
com/participate                                               website: for more
                                                              information or call 914-937-6208.
Now Hiring-Stable and secure market research
company is looking for sharp, responsible                     English tutor for 3rd-12th graders. NYS cert.
call center agents to join our team! Previous                 and a Columbia Univ., Teachers Coll. Grad.
experience in a call center environment is                    Specializing in prep. For the ISEE, the SSAT,
strongly preferred. We are currently hiring for               and the SAT, individualized reading comp.
day, evening and weekend positions. Excellent                 skills, vocab. Building, grammar, and writing.
working environment located in a new office                    Currently teach English literature in Manhasset,
park on Harrison, NY. $9/hr starting wage.                    LI. Call Katie Gleason at 914-738-4940 or 646-
For consideration, email resume as a word                     232-3838.
attachment to                           ATTORNEY SERVICES- 20 YEAR EXPERIENCED
Market Research-Stamford, Ct. based focus                     TRIAL ATTORNEY- Criminal and Civil-FORMER
group market research company needs Admin/                    CHIEF PROSECUTOR- will handle legal matters
Project Asst for full-time position. Fast paced               at reasonable rates-free consultation-Offices in
environment. Duties include but are not limited               Westchester/Bronx-Contact Michael 718-293-
to spreadsheet work and greeting clients. Client              2222 or
service oriented and team player. Word & Excel a              HOUSE CLEANER looking for work. Experienced,
must. Great for recent college grad. Salary $30-              Excellent References, Own Car. Available Tues.
35K plus benefits. Contact: amada@focusroom.                   and Thrus. Call Fannie or leave mess. 914-699-
com                                                           9353.
BKING-We find a way to make your future brighter.              RESPONSIBLE AND MATURE MALE. Experinced
At Webster Bank, youÌll have fun with a winning               with diverse skills. Requires live-in position as
team at a great place to work with competitive                aide and companion. References available.
wages & development programs, enabling you                    Salary: $375.00 per week. Please call 384-0084
to grow professionally. Webster is a diverse &                or
exciting workplace that fosters an excellent                  HOUSE CLEANER looking for work. Experienced,
balance between work & the rest of your life.                 excellent references, own car. Available
BRANCH MANAGER-Mamaroneck. We’re seeking                      Saturdays. Call Fannie or leave mess. at 914-
a seasoned banking professional to oversee the                699-9353.
operations of our branch in Mamaroneck. This
individual will need strong business development              DOGGIE DRILL CAMP Group Training Obedience
skills & 3-5 yrs. of financial banking experience.             and Socialization classes held at Chow Down
Supervisory & management skills are a must.                   Pet Supplies-5th Ave Larchmont.Instructor is a
FINANCIAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR-Yonkers. Must                   Certified Master Dog Trainer.Private Lessons,Pet
possess 3-4 yrs. of retail banking experience, with           Sitting and Walks available. Register today
a high degree of sales & communication skills.                for Spring Group Classes. Call Alexa (718)
TELLERS-Various locations. Webster Bank offers                239-7276
an excellent benefits package & very competitive               TUTOR-CERTIFIED TEACHER available to tutor
compensation plan. Interested candidates                      your child. Experienced. Great with kids. Please
should apply online at the ÏWork for UsÓ link                 call (914) 381-1741.
at: Webster Bank Equal
Opportunity Employer M/F D/V
                                                                                REAL ESTATE
Larchmont/Mamaroneck before shcool program
has immediate openings. M-F, 7:30 am until 8:40               RYE - RETAIL/OFFICE SPACE - Storefront - Open
am, $10/day to start. More hours possible. Call               to sharing our office space, renting a desk or
914-834-0022 for interview.                                   dividing square footage into two separate
                                                              spaces. Lovely area, great parking, reasonable
OFFICE ASSISTANT PT. Rye non-profit Mon-                      rent, available right away. Call for further info
Fri 10am-2pm $11.50 per hour. Excel & Word                    - J.T. 914-921-6054
required. Fax resume to 914-967-4495.
                                                              FOR RENT: Medical or Professional Office Space
                                                              at a prime central location on US-1. 4,000 sq. ft.,
                          FOR SALE                            large onsite parking facility. For information &
FURNITURE FOR SALE-Bedroom, living room,                      inquiries, contact (914) 804-9172.
dinette, and much more. Call for appointment                  .GET IN on the ground fl of the New Rochelle
914-490-3318.                                                 Renaissance! Or take the 2nd fl, 3rd fl, or rent
                                                              the entire bldg! This handsome townhouse is
              WANTED TO BUY                                   in the heart of Downtown New Rochelle. It’s                                                 LEGAL NOTICES
                                                              walking distance to Metro-North & all the new
Need immediate cash for holidays? Private                     high-end res. high rises. Imagination needed.              NOTICE OF FORMATION: The Joyce Group, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with Secretary
collector will pay top dollar for your unwanted               Potential:Tremendous! Call Rob Seitz 914-654-           of State of NY (SSNY) 06/20/07. Office location: Westchester County. SSNY has been designated
gold and jewelry. Discreet, confidential. Call David           1506/914-393-6144                                       agent upon whom process may be served. The address SSNY shall mail copy of process against
                                                                                                                      LLC served upon him. Elefante & Persanis, LLP, 670 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583,
HIGH CASH PRICES PAID for Antique Guns, Swords,                                                                       Attn: Ralph Elefante, Esq.
Helmets, Civil War items, All Military, (wanted by
collector). Confidential. Call 914-723-2361.                           Classified                                        NOTICE OF SUBSTANCE OF DEANGELIS ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES, LLC
                                                                                                                        UNDER SECTION 1203 OF THE NEW YORK LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY LAW
OLD STUFF WANTED: Dishes, pottery, bric-a-brac,
paintings, dolls, toys. Will do cleanouts. Call before               Advertising                                        DEANGELIS ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES, LLC; Articles of Organization filed 9/24/07;
your tag sale. (914) 939-7656                                                                                         Westchester County; SSNY designated as agent of PLLC upon whom process may be served.
HIGHEST CASH PAID for all antiques, old and                            pays off.                                      Address for mailing copy of process: 451 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543;
modern furniture (50’s and 60’s), paintings, silver,                                                                  Purpose: practice for the profession of architecture; Perpetuity.
bric-a-brac. Professional and courteous. (914)                      Call 653-1000                                        Notice of Formation of ENTERPRISE CENTRAL, LLC. Art. of Org. filed with the NY Secretary
                                                                                                                      of State (NYSS) on 9/26/07. Office located in Westchester County. NYSS designated as agent
                                                                         Ext. 25                                      of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. NYSS shall mail copy of process to: 480
                                                                       to place                                       Mamaroneck Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528, atn: R. Kelly. Purpose: any lawful purpose.
                                                                                                                        Notice of Formation of Ian C. Daiter, P.L.L.C., Arts of Org. filed with Secy. of State of N.Y.
                                                                        your ad.                                      (SSNY) on 9/13/2007. Office location: Westchester County. SSNY designated as agent of PLLC
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                                                                                                                     November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 29

         A muddy victory in Mamaroneck
                                                                                   King and fellow senior running back       attempt, Poughkeepsie head coach Ken
                                                                                   Max Rios, it was King who drew first       Barger elected to go for the two-point
                                                                                   blood with a scoring run late in the      conversion, his decision assuredly
                                                                                   first quarter. The rain intensified by      based on the whipping winds and
                                                                                   the end of the quarter and it was slow    heavy rain. King came into the game
                                                                                   sledding for both squads as Mother        as an extra defensive back and teamed
                                                                                   Nature drenched the field. The track       with junior cornerback/wide receiver
                                                                                   down the middle of the field between       Gabe Arias to knock down McCabe’s
                                                                                   the 20s showed basically no grass, just   lob to the corner of the end zone.
                                                                                   a brownish puddle of much through           From there, it was all Mamaroneck.
                                                                                   which both teams plodded back             The Tigers put the game away for good
                                                                                   and forth.                                on two magnificent scoring runs, one
                                                                                      Poughkeepsie mounted a controversial   apiece from King and Rios. King broke
                                                                                   scoring drive in the second quarter       away from the line of scrimmage and
Mamaroneck quarterback Andrew Benkwitt tries to avoid the pressure of an           to bring the game within one point at     outran the secondary to pay dirt for a
oncoming Pioneer blitz. Benkwitt threw only twice on the rain-soaked               7-6 after senior quarterback Clinton      32-yard score and Rios bounced off
afternoon, but led his team to a victory in Saturday’s non-league match up         McCabe snuck in from one yard out.        two would-be tacklers and rumbled
against Poughkeepsie. Photo/Josh M. Shreckengost                                   The drive was marked by questionable      30-yards for his touchdown scamper.
                                                                                   calls, most notably a phantom late hit    Mamaroneck’s 13 points in the third
By Josh M. Shreckengost                 conditions were tough, but it would        that extended Poughkeepsie’s scoring      quarter sealed the game and ended the
  The soggy, mud-covered field at        have taken a Category 5 Hurricane          drive after the Pioneers failed to        day’s scoring.
Mamaroneck High School made             to stop Mamaroneck’s Roy King.             convert a 3rd and long. Mamaroneck          With the 20-6 victory, Mamaroneck
Saturday’s non-league tussle between    The six-foot, senior tailback played       looked to have Poughkeepsie stopped       improved to 5-3 on the year and
the Tigers and visiting Poughkeepsie    the role of workhorse all afternoon,       once again inside the 5 when the back     notched their fourth victory in their past
Pioneers interesting to say the very    carrying the ball 19 times for 124 yards   judge threw a flag for pass interference   5 contests. Poughkeepsie fell to 2-6 on
least. Both coaches instructed their    and two scores as the Tigers beat the      in the end zone. The call prompted a      the year. The win marked the Tigers’
sidelines’ ball handlers to towel       Pioneers, 20-6.                            loud and unhappy reaction by the fans     fourth home victory of the season (4-1
down the wet, dirty pigskins between      The only score of the opening quarter    who had weathered the storm to take       at Mamaroneck) and gives Peterson’s
nearly every play. The strategy kept    came courtesy of King after a good         in the afternoon’s game. The latter       squad a bit of momentum as they head
the game clean for the most part, but   drive by the Mamaroneck offense.           penalty set the Pioneers up at the 1      to Mahopac this weekend to take on
missed snaps and slippery fumbles       While Tigers head coach Harry              yard line and McCabe snuck in on          the 6-2 Indians.
dotted the afternoon’s game. The field   Peterson divvied up the carries between    1st down. Eschewing the point after
30 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

       Mamaroneck edges Yorktown

The Tigers were victorious in their first playoff
game of the year. Photos/Marc Iacovelli

                                                   By Marc Iacovelli                         a rain-soaked field at the Holy Child
                                                     A vocal crowd of more than 100          School in Rye.
                                                   people came out to watch the field           Mamaroneck started off the game in
                                                   hockey quarterfinal game between           dominating fashion, keeping the ball
                                                   the third ranked Mamaroneck Tigers        in the opponents’ end for the first five
                                                   against number eleven-seed Yorktown       minutes of the game. Mamaroneck
                                                   Tigers. Despite the weather being         took shot after shot, corner after corner,
                                                   in the high 60’s, the clouds were out     but wasn’t able to take advantage of the
                                                   and rain fell on and off throughout the   great start.
                                                   game. But not even the weather could         “I thought in the first six or seven
                                                   dampen the emotion and suspense this      minutes we were knocking on the door
                                                   game provided for their friends and       and we were in their end, had four or
                                                   families. The game was close, but the     five penalty corners, and that’s when
                                                   Mamaroneck Tigers advanced to the         you really got to score,” Mamaroneck
                                                   next round of the playoffs as they took   coach John Savage said.
                                                   down the Tigers of Yorktown 2-0 on          The only problem was Mamaroneck
                                                                                                    TIGERS continued on next page
                                                                                                                         November 2, 2007 THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT • 31

     in battle of Tigers
didn’t, and Yorktown turned their           and score one or two more goals, and
game around and brought the pressure        with a 1-0 lead you don’t back up and
back on the rest of the half. It was the    start playing conservative,” explained
first playoff game of the season for         Savage.
Mamaroneck, and one could imagine              Well, Savage’s game plan worked
there were some butterflies.                 as Mamaroneck scored off of a
  “I think we were all a little nervous,    Reddicliffe corner 10 minutes later
but we know what we had to do when          sealing the game and putting the Tigers
we were out there; everybody kept           into semifinals.
trying and no one gave up, we were               “I reversed sweeped it, she [the
just having a tough time,” said Anna        goalie] kicked it out, and I lifted it into
Reddicliffe who led the Tigers with a       the right corner,” Reddicliffe said.
goal and assist.                               It was her second point of the game.
  The half ended with a 0-0 tie, as         It was a play she knows all too well.
the favorite Mamaroneck looked for          “Oh yeah, we practice it, we were
answers heading into the second half.       practicing it in the pouring rain all day
  The game remained scoreless till          on [Friday],” she said.
about eight minutes into the second            After the teams shook hands, and
half when Joanna Lyons finally put           congratulated one another, Yorktown
Mamaroneck ahead with a goal after a        exited the field as Savage addressed his
beautiful pass from Reddicliffe.            team in one of the corners of the field.
  While most teams would sit on a one       After several minutes the team broke
goal lead in tough conditions, especially   the huddle, and led by Reddicliffe,
in a playoff game, Mamaroneck took          the Mamaroneck Tigers were on to
the opposite approach and kept the          the semifinals. When she was asked
pressure on Yorktown.                       for a final comment after the game,
  “Actually when we score, it always        Reddicliffe said with a smile, “It’s          Mamaroneck came out firing
seems then we get more aggressive,          going to be a good rest of the season.”       early during Saturday’s match
more positive and we usually come out                                                     and kept the pressure on to notch
                                                                                          a 2-0 win.
32 • THE SOUND & TOWN REPORT November 2, 2007

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