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					          Treatments 2013
            Kezelések 2011
                              DEAP CLEANSING TREATMENT
                              Beautifully clear and radiant skin within
                              30 minutes

                              By the treatment done with the
                              thermoelectrodes of the new Hydraclean
                              equipment the skin breathes up, gets
                              cleaned and rid off the perhaps accumulated
                              toxins. The speciality of the treatment is that
                              it significantly increases the skin’s absorption
                              capacity for the best efficacy. The treatment
                              is offered for different serum gels for both the
                              normal and oily skins.

Treatment steps:
• Cleansing
• Deep penetrating „Serum Gels” to the skin with the thermoelectrode
• Beauty massage
• Daytime beautycare
(30 mins)

Price of the treatment: HUF 6.800

              „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                             HYDRADERMIE, LV SOLEIL
                             and HYDRADERMIE AGE LOGIC
                             The facial Star Treatment that beautifies
                             all skin types
                             With the new Double Ionization that
                             increases treatment efficacy,
                             HYDRADERMIE is an exclusive treatment.
                             It restores a “new skin” in a little more than
                             an hour of relaxation. A “beauty treatment”
                             done monthly restores the face that radiates
                             beauty all year long.
Treatment steps:             .
1.   Cleansing
2.   Introducing „Serum Gels” to the skin with Double Ionization
3.   Serum treatment of decollete and around the eyes
4.   Skin oxigenization
5.   Sculpting massage
6.   Mask for the face, eyes and neck
7.   Daytime beautycare
(1 hour)

Hydradermie Express (30 mins): HUF 6.800
Hydradermie Longue Vie Soleil: HUF 14.800
Hydradermie : HUF 15.800
Hydradermie AGE LOGIC: HUF 17.800
           „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                                  HYDRADERMIE LIFT
                                  The Lifting treatment without the

                                  Stimulation shapes your face.
                                  HYDRADERMIE LIFT was created to lift
                                  features, through muscle stimulation.
                                  In the same way that you “sculpt” your
                                  body at the gym, this treatment, carried
                                  out by your Beauty Therapist, will have
                                  a lifting effect on your face in just a few
                                  sessions. Where “anti-wrinkle” injections
                                  paralyze muscles in order to lift the skin,
                                  Hydradermie Lift them: a more natural
                                  and less painful process that is visible
Treatment steps:                  by the end of the treatment!
1.   Cleansing
2.   Facelifting with micro-current and AGE LOGIC
     Sérum Gel
3.   Introducing special serums to the skin
4.   Sculpting massage
5.   Mask for the face, eyes and neck
6.   Daytime beautycare
(1 hour)

Price of the treatment: HUF 19.800

           „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                             HYDRADERMIE LIFT YEUX
                             The lifting of eye contours

                             Carried out by your Beauty Therapist, this
                             treatment will restore an instantly relaxed eye
                             area right from the first session, or as a course
                             of treatments, it will provide a lifted and
                             rejuvenated eye contour with fast and lasting
                             results. Where “anti-wrinkle” injections
                             paralyze muscles in order to lift the skin,
                             Hydradermie Lift Eye revitalizes them: a more
                             natural and less painful process that is visible
                             by the end of the treatment!
Treatment steps:
1.   Cleansing of the skin around the eyes
2.   Lifting with micro-current around the eyes
3.   Gentle massage of the special serum
4.   Sculpting massage
5.   Daytime beautycare
(40 min)

Price of the treatment: HUF 10.800

           „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                                AROMA FACIAL TREATMENT
                                Beautify the skin with Essential Oils
                                and Plant Concentrates

                                The secret powers of nature enhance
                                skin’s beauty.Nature has created
                                remedies, which have healed mankind
                                for over 10,000 years. It is from this sarne
                                source that Guinot has drawn the plant
                                concentrates and essential oils used to
                                make the skin more beautiful and radiant.

Treatment steps:
1.   Cleansing
2.   Relaxing pressure-point massage with essential oils
3.   Aroma mask with anti-ageing plant concentrates
4.   Daytime beauty care
(45 min)

Price of the treatment: HUF 13.800

           „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                                   With Pro Collagene and botox-like

                                   The Liftosome treatment gives your face
                                   new youthfulness and firmness
                                   by reducing the marks of time.
                                   The Liftosome treatment also restore
                                   radiance and vitality to clear away marks
                                   during periods of fatigue. Your Beauty
                                   Therapist prepares specifically for you
                                   an exclusive treatment with Pro Collagen
                                   which promotes the skin’s elasticity*.
                                   During the treatment, the gentle heat
                                   of the Thermolift Mask provides new
                                   energy to regenerate the skin’s firmness.
Treatment steps:
1.   Cleansing
2.   Introducing Pro-Collagen Concentrate to the skin
3.   Thermolift Mask
4.   Gentle massage with Sérum Anti-Age on the face and
5.   Daytime beautycare
(45 min)

Price of the treatment: HUF 14.800

           „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                                   BEAUTÉ NEUVE
                                   Double Peeling with Fruit Acids and
                                   pure Vitamin C.

                                   Results: anti-ageing cell renewal, youthful
                                   radiance and anti-pigmentation actions.
                                   With fatigue, stress or age, skin loses its
                                   radiance and elasticity and pigmentation
                                   marks may appear. The epidermis
                                   is blocked by dehydrated cells, cell
                                   renewal slows, the complexion appears
                                   dull or congested. One treatment to
                                   restore radiance or a course of three
                                   treatments for an anti-pigmentation or
                                   lightening effect, removes the dead cells
                                   and helps the skin to fully breathe again.
Treatment steps:
1.   Cleansing
2.   Introducing Peel’In Intracellular Activator to the skin
3.   Using Peel’Out homogenizing Mousse
4.   Gentle massage with Dermanove Serum on the face
     and decollete
5.   Skin lightening with Clarimasque
6.   Daytime beautycare
(45 min)

Price of the treatment:
HUF 14.800 Ft

           „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                                      TECHNISPA BODY
                                      Triple attact against cellulites
                                      and better firming of the skin

                                      Wtih the unique and effective body
                                      treatments, we can achieve the most
                                      effective results:
                                      Muscle stimulation: detoxifying,
                                      eliminates the fats and firms the skin
                                      Vacuum massage: Eliminates and brakes
                                      the cellulite
                                      Galvanization: biologically brakes down
                                      the cellulite
Treatment steps:
1.   Cleansing and exfoliating
2.   Lipo-Dermo-Sculpting or Lifting movements with the
     TECHNISPA machine
3.   Applying a slimming product
(45 min)

Ant-cellulite treatment: HUF 12.800
Firming treatment: HUF 12.800
Easy legs treatment: HUF 9.800

             „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                                  AROMATIC BODY
                                  For the perfectly slim, firm and relaxed

                                  Manual firming and slimming treatments,
                                  wich are perfectly natural solutions
                                  against the cellulite and orange-peel skin.
                                  Also well treats the slagging skin and the
                                  stressfullness. During the treatments
                                  naturally plants and fruits oils are used
                                  and the Relaxing-Energizing or the Anti-
                                  cellulite massage positively influence
                                  both the body and the soul.
Treatment steps:
1.   Cleansing, exfoliating
2.   Relaxing-Energizating or Anti-Cellulite slimming massage (except
     the Sugar-Kiwi softening and self tanning treatment)
3.   Skin care, selftan or waterblocking Sauna Mask
4.   Bodycare product according to the treatment goal
(35 - 60 min)
Slimming- Anti-cellulite treatment: HUF 10.800
Sugar-Kiwi Softening treatment: HUF 9.800
Skin softening Selftanning treatment: HUF 10.800
Skin softening Relaxing-Energizating treatment: HUF 10.800
Relaxing-Energizing Massage: HUF 10.800

            „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!
                                EPIL’SMART and STICK HAIR
                                exclusive hair removal
                                More effective!
                                Hairs are not broken or undergrown the skin.

                                More comfortable!
                                The exceptional wax doesn’t burn, nor sticks,
                                doesn’t have allergic effect.

      EPIL’SMART                            STICK HAIR
The heated spatula helps          The shaped spatulas helps to
to perfectly spread the wax       spread the wax in a very thin layer
and cover the hair from the       on the sensitive areas and cover
roote to the end. The elastic     the hair from the root till the ends.
cold wax eliminates the hair      It’s has a neylon fiber in it and
from the root without pulling     because of that paper doesn’t has
the skin.                         to be used. It’s perfectly pulls out
                                  the hair itself.

                        The GUINOT exclusive waxing method
                          is only 10% more expensive than the
                          regular one, but much more effective!

            „Beautify” with your beauty therapist!

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