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					Halloween Face Painting
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Article 1: Ideas For Halloween Face Painting

Article 2: What Supplies Are Needed For Face Painting?

Article 3: Need Face Painting Examples For Your Kid's Party?

Article 4: The Art Of Face Painting Designs

Article 5: How To Create Your Own Face Painting Pattern

Article 6: The Importance Of Face Painting Pictures

Article 7: Face Painting 04
Article 1: Ideas For Halloween Face Painting

Halloween is fun both for adults and young kids. If you've enjoyed painting pumpkins with your family and
friends, you will surely enjoy face painting during this special occasion. You can scare the wits out of young
kids and even adults if you paint scary faces once they knock on your door and ask the same old line – 'trick
or treat'.

Here are some excellent ideas for Halloween face painting.

Pumpkin – you can paint a pumpkin on both sides of your cheeks. The pumpkin should be bright orange in
color. The nose, mouth, and eyes can be painted in black. The outline and ridges of pumpkin design should
be light grey.

If you want, you can make your whole face look like a pumpkin. The base should be orange and for the
cheekbones, you have to apply a darker shade of orange. Make a triangle shape over your eyes and paint
it black. For your lips and nose, you must paint it black as well.

Skull – the skull design should occupy the whole face. The base should be white and after you've painted
the white paint, you can paint a bright red color for the lips. Make an outline of fangs on both sides of your
mouth in light grey. The fill should be white and the tip should be painted in red so that it will look like blood.
Use smoky grey for the eye lids and exaggerate your eye brows with sweeping strokes in black color.

Bat – make a bat design over your whole face. Just like the skull design, use white color as base. Above
your nose and your forehead, paint the face of the bat in black and light grey for the eyeballs. The body of
the bat should be painted over your nose ending at the nostril's base. Use different shades of black for the
body. The wings cover your eyes and your mid-cheek. You can paint some definitions by using light grey on
the wings. Over your lips, paint exaggerated curls upward to the corners. Use your imagination and you can
create a realistic bat design.

These are just four great ideas that you can use. if you want, you can obtain other painting ideas online.
There are many helpful websites you can visit to get some great ideas for Halloween face painting. Visit the
different sites and if you're diligent with your search, you can find pictures of the designs. With a picture to
refer to, it will be a lot easier to paint because you already have a clear idea of what the design will look like.
Find a design that you like so that it will be easier to paint.

You can even paint your own face if you like, but this will a bit difficult. Get the whole family involved and
paint each other's face. But before anything else, you have to buy face paints, paint brushes, and other
painting materials that you will need. You can purchase them in paint stores or in craft stores.

Celebrate Halloween with your family and friends. Give life to this special occasion by doing some face
painting. Just remember to wash the paint off your face before you go to sleep to avoid any irritations. Have
fun this Halloween season by painting your face in different designs. For a costume to go with your new face
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Article 2: What Supplies Are Needed For Face Painting?

The art of face painting can be a relative low-cost venture. Amateurs and professionals alike can enjoy
face painting either for profit or simply to entertain their own children. Should you decide to give it a try,
there are books available for beginners for as low as $13. If you prefer a hands-on approach to learning, a
safe bet would be to begin with a kit. Adventurous moms can find face painting supplies as close as their
make-up pouches.

Most supplies for face painting include water based paints for easy removal. The problem sometimes with
the face paint is the quality of the product. Hot weather can be an enemy as the perspiration can ruin the
artwork or cause the person being painted to perspire while you are trying to apply the paint.

Serious painters will find the need to invest in the proper, good quality brushes. Detail brushes are sold as
low as $3 each. A brush can make a big difference in the finished quality of your work. If you purchase a
cheap brush with an end that is too big or frays or scatters easily, you could be sorely disappointed in the
outcome and having to fight the brush to get the effect you desire.

Theme sets are a popular choice for face painting. Used especially at Halloween, these are sold with
instructions to achieve whole face outcomes. A person can enjoy becoming like a lion, monster, pirate,
mermaid, ghost, cat, mouse, favorite cartoon character, and much more. Parent will want to be sure their
child is of the right maturity level to sit still long enough for the paint to be applied start to finish.

If you don't want the full face effect, don't worry. Smaller designs can be added to enhance the effect of
your costume. Some stores sell rubber stamps in their supplies for face painting. The stamps are created
with a deeper impression and simple designs to make fill-in work quick and easy. They have foam backing
for easier use. The cost is about $8 USD each and the size is 2 inches by 2 inches.

Some face painting kits are sold for as little as $4 a kit. These would be fine for children to use for play or
for beginning artists to use just for practice or fun. They provide a low-cost option for charity events, such
as school fundraisers or church functions where the overhead must be kept low. Some kits are sold with 6
face paint pencils, a sharpener, sponge, and white face paint for a base color.

For the more advanced artists, stencils are sold at prices ranging from $35 to $85; including a video.
These are used with airbrushing, which has become a more popular form of face painting. Glitter gels and
stick-on jewelry can be added to accent your artwork.

When choosing face painting supplies, you may want to include paper, pencil, and markers to give yourself
a starting point for ideas. You also could buy a piece of poster board or cardstock to show your available
choices for purchase when setting up your booth. Maybe you'll want to invest in a carry-all, chair, and
small folding table as well.

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Article 3: Need Face Painting Examples For Your Kid's Party?

It's amazing how our creativity seems to have no boundaries. Artistry has gone a long way and different
mediums have cropped up. But when it comes to art, most people would think about big pictures by talented
artists who someday would have a name as big as the price tag attached to their work. But artistry is not just
for the highly talented, mostly, artistry begins with children and this is where its purity lies unchanged.

Face painting is an art where people, with or without exceptional talent can have lots of fun. Parents and
their children can have a fantastic bonding time together while their faces are being painted. For parties,
both children and adults can go wacky over the many different designs that they can make use of.

It is not just at children's birthday parties can you find face painting. Adult parties have them too and this
happens most especially in Halloween. But that doesn't have to stop there. There are still many events and
venues that you can have face painting as an activity or a contest, aside from the usual costume
competitions, or maybe just plainly wanting to go and look your best or you"re spookiest.

Forget about monsters, fairies and underworld creatures, there are so much more to face painting than
scary ghouls. Your creativity would only be limited by your imagination. But if you"re stuck in a rut and can't
seem to get any ideas on which design you want, then you will need some face painting examples.

The great thing about face painting examples today is that you don't have to go to the library or to a
bookstore to borrow or purchase face painting books to get your creative juices flowing. All you simply have
to do is to log on to the internet and do a search for the numerous face painting examples that are offered in
the websites that do offer them.

Many of these face painting examples are given for free. You will be able to browse through their pages and
see the designs they have. Usually the examples of these designs are already categorized by their themes.
So if you’re looking for an animal or say nature or clown designs, you will be able to find their examples in a

It's always advisable to know first the design that you are looking for. This way, you can directly go to the
category that you are looking for and start choosing which one you think you will be able to copy or
reproduce. If you just go in without any idea of what you want or need, you will be swamped by the
thousands of face painting examples that are available and will have so much difficulty in choosing one.

Also, try to choose that you think you will be able to do. If you pick a design that is too elaborate for your
artistic skills, you may just end up frustrated and botch the job. Also remember to get the opinion of your
child and let him or her help you choose, this should be fun for both you and your child. Remember, face
painting should be fun as they are done for fun filled activities, don't be stressed out even when you are just
beginning to look for a design or example. Go online and get your work over with in no time at all.

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Article 4: The Art Of Face Painting Designs

When you think about face painting designs, you probably think about simple kids face painting designs.
Many people do not realize that face painting designs go beyond the basic and simple shapes that we see
on small children. In fact, sophisticated and artful face painting designs are becoming more popular and
high in demand. There are many face painting designs that are used in plays, Broadway shows as well as
other types of major productions. Face painting designs go well beyond basic shapes and extend into some
very beautiful and creative pieces of art ever seen.

Like any other types of art, there are a numberless amount of face painting designs that can be used and
made up alike. In fact, there have been many movie productions that have used many unique and
distinguishing face painting designs to classify and portray different characters. These intricate and artful
face painting designs have also been the trademarks of many productions and characters that we see in
entertainment. Face painting designs are commonly used, because it not only adds a different touch to
entertainment characters, but it also eliminates the use of masks.

Different face painting designs also can carry the unique character and characteristics of the artist
themselves. Just like paintings and sculptures, face painting designs can be a expression from the artist.
Different face painting designs can serve as the artist’s trademark as well as displaying their ability of
creativity and design. Like any other piece of art, this is what makes face painting designs so attractive and

Another great feature about face painting designs is that they can accommodate any person of any age.
You can make a child into a tiger with a face painting design, and still apply that face painting design to an
adult. Many face painting designs can work for a wide range of ages as well as genders. This is also what
makes face painting popular and also serves as a reason as to why face painting is so successful.

Face painting designs can make a person to be anyone or anything they want to be. Anyone can use face
painting designs to transform themselves to almost anything and anyone they want. It is a fun way to be
creative and escape reality as you would on Halloween. Not only can face painting designs change your
appearance and help you role play, but it can also serve as artful expression of who you are as a person.
Just like the clothes we wear and the styles we use, face painting designs serve as another way for us to
express ourselves of how we view ourself and how we want others to perceive us.

The great thing about face painting designs is that there are endless design possibilities. You can create
face painting designs that could be viewed as abstract art, or you can create face painting designs that
represent real things. This is what makes working with face painting designs so fun and entertaining. With
face painting designs, you can never come up with a wrong design, and the designs are limited to your

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Article 5: How To Create Your Own Face Painting Pattern

Many books are available on crafts and painting and ideas for fun things to do with kids. But face painting
is simple and always a winner, especially with younger children. The only drawback is that they have such
a hard time deciding upon just one!

There's a book called '100 Things for Kids to Make and Do' that has several ideas for costumes and face
painting. Most of the time a face painting pattern is not actually something of material substance, but a set
of directions and photographs of the steps and finished artwork. It's just easier, I suppose, to think of them
as patterns. Many kids’ crafts books will have at least a small section with a face painting pattern of some
sort. The more complicated face patterns will come in handy when you need the step-by-step directions.
Good directions will keep it simple, showing individual photos of each layer as it is applied.

Halloween is probably one of the most popular times to paint faces, especially the whole face painting.
The choices are wide, including such as:

Vampires, clowns, witches, Winnie the Pooh, ghosts, pirates, genies, dinosaurs, bumble bees and bunnies.
Many parents just can't resist painting the ever popular Winnie the Pooh. A ghost is low-cost and simple
for those who are strapped for cash at Halloween, needing only white paint (maybe a little black circle
around each eye if you want a better effect to emphasize the holes. Many parents just can't afford the
costumes or simply don't want to invest in something that will be outgrown before the next year's event.
This makes face painting a great choice. You can paint the right face and wear one of your own outfits to
make it work!

A bunny face is a simple face painting pattern to follow as well. The most relevant feature would be the
buck teeth, followed by the whiskers. If you want a mouse pattern, this is easy to follow. Use a dot of
paint to accent the nose. Place tiny dots atop each side of the top lip; apply whiskers coming away from
the dots towards each cheek area. If you want a little more pizzazz, add darkened eyebrows, maybe
creating funny shapes for them.

An unusual pattern that isn't overused here in the United States is the panda face. It's best when used with
a base of white over the whole face, big black spots surrounding the eye area, a black spot covering the end
of the nose, black lips, and a black line from the base of the nose to the top lip. Then dot some small black
spots over the lip area under each nostril. Add a set of fake ears and you're good to go!

There is a wonderful children's book by Don Bortolloti which provides excellent close-ups of tiger faces you
can use as a pattern.

But remember, whole face painting is not the only face painting you can do. Sometimes all you need is a
small picture on the cheek for just the right effect. For a costume to go with your new face take a look at
Article 6: The Importance Of Face Painting Pictures

The art of face painting can be as simple or as complicated as the talent of the person painting. More
adventurous and experienced painters can put a lot of detail into their pictures in an amazingly short amount
of time.

When my son was 4 years old, an extremely talented artist, at a festival in Northeast California painted a
beautiful blue roadrunner bird on my son's cheek. My son refused to wash his treasure off for 3 days,
during which time the paint had begun to chip, peel, and smear. Of course, I had to take a photograph of
him snaggle-toothed and grinning with pride. Face painting has become quite advanced over the years.
Some wonderful artists have perfected the art of air brushing the face. Manufacturers now create face
stencils, paint pencils, face glitter, and stick-on jewelry to add pizzazz to face painting pictures. Pastel
paints have been developed as well to create a softer effect.

Family fun attractions have adopted face painting as part of their appeal. It is offered in malls as well,
although usually reserved for the holidays so as to maximize on the profits possible at such times.

Devoted football fans have painted their faces for years, proudly sharing their team spirit with the display of
team colors upon their person. Sometimes this will include the paw print of a mascot or maybe the name
or initials of the favored team, player, or player number.

The colors for face painting must be considered when choosing which pictures you'll want to paint. Will
you want to offer only a certain theme suited for a nearby holiday or upcoming event?

You certainly wouldn't sell many Halloween pictures at Christmas or vice versa. Monsters would not be
appropriate for a church function. Children of today would be less likely to choose an older cartoon figure
from an adult's childhood. Your choice of pictures can have either a negative or a positive impact upon the
reception of your talent and the success of your sales.

Plenty of practice before a big event is necessary to ensure your success as well. Timing will decide how
popular you'll be. If you should you take too long, a young child is certain to become impatient. Take into
consideration the level of difficulty in a painting. Whatever pictures you choose, good quality outcome is the
key to pull-in customers. Offer only pictures you know you can deliver well and quickly. Sloppy work will
quickly kill any hopes of building your newfound business. The more thought and effort you put in, the
more satisfaction you will get out.

Remember to take a camera and get pictures of your finished face painting for your portfolio. This will be
necessary should you ever need to send someone a sample of your work when trying to obtain gigs. Don't
forget the benefits of doing some work for free in order to build your reputation in the business. Last, but
not least, consider hiring a partner to help you manage your booth. For a costume to go with your new face
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Article 7: Face Painting 04

Kids are notoriously flighty, and there are always new trends coming and going. Nonetheless, there are
some things that tap into childhood so effectively that they really stay there year after year. Face painting is
definitely one of them. When people ask what I do for a living and I tell them that I paint faces, most of them
are pretty surprised. Some of them are outright rude about it. They refuse to believe that you can make a
living off face paints, but it is true.

I consider it an art more than a job. Painting faces is a fairly intricate skill. People ask for all kinds of different
designs on their faces. Of course you get the requests for butterflies, flowers, bunnies, and things like that
more often than anything else, but sometimes people want something more specific. You have to be able to
do it all.

I first got involved in face painting when I was just a kid. I always got Halloween face paint kits. As a matter
of fact, I wasn't really interested in the costumes. My parents were always frustrated because they would
get me an elaborate costume and all I would do is play with face makeup all night! Nevertheless, soon they
saw that I really had a talent. I kept with it all through school. I even used my face painting in high school.
Some of my friends were amateur movie makers, and I would do face painting for them. I could do it all –
monster movie stuff, glamorous makeup, and of course the classic face painting stuff that I do now.

When people see a face painting booth at the county fair, they don't really think about it, but some people
make their living off this. I am one of those folks. I make money at fairs, kid’s birthday parties, Halloween
parties, and carnivals of all sorts. Sometimes people even hire me for custom face paint jobs for their own
parties. I don't make a lot of money doing it, but I do make enough. It is worth it because I get to do what I
love. Few people really get to follow their passions in this life, so even though I have to get by on a
shoestring budget from time to time, I consider it worth it. After all, it makes me happy. Isn't that what life is
all about?

For a costume to go with your new face take a look at

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