Geography GCSE Coursework - Intro_ Hyps_ Methods_ Data Presentation Part 1

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					  Geography GCSE
Do the characteristics of a river change
 A comparison of Backstone Beck and
          The River Wharfe
    How much of my final grade does
           this count for?
   This is the only piece of Geography coursework
    you will do at GCSE.

   It is worth 25% of your final grade.

   That is the difference between getting an A* and
    a C, or a C and an E

   It is marked by me and then moderated by the
    exam board – so be specific about what you say!
   All your work must be kept together and handed in in a folder. No
    individual plastic wallets are to be inserted within the folders
   It must be no larger than A4 sized. Any large graphs must be folded
   You must number the pages of your coursework, including diagrams
    and graphs.
   All of the rough notes that you collect on fieldwork day must be
    handed in with your final version of the coursework at the back of
    your folder.
   Ideally word process your coursework – it will be easier and save
    you lots of time!
   Use geographical terminology throughout – a glossary of keywords
    highlighted in the main text is a great idea.
   Don’t worry about the word count.
             How is it marked?
Applied Understanding   6 marks    Marked throughout the
                                    piece of coursework.

    Methodology         6 marks    Describing and justifying
                                   the methods you used.

  Data Presentation     6 marks     Presenting the data
                                   collected in a variety of
 Data Interpretation    6 marks        Describing and
                                   explaining the data you
     Evaluation         6 marks        How well did the
                                    investigation go? Any
Total marks available   30 marks
                 The Introduction
   1.) State the aim of the investigation (look at the title on
    the front of your blue booklet!)

   2.) Why are you investigating “the changing
    characteristics of rivers along their course” for your

   3.) Why use Backstone Beck and The River Wharfe?

   4.) Describe each of the 2 sites that we will visit – their
    location (with maps), some background info, predictions
    of what the river will be like and explain why you think it
    will be like this.
    Backstone Beck - Introduction
   Where does the Beck begin and end? (Use maps and give 6 figure grid
   What is the route taken by the Beck like? (is it straight/winding, steep or
    gentle slope, altitude at the source and also the confluence with The River
   Describe the shape of the small drainage basin around the Beck (you could
    work out the area covered using the grid square method)
   What will the climate be like up here?
   What is the land used for around the Beck and why? Any evidence of
    human activity? (Aerial photo’s of the area would be useful here)
   What would you expect the river channel itself to be like here and why
    would it be like this?
   What would you expect the bedload to be like here and why would it be like
   What would you expect the valley sides to be like here and why would they
    be like this?
   How fast would the water be flowing here and why would it be like this?

Now do the same for The River Wharfe site.
          Maps from Multimap
 (select the old version)
 In the search box, type in the postcode LS29
  8TR (this is the postcode for school)
 Then find OS maps and aerial photos showing
  The River Wharfe site and The Backstone Beck
 To copy and paste these, the easiest way is to
  click the “print” icon, then right click and “copy”
  on the map that appears. Then paste into Word.
Where is Ilkley located?
Map to show location of study sites

                              Wharfe site

                               Beck site
               Floodplain of
                Wharfe with
               sports pitches

beach – site
  of data

                                 Slight meander
                                    of Wharfe

New Brook
bridge over
The Wharfe
                Town centre of
Ilkley Town

Ilkley Moor   Backstone Beck
                                 Cow and
               site – narrow,
                                Calf Rocks
              v-shaped valley

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