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             Philadelphia District Office • 283 Gibraltar Road • Horsham • PA 19044 • Phone: 215-347-6500 • Fax: 215-682-7979
      South Jersey District Office • 2511 Fire Road Suite B1 • Egg Harbor TWP • NJ 08234 • Phone: 609-626-0000 • Fax: 609-407-1555

                                                      A Note from the
                                                      General Manager
                                                      With Fire Prevention Week taking place
                                                      October 9-15, this presents the perfect
                                                      opportunity for us to focus on fire
                                                      prevention, fire alarms and equipment
                                                      and fire safety.
                                                      Recent estimates show that there were        Juan Dominguez
                                                                                                   District General Manager
                                                      1,348,500 fires reported in 2009,
                                                      according to the National Fire Protection Association.
                                                      That same report states that those fires caused 3,010 deaths,
                                                      17,050 injuries and cost $12.5 billion in damage. It is for this
                                                      reason that SimplexGrinnell strives to be a leader in fire
                                                      protection and safety.
Halloween                                             Why choose SimplexGrinnell? The answer is simple. As your
Safety Tips                                           life-safety experts, we are the best option to build and maintain
                                                      your complete safety program. Our fire detection and alarm
Halloween is a fun and                                systems are famous for their quality, reliability, and code-driven
spooky time of year for kids.                         survivability, making them an excellent platform for a total
Make trick-or-treating safe                           integrated solution combining fire, security, sound and
for your little monsters with                         emergency communications.
a few easy safety tips.                               And SimplexGrinnell offers much more than just fire detection
                                                      and alarms. We deliver and service a full array of advanced fire
  When choosing a costume, stay                       sprinkler and fire suppression systems. We can also couple our
  away from billowing or long-                        advanced technologies with integrated security systems and
                                                      other solutions to create an advanced multi-tiered system that
  trailing fabric. If your child is
                                                      addresses all your life-safety needs with a comprehensive
  wearing a mask, make sure the
                                                      single-source solution that includes built-in forward migration for
  eye holes are large enough so                       excellent investment protection. When it comes to experience,
  he or she can see.                                  technology and leadership, SimplexGrinnell is the only name
                                                      you need to know.
  Provide children with
                                                      For more information on fire safety at home or
  flashlights or glow sticks as
                                                      at the office, visit us on Facebook, or feel free
  part of their costume.                              to give me a call at 215-347-6525, or email
                                                                                                                    Juan Dominguez
                       (continued on page 3)          me at jdominguez@simplexgrinnell.com.                        District General Manager
    Fire Alarm

    Simplex® XAD Remote Air-Sampling Smoke Detection System
    A cost-efficient, high-quality solution for HVAC ducts and other areas.

    The Simplex XAD Air-Sampling Smoke Detector is         Detection Challenges: Smoke sensors placed
    an excellent solution for challenging duct             in HVAC ducts can determine if smoke is present
    applications, as well as restricted areas such as      near a protected area as air travels through the
    prison cells and the top of elevator shafts when       duct. However, the location of HVAC ducts
    smoke detection is required by code. The system        themselves can create challenges for system
    utilizes Simplex TrueAlarm® sensing technology,        designers and become a nuisance to end-users.
    together with a high-performance aspirator and         Traditional duct detectors are sometimes installed
    configurable flow monitoring circuitry. It is well     in difficult-to-reach areas that occasionally require
    suited for use in traditionally difficult-to-access    the use of lifts to perform service – a costly
    HVAC ducts, in commercial properties, institutional    proposition.
    settings and industrial sites.                         Solution: The Simplex XAD Duct Detector:
    Duct Smoke Detection: In a fire event,                 Utilizing a high-performance aspirator and
    ventilation duct systems can carry smoke and toxic     configurable flow monitoring circuitry, the Simplex
    gases from one area of the building to another.        XAD detector can actively draw air from a
    Duct systems may also supply air to a fire, fueling    difficult-to-reach HVAC duct up to 80 feet away,
    its growth. System designers must meet the             allowing easy access for service. The sampled air
    challenge of developing solutions that effectively     is filtered before being analyzed by a Simplex
    detect and control smoke and airflow through the       TrueAlarm smoke sensor that is incorporated into
    use of devices such as duct smoke detectors and        the system. Air flow level is displayed on a
    smoke dampers.                                         ten-element bar graph that can be adjusted for
                                                           high and low flow thresholds, and flow failure is
    Smoke detection within ducts does not replace          reported as a device trouble alert via relays to the
    open-area smoke detection. It does provide             monitoring system.
    greater control over the flow of smoke from one
                                                           Unlike other duct detectors, flexible tubes can be
    area to another. If smoke is detected within a duct,
                                                           used for installing the Simplex XAD duct detector
    that duct can be closed and the corresponding
                                                           in places where conventional CPVC pipes cannot
    HVAC unit shut down to prevent further spread of
                                                           be installed easily. In a duct application, two
    smoke, help protect life and property, and avoid
                                                           flexible tubes are installed. The inlet tube is used
    business disruption.
                                                           to sample air from the duct and the second tube
                                                           exhausts the air back into the duct. When using
                                                           the Simplex XAD Air-Sampling smoke detection
                                                           system, the detection device can be mounted
                                                           outside the protected area and accessed without
                                                           the use of lifts or ladders, bringing tangible cost
                                                           savings to end-users. As the service for the
                                                           Simplex XAD detector can be performed from floor
                                                           level, it is well-suited for challenging applications:
                                                           where duct detectors are difficult to maintain and
                                                           service; where an aerial lift device must be used to
                                                           service duct detectors; and where unobtrusive
                                                           smoke detection is required.
                                                              Refer to the Simplex XAD datasheet
                                                           (S4098-0048) for detailed specifications or
                                                            call your SimplexGrinnell Representative
                                                                      today at 215-347-6500.

Fire Alarm
Emergency and Exit Lighting                                    Safety Tips
                                                               Safety Tips
                                                               (continued from page 1)
from SimplexGrinnell
                                                                   Dried flowers, cornstalks and
Emergency and exit lighting are                                    crepe paper are highly
critical elements for safe escape                                  flammable. Keep these and
in an emergency.                                                   other decorations well away
                                                                   from all open flames and heat
                                                                   sources, including light bulbs
                                                                   and heaters.

                                                                   When lighting candles inside
                                                                   jack-o-lanterns, use long,
                                                                   fireplace-style matches or a
                                                                   utility lighter. Be sure to place
                                                                   lit pumpkins well away from
                                                                   anything that can burn and far
                                                                   enough out of way of
                                                                   trick-or-treaters, doorsteps,
                                                                   walkways and yards.

                                                                   Remember to keep exits clear
These fixtures illuminate the way toward the means of              of decorations, so nothing
egress during power outages. National safety codes                 blocks escape routes.
require emergency illumination to be provided for not
                                                                   Tell children to stay away from
less than 90 minutes in the event of the failure of normal
                                                                   open flames. Be sure they
lighting. SimplexGrinnell can provide your facilities with
                                                                   know to stop, drop and roll if
emergency lighting systems that will ensure you are                their clothing catches fire.
Code-compliance requires monthly and annual testing.               Use flashlights as alternatives
                                                                   to candles or torch lights when
Any loss resulting from a bulb failure or unit malfunction
                                                                   decorating walkways and
is too high a price to pay. SimplexGrinnell offers tests
and inspections to keep your emergency lighting systems
code-compliant and ready to function when needed.                  If your children are going to
Emergency and exit lighting equipment with battery                 Halloween parties at others’
backup is required to be inspected on a monthly basis              homes, have them look for
for not less than 30 seconds, and a 90-minute full-function        ways out of the home and plan
test is required on an annual basis per NFPA standards.            how they would get out in an
On every annual examination, SimplexGrinnell uses a
volt meter to check the charge of the battery before testing   www.firepreventionweek.org
the equipment.

   To establish monthly and annual testing
     schedules, call your SimplexGrinnell
    Representative today at 215-347-6500.

    Fire Sprinkler

    Manufacturing Facility Protection
    Throughout our history, SimplexGrinnell has specialized in fire sprinkler protection at manufacturing
    facilities of every type and every size. For new construction, our involvement during the planning
    stage can help save time and money. The same is true for retrofit installations. We understand the
    need to control costs and keep disruptions to a minimum. If changes in your operations necessitate
    upgrading or reinforcing the existing sprinkler technology, we put the experience gained in countless
    such projects to work for you.
    A change in occupancy can also trigger an upgrade in fire protection to meet local code
    requirements. The existing protection may no longer be adequate. SimplexGrinnell is ready to
    provide the sprinkler system reconfiguration and piping enhancements you need to bring your
    facility into compliance.

    Large Storage Facility Protection
    Large-scale warehousing and storage facilities pose special challenges in fire protection technology
    for either fire control or suppression. The primary strategy involves rapid, directed discharge of large
    volumes of water, either to quickly extinguish a fire, or to control its rate of heat release before it can
    reach dangerous levels and cause major destruction.
    In addition to fire protection, providing the right technology for these applications can save water.
    SimplexGrinnell routinely explores opportunities to achieve LEED Points* that may yield tax
    incentives for warehouse operators. To reduce water consumption, we often install Early
    Suppression Fast Response sprinklers and/or Control Mode Specific Application sprinklers.

    Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR)
    ESFR sprinkler protection exceeds that of the standard in-rack and large drop sprinkler installations.
    These quick response sprinklers discharge very high volumes of water in an efficient pattern to
    rapidly extinguish or control a fire, ultimately reducing product and property damage. Among other
    benefits, ESFR sprinklers circumvent repetitive re-installations of in-rack sprinklers, promote easier
    movement of materials, and permit more flexible storage arrangements.

    Control Mode Specific Application (CMSA)
    CMSA sprinklers are employed to prevent a fire’s heat
    rate from accelerating to the point that it compromises
    a building’s structure. To prevent the fire from spreading,
    they pre-wet combustibles in that area. In some cases,
    CMSA sprinklers can be used in lieu of conventional
    in-rack sprinklers, which sometimes can reduce the
    size of fire pumps and storage tanks where applicable.

    *Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
    Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S.
    Green Building Council

Healthcare Communications

Wander Prevention
A reliable Wander Prevention system
enhances security for wander-prone
residents in elder-care facilities.
Wearing the lightest, smallest transmitter available,
residents move freely through authorized areas, but
are prevented from accessing stairwells and other
dangerous areas, or leaving the facility unattended.
If the resident approaches a controlled door, its lock
is activated. If a door opens, an alarm sounds.
Alarms can be forwarded to wireless staff pagers
and phones. Door devices are monitored and
generate an alarm if not functioning. All events are
logged in a password-protected database.
Greater freedom of movement for residents is
something you can deliver. Individuals can be
authorized to use certain doors. Volunteers
assigned specific resident tags can bypass selected
exits. Resident spouses can escort their                 Greater freedom
wander-prone partners, and “temporary absence”           of movement for residents
status lets family members escort a resident             is something you can deliver.
through controlled doors without passwords.
When the 802.11 receivers are installed throughout the facility, it’s possible to track resident positions
in real time and respond to signals from the personal emergency and staff duress tags. Tagged keys
or other equipment can also be located. Administration and caregiver staff alike will find the systems
easy to learn and use.

     •   Modular and scalable – protect a single door or multi-building site
     •   Add features now or later
     •   Database records all transactions, alarms and door bypassing
     •   Fewer alarms – door locks before approaching resident can open it
     •   Discrete – the industry’s smallest, lightest tag
     •   Alarm reporting to mobile staff pagers or phones
     •   Easy-to-program exit protection for time of day
     •   Keypads and hands-free staff pendants unlock doors – system logs
         staff and resident IDs

     •   Reduces liability risks; allows fast staff response
     •   Magnetic door lock integration available
     •   Fire alarm integration – system disables to allow evacuation
     •   Low-profile installation – no unsightly antennas
     •   Custom Elevator Protection Kits available

                              SimplexGrinnell has Entered into a
                              Partnership with the Philadelphia
                              Flyers and the Wells Fargo Center.
                              This new partnership allows us to offer you, our clients, unique
                              experiences. The agreement includes access to Philadelphia
                              Flyers games, with the opportunity to ride on the Zamboni during
                              an intermission, along with monthly tickets to various concerts
                              and shows at the Wells Fargo Center, ranging from Disney On
                              Ice, to Trans Siberian Orchestra, to the Foo Fighters.

                              Most recently, some clients attended the Champions Series
                              Tennis event with Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors, Jim Courier and
                              Pete Sampras on Saturday, September 24th. Tom Santiago and
                              John Terman were able to attend a pre-event tennis clinic while
                              others attended a meet & greet with the pros.

                              With great events like this, we look
                              forward to an exciting partnership!

    Upcoming Expos

    Chamber of Commerce            Health Care Facility                  Federal
    Southern New Jersey            Managers Association                  Contracting
    Business Expo 2011             of Delaware Valley                    Opportunities
    Crown Plaza Cherry Hill
                                   (HFMADV)                              2011
                                   22nd Annual                           Newark Liberty
    2349 West Marlton Pike
                                   Conference &                          International
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
                                   Technical Exhibition                  Airport Marriott Hotel
    Thursday, October 6th
                                   Radisson Hotel Philadelphia           Thursday,
    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM             2400 Old Lincoln Highway              November 17th
                                   Trevose, PA 19053
                                   Thursday, October 6th
                                   8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Here When You Need Us: Key Contacts For Your Questions And Comments
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jdominguez@simplexgrinnell.com                    Gerald DiPinto, General Sales Manager                      Dave Shinn, Electronic MAC Service
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Stephen Celino, Security Installation Manager
609-254-8581                                      Scott Beveridge, Electronic Systems Sales                  Keith Moylan, Sprinkler Service Sales
stcelino@simplexgrinnell.com                      Representative, Chester county, Delaware county            Representative, Philadelphia & South Jersey
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eobrien@simplexgrinnell.com                                                                                  Mike Kruszewski, Preventative Maintenance
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215-347-6532                                                                                                 Agreement Sales Representative, Philadelphia
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narobinson@simplexgrinnell.com                    Representative, Philadelphia & South Jersey - Schools      215-347-6509
Kenneth Bogue, Total Service Manager              215-347-6521                                               jwatson@simplexgrinnell.com
215-347-6577                                      dhanratty@simplexgrinnell.com
                                                                                                             Paul Broderick, Preventative Maintenance
kbogue@simplexgrinnell.com                                                                                   Agreement Sales Representative, South Jersey,
                                                  Tony DiBonaventura Jr., Electronic Systems                 Delaware County & Chester County
Kathleen Covaleskie, Service Supervisor, PA       Sales Representative, West Philadelphia
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kcovaleskie@simplexgrinnell.com                   adibonaventura@simplexgrinnell.com
                                                                                                             Rick Sorensen, Preventative Maintenance
Mike Wadlinger, Service Supervisor, SJ            Kevin Donahue, Electronic Systems                          Agreement Sales Representative, Bucks County
609-820-2597                                      Sales Representative, South Jersey                         & Montgomery County
mwadlinger@simplexgrinnell.com                    609-254-9851                                               215-347-6582
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Vance Martin, Inspection Manager
215-594-2737                                      John Terman, Electronic Systems                            Thomas Santiago, Preventative Maintenance
vmartin@simplexgrinnell.com                       Sales Representative, South Jersey - Princeton             Agreement/Sprinkler Sales Representative,
                                                  609-254-3923                                               South Jersey
Mike Pruchniewski, Inspection Supervisor, PA      jterman@simplexgrinnell.com                                609-289-1459
215-347-6589                                                                                                 thsantiago@simplexgrinnell.com
mpruchniewski@simplexgrinnell.com                 Lynwood Fessler, Electronic MAC Service
                                                  Sales Representative, East Philadelphia                    Michael C. O'Donnell, Preventative Maintenance
Bridget Valiante, Service Coordinator             & Montgomery County                                        Agreement Sales Representative, Philadelphia
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Philadelphia District Office                                                                            PERMIT #128
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283 Gibraltar Road                                                                                         08031
Horsham, PA 19044

            What’s Inside
 • XAD Remote Air-Sampling Smoke Detection System
 • Emergency and Exit Lighting
 • Fire Sprinkler Systems
 • Healthcare Communication: Wander Prevention
 • Partnership with the Philadelphia Flyers and
   the Wells Fargo Center

SimplexGrinnell Philadelphia/South Jersey           Twitter: besafephilly          Blog: besafephilly.wordpress.com

                                                              Training is available for all of
                                                              the equipment and technology
   Fire Prevention Week!                                           we install, including:
   October 9-15, 2011                                             • Fire Alarm
                                                                  • Fire Suppression
   You'll find educational material and tip                       • Special Hazards Systems
   sheets on the leading causes of home                           • Integrated Security Systems
   fires, information about protecting your                       • Fire Extinguishers
                                                                  • Restaurant Fire Suppression
   home and families with life-saving
                                                                  • Mass Notification
   technologies, and the importance of                            • Sound and Communications Systems
   home escape planning.                                          • Healthcare Communications
                                                                                             … and more

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