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									What exactly is a CMS?
Simply put, a CMS is a software application that facilitates the creation, publishing, distribution, organization and
management of online content. Think of it as a storage controller, or a library of information that you control.

A CMS not only produces the structure of precisely how written information- articles, video, elements of design and
images- will be presented, it provides each of the tools for populating a web site. A CMS assists the web editor by
supplying tools for the creation of content, the publishing of your content, and, ultimately to archiving and storing this

According to your specific needs and staffing, the CMS may be intended for use by a highly technical webmaster or
can be so simple and intuitive that even the most technologically challenged editors are able to use it effectively.

CMS: Management Tools
Obviously, Content management systems can offer a lot more tools than simply editing tools. The Content
management system could be made to handle a number of sophisticated management tools too.

A Content management system can offer an array of work flow tools. These powerful tools allow an organization to
use a number of permissions for their workers or customers.

For instance, you could have multiple "authors" inside your company, people who are designated to create content
which will show up on the organization website. A Content management systems can limit the abilities of those
authors, providing them with the ability to submit articles, although not to edit or publish.

When any new content is written, the system can instantly send a reminder to the editor, who then has authorization to
alter the content. Your company content management systems can provide your editors the ability to edit any copy
within the system, although not provide the editors with the ability to write the actual content.

The Content management system may also set rules for who will be able to author different parts of the site. For those
who have an eCommerce site, you may limit updates to inventory for your product managers. Similarly, for those who
have a "News Website", access might be restricted to the people of the communications team.

If designed properly, most Content management systems possess the capacity to permit the addition and elimination
of images and videos from art galleries and posts, etc. They may also be used to alter specific ad banners on pages
where an advertisement may be placed. Keeping content fresh is important, and getting a Content management
systems is a superb tool to provide your organization the opportunity to do that.

Other Major Features of a CMS can include:
Seamless Content Management
    • Quickly create new content and articles
    • Update existing images or text quickly and easily
    • Format all content, including the banners and ads

Full Compatibility with 3rd PartyPlug-Ins
    • eCommerce plug-ins
    • Plug-ins for Google Checkout, Paypal, and more
    • SEO plugins
    • Any kind of plugin you can imagine or build

Search Engine Optimization Capabilities
    • Easy integration with Google Analytics
    • Seamlessly update website data, sitemaps, etc
    • Quickly and easily update your meta information

Multi-Tiered User Permissions
    • Grant system access to multiple team members
    • Limit access on the different parts of your website
    • Assign limited or administrative access to different team members

                                How To Choose The Best CMS Web Design Company
CMS web design is a tricky area. Not that it is a complicated domain but the manner in which the web design industry
operates is not exactly ideal for businesses that are not completely aware of CMS web design or Joomla web design.
Some of the biggest problems that businesses are met with while choosing a web design company is that the web
developers often do not understand what the client is actually in need of, there are ongoing expenses as and when
there has to be certain additions to the website content and so on and so forth.

CMS web design is an integral aspect of a business in these times and it is imperative that a business chooses the best
web design company that can manage to offer seamless yet affordable services. Here are a few tips that should be able
to help you to choose the best web design company.

   1. CMS web design is not about using a standard web template and adding the content a business provides. Web
      design is entirely a creative domain and businesses need to look at this aspect while choosing a CMS web
      design company.

   2. There are several platforms today that are used to build websites such as Joomla web design or Wordpress web
      design. The best web design company will take its time to explain the nitty-gritty to a business at the time of
      consultation. Many companies often simply hire a web design company and assigning the job they leave it at
      that. While active participation is not deemed to be necessary when the CMS web design is in progress but
      knowing what a business is supposed to expect and have is crucial.

   3. Costs play a pivotal role in any business decision. Not unlikely, it is significant to note the costs of CMS web
      designs. If you can manage to hire the best web design company then you can keep your costs surprisingly
      low. If you have encountered your CMS web design company charging incessantly over minor updates or
      amendments to the website content then you seriously need to look for other options.

   4. Simply building a CMS web design does not end the job of a developer. There is a need to launch the site and
      also operate it with utmost efficiency. Whether you are looking for custom CMS web design, Joomla web
      design or anything, you must have the web design company being in charge at all times.

So you see, a content management system is an important part of any modern website. Now armed with some more
detailed info on the uses of a CMS, you will have an easier time picking the right developer for your specific needs.

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