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_800 per month method with Google Adsense by AlexKaranja


Learn How To make at $800 per month with Google Adsense.

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                  $800 per month method with Google Adsense

I'm going to show you, step by step, how you can make about $800 per month with
adsense. It's so easy that even a teenager can generate cash from this.

First, let's set up what you need: 1 website or a landing page with a domain and hosting, an
adsense account and a Craigslist account. You will need 20 minutes of your time everyday
as well. 20 minutes per day to make $800 per month! Not so bad!!

Since this is involved Real Estate foreclosure, the first thing you need is a domain
with the word "foreclosure" in it. So, go to (or any other domain site or use
one of yours) and in the search field, use something like "word foreclosure" or "foreclosure
word". An example would be "searchforeclosure" or "foreclosureguide". Sky's the limit
with the word available out there. Plus, take a dot com instead of a dot net or dot info. It
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will cost you less than 10 bucks so no biggie here.

Once you have your domain, you need a hosting to host your website files. Go to (or any other hosting). Plans start at less than $4 per month. So it's cheap.

Now, for the files, let me show you how to make your landing page. Search for a foreclosure
website on Google. I found "my foreclosure tips dot com". You can see it looks complete and
professional. And there are 3 areas of adsense on it.

Once you found a website, go to your browser's tools tab and click on "source" or web
developer and view source if you use Firefox. Copy/paste the code, insert it to Notepad and
save it as a dot htm (or html) document. You're done. You have you landing
page. Make the links not clickable in your code and change the adsense code with your
adsense code so you can get paid. Email me if you need some help here.
                         The Ultimate Resource To Making Money Online



So, so far, you have a site with a landing page, a domain and your hosting.

Now, go to craigslist dot org and register for an account. It's easy, fast and free. No big deal

What you need to do now is find the appropriate type of home picture
depending the city you want to post in craigslist. Let's suppose you post a home in
foreclosure in Buffalo, NY, you don't want to use a Mexican style home from Phoenix, AZ.
People will see right away there is something wrong. So, if you want to post a home in
foreclosure in Buffalo, go to google images and search for "Buffalo house" and you'll see a
bunch of pictures of local homes there. Same thing for each other cities.

Once you have your pictures from 30 or 40 different major cities, where you get more traffic
than smaller cities, you can post it in its own city. Type something that will catch people
attention: "Foreclosure - this pool home must go - price at $89,900 - will go fast, act
now". Then, insert your landing page URL code so people can go to your website to
see the home. Except there is no home in your landing page. That's when they click all over
to have more details of the home. And they will click on your adsense as well. And you're

I post 5 ads every day. But you can post more than 5 ads yourself. But for me, 5 ads is
about 20 minutes of time because I change the picture of the home each time to have fresh
pictures. And since this is targeted traffic (people really looking to make a good deal buying
a foreclosure), I have about $2 for each 100 visitors. I have days that make $40 and days
with less. But 5 ads - 20 minutes/day is averaging $800/month, which is not bad.

Take action and make money now!
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