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									Use Your Tablet PC and Save Paper
The arrival of the tablet PC has changed the way we do a lot of things. Now, a lot of offices are starting
to go paperless with the assistance of tablet PCs. For example, a good number of companies would
rather have a tablet PC storing important manuals or reference materials instead of mass producing
them for every employee, the process of which uses a lot of paper.

This is great news for environmental conservationists because the less paper we use, the less trees will
be cut. We are saving our forests and reducing our carbon footprints with the help of the tablet PCs and
the applications that come along with them. Another great thing about going paperless and using tablet
PCs besides saving a lot of money in printing and paper is that it increases productivity in the process.
This is one benefit companies are very interested in before they decide to sell Iconia Tab A500 or other
tablet PCs.

But saving on money and paper isn’t something only companies get to enjoy, thanks to tablet PCs. Even
individuals can benefit in the sense that they don’t have to bring along a separate planner, camera, MP3
player, and netbook anywhere they go. They also don’t have to spend on expensive pens, organizers and
date books!

So, what are the apps that people use with their tablet PCs that actually minimize their use of paper?
Moleskine is one app that you can install on your tablet PC that can replace the paper version. If you
love writing journals, sketching or just doodling, having this app on your tablet PC is great. With this
app, there’s no need to bring a separate journal. The great thing is that this app can be downloaded for
free. You don’t need to purchase the expensive paper Moleskines you see for sale. This is one way to be
inspired if you want to be in the ranks of great men like Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh, Jean Paul
Sartre, and Pablo Picasso, all of whom carried Moleskines.

If you use your iPad for meetings, installing Agendas is a great help. You can broadcast your page to the
others who are also using it and you can even include images and interact with the other users. This is a
bit costly to download at $9.99, but worth the price according to those who sell Kindle Fire.
Another app is the iAnnotate PDF. By using this app, there’s no need for you to print out PDF files just
so you can highlight the important points because you can do it right on your tablet PC.

If you are an artist, Sketchbook Pro is a great app to have if you want to go paperless with your art. This
is a paint and drawing app that can do justice to your creativity anywhere you are. It has 60 built-in
brushes and can create up to 6 layers.

When you ask those who sell Kindle DX 3G about how to diminish your paper use with a tablet PC, they
will probably recommend these apps.

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