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									 On the Move
               Charles                          Christo-
               Abbe,                            pher Lewis,
               NeoPho-                          Wells Fargo
               tonics                           The San
               The San Jose                     Francisco
               provider of                      financial
               photonic                         institution
integrated circuit-based         named Christopher Lewis
modules and subsystems           executive vice president
for bandwidth-intensive,         and head of global trade
high-speed communica-            services. Previously, he
tions networks appointed         served at HSBC.
Charles Abbe to its board
of directors. He is former                      David
president, chief operating                      Milam,
officer and director at JDS                     Five9
Uniphase.                                       The San
                Victoria                        cloud-based
                Emmons,                         contact
                Hope             center software provider
                Hospice          named David Milam chief
                The Dublin       marketing officer. He is
                health care      former chief marketing
                provider         officer and executive vice
that supports individuals        president at McAfee.
in the advanced stages of
an illness named Victoria                      Cindy Cole
Emmons chief execu-                            Sauvignon,
tive officer. Recently, she                    ParAccel
served as vice president of                    The
development and commu-                         Campbell
nications at Hospice of the                    enterprise
Valley.                                        analytics
                                 platform provider named
               Raphaël           Cindy Cole Sauvignon vice
               Gernez,           president of channel sales.
               Aerohive          She is former vice presi-
               Networks          dent of worldwide channels
               The               at Meru Networks.
               provider of                       Dean
controller-less Wi-Fi and                        Hickman-
cloud-enabled networking                         Smith,
named Raphaël Gernez                             Aerohive
vice president of opera-                         Networks
tions. Previously, he was                        The Sunny-
vice president of global                         vale provider
sourcing and purchasing at       of controller-less Wi-Fi and
SunPower.                        cloud-enabled networking
                                 named Dean Hickman-
               Young Huh,        Smith senior vice president
               Kona Ice          of worldwide sales. He is
               The mobile        former senior vice presi-
               service           dent of worldwide sales at
               shaved ice        Proofpoint.
               owner in San                    Ken Wolf,
Jose was named president.                      Business
Previously, he was an area                     Wire
manager at Propark.                            The San
               Peter Lai,                      press release
               Delivery                        distribution
               Agent             and regulatory disclosure
               The San           company named Ken Wolf
               Francisco         vice president of software
               provider of       development. He started
               shopping-         at the company as senior
enabled entertainment ap-        software engineer in 2001.
pointed Peter Lai president
and chief operating officer.
Previously, he held execu-
tive positions at Duty Free
Shoppers and The Body

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