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					      Halloween                                                      by Howard Ratcliffe

       The Druids celebrate Oct 31st as the day when dead spirits may move freely into the living
world, but which spirits are we talking about? The Celts were governed in all aspects by an
initiated caste of Druid Priests. Rituals involved being cast adrift in the “Womb of Ceridwen”, an
enclosure which protected the aspirant from the deluge, thus she was known as the “Genius of the
Ark”. Noah and his 7 companions survived the “Flood” in the biblical account, so essentially all
occult based religions (including the one you think is Christian) are based on surviving or escaping
God’s judgment. Martin Luther renamed this occult holiday “All Hallows Eve”, but he merely
carried on where the Bards left off, and they being merely the continuation of the Druids before
them, but commemoration of the dead from the Flood did not originate with them either.
     In Egypt, the Ship of Isis containing the chest or coffin of her twin brother/husband, Osiris
protected flood survivors until coming to rest on the 17th day of Athyr (November). Athyr came
originally from Hathor, the celestial cow goddess who filled a similar protective role, but this also
became the basis for the Arthurian legends where Arthur was taken across the lake and Bardic
myths which look forward to his return from the abyss with his 7 companions. Similar are Mormon
progenitors “Jaredites” traveling to the Americas from Mesopotamia in a submergible raft full of
animals and bees. Note: Jared was the 6th descendant from Adam, so his entire family necessarily
perished in the flood. For Anglo-Saxons, November is called the “Blood Month” and for Celtics,
“Hogunna” (Nov 1st) is New Year’s night which is still celebrated on the Isle of Mann. In France,
the same day is Le Jourdes des Morts or “Day of the Dead”. In Ireland, the day is “Geimredh”, and
all of it is the same Druid and Cornish New Year “Samhaim” or “Samhagen”, a celebration of the
ghosts of Atlantis which devotees in Wales and Scotland call “Festival of Atlantide”. Far from
their invention, ancient Babylonians, Assyrians and Akkadians (1st Semitic impersonators in the
post flood world) celebrated “Arahsamma” as their Lord of the Land of the Dead in the month of
Marcheswan (Nov), and the later neo-Babylonians then worshipped Marduk as the Lord of the
Deep/Abundance/Rain. In India, the festival of the dead, “Durga” begins the Hindu New Year in
November. In Iran (Persia), the same festival is called “Mordad” and November is the month of
the angel of death. In Abroginal Australia, natives paint white stripes on their bodies to mimic
skeletons in November. In Peru, Incan natives begin their new year with the festival of
“Ayamarka” or “Carrying of the Corpse”. In Mexico, the Aztecs still celebrate their Day of the
Dead and in Polynesia, prayers for the dead begin in November.
      Just to make my self clear, I believe building pyramids and solar oriented structures is a far cry
from celebrating escape from God’s wrath and communicating with dead spirits who were able to
accomplish this feat. My contention, is that Canaanite/Phoenician merchants taught the world to do
these things. They were the original Akkadians who impersonated Semites (sons of Shem) in
Mesopotamia and the Hyksos who infected Egypt with Satanic doctrine beginning about 1800 BC.
God is in control of everything from start to finish, but His kingdom will be populated by people
who choose to be part of it by their own free will and not rebel against His plan. Just look at the
flood and one can easily see, God is leaving an open door for the occultists to spread their doctrine
until the end, when all free will is gone. From Phoenicia, the Greeks were indoctrinated and the
Strait of Gibraltar was formed by flood waters to allow their exporting of Satanic doctrine. Not
coincidentally, God made the “Trade Winds” blow west in the southern Atlantic and back east
again in the Northern Atlantic. Again, from Phoenicia (Lebanon) and Anatolia (Turkey), another
route was provided during the flood at the Bosporus Strait, the single most strategic piece of real
estate on the planet, and both were intentionally created when the Black Sea overflowed into the
Mediterranean and it into the Atlantic roughly 4500 years ago. Occultists think they are pulling
one over on God with these escape stories, but they are the dupes being coaxed along by a Creator
with a plan as well as a sense of humor. It’s time to choose sides!
    The bible says all of us live and get judged, so these dead souls are certainly not in Heaven.
The bible also says to never communicate with dead spirits. Why? Because they most likely were
originally angels who followed Satan in his rebellion to God. Transmigration of souls is the
Satanic lie taught to humanity since the flood to allow for escaping God’s wrath. These Satanic
demons teach occultists that they are really pre-flood Atlantean souls who escaped the flood and
communicate their abilities to enlightened souls of this age. This is why Egyptians believe Isis
guards the souls of the dead on the star Sirius in the constellation of Orion, and the pyramids are
aligned with her star. Mormons are taught a similar lie concerning the star Kolob. Initiates in
Egypt, spent 3 days in the great pyramid, Druids were initiated into the Arkite religion by spending
3 days in Ceridwen’s womb (usually a burial mound or raft on a lake or sea inlet) and Hopi Indians
spent 3 days in a cave full of snakes before becoming medicine men (Shaman). There are countless
other examples of becoming a “God Man” in control of the afterlife, which is why Man was made
in the image of God, not a God himself. Remember, it was the Druid god “Hu” who gave us the
name “hu-man”, not Jesus Christ!
    In a nutshell, the Akkadians were the first “God Men” who impersonated Semites in order to
blame them for violence against the Babylonians. Nimrod and Hamurabi replaced God as their
heroes and law givers, and their flood escape story was the “Epic of Gilgamesh”. Arcadians in the
Greek Isles used the same story in the form of “Jason and the Argonauts”. Templars were actually
crypto Jews who impersonated Christians during the Crusades in order to associate Christianity a
violent conversions of unbelievers, and Jews get blamed for being world domineering money
changers by Satanic wolves in sheep’s clothes. This is why Jesus said “I know thy works…and I
know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of
Satan.” Rev 2:9
    Sir Francis Bacon wrote New Atlantis in 1627, followed by Nicholas Poussin’s painting Et in
Arcadia Ego. Arcadia is really just a buzzword for a return to the pre-flood days of Atlantis.
Atlanteans were considered the 4th root race and Hitler’s 5th root race was called Aryan, who he
billed as a race of Nordic god-men who would usher in the 6th race of enlightened humanity. His
Aryan nation was merely a cover and alternate translation for Orion, the god-man who gets stung
on the heel by the scorpion. The movie The Scorpion King was the debut for a wrestler known as
“The Rock”, and did anybody bother to notice he was an Akkadian? Notice also that in mythology,
“Diana” the huntress actually does the stinging of Orion, so like Joan of Arc (Arcadia), or the
Greek Orthodox version, St. Sophia (Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s imaginary love child was
Sophia), the occult Jesus is actually a goddess whom the Greeks knew as Artemis or Ceres, the
Romans knew as Venus, Catholics know as Mary, and the Druids knew as Ceridwen, the “Genius
of the Ark”. This is probably already confusing enough, but Atlantis translates to “Isle of Atlas” ,
and Plato wrote in the 4th century BC that Atlantis was beyond the Mediterranean. The Atlas
mountains are just south of the Strait of Gibraltar, perhaps the 2nd most important piece of real
estate in the world, created intentionally by God during the flood to allow for the overspreading of
    The title of this article was Halloween, or “All Saints Eve”. If nothing else, take from this the
fact that Halloween has nothing to do with Saints, and little really to do with Druid goblins
traveling between the dead and living. It is rather the occult New Year celebration which Satan’s
demon angels know marks one year closer to the destruction of humanity, and their eventual battle
with Jesus Christ. Humanity will be given no quarter in Satan’s kingdom, but occult fools like
Zionists, Witches, Freemasons, and Jesuits will do his bidding by heralding the return of King
Arthur from the abyss in the Egyptian month of Arthyr right before Satan turns on them. All of
humanity is in the same boat, and welcome at the Lord’s table, but we have to ask Him for
permission to enter. Old Testament Judaism and Born Again Christianity is all about illustrating
the need for a Savior. Who’s yours?

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