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Halloween Bingo


									                          Halloween Bingo
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The rules of Halloween bingo are quite simple. Each person gets a bingo card (we
have 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 Halloween bingo cards for you to print). Each of these
Halloween bingo cards is different and has a random selection of pictures (we have
up to 40 different ones).
A caller pulls out little pictures from a hat or container (these pictures are the ones
on the Halloween bingo call sheet, which you print and cut out), shows it to everyone
and describes it.
When someone finds a matching picture on their Halloween bingo card, they mark it
out with rocks, pennies, stickers, etc. Once someone is able to fill out the
predetermined pattern, that person yells out “BINGO” and wins a prize.

There are many different combination patterns.

Blackout - Halloween bingo: (usually played with the 3x3 Halloween bingo card),
where all of the pictures need to be marked out (show bingo-blackout.jpg)

Lines - Halloween bingo: (can be played with any size Halloween bingo cards), which
is when someone marks out a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line (show bingo-lines-
01.jpg, bingo-lines-02.jpg, and bingo-lines-03.jpg)

T’s – Halloween bingo: creating any type of T (show bingo-T-01.jpg, and bingo-T-

U’s – Halloween bingo: creating any type of U (show bingo-U-01.jpg, and bingo-U-

Square – Halloween bingo: creating a square all around (show bingo-square.jpg)

It would be best to have a Halloween bingo rule that each person can win only one
prize (you can have different prizes for a different combination; a prize for blackouts,
a prize for lines, a prize for T’s, etc.). Sometimes in a game, two people can combine
a pattern and win the same prize at the same time. In this case you can “play rock
paper scissors” or draw straws; this will decide who gets the prize and who keeps on
playing for the next prize.
You can also make this Halloween bingo game educational. For example – the caller
picks out a pumpkin picture. All the people who have that pumpkin picture get up
and gather into a group. The caller asks them any type of question (best if it was
about Halloween!! Anything relevant to the age group – could be spelling, history,
math, even something physical they need to do – like hop on one foot, etc.).
The group discusses the question and need to come up with an answer. If their
answer is right, they get to go back to where they were seated and mark out the
pumpkin picture that was called. If their answer was wrong, they go back to their
seat and the pumpkin picture goes back into the hat so to be chosen again.

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