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                 David Craigen     Hogan Lovells supports International Legal Forum
 Head of Business Development      hosted by the Office of the President of Mongolia
  and Public Relations, Asia and
                     Middle East
               +852 2840 5073      ULAANBAATAR, 18 May 2012 – Hogan Lovells is delighted to be the     lead international legal partner at the forthcoming International Legal
                                   Forum hosted by The Office of the President of Mongolia and held at
                   Kelsey Lau      the Ikh Tenger State residence on May 29 and 30, 2012. The theme
     Marketing Communications      of the forum is: Fostering inclusive economic growth through
                 Manager, Asia
               +852 2840 5909
                                   legal reform.
                                   The Forum will bring renowned Mongolian and international legal
                                   practitioners and members of the business community together to
                                   discuss international legal issues that are relevant for Mongolia's
                                   rapidly developing economy and on-going legal reform. Consisting of
                                   high-profile panel sessions which will review the current state of
                                   Mongolia's legal and institutional framework in a local and
                                   international context, the Forum aims to create a common consensus
                                   among practitioners, policy makers and the business community to
                                   provide policy recommendations for enabling a legal and institutional
                                   environment which supports economic growth and business in

                                   Hogan Lovells speakers at the Forum include Ulaanbaatar Office
                                   Managing Partner Michael Aldrich and partner Chris Melville who has
                                   recently relocated to our Ulaanbaatar office, along with international
                                   partners Jamie Barr, James Harris, Anthony Raven and Laurent

                                   The Forum will open with an interview with the President of Mongolia
                                   by David Pilling, Asia Editor of the Financial Times.

                                   Also supported by the Mongolian Bankers Association and
                                   international media partners the Financial Times and Bloomberg, the
                                   International Legal Forum will be the first high-profile gathering of
                                   Mongolian and international practitioners to assess Mongolia's legal
                                   development over the past twenty years and debate whether we are
                                   on the right path. Representatives from Myanmar and the
                                   Government of Kyrgyzstan will also be present.

                                   The Office of the President intends that the Forum will provide a
                                   blueprint for legal reform.

                                   Commenting ahead of the Forum, Ulaanbaatar Office Managing
                                   Partner Michael Aldrich said:

                                   "We are proud of our strong track-record in Mongolia where we have
                                   been for three years now. To be able to support a Forum of this
                                   nature is a rare privilege. We look forward to what will be a realistic
                                   assessment of whether the laws and business practices in Mongolia
                                   fulfill the developmental aspirations we all have for this important



About Hogan Lovells in Mongolia

Hogan Lovells is celebrating its third anniversary in Mongolia.

Our office has experienced strong growth since partner Michael
Aldrich moved to Ulaanbaatar in April 2009 to spearhead our
Mongolia practice. Three years on, Chris Melville, a partner in our
London office recently relocated to our Ulaanbaatar office where we
now have eight other fee earners.

As the first global law firm to establish a permanent presence in
Ulaanbaatar, Hogan Lovells understood the potential of the Mongolian
market very early on and made a commitment to provide legal
services adhering to the highest international standards of quality for
our clients in Mongolia and around the world. In August 2011, the
Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Authority and the Legal
Enterprise Registration Office of Mongolia issued their approvals for
the establishment of Hogan Lovells (Ulaanbaatar) LLC, with a scope
of business inclusive of legal services.

Our associated law firm, GTs Advocates LLC is a local law firm in
Ulaanbaatar whose team of lawyers is qualified to provide formal legal
opinions under the laws of Mongolia. The relationship between
Hogan Lovells and GTs enables the two firms to cover all aspects of
Mongolian legal advice, including the preparation of formal legal
opinions and representation of clients before Mongolian courts, as
well as all international legal issues that may arise from doing
business in Mongolia.

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