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Halloween 2011 - Strongsville City Schools


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									The Lantern
    w een E dition
  Be Prepared to be Scared                                 on
                         MansfIeld Pris
                                                                                                                                                     By Emmie Donelan & Marisa Mindyas

  If you like fear, there are many places around    over night and look for ghosts.
                                                                                                                         Gore Opha
 Strongsville that can fit your limit.
   Starting with the freakiest, The Mansfield
 Haunted Prison Experience is a popular haunt-
                                                     This haunted attraction has won seven awards.
                                                    Some examples include Scariest Haunt, Haunt
                                                    of the Year, most assaulting soundtrack, and a
 ed Halloween attraction.                           local award of excellence.
   It’s located inside the Ohio State Reforma-        It’s located in Mansfield Ohio at the Ohio
 tory, an old prison that is thought to be haunt-   State Reformatory. Tickets are $17 dollars for
 ed. It’s over 124 years old and closed down in     all nights. You can buy tickets online or at the
 1990. When it was in use, it could hold up to      door. Their phone number is 419-360-5689
 155,000 prisoners.                                 and their website is http://www.hauntedx.com.
   The Mansfield Haunted Prison Experience          The Haunted attraction is open through Hal-
 includes a haunted attraction with your typi-      loween on every Thursday through Sunday.
 cal haunted house props, focused around the        Hours on Thursday are 7-11 PM, Friday and
 fact that the prison is haunted. Also, you can     Saturday7-midnight , and on Sunday 7-10pm.
 schedule Ghost Hunts, which allow you stay

                                                                                                         If you like to be scared out of your mind, there is an abandoned orphanage not far from Strongs-
                                                                                                       ville. Located in Lorain County, The Gore Orphanage shut down in 1916 and has been closed ever
                                                                                                       since, after burning down with children still inside.
                                                                                                         The only thing that made it out of the fire is the foundation. According an eye witness, “late at
                                                                                                       night you can hear the screams and smell roasting children.” If you want to visit Gore Orphanage,
                                                                                                       find Gore Orphanage Road in New London. There are no tickets and no tours.

Seven Floors of Hell
  The most commonly visited haunted
attraction by people form Strongsville
is Sever Floors of Hell. If you’re look-
ing for the “normal” haunted house
experience, this is the place to be.
   Seven Floors of Hell is located in
Berea at the Cuyahoga Fair Grounds.
There are seven themed houses, al-
though the main theme this year is the
Saw movies. You never know when
something’s going to happen because
the attraction is not only in the hous-
es, there are actors roaming around to
scare you.
  Tickets are 20 dollars for any three
houses and 23 dollars for all seven of
them. You can only get tickets at the                                                                     Another popular haunted house is Bloodview, which is on Towpath Trail in Broadview
door, although there is a coupon there                                                                 Heights.
website,      http://www.7floorsofhell.                                                                  This haunted house is the only Charity Haunt in Cuyahoga County, meaning no actor receives a
com.                                                                                                   paycheck. All the money from entrance fees goes to various charities.
                                                                                                         Bloodview is not just a haunted house, but a haunted experience. There are many parts to the at-
The hours on Thursdays and Sundays                                                                     traction. The Gore House, the Haunted Trail, Baby Doll Island, the cemetery path, the Post Apoch
are 7-10 PM. On Fridays and Satur-                                                                     Trail, and the Maine House are all of the attractions at Bloodview.
days Seven Floors is open from 7PM                                                                       Tickets are $15 for three attractions, $20 for an all-night pass, and you can go back into a house
to midnight.                                                                                           you’ve already been in for $3. Tickets are available at the door. Their phone number is 440-526-
                                                                                                       9148 and their website is http://bloodview.net.
                                                                                                       Bloodview is open from 8PM until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and from 8-10PM on
                                                                                   By Larissa Fisher and James Williamson

The biggest in zombie books, movies, videogames and tv shows

                                                               I am legend is a post-apocalyptic science fiction film starring Will Smith and
                                                               directed by Francis Lawrence. In the movie, Will Smith plays Robert Nev-
                                                               ille, the only man immune to the vicious man-made virus that was originally
                                                               intended to cure cancer. He is located in an empty New York City with his
                                                               dog, Sam, searching for fellow survivors and works to create a virus for the
                                                               zombie-like people who come out at night to hunt, that are already infected.

                                                                A hot series on AMC, taking place
                                                               after a zombie apocalypse centering
                                                               around main character Rick Grimes
                                                               (Andrew Lincoln), a cop from Geor-
                                                               gia, wakes from a coma after an inju-
                                                               ry in battle. Grimes and his family
                                                               lead a group of fellow survivors on a
                                                               journey across the desolated country
                                                               avoiding the living dead and search
                                                               for safety and other survivors. Every
                                                               episode the characters are faced with
                                                               horror of the living dead and hostil-
                                                               ity amongst greedy survivors.

                            Global best-selling video game
                          series Call of Duty joined the
                          zombie phenomena in 2008 with
                          the game mode “Nazi Zombies”
                          in the game Call of Duty: World
                          at War.                                  The Zombie Survival Guide
                           This video game brings together
                          two terrifying worlds of Nazis                                                     The Zombie Survival Guide:
                          and Zombies into one game.                                                      Complete Protection from the
                           This game mode consists of                                                     Living Dead (NY Best Seller)
                          various levels of zombie inva-                                                    This New York Bestseller serves
                          sions; the goal for the gamer is                                                as a survival manual for poten-
                          to stay alive as long as possible.                                              tial zombie attacks containing
                          They start off fairly slow but as                                               detailed plans for the average
                          the game progresses, the speed                                                  citizen to stay alive. Also states
                          and toughness of these things                                                   a list of “previous” zombie at-
                          will get the best of most players,                                              tacks in history and an appendix
                                                                                                          of blank pages for the reader to
                          and there literally is no escape.                                               take notes on their own survival
By: Jenn Lash, Jen Taggart & Alyssa McDannel
 Rachel Ragone                                    Kirby Hockaday
 Biggest Fear: Clowns                             Biggest Fear: Blood
 “Clowns look so                                  “I’m scared of blood
 terrifying. When I was                           because it makes my skin
 10 I went to a                                   crawl. A few years ago
 haunted house with                               I had to get blood
 creepy clowns who                                drawn and passed out.”
 freaked me out.”                                                          Eric Anderson
                                                                           Biggest Fear: Clowns
                                                                           “When I was four I went
Sabrina Gloeckler
                                                                           on a Haunted Hayride,
Biggest Fear: Spiders
                                                                           on my birthday, where a
“I hate spiders because
                                                                           clown with a chainsaw
they have too many
                                                                           was picking on me.”
legs. When I was 5, I
went camping and got
bit by a spider and had
a bad reaction to it

     Jill Ross
     Biggest Fear: Scary Movies                                          Anthony Kowalski
     “When I watch scary movies                                          Biggest Fear: Ghosts
     I feel like it’s real life. After I                                 “I’m afraid of ghosts
     watched Texas Chainsaw                                              because you never know
     Massacre I heard it was based                                       where they’re at but they
     on a true story and now I am                                        can touch you. My
     forever scared of chainsaws.                                        childhood made me first
                                                                         scared of them.”
                                                                       Stephen Soupanich
                      Kate Faulaber                                    Biggest Fear: Death
                      Biggest Fear: Clowns                             “I’m scared because I don’t
                      “I’m scared of clowns                            want to go to hell. Church
                      because they get up in my                        taught me to be scared of it
                      face and their make-up                           because I dont want to burn
                      is creepy. The movie IT                          internally.”
                      caused my fear of the.”

  Paige Amodio                                      Max Mclaughlin:
  Biggest Fear: Ghosts                              Biggest Fear: Death
  “I’m afraid that a                                “I’m scared of that fact that
  ghost is going to kill me.                        you’re not living and the
  I first got scared when I                         fact that you dont know
  saw Paranormal Activity,                          what is going to happen
  it made me aware of what                          when your dead.”
  ghosts are capable of
Page designed by
Dan Kasian,
Sean Alexander,
Vinny Moser


 1. Nightmare on Elm Street                             6. The Thing
 In the dreams of his victims, a spectral-child         Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-
 murderer stalks the children of the people who         shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people
 killed him                                             that it kills.

 2. Paranormal Activity                                 7. The Shining
 After moving into a suburban home, a couple            A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter,
 becomes increasingly disturbed by a demonic presence   where an evil presence influences the father into vio-
                                                        lence, while his psychic son sees horrific things from past
 3. Silence of the Lambs                                and future.
 A young FBI cadet must confide in an incarcerated
 and manipulative killer to receive his help on         8. The Exorcist
 catching another serial killer who skins his           When a child is possessed by a mysterious entity, her
 victims.                                               mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daugh-
 4.Texas Chainsaw Massacre
 A group of friends are being stalked and hunted by     9.   It
 a deformed killer, who’s family can only eat what      Seven outcast kids fight a demon who poses as a child
 they kill.                                             killing clown. 30 years later, they are called back to
                                                        fight him again
 A psychotic murderer, institutionalized since          10. The Hills Have Eyes
 childhood, escapes and stalks a high school girl       An American family is being stalked by a psychotic family
 and her friends                                        that lives in the desert
                                           the World
                                                                                       Hong Kong
                                 Japan                                       Known as “Yue Lan” (Festival              Created by
Halloween is new to Japan, and the Japanese absolutely love it! Japanese     of the Hungry Ghosts) people              Megan Largent, Kristen
 citizens fully embrace Halloween with going all out on their costumes,       believe that ghosts roam the             Zeszut, Taylor Grahl, and
 which include anime characters, ninjas, samurais, uniforms, and much,       earth for 24 hours. The people            Sarah Tuckowski
much more. They even have a parade in Kawasaki to celebrate the new           of Hong Kong burn images
                            yearly tradition!                                of fruit and money during the
                                                                              night, because they believe
                                                                             that the images will reach the
                                                                             spirits and offer them comfort
                                                                                throughout their journey.
 Apple Dookin’, or bobbing for
 apples, is a tradition that origi-
 nated in Scotland. Scottish peo-
  ple tie their hands behind their
   back, and then dip their head
 into a bucket full of apples and
 attempt to grab them with their
  teeth. Although it can be very
 unsanitary and possible danger-
 ous, it is a fun tradition that has
     even spread to America.

                 Germany                                                                                              Mexico
    As the children of the United                                                               In the United States, treats and candy are given to
   States pull out their fake knives                                                          people that are alive, but in Mexico, treats are given
  for their Halloween costumes, the                                                          to the deceased. “el Dia de los Muertos” or “The Day
   people of Germany are quickly                                                               of the Dead”, is a popular three-day celebration in
    hiding theirs. In Germany, the                                 Czechoslovakia              Mexico that starts on Halloween, and concludes on
  people believe that knives should                       The celebrations that take place       November 2nd. During this three day period, de-
    be hidden on Halloween night                          in Czechoslovakia are all about      ceased family members are honored by creating an
   in order to protect the returning                       family and honoring the dead.      altar of offerings for the deceased filled with candy,
  spirits. It is believed that any sud-                    Here, chairs are placed by the     food, and drinks. The Mexicans believe that on Hal-
   den movements with knives on                             fireside on Halloween night.         loween night, the spirits of their deceased family
   Halloween, day or night, could                         There is one chair for each liv-    members go to their relatives’ homes for their treats,
          harm passing spirits.                           ing family member and one for      much like children in the United States do when they
                                                            each family member’s spirit.               go door to door for “trick-or-treat.”

                                 What are you being for What was your favorite Would you rather dress up   What is your first
      Name                        Halloween this year? costume as a kid?         as a VAMPIRE or a
                                                                                                         memory of dressing up?

 Gwen                            Dead Mistress                  Mermaid                        Zombie                   Spongebob on a
 D’amico                                                                                                                     box
 Kristen                                  Sun-Drop          Dorothy from                      Vampire                    Grandma made
Kirkwood                                     Girl             Wizard of OZ                                             princess costumes
 Nathan                                Jedi Knight             Teletubby                      Vampire                   Getting all the
Steigert                                                                                                                     candy
 Mary                                       Harlem                 Witch                       Vampire                Cat in the Hat
Papandreas                                Globtrotter
             BLOODY MARY
                                  SCARY LEGENDS                                                                     By Aziz Ahmad & Elija Mwase

Mary Worth lived a long time ago. She
was a very beautiful young girl. One day                                                                                                     The Killer In The Back Seat
she had a terrible accident that left her
face so disfigured that nobody would look                                                                                              One night a woman went out for drinks
at her. She had not been allowed to see her                                                                                            with her girlfriends. She left the bar
own reflection after this accident for fear                                                                                            fairly late at night, got in her car and
that she would lose her mind. Before this,                                                                                             onto the deserted highway. She noticed
she had spent long hours admiring her                                                                                                  a lone pair of headlights in her rear-
beauty in her bedroom mirror.                                                                                                          view mirror, approaching at a pace just
                                                                                                                                       slightly quicker than hers. As the car
 One night, after everyone had gone to bed,                                                                                            pulled up behind her she glanced and saw
unable to fight the curiosity any longer,                                                                                              the turn signal on — the car was going
she crept into a room that had a mirror.                                                                                               to pass — when suddenly it swerved back
As soon as she saw her face, she broke down                                                                                            behind her, pulled up dangerously close to
into terrible screams and sobs. She turned                                                                                             her tailgate and the brights flashed.
on the sink and tried to wake her self up
with water, hoping this was just a hor-                      THE HOOK                                                                  Now she was getting nervous. The lights
rible dream. She realized it was reality. It                                                                                           dimmed for a moment and then the
was at this moment that she was so heart-        A teenage boy drove his date to a dark and                                            brights came back on and the car behind
broken and                                     deserted Lovers’ Lane for a make-out ses-                                               her surged forward. The frightened wom-
                                               sion. After turning on the radio for mood mu-          Humans Can Lick Too!             an struggled to keep her eyes on the road
wanted her old reflection back that she
                                               sic, he leaned over and began kissing the girl.                                         and fought the urge to look at the car
walked into the mirror to find it, vowing
to disfigure anybody that came looking                                                            A young girl named Lisa was          behind her. Finally, her exit approached
                                                  A short while later, the music suddenly                                              but the car continued to follow, flashing
for her in the mirror.                                                                            left alone on several occasions
                                               stopped and an announcer’s voice came on,                                               the brights periodically.
                                               warning in an urgent tone that a convicted         as her parents worked late. Her
                                               murderer had just escaped from the state in-                                            Through every stoplight and turn, it
                                               sane asylum — which happened to be located
                                                                                                  parents bought her a dog to keep
                                                                                                                                       followed her until she pulled into her
                                               not far from Lovers’ Lane — and that anyone        her company. One night Lisa          driveway. She figured her only hope was
                                               who noticed a strange man lurking about with       was awoken by a constant             to make a mad dash into the house and
                                               a hook in place of his right hand should imme-                                          call the police. As she flew from the car, so
                                               diately report his whereabouts to the police.
                                                                                                  dripping sound. She got up and
                                                                                                                                       did the driver of the car behind her — and
                                                                                                  went to the kitchen to turn off      he screamed, "Lock the door and call the
                                                The girl became frightened and asked to be        the tap properly. As she was         police! Call 911!"
                                               taken home. The boy, feeling bold, locked all
                                               the doors instead and, assuring his date they
                                                                                                  getting back into the bed she
                                                                                                                                       When the police arrived the hor-
                                               would be safe, attempted to kiss her again.        stuck her hand under the bed         rible truth was finally revealed to the
                                               She became frantic and pushed him away,            and the dog licked it.               woman. The man in the car had been
                                               insisting that they leave. Relenting, the boy                                           trying to save her. As he pulled up behind
                                               peevishly jerked the car into gear and spun its
                                                                                                   The dripping sound continued,
                                                                                                                                       her and his headlights illuminated her
                                               wheels as he pulled out of the parking space.      so she went to the bathroom          car, he saw the silhouette of a man with
                                                                                                  and turned off the tap properly      a butcher knife rising up from the back
                                                When they arrived at the girl’s house she got                                          seat to stab her, so he flashed his brights
                                               out of the car, and, reaching to close the door,
                                                                                                  in there, too. She went back
                                                                                                                                       and the figure crouched back down.
                                               began to scream uncontrollably. The boy ran        to her bedroom and stuck her
     How To Summon Bloody Mary:                to her side to see what was wrong and there,       hand under the bed, and the dog
                                               dangling from the door handle, was a bloody
1) Go to any room with a mirror. Going in      hook.
                                                                                                  licked it again.
a group, or at least with one other person                                                          But the dripping continued,
is recommended.
                                                                                                  so she went outside and turned
2) Turn off the lights, make sure there is                                                        off the taps out there. She came
little to no light coming into the room.                                                          back to bed, stuck her hand
3) One of you (probably the braver one)
                                                                                                  under it, and the dog licked it
should touch the mirror, everyone else                                                            again.
should hold hands.                                                                                  The dripping continued, drip,
4) Turn on running water, since that is
                                                                                                  drip, drip. This time she listened
the last thing Mary heard.                                                                        and located the source of the
                                                                                                  dripping — it was coming from
5) Chant Bloody Mary 3 to 13 times, deo-
ending on preference.
                                                                                                  her cupboard. She opened the
                                                                                                  cupboard door, and there was
6) Watch the mirror. People have said to                                                          her dog hanging upside down
see Red Eyes or scary faces in the mirror.
Also, there are people who claim to have
                                                                                                  with its neck cut, and written
been scratched on the face, this is Mary’s                                                        on the window on the inside of
attempt of deforming others, the way she                                                          the cupboard was, “HUMANS
was deformed.
                                                                                                  CAN LICK TOO!!!”
7) Run!
The Seven Deadly Sins CreepyPasta
  I’m writing this so that I can keep a    ally couldn’t do much. I ran with her      band a month before the year started.
bit of sanity. This is my suicide note.    to my car and placed her in the back       The thing is, when I said no, they
It’s the end for me. I just want this      seat, and drove as fast as I could to      would keep calling and calling, until                                                    rifying than a middle aged man be-
                                                                                                                                   By Sarah Fravel, Caite Raymond,
down so that others may see why            a nearby hospital. We were instantly       they became violent and foul. One of                                                     cause they signify innocence.
death brings suffering. Why you can’t                                                                                              and Vinny Moser
                                           admitted, and she was saved from go-       them even tried to kill me right out-                                                      Mirrors allow us to be able to view
let one person die in your life.           ing into cardiac arrest. It turned out     side my house. He shot at me with a                                                      ourselves, but also present to us the
  My daughter got home from school                                                                                                    In the spirit of Halloween there is
                                           that my daughter, age five, had heart      handgun and clipped my ear.                                                              idea that things are not always as they
at about two in the afternoon. Since                                                                                               nothing better than reading or watch-
                                           disease.                                     The fifth year, I became inexplica-                                                    seem.
she was in a kindergarten class, they                                                                                              ing something that is extremely scary
                                            During those next seven years things      bly angry at my daughter and wife for                                                        The unclear allows the reader’s
sent the little tykes home before the                                                                                              and mind-boggling.
                                           started to really get bad. Seven years     everything. I became abusive in the                                                      imagination to wander and form their
others. I thought that I could get in an                                                                                             The website to visit to fulfill these
                                           later near Christmas, I had a wife         month of December, but in that same                                                      own conclusions of the story, which
hour or two of some TV. I finished at                                                                                              needs is CreepyPasta.
                                           named Samantha, and a son named            month, I fell down the stairs and suf-                                                   can sometimes result in a more hor-
around 1:40, and exactly after I turned                                                                                                CreepyPasta is a website full of
                                           Gregory. My daughter, Haley, was           fered brain damage that gave me little                                                   rifying ending to any story.
the television off, a ring came at the                                                                                             creepy short stories and pictures
                                           12 years old, Greg was about 4. I          memory of the year past. I can only                                                        After reading the tips the creators
door. I walked to the door and saw a                                                                                               posted by members of the website. If
                                           was loving life. The kids were happy,      recall this because my daughter told                                                     have given to the writers, they then
little girl with her mother selling girl                                                                                           a member wants to post an unnerv-
                                           Samantha and I were happy. It was          me about it.                                                                             submit their short stories as a hyper
scout cookies. I happily bought them                                                                                               ing, shocking short story on the web
                                           great…except for the years previous.        The sixth year, my daughter became                                                      link to the website.
and started to eat the Tagalongs (I                                                                                                site they have to meet the criteria.
                                             The first year, all the woman around     jealous of my son for getting all the                                                      CreepyPasta has a large variety of
gave the little girl a tip, when deliv-                                                                                              The creators first want the writers to
                                           me became aroused and flirted with         attention. I tried to tell her that babies                                               short stories and pictures which are
ering cookies in the heat of Florida,                                                                                              focus on the aspect of fear and what’s
                                           me constantly. Want to know why            need more attention than ten year-                                                       very obscure and frightening.
you have to have a bit of decency).                                                                                                going to unnerve the reader.
                                           that was bad? Every one that I reject-     olds. She became angry and violent                                                           As a first time viewer of the
About 25 minutes later, my daughter                                                                                                   The three types of fear necessary
                                           ed killed themselves in some horrid        and eventually ran away. I called the                                                    CreepyPasta Website you can check
got home. “Hello daddy!” she said,                                                                                                 for the CreepyPasta story are shock,
                                           way. One gutted herself with a kitch-      Center for Missing and Exploited                                                         out suggested reading or Genre List-
throwing herself on me. I chuckled                                                                                                 paranoia, and dread.
                                           en knife, and another hung herself         Children. They found her in the aban-                                                    ings. The suggested reading links are
and got her some lunch. It was defi-                                                                                                  The creators also want something
                                           from the gutter on her house.              doned house next to us, hiding in one                                                    the top rated stories on the webpage
nitely a normal day, until that night.                                                                                             that has never been done before.
                                             The second year, my daughter be-         of the closets. She was starving, and                                                    at that time. In the Genre listings you
  At around 1:40 in the morning my                                                                                                     On their website they explain,
                                           came infatuated with food, so much         eventually kicked her anorexia.                                                          can pick a category that stands out to
daughter screamed bloody murder. I                                                                                                 “Death is overrated. It is so over-
                                           that her heart condition worsened.           It was the seventh year now, and                                                       you and read all of the stories that it
quickly jumped out of bed and ran                                                                                                  played that people are immune to
                                           She was rushed to the hospital over        nothing had really happened at all.                                                      has to offer.
to her room. I threw the door open,                                                                                                it. Someone going missing is better
                                           10 times during the course of the          That is until that night at exactly 1:40                                                   Some of the genres include Demon/
and saw my daughter huddled up in                                                                                                  than saying they found him dead two
                                           year, but when the year was up, she        in the morning that things went in-                                                      Devil, disappearances, ghosts, his-
a little ball on the corner of her bed.                                                                                            weeks later.”
                                           became anorexic, and stopped eating        sane. I heard my daughter scream, a                                                      tory, reality, shocking endings and
I grabbed her quickly and turned                                                                                                      To write a CreepyPasta story you
                                           much altogether.                           bloodcurdling scream. I quickly ran                                                      many more.
the light on in her room. What I                                                                                                   must reel in on the most frightening
                                             The third year, my house went into       to her room, and saw something that                                                         CreepyPasta has what it takes to
saw was completely chilling. Writ-                                                                                                 aspects of scary movies such as the
                                           foreclosure, and I became very stingy      broke my heart and terrified me. A                                                       make you jump out of your skin. It
ten in red paint on the wall: LUST,                                                                                                unknown, science, children and girls,
                                           with money and food. We later found        man stood looking at her bed, hold-                                                      has stories and pictures that will
GLUTTONY, GREED, SLOTH,                                                                                                            mirrors, the unclear, abandonment,
                                           out that the landowner of our house        ing a sleek knife. He grabbed her and                                                    make you believe that the impossible
WRATH, ENVY AND PRIDE; SINS                                                                                                        faces, pictures, and technology.
                                           still had rights to our land, and was      ripped her open with the blade. It’s                                                     is possible.
OF YOUR FOREFATHERS, SINS                                                                                                            The unknown is easy to work with
                                           stealing money out of my credit card       hard to even think about it, but he                                                         After visiting this sight you will
YOU CAN’T HIDE. What was that                                                                                                      because the writer can tap into the
                                           for two years. I’m lucky that I met        took all that remained of her. I was so                                                  experience what Halloween is truly
supposed to mean? The seven deadly                                                                                                 un-explainable things in our world
                                           Samantha, and she let my daughter          proud of her.                                                                            about.
sins?                                                                                                                              and seek to give it a terrifying, semi-
                                           and I move into her home. We mar-            It’s the eighth year now. My wife                                                          The following stories are two
   My daughter started to hyperven-                                                                                                believable answer.
                                           ried in December, and had my son in        left me, my son barely knows me,                                                         CreepyPastas.
tilate, and she started saying “dad-                                                                                                A story about a little girl is more ter-

                                                                                                                                   The Girl in the
                                           October.                                   and I curse myself every day. My late
dydaddydaddydaddy” over and over              The fourth year, I was called by        wife, who bore my daughter, I now
again. I grabbed her asthma inhaler        many talent agencies, asking about         know that it was you who gave me
and tried to give it to her, but she was   my amazing singing skills, which I         this curse. You always hated me. I
so far into an asthma attack that it re-   had shown off when I sat in with a         couldn’t save you. I never could. And

                                                                                      you hate me for it. So now I end it all.

                                                                                                                                     One school day, a boy named Tom           awakened by a tap on his window. It
                                                                                                                                   was sitting in class and doing math.        was like a nail tapping. He got really
                                                                                                                                   It was six more minutes until school        scared. After the tapping he heard a
                                                                                                                                   let out. As he was doing his home-          giggle.
                                                                                                                                   work, something caught his eye. His           He saw a shadow near his window,
                                                                                                                                   desk was next to the window, and he         so he got out of his bed, walked to-
                                                                                                                                   turned and looked to the grass out-         ward his window, opened it up and
                                                                                                                                   side. It looked like a picture.             followed the giggling. By the time he
                                                                                                                                    When school was over, he ran to the        reached it, it was gone.
                                                                                                                                   spot where he saw the photograph.              The next day again he asked his
                                                                                                                                   He ran fast so that no one else could       neighbors if they knew her. Every-
                                                                                                                                   grab it. He picked it up and smiled.        body said, “Sorry, no.” When his
                                                                                                                                    It had a picture of the most beautiful     mother came home he even asked her
                                                                                                                                   girl he had ever seen. She had a dress      if she knew her. She said “No.” He
                                                                                                                                   with tights on and red shoes, and her       went to his room, placed the picture
                                                                                                                                   hand was formed into a peace sign.          on his desk and fell asleep.
                                                                                                                                     She was so beautiful he wanted to           Once again he was awakened by a
                                                                                                                                   meet her, so he ran all over the school     tapping. He took the picture and fol-
                                                                                                                                   and asked everyone if they knew her         lowed the giggling. He walked across
                                                                                                                                   or have ever seen her before. But ev-       the road, when he was suddenly hit
                                                                                                                                   eryone he asked said “No.” He was           by a car. He died instantly, picture in
  Hello, this is Gregory, the boy in the   dition. He killed every woman who          remember much about that month.              devastated.                                 hand.
story. I’m 36 now, and I was given         flirted with him for one year, making        The sixth year, he drove my sister            When he was home, he asked his              The driver got out of the car and
this note from the police about a year     their deaths look like suicides.           out of the house, calling her names          older sister if she knew the girl, but      tried to help him, but it was too late.
ago. This suicide note was written by          The second year, he stuffed his        and hitting her. She hid in the house        unfortunately she also said “No.”           He saw the picture and picked it up.
my father back in 1980. I was only         daughter full of food, making her eat      next door when my father called a              It was very late, so Tom walked up        He saw a cute girl holding up three
five years old. When my mother got         the largest portions. He became upset      lost child agency. The forensics team        the stairs, placed the picture on his       fingers.
the news about my father, she cried        that it did not kill her, so he made her   quickly turned her back into our             bedside table and went to sleep.
for about an hour. I was alone too and     throw up her food after every meal         house, which my mother frequently              In the middle of the night Tom was
it wasn’t until ten years later that my    when the year was up.                      called “Hell”.
mother gave me the real story.                The third year, he sold his house,        The seventh year, my dad was very
  She cried crocodile tears when she       and let my mom use money from his          tame. He became a very nice man,
heard the news. The only emotion she       credit card. He also became abusive        happy, and was proud of his behav-
harbored for my dad was hate. See,         for many years after.                      ior, until 1:40 in the morning. On the
my father did all of those horrible          The fourth year, he claimed that he      night of his wife’s anniversary, he
things you see in the story. My father     was the most talented singer ever,         killed my sister with a kitchen knife
went insane at 1:40 in the morning in      calling talent agencies and such.          and fled with her remains to the Ba-
1973, the date of his first wife and his   When they turned him down, he              hamas.
anniversary. The psychologist he saw       would call them foul names, and one           I still cannot believe it to this very
when his wife died suspected that his      man he even tried to kill. He shot at      day, and at the beginning of the
wife’s death was solely his fault. He      the man right outside of his studio,       eighth year, he killed himself. The
created an excuse, and based his so-       clipping him in the ear.                   police force says that it was suicide,
called “revenge” on the seven deadly          The fifth year, he tried to kill my     and that he created a makeshift noose
sins.                                      mom and late sister many times, but        out of organic material.
  The night of his wife’s anniversary,     my mother retaliated, pushing him           They all lie, because I know the rope
he gave his daughter a shot of ste-        down the stairs. He had acquired           was my sister.
roids, which gave her the heart con-       short term memory loss and couldn’t
It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus                                                                           Halloween is quickly approaching us. The
                                                                                                           countdown has begun and only a few days
By Sydney Oleson                                                                                            until Halloween. What will you be? Will
                                                                                                          you be going out and trick- or- treat? Or stay
                                                              Nightmares on                               home and watch some scary movies or scary
                                                                                                          movies that have been tamed. The choice is

                                                              Christmas?                                   up to you but, real question is….. Do you
                                                                                                                       believe in magic?
                                                              The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie about a skeleton named Jack Skelington. He
                                                              lives in a town called Halloweentown, but in his search he stumbles upon a place known
                                                              as Chistmastown. He then believes that he can be Santa and instead of having Halloween
                                                              this year, he wants to have Christmas. He has all of the neighbors in his town make “pres-
                                                              ents” out of things that children would not want.

  When you were little, I’m sure you had a favorite Hal-
loween movie, where whenever it came on, you were on
the couch with your brothers and sisters, moms and dads,
and even your friends.
  Not all Halloween movies have a scary aspect though.
Movies like Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare before Christ-
mas, which can also be a favorite Christmas movie, and
Beetlejuice have a tamer side to them. If you’ve never seen
them here’s a summary about each.
 In the movie Hocus Pocus, filmed in 1993, three witches,
known as the Sanderson sisters lived in Salem, Massachu-
setts in the 1600s. After taking children’s lives to make
them “pretty and young,” these three witches magically
“disappear” and put a spell on themselves so if someone lit
the black candle they would come back.
 On Halloween night in 1993, a virgin lit the black candle
and brought the three sisters back to life. Flying over the
town the Salem, trying to catch a little girl named Dan-
ny, her brother Max, his crush, Allison, and a cat named
Thackery Binx, who are trying to stop the sisters from tak-
ing children for power and trying to make them look good.
Eventually, these sisters get defeated.

                                                                                        Beetlejuice, filmed in 1988, stars Alec Baldwin, Winona
                                                                                        Ryder, and Michael Keaton, who plays Beetlejuice. After
                                                                                        getting into a car crash on a bridge after coming back from
                                                                                        the store, Adam and Barbra Maitland get killed.
                                                                                         Little do they know that they are dead. After the accident
                                                                                        the house they were living in was put up for sale and soon
                                                                                        after bought by a family with a daughter, Winona Ryder,
                                                                                        who could see ghosts.
                                                                                          Barbra and Adam were trying to “haunt” the family to
                                                                                        get them out, but they couldn’t so the last thing to do they
                                                                                        found an ad for. Beetlejuice was their last resort. After say-
                                                                                        ing his name three times he appeared. Little did they know,
                                                                                        things were going to get ugly. The ghosts were fading and
                                                                                        were nearly gone and the only hope of getting them back
                                                                                        Beetlejuice insisted on marrying Lydia Deetz, played by
                                                                                        Winona Ryder.

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