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School of Health Administration
                                           InSpIrIng LeAderS
      alhousie University is a nationally and internationally recognized institution
      known for its outstanding scholarship and academic programs.
      World-renowned faculty is as comfortable teaching as conducting
world-class research.

Established in 1818, the university has a long and distinguished history, attracting
students from around the world. Dalhousie University measures its success by
the success of its graduates. Eighty-five graduates have been selected as Rhodes
scholars, with countless others recognized as world leaders from science and law to
medicine and the arts.

Dalhousie is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, established first as the
Town of Halifax over 250 years ago. Halifax is a modern city straddling the Atlantic
Ocean, offering a natural resource, yet a gateway to world trade. The city is steeped
in culture, proud of its heritage, yet constantly looking to shape the future.

                                                                                        Healthcare is essential to the world
                                                                                        economy. The wealth, productivity and
                                                                                        prosperity of a country ultimately will
                                                                                        depend on the health of its citizens.
                                                                                        The Canadian health system represents
                                                                                        an annual expenditure of over $150
                                                                                        billion. It represents a complex interplay
                                                                                        of science, finance, policy, and ethics.
                                                                                        Healthcare is rendered through private
                                                                                        and publicly funded institutions,
                                                                                        professionals, and services, operating
                                                                                        within provincial and territorial
                                                                                        jurisdictions, yet influenced by both
                                                                                        Federal and Provincial priorities.

                                                                                        To administer the Canadian health
                                                                                        system, to lead innovation and
                                                                                        change, requires advanced specialized
                                                                                        training. MHA trained graduates
                                                                                        assume leadership roles in both public
               Whatever direction you pursue in advanced studies,                       and private health sectors including
               you will benefit from Dalhousie’s comprehensive choices,                 healthcare centres, private clinics,
               world-class faculty and close links with industry, health                governments, international NGOs,
               and community agencies.                                                  and health consultancy firms as well
                                                                                        as insurance and pharmaceutical
Advancing your career in
The dalhousie Advantage
Dalhousie University School of Health Administration has a distinguished record of training leaders for over 25 years. It has over 600
graduates in leadership roles worldwide. The MHA program at Dalhousie University is one of only three Canadian programs accredited
by the prestigious Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CA+HME). Graduates from CA+HME accredited
programs have recognized credentials in Canada and the USA.

Dalhousie University School of Health Administration is a full member of such prestigious organizations as the Association of
University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), Canadian College of Health Service Executives (CCHSE), European Health
Management Association (EHMA), European Public Health Association (EPHA), and Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA).

Online Advantage                                                     Application process
The Dalhousie MHA online program is accessible and                   The Dalhousie MHA online program is specifically designed for
convenient. The format and course distribution are designed          professionals with 5 years administrative experience, in either
to meet the learning needs of working professionals. The MHA         the healthcare sector or non-healthcare sector (e.g., finance,
online program includes a week-long orientation as well as           business). Admission is based on an overall assessment of the
annual week-long plenary sessions, providing the opportunity to      applicant, including:
experience campus life at Dalhousie, and to enhance graduate
training through collegial discussions.                              •   professional experience
                                                                     •   academic achievement
Typical Executive programs offer an executive degree (e.g.,          •   letters of reference
EMHA, EMBA). However, graduates from the Dalhousie MHA               •   GMAT
online program are awarded the identical degree conferred to its     •   TOEFL (international students)
graduates of the on-site program. Professionals can complete         •   Statement of professional career interests
the program in 3 years.
                                                                     More detailed information about the MHA online program can
Unlike many Executive programs which charge program-based            be found on the School of Health Administration website at:
fees, the Dalhousie MHA online program will charge course-  The application form and supporting documents
based fees. The total cost of the program (excluding travel,         can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website at:
accommodations) may be as much as 50 percent less than     
the cost of some Executive programs.

School of Health Administration, Faculty of Health Professions, Dalhousie University
                        5599 Fenwick Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 1R2
          Tel: 902.494.7097 • Fax: 902.494.6849 • E-mail:
                                          For program information:

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