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									   Edmonton Condos MAXX Urban Condominiums Announces Amazing Exterior
The new condominium building named MAXX urban condos has the exterior features the building needs to
attract homeowners and help them to live life to the max. The building is built with urban modern finishes
that make the condo building look as amazing on the outside as it does on the inside. From the light gauge
steel exterior to the oversized living room windows, the building welcomes new owners home with its clean
lines and new exterior.

The Edmonton condominiums for sale in the MAXX building include open air balconies, sunrooms and 6th floor
rooftop terraces. This allows homeowners the flexibility of having an outdoor living space to enjoy the exterior
features as well as a beautiful home that can feel like a retreat. Another great feature of the exterior is a
secure open courtyard. These condos for sale in Edmonton make purchasing a new condo an easy choice –
outdoor living without yard work or maintenance issues that plague single home dwellings.

Lastly, the MAXX development is built with both the environment and safety in mind. The building has been
completed with noncombustible construction techniques that make homeowners feel safe and secure in their
investment of a new home. There is a freestanding elevator and heated underground parking as well to keep
residents both comfortable and safe at all times, which is of the utmost importance for people shopping for
Edmonton condos.

About the Company:

The Live MAXX development is surrounded by many different amenities including shopping centers, gyms and
restaurants. The building is being completed by BCM developments to have a timeless exterior that requires
no future maintenance. This allows homeowners to have lower condo fees than residents of other
condominiums for sale in the area. For more information please visit http://livemaxx.ca

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