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					              January 2012                                                                           A Private Residential Community

                             B oard of Direc tors
             N ext meet ing will be he ld a t the “J ” Cl u b h o u s e o n
                          Janua ry 21, 2012 at 10am

                                         Sign up
                       To r ece ive the Newspaper Ele ctr o n i cal l y
                            V isit the Community Hom ep age

                                 Re-Re gister
     Yo u r TO T ES at t he We lc ome Ce nte r or A d m i n i s tr ati o n B l d g.

                                    Sc hool’s Open
      D r i v e w it h caut ion during the morning an d after n o o n h o u r s ,
                   w hen s t ude nts a re g oing to a nd fr o m cl as s .

                                                                                      Winner of the House Decorating Contest -L108.

                                      “Story Time With Santa”

        PERMIT #285                       POSTAL CUSTOMER

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       Board of Directors 2011                                                            Club And Committee Meetings
    Phyllis Haase........................................President                         Get involved in your community – Attend!                         Deadline for
    Peggy Cooney..............................Vice President
    Bernadette Bruno.................................Treasurer
                                                                                                                Clubs                                   Newspaper Articles is
    Eileen Lawrence...................................Secretary
                                                                                                       Garden & Craft:
    Francesca Carter....................................Director                              3rd Wednesday, 1 p.m., J-Clubhouse                       the 10th of the month.
    Burt Ebel...............................................Director                                       Nickels:
    Natasha Lazor.......................................Director                          Wednesdays 7 p.m. at the Community Building                 The Communication Information Committee (CIC) reserves the right to
    Darius Robinson....................................Director
                                                                                                          Seniors:                                       edit and make changes to any articles submitted for publication.
    Clarence Windbish................................Director
                                                                                          2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 12 noon, J-Clubhouse
            Meets every 3rd
         Saturday of the month                                                                           Committees                                                Section
            10am E-Clubhouse
                                                                                                 Budget & Finance/Auditing:
                                                                                                        No January Meeting
          unless otherwise posted                                                                   Building & Architecture:                            Section    Name                     Telephone (894)
              Members in Good Standing                                                          1st Saturday of the month, 11am.                        A          David/Cathi ARMANINI                9805
                   May Attend                                                                          Community Building                               B          David/Cathi ARMANINI                9805
                         To contact the Board,
              e-mail apcpbod@apoconocountryplace.com                                                           CIC:                                     C          Jeanette CARTOLANO                  5723
                              Disclaimer:                                                  Last Thursday of the month 10 a.m. All sub                   D          Lillian Peterson BURRUS             1920
    The articles, notices, advertisements and any other printed material
                                                                                                  committees meet as necessary.                         E          Alan/Linda ISLER                    9484
       contained within this newspaper may or may not necessarily
      express, imply or reflect the actual views or opinions of our A                                   Communications:                                 F          Alan/Linda ISLER                    9484
                  Pocono Country Place Board of Directors.
                                                                                                                                                        G          Angela CARBONERI                    4644
                                                                                            Community Brunch, Closed for the winter
                                                                                                                                                        G          Bonnie COOGAN                       1211
       Administration Extensions                                                                Crime/Neighborhood Watch:
                                                                                                                                                        H          Mike COOGAN                         1211
    Administrative Main Offices...........................570-894-8356
                                                                                                1st Monday of the month, 1 p.m.                         J          Mike COOGAN                         1211
    Community Manager..................................Bob Kimble 110                                  Community Building                               K          Bill TERMINELLO / Ruth TOMMAZZOLI 0985
    Executive Administrative Assistant.........Denese Depeza 122
    Accounts Receivable...................................................... 116                        Environmental:                                 L          James UZCATEGUI-GAYMON              2701
    Accounts Payable................................Sandra Anderson 115                             Will meet as needed during
    Controller.............................................Dorothy Burton 129
    Recreation Coordinator...............................Don Alvarez 118                           January, February and March
                                                                                                                                                        COOLBAUGH MONTHLY
    Communications Coordinator................ Chris Yankovic 126
                                                                                                       Community Building
    Human Resources.............................Cassandra Webster 133
    Info Systems Coordinator...........................Micky Denig 124
                                                                                                      Meets When Necessary
                                                                                                                                                           MEETING DATES
    Receptionist...............................................Yvonne Cain 110
    Maintenance Director......................Phil Lazowski 894-1317
    Welcome Center Main..........................................894-4031
    Front Desk Manager..............................Marge Ravalese 219                       2nd Thursday of the month, 10:30a.m.                     Board of Supervisors Regular Meetings
    Building & Architecture..............................Ana DeJesus 217                                                                                    1st & 3rd Tuesdays - 7 p.m.
    Guest Registration..............................................................1                  Community Building
                                                                                                      Rules Enforcement:                                  Parks and Recreation Commission
     Emergency Phone Numbers                                                                 Meets when Necessary (Members Only)                              2nd Wednesday - 7:00 p.m.
    Police/Fire/Ambulance............................................911                               Community Building
    State Police.......................................................839-7701            To include information about your committee here, please             Planning Commission
    Road Kill Hotline...................................................420-3754               submit it to the Newspaper Team no later than the                 2nd Monday - 7 p.m.
    24 Hour Animal Cruelty Hotline..................1-866-601-7722                                              10th of the month.
                                                                                                                                                      All above meetings are held in the Municipal
    Public Safety                                                                                Welcome Center                                                        Building
    Please dial carefully when calling Public Safety.                                                                                                    5550 Memorial Boulevard (Route 611),
    Urgent Calls.........................................................894-1310                Reception Hours                                                      Tobyhanna
    Rules Enforcement...............................................894-8159
                                                                                               Saturday to Wednesday                                      Pocono Mountain School Board
    Guest Registration
    A-H (Welcome Center)................................894-4031
                                                                                                 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                                         1st & 3rd Wednesdays - 7 p.m.
    J Guard House..............................................894-1318                          Thursday to Friday                                    Location may vary on campus in Swiftwater.
                                                                                                                                                                    GET INVOLVED,
    KL Guard House...........................................894-4202
                                                                                                 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.                                        YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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                                                        COMMUNITY MANAGER’S UPDATE
                                                                                            By Bob Kimble
        Happy New Year!                                 difficult process of rebuilding.                  being damaged, such as boulders. Nothing          I would like to invite anyone interested in
        As we welcome in 2012 and say goodbye               As we wait for Old Man Winter to rear        should be placed in the right-a-ways. We          volunteering on the Election Committee
     to 2011 we reflect upon all the changes on          his ugly head I would like to remind all         also ask that you be patient with the main-       and any of our other committees to sign up.
     our mountain and in the world. Many of             residents of the snow removal process. Our       tenance team as they work on keeping our          Please contact my assistant Denese Depeza
     us will also be welcoming our troops back          Maintenance Department will be working           residents safe.                                   at ext. 122 if interested in volunteering.
     home for the holiday season. We would like         round the clock to clean and maintain our            Most of you by now should have received           In closing, I would like to remind all
     to thank all military families for the sacri-      roads during snow storms. I would like to ask    the annual mailing. You will also notice that     members of our monthly board meetings.
     fices that they have made towards the pres-         all residents to take every precaution you       there was no increase in the Association’s        Our Board of Directors meetings are held
     ervation of our country’s freedom.                 can, to make sure that you are not hinder-       2012 annual dues. Copies of the annual            on the third Saturday of each month at
        This year the Poconos and surround-             ing the snow removal efforts of our Mainte-      budget are available at the Administration        10:00 am. This month’s meeting will be on
     ing towns experienced some unseasonable            nance Department.                                office and online on the Association’s web-        Saturday January 21st in the J-Clubhouse.
     weather. We saw tropical storms, heavy                 Some of the things that you can do to        site for viewing. In this year’s mailing you      We hope to be in our newly remodeled E-
     rains, which caused sink holes and flooded          help would be to remove totes from the           should have also received a 2012 calendar.        Clubhouse for February’s meeting. If you are
     roads and the historic flooding of North East       roadway as soon as your garbage is picked up.    This is our first annual calendar and it show-     unable to make it to our monthly meetings
     Pennsylvania resulting in the evacuation of        Please do not intentionally put any items by     cases upcoming events, so that you can plan       printed copies are available at the Adminis-
     Wilkes Barre. As with all things the resi-         your driveway that could lead to our mainte-     accordingly.                                      tration Building. Minutes can also be viewed
     dents picked up the pieces and started the         nance equipment or your personal property            With elections less than six months away,     on the Association’s website.

                                                                                 PUBLIC SAFETY
                                                                                       By Chief Dan Yeager
          I hope that everyone has enjoyed a hap-            Please remember that parking on the          Services is implementing stricter guidelines     sponsored CPR/AED, and First Aid train-
      py and safe holiday season.                        roadways is against the rules of A Pocono        governing the operation of Quick Response        ing to residents of our community. As long
          With the beginning of a new year, many         Country Place. This rule is enforced and         Services, such as the one that is currently      as there is community interest, we will spon-
      hopes and aspirations surround us. Not only        violators will be issued a citation. This is     operated from our department. Having             sor more of these events. As the New Year
      should we make resolutions to ourselves            strongly enforced especially during and im-      more of our officers certified at a higher         comes upon us, we are beginning to organize
      and our families, but we should also resolve       mediately following snow storms when it is       level will only benefit the service that we       community programs that will be sponsored
      to help make our community a safe and              extremely important that our maintenance         are providing.                                   by the Public Safety Department. Many of
      wonderful one that we can all be proud of. If      department has the ability to effectively            The community Crime Watch organi-            these programs will be visited by our own
      each of us took the time to help watch over        plow roadways. The need for efficient ac-         zation is supported by members who want          McGruff – The Crime Dog. McGruff will
      our immediate neighbors, we could create           cess may be required for emergency vehicles      to rid their neighborhoods of criminal ele-      distribute literature and discuss safety with
      an impact that could only benefit us all.           such as police, EMS, and Fire Department         ments and preserve a better way of life. Your    children of the community. We are also
          During poor weather, it is a good idea to      emergencies.                                     participation with this organization would       seeking ideas for programs that community
      check on elderly or disabled persons. if you           The Public Safety Department has re-         be greatly appreciated. The Crime Watch          members would like. Please submit ideas to
      have a concern for a neighbor, call the Pub-       cently enrolled two officers in the state cer-    group meets on the first Monday of each           my email at chief@apoconocountryplace.
      lic Safety dispatch center and we can have         tified EMT course. I hope to have them cer-       month at the E Clubhouse. For the winter         com.
      an officer stop by and check on a friend or         tified and running on our QRS units by mid        months, the meeting time is 1:00pm.                  Thank you for allowing me to serve your
      neighbor as well.                                  summer. The Bureau of Emergency Medical              The Public Safety Department recently        community.

                                                                                     By Nancy Timpone, REO
         Hoping everyone had a nice holiday            of the driveway. The guys behind the              put out your recycling on your day of            when we get bad snow weather the totes
     with family and friends. This is the start        truck cannot go pass the 10 ft. easement          pickup which would be Monday or Tues-            cannot be on the road. When the plow
     of New Year 2012. The weather has been            onto your property to empty out your tote         day Check your newsletter for the dates          trucks come by they will drag your tote
     holding up.                                       (pail).                                           for each section. As I drive around the          away and it is not their responsibility to
         There have been some issues that keep             Please understand that this community         residents have their recycling out on differ-    get it back or go around them. They have
     coming up. One of the issues is that some         is very large and the garbage truck cannot        ent days and not on the right day for that       a job to do as well, and that is to clean the
     of the residents are not putting out their        keep coming back to pick up garbage that          section. Also, residents are putting toast-      roads. If your tote gets buried when the
     garbage totes the night before or before 5        the residents forgot to put out on time. If       ers, kids toys, broken plastic lawn chairs,      plow comes through, then you need to
     a.m. the day of the garbage pickup. The           the garbage truck went back to pick up the        car parts, etc. in the recycling pail. Those     shovel it out so Mascaro can pick up your
     animals get into the trash and make a mess        trash that residents put out late, they would     items are not recyclable. Mascaro will not       trash. They don’t shovel or climb snow
     but it is up to the resident to clean up their    end up leaving here in the dark. Mascaro          pick it up and they will tag it and notify       banks to get to your totes.
     property. I drive around and I check to see       has to get to the dump to get rid of all trash    the Rules Enforcement Officer as to the of-           If you have any questions or concerns,
     if the totes are out on roadside or they are      from the truck.                                   fenders.                                         please call this office at (570) 894-8159
     sitting against the house or in the middle            The second issue is recycling. Only              As far as the weather is concerned,           Exts 210 (1) or 211(2)

                                                                                                                                    JANUARY 2012 •            A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE                  3

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C03] | 12/30/11            10:55 | IMELJULIE
   SCAVELLO ISSUES STATEMENT                                            ON       STATE REAPPORTIONMENT PLAN
     HARRISBURG – Following to-         having all of its representatives as-    Women Voters and the Greater Po-      federal legal requirements.
 day’s vote by the Legislative Re-      signed to the county and the new         cono Chamber of Business, helped
 apportionment Commission on            senator living within the county.        demonstrate the need for changes             Each Pennsylvania House
 the final reapportionment plan for      This is a significant change from         within the county.                    member will represent approxi-
 Pennsylvania House and Senate          years past.                                                                    mately 62,000 residents. The pop-
 districts, state Rep. Mario Scavel-                                                   “With more people seek-         ulation of an area is defined by the
 lo (R-Monroe) issued the following         “These changes were accom-           ing to make Monroe County their       latest U.S. Census count.
 statement on the changes expect-       plished by the strong bipartisan         home, it was crucial to make sure
 ed to take place in Monroe County      support of my colleagues Repre-          the makeup of legislative districts        Although today’s hearing was
 under the plan:                        sentatives Mike Peifer, Rosemary         within the county and the number      the final vote on the plan by the com-
                                        Brown and Mike Carroll. Each of us       of seats representing Monroe were     mission, there are still court chal-
      “Monroe County has achieved       personally spoke to our respective       paid special attention.”              lenges that need to be addressed
 a significant win under the new         leaders to ask for improved distri-                                            before the plan is ultimately put
 Pennsylvania      reapportionment      bution of the districts in order to          Redistricting is the adjustment   into effect in early 2012.
 plan – out of 67 counties it is the    better serve the people of Monroe        of boundaries of election districts
 only one to pick up a new House        County.                                  within a jurisdiction that may be
 seat and a new Senate seat due                                                  necessary every 10 years because                  State Representative
 to the county’s extraordinary popu-         “I also want to thank those         of population changes based on                           Mario Scavello
 lation growth that has taken place     citizens who took the time to            the U.S. Census. The primary pur-           176th District, Pennsylvania
 over the past decade.                  write, email and appear in person        pose of redistricting is to ensure            House of Representatives
                                        to the public hearing on redistrict-     that districts have equal popula-               Contact: Tricia Lehman
     “In addition, due to the chang-    ing. Your input, along with the sup-     tion sizes (mandated by the Penn-           tlehman@pahousegop.com
 es in the makeup of each district,     port of local organizations such as      sylvania Constitution) and that the                      717.772.9840
 Monroe County will benefit from         the Pocono Record, the League of         districts meet all other state and                  MarioScavello.com

                                                                                              ELECTRONIC RECYCLING
                                                                                               DROP-OFF PROGRAM
                                                                                   The Monroe County Mu-
                                                                                nicipal Waste Management
                                                                                Authority’s Electronic Re-
                                                                                cycling Drop-Off Program
                                                                                is now accepting electronics
                                                                                from residents and munici-
                                                                                palities free of charge due to
                                                                                the changes in electronic re-
                                                                                cycling laws. Let’s keep old
                                                                                electronics out of the landfill
                                                                                and into the hands of respon-
                                                                                sible recycling facilities. It’s a
                                                                                quick trip up 80 to our recy-
                                                                                cling operation in Blakeslee
                                                                                so call for an appointment
                                                                                at 570-643-6100 and ask for
                                                                                Carol. Our acceptance hours
                                                                                are Monday through Friday
                                                                                from 8 am to 4:30 pm and the
                                                                                first Saturday of every month
                                                                                from 8 am to 12:00 pm by ap-
                                                                                pointment only.


TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C04] | 12/30/11   10:55 | IMELJULIE
                                         FROM THE DESK                               OF        HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                             By Cassandra Webster
            Each morning while driving into            On behalf of the employees of the       last month, he never expected to get      cure a qualified candidate shortly.
        work, it continues to be a pleasure to      Association, I’d like to thank the         this grand award but he in fact has
        see the tastefully decorated holiday        Board of Directors and the member-         gone above and beyond his daily duties       We continue to encourage and in
        scene welcoming one into the com-           ship of this community for their sup-      for the entire year and he continues to   some cases mandate continued educa-
        munity – a wonderful sight. Leaving         port and generosity. We are proud          make the mark on a daily basis. Con-      tion for all staff. This helps all to bet-
        in the evening is even better. Upon         to represent this community and will       gratulations Micky!                       ter understand and perform on a regu-
        approaching this magnificent tree, I         continue to do our best in upholding                                                 lar basis in providing excellent service
        imagine how it could certainly stand        the mission and visions of helping to         From our Employment Opportuni-         to the membership of this community.
        next to the famous tree housed in           set the exceptional standards of prop-     ties section, we are proud to announce
        Rockfeller Center in New York City          erty owners associations.                  the position of Lieutenant of Public        Have a wonderful and healthy New
        each year. This year our Maintenance                                                   Safety has been accepted by Douglas       Year!
        department did an awesome job.                 The 2011 recipient for the Employ-      Fawbush. He comes with 16 years of
        Thank you for your creativity in tak-       ee of the Year award was announced         experience in the security field along       Quote of the month: “Knowing is
        ing our tree lighting to another level.     at the Employee Appreciation Dinner.       with management of program and sup-       not enough; we must apply. Willing is
        We’d also like to acknowledge our           Congratulations go out to Lawrence         port operations. We welcome him to        not enough; we must do.”
        Santa who bought happy smiles to the        “Micky” Denig. As Micky rose from          the Public Safety department and the
        little ones and a joyful sight to all who   his chair to accept his award, there was   team of the community. The position
        witnessed the lighting as well.             a total look of surprise. After receiv-    of Director of Administration is still
                                                    ing the Employee of the 3rd Quarter        open. However, we are in hopes to se-

                                                                                                                                                                 Vo t e d B e s t
                                                                                                                                                          C o n t r a c t o r, P o c o n o
                                                                                                                                                             Times Readers
                                                                                                                                                               Choice 2011

                                                                                               Insurance Claims

                                                                                               Masonr y & Stone

                                                                                                 F i r e & Wa t e r

                                                                                                                         Buy Now And Save
                                                                                                                      Seasonal Discounted Rates!

                                                                                                                                                                              PA Lic. - 000051

                                                                                                                         JANUARY 2012 •     A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE                         5

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C05] | 12/30/11     10:55 | IMELJULIE

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C06] | 12/30/11   10:55 | IMELJULIE
          Motorists on the Pennsylvania Turnpike              tion on the Turnpike and “talks” to you when         users can customize settings that work best for      ing Open Microphone Platform - a queuedriv-
     can now be forewarned about problems that                it detects trouble spots nearby. Unlike other        them. Conditions are broadcast once, and the         en, voice-streaming technology that leverages
     could impact their travels thanks to an innova-          travel-alert tools out there, TRIP Talk is hands     broadcast stream stays quiet until it receives an    the onboard GPS in smartphones. “Beyond the
     tive smartphone application unveiled recently.           free and eyes free. Just turn it on before you de-   alert update or when the user comes in range of      ‘set-it- and-forget-it’ convenience of this app,
     The Pa. Turnpike Commission launched a new               part, and it does the rest. “It provides up-to-the   a new alert.                                         the other benefit is that it helps the commission
     iPhone and Droid application that reads audio            minute information about accidents, construc-            The app replays alerts that are still in range   accomplish some central customer service and
     alerts to travelers when there’s a closure or de-        tion or bad weather for the sections of Turn-        after a certain interval selected by the user. If    safety goals,” said Voicenet Chief Operating
     lay in their way.                                        pike you’re approaching, making you a better-        the user gets or makes a call while an alert is      Officer Mary Farrell. “It allows them to keep
          “One of our biggest communications chal-            informed driver,” Shuey said. “And because you       playing, the alert will pause and resume playing     travelers up-to-date about roadway conditions,
     lenges has been to inform customers about in-            don’t have to look at or touch the phone once        when the call is ended.                              and fits in well with the ongoing Text-Free
     cidents before they enter the system, and espe-          you launch the app, it can also help make you            “The Pennsylvania Turnpike has a 70-year         Turnpike campaign to reduce incidents of dis-
     cially getting word to anyone who’s already on           a safer driver. All you have to do is listen and     legacy of innovation that began in 1940 when         tracted driving.”
     the road. Today, smartphone technology has               drive.”                                              it opened as America’s First Superhighway,”               The app is one of several ways the Pa. Turn-
     evolved that enables us to answer that longtime              To download the free app, Pa. Turnpike           Turnpike Chairman William K. Lieberman               pike communicates with motorists through
     challenge,” said Turnpike Chief Operating                travelers can visit www. paturnpike.com/trip-        said. “This spirit of innovation continues today     its Turnpike Roadway Information Program
          Officer Craig R. Shuey. “Whether custom-             talk>. Users do not have to create an account,       with the pioneering use of a smartphone appli-       (TRIP). Via TRIP, motorists can sign up to be-
     ers then decide to reroute, stop for a cup of cof-       register or sign up with the Turnpike to use         cation which gives our customers a new tool to       come Preferred Travelers and receive custom-
     fee at the next travel                                   TRIP Talk. The app uses your phone’s built-in        help them reach their destinations faster and        ized e-mail or text-message alerts about traffic
          plaza or stay the course, the choice is theirs.     GPS to stream nearby advisories. Once activat-       hopefully safer.”                                    and weather conditions. There’s also an online
     It’s like having a crystal ball that allows smart-       ed, the application remains on during the trip,          TRIP Talk was developed in collaboration         travel- conditions map at www.paturnpike.
     phone users see what’s ahead on the Turn-                broadcasting travel-condition alerts reported        with Voicenet Communications Inc., Philadel-         com/webmap and the toll-free TRIP line - 1-
     pike.”                                                   within a pre-established mile range. The app         phia, which is the Pa. Turnpike’s longtime web       866-976-TRIP (8747) - that travelers can use
          TRIP Talk senses your position and direc-           picks a default range based on your region, but      provider. It is built on Voicenet’s patent-pend-     to check Turnpike conditions.

                            SAFETY TIPS FOR                                   KEEPING               YOUR PETS SAFE                                DURING THE WINTER
        Does your pet spend most of the time in the           tended.                                              ter immediately.) Your choices are to use a dog      dog(s) must be leashed at all times on common
     backyard?                                                    3.) If you keep your dog(s) outside dur-         paw friendly product or don’t let them walk in       or private property. Who knows what dangers
                                                              ing the winter months, your dog(s) fur is not        the area that is treated with ice melt products.     your animals face running loose within the
         1.) You might want to bring them in during           enough to keep it warm. Please be a respon-              5.) Antifreeze;                                  community.
     the extremely bitter cold winter days. Remem-            sible owner and provide a warm, dry, draft free          The worst of all wintertime chemical spills         6.) Cats and Cars
     ber your dog(s) cannot be left outside if you            shelter outside; the shelter should also be sup-     is antifreeze. Antifreeze will often leak from car       Cats are particularly attracted to cars dur-
     are not home to attend to them. See rules and            plied with hay, and blankets for your dog to         radiators or spill over onto the ground when         ing the cold winter months. A car that has
     regulations Sec: 11.7 Dogs shall not be left out-        stay warm.                                           you’re filling your radiators during the colder       been running is a nice warm place to crawl up
     side while the resident is away from home for                4.) Frost Bite                                   months. It may taste delicious to your cats          into and go to sleep, nothing is better than a
     any length of time, and dogs must be brought                 Frosting is a serious problem during winter      and dogs, but it is extremely deadly. Even the       nice warm motor to curl up on. Avoid a catas-
     inside the residence overnight. Dogs found               months, especially for paws, ears and sensitive      smallest of sips can be satal. If your pet starts    trophe by tapping on your car’s hood or simply
     outside overnight will subject the owner to              face areas. Also important is to be especially       acting drunk or begins to convulse TAKE              by checking under the hood of your vehicle
     fines from Public Safety.                                 careful when using salt products to melt the         THEM TO A VET IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!                     before starting it up.
         2.) When your dog(s) is outside make sure            ice on the ground. If your dog(s) walk on these      You should also not let your dog(s) wander
     there is plenty of food and water, and that the          ice melt products it can cause severe irritation,    loose. Not only is this against community rules         Aida Torres
     water is not frozen. If your dog’s water is fro-         burns and even bleeding to their sensitive paw       Sec 11.5 No one shall allow their dog(s) to run         Secretary to the Chief of Public Safety
     zen, your dog has been outside too long unat-            pads (Wash their paws with soap and warm wa-         loose within the community at any time. All

                                                                                         SENIORS’ CLUB
                                                                                                  By David Armanini
         Can you believe that it is 2012? Well the            entertained by our own very talented mem-            Once again they performed outstandingly. I              The seniors are sorry to have to announce
     APCP seniors have had a wonderful year; par-             bers. Frank Haines, Paul Lazor and Joe Welusz        will keep this article brief but please enjoy the    the passing of one of our members, Dottie
     ties, galas, going to Mt. Airy, the Casino the-          showed us their undisputed talents both vocal-       pictures of our party.                               O’Connor. Our sympathy goes out to her hus-
     atre, BBQ, etc., just to name a few. As I write          ly and instrumentally. We were also visited by          For those of you interested in joining the        band John and to their family.
     this article we have just celebrated our annual          our own Santa with a swagger. The highlight          seniors, we meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday              For additional info call David @894-9805.
     covered plate Christmas luncheon. Besides                of the afternoon was the arrival of the Pocono       of the month in the “J” Clubhouse at 12:00
     all the great food everyone brought we were              Mountain West High School traveling chorus.          noon.

                                                                                                                                                JANUARY 2012 •             A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE                     7

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C07] | 12/30/11                  10:55 | IMELJULIE
                                                         ABOUT TYPE 2 DIABETES
   When you have type 2 diabetes, high       body’s cells use sugar (also called glucose),   children (although adults can develop it,       Managing type 2 diabetes means mak-
levels of sugar build up in your blood.      which comes from foods and drinks. Sug-         too). In this form of diabetes, the body     ing some changes to how you live. Talk
This can lead to serious health complica-    ar is a source of energy for cells.             can’t make insulin. The immune system        with your doctor about which changes are
tions. That’s why controlling your blood         This site focuses on type 2 diabetes,       mistakenly attacks the cells in the pan-     right for you. For example, it helps to:
sugar is key to managing diabetes. Keep-     the most common form of the disease.            creas that make and release insulin. As         Eat healthy, and lose weight if your
ing your blood sugar under control lowers    Typically, with type 2 diabetes, the body       these cells die, blood sugar levels rise.    doctor says you should
your risk for complications later. High      still makes insulin, but its cells can’t use    People with type 1 diabetes need insulin        Test your blood sugar regularly
blood sugar can harm your organs and         it. This is called insulin resistance. Over     shots.                                          Have your doctor check your A1C
raise your risk of heart disease.            time, high levels of sugar build up in the         Gestational diabetes, which occurs        level (your average blood sugar over the
   Having type 2 diabetes means that         bloodstream. Being overweight and inac-         in some pregnant women. It can cause         past two to three months)
your body doesn’t make enough insulin,       tive increase the chances of developing         problems during pregnancy, labor, and           Take one or more diabetes medicines
or doesn’t properly use the insulin your     type 2 diabetes.                                delivery. Women who get gestational          as prescribed by your doctor
body makes. Insulin is a hormone that            Other main types of diabetes include:       diabetes are more likely to develop type
is made in your pancreas. It helps your          Type 1 diabetes, which often affects        2 diabetes.

                                            MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.
                                       JANUARY 15, 1929-APRIL 4, 1968
   Martin Luther King, Jr. was born Mi-      Advancement of Colored People, the                 King traveled over six million miles      “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, a mani-
chael Luther King, Jr., but later had his    leading organization of its kind in the na-     and spoke over twenty-five hundred            festo of the Negro revolution; he planned
name changed to Martin. His grandfather      tion. He was ready, then, early in Decem-       times, appearing wherever there was in-      the drives in Alabama for the registra-
began the family’s long tenure as pastors    ber, 1955, to accept the leadership of the      justice, protest, and action; and mean-      tion of Negroes as voters; he directed the
of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in At-        first great Negro nonviolent                                                                           peaceful march on Washington,
lanta, serving from 1914 to 1931. From       demonstration of contempo-                                                                            D.C., of 250,000 people to whom
1960 until his death Martin Luther acted     rary times in the United States,                                                                      he delivered his address, “l Have
as co-pastor with his father. Martin Lu-     the bus boycott described by                                                                          a Dream”, he conferred with Pres-
ther attended segregated public schools      Gunnar Jahn in his presenta-                                                                          ident John F. Kennedy and cam-
in Georgia, graduating from high school      tion speech in honor of the                                                                           paigned for President Lyndon B.
at the age of fifteen; he received the B.     laureate. The boycott lasted                                                                          Johnson; he was arrested upwards
A. degree in 1948 from Morehouse Col-        382 days.                                                                                             of twenty times and assaulted at
lege, a distinguished Negro institution of       On December 21, 1956, af-                                                                         least four times; he was awarded
Atlanta from which both his father and       ter the Supreme Court of the                                                                          five honorary degrees; was named
grandfather had graduated. After three       United States had declared un-                                                                        Man of the Year by Time maga-
years of theological study at Crozer Theo-   constitutional the laws requir-                                                                       zine in 1963; and became not only
logical Seminary in Pennsylvania where       ing segregation on buses, Ne-                                                                         the symbolic leader of American
he was elected president of a predomi-       groes and whites rode the buses                                                                       blacks but also a world figure.
nantly white senior class, he was awarded    as equals. During these days of                                                                          At the age of thirty-five, Martin
the B.D. in 1951. With a fellowship won      boycott,                                                                                              Luther King, Jr., was the youngest
at Crozer, he enrolled in graduate studies       King was arrested, his home                                                                       man to have received the Nobel
at Boston University, completing his resi-   was bombed, he was subjected                                                                          Peace Prize. When notified of his
dence for the doctorate in 1953 and re-      to personal abuse, but at the                                                                         selection, he announced that he
ceiving the degree in 1955. In Boston he     same time heemerged as a Ne-                                                                          would turn over the prize money
met and married Coretta Scott, a young       gro leader of the first rank.                                                                          of $54,123 to the furtherance of
woman of uncommon intellectual and               In 1957 he was elected presi-                                                                     the civil rights movement.
artistic attainments. Two sons and two       dent of the Southern Christian                                                                            On the evening of April 4,
daughters were born into the family.         Leadership Conference, an or-                                                                         1968, while standing on the bal-
   In 1954, Martin Luther King became        ganization formed to provide                                                                          cony of his motel room in Mem-
pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist          new leadership for the now burgeoning           while he wrote five books as well as nu-      phis, Tennessee, where he was to lead a
Church in Montgomery, Alabama.               civil rights movement. The ideals for this      merous articles. In these years, he led a    protest march in sympathy with striking
   Always a strong worker for civil rights   organization he took from Christianity;         massive protest in Birmingham, Ala-          garbage workers of that city, he wasassas-
for members of his race, King was, by this   its operational techniques from Gandhi.         bama, that caught the attention of the       sinated. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was
time, a member of the executive commit-      In the eleven-year period between 1957          entire world, providing what he called a     established as a U.S. federal holiday in
tee of the National Association for the      and 1968,                                       coalition of conscience. and inspiring his   1986.


TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C08] | 12/30/11       10:55 | IMELJULIE
                    TELEPHONE                                                                     WINNER OF THE MOST
                  BUDDY PROGRAM                                                                   IMPROVED PROPERTY
         The Telephone Buddy Program               telephone calls will be well guarded
      is intended for all Community Resi-          and kept confidential. Call or leave
      dents, regardless of age, who wish to        a message and be sure to leave your          Congratulations to Bob and Char-
      receive a daily or weekly call from          telephone number so Frankie can get       lene Shirley, Lot F105, 6219 Park
      Francesca Carter, (aka Frankie),             back to you. Keep in mind that you        Place, Tobyhanna PA 18466 for beau-
      the engineer of this new program.            do not have to disclose any medical       tifying their landscape. Great job and
      Frankie has worked in the human ser-         or personal information and if at any     a huge thank you for adding to the
      vices field for a number of years and         time you choose to disclose such in-      beauty of our Community!
      she would be more than happy to as-          formation it will be kept confidential        You can be next to win a $25.00
      sist you in the following areas, but not     and protected under the HIPAA Pri-        Lowe’s Gift Certificate, which is be-
      limited to, if you or someone close to       vacy Act. This is a free program.         ing generously sponsored by Design
      you is suffering with a mental health           Health     Information      Privacy    Works, Inc., for the most improved
      illness and you need to talk to some-        HIPAA = Health Insurance Portabil-        APCP property.
      one, health care services, homebound,        ity and Accountability Act.
      young mothers or if you lost a long             To     contact      Frankie    call:
      time partner or a beloved pet and now        570.216.4377
      find yourself lonely or depressed. All                                                    KEEP UP THE BEAUTIFICA-

                                                                                                                   JANUARY 2012 •     A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE   9

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C09] | 12/30/11       10:55 | IMELJULIE
                                   APCPPOA STORYTIME WITH SANTA

                                             SENIORS CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON


TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C10] | 12/30/11   10:55 | IMELJULIE
                                                                                                                       WANT TO SELL, BUY, OR RENT A HOME.

                       APCP RECREATION                                                                                 CALL ME, YOUR APCP NEIGHBOR, FOR RESULTS!
                                                                                                                       Work with An Award-Winning Company!
                                                                                                                       With our extensive nationwide, advertising and marketing
                                      By Don Alvarez                                                                   network, we attract more potential buyers!

         On December 3rd, we held our An-               We would like to announce the win-                             Call me directly at 570-807-3473 for more
      nual Tree Lighting Ceremony. This              ner of the House Decorating Contest.                              information. Ask for Dagmaris. ¡Se Habla Español!
      event was our best one yet. Over 200           L108 was the overall winner this year.
                                                                                                  Dagmaris G Cabezas, REALTOR®
      people were gathered by the Main Gate          This house stood out among the rest.         E-Mail: dagcabezas@gmail.com
      of A Pocono Country Place. Everyone            Honorable mentions go out to B043,           Office: 570-629-6101
      waited for the arrival of Santa Claus to       J186 and F219. Everyone did a marvel-        Fax:    888-368-2284
      pull the switch. Roy Ramos kept resi-          ous job getting in on the spirit.            www.weichertrealtorsacclaim.com
                                                                                                  1468 State Route 611, Tannersville, PA 18372
      dents and guests entertained with his             The Block Decorating Contest came
      great holiday carols and acoustic guitar.      down to 2 blocks Park Place and Board-
      He and everyone there were filled with          walk. The winner was Boardwalk by a                                       570-894-3400 Business
      the Holiday Spirit. Santa made a few pit       unanimous decision. We had many par-                                      888-466-7177 Toll-Free
      stops throughout the development prior         ticipants this year and the spirit of com-                                570-894-3300 Fax
      to his grand entrance at the main gate.        petition was great.                                                       gingerb@gingerbrealty.com E-mail
         On his journey he passed out candy             Thank you all for joining in on the
      canes to many as they came out of their        fun this Holiday Season. We look for-
      homes to greet him. He also managed            ward to an even greater level of partici-                                  VIRGINIA M. (GINGER) BATTISTO
                                                                                                                                BROKER, OWNER
      to crash a fantastic holiday party spread-     pation next year.
      ing Christmas cheer. Once at the main             From the Recreation Department
      gate Santa leaped from his sleigh and          here at A Pocono Country Place we
      wished a Merry Christmas to APCP.              would like to wish you all a very Merry
      The countdown was led by Bob Kimble            Christmas and a Happy New Year.
      Community Manager. The switch was                 APCP Recreation strives to give                                        466 Route 196, Sterling Road • Tobyhanna, PA 18466
      pulled and the 55 ft spruce tree lit up        homeowners and guests the best pos-                                                    Just outside main gate.
      the area to many oohs and aahs! Santa          sible activities we can. We need your
      would like to thank Phil, the Director,        help to allow us the opportunity to do
      and all the staff from the Maintenance         so. Please understand pre-registration is
      Department in your efforts to assist in        a must so we can properly prepare for

                                                                                                         For information
      making this happen.                            the event. Entertainment may need to
         Story Time with Santa was a huge            be booked and food ordered. Without
      success. Over 120 kids received gifts          your pre-registration, it is difficult to
      from Santa after a reading from his fa-        plan accordingly. We would like every-

                                                                                                      on how to place an
      vorite book, “T’was the Night before           one to keep in mind that some events
      Christmas.” This event would not have          will have a cost attached to them. The
      been possible without the generosity of        cost is set to cover certain expenses for
      the APCP employees. The employees              the particular event. We can offer some
      of APCP raised the money from payroll
      deductions to sponsor this event. This
      is truly a wonderful group that under-
      stands the meaning of Christmas. With-
                                                     events free, but for other events we will
                                                     need to charge a fee. We will do our best
                                                     to keep the cost to a minimum. Thank
                                                     you for your understanding and please
                                                                                                     ad in APCP Newsletter,
      out their commitment this would not
      have been possible. Santa would like to
      personally thank you for being his very
                                                     sign up for the exciting events we have
                                                     to offer.
                                                        Please look out for the flyers that will
                                                                                                           please call
      special elves.                                 be posted around the community, chan-
         It is almost ready. The Winter Won-         nel 80, on our website www.apocono-
      derland with Ice Skating Rink is almost        countryplace.com and in our newspaper
      complete. As this article goes to press,       to let you know what is coming up. If
      water is being placed in the rink in prep-     you have any questions about our pro-

                                                                                                    @ 421-4800
      aration for its opening. We are putting        grams contact us at 570-894-8356 ext
      together our Skate program so those of         118. Again thank you to everyone who
      you who do not have ice skates can still       has put time in to make all of our pro-
      enjoy the rink. Please stay posted for the     grams successful.
      date of our Grand Opening.

                                                                                                                         JANUARY 2012 •          A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE           11

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C11] | 12/30/11         10:55 | IMELJULIE

     New Year's Eve/Day Word Search
        J    A N C O U N T D O W N U A R
        Y O N E             J M A R K S                      T H E R E
        N D O F A T H E R T                                      I M E E T
        T H G           I   N D        I M F A P                  E T T W
        N R        I   A U L D L A N G S                               Y N E

        E O E D A R O F R E R A T                                        I   L
        W M V          S    R E E H C                   I    D E R W V
        Y M I          B Y B R E                  F     I    A N A C E           Kobalt Construction Inc.
        E E T A N M L D L                               S    U M P M O            COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL
                                                                                    Fleet of Dispatched Trucks
        A A       S    R R E          S O L U T                    I   O N C       Front End Loaders Available

        R Y E O B C H F                           T H E           P A    S   L     SWIFTWATER, PA 18370             PA Contractor Reg. #pa041500

        S    S    F R        I   E M I            T N A M D L O
        E N A Y A D                   S      R A E Y W E N C
        V T H           I   R T Y F               I    R     S    T G Y K
        E R A E Y W E N Y B A B E A R

                 AULD LANG SYNE                    JANUARY
                 BABY NEW YEAR                     MIDNIGHT
                 CELEBRATE                         NEW YEAR'S DAY
                 CHEERS                            NEW YEAR'S EVE
                 COUNTDOWN                         OLD MAN TIME
                 DECEMBER                          PARTY
                 FATHER TIME                       RESOLUTION
                 FESTIVE                           THIRTY-FIRST
                 FIRST                             TWELVE O'CLOCK
                 HOLIDAY                           WINTER

                                                                                             JANUARY 2012 •   A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE         13

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C13] | 12/30/11   10:55 | IMELJULIE
  Attention Homeowners...                                  Here’s What Community Associations
Thinking of Renting?                                              Residents Have to Say
                                            Americans who live in commu-             ties, cooperatives and other planned        one in 100 say rules harm property
                                         nity associations are overwhelmingly        developments.                               values. About 20 percent see no dif-
     Pocono                              pleased with their communities, ex-             Here’s what community association       ference.
                                         pressing strong satisfaction with the       residents say:                                 •     88 percent of residents who
  Rentals Wanted                         board members who govern their asso-            •     88 percent believe their gov-     have interacted with professional
  Qualified Tenants                      ciations and the community managers
                                         who provide professional support.
                                                                                     erning boards strive to serve the best
                                                                                     interests of the community.
                                                                                                                                 community managers say the experi-
                                                                                                                                 ence has been positive.
     Waiting!                               More than seven in 10 community
                                         association residents expressed satis-
                                                                                         •     90 percent say they are on
                                                                                     friendly terms with their association
                                                                                                                                    The research was sponsored by the
                                                                                                                                 Foundation for Community Associa-
                                         faction with their community experi-        board members, with just 4 percent          tion Research, a non-profit organiza-
       Professional                      ence, according to a survey conducted       indicating a negative relationship.         tion created in 1975 by Community
      and Affordable                     by Zogby International, a leading               •     86 percent say they get along     Associations Institute (CAI).
                                         public opinion research firm. Almost         well with their immediate neighbors,           Based on telephone interviews
         Property                        40 percent of community association         with just 5 percent reporting a nega-       conducted in August 2005, the survey
       Management                        residents say they are “very pleased,”      tive relationship. Of those who re-         has a margin of error of +/- 3.5 per-
                                         with only 10 percent expressing some        ported issues with neighbors, the most      centage points.
                                         level of dissatisfaction. Almost 20 per-    common problems were pets, general             A summary of the results is posted
       ~Landmark~                        cent express neither point of view.         lifestyle, noise, and parking.              at www.caionline.org/about/survey.
 Management Services, Inc.                  An estimated 54 million Ameri-               •     78 percent believe commu-         cfm. [Optional: Source: Community
  Licensed Real Estate Broker            cans live in some 274,000 homeowner         nity association rules “protect and         Associations Institute.]
                                         associations, condominium communi-          enhance” property values, while only

                                                                    RUNNING FOR THE BOARD—
      E . F r a n k Wo o d                                          DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?
I nv e s t m e n t P r o p e r t i e s
     “We Buy                                If you’re considering running for the board, we ask that you take a few moments to ask yourself the following three ques-
     and Sell”
                                                        have the time?:
                                             Do Imember, you will need to devote at least several hours of your time each month to association business. In addi-
                                             As a board
     Handy Person                        tion to regular monthly board meetings, you will need to be active in email discussions and occasional special meetings. During
    Specials • Land                      special projects, you may need to spend a little extra time on association business. Some board members may also spend a little
                                         more time than others if they work with a committee
   Bank Approved
       Fast                                              make tough business of the association. This doesn’t just required?:
                                             Can Irole of the board is to conduct thedecisions when it’smean approving the budget, but
                                             The primary
   Settlement                            also developing and enforcing policies. Board members are required to step outside their immediate circle of family and neigh-
           Call Anytime                  bors and make decisions based on the greater good of the community.
1-800-422-5705 Ex. 55
   570-894-3690                                           I policies and this and have fun, too?:
                                             Canaboutdo alltough decisions. Our community is only as good as we make it, and establishing and maintaining
                                             It isn’t all
       PA Reg. Contractor                a sense of community is a part of a board member’s responsibility. Planning and attending functions such as our picnics and being
                                         a presence in the community are as important as any policy decisions you may make.
     Freddie Mac Vendor ID                 Being a board member can be frustrating at times, but it may also be one of the most rewarding ways you’ll find to volunteer
           #1010809                      your time. If you’re interested in running for the board or would like more details about board’s responsibilities, please contact
                                         Bob Kimble at the Administration Building or see a current board member.


TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C14] | 12/30/11   10:55 | IMELJULIE
       WHY DO WE NEED RESERVES?                                                                     --- PAINTING ---
                                                                                                       Interior • Exterior
         Equipment and major components              pairs and replacements that we know will
     (like the roofs) must be replaced from time     be necessary at some point in time. Al-        Residential • Commercial
     to time, regardless of whether we plan for      though a roof may be replaced when it is         • New Construction
     the expense. We prefer to plan and set the      25 years old, every owner who lives under
     funds aside now.                                or around it should share its replacement
         Reserve funds aren’t an extra ex-           costs.                                       -- POWER WASHING --
     pense—they just spread out expenses more           3. Reserve funds minimize the need for       Painting • Staining                  FREE ESTIMATES
     evenly. There are other important reasons       special assessments or borrowing. For most                                              INSURED
     we put association monies into reserves         association members, this is the most im-            • Sealing
     every month:                                    portant reason.                               Homes • Decks • Concrete           (570) 894-3331
         “Whether or not” to me is like “over”          4. Reserve funds enhance resale values.      Walkways and Patios             www.poconopressurecleaning.com
     to you (and me).                                Lenders and real estate agents are aware
         1. Reserve funds meet legal, fiduciary,      of the ramifications for new buyers if the
     and professional requirements. A replace-       reserves are inadequate. Many states re-
     ment fund may be required by:                   quire associations to disclose the amounts
         Any secondary mortgage market in            in their reserve funds to prospective pur-
     which the association participates (e.g.,       chasers.
     Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA).                 5. The American Institute of Certified
     State statutes, regulations, or court deci-     Public Accountants (AICPA) requires
     sions. The community’s governing docu-          the community association to disclose its
     ments.                                          reserve funds in its financial statements.
         2. Reserve funds provide for major re-

                                                                                                   POCONO GYM      Tobyhanna Shopping Plaza
                                                                                                           1447 Sterling Road, Unit 7 Tobyhanna, Pa. 18466
                                                                                                             (between the gates of A Pocono Country Place)

                                                                                                        $25                         Weight Training and
                                                                                                      Month                           Cardio Fitness
                                                                                                         or                            Aerobics Class
                                                                                                      $5/Day                   Personal Training Available
                                                                                                       (cash only)               Sword Training Available

                                                                                                                   JANUARY 2012 •   A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE            15

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C15] | 12/30/11         10:55 | IMELJULIE
                                                                                        SNOWPLOWING                                     • Lawn Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           • Backhoe Service
                                                                                         • Custom landscape design
                                                                                                                                            • Retaining Walls
                                                                                         • Tree and stump removal                             • All Clean-Ups
                                                                                         Contact us now:                                • Painting & staining
                                                                                         (570) 894-2514                                   • Door & windows
                                                                                                                                                • Deck repairs
                                                                                         (570) 336-7299
                                                                                                                                                    • Delivery
                                                                                         www.Jegarden.com                          (Stone, Mulch, Dirt, etc.)

                                                                                           • Fully Insured • Free Estimates • References available

        • Stainless Steel Caps • Screens Installed • Stainless Steel Liners Installed
                                From one piece
 • Chimneys Cleaned From The Roof Down • Squirrels & Raccoons Removed From Chimneys
                                                                                                                                       You Call
                                                                                                                                       We Haul
                              • Wire Brush & Power Vacuum                                    to a truck load!
                                                                                                       No Need for Dumpsters
                                                                                                   Houses • Estates • Offices • Apartments
     Cleaning • Repairing • Rebuilding • Fireplaces • Chimney Waterproofing • Chimney
                                                                                                      Fast Friendly Reliable Service
    Blockages Removed • Over 35 Years Experience • Ask About Our Emergency Services                 Paul E. Jackson
          32 Navaho Path, Gouldsboro, PA 18424 •   570-676-5253                            570-856-9280 or     570-839-0384

                                                                                          WET BASEMENT OR CRAWL SPACE?? MOLD?
                                                                                          Over 40 Systems Available Some No Digging    Certified Mold Removal
                                                                                          Fully Transferable Written Guarantee-Water   Anywhere in Your Home
                                                                                          Fully Staffed Office                         Super Testimonials
                                                                                          Free Written Estimates                       We EXCEED Customer’s
                                                                                          Financing Available                          Expectations!

                                                                                            INTEGRA-CLEAN & DRY
                                                                                                          Locally Owned – Nationally Known
                                                                                                     1-877-DRY-U-NOW • 1-877-379-8669



TS_CNG/ADVERTISING/AD_PAGES [C16] | 12/30/11        10:56 | IMELJULIE
      AREA SERVICES                                                                                                                          -LANDSCAPING
          APCPPOA takes no responsibility for           Call Arleen (516)569-4628-Home                                                      -SNOW PLOWING
                                                                                                                                               -CLEAN UPS
     content and/or accuracy. It cannot be         or (516)547-8930-Cell
     held liable for any consequences arising
     from any classifieds placed within our              Florida, Winter Haven, 5 Rooms,
     newspaper. The writer of the ad bears         Gated 55+retirement community                 Located Right In The PCP Development
     the legal burden with respect to the con-
     tent and accuracy of the ad that they
                                                        All amenities, near lakes. (No chil-
                                                   dren, no pets). Low rent/lease/sale.                   Serving                            570-234-4350
     post.                                         Call Rich (516)437-6908-Home (516)
                                                                                                 New Jersey & Pennsylvania                   570-216-0585
         For Rent:
         APCP ,                                         Electrical Work: Retired (35 years
         Large 3-Bedroom, 2-bath ranch,            exp.). Senior citizen discount (AARP).
     fireplace. Mint condition, Quiet area          Low cost by job. Outlets, switches, fix-
     close to main gate.                           tures, circuit breakers.
                                                        Small job specialist. Call Rich                          pes                         Specializing in:
         3-Bedroom, 1-bath, cathedral ceil-        (516)437-6908-Home (516)581-2252-                    A l l Tyf                       •    TREE Removal
     ings, fireplace, on Cul-de-sac                 Cell. Residing at APCP .                                    o
                                                                                                                  ups                   •    Landscaping
         Can rent both with option to buy.                                                               C   lean                       •   Lawn Maintanence
                                                                                                                                        •   Branch Removal
                                                                                                Firewood • Snow Plowing                 •   Stone and Mulch
                                                                                                Call Today For A Free Estimate                         Fully
                                                                                                          570-894-2204                                Insured

                                                                                               EXPERT WORKMANSHIP • EXTREMELY REASONABLE PRICES
                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL
                                                                                                                         Interior & Exterior
                                                                                                                        SELLING YOUR HOME? QUICKEN THE SALE
                                                                                                                         WITH A NEW COAT OF PAINT OR STAIN!
                                                                                                                      Brush or Roller Painting • Power Washing
                                                                                                                        Deck Staining • Home Improvements

                                                                                                 A M E R I C A N PA I N T I N G
                                                                                                 AMERICAN PAINTING
                                                                                               FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                                                FULLY INSURED            570-894-5676
                                                                                                               JANUARY 2012 •      A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE       17

TS_CNG/POCONO_PLACE/PAGES [C17] | 12/30/11       10:56 | IMELJULIE
APCP Remembers                                                                  Tobyhanna Little League
                                                                            2012 Baseball & Softball Signups
Michael Ballotta - November 3, 2011 - Husband of Marie Ballotta
                                                                                       Boys & Girls 4-16 Years Old
Dottie O’Connor – December 11, 2011 – Wife of John O’Connor
                                                                          “PLAY BALL UNDER THE LIGHTS”
Birthdays                                                                                   Signups will be held at the
                                                                                   TOBYHANNA LITTLE LEAGUE OFFICE
Michelle Diaz – January 23                                                       Located on Route 611 behind the library in Tobyhanna
                                                                                               on the following dates:
Alan Isler – January 26
                                                                             Sunday, January 8th at 5pm - Sunday, January 22nd at 9am
                                                                           Saturday, January 28th at 9am - Saturday, February 4th at 9am
If you have a special announcement you would like to add, please          Saturday, February 11th at 9am - Saturday, February 25th at 9am
email cic@apoconocountryplace.com with your information                                  Tuesday, February 28th at 6pm
                                                                                           Saturday March 3rd at 9am

                                                                               4-8 year olds $70.00 (Tee Ball & Coach Pitch Divisions)
                                                                               9-16 year olds $80.00 (Minor through Senior Divisions)

                                                                        First time players please bring a copy of child’s birth certificate and
                                                                                    3 proofs of residency in Coolbaugh Township

      Gate Renaming                                                                     For more information call 570.851.1112
                                                                        To register online visit our website at www.tobyhannalittleleague.org

In 2012 all properties in A Pocono Country Place will have an address
    change. When this comes about we are considering renaming
                               our gates.

     We challenge you to submit your suggestions to name each of
                             our gates.

         A-C-D-E-F-& G - ______________________________

                 J - ______________________________

                 B - ______________________________

              and K&L - ______________________________

Please submit your responses by January 31st either by mailing your
responses to 1 Country Place Drive or by email to Denese Depeza at
denese.depeza@apoconocountryplace.com or drop your suggestions
off at either the Welcome Center or Administration Offices.


                                                           QUICK CHICKEN DINNER
                                                                 By Chris Yankovic

                                                                            1 package of chicken quarters (6)
                                                                            2 cans sliced potatoes
                                                                            2 cans sliced carrots
                                                                            2 quart cans of mushroom soup
                                                                            1 or 2 bags of 10 minute rice or whatever you prefer.

                                                                            - Put 2 cans each of potato and carrot in a large pan then cover with both cans of
                                                                            mushroom soup.
                                                                            - Place chicken on top then place in oven.
                                                                            - Cook at 350 1 ½ hrs or until chicken is done
                                                                            - Boil rice
                                                                            - Serve chicken mixture over rice or whatever you prefer.

                                                                            Makes a nice quick dinner

                                                                                                JANUARY 2012 •         A POCONO COUNTRY PLACE                19

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