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					                             NEETHA SHETTY-ALVA, M.D., M.S.
                                      www.linkedin/in/neethashettyalva                        203/464-4195
Summit, NJ 07901                                                                


 Extensive pharmaceutical experience in R&D; Pharmaceutical Marketing; Networking; and
  Business Strategy Development from Schering Plough, Impax Pharmaceuticals, Biolumina including not only
  R&D development in PD at Schering Plough and Impax by critiquing study design
  (patient selection-whether key subgroups of real life populations were excluded- demented patients with PD
  (range from 30-70%), duration required for meaningful safety & efficacy conclusions for phase 3 results
  and elucidating from key players (KOLs, managed care organizations, national disease foundations-e.g. MJF,
   hospital formularies, community physicians, and patients) and the key literature what the emerging disease
  paradigms, treatment targets, unmet and unrecognized needs were and how they differed for patients, KOLs,
  community physicians and payers in terms of factors from dosing convenience, ease of use (complexity of
  dosing for providers) to value/cost merit for payers.
 Regional Cross Functional Networker: As MSL in Neurology for Impax Pharmaceuticals, regular interaction
   with a variety of Neurology KOLs in Parkinson’s Disease throughout NJ/NY/PA/MA/RI region to elicit evolving
   disease paradigms, treatments and unmet needs (range of first introductory meeting times from one half
   hour to 1 hour and 40 minutes and mean time of 50 minute introduction versus national MSL goal of
   10-15 minutes; As Chief Resident of Nuclear Medicine, optimized various MRI, PET and Nuclear Scintigraphy
   technologies with Siemens and General Electric.
 Masters of Epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health-expertise in statistics, research design
  healthcare cloud technology, study databases, and web portals as tools to promote disease understanding and
  efficacy/safety-cost ratio for products and services of pharmaceutical companies and academic hospitals over
  real time.
 Ivy League medical training , with MD from Brown Medical School, B.S. Degree in Neuroscience
  from Brown University, cutting edge residency and research training in Nuclear Medicine and Neurology
  from Yale New Haven Hospital, including American Board Certification in Nuclear Medicine with
  specific expertise in radiopharmaceutical-based imaging (gamma camera, PET/CT and SPECT) and therapeutics
  for Neurology, Oncology and Cardiology but all body systems covered in terms of using radiopharmacueticals for
  innovative diagnosis and treatment where both could take place simultaneously to save time and cost and
  eliminate spatial registration errors.
 Cutting-edge Researcher: G. Milton Shy Award from the American Academy of Neurology
  for pioneering work showing the high magnitude (70% rate) of the placebo effect in Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
  DATATOP trials and that PD effect on current job is the only demographic factors tested that could reliably
  predict placebo response for this disease and that response could be variable (positive, negative or both).
 Radiology Clinical and Research Fellow in MRI perfusion and diffusion tensor techniques to reduce
  radiation dosing, improve speed and predict prognosis in patients from stroke to cancer. Yale research
  included pioneering work on integrating EEG, PET, MRI and CT diagnostics to improve predictability and
  potency of surgical planning in refractory epilepsy; P32 as a novel treatment option for the elderly subgroup
  with Essential Thrombocythemia given lower leukemic risk at this age; use of Prostascint to diagnose brain
  metastases noninvasively vs. biopsy
 Accomplished medical editor, with election to the “Rapid Reviewer” position for the national Neurology
  journal, “Stroke” and as MSL in Neurology for Impax where I critiques both phase 3 publications and Slide
  Decks in terms of scientific, data, design, presentation (written and graphic), limitations and future directions.
 Proactive Team Leader & Educator: As Chief Resident in Nuclear Medicine, cut time to gastrointestinal
   bleeding scan by 50% catching X5 more bleeds and leading to X5 more effective angiograms. Implemented
   interactive training program to bring residents to up speech for call faster and with better reliability in terms of
   their proficiency in such a short time.
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                                           CORE COMPETENCIES

  Clinical Trial Studies ● Strategic Planning ● Patient Interaction ● Regulatory Compliance ● Data Mining ● Team
 Participation ● Original Research ● Process Improvements ● Accurate Documentation ● Technology Evaluation ●
Operational Excellence ● Performance Metrics ● Change Management ● Resource Allocation ● Technical Internships
                           ● Staff Training & Development ● Technical Writing ● Multilingual

                                 EMPLOYMENT & ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Impax Pharmaceuticals, Hayward, CA                                                                2012
Medical Science Liaison- NJ, NY, PA, MA, & RI (One Month Contract Due to FDA ruling)
Facilitate and enhance the development and recognition of Client products In Neurology through
communication of product-related scientific and medical information to relevant external health care providers,
policy-makers/payers and thought leaders- such as neurologists, Parkinson's Disease specialists, academic
faculty, managed care medical and pharmacy directors, as well as investigators and other health care
 Disseminate information on research developments and new concepts in medical treatment, publications
    and field activities associated with both lifecycle management and pipeline of Neurology products
 When appropriate, initiate and support the development of investigator-sponsored studies for Neurology

Biolumina, New York, NY                                                                             2012
Freelance Associate Medical Director
In charge of medical analyses of the current & future landscape for recombinant factor VIII in Hemophilia.
  Analyzed the scientific potential of new recombinant factor VIII compounds for future positioning. Medical
     backgrounder of scientific potential of new compound for moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.
     Medical review of marketing materials (case studies, backgrounders, advertorials) for multiple projects on
     new chemotherapeutic agents for breast carcinoma. Worked with Alaina Mendoza, SVP Management
     Supervisor & Diane Iler-Smith, SVP Senior Creative Director.

Merck / Schering-Plough Corporation, Summit, NJ                                                       2009
Contract Project Physician
In charge of preparing and delivering clinical trial documents, while performing critiques of development-of-design,
scales and global feasibility for this global pharma leader.
  Served as Lead Clinical Expert for Parkinson’s drug development, including meetings, field literature review and
     Key Opinion Leader (KOL) contacts.
  Worked with Marc Cantillon, MD/Executive Director of Coalition Against Major Diseases.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center, New York, NY                                                          2008
Neurology Resident – Department of Neurology
Responsible for performing triage, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic neurology patients of every variety
for a major hospital within a diverse urban population. Served in biweekly specialty clinics (neurologic pain,
movement disorders, multiple sclerosis and stroke).
 Worked equally well in emergency, inpatient and in-house consult settings.

Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT                                                  2006 – 2008
Neurology Resident – Department of Neurology, 2006-2008
Managed triage, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic neurology patients of every variety for a major
hospital within a diverse urban population. Served in biweekly specialty clinics (neurologic pain, movement
disorders, multiple sclerosis and stroke).
 Worked equally well in emergency, inpatient and in-house consult settings.
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 Supervised junior residents and medical students in patient management and educational presentations.

Nuclear Medicine Resident, 2005-2006
Generated protocols for nuclear medicine studies in emergent and daily settings; read nuclear medicine scans
across all body systems with particular specialization in Nuclear Cardiology. Worked with Nuclear Cardiology
pioneers- Frans Wackers, Barry Zarrett, Albert Sinusus, and Raymond Russell, in terms of optimizing
stress testing (SPECT & PET). Trained and oriented medical students, nuclear medicine residents and
 Specially selected as Chief Resident during final year in 2006 because of superior clinical acumen in diagnostic
    and therapeutic neurology, as well as professionalism and 24/7 availability.
 Personally planned and administered radioisotope treatments for patients suffering with thyroid disease to bone
    cancer pain.
 Trained in nuclear medicine techniques, including gamma camera, PET and SPECT for diseases in all therapeutic
    areas, such as neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonary, oncology, gastroenterology and infectious
    disease to address clinical challenges of specialists and generalists in medicine and surgery, with national
    reknown for functional Neurologic, Cardiology, and Oncology functional imaging expertise.
 Reduced time for emergent gastrointestinal bleeding scans by 50% after streamlining patient transport, report
    format, to under less than 1 hour to catch the location of five times as many bleeds. Increased rate of
    successful angiograms and stakeholder (ordering physicians and hospital administrators) satisfaction by fivefold.
 Greatly improved the resident training process with a more proactive approach through interactive training
    sessions and written examinations to ensure compliance.
 Streamlined the set-up of new GE equipment by testing optimal data formats, transfer speed and post-
    processing tools for General Electric to ensure ease of use and clinical utility.

New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY                                               2003 – 2004
Research Assistant – Department of Radiology
As part of a post-graduate Fellowship, reviewed and analyzed charts incorporating perfusion MRI data and clinical
correlates for patients with cerebral aneurysms.
 Attended a radiology conference on perfusion and diffusion MRI topics.

St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center, New York, NY                                                   2002
Radiology Resident
Tasked with planning, executing and reading radiology scans on-call and daily.
 Coordinated and administered CT-guided biopsies and interventional radiology procedures.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA                                                   2000 – 2001
Clinical & Research Fellow – Radiology
Managed studies for all clinical trials on diffusion and perfusion MRI, including investigator selection, patient
management, site set-up, technology optimization, quality controls, data transfer and publication planning, as well
as manuscript submission and presentations at regional & national meetings. Effectively handled various functions,
such as preparation of NIH grants on perfusion and diffusion MRI.
 Acquired IRB approval for all projects involving diffusion and perfusion MRI.
 Optimized interleaved gradient echo/spin echo speed and reliability by negotiating with Siemens management
    team and engineering department.

 Published on dose optimization of interleaved gradient echo/spin echo perfusion MRI, as well as diffusion tensor
  MRI prediction of Rankin score in Neuro-ICU patients.
 Presented on interesting clinical cases at weekly perfusion MRI conferences.

Rhode Island Hospital & Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, RI                         1999 – 2000
Preliminary Intern – Internal Medicine
NEETHA SHETTY-ALVA, M.D., M.S.                                                                    Page Four

Diagnosed and treated internal medicine patients in inpatient, outpatient and consulting settings with a focus on the
cancer population in terms of complications from both disease and therapy.


Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA                                                         2003
M.S. Degree in Epidemiology
* Courses in research design, biostatistics, healthcare economics (price setting, cost/benefits review), quality
   improvement methodologies, demographic analysis and market dynamics (supply/demand principles).
* Advanced classes in statistical data analysis and medical communication techniques for different audiences.

Brown Medical School, Providence, RI                                                               1999
M.D. Degree
* Received the “Stanley A. Aronson Award” in recognition of Top Neuroscience Student status in graduating class.
* Rapid Reviewer for the national journal, Stroke, since 1995.
* Recipient of a Summer Research Grant from the American Parkinson’s Disease Association.
* Won the “G. Milton Shy Award” from the American Academy of Neurology for most original medical student
   manuscript as one of 1st researchers to utilize conventional demographic variables and innovative predictors
   (effect of PD on current job) to forecast placebo response; also helped investigators in anticipating potential
   challenges in populations during drug trials.

Brown University, Providence, RI                                                                      1995
B.S in Neuroscience/A.B. Degree in Religion
* Graduated Magna Cum Laude.
* Elected to both Sigma Chi and Phi Beta Kappa honor societies.

                                         PRIMARY PUBLICATIONS

1. Alva S, Alva N. An Update of tumor metastasis to the breast data. Archives of Surgery, 1999; 134(4): 450.

2. Shetty N, Friedman J, Kieburtz K, Oakes D, Marshall F, & the Parkinson’s Study Group. Placebo response in
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6. Zawacki T, Friedman JH, Grace J, Shetty N. Cerebellar toxicity of cytosine arabinoside: Clinical and
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7. Alva N. Traumatic spinal epidural hematoma in a 10-month old male: A clinical note. Pediatric Neurology, 2000;
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8. Alva N. Medical myth: Delaying the diagnosis of abdominal pain with analgesia. Medicine and Health/Rhode
NEETHA SHETTY-ALVA, M.D., M.S.                                                                   Page Five

9. sland, 2001; 84(2): 63-64.

10. Shetty-Alva N, Huisman TAGM, Davis TL, Benner T, Wu O, Sorensen AG. Optimizing gadolinium-DPTA dose in
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    cerebral blood flow MR imaging. American Society of Neuroradiology 40thAnnual Meeting
    Proceedings,Vancouver, CA 2002.

10. Huisman TAGM, Schwamm LH, Schaefer PW, Koroshetz WJ, Shetty-Alva N, Wu O, Sorensen AG. Diffusion
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11. Shetty-Alva N, Novotny E, Shetty T, Kuo PH. Serial ictal FDG-PET imaging in Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. Pediatric
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12. Shetty-Alva N, Cheng DW. Low-dose P32 therapy in Essential Thrombocythemia. Clinical Nuclear Medicine,
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13. Shetty-Alva N, Obando A. Unusual prostate metastasis to the brain: ProstaScint,CT, and MRI findings. The
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14. Alva S, Shetty-Alva N, Longo WE. Image of the month: Chilaiditi’s sign. Archives of Surgery, 2008; 143(1):

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16. Shetty-Alva N, Baehring J. Hippocrates and the sacred disease. American Academy of Neurology 60th
   Annual Meeting, Integrated Neuroscience Poster Session: Genetics of Epilepsy, Chicago, IL 2008.

                                 PRIMARY PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES

     American Academy of Neurology
     Association for Women in Science, NY Chapter & Central NJ Chapter
     BASC Chair for Northern, NJ Chapter for Brown Alumni Interviewing of College Applicants

                         NEETHA SHETTY-ALVA, M.D., M.S.
                                 Summit, NJ 07901

Dear Hiring Executive:

    My immediate goal is to join a pharma company now as a Medical Affairs Director in an appropriate therapeutic area
(Diabetes, Neurology, HemeOncology or Pain) who wants to focus on developing both overall R & D and business
strategy to evolve the product portfolio, tools, and collaborations of the company as whole over the long term. I am
especially in companies with high integration of cross functional teams where I can work with R&D, marketing, legal,
epidemiology and high level business administration. I am specifically targeting a global pharma company with a well
diversified portfolio, integrated cross-functional teams, that will support an executive MBA in my region (e.g. Wharton) so
I can become a MD/MBA leader to enhance the faster and more rigorous development of new drugs in Neurology that
have unparalleled efficacy and safety as well as practical business strategies that will evolve with payer, provider and
patient unmet and unrecognized needs over time and in real time. I want to join a company that can use my powerful
combination of scientific and business skills from research design and analytics to healthcare economics--Markov
modeling; price point setting; supply and demand principles), global marketing (how to position a product scientifically in
terms of emerging disease paradigms, treatment targets, and unmet needs of providers, patients, and payers) for
specialty markets (neurology, hematology, oncology) and KOL relationship building for educational programs, advisory
boards, practice tutorials on dosing, and customized research collaborations that bridge conflict of interest issues arising
from federal law and heterogeneous hospital policies to include "real life" subgroups.

    My areas of expertise include: Networking(KOL; Payers; Patients); Creative R & D Strategies that are driven by Clinical
Meaning; Innovative Business Strategies driven by Value Propositions over the Lifecycle of the Drug & Balancing Overall
Portfolio Risk Across Therapeutic Areas by tapping into synergies (cost, operational, cultural) but limited by smart
alignment with company resources and mission; Research Administration; Personnel Development-Interactive Educational
& Training Programs including One on One Customized Mentoring; Regulatory Compliance with a specific expertise on
managing conflict of interest challenges between pharma and academia—in terms of FDA regulations, product insert
specifications and hospital formulary committees whose composition and policies vary greatly between hospitals or
medical centers and do not always include the key KOLs required to judge the data with sophistication; Quality
Improvement Methodology; Operational Streamlining; Staffing Strategies; Medical Editing/Writing for Multiple Therapeutic
Areas & Medical Devices & Grant Administration.

During my career I have: 1) Played roles in all aspects of new clinical research operations and center functions, as well
as developing research programs for leading US healthcare providers; 2)Persistently improved treatment results, program
implementation and operating efficiencies by implementing and supporting internal training, morale initiatives and
application of leading-edge technologies; 3) Consistently met and exceeded goals in patient health levels, speed of
analysis and overall performance objectives in fast-paced, high-pressure environments.

         Top administrators, medical leaders, professional peers and a diverse patient base, including my MSL team leader
at Impax (Dr. Frank Perez) can confirm that I thrive in an atmosphere of challenge and innovation. An in-depth
knowledge of clinical research techniques and healthcare operations, along with specialized training and abilities that set
my performance apart, enables me to offer a truly unique talent. I am confident I can bring to the table a package of
skills, experience and abilities that will provide you with an invaluable resource. Once I saw the challenges of their data
design and interpretation, I gave my notice on October 11 th and ironically the FDA unfortunately but wisely gave notice
on October 12th that they could not review the compound on October 21st but within 3 months because the data and
design was not rigorous enough and I anticipate denial at the later date.
      Please call me any time if you have an appropriate position in Medical Affairs for now or the near future, please
contact me at the email above or telephone anytime, even after hours or on weekends.

Neetha Shetty-Alva

Neetha Shetty-Alva, M.D, M.S.

Description: Neetha Shetty-Alva is a Medical Director with extensive pharmaceutical experience in R&D; Pharmaceutical Marketing; Networking; and Business Strategy Development. Neetha is also open to a remote position.