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									Campus Environment
 blossom in my diary

 By: Ding Yonghong   Chen ZhiJun
    Zhaobin          Zhao Yilin
Follow me to the world in my eyes
     Image of Zhuhai Campus
Diary 1
          the day I walked beside ruohai
Diary 2
          Purple rain on Liyuan road
Diary 3
      Morning reading by Suiyue lake
       I accept that romance and beauties lie in every
corner of Zhuhai campus. When you go walking on
Liyuan road with purple fallen petals covering, when
you do morning reading beside Suiyue lake with mild
sunlight shining and gentle breeze blowing, when you
sit on the lakeside of Ruohai, seeing birds dancing
and playing on the grass, then, strong feelings will
arise from your deep heart.

 Truly, I’m drawn in the happiness and tranquility
 with the beautiful surroundings on campus. When I
 feel depressed and distressed, the scenic spots`
 company becomes helpful as if they are my friends
 or even members of my family.
Oct. 8th.
                                      windy and cloudy

       The happiest time of my day is to come
  here, the lakeside of Ruohai ,and stay
  calmly, ……
With gentle breeze kissing my cheeks and those
trees, it seems that autumn are telling us its stories.
Everywhere the grass grows lush and green
It makes me feel as if I were a bird
and soared high to the immense
sky with the wind.
I was being taken to the sky…….
But how did it become like this today?
 The day I became a green volunteer
protecting my paradise, I really feel
happy for my pure birds can perch here
forever safely and happily, accompanying
with me……...
Oct. 21st.

                    sunny and flowering

    Purple rain on Liyuan road
     Everyday, I go to the suiyue canteen via the liyuan
road with beautiful purple pedals raining, making it the
shining star of poetic beauty………
I told my friends that you
can hear breeze singing
and smell the charming
fragrance of redbuds in
the air.
Around us is the scent of flowers and
poetic beauty.
Don't hurt them ……
It’s so nice of you.
I ate the whole cake and felt in
happiness as if I were the flower
smiling on a tree and a couple of
people never pick me because I
belong to the nature, I belong to
them all, because I make them,
feel happy.
Nov 2nd.
  Morning reading by Suiyue lake

   Breathing the fresh air merrily ,I proposed
   to go by Suiyue lake for morning reading.
   That's really a feast for our eyes… ….
With the god-given peace and tranquility
unfolding in front of our eyes, you are
promised a good mood and high
However when I drew closer, I found it was
not beautiful as I had imagined .
Heal our world

“There′s A Place In            If You Care Enough
Your Heart                     For The Living
And I Know That It Is Love     Make A Little Space
And This Place Could Give Us   Make A Better Place...
Brighter Than Tomorrow
                               Heal The World
And If You Really Try          Make It A Better
You′ll Find There′s No Need    Place
To Cry
                               For You And For Me
This Place You′ll Feel         And entire campus
There′s No Hurt Or Sorrow
There Are Ways
To Get There
 Campus Environment is the environment of our home, in
 which we enjoy our routine day and our poetic life.

 Please open your heart to love the nature you stay with
 and put your hand to care for the environment that
 accompany with you.

My friends, join us .Tiny devotion can also make a
great difference.

 Maybe today is one of my unforgettable days in my life. It
 meant a lot to me. Because I had done what I want and can do
 to beautify my campus environment surrounding me . And I
 will and continue do more with my friends for my
 paradise ,campus .
May you enjoy the
Thank you ….
campus environment……

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