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									Closing Techniques
Perri Cebedo

What is obtaining a commitment?
Obtaining a commitment is getting the doctor to agree to act This is achieving the goal of your visit!


Closing Techniques


This technique consists of 2 steps:
1st: 2nd: Restate the benefits agreed upon by the doctor Ask for action


Closing Techniques


Getting a commitment
Dr. Chan: “EMLA seems like an excellent drug.”

Pedro Torres: ”Dr. Chan, we agree that EMLA offers higher efficacy than other antibiotics and that its convenient dosage will help in patient compliance (1st step: Review accepted


”On the basis of these benefits, would you be willing to try EMLA on your next 5 patients with upper respiratory infection? "(2nd step:

Asking for action)

Closing Techniques


Getting a commitment is getting:
to ask questions to discover the needs of the doctor. Satisfying the needs of the doctor. the doctor to agree to act.

¿What are the steps to getting a commitment?
• •

Restate the accepted benefits of your product Ask for a specific action
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Acceptance Signals
When do you know that the doctor is prepared to commit himself?
When you get “Acceptance signals”
Listen attentively to the doctor to his tone as well as to what he says. Observe carefully his body language. .


Closing Techniques


Examples of acceptance signals:
I have to admit that IMDUR sound very interesting. Losec has been very beneficial for my office patients! Is Losec available in liquid form?" It seem that Emla has indeed a series of advantages.

A acceptance signal is an acceptance of the product as a whole.
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How to Gain Commitment
Dr. Chen: (Looking at his watch impatiently) Peter: Dr. Chen, we agree that Productyn provides rapid relief of symptoms and does not cause drowsiness. Don´t you think that P could be useful in your practice? Dr. Chen: Yes, P could be of much benefit for my patients.” Peter: Why not start benefiting some 3 patients this week with Product P?”

Observe that Peter first probe for an acceptance signal before asking for committment.


Closing Techniques


How to Probe for an Acceptance Signal
"Doesn´t Betaloc Zok seem useful in your practice?"

"Have I shown you how Losec can be of use in your clinic?"
"Do you believe that P could indeed be of benefit to your patients?" Which of the following is the better way to probe for an Acceptance Signal?
"Dr. Lin, How about starting the next 3 GERD patients on Losec?” "Dr. Lin, don´t you think that Losec might be of benefit for your GERD patients?
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2nd Step: Ask for Action
Asking for commitment is the objective of the call This commitment should be specific A specific commitment:
bolsters your position to solve problems helps evaluate your progress after your call

How to make Commitments more specific:
identify specific types of patients asking for a specific number of patients asking for a specific time for trying out a product

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Which is the better example?
"Dr. Lee, would you now prescribe EMLA in next patients? "Dr. Huang, we agree that IMDUR offers fast action without sedation as well as convenient administration…Can we count on your prescription?” "Dr. Wong, to summarize, P offers rapid action without sedation as well as convenient once a day administration. Why not use P in your next 5 patients so you can see for yourself the advantages of P? Técnicas de Cierre: Perri Cebedo
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Three Types of Use Objectives
Types of objectives Trial use Results New sales

Continued use
Expanded use

Sales maintained
Sales increase
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How to ask for Commitment
Continued use Based on these benefits and on

your on successful clinical experience, would you like to continue using Losec as your drug of choice for GERD? Trial:Based on these benefits, would you like to try IMDUR on your next 3 patients with.. This would be the best way to observe the benefits of IMDUR in action. Expanded Use: On the basis of your own good results with Imdur in patients with … would you like to try Imdur in patients with...
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Another way on how to ask for commitment
You: "Dr. Chan, we agree that P offers the convenience of once a day dosage y fewer side effects... In view of these important advantages, would you try P in your next 3 patients with…?” This would be the best way to evaluate the benefits of your treatment options.


Closing Techniques


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