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									Ensuring Successful Trials
A technique for ensuring product success
Perri Cebedo and Associates
Sales and Marketing Training International


A Product Trial Can Fail:
 Wrong patient selection  Wrong Dosage  Incorrect Duration of Treatment  Ignorance of side effects and how to manage them  Unreasonable level of Expectation  Lack of Patient Compliance

EST Steps
 Patient Selection  Dosage  Duration of Treatment  Side Effects and How to Manage Them  Reasonable level of expectation  Patient Advice and Motivation


How to Start
 After the doctor agrees to try your product...  Ask for a minute or two to ensure that his first trials are indeed successful.  Change role from ¨¨Salesman¨ to ¨Consultant¨  Summarize the 6 Steps of EST  Ask when you might come back for a follow-up visit

The 6 Steps of EST

1. Patient Selection:
6 Patients with OA

2. Dosage:
Productyn 500 bid

3. Duration of Trial:
4 weeks


The 6 Steps of EST

4. Side Effects:
G.I. Side effects less than 9%, less than other NSAIDs To be taken with meals, milk or antacids

5. Reasonable level of Expectations:
4 out of 6 patients will get good results

6. Patient Compliance:
60 tabs. of Productyn 500 to cover one month of treatment


The Follow-Up
 Don´t ask about the results of the trials; Not interested in concluding but indefinite continuation of trials  Ask about the progress ie., How are the trials getting along?  Follow-Up Objectives  To clarify errors, misunderstandings,  To increase the no. of patients in the trial  To expand indications

5 Possible Scenarios
Remembers little or nothing about his promise to start trials Remembers but has not started any trial Has started some trials Completed trials without success. Completed trials with success.

1. Remembers little or nothing
Reconvince the doctor to try the product. Be very tactful. Get the doctor to agree to try your product Repeat the 6 Steps of EST.


2. Remembers but has not started the trials
Repeat the benefits that motivate the doctor to try your product. Get the doctor to commit to trying your product. Repeat the 6 Steps of EST.


3. Has started some trials
Ask about the progress of the trials; If there are no problems, let the doctor say so to emphasize the success of the trials Resolve problems, if any
Review EST Steps. Try to increase patients to dilute the problem


4. Has finished trials without success
Evaluate if all EST steps were properly followed. If done incorrectly, motivate to redo trials. If done correctly, refer to colleague who has had successful results.


5. Has finished trials successfully
 Let the doctor talk about his positive experience.  Reinforce where necessary  Suggest that the doctor try your product in more patients  Find out where he would use your product expand in other indications


5. Has finished trials successfully
Let the doctor talk about his positive experience. Reinforce where necessary Suggest that the doctor try your product in more patients Find out where he would use your product Find out where he would use competition. Which? Challenge for a comparative trial.

 EST is an excellent Follow-Up Technique  Converting Promise to Reality and Good Results  A way to translate Doctor’s Commitment to Doctor Satisfaction.  A Technique to Expand Usage in more patients and more indications  More Sales…Greater Brand Satisfaction….Brand Loyalty….More Sales

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