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Advantages of EPOS Systems for Business Located at Multiple Places


This article provides all advantages of EPOS systems in businesses with multiple locations.

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									 Advantages of EPOS Systems for Business Located at Multiple Places
In the following ways EPOS can affecta Business located on multiple Locations:

Using EPOS you can set promotions time when they have to start or their ending time. You can
set a particular time for your particular branch.

EPOS reduced a lot of paper work you do at the end of a day. You can get report of a branch
whenever you want just with a single click. It’s easy for you to compare automatically
generated reports instead of comparing hand written reports.

With EPOS a customer can add things in his cart and can pay whole amount at the end of his
shopping instead of paying bill after every single item purchase.

EPOS systems increase the speed of transaction. Which means saving of time of company &

Through dry cleaning software system an item can be traced easily instead of remembering
their price & location

You can see the stock levels of every branch with just one click and can set alerts of low level of

In EPOS systems error chances are reduced by 100%.

You can reduce shrinkage with Phamracy EPOS. Due to reports you can come to know that
when a particular incident is happening.

Using EPOS you can easily come to know the trend/Fashion of market. You can set their low
stock level @ a higher quantity so customers not to have go back empty handed. You can set
higher stock level of an item which is not in trend nowadays.
Because of login System and idle time you can come to know that how much hours a worker
spend on their terminal and can accurately manage their salary.

Using Restaurant Point of Sales allows you to take process orders rapidly because you can see
your stock levels with one click.

EPOS can easily manage your wastage and your stock will be accurate.

EPOS can provide you fully managed detailed report of stocks & selling through which you can
keep your stock at a manageable level.

Business growth reports suite made you enable to spot market trends and to know which
products selling is at low level. After Analysis of these reports you can set promotions on
products whose level of sale is low.

EPOS provides you the facility of income calculator as well. You can set this calculator in all of
your sales and in report analysis you will come to know how much you have earned today.

distribution point of sale allows you to manage & get reports of your branches at any corner of
the world.
You can set customer relation management tools as well which will send SMS, EMAIL etc. alerts
to customer about promotions , new products or their buying etc.

You can give rights of refund, sales return to a particular person to avoid conflicts within the
staff or with customers.

In EPOS you can set cash levels to make lift/Deposits etc.

You can connect EPOS with CCTV Camera’s and can tag particular video to a particular event.

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