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									               Criminal Justice
               Corrections (Pending Approval)                                                 Criminal Justice
               Program Design                                                                 Program Design
               The program helps prepare students for entry into the State of Connecticut’s   This certificate offers those employed, or desiring to be employed, in law
               Department of Correction as a Correctional Trainee.                            enforcement a way to improve career opportunities and placement through
                                                                                              academic study.
                Required Courses
                                                                                               Required Courses
               COM* 173        Public Speaking                                           3
               CJS* 293        CJ Cooperative Education/Work Experience                  3    CJS* 101       Introduction to Criminal Justice                            3
               CJS* 102        Introduction to Corrections                               3    CJS* 211       Criminal Law I                                              3
               ENG* 101        Composition                                               3    CJS* 220       Criminal Investigation                                      3
               CJS* 240        Correctional Administration                               3    POL* 111       American Government or
                                                                                              POL* 112       State and Local Government                                  3
                                                            Total Credits Required: 15
                                                                                              SOC* 101       Principles of Sociology or
               Learning Outcomes                                                              PSY* 111       General Psychology I                                        3
               Upon successful completion of all Corrections certificate program require-                                                                    Subtotal: 15
               ments, graduates will
                                                                                              CJS* 105       Introduction to Law Enforcement                             3
                1.    Explain the history and development of the system of corrections
                      in America and around the world.                                        CJS* 120       Police & the Community                                      3
                                                                                              CJS* 213       Evidence and Criminal Procedure                             3
                2.    Explain contemporary correctional issues, including but not lim-
                      ited: prisoner rights, overcrowding, prison construction, gangs and     POL* 212       Constitutional Law and Civil Rights                         3
                      “families” hierarchy, early release programs/recidivism, cost of        SOC* 240       Criminology or
                      correctional programs/buildings, and changing the emphasis of           SOC* 241       Juvenile Delinquency or
                      corrections from punishment/security to rehabilitation/treatment.       SOC* 242       Deviance or
                                                                                              PSY* 217/      Psychology of Criminal Behavior/ Sociology of
                3.    Explore the sociological/economic effects of privatization in our
                                                                                              CJS* 272       Criminal Behavior                                           3
                      correctional institutions.

                4.    Identify and explore the problems and concerns of managing staff                                                                       Subtotal: 15
                      and inmates in a modern day correctional institution on both the
                      federal and state levels.                                                                                             Total Credits Required: 30

                                                                                              Learning Outcomes
                                                                                              Upon successful completion of all Criminal Justice certificate program
                                                                                              requirements, graduates will
                                                                                               1.    Demonstrate knowledge of the language, terms and concepts of
                                                                                                     criminal justice and police administration.
                                                                                               2.    Define and describe each component of the present criminal
                                                                                                     justice system.
                                                                                               3.    Identify, describe and clarify problems existing in the present crimi-
                                                                                                     nal justice system and propose ways of continued improvement of
                                                                                                     the system.
                                                                                               4.    Identify the nature, origins, structure, purpose and constitutional
                                                                                                     limits of criminal law.
                                                                                               5.    Identify the doctrines of complicity and inchoate crimes.
                                                                                               6.    Identify the defenses of justification and excuse to an individual’s
                                                                                                     criminal liability.
                                                                                               7.    Describe the roots of early common law and how it relates to
                                                                                                     statutory law.
                                                                                               8.    Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of criminal
                                                                                               9.    Demonstrate an understanding of new and innovative investigation
                                                                                                     methods and techniques.
                                                                                               10. Demonstrate an understanding of laws of evidence as it relates to
                                                                                                   the criminal justice field.
                                                                                               11. Identify courtroom procedures.

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