Electronics Recycling Say No to Waste by Maroofsaeed1


									Electronics Recycling Say No to Waste

Electronics recycling is becoming more widespread. People who are
actively and consciously making the effort to be more responsible towards
the environment have taken to reducing, reusing, and recycling whatever
they can, and this includes electronics.

With the fast pace of technological improvement, more and more electronic
devices and appliances become obsolete within a short period of time.
Technology and electronic companies are almost constantly coming up with
new products, claiming improvements and feature enhancement. Consumers
eagerly buy new devices and appliances to replace their obsolete ones and
to be able to enjoy the added features. This has led to the burning
question: What do you do with your "old" electronic device?"

The two things you should not do: keeping or storing it, or simply
throwing it away.

Instead, go for recycling. What is electronics recycling? Electronics
recycling is part of a bigger movement to recycle what we can. It is
important because through recycling we can conserve our limited
resources, and it is a big step towards protecting the environment. The
improper disposal, usage, and storage of electronic devices can be
dangerous and hazardous. Improper disposal of electronic devices also
leads to a great deal of wastage. The amount of electronic devices that
ends up in the garbage and landfills is staggering and is such a big

If you have electronic devices and appliances that you no longer use, the
best thing is to recycle them. If they are still in good condition, you
could give it to someone who might have some use for it. Otherwise, you
can surrender them for recycling. Electronic devices can be taken apart
and its different components can be recycled. When electronic devices are
recycled, almost all of its individual parts can be reused. Only a small
fraction will not be fit for reusing. Another advantage of recycling is
that hazardous material found in some devices can be taken out and
disposed of properly. This decreases the possibility of you having toxic
waste in your home and office. Several manufacturing companies have
implemented their own recycling programs, and you can surrender devices
to their respective manufacturers. You need only check how each
manufacturer manages the program, where and how you can drop off the
device, etc. Retailers have programs that allow consumers to surrender
devices they no longer use. It is very easy to find avenues through which
you can recycle your electronics.

As a consumer, your efforts in electronics recycling can also be
augmented by more responsible behavior in terms of purchasing products.
Ask yourself if you really need that new phone or that new gadget. You
can also start buying products that are more environment-friendly. Buy
products whose impact on the environment and whose waste capacity are
considerably lower than those of the usual products available in the
market today. Several manufacturers have moved towards production with
this in mind. Not only have they implemented recycling programs, they
have also begun designing and manufacturing products that are more

So if you have an old computer monitor, an old mobile phone, or a bread
toaster you are no longer using, have them recycled. Electronics
recycling can be one of the ways you can contribute to the global effort
to protect the environment.

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