Directed Electronics PKALL Encrypted Key Data Transponder Bypass Kit

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					Directed Electronics PKALL Encrypted Key Data Transponder Bypass Kit

Modern cars are equipped with a module, which communicates with a chip in
the key that tells it that it is safe to start the car. A transponder
bypass kit is a device that communicates with the car's module and tells
it that it is safe to start when starting the car remotely, without
inserting the key.

You will find many transponder bypass kits in the market but each is
designed for a specific make and type of vehicle. Some are even
restricted to specific manufacturing year. This product is a transponder
bypass kit offered by Directed Electronics that is almost universal. It
is compatible and can be patched with the immobilizers of over 700
vehicle models of Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Lincoln,
Mercury, Mazda, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, Pontiac and Suzuki
manufactured in 1998 through 2009.


· Universal: PKALL is a universal bypass kit, which is designed to
support a long list of 700 different models of cars from different
manufacturers all over the world. This means if you intend changing your
car you can remove your kit and reinstall it in your new car.

· Keyless: many transponder bypass kits require one of the spare keys to
be left in the bypass unit, this sometimes become a security hazard, as
it can be removed and used in the ignition switch by a thief. PKALL has
no requirement of leaving a key in the system. This makes it more secure
than other brands available in the market.

· Value for money: the product works exactly as the manufacturers claims
it to function. The price is reasonable and saves you enough to pay for
professional installation.


· Professionalinstallation: Each model needs different wiring and
connection layout, which is available on the company's website.
Installation is not as simple as people think. This is not something that
can be easily managed as a do it yourself project and may result in
damaging the components.

· Difficult programming: Being a universal unit, the settings are
different for each model. This sometimes becomes an issue with most
people trying to install it themselves.

· Cluttered wiring: Unlike kits specified for a particular make and
model, this unit has a lot of wiring. Each set of wiring works
differently for different make and models and many needs to be discarded.
This can create a lot of confusion during installation, especially if it
is taken up as a DIY project and you do not have the right schematics for
your car.

Bottom line
PKALL Encrypted Key Data Transponder Bypass Kit by Directed Electronics
is a good buy, provided you go for professional installation. You can get
a specific bypass kit for your car, but most models require you to leave
one of your spare keys in the unit. PKALL saves you from taking this
risk. Generally, there are no complaints regarding its performance. This
makes it a good buy at the price it is being offered.

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