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									Connectivity Consumer Electronics Meet the Internet

Often, connectivity is referred to as a math or science term often
concluded, as two points that transfer data to form a network as a final
result. Internet connectivity is becoming increasing more popular as more
consumer electronics offer these features. Technology is ever-changing
and so are our lives we live; from past to present connectivity is
changing the way we live whether we like it or not.

You may remember the traditional landline telephone, traditionally
landline telephones traveled over a dedicated network to deliver
telephone service to every home across the country. In recent years, a
transformation to the internet now delivers most landline service in a
digital format. Even though traditional landlines have given way to the
new era of the mobile telephone. While landlines aren't quite as popular
as they use to be, but this was one of the first services that started
the connectivity era. Over time, mobile phones have risen to be the
preferred telephone device of choice for voice communication.

In the late 1990's mobile phones became more affordable. The internet was
in the infancy stage of being commercialized. Mobile providers saw a new
opportunity for connectivity features by adding the internet as an
option. In the early 2000's, connectivity to the internet and mobile
messaging was slow initially, but rapidly propelled itself as the
internet became faster and more capable of handling massive amounts data.

In recent years, the smart phone has revolutionized the way we describe
connectivity as a feature. Connectivity now gives us our devices instant
gratification and this is the way we communicate in the world today.
Everything is about right now and today's smart phones are delivering
this at a phenomenal pace including: voice communication, internet
access, instant messaging, email box, calendar, voice memos, music,
videos, pictures, GPS, and of course smart phone applications.

Often we can connect our electronic devices at home via wi-fi including:
mobile phone, computer, tablet, DVD, Blu-Ray, Home Media server, cable
receiver, satellite tv receiver, (DVR) Digital Video Recorder and High
Definition Televisions.

Did you know you can access your Facebook account right from the
television with DIRECTV? That's right, DIRECTV offers a new feature with
their service that allows you to watch television and connect with you
Facebook without having to leave your seat.

Sony Blu-Ray players, Plasmas and LCD/LED Televisions, offer a wide
variety of applications like: Netflix, Cinema Now, Hulu Plus, You Tube,
Vudu On-Demand HD Movies, Qriocity, Pandora Internet Radio, USB Playback
and Live Sports all from a single device connected via wi-fi or hard-
wired to the internet.

A few months ago, I was playing with a DISH Network receiver that had
Google TV. Google TV is awesome! Surf the internet and watch television
at the same time. This was an amazing demonstration and by far the most
attractive device I've seen with this type of connectivity on an
electronic device since the tablet was introduced.

Don't worry about keeping up with changes in connectivity, because it
will keep up with you and the electronic devices you enjoy.

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