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					Bing’s Social Side Bar
 Bing’s recent re-launch incorporated more than
just a new look; the quickly growing search
engine formerly known as MSN Search and Live
Search has fully incorporated social media into its
search results. Thought to be a bold move by
many as Google and Yahoo! continue to stray
away from too much social media overhaul, tries a different approach to beat out
the competition and differentiate from the
standard search engine optimization. Los
Angeles-based ATAK Interactive explores the new
social sidebar phenomenon and how you can use
it to your business’ advantage.


When you go to and type in a search query, the result is slightly different than
before. Separated into three columns, the left side features organic search results, the
middle column shows sponsored results, while the far right shows any social media
connections who have posted or liked a post related to your search query. Since its recent
partnership with Quora, also now gathers postings on social media networks like
Twitter from so-called experts on the topic which you are searching. For example, if I type
the search query “spinach” into, my social side bar results include a posting from a
Facebook friend about spinach, and three individuals who I don’t know that are either
“experts or enthusiasts who blog or post on Twitter about the thing you’re looking for”.


Because pulls information from Facebook, Twitter and Quora, you can most
effectively leverage this new experience by increasing your social presence in all of these
places. If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your business, building one is where
you want to start. Linking your Twitter to your Facebook is also a good idea so that anything
you Tweet shows up in your Facebook feed as well, or vice versa. The best way to leverage
Facebook and Twitter for the purpose of the Bing social sidebar is to create brief but
detailed posts that feature business advice or information on topics relevant to your
business. This will benefit you in two ways. First, anyone who is connected to you on
Facebook who searches a topic relevant to your posts will see your name and relevant posts
pop up in the social sidebar. Second, the more you post to Twitter on a regular basis about
your business, the more likely it will become that your posts will begin to appear to
strangers as an “expert” on the topic.

Quora, which became integrated with the social sidebar just a few weeks ago, works a bit
differently than Twitter and Facebook. The best way to think of Quora is to picture a
message board forum. A Quora user posts a question and then waits for other Quora users
who are knowledgeable on the topic to post an answer. For example, a Quora user posts
the question “Which brand of dishwashers is the best?” An appliance repair business owner
then posts an answer to the question, and possibly a dishwasher manufacturer also adds
their answer, followed by an appliance shop owner. This way, the user who answered the
question gains relevant information on the topic they posted a question about. Leveraging
Quora to your business’ advantage means actively spending the time on Quora to answer
questions relevant to your business. The more you engage, the more likely it is that Bing’s
social sidebar will feature your posts in Quora, which appear to the general public in related search query results.

IS SOCIAL SEARCHING THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE? created this new social concept as a means of separating itself from Google and
Yahoo!, and many are still wondering if it will help or hurt the number two ranked search
engine (after Google). However, statistics show that consumers more than ever are
influenced by peers in their purchases and has made it easier than ever to
compare what multiple individuals have to say about a product or service; experts,
enthusiasts or just regular consumers alike. Hiring a professional company like ATAK
Interactive, Inc. for internet marketing Los Angeles, SEO and your social media initiatives
can save you time and money in keeping up with social media trends that move your
business forward.
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