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									Email Marketing – effective and efficient

Communicating is the prime focus in today’s life. When we know that our ideas can reach
thousands of minds, it becomes all the more important to spread ideas which can bring
about a positive change in the society, business etc. The method to communicate may be
different, but if we are focused on what we have to get through it becomes easy to choose
the perfect way of communication. To get your product famous, take help of newspaper or
television, to bring a change in the thinking take a way of pamphlets or social media, yes the
way of communication depends on the subject of communication.

Email marketing is taking a boom in the market these days. Communicate your ideas or
advertise your product through emails. This is best way to get your idea communicated
among the working class of people. Email marketing is not as simple as it seems. Busy
people these days think that all the business apart from work business is a junk and hence
trash the email directly. Here where the email etiquettes and tips of email marketing will come
as a rescue. It is important that your customer reads your email and thus know your product.

After researching on internet, I was able to get few tips that make your customer go through
the email at least once. Mission Accomplished!! Here are the tips:

1. Grammatical error – when you are into marketing through emails, it is really important to
curb all the grammatical errors. This will give the first impression of your
2. Spelling checker – always make use of spelling checker. You won’t want your company
comes up like a poorly educated company.
3. Lengthy sentences – no one likes to read a comprehension after the academics are over.
Make use of small sentences and keep your words lively
4. Punctuation errors – these are also as important as writing correct spellings are.
Punctuations can change the meaning of a sentence and hence it has to be used wisely.

These were the tips to help you score 10 on 10 for marketing, but the etiquettes will get you a
customer base and who are loyal. First thing to keep in mind is don’t force the customers to
read your email, keep the email notification optional. Those who likes it, gets it and those who
don’t, won’t get the emails. This will make sure that your emails are not going waste in a
trash bin.

Another important thing to check is the length of the email. Keep it as short as possible so
that the customers are not bored and keep the tone of the content friendly yet professional.

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