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					                                        Welcome to ACIT - the Cisco, Networking
                                        and Microsoft courses training provider
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             Committed leadership

             Healthy success rate

             Certified & experienced faculty well structured

             Well structured course material

             Effective test procedure
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                                 Sincere efforts, motivating
                            results, remarkable growth,
                              more than 1000 CCIE’s to our

been in existence since 1998 and has gradually excelled in the area       There are various techniques and teaching mechanisms that ACIT adopts,
 ing ever since. From our hospitable counselors, to our dedication in     hence our trainers are able to customize and structure the teaching so that it
 he student with the latest information and trends in the industry,       is easier for the student to assimilate and comprehend. Each class is fitted with
 ides a complete learning experience a student could ask for. Our         projectors to stream the learning session on a larger screen, this facilitates the
sts of the most loyal, hardworking employees; we have professional        attention span.
 and domain knowledge to be your guardian on your path to success.
 team at ACIT strives for perfection and this is visible in the quality   There are workbooks containing invaluable information, made available which
ning.                                                                     a student will not find anywhere else. These workbooks contain study material
                                                                          and questions to trigger the cognition and judge the comprehension levels of
ophy ACIT undertakes is to treat students like their own family           a student. These workbooks are specifically designed by the team of experts at
The success of our student is precious to us and we put in our best       ACIT and adhere to the CISCO set standards. We strive our level best to ensure
make this happen. With currently over 20,000 students trained and         the student is able to meet the success they deserve..
we have the evidence to demonstrate our claims
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                      ACIT Rocks in Racks

                             Your gateway to the
                             brightest future.
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        CCIE          NeTGRAD+

Well structured
                VOICE   SECURITY   R&S
course material
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                      Tradition of Excellence
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              Operate more than 500 computers
            from one end, get CCNP R&S certified
                       with the Best.

ACIT @ Bengaluru                                               ACIT @ Mumbai
VCR CornerStone building                    3,Owners Industrial Estate Gabriel Road,
#780, 19 Main,                                                         Mahim West
HSR Layout, Sector-1,                                         Mumbai 400016, India
Next to Gnan Srishti School & Water Tank,          Telephone: +91 - 22 - 4342 2222
Bengaluru - 560102, India                                   Fax: +91-22-4342 2210
Mobile: +91 - 80 - 30909999                                  Email:

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